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Who's Who and Why 


After -War Education 

A pioneer effort to start a fact 
based, specific, impersonal, 
unprejudiced, growing, fresftly 
repleted list of forward steps 
for and in education 



Educational Studies and Reports 


Institute for Pubuc Service Include 


Self-surveying and teacher recruiting 

Who's Who and Why in After War Education 
Rainbow Promises of Progress in Education 
.Teacher Benefits from School Surveys 
Self Surveys by Teacher Training Schools 
Self Surveys by Colleges and Universities 
Record Aids jn College Management 
Pick Your Prof or Getting By in College 
Personalityculture by College Faculties 

War civics 

Liberty the Giant Killer 

Stories of Americans in the World War 

War Fact Tests 

Civic Lessons from War Facts 

Unconditional Surrender Civics 

Teachable Facts about Bolshevism and Sovietism 

Universal Training for American Citizenship 

Field studies 

High Spots in New York Schools 
Budget studies for Virginia 
Reorganization studies for Ohio 
Reconstruction studies for Michigan 

Latin America 

How Latin America Affects our Daily Life 
How We Affect Latin America's Daily Life 

Teacher recruiting bulletins 

The Rewards of Teaching 

Teachers Salaries a National Peril 

Why Not Teach? 

Why I Like Teaching 

Career Boundaries for American Girls 

Boys, After High School What? 

Teacherless Schools and Holiday Thoughts 

University Presidents on Teacher Recruiting 

Cartoonist Ireland on Cartooning Teachers 

Colossal Growth of Higher Education 

Capyright, 1921 by Institute for 
Public Service, New York City 


* ^ * 

I Pioneer Volume, (Questionnaire with Com- 
posite Answer, Purpose and Lessons, Abbre- 
viations) 11 

II Sketches and Forward Steps. 29 

III 367 Educational Associations, Officers and 
Addresses 257 

rV 141 Educational Journals, Editors and Ad- 
dresses 269 

V 156 Educational Tests and Measurements, 
Authors and Publishers 273 

VI Catalogue Salesmanship, with High Spots. 277 

VII Colossal Growth in Demand for Higher 
Education 329 

VIII Educational NcJtices and Teacher Recruiting 
Aids 363 

IX Geographical Index. 401 

X Topical Index to Sketches 418 



Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

7. in framing and defining a course of study, economizing time? Send copy. 

City Supt, Iowa, — reports courses of study undergoing continual 
revision, mimeographed, loose-leaf; new history course — 
Progress — ^begins with 15 workable interests in ohild's home 
life, and advances to how city is governed; English course 
in 4th- 12th years centers around each child's writing a book. 

8. in bettering methods of teaching? College President Vt. — 

o reports in summer session in teaching foreign languages 9 

•S separate buildings, both recitation and living, are used for 

S particular languages, students pledged to use no English 

^ during period of school; direct method employed; 1 natlve- 

S speaking teacher for every 10 pupils; teachers live with 

^ students, all communication being in language studied. 

g 9. in changing aims and methods of supervision? College President , Vt . ,» 

I Sc hools, Ark. , — at beginning of session, sent through county 

*g superintendents to each teacher a list of forward steps which 

g, might be taken in rural schools, with request that they check 

"S items which they thought might work into their schools 

5 during year. 

:S 10. in choosing and using text books? Director, Bureau of Ed,' Philippine 

g Islands — reports gradual adoption of texts written especially 

7 for Philippine schools, including provision for greater 

emphasis on teaching current events, instruction in good 

8* manners and right conduct. 


« 1 1. in educational publicity, reporting, etc ? Secretary, State Teachers 

« Assn . , C onn . , — reports a Save Our Schools campaign through 

g post-cards, newspaper articles, fliers, posters, speaking, 

j^ and a lecture bureau. 

*§ 12. in promoting teacher happiness and growth, i. e. by rewarding excellence 

• or other steps ? Superintendent , Agricultu r al High School , 

Z Miss. , — reports teachers' home at consolidated school, with 

*^ lighting plant, water works, other conveniences, and 10 

^ acres of land, providing a home for all teachers during school 

j term and for the principal the whole year round. 


13. in securing teacher and pupil participation in school management? 

Normal School President, Wash. , — student association manages 
publication of school paper, controls athletics, furnishes 
school supplies to students practically at cost, develops 
school spirit; board of control is composed of faculty mem- 
bers and student committee. 

14. in recruiting ablest young people into teaching? Governor , Maine , — 

after teachers and principals select lists of high school 

Typical answers and facsimile blank' 

seniors ranked highest in personality and scholarship, sends 
autograph letter to each, urging preparation for teaching 
by attending college or normal school. 

15. in securing recognition of individual differences among pupils? 

Director of Research and Supervisor of Teachers in Training, 
Mich. ,— reorgamized special education department in city 
schools; tested all first grade children, and divided them into 
several mental aid groups with differentiated courses of 
study; organized special classes for exceptionally bright 
pupils; helped teachers use standard tests throughout system 
to discover pupil differences and fit teaching to pupil abilities 
and needs; directed revision courses after teachers tested 
out in classes. 

16. in trying out ''learning by doing," developing leadership, studying acute 

national, state and local problems, etc.? High School Principal » 

Mass. , — reports school credit for printing in local printing 
shop, library work in local library, salesmanship work in 
local stores. 

17. in promoting extra curricular activities ? County Superintendent , 

Utah, — reports school supervision during summer months of 
such pupil projects as gardens, painting farm houses, repairing 
fences, making fly traps, mail boxes, cooking for entire 
family, orchestra glee clubs and bands, cleaning parks, 
baseball games, etc. ; points allowed for thirty activities, 
under heads of health, vocation, civic service. 

18. in furthering student health? Principal, Township High School, 111. , 

— reports use of health crusade in the grades, medical exam- 
ination of all pupils, employment of an all-time nurse, and 
a course in elementary home nursing for. the girls. 

19. in carrying "more education to more people"? Rotary Club N. Y. , — 

has members interview personally every boy in the elementary 
graduating class to show him why he should go to and stick 
through high school . 

20. in promoting vocational guidance ? Director, Y M C A Schools, Cal. , — 

reports vocational counsellor service free "to all men choos- 
ing vocations, based on questionnaire which has been filled 
out giving personal history, education, inheritance, moral 
qualities, social efficiency, health and physique, talents, 
vocational experience and preference. 

21. in teaching and practicing ''Americanism," i. e. tt«ATivci% \vc ^cVqaS. ^«:c^'<^'- 

pation in citizenship? University PresieLexvX., \Ko. , — r^^o^*^^ *^^ 
convention of state university presieLervX-s ^xA ^^^xv'a^ ^«^ 

8 Who*s Who €ind Why in After-War Education 

course required of all freshmen on problems of citizenship, 
dealing with economics, government, etc. ; all freshmen English 
themes to be based on this course. 

22. in improving the educational plant, extending its use by the community and 

tying up school with community? High Sc hool Science Teacher , 
Minn. , — taught botany without text, using greenhouses owned 
by private citizens as laboratories, owners paying for pupils' 
work; at end of term gave regular text examination to meet 
criticism of unconventional procedure; results led to increasing 
number teachers using greenhouses instead of texts; had 
university teachers class. 

23. in business methods, devices and blanks, e. g. for detecting retardation, 

school mortality, non-attendance, non-registration, analysis of pupil gains, 
teaching efficiency, supervision aids, reducing red tape, etc.? 

Elementary Teacher , Wis. , — has 6A pupils draw graphs in colors 
of their own records, contrasting quarterly grades in each 

24. in proposing, framing and securing educational legislation? Rural 

School Specialist and Expert on Consolidation, N. D. , — framed 
' and helped secure passage of school nurse law, night school 
law, raising compulsory age, teacherage law. 

25. in securing benefits from standard tests, surveys, self-surveys? 

President, State Teachers' College, C olo. , — started self 
survey by faculty, leading to reports on systematic recruiting, 
establishing psychological clinics through state, keeping 
in touch with alumni, correlating training schools with college 
department, making provision for training in service for 
faculty, eliminating duplication of instruction. 

26. in securing effective contributions by trustees that will improve the student's 

opportunity? State University Trustee, Ohio, — gave fund for 
medal to be awarded every five years to son or daughter of 
university who has made greatest contribution to science or 
literature during that time; students at university, graduates 
of university, and teachers who have been there for at least 
ten years are eligible. 

27. in securing help for education from citizens and non-school officials? 

Principal, Rural Demonstrati on School, Ky. , — reports that 
citizens have contributed window shades, hanging lights, 
school organ, heater, and built fences and shower bath for 

Typical answers and facsimile blank 

28. in writing text books, other books, articles, etc.? Headm a ster , Private 

School, Pa^j_ — ^misplacement of children in grades 6, 7 and 8 
of large city school system. 

29. in making addresses? (Specify subject, occasion, size of audience). 

Woman Sta te Superintendent , T exas, — frequent talks at high 
schools upon citizenship; talks to teachers urging better 
preparation and better schools: numerous talks throughout 
state for state wide Better Schools Campaign. 

30. Which five of your educational contributions do you consider of greatest 

value to education? Documentary illustrations will be examined for 
educational help. Please give names of two persons who know your work 

[Not included in sketches, but used as guide to editors.] 

31. Kinds and years of educational service. 

School Number of years 

superintendent other school 
attended taught supervised or president positions 


rural high 
urban elem. • 
urban high 
vocational . 

field experience 

war service 

other positions 

32. Additional information 

33. The names and addresses of persons in your community who should be 

listed in Who's Who and Why in After- War Education 

(Please return this blank within a week to the Institute for "^ 
Public Service, 423 W. 120 St, New York City.) 

10 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

I Am A Teacher 

I am a teacher. 
I am proud of m,y profession, 
I will do all I can through preparation and 
service to make m,y work increasingly valur 
able and attractive. 
Daily will I strive to he better prepared for 

my duties and privileges. 
The joy of serving shall be an inspiration for 
more and better service. 
I will help my pupils to become healthy, vigorous, and strong. 
I will help them to be keen observers, to have good mem' 
ories, to sharpen their powers of imagination for in- 
vention and discovery, and to think straight. 
Good conduct and strength of character I will help them to 

I will help them to experience the joy of wholesome living. 
I will help them to unlock the treasures of the world of 

knowledge and give them the key for all time. 
I will help them to become good citizens, honest and intelligent 
workers, wise fathers and mothers, and good, joyous, whole- 
some, and helpful friends and neighbors. 
In short, I will dignify and ennoble my work by always working 

for the highest good of the child. 

By my words and acts I will magnify the teacher^ s calling 

to my felloW'tnen and show them that the laborer in 

the child's kingdom is worthy of adequate compensa- 


I will endeavor to enlist all worthy young men and women in 

the great work of teaching. 
Only by promoting and improving the work of education is the 
continuance and improvement of our civilization an assured 

fact. Elmira N, Y. School Bulletin 

For teacher recruiting aids send to 

Institute for Public Service 

423 W 120, N. Y. City 

The Pioneer Volume 


Who's Who and Why in After- War 


Three reasons led the Institute for Public Service to suggest 
on several occasions from 1917 to 1920 that a who's who 
in education was needed and finally in 1920 to project 
and prepare this pioneer volume : 

1 — Education needs a specific, impersonal, unprejudiced, 
growing, freshly repleted list of forward steps taken 
which will include those who are not already widely 

2 — No one else is printing such a list or would — ^we first 
tried to interest several pubhshers. 

3 — ^The Institute for Public Service, since November 1916, 
has worked for a more general popular interest in edu- 
cation based upon specific high spot information and 
impartial analysis. 
Our first suggestion of such a directory in 1917 brought 
many letters of approval from almost every rank of 
educator — ^university president, professor of education, 
high school principal, vocational guidance specialist, 

Evidence grew that such a directory was needed. For ex- 
ample, at the annual meeting of the National Associa* 
tion of State Universities in 1919 President R. M. 
Hughes of Miami University said : "It has seemed to 
me that nothing would advance teaching in the United 
States more than to have an annual publication of all 
the instructors in the United States. ... I believe 
I am right in saying that there are thousands of very 
able instructors who are pocketed and who have abso- 
lutely no chance for advancement because of the fact 
that we are not publishing a directory of where they 
might be obtained." 
An imaginary shortage of messages and of educators able 
to give them kept on afflicting program makers even 
after the war brought new leadership to light. To him 
who speaketh it shall be given to speak tv^YLt t\xcsfe>\sa.^ 
been a palsying tradition. Evexv \Xv^ ^^'aX. \va5C\w^^ «^^ 


12 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

state associations have not escaped. Doers and getters 
done have pushed forward in their work only to find 
that they must keep on taxing themselves to hear twice 
and twelfth told tales at educational gatherings. Tak- 
ing the bushel off many lights by publishing forward 
steps cried for attention as one read that teachers "by 
the acre," as they now attend state and sectional meet- 
ings, were being ex'horted in after war years to consider 
the essentials of arithmetic or the meaning of America. 

When a new district or associate superintendent or examiner 

is to be picked for a great city, what a spectacle it is ! 
Persons who consider themselves politically eligible 
organize factions to promote their interest. People 
speak of Miss A's organization and Mr. B*s organiza- 
tion for promoting their candidacies. Instead of official 
pickers acting impartially and impersonally on a definite 
impersonal record of service which men and women have 
rendered to schools, as School Editor Metcalfe of the 
New York Globe has urged for years, they spend their 
time interviewing candidates and their personal friends 
and reading letters of commendation, many of them 
from people who never saw the recommended educator 
at work. 

An up-to-the-hour dramatic illustration is furnished by New 
York State's quest for a state commissioner of educa- 
tion, 1920-1921. The first 30 names which the press 
listed as nominees did not include one single person 
at the time identified with publicly supported education 
within New York State. Names chosen from higher 
education predominated. For weeks no public intima-. 
tion appeared that among New York State's 50,000 
teachers, supervisors and executives in many fields of 
education there was one man or woman fit even for 
consideration. It may be that New York has no such 
man in publicly supported education, just as it may be 
that the whole country has no woman who ought to be 
considered for such a post. The point made here is that 
neither the public nor the handful of men and women 
who were selecting names had before them concrete evi- 
dence of forward steps taken and effected by the few 
who were fortunate enough to be suggested, or by the 
many others whose work if known would justify and 
require consideration. 

The final impetus to this undertaking was given in 1920 bv 
the difficulty which fifty universities and colleges and 
as many state and city school hoards were experiencing 

Why This Search for Advance Steps 13 

in efforts to discover eligibles for presidencies and su- 
perintendencies. At the Cleveland meeting of the Na- 
tional Education Association in 1920 one of the Insti- 
tute for Public Service breakfast hours was given to 
two-minute discussions by educators from many states 
of steps which a school board should take to select a 
superintendent. This symposium was at the request 
of a board of education which was then looking for a 
superintendent. Educators — 165 came — agreed that 
any method of selecting leaders which fails to start with 
a study of actual work done must result not only in 
"pocketing ability," but in frequently failing to pick the 
fittest men. 

Repetition of the annual candidates show at the winter 
meeting of the National Education Association led us 
to feel that a beginning could not be made too soon in 
establishing a result-in-service basis for educational 
prestige, — ^namely, the "superintendent market" which 
is a no less saddening sight because few laymen know 
of its existence. From two to six thousand of the coun- 
try's leading educators come together for a convention. 
Knowing that leaders will be there, boards of trustees 
or their "scouts" go to look over this galaxy of talent. 
Levees and lobby seances are held. Men who have been 
shaping the destinies of communities and states wait 
their turn for the type of inspection which is called 
"the once over." On the basis of a five-minute or ten- 
minute conference which they cannot courteously direct, 
their availability for promotion in the educational field 
is decided. Out in the lobby, unknown to the committee 
or scout and their mentors, is another educator — ^per- 
haps fifty — of equal or superior ability to serve the 
particular town or college. 

Further argument for an immediate beginning was the 
nation-wide publicity that was being given to a half 
dozen names every time a state or city wanted a new 
superintendent. The Chicago board of education asked 
one educator to list eligibles for the city superinten- 
dency. Later the Detroit board, thinking that Chicago 
had carefully scoured the field, took the list. News- 
papers and school journals printed these and similar 
lists until certain names became the vogue. Being much 
advertised, they came auickly to mind when someone 
was asked who the leading educators were. Yet all of 
the times persons intimately aeci\iam\,^^^\\Xv\Xv^^^^^ 
achievements of these men saw \\vaY tcv^w^ ^^x^\^\xssl 

14 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

suggested for positions which they could not fit, while 
many others of the ability needed were being overlooked. 

Finally, in the comments of lay journals and of even well- 
informed schoolmen it was painfully clear that very 
little has been known of the educational work actually 
done by the educators commonly styled leaders. The 
dialogue usually runs like this : ''Who is the strongest 
university president you know ?" "Why, Blank." 'Why 
do you consider him the strongest?" **Well, see how 
much he is called upon for speeches." "But what has 
he actually done or gotten done in education?" 
"Frankly, I never heard anything specific of his work 
as president." 

A natural and inevitable penalty which the country and the 
profession pay for this lack of specific information 
about educational forward steps is that we hear of only 
a dozen men where there are one hundred just as able 
within reach. This aif ects what both the dozen and the 
hundred do and very materially affects what 600,000 
teachers do. It will be up-hill work recruiting ablest 
young Americans into a profession where preferment 
goes to impression away from work rather than to per- 
formance at work. 

Another inevitable penalty is that a premium is put upon 
getting degrees rather than upon getting results and 
upon taking lecture and textbook courses rather than 
upon taking forward steps in education. Within a year 
a taker of advanced steps in education was being inter- 
viewed and looked over for a city superintendency. He 
had taught almost every kind of school from a little 
red, one-room school house in the country to university 
classes in school administration. He had been county, 
city and state superintendent. As per instructions from 
the inquiring school board, the question was asked: 
"Mr. Possible Superintendent, what courses in admin- 
istration have you taken ?" An observer wondered what 
could prevent a "blow-out." After some hesitation — 
and doubtless after some self -surveying — the educator 
replied: "Mr. Questioner-^for-a-school board, I have 
been so busy doing and teaching school administration 
that I have not had time to stop work and listen to lec- 
tures about it by men who have never done it." Such 
a dialogue will not be possible between earnest men 
after directories are built up of concrete forward steps 
EDUCATION sought and gives. 

Penalty for Pocketing Ability 15 

Now that a pioneer directory of recent specific forward stqis 
in education is here, how can a reader seeking helpful 
ideas use it? 

Few readers will use it for recreation, yet what is more 
recreating than thumb-nail log books of colleagues, com- 
petitors and guides ? Moreover, the least of its services 
is its direct answer to questions which the reader brings 
to it with respect to a person or agency listed herein. 
Such use alone would justify it. As already stated, the 
need for specific information to answer specific ques- 
tions of boards of trustees and others searching for 
educational leaders was one of the chief reasons for 
compiling it. 

The most important use of WHO'S WHO AND WHY IN 
AFTER WAR EDUCATION is as a reference book for 
those who want help in taking forward steps in educa- 
tion, or in getting forward steps taken, without yet 
realizing what specific information they want. 

In catalogue making, for example, the faculty member or 
committee that is about to prepare a new catalogue fre- 
quently will — and always should — wonder whether there 
is some new purpose that a catalogue can fill, some new 
method of presentation, some more effective wording 
and outlining of courses which will improve the cata- 
logue's salesmanship. Such inquirers win bring to 
this directory an unclassified appetite for help and will 
probably skim over the sketches until the item 5i/4x7V^ 
appears. If their own catalogue is 7x9 they may begin 
to wonder whether the smaller pocket size volume would 
be more welcome to their potential customers and 

Professors of American history who find such course titles 
as post-war problems, reconstruction issues, American 
diplomacy including Latin-American relations, Mexican 
problems, etc., may wonder whether their present his- 
tory offerings might interest more students more vitally 
if changed in motive, approach, content and wording. 

Jeremiads was the name applied by the Literary Digest to 
commencement criticisms by leading educators of pres- 
ent tendencies in education. In these pages are numer- 
ous concrete facts which can be used to meet jeremiads 
by citing opposite tendencies. 

The personal sketches contain information that anY ^^^^^'^ 
tor, whatever his role, whether Net^^ ^qvslT^^ tst N^rg ^^> 
may prafltaibly examine on tTcve 0^wvc.^ til ^avXxx^«> vst- 

16 Whiis Who and Why in After-War Education 

ward steps taken by some distant colleague which are 
yet within his own reach. If an eastern teacher of 
geology who for a generation or a year has been giving 
the old line course in elementary geology learns that 
a western school is giving a general survey course in 
geology plus a course in the economic sigiiificance of its 
own state's geology, a word to the wise may prove 

The heavier black type in the sketches was used to help the 
browser or casual reader make sure that if he has but 
a minute's time he can fix his eye upon two or three 
items of interest. Heavy type means we think the item 
will interest, whatever its intrinsic value. 

The topical index which we tried hard to persuade ourselves 
would not be necessary will prove to any thoughtful 
mind a stimulating "little journey.". Within each head- 
ing many hints will be found in return for an investment 
of but a few minutes. 

Numbers in parenthesis are themselves a short cut index. 
Users wishing to know what is being done to recruit 
teachers may look for (14) consecutively or at random. 
By using the question number, we avoided much repe- 

Classes in education, undergraduate and graduate, and all 
writers and speakers on next steps needed or on recent 
progress, will find fuel here for light and action. 

Editors and special story writers for lay as well as educa- 
tional journals will find concrete story material in abun- 
dance never before available. 

Teachers and supervisors seeking further academic credits 
will find guides to travel that will count, subjects for 
essays and research, "projects" for their own learning 
by doing, and tests of the value of courses given them 
by summer or regular schools. 

What unpocketing of ability will mean for education every- 
where is indicated by the composite answer shown with 
the questions just preceding this preface. 

Selection was necessary of course. To a certain extent, there- 
fore, this record represents the judgment of editors. 
In the final revision many items included in first 
sketches were omitted. Numerous items, even phrases, 
are included for the simple reason that we felt they 
would prove useful. We have frankly succumbed to the 
influence of the woman principal-student who after 
radiantly extolling her summer school professor said 
that absolutely her only criticism of the course was 
tAat^ she didn't know how she could use it \>ack \vome. 

Who Can Use the Sketches 17 

Why so few teachers, principals^ deans, trustees, helpful 
citizens? The newness of the idea is probably the 
answer. In several cases superintendents or presidents 
made clear that the forward steps taken were due to 
staff cooperation. To those reviewing the^e sheets it 
has been a surprise that so few names were given us 
by executives. At the end of one blank which reported 
several very important steps was written: "I came 
here only two years ago, therefore I am not familiar 
with the work of men in this immediate community 
for the past three years". In some cases university 
presidents sent us the names of other presidents or dis- 
tinguished editors at a distance without mentioning one 
person on their staffs or in their communities. Results 
of collaboration were listed with the last name of col- 
laborator without giving the full name or address. 
This is significant but not surprising. In time emphasis 
by educators upon specific evidence of forward steps 
will bring to light subordinates and laymen as well as 

Too few, but several, trustees appear here. One of many 
present signs that the genus trustee is still considered 
a light of low magnitude is the lack of a directory of 
trustees. Nor is it just a simple matter of looking in 
catalogues and reports, for that will not always locate 
the trustees and regents. We tried to secure trustees' 
names but with slight success. After education has 
acquired the habit of analyzing the jobs and specifying 
the services of its agents, there will be more inducement 
for trustees to analyze their opportunities and services. 

Private schools, elementary and secondary, have reported 
many of the most definite and helpful steps. They are 
not separately listed but their helpful practices are 
indexed. While public schools cannot easily imitate 
profit sharing for faculties, which one private school 
reports, they can provide adventure-sharing, creation- 
sharing and satisfaction sharing. The best that pro- 
moters of private schools can do is none too good for 
mibliclv sunnorted schools. Certainlv no helirful prac- 
tices should be the monopoly of either public or pri- 
vate enterprises. 

Parochial schools did not respond to our invitation, although 
blanks were sent to central supervisors, heads and edu- 
cational editors trying to promote education through 
parochial schools. Next time, after church leadax^ Vsac^^ 
had a chance to see the advantage oi Q,c>rwix^\.^ ^^^^'^ ^"^ 

18 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

forward steps in education, we hope many parochial 
schools will make the departure from precedent that is 
involved in contributing to a central directory. For 
the high spots from catalogues, Part VI, several for- 
ward steps have been taken from Catholic and Luth- 
eran colleges. 

Few editors of lay journals responded to invitations sent to 
several hundred of them which read in part as follows : 

Many Editors Belong — 

— in — 
Who's Who and Why in After War Education 

Editors further education by running school pages, 
urging school surveys, advertising school needs 
and advances, pushing school bond issues or salary 
increases, proposing various improvements, sup- 
porting progressive policies, advertising the records 
of teaching, cartooning teachers as attractive not 

Do you or your paper belong in a compilation of forward 
steps taken for education since we entered the 
World War? Please return the attached card or 
write more fully, and please be sure your locality's 
leaders in education, professional and lay, are in 
our list ... 

Perhaps we made a mistake in asking for information 
from editors on return postcards ; we meant to save 
them time. Under item 11 will be found evidence 
of almost universal cooperation of editors with 
schools. The marvel is that lay editors keep up 
interest even in those places where school men 
ffive them little fresh information fuel for interest 

Why draw a line between after 1917 and before 1917? For 

the simple reason that an indelible line has been drawn 
there bv millions of dead soldiers and by scores of mil- 
lions of suffering humanity! War stories, war efforts, 
war vision on the scale of America's part in the world 
war have erected land marks for all time between 
America before 1917 and America after 1917. The 
contributions needed from schools after the war are 
after the war contributions. The needs which educators 
face are after the war needs. Deference we owe to 
merit and service regardless of date but leadership he- 
Jongs to those who can lead away from here, on, beyond. 

Why Limit It to After-War Steps 19 

up, higher. Why in 1921 should a growing land insist 
upon bending the knee to much advertised educational 
leaders who write. or silently realize that they have 
taken no forward steps since 1917? 

Pioneer crudeness will be found in this first effort to list 
specific forward steps. Criticisms and suggestions from 
users and reviewers are invited. Many indefinite state- 
ments have been used where we sought specific items ; 
we started to indicate these by (?) but decided that 
users would prefer to ask their own questions. Not 
enough provision was made in our blank to show where 
steps were aided or even suggested by others than those 
reporting. Dates for births and publications are lack- 
ing and incomplete. One or two initials for given names 
appear sometimes instead of the full name. Many 
sketches omit, as did data sent us, forward steps 
actually taken which we should have liked to include. 
Absence of concrete data may mean not that specific 
forward steps were not taken, but merely that they were 
not reported. Being specific is an art, a conscious effort, 
before it is a habit. 

Abbreviations are listed on page 26. Have we overdone it? 
The difference between writing t and writing teacher, 
teachers, taught for this volume is the difference of 
about eight pages of this small type. If ever the names 
total 10,000, such abbreviating will greatly increase the 
ease of consulting its information. 

Full names and dates of birth are incompletely griven. While 
for school purposes it may be enough to have the year 
of birth and name as its owner signs it, for directory 
purposes complete data would have been more helpful. 

Wherever excerpts from documents appear, they were made 
by our editors. In some cases the purpose or audience 
of a publication is furnished by others. 

Typical of uncertainty or confusion in use of terms were 
several answers to questions 6 and 20 which called for 
new definitions of education and for steps toward voca- 
tional guidance. Speeches and circulars do not, of 
course, constitute new definitions of education although 
in many cases they may have dealt with new educa- 
tional aims. Industrial courses or even junior high 
school or pre-vocational courses are not per se voca- 
tinal guidance, although in every case they may have 
included vocational guidance. The actual specification 
under these two heads argues> ^\oQ^\3ietv>i\^ l^t *0w^\s5^^' 
of specifying in thought and sp^ee\v, — ^^.tA x^e^xiNa^^'^^- 

20 Who\^ Who and Why in After-War Education 

Revision of courses is credited in sketches whenever reported 
on the blanks even though the nature and extent of 
revision were not specified. Is some revision better than 
no revision ? Here again the superiority of specification 
over generalization will be apparent, as you compare 
answers under question 7. A suggestion for course 
makers in school and college is given in Part VI. 

Salary increase is left as a forward step partly to show how 
general increases have been and partly to show how 
far leading school men consider that step an important 
step toward increasing teacher happiness. 

Recruiting ablest young people into teaching^ question 14, 
has not apparently deflected much energy from other 
school activities, — ^yet. Compared with the factors 
which have been driving ablest young people out of 
and away from teaching the concrete steps reported 
were disappointing. Almost every fact reported has 
oeen included for the light thrown upon conceptions of 

Tests, scales, standard measurements^ etc., have arrived. 
Under questions 15 and 25 will be found evidence that 
interest in and use of tests have swept the country. 
Often this evidence goes farther and shows how school 
management — grouping of children, subject guidance, 
vocational guidance, promotion — is being guided by re- 
sults of tests. Even the unspecific answers will furnish 
a starting point for learning where and how tests are 
being helpfully applied. In Part V are listed all of the 
tests and standard measurements of which we have 
learned by January 1, 1921, with addresses of pub- 
lishers. By listing these we seek to make information 
available not to place testing before teaching or to 
commend any listed test. 

Furthering student health, question 18, is a live issue. We 
have underscored items like school nurses and follow-up 
work even when no proof of effectiveness is given. In 
fact practically every item sent in under this question 
has been reported, for help to those who are trying to 
get schools squarely under their proper load for fur- 
thering pupil and community health. 

Retardation or age progress studies are credited in sketches 
often without evidence that the studies are uncovering 
instead of covering up by averages those boys and girls 
who need special attention. Had it been practicable, 
distinction would have been made between retardation 
that compares children with the supposed proper aver- 

Superiority of Specific Over General 21 

age ages for grades and the other more useful retarda- 
tion study that compares each child's progress with his 
own opportunity to progress. The difference between 
these two meant some time ago in New York the dif- 
ference between 123,000 officially called retarded and 
411,000 actually retarded. 

Business methods!, devices and blanks, question 23, are prov- 
ing very present helps in time of trouble. A few of 
them are reproduced here, and hints from many others 
are cited. Out of such proof as these returns give that 
record aids are saving time for pupils and teachers alike, 
has grown the plan of the National Education Associa- 
tion and the Institute for Public Service to exhibit 
helpful forms at the Atlantic City meeting of the De- 
partment of Superintendence and the National Society 
for Vocational Education, February 24-March 3, 1921. 

The many titles for books and speeches without indication 
of content would suggest a departure from the plan to 
give only specific forward steps. Many references are 
omitted. The reason for including so many titles is to 
make available to educators the angle from which public 
audiences are being approached by educators. It would 
be absurd to judge any man's work by his speech or 
book titles. It is not absurd but helpful to look to any 
man's title for a suggestion which can be made helpful. 

The five most important contributions of each reporter, ques- 
tion 30, were asked for partly as a stimulus to thiiiking 
and partly as a guide to the editors in studying answers 
to other questions. They have not been listed or as yet 
carefully analyzed. The majority did not answer this 
question on the blank. We hope all answered it to them- 

Degrees and honors are omitted. We shall be glad to have 
comments upon this omission. It was a case of weigh- 
ing pros and cons. We set out to list specific forward 
steps rather than prestige. Degrees were omitted in 
order to keep emphasis upon the use made of academic 

"Holding office is my specialty, but you have no line for 
that,*' came from one educator. Shall we apologize? 
Wherever mention of a present office carried with it 
evidence or presumption of participation in forward 
steps we meant to include it. 

Schools attended, with periods, are given, instead of merely 
giving academic degrees, to throw light upon t\v^ \^5vr}«w- 
ground of men now in respoTvs>\\iV^ ^o^WXets.^, 

22 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

Field work and previous educational experience have yielded 
important results. Readers will be glad that the lines 
were left for attending, teaching and supervising rural 
schools. The proportion of present-day leaders who 
grew up in the country or started teaching in the coun- 
try is very large, a fact that can be used to splendid ad- 
vantage by state and county superintendents trying to 
recruit teachers. 

War work, under 5 and 31, shows an enviable record 
which has many lessons for education. Obvious- 
ly there is a basis in experience for extensive 
advances in education to fit school work to after 
war needs and opportunities. 

Scientific research and literary work that have not yet re- 
sulted in advance steps or in reports are seldom men- 
tioned here. Our blank did not call especially for such 
data. Would educators like a list of researches under 
way with a percentage estimate of progress made 
toward completion ? 

Personality and social facility and acceptability when away 
from work are not directly reflected in these sketches. 
As the rules of the game, preferment for talking and 
mixing away from work, place a very high value on 
superficial personality factors, so the game of getting 
forward steps taken at and in work looks first to the 
results of personality's lower layers. If the principle of 
TION is sound, educator's personality will be judged 
against a definite background of service and its surface 
symptoms and tricks will not pass for working worth. 

Prominence is no better as an index to performance in edu- 
cation than in politics. Many a man is thrown up at 
the head of a line by the mere surging of others. Many 
a leading educator is leading back and down. Unless 
observers use some other test than prominence, those 
in leading positions may go to sleep, or even betray 
their opportunity for years before boards of trustees 
or electorates or appointing executives take a step that 
we all put off as long as tolerable. Only by focusing 
eyes upon steps instead of upon status can we inspire 
leaders to their best. 

Eligibility for a place in WHO'S WHO AND WHY IN 
AFTER WAR EDUCATION knows no numerical limita- 
tjon, How many Congressional Medals should be struck 

Surface Personality Not Directly Reflected 23 

off depended not upon an arbitrary decision as to num- 
ber but upon a definition of exceptional service and 
heroism. The preventive for cheapening the Congres- 
sional Medal is insistence upon a high specific standard 
for achievement .and not a small number of medals. 
Similarly, in education the fact that one state super- 
intendent has helped his state take forward steps should 
not exclude another state superintendent or a remote 
rural teacher from a directory of forward steppers. In 
time, increasing the definiteness and raising the stand- 
ard of forward steps will make it increasingly difficult 
for anyone to earn a place in such a record. We hope 
that the time will never come when educational War- 
wicks can successfully limit the number of Americans 
who may safely be recognized for progressive work in 
education. One of the chief reasons for WHO'S WHO 
to democratize opportunity for nation-wide recognition 
of able work in any locality. 

Names included though not sent to us represented a de- 
parture from our original policy. We have yielded to 
the argument that we should make the directory feature 
of the book complete with respect to college and uni- 
versity presidents and to superintendents in the hun- 
dred largest cities. This is the only place where a 
numerical limil^^ias been placed. Where only the name, 
position and location are given, it will almost always 
mean that we have taken the name and position from 
other directories, particularly that of the U. S. Bureau 
directory, dated November, 1920. In a few other in- 
stances the name, position and some important fact or 
two have been inserted as for an editor or educator who 
has taken the step, written the book or article or made 
the comment mentioned. 

Educational associations, particularly teachers' associations, 
and educational journals — so far as we have been able 
to oibtain names — are given with officers, or editors and 
addresses in Parts HI and IV. Here again where speci- 
fication of after war steps was possible its superiority 
over a mere listing is quite strikng. Lecture papers 
and free official bulletins of state and city departments 
and universities or colleges are not included, though 
next time we shall try for them also. 

Advertisements are confined to notke^ ol ^^\i^!a^X^;;cs.^ ^^s^^^ 
including teacher recruiting avd^, ^tcvotv^ ^^?ca^ 'a:t^ xsv- 

1 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

terspersed a few cuts from annual reports which we felt 
would prove suggestive to teachers, course makers, and 
publicity writers. 

The source of this material is in most sketches the state- 
ments sent by the person or institution referred to. 
Does this then mean that the sketches are self -ap- 
praisals or "matters of judgment which must be neces- 
sarily determined by someone else"? Would it have 
been better as one distinguished educator suggested 
"to list the names of those who have made contributions 
to education during and after the war and then secure 
accounts concerning each from four or five persons"? 
This is exactly what we were trying to avoid. It is be- 
cause prestige heretofore has so largely depended upon 
the judjsrment of "four or five persons" under no re- 
sponsibility whatever to base their judgment on definite 
knowledge or to specify the knowledge upon which their 
judgment was based, that WHO'S WHO AND WHY IN 
AFTER WAR EDUCATION was projected. 

The helpfulness of these steps depends upon the ease with 
which they can be taken elsewhere rather than upon 
the thoroughness with which they have been taken in 
the places specified. 

Cooperation in bringing this opportunity before teachers 

was generously given by many educational journals, 
many presidents of normal schoojg and colleges, many 
directors of normal schools and the state commissioners 
or superintendents representing over 80% of the coun- 
try's teachers. Officers of the National Education Asso- 
ciation and the local committee distributed blanks at 
the Salt Lake City meeting of N E A in 1920. Thirty 
educators helped shape the questions by reviewing our 
draft, criticising and suggesting. Others helped decide 
upon the form of sketches. 

The colossal growth in the demand for higher education 

from 1914 to 1920 with prospects for 1930 and 1950 if 
the demand continues to increase are given for 210 col- 
leges and universities with their professional schools 
which reported comparable facts to us. See Part VII. 

Forward steps reflected in over 200 catalogues are summar- 
ized in Part V. As it was not necessary to wait until 
every single college sent its growth figures in order to 
have helpful facte and forecasts, so it was not necessary 
to wait until the catalogue of every single college should 
be analyzed in order to find extremely suggestive straws 

ServicC'base Sought for Prestige 25 

of progressiveness in catalogue making, course plan- 
ning and title wording. In high spotting catalogues, 
first aids for future catalogue making were included 
even if in many instances they were found before 
1917. Special effort was made to find courses apparently 
due to or modified by the World War. If only all cata- 
logues equalled the best ! That there is so wide a gap 
between the best and poorest, or even between the best 
and the medium and between the medium and the poor- 
est, is truly surprising when one remembers higher edu- 
cation's need for public understanding and support. 

If the best in education is ever to be made contagious — and 
no other prospect is tolerable to a free people — ^forward 
steps must be recognized for their forwardness and 
definiteness no matter by whom or where taken and 
democratic society must organize to have best educa- 
tional practices discovered to all those who need them. 

Institute for Public Service 

January 15, 1921 
New York City 

Postscript: Users, reviewers and other readers will confer 
a favor upon the Institute for Public Service, while per- 
haps also benefiting education either in their own com- 
munity or throughout the whole country, if they will 
send to us questions, suggestions, comments and criti- 
cisms prompted by examining this pioneer volvima. ^^ 
WHO'S WHO AND WHY IN kF^^^ ^ KS. ^S^^^^- 


The following represent the abbreviations used in the directory. 

Derivatives and inflected forms are not listed in the table, as the 
abbreviations of such forms, when used, will be readily understood 
from the abbreviations of the simpler forms. For example, d^ts for 
departments and deptl for departmental will follow easily from dept, 
the listed abbreviation for department ; similarly, jrnlst for journalist 
and jrnlsm for journalism will be apparent when one knows from the 
table that jml is the abbreviation of journal. In many cases there is 
no change in the form of the abbreviation to express a slight variation 
in the form of the word listed: e. g., effic is the abbreviation for 
eflSciently and efficiency, as well as for efficient. 

acad — academic 
aoc — according 
addJt — addition 
addr — ^address 
adnm — administration 
agrt — agent 
agrr — agriculture 
Am«r — 'Americanization 
amend — amen d m en t 
ann — annual 
appt — appoint 
approp— appropriation 
arith — arithmetic 
artel — ^article 
asst — assistant 
assoo — ^associate 
assn — association 
athl— athletic 
att — attend 
aud — -audience 
av, ave — avenue 
arg — average 

bef — before 
bet — between 
bd — aboard 
bk — book 
b — born 
b — .boy 
bid— building 
bur, ba — bureau 
bus — business 

oamp — campaign 
cert, certM — certificate 

cbrmn — chairman 

ohsr — charge 

ch«iii — chemistry 

ch— ^hlld 

— city 

clSj cl — class 

elassif — classification 

dsmi — classroom 

ool — college 

commcmt — commencement 

comrl — commercial 

comn — CO mmission 

comr — commisioner 

com — CO m mlt tee 

conun — community 
comp — compulsory 

conf — conference 

consol — consolidated 

constit — constitution 

contrlb — contribution 

conv — convention 

coop — cooperation 

corres — correspon dence 

CO — county 

era — course 

Carrie — curriculum 

dept — department 
devp — develop 
diff— different 
diffie— difficult 
dir — director 
dist— district 
div — division 


dom — domestic 
dram— dramatic 

ed — education 
edit — editor 
efflc — efficient 
el — elementary 
emph — empliai?ize 
empl — employ 
engr — engineering 
Eng — English 
equip — equipment 
p«pee — especially 
estab — ^^established 
exam — examination 
3Xpl — explain 
ext— extension 

fac — ^faculty 
fed — federal 

?en — general 
geog— geography 
gr— girl 

govt — government 
grd — ^grade 
grad — graduate 
Grk — Greek 
gym — gymnasium 

hd— bead 

hdmstr — headmaster 

hist — history 

h 8 — high school 

hyg — hygiene 



illus — illustrate 
Incl — include 
Um) — increase 
Uifl — influence 
IndiT — ^individual 
indns — in du str ial 
in»p — inspect 
instit — Institute 
Inst — institution 
instr — ^instruction 
iiM — insurance 
Intel — in tell igen ce 
introd — introduce 

Jml — ^journal 
Jr — ^junior 

kg: — kin derga rten 

lab — laboratory 
lansr — ^language 
LAt— 'Latin 
lect — lecture 
leffls — legislature 
lib— library 
lit — ^literature 

math: — mathematics 
mginnt — managemen t 
mirr — manager 
manl — manual . 
mfr — manufacturer 
mfgr — man uf actu r in g 
max — maximum 
mech — mechanical 
med — medical 
mtsr — ^meeting 
mem — member 
meth — method 

milit— military 
mimeog — mimeogru phed 
mln — minimum, minute 
mo — month 

natl — national 
ni — night 
nor — normal 

org — organization 

pt — parent 
peo — people 
philoH — philosophy 
phys — physical 
polit — political 
prac — practice 
pres — president 
prin — principal 
priv — private 
prof — professor 
proj — project 
psy — psychology 
pub, p — public 
pub! — publish 
pu — pupil 
PUB — pupils 

R C — Red Cross 

rear — regular 

rept — report 

reorff — reorgan iza 1 1 on 

rm — room 

r — rural 

sal — salary 
sched — schedule 

8 — school 

sci — science 

»econ — secon d a ry 

sec — secretary 

sect — section 

ses — session 

sr — senior 

80C — society 

8pkg — speaking 

sjjec — special 

stnd — standard 

8t — state 

stenoff — stenography 

8tu — .student 

stus — students 

8ubj — subject 

8umr — summer 

8upt — superintendent 

supr — supervision 

t — teacher 
tg — teaching 
tech — technical 
trm — term 
theol — t heologica 1 
tr — training 
treas — ^t reasu rer 

univ or u — university 
ur — urban 

voc — vocational 
w — with 

wk — ^w'eek-ly 
wh — which 
wrk — -work 
yr — year 

Abbreviations used in catalogue high spots Part VI 
either appear here, or are customary in college circles, 

or are clear from context 






Numbers in parentheses refer to 
blank. See facsimile blank with 
from 24 different sketches page 
preceding. For key to positions 
For key to exceptional practices, 
forward steps in catalogue making, 
suggestions, criticisms, further 

questions on the original 

composite of 24 answers 
5. For abbreviations see 
see Geographical Index, 
see Topical Index. For 
see Part VI. Questions, 
helpful information are 

ABBOTT, William L. 72 W Adams St. Chi- 
cago, 111; engineer; b, 2-14-61; mem bd 
trustees, U Illinois. 

ABBOTT, Winthrop P, supt Greenfield, Mass; 
n2) sal inc $350 per t: (36) many printed 
forms used in h s and grds printed by a 
dept; (17) chorus in grds and h s; orches- 
tra; (18) dental clinic taken over under dir 
of 8 com ; 8 nurse employed, pt-tn a88n pay- 
ing $600 of sal: importance of tooth brush 
stressed, espec in lower grds where some ts 
have provided brushes at own expense; (19) 
crs in motherkraft planned ; (22) 2 new s 

ABERCROMBIE, John W, St supt, Mont- 
gomery, Ala. 

ACHE80N, John C, pres Pa Col for Women, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

ACHIIiL.ES, Paul S, ext tg, Columbia U, 
'20 — , 260 Convent Av, N Y C; b, 1-22-90; 
(5) instr in psy A B F U. Beaune, France; 
master Riverdale Country S, IS Y C , M9-'20: 
(7) experiments at Riverdale, irrds 4-6. in 
measuring retention value of difT length k of 

. as^igrnment, whether economy of time lies 
in long: or short lessons, what % of given 
amounts of different materials is learned 
within fixed time limits; (15) intelUgrent'e 
tests, group and indiv, given to all pus; 
(18) sex efl program, content and meth ; 
helped in scries of confs of ts psychologi^tH, 
doctors for Y M C A; (25) used tests for 
geogt reading, hist; (28) How to Study for 

use in grds at Riverdale; (29) Yale at Work 
in Chinn, World View of Ed; (31) att col 4. 
pg 2; t col ^4; supr 1; war, 1st Lt 305 
M G B 77 Div. 

ACKERMAN, John H, pres st nor s, Mon- 
mouth, Ore. 

ADAIR, Cornelia S. t of special cl, treas N E A. 
Richmond. Va; (12) organizer and pres elem 
ts nssn, Richmond Va ; helped inc ts sal and 
secure t recognition ; pres natl gr ts assn ; 
("['}) helped organize special s for mentally 
deficient and retarded pus with special at- 
tention to manual work; articles made in 
these els exhibited each yr at st t assn 
and sold to furnish additional equipment 
for special els; (24) helped secure bill pro- 
viding for ed comim to study ss In Va ; (29) 
on gen program N E A Salt Lake City dis- 
cussed part t should play in admin of s 

ADAMS, Charles A, pres st nor s, Castleton, 

ADAMS, Eleanor N, pres Oxford Col for 
Women, C)xford, O. 

ADAMS, Ephraim Douglass, prof hist, Stan- 
ford U, Cal: b. 12-18-65; (10) chrmn '17-'18 
com appt by st bd ed to examine h s hist 
textbks and determine whether they were 
"pro-Germap or were unduly offensive to 
our allies" ; (21) helped org 2 experiments 
'17, in training for citizenship, 1 at Lawrence, 
Mass, combining st bd ed, Lowell at vlc^^ %. 
and LawreTie^ e\.Vs '9k'a., ^. "5^^. ^^^ K^^^^'*'- 



Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

Cal, at «t nor s; frankly experiments, 
financed at first by Natl Security Leaj^ue, 
both continuing under st support and dir; 
merit is that they are experiments, not 
based on a priori principles ; (22) org for 
Stanford U as result of gift by Herbert 
Hoover, The Hoover War Collection, most 
important collection of bks in this country 
on the war in its economic, social and polit 
anpects, already contains 80,000 titles, and 
wrk will go on indefinitely; (31) att ur el. 
ur h, col, pg; t ur h, col, pg; supr; war, in 
chg N Eng dist for Natl Security League, 
'17; see Mahoney, John J. 
ADAMS, G C, CO supt, Covington, Ga.; b, 
2-10-68; (14) used vacation for recruiting; 
(16) raising pigs and chickens, making bird 
houses, one r t gives half time to voc tr; 
(18) health officers visit r ss and ts instit; 
(22) consol ss; (23) wk and mo rep from ts; 
ann exam for 7th grd; (24) wrking for law 
to have co bd appt co supt; (26) local trus- 
tees supplement prins sals by amts up to $60 
per mo; (31) t r 4; supt 13. 

ADAMS, Maxwell, dean col arts and sci, V 
Nevada, Reno, Nev ; (5) prof chem ; (7) 
framed crs in el chem for stus who do not 
offer chem for col entrance; (11) avgd and 
publ grds of variou.s groups in col to stimu- 
late better scholarship: (13) col admn com 
appointed from fac; (15) system of bonus 
credits giving stus who pass crs with high 
grd more credit than given those who merely 
pass; (17) corns appointed to investigate 
such topics as requirements for degrees In 
Amer cols; relative credit hrs in arts and 
sci, engr and agr; relation of ss of ed to 
other cols of the univs; (31) att r 8, spec 2, 
nor 4, col 4, pg 3; t r 3, nor 8, col 16. 

ADAMS, M B, pres Greorgetown Col, George- 
town, Ky. 

ADAMS, Richard I/aban, prof farm mgmnt, 
'19 — , V Cal; b, 8-27-83; (5) asst prof agron- 
omy '17-'19; (8) bettered meths tg farm 
mgmnt; (16) emphasized espec for future of 
stu in active agr wrk; (17) helped by active 
com membership, much study of means of 
bettering and by helping work out feasible 
plan ; (29) to farmers on farm mgmnt ; (31 ) 
att ur el 8, ur 1 4, col 4, pg 1; t col 6; field. 
5 yrs agriculturist for sugar co, 2 yrs asst 
gen mgr for bus firm; other, st and fed farm 
labor agt for st council defense and fed dept 
agr, '16-'ia 

ADAMS, Wm C T, hd dept ed, St Nor S, 
supr tr s, supt union 51, '17 — , Plymouth, 
N H; b, 7-6-69; (5) t sumr ses St Nor S, 
Keene, N H; (6) reading treated as "key 
that unlocks door of knowledge" more time 
given to silent reading; (8) devised system 
double rating ts, supt rates t and t rates 
self on 21 points 4 heads, teaching power, 
exec ability, personality and scholarship; 
devised silent reading tests measuring speed 
and comprehension; (9) rates ts and gave 
critic ts greater opportunity; (10) ts pre- 
pare spec lists from which choice list is 
selected: discussion in ts mtgs; (13) stu 
govt; (16) socialized recitation; (17) health, 
good speech, clean up wks; (21) civics cru- 
sade; crs to ts in sumr and In reg nor s; 
(22) bringing up s bids to st minimum; 
/25) studying, giving, scoring and plotting 

i-t^isaUs of tests given; (28) texts OD Ed PSJ 

and Tg El Geog; artels, T Rating In Amer 
S Bd Jrnl« Place and Function of Nor 8 In 
New Democracy in N Eng Jml of Bd, Value 
of Ed Tests. Silent Rending Tests, in Nor 
Instructor; (29) Democracy and Ed. Growth 
and Development of Our Ss. Reorg and Ad- 
justment, Americanization, Aims and Values, 
bef granges, instit, ts assns, sumr ss. 
women's clubs, churches; (31) att nor, col, 
pg; t and supr col 5; supr 4, supt 3; pres 11. 

ADAMSON, C R, CO agr agt, Willcox. Ariz; 
b, 3-12-84;, (19) wrk consists chiefly of help- 
ing farmers find better markets for both 
buying and selling, importing improved and 
purebred livestock, improving home life on 
farms, and giving demonstrations of im- 
proved meths in every walk of farm life; 
(31) supt 6; CO agt 3. 

ADliER, Cyrus, residence, 2041 N Broad St, 
Phila; office, Broad and York Sts. Phlla; 
pres, Dropsie Col for Hebrew and -Cognate 
Learning, Phila; act pres, Jewish Theo- 
logical Seminary of Amer, N Y C; b. 9.13 63; 
(18) supr and advice of gen practitioners 
and specialists: (19) in els; (2(8) seminary 
offers scholarships of $750 yr to stu to en- 
gage in no outside work; (31) att h s 4, col 
4, p g 6; t u 6; pres 12. 

AHERN, M J, pres Canisius Col, Buffalo, N Y. 

AIKKNS. C T, pres Susquehanna U, Selins- 
grove, Pa. 

AIKIN, Wllford M, dir Scarborough Experi- 
mental S, Scarborough-on -Hudson. N Y; 
b, 9-22-82 ; (6) see publ definitions of experi- 
mental s; (7) 2 ts corns on Eng and toelal 
studies rept on alm«, meths and crs; other 
ts coms vrlll rept on math, sci, phyt ed, 
measurement and research; (11) above repts 
distrib; (12) $4,500 for ts; attractive homes; 
(13) development in civic cl of s constit 
thru study of govt, w^hlch jrives pus larre 
share in mgmnt of s life; (14) hicrh sals plus 
opportunity for growth and indiv develop- 
ment; (15) psv and ed teats; (16) pu govt 
and gronn athl; socialized recitation, e g, 
in Eng where cl mems take char«re of dis- 
cussions and ench is expected to take notes 
from repts or lects given by fellow pus: C''') 
''so far as possible so-called extra curric 
activities are made parts of curric; If they 
are good, why consider them as anart from 
curric activities?**; (18) s physician, dept 
phys ed, lunch rm; (19) comm activities 
bring parents, e g, plays, clubs, chorus, gym 
els, social dances; (22) comm advisory bd. 
parents club, see 19: (25) indiv diagnosis 
and classif; (26) free tuition for 20% nus: 
(28) Joint author, Amer Literature: (31) att 
r 5, ur el 5, col 6: t r 2, ur el 2, ur h 6, col 1 ; 
supr ur h 3, spec 3: supt 5; former insp 
h as for Ohio S XT; (32) .lust returned from 
visit to ed authorities in Eng, Scotland and 
France "to inanrurate plans for enablinsr 
ediKMitors i»i»d ed to nlay their proper nnrt f-^ 
intematl alTairs." See Scarborough Experi- 
mental School. 

AliAN, John S, supt, Salem. O; b, 10-28-72: 
(8) socialized or stu-t recitations in h and 
Jr h s; (13) h and .1r h s control all possible 
activities, see 8; (18) med Insp; (19) moving 
pictures for pub In h s on paying basis; 
(21) crs this yr; (22) $25,000 bid; (24) mem 
st legis com St T Assn wMch secured new 

Bigh Spots for Every School 

Ed Ma; (29) pt 

Col; (31) att col 

b H^; SBpt r h 

ALDEN, Jabn B, t 

irl; all ■■; [2T) i 

tor Amer wrk; to.^ 
.» tor as; (28) iD Ohio 

ILDBRSUII, B H, pies Sontherii Col, Sutbei- 

editor Library magH- 
zine, cyt^iopeaiaa, qzc ; N^baMc, N J ; b, 
3-2-47 ; author Peace and Prosperltj via 
Justice and Practical Sense, urglag free 
' ' ~ iBhackllug: postal ssTlngr 

ink, free t 

1 laud. 

. . and !□ air, private operatii 
wbo pay the freight, mutual aid assDB, aaae 

ALDER. Eufcne CbitrleB, prln, Adelphl Acad, 
Brooklyn, N Y, ISOC — ; b, S-21-7S; (6) thrift 
uid ■errlee tsn(ht; pus support kg In 
Italian, district "to give practical bnsls for 



it sd riser tyattm toi 
te, each Monday m 

of wk: e 

: IS) lobj 
mtrsj (9) 

and disc 

TcconlKd ' BDd dealt wltbi (12) grada 
started t eudowmeDt fund, initial gift 
¥10,000; arranglug to use Carnegie Annuity 

Elan lor all ts; (13) bonor system tbls yr 
tr t yr poa 1b h >; aucCMslol pd Temcne 
bmndlea all pn Bctlvlties: (15) see 9; (Ifi) 

each wki b sfoutB aad a scouts, Scl Clnb, 
Circle Fran cats, eit soriely for social wrk. 
Debating Clnb: (20) this yr outside apkra 
from city officials, professlond and bns *to set 

morning BKsembly daily, Amer principles 
ayatematically taught, le ih1»s for good 
citlieasblp awardrd at CDmractnt each yr i 
(23) pt-t BBsn a times ann draws ss and 
patrons much more i^o^elj together; I2ili 
see 12; (29) bef soldiers In France, grouii* 
of 200-1000; CUIc Besponelblllt]' of Ts and 
TeMhlug Hdw to Study to RocklSDd T A; 
The Army Ed Corps— Its Work and Eesulia. 
liluB to cburcben, clubs, h ss; (31) col 4, pg 
4; supr 11; anr, T M C A nest supt ed 
Bordeaux, anpt A E F Lerauno. France; (32) 
trustee, Bklyn pub library, tree kg ussri, 
anpt bible a., 

ALDKBMAN, B A, pres V Va, Uuiveralty, Va. 

AU>EBMAN, OroTer H, anpt '20 — , Newton, 
la; b, '86; (5) grad gtu V la; (7, 21) re- 
search study, what an la layman ahould 
know about conrta and law; |8, 28) wrote 
doctor's thesis, eipeclmental thesia, I>ct »e 
Question and Aniwer Method i (IG) gave 
psy tests thmont a; (31) fltt r 8, or Ti 4, 
col and pg; t r 6; snpt 7. 

AUIXRHASr, L«wla R, ed specialist for U S 
Navy; is — , Waahlngton. D C, orgnnUed 
InstT on battleships, optional for sihlp-a oK- 
cers and men ; officers teach crs Btted to 
IndiT each taking written wrk like coriee 
study and«r dir as rapidly as can advance; 
method believed by Mr Alderman widely 
appllcatile to contlnnation ss; Seld toc supi 
A B F '18-'19. 

,..iuc3, Golden, Col; ^, i«. , 

(14) created grad fellowahips; (21) humaa 
engineering; (28) book on Oil Industry; (2») 
bet Independent Oil Mena Cun», Amer Min- 

genta' consideration : 

VI.EXANDER, Georgia, dist supt, S20 Audu- 
bon Bd, Indianapolis; b. 11-4"- •"■ 

W%: (24) helped secure new cunatll tor St 
Ts Assn, giving grd ts larger participation; 
(28) cu-fiuthor, speller, arltb w John Dewey 
and putriollc reader w Katherine D Blake; 
(31) utt nor 2, col 3H ; t ur el 10; supr lo; 

I, pros U Me, Orono, Ue; 

grads And that on e._ 

■ Brad, mfr earns Shi tlm 
, broker lOH, i ' 

salterior yanng cul men will select col ti as 
career", Iflgnres traced to decennial record 
'01, Princeton II, cover 149 from 208 possible 
returns; 12 ts had avg {1779; 18 mifra tSOaSi 
4 real estate {35T5; 5 accountants (2368; 22 
mercantile S4TT4; 5 lUB $3120; 18 phjB $3091; 
13 lawyers t49M; 2 Cransportatlon t5675 1 

ALQER, John L, pres st nor a. Providence, 
R I. 

AU^Btl. C E, pres st nor s, Valley City, N D. 

\U.BN, Charles B, spec agt fed bd voc ed. 
200 New Jersey Av NW, Waahlngton, D C; 
trade tr wrk during war, developed by U S 
Shipping Bd Emergency Fleet Corp; tr ex- 
pert workers ns instructors and green men 
on ahipyaril Jobs; eiperlence hasjnc ' 

_ __ Bnlletln 52 ted bd voc 

ed ; (2») eiperlence and conclusious pre- 
sented to conf ed depta 4S ats, 
tI,LEN, Frederick James, w bur voc guid- 
ance, Harvard, lect on voc guidance, Boston 
U; dir Y M Civic Club of Boston; home, 4T 
Mt Vernon St,. Arlington, Mttaa-. H, "L-ia^^*^-. 
(7) era In c\v\c eft ot -so-aT-?. lowi «■:'* .^'^^J, 

r asetxA •A'AL«a*Vi'C" ■. V*- «'^ 

Ifho't Who and Why in After-War Education 

urrlculum: kind at ■ ori tiett 
I rffectlre voc Buldancc! irandnct of 

IndDBtir, fotnre employmfat opportan 
In AmFp ■hlpbnlldlng; I.itff B* A Vacs 
used b; A E F; AdvertiniDE as a Voral 
Opportnnltlct tar Hondlrapped Hrn In : 
Indnslrr; A Saurri Bk of Oirupatluni. ; 
contlnaous on civic sulijs iinrt vocalliras. 
ALI^N, Henry J, eovernor, Topelia. Kaii 

spring '20 iBSiied r 
wlc for St wide att 


T Va. 

ALLEN, Jaaeph Dsnii, Iidiuastec PalytecUnlc 
Peep Country Day S, 1U17 ~, n2 Bt uud 7 
Av, Bklyn. b. 10-16-70; (V) "chanctcr put 
betarfl col entruio but even so Best 40 odd 
boys each yr to col or li'ib s prepared not 

warth while in ral Ulr": (81 works out 
"country day » Id™ wtiicli me^s eam<-(blng 
tar boy io do all day under coDditlaas as 

ant of daar opportunitirn as passible, de- 
vslapB boys pbysicaliy and kIveb knonledK' 
~ ^oleeaine, aHive play wbleh as 

(SI) a 

eople » 

4. B S 

ALLEN. Phlleman A, eupt UlufCtoD, lud; b 
1-29-&3: (11) frequent artcla in two dallies 
(13) »tu conncU la h s; (14) urged sr di 
toward ts; IXl) HbH eredlt tar outside wrk 
(18) ma w^Ktats and measures rept to par 
CBts; 10 o'clock milk Inneb to under weUbts. 
phys dlr; (21) elvie cla 8-12 grds and spec 
wrk 111 other ds; (22| a bid open to ail 
comm altalrs when requested: (23) ------' 

w law-makers and appt legislation 
ts; (25) several tests used: (31) at 
col 2, ur b 4: snpt ca] 2. p s 23, 

pt '18 — , Du 

Bota, Pa 


8-18-20; (5) an 

rt Vondergtm 

Pa. 'IT 


(8. B, 11) sevei 

ral wks bet ts 

mt*. ts 


d >apt Question 

problems; sup 

each nuestloa 



mts takes form 

ol " ond table 


cussioDS of the 

arked res 

in improvement 

of U?(28rTB'MoMln«s u 

Demoerallc Ba 

sis. In Ed Ad 

n and S 


Vol V. 1, Jun. 


plan out! 

above; (31) at 

nor 5, col 3. 

t r h 1; gupr 

b 1, ur el 16. 

AI,I.EM. Wm I 


Pnbllc Service, 

'which flee. 423 

W 120th 

N y C; b, 2-9 

■J.Ll^ ','"^ ,^"?'^„ 5*iS'™, 


eadylns social conditions; (20) 
i> U Alumni, wlilch has dept tor ' 
ce and placemeut; (31) att ur el, ur 
;; t col 9; war, Y M C A at Ca 
Inn. AnnUton, and Merritt. 
1, Katberlne Sprogne, deau won 

stcnosraphy ; (13) si 
leadership tliru vru 
aulfrutte; ilH) inc v 

; (I(SI ileveloplbtC 

(28) during »..,.. ... . _ 

stus; (23) Voc Wrk In Relation to Buteaua 
)ief nntl assu col bureauB: Self Oovt Assns, 
bef assn dennx of women; (31) t col. 

iMBERO, BilB, Eurt research iuvestlgator. 
now wllb Aniericnn City, K Y C '20 — ; Joint 
iintbor Tbu Xuldler aud His Home Town of 
viiiicb V M <' A Issued 78.000 to returning 
Kiil<ll<-r!i ; listed nays ex senice men can 
"ivirry <,n" as citizens. 


ats of ed and advance of scholarship 
Ltire area covered by title; contents 
nlned by Interests of scholars In this 

in col for S A T C unit ; started movement to 

lareely worked out engr crs; (13) org sn'i 
self govt bd to govern Institution wltli 
i)eun ns respoasible bd ; (21) chapel aud 
commctut addr along this line; (29) The 
Iletterment of Your S. Opportunities of Amer 
Hoy, at commcmts and other gatherings; 
(31) att col 4; t col 12, t and snpr nor 14. 
ANDERSON, C J, snrt Stoofhton, Wis; ii. 
8-9-80; (8) tries lo indivldualiKe Ig eapec 
In reading; see El S Jral 5-'20 and 6-'2D; 
(12) aystematli- ers for tr^nins ts la ser- 
vice: (15) clasalt teats In 'IT, as result pus 
of approximately aflme Intel level "ere 
grouped together; (181 eslab he^th eenirr 
operated by s nurae and social worker; (ISl 
nl s started '18 with eurailmCDt equal to 
that of day b a; (20) crs in vocalic 

anre: (21) 

P In gnld- 

B of citliennhlp clB gatberpt 
)ubl bulletin on Inilnenia. It) 

iventlon; (22) Just completec 

thru Pub Service wkly artels and bks irlefl 
to secure war time and after war time use ol I 
war facts, peace treaty (acta, labor civics, 
bolrtieviam tacts In regular Instruction. 
^J^orsiVS, Catherlae. pres Trinity Col, Wash ' 

roup; (24) belped se 
■pt law; (251 stnd tes 
hnlated, typical defe 

, El S Jrol '18-"20; 
h 4, nor 2, col 4. pg : 

High Spots for Every School 

ANDBBSON, CUnde H, dtst ttd TOO officer, 
1918 — , ArcHde Bid. SeBttle, Wnsb ; b. 
I-W-SB; (5) dlr Bar Mnnldpol Information, 
N J nnd St Lengne of Mnnlclpalltles ; sec 
"• " '1 Defense; (7) developefl and Im- 

proved mncblner 

B Col, Lynch I 

Fomrl dept '99 — . Dorchei 
. . ,5) ,. . . 

I, PK 3; t ur 3; anpr 

pres Randolpb Macon 

I 8, Bost< 

s; instr H;annla, Mass, at nor a, 
■pwlalizlng In »r yr; comrl ars 
for whicb "bcBt titled, secretarial, 
'bHQdlsing, arter pn. patent*, and 

••nac, slertneaa; acct iact malb ability, fond- 
neas for ttguita, metbodlcM hablla, logical 
mind, accuracy, penmanablp, Iioneity, tact, 
appearance, tiealtn; mercbandlslng 1~~* ~~ 

, -r, :, healtb; (20) thm 

iaiized m yrj (28) Clerical Practice, l»t 
leasona In busineaB; project meHi at tg c1 
bDalneaa In Jr h and roiMUiUBtlini ■>, la 

preKa; 1311 t nr h 21. spec 2, col 4; fleld. 
'-- ---'InunHoD -- "- —- 

In Id; 

a neb, Ca 
, Fla. 

, 111. 

Jos'epb ij Jobngon, 
. Angnatana Col, Hock 

. ANDREWS, Arthar Inlng, prof hIK and pnb 
law, TuHs Col, Mass; b. 3-22-78; <iM) Instr 
erg on Amerlfwitani In Bnropean HIat, Maaa 
Secnrlty I«agne mimr 8, Cambridge, Maas; 
(23) derp mytttm ot aiatmiatlc notd-taklns 
tor an fla In hist and govt! (28) reviews 
Id Hiat Ontlook; (2») cooperated wilb Natl 
Bd (or Hist Service '17-'ie In arranging ieeta 
— -- Tfar; (31) att col 4, pg 4; t 

era in cllizensblp and patiiotiam: 
dlatiib b; Amer 8 Citizen all I P 
(18) a brancbea of league bold de- 
Qteata, etc; (IB) org Boalon Home 
aan; (20) had com appointed for 

; (21) 

i: (22) hnd~ Boa- 
ie part of city a 

on democracy applied t. 
top Home and 8 Aasn cnuuc 
system; <2S) artcta on phaaea . . 

both here and abroad; (29) on ed problems 
before ts mtga, women's cinlia. chnrches, 
etc: (31) Beld, apec collahorator In U S bur 
ert ; war, appointed to represeni U 8 bnr ed 
tn ParlB dnrlng peace conf, delegate from 
U 8 to internatl conf on ed at The Hagae: 
otber. mem eiec com Constantinople Col 
Asati. see Amer 8 Citizenship Leagae. 

-, 522 5th At, NYC. 

e Corporation, 

r prlD '19 — , Attica, 

; D, w-a»-»a; {r>l prin Phelpa H 8 'i3-'19; 

atudy and uae of project method; (91 

' dlref«fld by nae of Intel and ed testa: 

persooal confa nltb ta; (ID) terta Bdopled 

_^__ ___. _..,. ._ __j eheeklnB aeveral 

itDf with I 

■ 'l^L' 

I loo 

col 14. 

ANDBBW8, Benjunln B, asaC prof 'IT - 
T«achen Col, Colombia U, N I C; b, '7 
(11) promotea thrift and home econ ed 
■I by addr and clrcnlars; (19) chrmn Intc 

and dii . 

which baa eatab profesBorahip 
. Id ConatantlQople Col, '20: ort; 
ling technical era; (28) editing 

line econ ; editing Family Life Series for 
eit tg; (29) on nntl IbHCt campaign bef 
nati audiences, '19; (SI) otber, apeclBlIat In 
bonaebold thrift, U 8 agr dent. S-9-'IT; 

.._ ,. ,. „ . iJgpj^ ,jg 

_ tor. Educa- 
tional Ponndatlons; b, 7-IS-7S; maoMad and 

pand People's Kditlon of Got 

>wineDt for 

ANDREWS, Mrs. FuiDle Fern, sec Amer 8 
Cltlcenshlp Lengne. 405 Marlborotigb St, 
Boston, Mass; b. 9-2S-ffl; (5) creetea com t< 

a newsi (12) t Btndy cIdImi tor profess books 
and artcla; (14) assembly taUa on Why 
N»t T: (16) each grd divided as far possible into 3 gtonpa; Indiv help 
for backward pot; (17) glee dnba, or- 
chestra, debate clnbs, camera cinbs; (IS) 
wt and bt etaarts. med inspector, a nnrar; 
atndy of nntrltfon ; follow np wrh: (lU) 
triangle dab org: (20) personal advice to 
pns after seearinE Intel qnotlenta and opin- 
Idbs of ts ae to apee aptltndra; (22) bid 
nsed for comm mtga; (23) Indiv cenana 
cards, els admittance cnrda; (25) naed for 
closer gradation of pna; (31) t t 2; t and 
supr r h 10. 

tNTONIO. Sister, ores St CaCherlne Col, St 
Paul. Minn. 

.IPPLE. K H, prea Franklin & Ma rah all Col. 
Lancaster. Pa. 

.tPPLB, Joseph Henry, prea '63 — , Hood Cnl. 
Frederick, Md ; b, 8-4-851 «>) B-'l»— 8-'20. 
leare absence to conduct Forward Move- 
ment of Reformed Church in U 8 as eiec 
aec; (11) org press bnr witb definite ato 
adlvllT in reptg col news to res Une of 
papers aod periodkiBls; (12) claasif and 
-■-ndardlzlng fac, and trying ii '-■ '■"" 


! (li) t 

I promo - 

..,, js posltloi , 

tlona for griida nnd enllat* stns in dept rd 
(IS) Dnrse and phvs director; (10) Ihni nildi 
to pt't assps on ed snbjs; (22) erected 2 nev 
bids, remodelled one and piirchaaed — '' 
last 3 yra; (2S, 27) will add $300,000 t 
ol plant, equip and endowment In ueiL t 
yrs; (28) see 19; (31) ntt ur h i, col 4; t nr 
h 4. nor 4; pres col 27; war, mem eiec com 
R C chapt. 4-mIn man. 
IPPLETON, I. Katelle, hd dept ed and psy, 
'19—, Oxford Col (or Women, Oiford 0: 
b, 1858; (5) '17 - 'IB editorial work; (7) pot 
cr« In dept on more practical no «a 4i>m>^ 

ba««& Tivm -"VWi «A»a^ ■*\*'*3f w*^«» ■»** 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

(201 >ie« IB; (;n 
I diffrrgnt Pollt 
iMti to all cUi 

ela atudlrd bbiI 

platfarnu "SOl <2; , 

(28) WelKliiiig and Me^iaiirlnB S Cli 
for Nor Iiislr nnd Prim Tlun " 
Social Proftress on ch rate; 
no(' 3W, rol 5. PB 2: t r 2. 
niniil tr III Hawaii BH : aupf 

fi-56: (6> Bupt Sacln 

lintiOE <1 


21; (1 

) « 

tcm&llc plan 

« Bea C 


tttr rllnirs. 


and dcDtlsti 

(19) nl% 


and > 

(201 at s « 

la part tim 


«a a 

?d ?o 

an»; (21) n 

for clTlc wo 



■iirvin: (25) 

all phy» 

P 8U 



S yr» hod 


nd Ri 

■tnd testa by prlns an 

npl! (2ei CO 

Mlcb, rotnry 


com pf-t .IS 

ciubB: (31) alt 


publ 'baslne 

o'c aVsupt 2 


, 23>A 


ABBDTHKOT. Jamea G. supr Intrnmurn 
sport, asst prof phya ed, U Wash, Seatlle 
WnBh; b. 12-31-83; (5) Instr sumr '20 
Teachers Col, Columbia; prof phys ed On 
Agr Col '20: asst prof pbjs ed V Wiigl 
'18-'19 ; (16) tbru Intramural sports ; (22 
furnished leiMlfrR. and afflclala for unatcn 
Bport fn ramnianttyi (26) helped (rnme u 
pbys tr law ta Wnsh; (27) secured ilonatloi 
of trophies and prizes for sport winaers 
(29) en Instlt . audiences 200-500; (31) t co 
10; nnr, U Wash SATO. 

4-20-72; (fi) t ..,._ .. , 
progress of pua nnil ]iboiit t 

tn rept to pai'«at aay Irree dismiss: 
when rh Is late In Kcttini to a. parJ'i 
lould explain to t, when cb ia Into le»>Ii 

t shonld explain to parent"; (31) ntt ci 
!!■■ t r N; supr ur h 8; aupt co 10; wa., 
c R C, chtmn spkrs com_Lll> loan. 

poae of helping win war; commuultleB ot- 
i;uiil2ed ttiru aa with mlgs held at bs. 

ARNE80N, Ben Albert, prof pollt HCl and hd 
dept O Wealeiran, B2 Montrose Ave, DeU- 
niire. I); (7) gives many pua general ontliiM 
of fleUI rather than concentrate on few ad- 
viinped gtus; (21) utreaa ImpnrtwiM af 
recoitniElnc (rood thlnca In Imnlcrmnt^ 
natlanallty; (20) importntice of- teen ed In 
(lemocrncy— tnltB nt commcinia; (31) ntt UT 
cl 8, ur h 2 nor 4, col 2, pg 3;.t r b 2, 
ur el 2, ur h 1; col 4; mem s bd 1; war, 
statistician lu ordnance depi, 'IS. 

ABNKTT, TreTOT, Auditor U Chicago. — 'ai, 
-■— ■-—- Gen Ed Bil, 61 Brondway, 

.n pp 50-( 

4RXOI>U, Earl Ciupar, prof law. 'IB — , T) 
Cinclaiintl, Cincinnati, O: b, e-S-8i; prof law, 
U I'ln, '17-'1H; (10, 21) Ik Amer els of Immi- 
grants seeking cltlzenablp; (28) artels in 
Anier Law Review, Educiitlon. Ill Law Re- 
view ; (29) '1T-'19 tallis urging s nttendflDce 
on those not compelled tn enlist ; 10 h ■ 
rommcmt talha; (31) att col 4, pg 3 ; t col 6. 
\BNOI.D, Frank John, prln p a Ha SOtb 8t 
and 4tb Av. Brooklyn. N Y ; h, 5-31-72; (5) 
supr vacutlDU ss, Brooklyn '20; (21) spec crs 
)□ hlat, geog, scl. Bag. art, civics for dm 
during war; (23) spec rept showing pro- 
ficiency In each sub.i, with rffort and conJoet 
with each t, home wrk done and spec ei- 
planation to parent*, for use In dept wrk; 
(ZTii stnd tests used to determine pna IndtT 
nt-ngreHfl, cl» pragreftB durlns triu, efQciency 
I; (28) t a creed, showing duties and rlRbtB 

of ts , 

ttltude n 

ake t 

be helpful; (.11) att r 8, r h 1, ur h :i. ci>l i, 
pg 1 sumr: t r 1. r b 3, ur h 13, spec 5, ^^ 
•A; Bupr ur el 8. spec 4. 

-. „ . 'victory Pageant of 

Hamllne U, '18: (28) artels Shonld Stus B,. 
eetve Credit for Beereatianal Pursail*, In 

Fed Seminary 3-'lB; Modern Drama for 
Young People. In Drama League Montlily 
10- '17: Should There Be »peclSc Minimum 
Kequlrements in Eng for Col Entrance. In 
proceedings of N E A 11-'17; (29) crs lectB 


t Brooklyn 1 

:. Columbia 

RTHUR. Mary, dir Im nutrition setvlCB, 
south div ARC '20—; 246 Ivy St, AtlaoU. 
Gn : (5) lid dept dom scl cbs, Memphis, 
Teno; Inst dietetics BapC Mem and GatleT 
Ramsey hosp; dietitian base hosp 57. Parla, 
base 208 Glronrte. Fr; Ft McPherson, Oa: 
(18) nutrition clinics for ch; (21) betterlDg 
health thru attention to food and heaitt 
habits; (29) Health Thru Food, lllus witi 
blackboard and lantern slides; (31) att nr 
el R. iir h 4. nor 2, col 4. pg 2; t nr el IS, 
2%. Incl supr ur h 4U, nor 
r on corps of st Inats 'Tenn S 

..„. .._ conaervntloD work, bd ad 

Memphis, Tenn '17: 1^ yr dietitian In mlUt 

ARPINWALL, Wro B. priti st nor B 'IS--, 

Worcester. Mass: b, 11-13-74; (Ol non Cont 
addt and urtcla stressing etjua ligation ot 

2 1.4: field, ; 

High Spots for Every School 


opportunity, vitalizing crs of study, social- 
ization of ed, citizenship tr, project t; (8) 
stress socialized recitation, free reading 
practice in library period; (9) "snpr is 
matter of helpful co-operation, based upon 
clear understanding of needs and ways and 
means of meeting them"; (12) stimulate 
writing: and publishlngr by ts; (13) stu- 
ts council "for consideration and improve- 
ment of social and personal affairs of 
school"; (14) send out lit on Why Teach to 
h s stu; stu help entertain h s srs "for pur- 
poses of introd them to profession and win- 
ning: them"; (16-17) project method of tg; 
volunteers for community work, nei8:hbor- 
hood calling:, story telling at hospitals, comm 
centers and playgrounds; (19) ts give addr, 
hold conf and mothers mtgs; issue lit on s 
and social betterment; (20) talks by leaders 
of dif professions and occupations; (21) stu 
'^ learn duties to others thru care of s grounds, 
conduct of 8 exercises, parliamentary rule in 
s mtgs; (22) bids and grounds loaned for 
pub exercises and ni ss; lect and conf for 
public; (29) Teacher-Training, Why not 
Teach?, Thrift, School and Community 
Health, bef supts, ts assns, men's clubs, 
women's clubs, farmers' clubs; (31) att nor 
1, col 4, pg 2; t nor 20, incl 18 yrs sypr; 
prin 8. 

ATHBY, Catherine B, ex sec St Tb Assn, 222 
Boise Natl Bank Bid, Boise, Idaho; used 
many opportunities to further ed wrk in 
talks bef clubs, health orgs, etc; helped 
promote personal hyg in ss and in working 
for child welfare and phys ed. 

ATKINS, S G, pres st nor s, Winston-Salem, 
N C. 

ATKINSON, Alf, pres Montana State Col, 
Bozeman, Mont. 

ATKINSON^ Fred W, pres Poly Inst of B'klyn; 
Brooklyn, N Y. 

ton St, Boston, Mass ; "chief concern with re- 
spect to ed texts is offering books with 
definite human appeal and interest, which 
excite in those who use tihem a lively and 
fruitful sense of contact vrith realities"; 
(19) publ Educating a Nation by Frank E 
Spaulding, reprint from Atlantic Mo 4-'20: 
(21) publ Americans by Adoption, by Joseph 
Husband ; Patrons of Democracy, by Dallas 
L Sharp; The Light, an ed pageant. 

ATWOOD, Clinton Henry, supt Lowville, N 
Y, '19—: b, 3-29-94; (9) t given initiative, 
results checked ; "ts urged to make reputa- 
tion for themselves"; (11) frequent news- 
paper artels ; (16) obscure pus civen chance 
at leadership; (23) h s pu records on graph 

* sheets, "many times a look on record Is 
enough to shame lag:gards into better wrk"; 
(24) org clubs, conferred with local assem- 
blymen for ts sals; (25) stnd tests to all gr 
ch and made complete survey of grd ss under 
dir of st insp; (27) alumni prizes for 
scholarship, perfect att, pub spkg, essay 
writing and excellence in Eng gr; (^) on ts 
sals. Americanization, The Closeness of Sci, 
Is Prohibition of Value Locally and Our S 
Aims; (31) att r h 5, col 4; supr r 1, r h 1; 
supt r 1, r h 1; war, explosive chem; other, 
textile chem. 

AUGHINBAUGH, Wm Kdward, editor, New- 
York Commercial, 38 Park Row, NYC; 
b, 10-12-71; prof foreign trade, N Y Univ, 

AUGSBURG. D R, dir drawing, San Fran- 
cisco St Nor S, 4295 Gilbert St, Oakland, 
Cal; (6) solving reason why drawing, a 
fundamental study, is not more used in ed 
wrk espec tg and why, when used, it is not 
more successful; (28) Drawing in P S Ed, 
8 pp, lllus; aim of drawing is not picture- 
making, and development of esthetic powers 
is subordinate to learning and representing 
form; all can learn drawing tho not all can 
become artists; 4 (fundamental elements of 
drawing are position, direction, form and 
proportion ; 4 branches of drawing are free- 
hand dr, mechanical dr, design, color. 

AUNE. H A, CO supt '05 — , St. CroiX Co, 
Baldwin, Wis; b, 12-3-78; (6) strenuous cam- 
paign to secure county wide interest in 
pub ed ; (9) 2 suprg ts give close supr, espee 
of beginners; (11) local papers, circular let- 
ters; (16) credit for home project wrk In 
connection with s wrk; (18) health crusades; 
(24) 4 yrs chrmn co supts legis com; (25) 
stnd tests in reading, spelling, arith; (27) 
by promoting and org comm clubs In r 
districts; (29) ed subjs to ss, clubs, etc; 
(31) att r 8, ur h 4, nor 2; t r 2%. r h 1; 
supt 15% ; war, R C wrk, food admn, co 
council defense; other, some canvassing ex- 

AUSTIN, G W, pres Okla Col for Women, 
Chlckasha, Okla. 

AUSTIN, Stanton D, dist supt '12—, Barne- 
veld, N Y; b, 12-11-73; (6) publicity work 
to. prove ed foundation of sound democracy; 
(7) outlined such work as concerned people 
In each locality; (8) attempted to fit ts to 
indiv localities; (9) asst ts to meet r needs 
and create feeling of good cheer; (10) select- 
ed to create love of country life; (12) pro- 
motion and inc sals ace services ; (16) project 
clubs and societies; (18) s nurses, med in- 
spectors, dirs phy ed; (19) nl sft for grown- 
ups, lit socs; (20) agr ed; (21) ni ss and 
Individ instr to foreigners; (22) community 
orgs, pt-ts assn; (31) att r 5, r h 4, nor 2; 
t r 7, r h 7; supr 9. 

AVENT, Jos B, prof ed and dir tr ss '17 — » 
St Nor s; East Radford, Va; b, '78; (6) addr 
for h s commcmts on The Meaning of Mod- 
ern Ed to Life, physical, intellectual, moral, 
vocational, recreational, civic and political, 
and religious ; (8) org group of r tr ss with 
ts homes attached; in addition to city tr 8, 
apprentice tg for srs is extended so that all 
srs get 6 wks practice in actual r tg under 
r conditions, live In ts homes with critic i», 
participate in ds rm w^rk, in comm orgs, la 
Sunday s wrk, get experience under dir In 
tg r pu, suprg games, serving hot lunch, 
tg home econ and agr under true r condl- 
tlon«; 1-rm, 3-rm, and Jr h s operated In this 
wzy; (21) elections in s room; discussion of 
polit issues and actual benefits from Amer; 
t thrift; (22) org. bi-wkly citizens forum; 
suggested and wrote charter for and secured 
city manager form; (29) Hd "Csyt '^ia.^^t^a- 
Ameri<»; man^ \i ^ c<j>T!a.TaKtQX"s»\ ^*^ '^^^^'^* 
tlon in ^a \>fel ^\. ^^ ^^'a.^N V5^^ '^'^\A^^ 


Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

AVERIIili, L4iiwreii€« A, prof ed, St Nor S, 
WoP(?ester, Mass; b, 5-1-91; (6) launched in 
'17 Amer J ml ot S Hyg to further ed hygr in 
p s«; (28) author crs study S Hygr and Tr 
for Citizenship; since '17 about 30 artels in 
ed jrnls; bk, A Psy for Nor Ss, in press; 
(31) att r 7, col 4, pg 2; t r 2, nor 5, col 2. 

AYERY, Samuel, pres U Neb, Lincoln, Neb. 

AY£R, Fred E, dean Engr Col, U Akron, O ; 
b, 10-24-76; (7) eng:r precedes sci^ chem and 
physics 3rd and 4th yrs, engrr first; (16) 
stus may take 1 of 3 plans, res col, col in 
momingr and wrk nls, or col at nl and co- 
operative; stus applylngr for scholarships 
''must be physici^ly capable of performing 
hard noanl labor and wlllingr to do so, must 
promise to remain with company 4 yrs, paid 
not less than $76 per mo when working:"; 
org tire rubber ss for soldiers in 4 rub- 

ber companies, saving govt cost of equip 
and organization. 

AY RES, Leonard P, v p Cleveland Trust Co, 
'20 — •; Cleveland, O; formerly dir dlv ed 
Russell Sage Foundation; artel in American 
Mag, 11- '20, Foolish Questions Asked in S«, 

..based in part upon answers by business men 
to questions from exam papers in hist, geog 
and spelling in 5, 6 and 7 grds; of these 
men — st senator, former lieut-gov, pres of 
manfr concern, former supt parks, banker, 
physician, merchant, lawyer, newspaper edi- 
tor, efficiency engr, clergyman — not one at- 
tained passing mark In any subj; many 
sample fool questions and contrasting help- 
ful questions quoted. The School Index, 
'20, comparing states in expenditures and In 
enrollment and attendance, etc, has been 
used widely in st drives for funds to Im- 
prove or hold rank. 

BABCOCK, Ernest Brown, prof genetics, Col 
Agr, U Cal, Berkeley. Cal ; b, 7-10-77; (8) 
as chrmn agr sci group col of agr, guided 
org of undergraduate curricula for special- 
ists in agr chem and agr biology; (19) 
chrmn of com on devpg col of agr, which is 
evolving plan to estab Z branch Jr cols of 
agr in so and n prts of st, leaving last 2 
yrs and grad work to be developed on higher 
plane at reg st univ; (28) co-author Genetics 
In Relation to Agriculture, '18. and Labora- 
tory Guide in Genetics, *19, both treating 
plant and animal breeding; (31) att ur el 0, 
ur h 4, nor 2, col 4, pg 1 ; r :3. nor 1, col 13; 
field, Instit lects, farm demonstrations, train- 
ing field investigators; war, 6 mos Y M C A 
ed and army ed corps ; other, first hd div agr 
ed, col agr, U Cal, '10-'13. 

BABCOCK, Kendric C, dean col lib arts and 
sci, U 111, Urbana, 111. 

BACHMAN, Frank P, ed specialist and sur- 
veyor for Gen Ed Bd, 61 Broadway, NYC; 
helped direct surveys, repts available free, 
of Delaware st, and Qary, Ind, etc; in '20 
surveying Ky st ss at request st com apptd 
by gov. 

BACHMAN, R H, real estate and insurance, 
Tarboro, N C; b, 10-23-68; (5) supt Tarboro 
and township No 1 of Edgecombe ss, resigned 
2-1-20; (6) by drawings and chalk talks, by 
spkrs from distance, by illus artels in news- 
paper; (7) eliminating parts and adding 
others of st crs study; (8) reducing number 
of pus per t, supplying moving picture ma- 
chine, charts, reference wrks, variety of 
texts; (10) reviewed with t; try-out texts 
for ela, watching els impressions; (12) 
tenure of service, incl sal, recommend 
for better paying positions; (13) by sup- 
plying needed outside activities and oppor- 
tunities; (14) personal appeal, presenting 
advantages in tg for service to humanity as 
greater than any other field of activity; 
(15) personal observation and consultation 
with ts and parents; (16) arbor day, bird 
day, studying street paving, water Mid light 
supply in connection with civics; (18) s 
nurse, health officer, playground equip; (19) 
testing soil for farmers^ spec crs in cook- 
Jifjr And sewing to married women and work- 

^^^ s-^rim, s from 3 to 6 P M tor ch over 14 

under 10; (22) all types of nitgs; houslns 
baseball team in s during sumr; (25) per- 
Honally presenting results to els with 
papers in pus hands; (27) prizes offered by 
business men and indivs; (31) att or el 7, 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t ur h 8, nor 1; supr 3; 
supt 18. 

BACKUS, R J, town supt '14—, Old Forge, 
N Y; b, 11-11-84; (12) better sals; (18) health 
ed, phys tr, health clubs; (12) s bids opened 
to public, phys tr to adult els, ni French 

club; (31) supt 6. 

BAER, Joseph A« prof ed and psy, Hiram Col, 
Hiram, O; b, 3-12-85; (5) supt Euclid Vil- 
lage '14-'20; (18) med insp and s nurse; 

(20) now working on plan for voc guidance 
in Hiram Col; (22) was instrumental In get- 
ting 2 new up to date bids and in adding 
gym and and to other bids; comm club 
mtgs and social affairs in s bids; (25) stnd 
tests for measuring progress, results very 
satisfactory ; (31) att r h, col, pg ; supt 10. 

BAGL.EY, William Chandler, prof ed '17 — , 
Ts Col, Columbia, N Y C; b, 3-15-74; (7) 
Provisional Curricula for Professional Pre- 
paration of Amer Ts for Carnegie Founda- 
tion for Advancement of Tg, distrlb to nor 
ss for criticism and suggestion; (28) joint 
author Hist of the Amer People, for grds 
7-8, '17; (31) war, chrmn Natl Research 
Council's sub-com on psy and pedagogical 
problems of milit tr and discipline; editor 
Natl School Service, fortnl issued by com 
on ipub information; mem N E A Com on 
Emergency In Ed and Program of Readjust- 
ment, primarily responsible for pamphleC 
Commission Series No 1 which set forth .the 
program later embodied in Smlth-Towner 
Bill for fed aid and summary of ed; also 
prepared Series No 3 about t service, com- 
pensation and tr of ta. 

BAILEY, Benj F, prof elec engr, U Mich, Ann 
Arbor, Mich; b, 8-7-75; (7) advocates more 
thoro wrk on fundamental Eng; (13) mem 
com in charge cooperation between faculty 
and stus; (24) helped frame registration law 
for engineers in Mich; (31) att col 4, pg 8; 
t col and pg 20; field, extended practical 
experience in elec engr; war, hd elec wrk 
for automobile telephone mechanics, radio 

High Spots for Every School 

. U Mich; other, chief engr, Falr- 

. Clua H, (llr muni a 

Teachers Col. Cednr PuUa. In; _, ._. , 
Mechanical Drawing for Beginners; (31) 
r 6, ur el 2, ur h 3, col 5; t ana supr u: 
and h K, nor and col 17. 

BAILEX, Gilbert KlUs, prof geology, V So Cal, 

plala and 
Dumber of 
limited 1 ID 

i in riB will D 
great Having 

BAILBV. John Wlllimm, pres, '18 — , Col 
Woman's Col, Dehver, Col; b, 5-5-73; (5) 
field worker Union Col of In, '17-'18: (2T) 
5520.000 fund; |2SI 2 acove ndflr on ed und 
life HFTlce to lO.OOO people; (31) ntt r 10, 
Toc 3, col 6, pg 3; t col 10; prea col ft 

BAILEY, Walter K. priu Centralln Jr-sr hs 
'20—, 002 Walnat St. Centralis, Wash; b. 
10-»-SS ; (5) dlr nmd supr Philippine Is 
•17-'ie; prln b a Hood River. Ore, 'IS-'M; 
(01 advocated abandonment coi prep course 

recmdDg S-H-s plan and It rol>: (24) as mem 
com; proposed ed code for Col 'IT: (29) Tg 
ProteBBlon, Ch^ngei In Ed Idealg. Ed and 

the Time, Wisdom and Service, Hidden 

BAKEB, Snm A. 

City, 11 0, 
BAKER, Thai 

.._ . . ._..ile. and civic league; (31) 
11, col e. pg 20. 
BAUtERBTON, I. Ray. laslr 'OD — , Ts Cot, 
Columbia U, N Y C: (28) U 3 balletln depi 
»gr, Lannderlng! thrift huUetin. Care of 
Clotlilngi (31) t nor 1, col 11; war, t clean- 
J ..jjU ciothlnB for foreign ser- 

I tr f 

worked oi 

_ _ __ _0-miii period, with 

last half for supr atndy; (8) work ta into 
background of recitation; (17) estab elobi' 
in art, Spanlab, debate, home econ! &tb for 
all; 131) att r h 4, col 4; [ r h 3, ur h 2: 
HUpr 2; field, Philippines 3 jra. 



ployed; (IS) health tnlk'^ 
tnrtis In 78 sa; (311 otC r o. nor itj. l-di 
pg 1; t r 8. col 1: supr r 3; sunt p a 1 
oMier, physics tnstr samr s U Ala ; wa 
CO food administrator, Covington Co, 
BAKBK. Franii E, pres at nor s, Edlnhoro, F 
BAKBK, Oeorse T. Davenport, la; b, 7-S-5' 
mem la st bd ed '09 —; st supported ( 
inatttntions ot la met every demand raai 
upon them by TJ S govt and "kept the hon 
fires burning". 
BAKER, Hngit Potter, sec-treas 3/2o — , Am> 
Paper & Pulp Assn. 18 B 41 St, N Y C; 
I.aB-78; (5) dean N Y St Col Forestr 
Syracnse; (7) developed depl of forest e 
brlnglnr In able nenspaptr man as dlr wll 

t for 



BAKER, t Engl 

BAKER. James 

Uarloa Bt. D 

i (13) s 

H. prea -emeritus. IT Col. 980 

enver, Col; b, 10-13-48: (7) 

tl coDUCtl ed Oh Economy of 

Baal rept submitted 'IS, 

:o prepare others for 
BALDWIN. Ralph L. dlr s music. 8; TreiDont 

, ■17-'20: (71 added t 

of Music Pedag, sumr s fo] 
music suprs: crs in s admn 
(8) tBubt metbs for tn at li 

I m h B of credit for 
e: crs for iDBtrnmental 
an for standsrdliatian ; 
■natc tg and SBsMnbly 

and editing music 
(20) ts and muBic 
music ed"; (31) alt 

iupr 2 

r el P 

BALDWIN. William A, prtn Hyannis St Nor 
8, Hyannis, Mass; b. 8-16'59; (7. 21. 31) 
•nmr crs for ts of Amer citlzenahlp, eon- 

meSts; 131) att r 1, r h 3. nor 3%, col 2; 
t r 3: supr r S; supt nor 23. 
BALLANTINE. Wm C, prof Y M C A Col, 
179 Long Hill St, Springfield, Mass; b, 12- 
T-4S: (0. 28) Religions Ed for the Comlnr 
SoHhI Order, '17. 3S pp. urges rellglouB ed 
!n character, Informadoa, practice; deplores 
sole -aae of Old Teataoient In church as, 
would anbBtilute largely modern Christian 
bioeraphiea and hist; "Sunday ss should 
teach Amer hiat from religious point -of 
view, JuBt aB ancient Jewish synagoguei 
taught the hist of their own race and land; 
... not all cjuestlons of modern life can 
be answered by the Bible ; . . . real 
religious ed should fit to enter actlvitlei 
of city, serve on bds aad corns and asalat 
In shaping policies." 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

■Ittly , 

t ot cd tbanld ] 

BAI.I.UU, Frank W. BUiit, Wa'sHington, J) C. 

BALSBAIGH, E M. 8iipt, Lebanon, Fu ; b. 8- 
11-10; (Tl ilropprd nth ;r by ^tendlns ■ jr 
to 10 moi; mem at eoat on revision of ore 
study: (S) t rcK els loral U; (01 i more 
liclplDv tH In lo««r gwds; siipr prin for ]r 
b gs; relieved b a prln From te: (10) coma 
ts pHB OD teito! onlr Bufflclpnt texts boniht 
■ cl n 

i (26) per- 
il ur b 12; 

before ndoptlou 

! (1 

1 2 

tBff re 


eiKh motntnci 


H>|8, < 

1 iss% 

1M% BBd sapr 

nil pay 

for I 

■IcknMs; (]4> 


eon Is 


qualiaed pas » 





nn wh 

Ability for sdvuced 



1 rm B 

Okla; h, S-T-S."*; (31 prii 
T M C A ed sec 'IS-'IO; 
(21) peslatratlon pua S-l 

corps 'IB; 
nd a elec- 
ted hy clvlr'a cIb; (27^ from LIOQS and 
Rotsry cluba; (31) att eol 4, pg 1; t r li 
ur b 1; prln ur b 5; supt 4. 
BANKES. W J, prln FerKlns City Nor; 355 
Pioneer St, Akron, O; b. 4-27-81; (13) atna 
ore with offlcers and conrtB like new city 
plan! (14) S2.M per day paid all stns, rerts- 
«er Inc from U In '11 to S4 tn -aoj (16) 

placluB gradsi (21) see 13: (32) 

!, N Y. 

BARKER, Mrs Rlrhard Jaekaon, bd rlsltorB, 
It I St Col, uiem Oorporatlon of Womena 
Tol In Itrown C: The Outlook, Tiverton, 
K I: b. S-22-5n; ebrmn Tiverton s com tot 
21 consecutive yrs, previously clerk; helped 
secure H eenters; now mem spec leels com 
on R I Inatruction: (31) ntt co! 3; war, 
L'bruin lu;in drives for women's com. 

BABKARD, Florence, asst prln Jobn D 
Runkle S, 1.139 Reacoti St, Brookllne, Mass; 
b. 8-13-75; The Froaperlty Book, '16. urges 
thrift, economy. Intelligent memnt, system- 
atic BavlUE, nise investment of aavlngB, and 
gives models tor keeping dally accta and 
tor mo dlatribatlon of accta with form for 
aOD statement; A Teacber'a Aasets and 
Uabllltles, Jnil ot Ed; (291 Thrift, be( 
several small audiences. 

BARNARD, J Lynn, dlr social studies, st d«pt 
pul) tnatr, Ilarrtsburg. Pa: b, 8-9-97: (S) 
prof history and govt, Phils S Pedagogy; 
(T) planning 12-yT program of Ir In cltlini' 
ship thru aoeit^ atndies, hiat, cItIcb, BOdttl 
arl! (20) new crs contalna 2 yra of voe elvlcs. 
Inci voc guidance; (24) dlr Pa Pub Ed and 
Cb Labor Assna ; (28) co-nulbor CltiienBhlB 
In Phtlodelphtai (29) bef home and s aesUB, 
ts Inats, league ot women voters, etc; (31) 

7: field, 2 yre In social w 

: (28) 

a in E 

I in 

r In 

and ed; (25) s 
natlt li ' - 

; 15; (29) 

i (31) E 

8; supt r 4. nor 6; war, cbrmn tst and 2nd 
B C drives, pres R C. 
BANTA, Arthur M, resident Inyestigstor in 
;!oology. '09 — , station of eiperlmental evo- 

Record, Scl, Proceed lags 
Society for Eiperlmental Biology ana 
Medicine, etc; (29) ana bet Amer Society ot 
Naturalists, Amer Society of ZoologlHts, at 
convocation mtgs on aubjs o( orlgtual In- 
vestlgatloo relating, to InherHance and evoln- 
tion; occBsloDnl papers bet clubs, unlv 
biological semlnariea, etc; (31) att r 8, nor 
4, col 3, pg 3; t r 2, nor 4 snmrs. col 5i4 1 
supr r b 2. col 2: resident Investigator II, 
BAMTA, J Edward, prln t training s, Syra- 

, N Y. 


s St Martin's Col, 

rue W, dlr ed. Boy Scouts of 
*M n 120th St, N Y C; b, 12-24-86; 
' tr volunteer and prof leadership and 
'atlpa with other orgs; led oa ed to 


_ „ 8 

, ,__, _.. . ._ Quarterly '20; 

(29) quRimcatlons ot ts bef co t Instit; (31) 
att r 10, ur b 3, col 4. ng 9 sumrs; t r 3. 
col 19; pres 12; war, pub service reserve, 
tARNEfl, Julius H, grain eiporter, residence 
Palutb and NYC, office 42 Broadway, 
NYC; chrmn, founder and chief flnandal 
supporter, Institute tor Public Service; dur- 
ing war, pres U S grain corporation; '19 — 
7-l-'20, U S wheat dlr; proposed and reviewed 
col growtli study summarized herela ; helped 
plan and execute other studies and reptB 
by Institute for Public Service, which see; 
seven helpful next steps In recruiting ts 
were suEgested In Pub Service Bulletin 20B, 
Unlv Pres on T Recruiting, as follows: 
1 All uDlvs and eols can let It be known 

t-shortAKe, remedlen and Inc rewards 
of tE presented to all Htus from sev- 
eral diir angles before tbla acad yr 
closes and early and late next yr; 

ts and oppoitdnltiea tor advancement 
In tg can be Included In baccalaureate 
Hddresses nnd In comracmt day ora- 
tions by cIs mems or distinguished 

nati convention— con alder tbelr part 

High Spots for Every School 


4 industry, commerce and Jrnlism can be 

interested in recruitingr 2 able ts for 
every one they entice from tff as has 
been done thru fellowships given to 
U of Mich; 

5 pub can be given credit for wishing 

hig:h enough sal lei'els for tg and not 
percentage compromises ; 

6 self-survey can be made which Carnegie 

Foundation recently said would help 
higher ed now more than could new 
endowment funds ; 

7 higher ed can wrk unremittingly to 

help pub improve and strengthen el 
and h ss and increase proportion of 
youth who can take advantage of ed 
opportunity to become eflBrient. 

BARNES. Macon E, t hist. '17 — , Bellevue Jr 
H S, SOi North Av. Richmond. Va ; b, 8-7- 
87; (11) autumn '20 interested local press In 
high spotting Richmond; (16) org pu els 
with officers presiding; visits to and written 
repts on important points in Richmond; de- 
bates on subjs such as League of Nations; 
bulletin bd of news items brought in by 
stus; historic dramatizations; (21) stus elect 
own city treas, registrars, election officers, 
learn st requirements, register like adult 
voters, held Nov 2nd, *20, election day In 
each els; good citizenship buttons for those 
earning them; study municipal welfare 
problems, returns obtained from tax money, 
etc; civic dramatizations; (31) att col 4; t 
r h 1, ur h 6. 

BARNES, Walter, vice pres, hd Eng dept, dir 
ext dept, St Nor S, Fairmont, W Va; b, 
'80; (5) mem W Va bd ed; instr sumr s, 
St Nor S, Townson, Md, '19; instr sumr s, 
U Pa, '20; (7) assisted with crs study for 
W Va; wrote outline in Eng; publ bulletinjj 
on grammar in upper grds and Eng in h ss; 
(8) socialized lang wrk; (11) aided cam- 
paign for more s money ; (12) gained more 
recognition and a thorlty for women ts; (13) 
estab stu govt; urged democracy in s govt; 
(16) project wrk in Eng; (17) made cl wrk 
in Eng; lit soc, newspapers, etc; (19) aided 
in getting ext idea started in W Va; (28) 
edited Churchill's The Crisis ; book of essays 
on Children's Poets now in press; (29) bef 
Instits, ts mtgs, Natl Council of Ts of Eng; 
C31) att r 8, spec 3, col 3, pg 1; t r 4; supr 
ur el and ur h 1; vp 12. 

BARNEY, Edgar S, prin Hebrew Tech Instit, 
day and ni s, N Y C; b, 4-10-61; (7) crs in 
automotive engr in day s, '19; similar crs 
in nl 8, *21, engr crs not driver's license crs; 
(29) on service which makes for better 
citizenship: (31) war, tr young men in day 
and ni ss for industry and efflc war wrk. 

BARROW. D C, pres U Ga, Athens, Oa. 

BARROWS, Daivld P, pres U Cal, Berkeley, 

BARTIiETT, Murray, pres Hobart Col, Geneva, 
N Y; b, 3-29-71; (15) see 25; (21) stu encour- 
aged to t els of foreigners; (25) govt psy 
tests as part of entrance requirements help 
stus in choice of studies, keeping track of 
indiv needs and progress; (29) many to 
business orgs on intimate relation of busi- 
ness to col ed; (31) war, Y M C A, overseas 
11-»17— 3-'J9. 

BARTLETT, William Abbott, dean '17 — , 
Pomona Col, Pomona, Cal ; (19) estab local 
Jr col; (22) ni and sumr ss; (31) att r 8, 
ur 4, col 3, pg VA', t ur h 29, col 6. 

BASKERVIL.Ii, Chas Read, prof Eng, U 
Chicago, Chicago, 111; b, 4-17-72; (8) helped 
research wrk by criticism of poor wrks and 
poor methods; (28) editor. Modern Phil- 
ology: "U) t nor 2. col 8, pg 10. 

BASS, E E, supt '83 ~, Greenville, Miss; (6) 
showing war-mado-necessity for social ser- 
vice world wide; (12) sal inc 66-100%; (18) 
all pus weighed, measured ; insp by tr nurses 
for eye, ear, throat troubles; reports and 
suggestions to parents; (21) ni ss with 
volunteer ts; (22) h s swim pool, showers, 
and athl field open to pub; (31) att r 15, 
col 4, pg 2; supt 35. 

BATOHELrOR, George, retired editor, Chris- 
tian Register of Boston; Cambridge, Mass; 
b, 7-3-36. 

BATES, E I>, supt. Crooksville, O; b. 11-10-84; 
(7) arranged sched for 3 grd bids using 
same ts on deptl plan — ^20 ts, 20 rms; (8) 
in deptl system each t has only 2 branches; 
spec ts for music, writing, drawing, phys 
ed, dom sci, manl tr; (11) use local papers 
for propaganda ; (18) secured t of phys ed 
for all grds; (19) encourages pus to enter 
h s and arranges sohed to suit particular 
needs, espec for short crs; (20) part of theme 
wrk in Eng; (21) hist ts take trips with pus 
to see govt branches at wrk; (22) gym used 
by pub; (31) att r 8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 1; 
t r 4, supt 10; war, chrmn 4-min men. 

BATES, M L., pres Hiram Col, Hiram, O. 

BATTENBERG, James P, pres st nor s, Alva, 

BATY, Ray Don, prIn and agr t, Westford 
Union S, '18 — , Westford. N Y; b, 9-3-89; 
(31) att r 8, ur h 4, col 3V^; t r 3, voc 3. 

BAUGHMAN, Ruby, lecturer in Americaniza- 
tion, U Minn, Minneapolis; b, 10-1-75; (5) 
supr immigrant ed in ni ss, Los Angeles, 
Cal; (7) "tentative crs study in Eng for 
non-Eng stus" based on 5 yrs experimenta- 
tion in Los Angeles incl chapt on choice of 
textbks in Eng for non-Eng stus; empha- 
sizes diff between stus needs and desires 
and what ts think stus should want or need 
or desire (8) started dept ts workrm; appli- 
cation of chart idea to cmIuU illiterates and 
non-Eng spkg stus; worked out plan for 
t tr; (10) for 4 yrs conducted confs In 
study of text and instructing ts in compil- 
ing own tg materials; (12) thru dept org 
makes ts joint mgr of bus; "ts are happy 
when working Intel and successfully, when 
they are interested, therefore t fitted to task 
and inept and inexpert removed"; (13) with 
coop of adult stus org first comm activities 
on Pacific coast; (19) The Cottage Idea, '19, 
string of cottages located in heart of "more 
or less non-social foreign groups" and 
similar to surrounding homes to overcome 
effect of large s bids which have proved 
overwhelmingly alien in great majority of 
foreign neighborhoods; (21) spec wrt\ C^aN 
tied up Cal Fruit Gt^vj^t^ K%>Ktv -axA. ^^ 
laY>OT«Ts vjUYv %% ^\ \Xv^Vt ^\»V\ ;^^^3^T* vjfi 
and s^pT toT ^^.^^f^^^J^^^^^A^N^^ 


Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

p s cls; (26) home cottaires furnished by 
pt-t; (28) Lessons for Citrus Fruit Work- 
ers, several pamphlets In field of Imml jura- 
tion ed; see 7; textbk In ms with mnnl; El 
Adult Ed In Los Angeles city ss, 3 yr sum- 
mary, 88 pp, Illu8« 9-'19, Incl meth of orir for 
tr ts, selectlni: tar material; social phases 
dealing with accessibility of s house, social 
inaocessibility of adults, seasons of labor, 
foremen of divs, etc; Immigrant Woman, 4 
pp; Home T with outline of duties, 6 pp, 
story of a cls for mothers, typical day of 1 
home t; typical mo rept; (31) att r 4, ur el 4, 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 2; t r 3 mos, ur el 4, ur h 
10, nor 4; supr ur el 5, ur h 12; field, Instit 
instr, org of comms; war, foreign cls and 
development battalion and tr cls. 

BAXTBR, E M, pres Franklin Col, New 
Athens, O. 

BEACH, Charles L, pres Conn Agr Col, Storrs, 

BEAN, R Bennett, prof anatomy, U Va, Uni- 
versity, Va; b, 3-24-74; (8) questions which 
can not be answered by verbatim miemory 
wrk; (18) lect, example and precept; (28) 
Weight of the Leg In Living Men, The Sit- 
ting Height, etc, artels on racial anatomy ; 
(29) bef commcmt auds; (31) att col 4, pg 
4; t pg 17; war, surgeon gen office, R C, 
measuring soldiers. 

BEAR, Harris V, supt Mlamisburg, O; b, 9- 
14-78; (6) definition actually practiced, "Ed 
means an actual participation in the irreat 
life activities; in war, taking some part 
directly contributing to successful termina- 
tion ; in peace, study of problems of active 
citizenship incl actual participation by indiv, 
however small in result his efforts may be"; 
(7, 8) printed suggestions to ts for cor- 
relating studies and for carrying out sylla- 
bus; (11) artels in local paper; (12) induced 
bd to pay expenses of ts at sumr s; sal inc 
over 100% ; (13) line captains and sanitary 
police in el ss elected by pus; honor system 
in h s, due chiefly to prin; (14) presented 
rewards of t other than pecuniary and even 
future sal possibilities; (15) small groups in 
el ss; (16) visits by 2nd grrds to blacksmith 
shop, 8rd to saw mill, 4th to some house 
under construction, 5-8 to paper mills, fac- 
torieSj farm tractors^ lumber yard; h s 
visits to fields and woods, business and 
bankinir houses; silent readini: emphasized; 
8 irrounds kept clean and sigrhtly; also 
streets and alleys; flngrer nails, hands, etc., 
inspected; arithmetic t makes trips with 
pus to local place of business and sends 
pus even durinir s hrs to make measure- 
ments and bringr in data for class use; civics 
pus talk with local officers, study maps of 
local areas, hold elections, and h s pus make 
actual investiarations; (17) proceeds of comm 
mtffs finance lect crs of over $400; 2 pianos; 
play and operetta given by h s; (18) Insp of 
pu appearance; (19) ni s for foreiarners; 
(20) crs for h s freshmen; (25) spellinff, 
arith, reading: tests; (27) helped secure $225,- 
000 for new h s bid by vote 4 to 1; (31) att 
r 8, ur h 3, coj 4, pg ■• and 2 sumrs; t r 4, 
ur h 9; supr r 5, ur el 5, ur h 5, supt r 5, 
ps 9. 

Afi^^xJTj; A/rred w, supt, Peoria, III 

BEATTIE, J A, 421 S 15th St, Lincoln, Neb; 
(28) edited S Hist of Neb, '20; Ts Self- 
Measurement 19 pp; 3 tests of tg power. 
personal qualities and prof spirit; 50 ques- 
tions as to results shown in pus, 105 quota* 
tions for ts. 

BECHTEIi, Edward A^ dean col arts and sci, 
Tulane I', New Orleans, La; b, 10-23-07; 
(7, S, 12) sec, Assn Cols and Secondary Ss 
of Southern Sts '17 — . 

BECKER, Otto M, prln '14 — , Ericsson S, 
29:i0 Harrison St, Chicago, 111; b, '69; (12) 
comfortable rest rooms in bid for ts; (15) 
intel tests and promotions on ability; (19) 
comm centers; (20) helped org Natl See and 
Chicago Local Soc for Voc Guidance; (22) 
see 10; pt-t orgs; (24) mem 3 legis corns of 
local orgs; (29) bef pt-t assns, ts orgs; (31) 
att r 3, ur el C; t r 4, nor 1; supr ur el 17, 
ur h 7, voc 4. 

BEDELL, Frederick, prof dept physics, Cor- 
nell U, and mng editor The Physical Review, 
Cornell U, Ithaca, N Y; b, 4-12-68; (28) Air- 
plane Characteristics, '18, The Air Propeller, 
'19, The Airplane, '20, 257 pp, illus, for 
general reader as well as specialist. 

BEILBY, K E, dlst supt '16 — , Union, N Y; 
b, 3-12-85; (8) sends each t directions for 
all subjs except arith for which there is spec 
circ; (10) ts confer with dlst supt Def 
adopting or changing; (31) supt 4; war. 
Lib loan. 

BELKNAP, Arthur Train, denn st nor s 
Mansfield, Pa; b, 2-8-72; (5) pres Grand 
Island Col, Grand Island, Neb, 4.'19~'9-*20 ; 
dean Franklin Col, — 3-'19; (7) org crs study 
for Grand Island Col ; catalogr lists crs deal- 
ing with application of accepted principles 
of pedagrogy to tgr In Sun S; organic chem, 
"determination and nieths mnfr explosives 
and practical application of these explosives 
to civil life will be considered" ; literature, 
"pt of view of crs is permanent, universal 
human interest rather than periods and 
lands, literary forms and manners"; ad- 
vanced composition, based in part on read- 
ingr and discussing: current magrazines; citi- 
zenship, Introd study to natl, st and local 
govt; (31) att r C, ur h 5, col 4, pg 5; t col 
13; pres col 2; war, army Y M C A, Madison, 
Wis, 6-8-'18. 

BELL, Bernard Iddinars, pres St Stephens Col 
'19 — , Annandale on Hudson, N Y; b, 
10-13-86; (6) in defining small col as worth 
supporting by Episcopal Communion, and in 
getting church squarely back of its 3 insti- 
tutions of this sort; (22) over $100,000 new 
bid, '20; (29) Bellgrion and College Men, at 
Princeton TT, '20; col preacher during yr at 
Williams, Vassar, Princeton, Wellesley ; (31) 
att ur el 8, ur h 4. col 4, pg 3; t col 1; pres 
col 1; war, chaplain, Great Lakes Naval Tr 
Station, 50,000 men. 

BELL, E A, CO supt Logan Co, '16 — , Belle- 
fontaine, Ohio; b, 4-29-75; (12) sal scale 
based on tr and experience; (14) kept CO 
nor s supplied with ts; (19) %-day sess in 
2 ss in busy farm season enables more pus 
attend h s; (22) 8 wholly centralized ss and 
4 partially centralized ss in co; motion pic- 
ture equip in ss makes real comm centers, 
"a fllne innovation" ; (24) framed amendments 

High Spots for Every School 

«vtrB S-mlu l< 

■IS — , U of N C, 

(28) co-aothor, i . __„... 

tn Jml of Amer Cbeoi Society. 
" artels publ In Tro] ■ *- - 

BDt milled dlBti 

h" 13, 

prof physical cbem 
Hill. N C; b. 4-19-80: 
Weight of Zlrconjui 

(1 EJnt 

Totnl I 

; (31) 

Council; author, A Bapia Volumetcic Method 
for Determination of Arsenic In Arsenates. 
In Jrnl of Bllsba Mitchell Sd Boeletj. '20; 
. (31) war, 4 moa In chem warfare service. 
Wasblngton, D C. 
BENDER. J^ohnF.supt '15— , PlttsburB, Kan; 

ground apparatus 

mlletlD dlstrlb In tltj; 
a inso: a nurse; play- 
Dnslstlng of ocenn wnve. 

19; (22) new SoOO.OOO b s; 
1 rcpt roiuparlDK ho ma ■» 

with oil 

■blllt; with 14 Kan rltlea; factg by i 

lird(, BDbJ failures, for each b; 9tnd 

reading, writing, com posit Ion. t 

spellins, "results 'compiled: (31) a 

i, col 4, pg 4 sumrs; t r 2,. ur a ±. uui i, 

BENEDICT, H Y, dean, enl nrta and scl. I; 
Tei. Austin, Tex; h. 11-14-63; (24) writ on 
coQStltntlon tor V Tei; (28) 00-author Unl- 
fled Math ; source bk for legal, leglalatlre 
and blbllographtcal bUt of U Tex; (31) ntt 


Louis P, s 



3-21-78: (7) arllli rllmtnated t 

2 Itr'ds; 

crs rewritten placing 


In lower 

grda, mor« 

in rtli* 


(g) •caJe 


tK ttBe 

devlMd 1 

nd t8 aha 

wlil<4i aoalltles an 






'sfudy ; 

(9) prina 


rept ot 

TlBltn, teHlnj! which 



and why: 



of supr; (11) 


3 publ dally 

by 'b * "" 

P 88, wri 


sal ached 

on basla 


e: (13) 

IncUaatlOQ! (16] 
aside from recltHti 
. Ing by doing; lens 

which 10 p< 

had series 

[ bOllBMt 

(llrcrtlon! (15) 
of lenity and 

icaahip dcsllns 

i repta by 
laUty of t* 

ed program tor Icffla: (26) c 

ka 00 Our ITntrnthfol Hlstoriea, New 

Europe; bef N E A at Salt Lake City 
> We Teach Cltlienalilp la Our Sbi 

nstlts; (31) alt ur el 5. ur h 4, col 4. 
nr el M. ar b 3^, spec 3; prln nr b 

U Cincinnati, O; (281 Industrial Side of the 
Scbnelder Plan. In The Manufacturer, 2- '20, 
shows advantages of co-operative syslem-over 
trade s: stu have 2-wkB col tr alternating 
with enual shop period, theory and practice 
so related that stu development may be cod- 
tlnuDDs; all ed Is devoted to contrlb to 
happiness of Indlv, developing senae ol civic 
responsibility, and providing him with 
means of making llvllhood, and co-op system 
neglects none of these; "two co-op stus are 
actlag as chief chemists In one of large 
chem conceruB In Ohio; by means at conf 
Just bef they alternate, continuity In work 
!s not only assured, but benefits of two 
trained minds working on the same problem 
also appear; It Is not unusual tor two sc 

terro -con Crete bid ; grads t 

once"; SO co-op 

wtth 135 Indus .,_ - - — 

clnnatl; "because of practical tr received In 
shops, unlv needs no laba and docs not give 
practical tr and can thus concentrate on 
purely theoretical wrk. hence co-op stu re- 
ceives more theory tbnn usuol, while at same 
time receiving vastly more practice."' 

V S Nat: 

■) c. 

1-17-57; 1703 Q St. N 

■, Wash- 

; (21) wkly leas 

BENNER, ThomBa Eliot, statistician and 
editor, St dept ed. 519 Deiler Ave, Monl- 
aomery. Ala; b, 2-11-94; (51 supt, e union 
Xo. 66, Bolton, Dunstable. Harvard. Pep- 
pcrell, Mnas, 'IS-'IB; (7) edited Ala Manl of 
Phya Ed, now In preas: (8) thru AJa S 
Progress, which reaches ts and laymen, 
told bow other ts were securlnt superior 
reanlta: (11) Initiated and edited Alabama S 
Progress containing accts ot progressive s 
wrk within st, ed service bureau, ways and 
means of s progress bureau, editorial page, 
and poster supplement for bid up pub opin- 
ion; (22) Ala S Progress carries mo atory 
of some superior b conBtructloD and has been 
Inspiration of several modern bid*-, W.N »^:j 
and Interpreted. lewaW* sa-rs'iE^'*. 'A» ,„S^» 

1 'J.''HS,-VS»\'^^^..t4>L;?fi.n-- ■ 

Who's Who and Why in Ajter-War Education 

spec ]; gupt 2; stntlHtlduQ and editor 1; 
war, flying cailet. 314th Aero SquadroD, V 
S A : other, reporter, spec story writer, copy 

BENNETT. H G, pres Et nor s. Durnol, Okla. 

DENNION, Milton, (lean, S Ed, U Utah, Ball 
Lake City, U; b, 6-7-70; (7) chrmn st com 
worklns <>■■ plan for moral tr and InsLr In 

> Df p 

eipi Botes tor 'is; In '18 submitted to Natl 
InetltutloQ for Moral InsCr at Washington, 
eh code and youth's code called rtab Uoml- 
Hr Codes, for use as baeia of moral Instr 
in el aad h ss, now being revised by eronp- 
Ing material nnder hd of 12 laws; (28) Cltl- 
leashlp, an Introd to Social Bthica, 'IT. en- 
larged in >18 by cbapt, the Meaning of 
BENSON, Henry Kreltier, bd dept chem, D 
Wash, Seattle, Wasb ;' b, 1-3- 77; <T) reviled 
cbem enar era to Incl better appreciation or 

P, Bupt, Lock Haven, Pa; 
;ls In h s afforded trequeot 
learn reqnlrementa for 

with opportuni 

I tor I 

graduation from li 

vlcTln-'tg; (M)T 

OB eliooqlnff Toea,-.. , . ._ , --- 

of Lock Haven who are leaders In various 
professions, incl tiuslaess and finance, farm- 
ing, law, tg, meaicine. pnb service, nursing, 
Srlntlng and Jrnlsoa, Insurance, mercantile 
eld; e colnmn rept in dally papers; stua 
discDss in els tbe argnments or lines of 

is; learning by doing 
m priK-iicai ousiness flflsls; (19) thru boya 
ind girls clnb wrk; (21) thru club wrk. 

(2R) : 

. .. _. Useo' 


■utral Sts 
; (311 snpl 

.., ... - „ S dept . 

see 5; Selu, helped popularise one perlorl 
cold pack meth of canning. 
BKNTLET. J H, aiipt 'IS — , Richmond, Ind; 
b, 3-16^ ; (T) new Jr b s crs study ''on the 
way"; (12) in '2fl, bd adopted policy of sala 

In t% wltliDnt regard to tK poalUon held, 

I e no distinction bet h s and (trd t: (lo) 
bnr o( stnde and mrasurements helps ts 

ol s plant by clu 

mlt-lsBulnc wrk, e 

: ed dept aad 

idBB of 

town with adequate playgrannds instead of 
1 rrotral s with no pUy space; contract lot 
for another bid: see 19; (^) see IS: (31) 
att ur el g, ur h B, col 3, pg 1; t ur h 8; 
supr i: aupt 3, 
BENTON, John Robert, prof pbya and elec 
engr. dean col engr, u Fla, Gainesville, Pla; 
b, 6-a-7«; (71 aided In revising curricula of 
col of engr to conform taorp nearly to ree- 

ed aupt 1 

endationa In Carnegie rept on e „ 

" ' pg 3; t cot 17, Incl dean 10; 
_,_ U Fla Army S, giving voc 
luHLr Lu enlisted men. 

BENTON, Mary L, deau women, Carleton Col, 
Nonlifleld, Minn ; (19) for 2 yrs has 
journeyed thru France selecting French glrlf 
to come on sch-olnrshlps to Amer cols and 
unlvs; (311 other, chrmn com on selection 
of Freacb Girls. 

BENTON, Ralph, correspondence t In ngr ed, 
302 Budd Hall, D Cal, Berkeley, Cnl; (5) D S 
biological survey '18; 2d It U 8 A Inf, person, 
nel adjutant '1S-'19; (191 formed corres 
study clubs or circles in form bur center! ; 
advocates central ]r col at Berkeley not to 
ejceed l.DOO freshmen, to be chosen by 
rigorous tests, with other st ]r cols located 
— ._„ ,j population where stus may 

crs In . 

Iplarian Ugmnt, Bee Project Record 
for secondary use, Bee Project Study 
for Smith Hughes h s wrk; (311 att 
el 2. ur h 2, col 4. pg 5; t ' "' 

uc k %,'no'r 2,"col i'2;''fleld, "Ors with U "S 
biological survey; war, see 0. 
BRBAU, Anvnsl, supt 'IT — , 25 Lookout At, 
North Providence, R. I; b. 10-10-70; (7) 
adjusted crs so that pns below grd for their 
age can with help rome dp to stnd without 
spending entire yr In any 1 grd to make up 
dffldenry; esfab 2 yr comrl b s crs without 
necessity of spec bid ; introd seml-ann grad- 
uation ; <SJ more latitude for ts: (9) supt 
meets each t at least wiily for conaoltationi 
(101 books chosen by sunt to flt needa of 
eomm: their use left to discretion of t with 
atnd of requirements for miniuiuni; (11) 
thru press, also by keeping parents in toueh 
with objs of ed thru cb ; (12) removing nn- 

provlng meths tor speeding np cla: ann sal 
Inc avg $2;i4 per t; (13) devised plan for 
clubs in grds 8. 1, S, to t civil govt, such M 

drives! tendency toward self msmnt and t* 
co-op; (Iff gives any stu resident of town 
and with quallflcatlona to t, preference In 

e of higher ed ; (' 

High Spots for Every School 

{lets record o( ch wlthou. 
5n to t; spec b loTentory with con 
record ot books and euppliea of all s: 

pleu ... . _ .. _ __^. 

(29) 12 graduation eierclaes 
ur el T, spec; t vac 2S. spec 1; supi j; men 
and chrmn s bd 3; war, cbrmn Lib loai 
com; s active In W S B, B G, Lib loan 
BEBdlN, W J. pres St Viator's Col, Bour 
bonnals, III. 

Dverlng: S-jt in applied _,. 

which shows growing; appreciation of ioi- 

Eortance of geol studies and Inveati gat Ions 
1 connection with engr nndertaWngs ; (8) 
developed torm of cat* >;8tein of lalfomtorr 
tg In one branob of leolaiy; sta Ib tumlihed 
lerlea of problema eiactlj- bb ther have come 
from Belli to solve aniler hb nrarly live con- 
dltiona aa paaBlble; object, to develoli In- 
genultj and self-reliance in gatberins data 
and In reaching definite usable conclusions; 
(31) t col 26. 
DEKXABD, Luther - Lm, prof sociology, U 
Minn, Minneapolis, Minn; b, I0-29-S1; (Bt 
Tg Sociology la So Cols and Cnivs. In Amer 
Jrnl of Sociology, 1/lg, Influenced groHllT 
of ioclal sol In a« colai (T> outline% an^il 
blbllographias for crs !□ sociology and 
anthropology; (28) Ed o( Bnral Mlninlry, in 
S and Soc. XI; Ed by CorreBpondenre, tbld 
XII; Fnnctlon of Generalization, In Monist, 
10/20; Objective Vlevpotnt in Bociolagy, in 
Amer Jrnl Sociology, 11/lfi; (21*1 bef stua, 
women's clnbs, fai-; (31) att r 7, ur el ,1, 
1 5, pg 3; t r 1, col 12, pg 9; war. 

col 4, pg 3; t r 1, voc 2, col 8; snpr voc 1; 
Beid, (arm eipecience, chief collaborator toi 
Ga U a plant disease survey, and chrmn Oa 
sect, Amer plant pest comn; war, sec wood 
fuel dept, fed fuel ndmn in Ga; S A T C wrk 

BERTRAM, James, s 

576 5th Ay. ^ Y C. 
BESa, Elnin AlleD. {: 

lect Bur - 
crs; other, mem coi 
Amer Country Life Assn. 
BBRRy, Charles Bcolt, prof ed 'SO — , U Mlcb, 
Aon Arbor, Mich; b. 5-23-7S; (5) nssoc prof 
ed, '17; capt san corps, div psy U S A '17-^18; 
major san corps, div pbys reconstruction 
USA "IS-'ie; dir pbya clinic Detroit p ss 
'19-'20; dir spec ed. Detroit p sa '20 — : 
'•' ~ -^-' -roit Isl grd Intel 

) dir devising of Dctro 

after teat, cb were divided Into 3 groups. 
I, 7. z; in I were placed 20% testing blgb- 
est; in z, 20% testing lowest ; remainder In 
y ; in el as cb were arranged in these groups 

Carnegie Corporation, 
1 and bd voc psy dept 
St" Paul.^MinnT'b! 8^18-68; (8) meths Introd 

woriied oat for x and i icroaps, enriched era 
foP I gronp and niiolniuin esaentlals for i 
groopi (31) att r 8, r b 1, ur b 3, col *, pg 

4; t r ^4, ur b l, col 10; fleld, 1 yr insp b sa 
tor U Mich; war, see B: other. 8 sumrs play- 

aronnd dir, 4 yrs gym director, Hiram 
ol, O. 
BBBRY, Jlunea B. voc Bupr, Crawford Co. 
Meadville, Pa; b, 8-2-80; (5) prof plant 
pathology and forestry and lect D Ga, 
Athena, aa; (7) dovp method of project 
anab'tls In tg voc air; project study plan 
In mwdlBiid farestry, printed in mo Dews 
letter, dept agr ed, U Oa; (29) see 7; text 
Southern Woodland Forestry; artcls on ctop' 
analysis method of project study for coiri 


I preparation, 

Izensblp values 


subjs; 131) t 

war, spec wrk among soldiers. Camp Dodge. 

BESSET, Ernst Athearn, prof botany, Micb 
Agr Col, East Lansing, Micb; b, Z-20-77; 
(7) crs study in preparation ; (12) helped 
bring sal Inc; (31) att col 4, pg 4; t col 12; 
other, V S dept npr, 7 yrs. 

SETTS, George Herbert, prof Religious Ed, 
Northwestern U, '19—, Evanston, 111; b, '68; 
(5) prof ReUgtoua Ed, Boston D, ■18-'1»; i7) 
Curriculum of Religious Ed, E3 PP, Oc- 
casional Papers, Noctbweaterii U, Vol XX. 
no 2: contrasts modem principles of cucrtc 
ith those used in making nnlform. 


and approncblng □ 


TcUclon rather 

(28) Classroom Method and Management, 'IT; 
Hon to Teach RelUloa, 'IS; co-author. 
Physiology and Hygiene, •20; Curriculum 
and Col Dept of Religion, in Religious Ed, 
Oct '20; What Does RellglouB Ed Mean to 
Church, In Religions Ed, June 'SO; (29) bef 
ts conventions; (311 C r 2. col 15. pg 2; 
prin e. 
tEVAN, James 3. Co snpt, Maucb Cbunk, Pa: 
b, 1-31-ei; (61 a and borne rallies In r dlsla 
to set forth a almsi (7) brief bulletins on 
crs study and mgmnt daily program; (8) 
ts mtgs In small groups to dir and discuss 
reading; (9) confs with Indlv ta and small 
groups; (18) jr R C program; (29) Eqnal 
Ed Opportunity, bef co grange assembly ; 
(31) att ur el 8. ur h 4: t ur el 4, ur h la. 
of Feeble-minded Individuals, in Alienist 
and Neurologist, '18, T««retB that teeble- 
mlndednnB doea not have well deflned 1a«T^ 

able. Uea\ ie%^\'i'n>-n ai V\d., >^^_^'^-,^§ 
tealB ana V.^e\T actc^xstitt -o-s ^■** 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

sion iis .something defluite upoD which to 
base legal decision"; (31) 10 in insts for f-m, 
12 as 8Upt; other, pres Natl Assn for Study 
of the F-M, '10. 

UBVKKIDGE, J H, supt, (501 City Hall, Omaha, 
Neb ; (7) crs in Eng, arith and ethics, framed 
by corns of ts and prins, supt advising on 
Invitation of corns; (8) stnd mental tests 
used in grouping ch ; (11) started s bulletin; 
$6,000,000 voted for bids within 3 yrs; (12) 
sal Inc for etilc and col credit ; payroll grew 
from $900,000 to $2,000,000 in '19-'20; (13) 
suprd advances, see 7; (15) spec ss for high 
Intel and also for sub-nor; addit credit for 
quality of wrk; (10, 17) org for developing 
leaders; leader of 1 h s orchestra went to 
Los Angeles for sr yr, was made leader there 
and earned about $1,000 besides carrying his 
reg wrk ; (18) health dept, 18 nurses, 1 supr 
physician who is dir of health, dental clinic 
and phys tr depts for grds and h s; (19) ni 
ss and comm civics ; (20) dir of voc guidance, 
spec attention in each h s; (21) 11 Amer ss; 
h s stus graded for "s citizenship" which is 
the ts measure of stus value as mem of s 
comm; requirements, co-op with otfice, fac, 
and fellow pus for best interests of s, as- 
sistance and guidance by example of fellow 
pus without suggestion from t, interest in 
s activities, active effort in preservation of s 
property, nigh stnd of conduct, reliability, 
promptness and regularity; (22) comm cen- 
ters in 13 ss; (23) simple acct system de- 
vised; (24) unsuccessfully proposed sugges- 
tions for constit conv for definite and con- 
cise st program; (25) dept research and in- 
vestigation for local problems; (27) close 
connection with business orgs, mem rotary, 
U club, chamber commerce, b scouts, exec 
bd Y M C A; (31) att r 8, nor 3, col 2, pg 1 : 
t r 3, p s 5; supr 18. 

BEWIiEY, Luther Boone, dir '19—, bur ed, 
Manila, P I; b, 8-28-70; (5) 1st asst dir ed 
♦17-'19; acting dir ed, '19; (0) "citizenship 
as aim in ed is now more firmly estab than 
ever before" ; (7) *18, sugrgestions asked for 
new cr8» replies from supts, suprs, prins and 
ts furnished basis for new crs; because of 
diversified needs and problems in Philip- 
pines, attempts made for more flexible and 
diversified crs; graded crs in phys ed for 
use thruout p ss ; (8) higher qualifications of 
ts required ; renewed empha«ls on Engr instr, 
espeo oral wrk and better readings habits; 
experimental s planned, el^ with socialized 
recitation and problem project meth; all new 
Stus in nor s required sign agreement to t 
as many yrs after receiving tr as they spent 
in nor s ; (9) efforts made to inc effic of 
suprn by inc number suprs, thus lessening 
size of supr districts; crs for suprs and 
prins Introd Into nor s in '18; (10) gradual 
adoption of texts written espec for Phil ss; 
(11) extensive distrib by dept ed of bulletins, 
pamphlets, and other lit; bar ed subsidizes 
to extent of 60,000 ann subscriptions The 
Phil News Review, 4-pp biwkly dealing with 
current events, general and local, and places 
in hands of all h s and intermediate pus; 
discussed in clsrm under gruidance of t and 
taken home to parents; (12) number pension- 
ados inc 80 to 100; 20 will take agr tr, 10 
phys ed, 30 spec crs for supr ts and prins, 
Sp indo8 era, 10 Aom sci; "giving these spec 
/<0 fyi nrbo have aiready demonstrated t 

ability inc their effic many fold and brinirs 
abundant returns to bureau for small amt 
invested in scholarships"; professional 
libraries for suprs and ts, part of office dlT 
supt or h s library; sals of municipal ts will 
be inc at least 30%, '19-'24; (14) by urging 
att at nor s and by recrultlngr in US; (16) 
stu-printed Student Farmer mo; (17) P I 
won of 9 events in Far Eastern Champion- 
ship Games '18; home grardens, agrr clubs; 

(18) more emph on phys ed ; s nurse service 
inc; (19) home project wrk under supr; 
grardeningr and club wrk are required of 
those taking: agr crs; s boys and grirls able 
compare products with those of practical 
farmers, who note results obtained by 
young^er greneration thru use of modem 
meths; inc interest in ni ss; (21) "introd of 
milit tr into sec ss, greater amt of attention 
to phys ed, piacingr more emphasis on ts 
current events, instr in g^ood manners and 
rigrht conduct, ext of inetr in civics Mid hygr, 
all give evidence that lessons of war are 
being: applied"; (22) s libraries and books 
greatly inc; 38 new concrete bids In *19; 
(24) 30,000,000 peso act, '18, authorized that 
amt next 5 yrs, in addit to regr approps; (25) 
handwriting: scales; investigations of s wrk 
and comparisons; (26) money, land, bids; 
(31) t 13; supt 7; asst dir and dir 4. 

BEXELiLi, John Andrew, dean s commerce, Ore 
Agr Col, Corvallis, Ore; b, 6-8-67; (7) »hort 
crs in comrl ed; short crs for rehabilitation; 
(17) s of commerce has honorary comrl fra- 
ternity and sorority and comrl club for all 
stus; org Ore jr st chamber commerce; (19) 
crs in business methods on farm in col ext 
dept; (25) self test used in els in business 
org:; (28) co-author Principles of Bookkeep- 
ing and Farm Accounts, revised; 1st Lessons 
in Business; (29) Training Comrl Ts; Thrift 
and Comrl Supremacy ; Comrl Ed ; Bugle 
Call; (31) att col, pg; t col 27; field, spec * 
collaborator, IT S bur markets; war, sec 
Benton Co council defense, 4-min man; 
other, mem natl com on thrift ed. 

BEYIi, John Lewis, prof philos and ed, Frank- 
lin Col, Franklin, Ind; b, 1863; (5) t sump 
Ind U; (15) used mental and other tests; 

(19) week-end crs in 4 cities, Franklin, 
Logansport, Peru, Kokomo; (20) crs in voc 
psy ; (25) put on tests in 4 ext cities ; (29) 
city and co instit. 

BICKETT, Wm J, supt '20 — , Trenton, N J; 
b. 12-22-79; (5) supt, Bernardsville, N J 
'16-'20; (7) mimeogrraphed outline crs, giv- 
ing by grds for each subj aim, correlation^ 
socialization and motivation^ method, time 
allotment, outline of crs, and list of ref bks; 
(8) conducted t tr els; (10) chosen in conf 
with ts and prins; (11) 2 columns in every 
issue of wkly comm paper; (12) t self-ratinr 
scheme; prin rating: scheme for ts; (13) 
estab t council *20; (14) by talks and confs 
inc tr cl by 50% ; do) spec opportunity els 
org: by Intel tests; (17) scout exec for b and 
g scouts, scouting: fostered and supported 
by bd ed; (18) nursery clinics; (19) ni and 
lecture crs; (20) all pus advised; (21) civic 
socs to which all pus above 5th grrd belong; 
(22) new comm s planned; (31) t ur el, ur h; 
supr ur el, ur h ; field, mgr canning fac- 
tories; war, boys' camp for workers, mem 
war comra com<v. 

High Spots for Every School 

tg meins, reetonitlon at DM1 conncii of ed 
to tcleotiac iDveetlcMlan and Irutment of 
ed priiiclpI«H oad methods. 
BIOBLOW, C B, Bupt 'la — , Pawnee City, 
Neb: b, 3-4-Oa; (5) iDStr In h a. Pawnee City. 
1/lB to 5/lS: (11) wkly in newspaper OD ts 
sales; (13) developed gto eonncll "" "- '- 

ind lAtt Work wk 

; (IB) 

mph plac«d 

on comm cItIcs; (IT) ■ credit tor socb sctlv- 
Itle*; (18) ann inap; (26) inc library;. (27) 

nr h 3. nor 2, c 
war, Ist Llent I 
BI0EI:K>W, FloreDTc. co-prlD Walnut Hill S 
Cor.OlrhB, Natiok, Mnss; b, 4-23-ftl; (12) eiKb 
yr 1 t who faas be«o lU » more th&D T yr» 
mllowed yr'a leave of abnence od bHlt-pBy for 
m* and study i (13) Joint ooubcII of prlDS, 
1 t, pres Y W C A, pres fllbl bsbh, pres ar 

(I*') spkra from 'witl 

: address under- 
gmds "on tp; (Ifll ed eom locnl Woman's 
Clnb arranged lessons In Eng for foreign 

BINFORD, Raymond, pres Gnllford Col, Gull- 
ford City, N C. 

BING, Simeon M, pres Rio Grunde Col, Rto 
Grande, O; b. 2-1-T6; (B) 
Asaem, '19-'21; (311 att c 
supt r h 6; pres 10. 

BINGHAM, Eusene C, prof Chem, Lnfnyette 
Col, Enaton, Pa; b, 12-8-78; (27) securf" 
■lOJMIO fellowBfalp endowment tor grsd i 
sesrcb) (28) Fluidity and Plastli^lty. to 

Eubl '21; (31) att spec 4. eol 4, ng 3; t 

plane lubrication tor US gOTt. 
BINNION, B B, pres at nor col, Commeri 

BIRCH, T Bruee, prof pay and pedagogy 

■08 — , Wittenberg Col, U15 Nr " -'" '" 

aprlngfleld, " ' 

1 for ed depts of O eols a 

: (IB 

,,„.„ „...,,, „ „, , — miiklns _,- 

dept ed a force In its sect of state; (25) 
employed tbem for 12 yrs and made some; 
(26) helped secure over $2,000,000 wltbln 1 
moa; (28) artcla; (20) numerous about chlM 
gtudy, pay, ed, bel at and co ed eonvs; (3! 
itt ur el A ur h 4. nor 2, col 4, pg 3 : t r 2 
spec 3, col 20; supr 12. 
BIKD, Grace Meitft, prof ed pay, R I St Co 
— - and R I Col Ed '13 — . Provider™ 

"iperlenced t 

e bks m plBT 

B I; <8) e 

(10) ii*ed - 

few lextbka; (11) cbrmn com 

papera with col news; (25) at — ;,^t- 

and ability applied to observation sj (28) A 
THt U Btnd Teats, Jrnl Ed Psy ^20; Pr 
Batl»t« of T; I-'IT, T Estimates of Snpi 

_ Biperinieni 

In Focallzatiou, S and Soc Il-'IS; (2U) Busi- 
nesa Pay, ol aecr s; Influence of T, at R 1 
Mental Hyg Aaan ; ed topics at N E Librarj 
Aasn, Kg League, Natl Aaan EtBc Eagra 
women'a clubs, pt-t assna: (91) att col 4 
PE3;t ■ --■ " '-" ■' 


town, Tei. 

Forks. N Di , .. _ ... 

snbjs by grda ; rivica outline fi 
api phya ed outlined by grda 

by . 

_ _ study outlined by 

sensona for 1st three grda. by projects for 
4tli grds blank pp ror ts comments and 
DOtes; (8) vlslttnt day* for tsi t stndy mtra 
eondactedi ta enroll In t) eit els and aumr 
sea: (B) supr delegated largely lo gcd prlna 
and h s prln ; (10) t - ~-"- — ' 

bd «di (13) stn councU 

es stn atralrs and baa partial sapr 
tu discipline ■^ ' — .-- 

I 35% durlnt 

I ached raised 
yrs; (15) stn* 
na to ability, 

in rampaltn 

nerj (18) nurSB 


mall aiid'lt io ward bids: 

__ _ yed freaueatly; 

budget inc 124.00(1 to $34,000 In 2 yrs; 
assembly apkra * '" ' '' "' --"■"■ 

■ h 2; supr A 
t nor a, Ellen aburg, 
In Bor s on Judsln* 

; (12) with Bt feder- 

r State campaign In 

BLACK, Byland M, vtt* '^ ^"^ ■* 
Col. ■WnaWQg.'.Q^. ■^«- 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

BI..4rK, W H, pres Misaonrl Valley Cul, Mur- 

BLACKMAR, R E, Bupt, Ottumvrn. la: <13) 
h H pu roDDcllai see 21; (14) ■nail? Im- 
provrd h s nor tr rra "Kbioli .mokes tg more 
altrucllve lo our pus"; (18) $6,000 for new 
iilbl fleld; ptiya dlr tZ.SOO; |19| bb open tar ' 


(700,000 h a bid;' mi chrmn"2 "V'9 'legis 
com I S T A; Id '19 "combined ed forces 
sncreeded tn putting (hru best s legls pro- 
fcram ever accompliatieil in an; legls sea in 
la; (31) Btt nor 4, col 5, pg 1; war, 4 min 

BI^rKWBLL. B E, iiius Ritndolpti-MBCoa 

Col, AslilaQd, Va. 
BI.AIR. F G. Ht BUpt pn1> Instr, Springfield. 

BLAISI>EI.I., 3 A, preB Pamona Col, Clare- 

BLAKBK. BlizK A, pres ts cul, Indianapolis, 

BLAKE. Katherlne Deicraax, prln, P S fl. 
Man, 39 B SStb St, NYC; (61 urged adpt 
«f era of tr for parenthood — not ant hriitDe 
bnt tr for mental. phyBlcal and moral lAre 
•t future generation; (S) Btood with grd ts 
In effarla toward democracy ; (13) ts coancil ; 
Ch care for ejich olher without monltora; 
(14) apolii! at VHBsar 'IR: obtained recraltUt 

(18) ch weighed and meaBured: ryeeight and 
bearing teated; usdernourlahed rh led: (W 
gnid fl eaeh term goea to tradn a lo be teateil 
for fotore work; (21) worlied tbru motberB 
dub; (22) one of largest commonlty centers 
in city org here, now bna own headquartetB : 
(Z4) as cbrmn com an ed I'ily fed women's 
clubs belpd secure a])pointmi " " ' " 

(26) secured b 

snle of thrift stamps; (29) spoke fn' 
ed nnd ciiic aubjB ; (SI) ntt ppec 11, uu. a, 
t. ur el 10; supr 2*; ohrmn. com nn ed. City 
fed women's clubs; st dlr N E A. 
BIiAKBV, Ror O. prot econ, IT Minnesota. 
Minneapolis, Minn; b, 4-2T-R0; (-'i) economlgt 
end trd specialist. V 8 war ird bd. '18; nssoc 
dir, Sftvings div, U S treasury dept, 'IB, on 
leave from V Minn; (W) promoted thrift ed 

orgs, Y M C A, etc; wna' le:ider in inovemeiit 
begun 4-'17 to lessen price Inflation by get- 
ting govt to depend more upon taxes and 
Imb npiin bonds In OnaDclag war; (28) ediled 
Mew Amer Thrift, publ by Amer Acad Pollt 
and Soc 6cl ; (81) ntt r S, ur h I, nor 2, col 3. 
pa 3; t r 4. col S; snpr r 4; war. see 5; 
otber, Bssoc editor Natt Municipal Review. 
xx^mmr, jFm C, B b}ga spotB investigator, 
JUatltnte for PuMlc Service, 423 W I20tb 8t, 

B A, pres '81 ^, Wbeaton 

1 preaent emplof- I 1 
mB"; (21) definite I 
DBhIp; civic orgs 

I 0(- , 

lurch oud, warning them 

.._ . __ ._ helped make tmaatuoa 

om theoretical and terh to practical | (6> 

!Stab Btandards, and had demon atratloiiB Im 
rm wrk by anpr" [ (11) frequent reptB prog- 
■aa to Incal papers; (12) t)y commending 
irneat effort, securing Inc in sat and eatab 
ore satiBfactory relation bet t* and tnia- 
«a (18) Modern Health Cruaade; (19) plaa 
I overcome adult UHteracy thro pt-t pkwi 
Tl) aecured more modern a bids snlCaUn tot 

i plant! (24) letters 

and local bda; (20) at cloaiug exorcise* and 
s rallies on Thrift, .Tr R C, Health, Cro««ae, 
Compulsory Attendance Law; (31) Btt r S, 

BLANTON. Annie Webb, st supt p ingtr, 
Austin. Tex ; (-.) assoc prof Eng, — 'IS. N 
Tex Nor Col; (T) Tex el crs study; (8) MUi> 
at plan for clasBlfylng el sa: Improvod it 

tate-wlde iriaa ef 

: O) mc sals and c 

nsequent secnrtng 
In papers, st «3 
wa Bniletln; (12) 

»n9 superior tr; (11 

; dept Indues S Ne 

nc; more deinoc la a 

adma; (14) egpec 

ter as; (21) work- 

'.iV"p''i''raw8; lli)^ 

ree textbook Uwi 

OMO r aid law tor b 

Iter equip and ■» 

est ^,-oc ed, (L^,000 s 

nia for small ai; 

permitting a bds bor 

row nwney to pay 

romptly. lotereet fro 

m a fanda: equal 

for cf|Uol service; 

ubmlMlon eonrtll 

dment to permit b dlsta to vi>te for M 

tax a. tbey de»o 

B more practicable; 

ralaed per capita 

ing no local tax; 

proved effeetlve In aecnrlng too 

■a: I'X) from Gen Kd Bd anpr 
:_ (27) chmrn com raising cMn- 

pus and I 
t ur h 1, 
spkg; war 

SI.BYER. Wlllard GroBvenor. dlr era In 
irnllsm, U Wis. Madison, Wis; b, 8-2T-T3; 
(5) sec-)rens Assn Amer Ss and Depta 
Jrnlsm, '17 — ; eiec sec com on war pobll- 

High Spots for Every School 

luClons ndopted by Natl Council Ts Eag 
deprecMlOB dcalgiuiUoii of Befonilitry a cIs 
OS JmlBKi uid tluir cluslf BH vocittlanal. 

and advising that snch stus iis tnke these 

up newapftpeir wrk b«f having ttbrrml pd and 
■ pre protcBBlonal tr afforded by roli (T| took 
port [□ trnmlng eonsllt of assii at Amer 8s 
.ind Depta of Jrnlsm, defining crs study and 
teaulreineiits Cor grnduatlou Irani bs nnd 
depta of jrnlsm; 114) 10 grad* of en la 

otber oolB and unlv; (171 chrmn com on stu 
publ, V Wla; hon pres natl Journnlistlc (rs- 
ternltf campoaed of undorgrads In as and 
depts of ^riil ""' '-' ' 

f" Jrni^m' 

Ig being determined In considerable degree 
by day's news aa gathered and written by 
reportecH and correspondents; ahonld we not 
as patriotic Amer citizens consider wltS 
greatest care what the tc ahal! be of theae 
pnrveyorB of the food of our opinions": 
nrgea tg Htna to "discriminate bet mere 
proflcieBG7 In tei^Dlqne of bewBp^>er writ- 
ing and anbBtantlal prepkratloa for profM- 
«h>n sf JmlBm"; (29) iDBtr In Journalistic 
WHtlne m Secondary 8s and In Ss of Jrnlam, 
Natl Council Ts Eng, 4-'13; Training Writers 
of Spec Artels, Amer Assn Ts of Jmlsm. 
12-'20; BMearcli n'rk In JmlBim to be 
Carried on In Ss and Depta of Ji ' 

; plat 


need Id 

•lllclentlr »8 rpg i. . _ 

to enrlrHi and liinmine arad aubjs. little or 
no additional equip, eon fusion reduced, ts 
treed froia prepurlng IsiisDna In multiplicity 
of Bnbin »ncl from att upon nnmerous t mtiB ; 
(10) els for subnormHla with currlc adapted 
to ability, retarded cla enabling pu to regain 
lost time, rapid sdcaui* els for prt-carlouB 
poe. Intel teHtn bavin for grading; (1T> s 
paper, lang and hcI elnbs, debates, dmmHtioa: 
ninaleal, social, and athl orga: b a bash. 
Bconta, camp Are jclrla, etc, given place In a 
progtAtn a^ter ^:30, ttinB extending nee of 
bid; (IS) phys tr required of all; med 
Inspection and eorpectlve wrb; proper a 
fnniltnre, ventilation, and lighting: more 
recreation periods than In old-type b; open 
air •, not for taberenlar pu bnt tor anaeniic 
or ne«lee(ed pa. Inel Btndy. food. Bleep. 

r nclithborh 

(22) elllnlnatlon 

eo-OP with • 
'd>; wider US 
Bit boob [nvri 

n mint ir; (2o> nutbor. Metbods and Stand- 
rd* for Local Scbool Surveys i (27) several 
i^bolarablps by local orga; (28) see 25; 
latoon Scbools In Practice, iD El S Jml, 

a/20; K»>plng the Cblldren Well, ■!«; (29) 
liiHtit n-rk; <»1) att r 8. r b 1. col 4, ps 2; 
t r 1, r b 1, ur b lo; aupt 13; t 5 sumra. 
BLISS. George Stephen, M D, supt Hawnlinn 
Home for Feeble-minded Persons. Boaolitlu, 
T H; b, 6-21-72; (5) snpt iDdlann S for 
Feeble-minded Youth, Ft Wayne. Ind; (S) 
urges better aegregatlon of defective cb from 
p aa. and menial eiom of b cb; (28) Educa- 
tion d( Feeble-minded In IlUnola Med Jml. 
1/17. "practically every ch ao defective aa 
to go to pub inatit tor feeble-minded lo get 
Its tr BhoDld remain In care of lostlt tor rest 
of lite; . . , writing and spelling auffi- 
eiisnt to write home sliould be given" but no 

providing empi tor feeble-mlndad ; Diagnosis 



■ dedneas does not have well deOned legaf 
tuB; "If we ever succeed In getting rell- 
e, legal deiflnltlon of f-m, It will come- 
n development and appreciation of mental 
ta and their -acceptance by legal profeB- 
n as something deflnlte upon which to 
le legal decision"; (31) la In Insts for f-m, 
- ■'--' • — '-E Study 

; LIS supt; other, pres Natl i 
■ the F-M, '19. 

and Depts Jrnlsm, lZ-'20: Profes- 

rorJm" — T- '— ........... 

l-'20; (31) .. ., 

PB 6; t ur h 2, col 20; dlrectoi ±ji "m. eici 
sec com on war publ. U Wis, Isaued and I 
dSstrtb thousands of war pamphlets. j 

BLISS. D C, supt, MoDtclalr. N J; b. 1866: i 
(B) era in s admn at Teachers Col, Columbia, 
sumr 'SO; (6) health thru recreation; (8) org 
dept bealtb with centralization of authority. | 
Btrong man In chg -' -- -- '- ' 

BLOOMFIELD, Daniel. ass( 
trial Relations and conaul 
mgmnt. S Beacon St. Boati 
00; (2S) Labor Halntenano 

' apts given to Amer prt 


B bow 

pp, with 8 
.. ontllnlDg 

iid mnniclpal- 
pliint magsElne at- 
gives Bpcelflc sug- 

Eng cIb, 

gestlons for solvlii 
shows how to record labor tumoverj analyie 
cansea of leaving, and estimate empi coats ! 
also aeries 3 handbooks, '19-'20, 400-500 pp 
encb, summarizing "liest publ in hooka, 
periodicals, pamphlets, repts and other mls« 
sources" for businesa men and els; Emploj- 
niept Mgmnt, Modern Indnstrtai Movements, 
ProMema of Labor; (31) att ur h 2Wj, apec 
1, col 4, PB 3. 
BLOOMFfELD, Meyer, editor and publ Indus- 
trial RelntioUB, 6 Beacon St, Bostou. Mass; 
b. '78; (S) hd of Indus service dept. emer- 
geucy fleet corp; labor espert In Europe for 
Sat !iv PoBt; consultant on voc and Indus 
problems; (16) training of executives, fore- 
especially, for Industry; (20) In sa and 

a Unlv 


,BOGMlT»\JR, ^mi 


Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

21; The Introduction to Sociology, '17; Social 
Psy, 3d edition *20. 

BOCiAKT, Klmer E, priu Morris H S, Boston 
Kd niid 1«0 St, N Y C; b, 4-11-70; (5) uctg 
priu 1-22-19 — ; Ist nsst classics and asst to 
priu 1-'18 — 1-']9; (7) assisted or dir new 
cm In Halesmanghip, home nursingr; (8) dept 
cooperation, e g speech improvement; (9) 
Hupr not limited to adverse criticism but 
must be constructive; (10) dept chrmn re- 
commends after full discussion with ts; (11) 
ts publicity com; coutrib to H S Bulletin 
of HiRrh Points; (13) Morris Service licairue 
developed and extended; pus who show 
leadership, initiative and service are org for 
assistiuKT in life of s; (14) systematic cam- 
paign illus by stereopticon and motion pic- 
tures; (ir>) pus classif by ability and 
achieveuieut ; (16) co-op crs, alternate work 
in shop or store and study at s; (17) geu 
org to promote athl debates: (18) 30 dentists 
examined teeth of all stus, treatment 
secured; (20) t com^ and literature in 
library; (21) "Our s does nothing else"; (28) 
Latin Vocabulary for Secondary Ss, 2 vols; 
(31) att r h 4. ur b 4, col 4, pff 1 ; t iir h 11, 
col 1. 

BOGAKT, Ernest Ij, prof and bd dept econ, 
U 111. Urbana, 111; b, 3-16-70; (5) lect. 
Georgetown U '19-'20; chief of commodity 
div, bu research, war tr bd, '18; asst foreign 
trade adviser, dept of st, '19-'20; '(28) joint 
author Vols IV and V Centennial Hist of 111 
•18-'20; author Direct and Indirect Costs of 
Great World War. '10; War Costs and Their 
Financing, '20; (31) att col 4, pg 3V2 ; t col 
and pg 21. 

BOHANNON, Eugene W^ pres st nor s, 
Duluth, Minn. 

BOLENIl^S. Enrnia Miller, author, Lancaster, 
Pa; (8) in Everyday Eng Composition, text 
book '17, attempts to tie up lanf? wrk with 
demands and realities of everyday life in jr 

h ss; El Ijessons in EveiTday Eng. '20, ties 
up other s subjs of grds 4-6 with Eng: and 
. Eng with the comm; 7-8 project book Ad- 
vanced Lessons in Everyday Eng: Comp '21 

win approach Eng composition by such 
subjs as fire prevention, class newspaper, 
choosingr a career pageant, Kood-Engr drives, 
planning a home, etc; (28) see 8; set of 
readers for 4, 5 and 6 grds with ts mjinual; 
(29) bef ts instils: (;^1) other, sumr s crs in 
Oral Eng; conducted dept on Correct Eng 
in McCalls Mag; ed girls dept in Amer 
Motherhood Mag. 

BOMAK, Paul Vernon, pres Judson Col, Mar- 
lon, Ala ; b, 9-9-(>3 ; see Judson Col. 

BOND, J L, st supt pub inst. Little Rock, Ark. 

BOND, Oliver James, pres '08 — , The Citadel, 
Milit Col of S C, Charleston, S C; b, 5-11-65: 
(7) elective hist crs in el study of govts of 
TT a, Brit Empire, France, Italy, (jermany, 
Austria- Hungary, largely with view to 
understanding polit principles and ideals of 
America and her principal aliies in W^orld 
War, and conflicting principles and ideals of 
'Germany and her chief ally and study of 
Intematl relations; crs in Span, inc comrl 
•correspondence, with following introd "War 
conditions have stressed importance of vast 
oamr) fleM that lies open to enterprise of 
. jCr s business in Sp-apkg countries of So 

Amer; a knowledge of Sp should prove an 
asset of prime value to young men in many 
lines of comrl activity"; (21) "milit tp at 
this instit has for its ol)Ject devlp of biflrbest 
qualities of citizenship .... empnasls 
placed upon devlp of qualities of leadership, 
great care taken in granting fullest possible 
measure of initiative"; (31) t col- 34 ind 
pres 12. 

BOND^ W F, st supt pub Inst, Jackson, Miss. 

BONK, Hugh A, prof r ed and r soclolo^ *19 
— , St Nor U, Normal, HI; (5) prin h s Sioux 
City, la. — '19, see M G Clark; (6, 7) pre- 
pared Sioux City h s catalog for '18-*19, 216 
])p, printed by h s boys, cover beaded aerv- 
ice not self, giving s honor roll in red, 
brown, black; illus show kinds wrk; "We 
speak of apathists, pacifists, pro-Germans 
and patriots as describing attitudes toward 
the great war. The people who are to save 
the day for liberty are active, aggressive 
I»atriuts; so it is with morals; society is not 
benefited by persons who are apathists or 
pacifists in the matter of personal and social 
morality ; it is elevated only by the agrgrres- 
siive, dynamic, upstanding moral patriot 
whose position is understood and felt beyond 
the question of a doubt"; under meth **Bng 
both spoken and written, math, B€i» hist and 
all s subjs should have for their purpose 
the devpt of a mastery of te-chniqne of liv- 
ing:''; daily assemblies are "get-together- 
mtgs" in charge of com from fac and etus 
appt mo by prin, ,'J kinds, "booster," "home- 
talent" and "outside"; Eng crs begins "com- 
mand of Eng tooigue is first essential to suc- 
cessful living in an Eng -spkg country . . . 
attempt is made to motive the wrk, oontlnu- 
ing meth followed in grds ... in everj-dbay 
life oral speech is employed much more than 
written composition . . . barring ts and wo- 
men's club mems actg In official capacity 
and pus in p ss there is little paraphnMdng, 
reproducing, memorizing: and re-describing 
contents of books ... in everyday life we 
are constantly describing, explaining and 
narrating what we have seen, heard or ex- 
perienced"; therefore Ens: in h s is "olose- 
to-llfe literature"; 7 minimum requirements 
before graduation ; suggestiouH for clsrm di- 
rection from intra-s experiences; common 
errors in technique listed and oral errors; 
in studying classics, meth should assist stu 
in jtrettlng: into spirit of selection not pri- 
marily studying technique; outside reading 
required, discussed and followed by written 
quiz; in hist, "proportional credit system 
used." is explained, incl sched of credited 
collateral reading, pages required wkly with 
l.;i credit for (juality 8.") or above, down to 
0.8 <iuality 70-74% ; why hist of each village 
Is important explained e g, "in a democracy 
man is more than a machine, an automato ' 
subj to the will and whim of a ruler set 
over bim by force or by birth ; democracy 
demands that its citizens must know and 
think and initiate"; outline incl interest of 
U S in Gulf of Mexico and pan •Americanism 
and great war; (8) supr study, stu prepar- 
ing lessons in presence of ts; 30-min study, 
40-min recitation; proportional credit used 
improves tg as well as studying; see 15; (11) 
dept in [111] S News and Practical Bd »20 
on social problems of small fM>mm; also In 
Alumni QuftTtetly 5-*20; (XZ) stu couneli 

High Spots for Every School 

■ I BOKSEB, Frederick G, | 

1 1 hiinljla D, N T C. 

'i I BOONK, W a. pres Idalii 

of ea, Tb Col, Co- 

stal 18 made eitn t-ndlU total In* S2 

extra credits totallnB 108 Pt»; (16, 1T| stu 
prlDt ahop, miiDf clubs, assemblies; (20) 
Slonx CIt)- declileil "it Is plarlni nltli Are to 
■ay s will deliberately chaoae accvpatlen tor 
pa . , M therefore belp pn make seardilQc 
setf-analyals"; save wide ranre ot Inquiry 
in Belds of iKtupHtlon and conducted teats 
ol Bbllltri (27) Rotary dab belped prepare 
c^ltlzcDslilp quSHtlonDalre : (28) a«as»pblc 
Factors In An«er Hist, manual to help stuilv 
of U 8 hlBt for b S3, nor 39 and cols; The 
Small Comm aod Its S. In S Newa. T-'20; 

Social Froblems 

SI pt-t nssn^ 
of Comm Bl 
1; t r4, nor 

: bef CI 

) att r 

, r h 3. i 

. Problem 

1 i. PI 

J r M C A. 
BONHAM, Hllledte Louis, Jr, prof blst '19 
— , Hamilton Col, Clinton. N Y; b. 2-21-80; 
(H) prof Mat La St V, ~. •19: prof hist Pea- 
bodr Col, Bumr 'IS. and V Vermont sumi 
'20: dist dir wur Issues crs S A T C, '18 
mem natl bd hist aervl<«. 'IS- '19: (8) crs In 
tg of hist. Pcaliody Col and D Vermont, 
sumrfli (16) urted stns In La St V lo Join 
local hist society: org stu hist club at Ham- 
ilton; ■ ■ " ^. . . - ... 
(11) 8. 

Hist Outlook. Visual Ed. _ __. 

Volley Hist Reiiew, Amer Pollt Sol Review, 
Jrnl of Internatl Relations; (291 on proposeil 
era study for tlst. at Amer Htst Assn. '19: 
h s commemts: bef men's clubs: (-111 war, 
see 5; also conferred with war dept com ed 
of soldiers, '19: other, ehrmn mlllt hiat prize 

metbg; cbatiainE alms of nrlth: (14) talks 
to h BS on Wby Enter a Nor 8 : (IH) eh 
traded after mentHl exam iclven to drter- 
mlDe nentaj a«e: (22| model ed pInQt. kg 
said to be best arranged in U S: (S! stand- 
ardisation of a rms! <2.'>l stnd teats used to 
sreat extend (28) spec contributor to Nor 
iDstr OD au'b] of arith: artels In G-'20. ll-'20. 
12-'20; also artel In June numl>er of Jr Nor 
Inatr; (31) att r 7, nor 4, col 4, pg^4: t r 
m, t and aupr r b 2; supt 21. 
BONNEB. i M. dist supt, Pulaski, N T : b, 4- 
T-77: (11) each dist orcrd elect stu reporter 
for local dally and wk papers; (12) cectlfl- 
cates of merit: (14) "a dl£Bcult task, must 
begin with taxpayers" ; (ISI meil Insp. health 
olBcers, (Ays tr lustrs ; (19) home etudy, 

Svjests; (29) bef granges, community mtgs, 
rm bu picnics, etc., on School of Tomor- 

4, col 2; t r 2. r b 5; aupt r 9; war, ehrmn 
loao com, W B 8. 4-mla men ; R C worker. 

Jl, Ida. 
BOOTH. jQlla E. t, literature and Bng, 8t 
Norm 8, St Cloud. Minn; b, 1879; (8) see 
28: (19) public presentation of Aa You Like 
It '17. Mldanmmer Night's Dream '19, Old 
Lady Shows Her Medals and The Man Who 
■-- - -imb Wife '20; (21| patriotic 

BOOTH. Sankey. co supt, Pearson, Qa; b, 6- 
5-77: |5) prln p s '17-18: (8) method of tg 
tjeglnnera to read w"""" *" '""" '--■-- 





^ad nnently In 4th 1 

iqulped aa meth Is purely phonetic; ch 
ive no trouble In spelliog when tbu* 
uught: every t in co except 1 taught It last 
erm and everyone praised it because of 
nlereat manifested by both patrons and pus 
nd the labor saved Is: ts who bad spent jirs 
[1 nor as gave up their meths for this 
oluntarily upon seeing pus in neighboring 
ettiements outstripping theirs." 

., . - , , ._ .. _._f Col, mem st 

bd ed. Northfleid, Minn; (15) «tus teated aud 
wrk adjusted to capacity of stus; (171 lit 
soca nnusually flourishing; (19) pub ad- 
dresses ou advantages of ed in democracy ; 

indlT abiUtr. dlacovers best mMhnil.. «t 
studying, makes study 1 

typical vocation a 
(23) hinnkfl for 
luiiumua u|i smii i^i Biaa taught to give 
testa and lise results; devised test for meae- 
urlnr active vocabulary of pus; (28) bk [n 
ms OD tK pus to tblnk; ISI) att r, apee, col, 
pe: t r, spec, col, pg; supr; supt. 

BORDEN, XV W, supt. Sontb Bend. Ind. 

BOtTRGEOIS. H L. parish supt, '14—; Houmn. 
La; b. 7-SO-RT: (7) added dcpt home econ, 

modern plants where npeded. 
BOrTON, Archibald L, dean col arts and pure 
scl and prof Eng. N Y U. 16 Dudley Place, 
N Y C; b, 9-1-72; (121 sals Inc this yr to 
verv nearly level of highest pd In Amer 
uiilvB in each rnnk; (15) see 25; (IT. IS) 
new dept stn welfare estab '20 with dlr of 

rrofessorlal rank to supr canditions of stu 
[fe and stu activities and questions grow- 
ing out of them; dept incl R O T C wrk and 
pbys tr; (31) The CoU aud Amerlcantam, 
■20, 12 pp, "upon cols and nnlvs of the coun- 
try will inevitiibly fall a large proportion of 
the foundation wrk that Is to make for sound 
Amerieanism" ; (25) all enterini stus given 
pay tests, results later checked up with col 
wrk; (2T) addr given frequently by leader* 
of thought and activity; (28) see 21: (-"" 
many upon function of hiEber ed In present 
social crisis; (31) att col 4, pg 2; t ur D 2. 
col 20, pg 15. 

BOVARD, a r, pres Southern Cal n, Los An- 
geles. (Jal. 

BOWER, WnUma t\»is\wt., -^o^ »*■ «»*■ -^ 
c\o\oRS. 'S«Biia^\^M>\a. ^*v ^"'^'*'^^: -&-n 
b. 2-6-18 ■. <,«* \tt c\* '^^^^"'^ll^^- vl: ^ ■ 
1 Ucea ■B\ta\\ia\.\oii nt eA. "o^ Ttfi'--^^ »• 


Whiis Who and Why in After-War Education 

intorestw of pu ; see 1(5; (9) iu crs on admn 
and siipr, or^ of s as comm, creat- 
ing attitudes of Initiative and responsibility 
on part of pu ; (13) cin In Hoolal mtg not for 
telling baclc to t the things learned from 
textblc but for worlcing over materials of 
textblc and collateral readings thru free dis- 
cussion in which attitudes of evaluation are 
sought; (15) by personal confs with stus; by 
varying the load, by discussions concerning 
future wrlc of stus; (16) in tg stresses orig- 
inality and self-reliant rriticism; In crs in 
modern social problems, careful survey made 
of major social problems existinir In I^ex- 
ington, stus rept on findings by groups, 
each group organizing its survey and rept; 
in connection with crs in ed, several s sur- 
veys made; aim, to relate social sci and ed 
to actual life and to "immerse future citizens 
of St in its actual problems"; (20) by con- 
ducting personal confs with stus on their in- 
terests and expectations concerning life wrk 
and giving them ed guidance on additional 
grad wrk at larger univs; (21) see 16; (22) 
stressed in crs on admn ; (24) as mem local 
bd ed, worked to secure larger s funds thru 
legis Inc of tax limit; (25) by conducting 
surveys of comm and ss as part of reg wrk ; 
(28) Survey of Religious Bd, '19 ; Ed Task of 
Local Church, in ms; Reconstruction of Cur- 
ric, in Religious Ed, 6-'17; (29) Ed Respon- 
sibility of Church, etc, bef clubs, ed assns, 
church convs; (31) att r 1, ur el 7, ur h 4, 
noi? 1 sumr, col 4, pg 2 yrs and 6 sumrs; t 
r 1, col 8; field, minister 2 yrs; war, 4-min 
spkr, chrmn home service div R C. 

BOWBBS, li B, pres '11>— , Kans Wesleyan U, 
Salina, Kans; b, lO-lG-77; (5) mem natl cam- 
paign com Methodist Centenary '18-'19; supt 
Parkersburg dlst, M E Church, '17-'18; (8) 
reg t mtgs for discussion of raeth of wrk; 
insisted upon bd furnishing necessary 
modern equip; (9) all policies of administra- 
tion openly discussed bef bd aad ts, and 
majority rule; (11) card file of all h s grads 
or others who might enter col; reg field 
agts visit h ss; sends bulletins and other 
publicity and conducts correspondence; plan 
col org among young people of each comm; 
(13) all questions of importance in policies 
pertaining? to meth and discipline discussed 
and voted upon by ts; stus council; (10) ts 
in hist and pub spkg conduct forums in 
citizenship; (21) see 15: (23) phys ed blank 
shows stu gains ; pub! grades by els and 
orgs; (26) $4(K),0(K) secured; (27) goal $1,- 
000,000; (29) 100 talks Inst yr in supporting 
territory before h s and citizen mtgs; (31) 
att r 9, nor 1^4, pg 2; t r 4; pres col 1. 

BOWERS, John Hugh, prof soc sci, '19 — , 
St Manl Tr Nor S, Pittsburgh, Kans ; b, 8-10- 
75; (5) dean s of ed, Okla Apr & Mech Col, 
*9-'16; ext lect, dir sumr s; (14) in lects haw 
shown that preparation for t is preparation 
for life in gen, parenthood, citizenship, 
business and for fine art of living good help- 
ful life, also profitable investment for the 
indiv and st; (15) socialized recitation; stus 
call roll^ help keep records, have self-govt, 
at times take entire responsibility for wrk; 
(16) by tg meths of org comm agencies, t how 
to make psy tests, and vary s activities to 
fit diff types of indiv; (17) promoted credit 
J'o^ i»0me projects, gardening, beekeeping. 

poultry raising^ treeplantlng, startlngr and 
tending orchards, etc; (19) reg els In neigh- 
boring towns; (21) crs to ts on meths of 
tg citizenship; ext lects on bid up coopera- 
tion t>etween s and comm; s libnuir for 
whole comm; s plant as comm center with 
social and recreational features; (24) helped 
raise money to keep rotation of s men at 
the legislature as lobbyists for progreselTe s 
measures; (25) directs stus in making tests 
and surveys as part of grad work; (27) 
helped raise gifts for addit s activities like 
plays and. playgrounds; (29) about 100 
engagements ann besides ext lects on better 
support for ss, civic ed, the new curric, 
needed reforms In s legis, eocial welfare in 
the war, social ed, perils of the poorly 
educated, struggle for character and power; 
(31) att col, pg; t r 3, ur el 1, ur h 4, nor; 
war, t internatl law to st officers. 

BOWEBS, William Gray, hd chem dept, St Tm 
Col, Greeley, Col, 1001 12 St. Greeley, Col; b, 
1879; (5) prof food and physiolosrieal chem. 
Agr Col, N D '18-'19; (28) 8 artels for sSid 
jrnls and bulletins; (29) Education and In- 
vention, Ts Assn, Fredric, S D, and Tm to 
Think vs Tg to Bemember, at Fargo, N D; 
(31) att r 8, ur h 1, nor 2, col 4, pg 8; 
t r 4, ur el 1, ur h 2, nor 12, ool 3; eupr 
p s 2; war, S A T C. 

BOWMAN, Clyde A, dir dept ind arts. Stent 
Instit, Menomonie, Wis; b, 7-18-87; (5) instr 
Indus arts, T C, Columbia U, N T C; (29) 
talk on Graphic Aids in Occupational Analy- 
sis, bef conf manl arts instrs, 12-4-19; artel 
on same subj in Jan, Feb, Mar issues of 
Indus Arts Mag, '21; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 
4, spec 2, nor 2, col 1%, pg % ; t ur el 1%, 
ur h 2, spec 1, nor 4, col 3; war, private^ 
corp, srgt, 2d it, 1st It, Engineers, USA 

BOWMAN, Garlen L, prin, 04—, Dunn Co Tr 
S for Ts, Menomonie, Wis; b, 3-24-55; (9) 
"we t human being always instead of subJ"; 
(10) used war facts; (14) "flnecomblng terri- 
tory all the time"; 4 page folder Why Not 
T, Why Not T a Secondary 8; (16) many 
mtgs org by pus; (18) good health dnbs, 
plays and ganaes to maintain good health; 
(21) mock elections; observe mtgs of eo bd; 
vi(^it circuit court and insp co court house 
activities; (22) co ts meet hero, professional 
home for grads and friends who come for 
advice and suggestions; (24) as pres of nor 
R prins have helped secure legis for better 
financing of t tr, etc; (25) st dept dir a few 
tests; crs requires % study of tests; (26) 
moving picture outfit; larger quarters; (28) 
Why Not T and Ethical Classlf of Stus, 8 
pp, the master stu, potential leader; the 
disciple stu, potential master stu ; the con- 
script stu, potential disciple stu ; the decep- 
tive stu, potential traitor; the traitor stn, 
potential dynamic traitor ; the dynamic 
traitor, the potential tyrant; (31) att r 4; 
t r 6. ur h 6, ur el 10, spec 2/3, nor 6; supr 
r 2, r h 4, ur el 10; supt 10. 

BOWMAN, Grover Chester, supt "18 — , Town 
of Enfield, Thompsonville, Conn; b, 12-1J5- 
84; (5) supt Westport, Conn, •12-'18; (12) 
new sal sched rewards excellence; (13) ts 
council; (14) pergonal campaign with h s 

High Spots for Every School 

Btus; (IS) gea n-cndlnc on thla buiaj (16) 
pnb apliB on current toplea uid dm In 
cltlxmsfalp; (IT) med Insp aecnnd bj «nr- 

ng; (ai) a towna; (32) pt-t SBBii: purchased 
new b B site; modem bkkptne Installed; (23) 
mem legia com st Bupta aasn '18-'19; (2*1 
"t Ta Assn Save Our SB cam- 

AsBu for Agr Legia; on fraln matbetlng la 
middle West; (31) att r S, nor «, eol i. pK 
4; t r 2, ur h 1, col IS; Held, Beld agt In 
marketing, N Dak. 
BOYD, Paul Prantlre. dean, 'IT — . col art* 
aod scl, V Ky, Lexington, Ky; (T| org □««• 
crs co-ordinating with b Ba and introducing 
]r and gr col ideas; introd apec — '- 

(29) Tbe Mad«iQ H 8, at No Conn Ti AiBD ; 


I PlttBburg TJ, Pltti- 

BOWWAN, J N, aiipr of placement, fed bd 
*oc ed, "IB — , 2103 E H2, Seattle, Waib ; b, 
H-t-TS; (0) prof European hilt, U Wash, 'IT- 
'16; (T) Indly instr with fed bd; deaDttlilni 

f bJst metb In 

n>blia»: (21) OBblB V 

., .. . 1 D Cal; Warriect CBmp 

LeivlB, i-roin man, "In the Spruce." 
BOWHAN, l4Bar E, instr snciology, '20—, 
Columbia U, 2636 Sedgwlok Ave, NYC; (S) 
■IT- 'IB lect Columbia 0, mgr personnel dept, 
W C C S; 'I8-'1B asBt eiec officer, N T eo 
chapt B C; (10) fiction used w first aaaisned 
readlnri In BiKiolocri (16) Tennlre Taldnteer 
gortml Berrlre under ucredlted acency of 
thoaa taking comm sendee era; (IT) meet 
gtuB outalde cli oi-<Ka Ion ally; cbnnn nevly 
org bocIkI BOG of tac nitb i>ec rellrloDB orgs 

(2T) ( 

;o dir 

ColnmbU: "(28) Neiahborhood LeHdersMp 
and Community Org, era outline, Hoelologlcal 
buokETonnd at comm organ. mobllUatlan ot 
«mni foToea, aecarlpg and manipDlattnB 
■elgbbBTbDod attentloo, demoerktlzatian of 
torial enterpTlBea, flnanting oomia wrk, naa 
ot loco] tradition and (olknara. Avatnt and 


> IdeaUiB 

. how 

bow to select leadcra; (31) att col 4, pg 4; 
t nr h 2, col 2%. 

BOWMAN, PanI H, pree '16 — , Uridgewster 
Col, Brldgewater, Va; b, T-5-8T: (12) sal ine; 
(18) BanltatloD campaign ; |3Z) endowment 
campaign Inc equip; (23) Bt>Bences, (>om 
mtgt, executive ordera. requlsltlana (or aup- 
pllea, call* at oSce; (31) t col 2; prea col 4. 

BOTCB, James E, prof r scan 'IS — , Cornell 
O, Ithaca, N Y; b, 11-22-73; (5) 'IT spec In- 
reitlgatar grain trU. D S bur markets; (10) 
t«It playa small part; stos stndy cnrrent 
pnbUcatlDBa; (IS) lDdiT_ confs; (IS) Seld 

trip H 

arksts. i 

orem; (10) lects, press; (28) Speci 

tion and CUcago Bd of 'rrd ; Agr Economics; 
(2S) t&lki on martellng problems In N Y 
yauget; Collective Bargaining hef AroM 

rcarjirrh ; (IT) helped org progrnm of Kq 
recreation wUh anpr and eraluation a( SBiii 
ai^lTltlFBi (IS) proposed and helped org lya 
ot Btu athi taking care of entire >tn body; 

stressed dejrt hyg-; (IB) helped org eit wrk 

Col Cnrrtcula. in 8 and Soc, 8-23-10: Fotort 
of St Aoftd of Sci, in Bel, fl-]-'20; Extra Our- 
rlcnlai ActJvitlOB; (29) commcmt addr; leCt 
In eit crs an aoetal Fnoetion ot Cbnrcb As 
e«in from War EiperlenMBi (31) att nr el 
b 2, spec 1, col 4, pg 3; t r 1, ipee 4, 


ig 8; var, belped org and admn 

BOTD, T i>, pies, La St tJ and Agr and Hecb 
Cal, Baton Bauge, La. 

BOYD, W W, pres Western Col, Oxford, O. 

BOTDBN, Arthur C, prln, St Nor S, Bridge- 
water, Mass; b, 9-27-6e; (7) Masa Nor (• 
faculties have held 3 ann conta to wrk ont 
crs for nor sb ; Brldgewater hsB org t-llbrar- 
Ian era tor atua wbn will t llb™ry meUiB In 
BBi (6) empbaBia on problem' pro Je<« neth, 
BoclaJlied recitation, supr study; (11) Ens 
cwmposlllos cla cbooae coma to rept to local 
papers; (13) s dean appointed; atn roTt 
devp; (IS) opportanltT cla; (IT) Itbrary 
cluhs; French, garden, Amer clubs; girl 

I: leaders; (26) Intel tes 
artcts on professional s 

supr r 

, Wallace C, hd mstr nor i, Boston, 

BOVEIN, Ja> C. editor School Life. U S bur 
ed, Washingtbn, D C. 

BRADFOBD, Edw A, ITS Columbia Hts, Brook- 
lyn, N Y; b, '51; flnauelai editor N Y 'Hmes; 
publ general artels an econ, flnance, taxa- 

BECADFORD, Mary I>aTiaan, supt '1ft—, KenO 
Bha, Wis; h, I-lB-56; (T) IndlT promotion; 
beginnings rept In '18, 2 more yrs hSTB 
proved eOlcacy; live lesaona In cItIo* tor 
third Lib loani (S) den»cratUed ladtatlon 
and project metb, very sattstactary damon- 
atrationa by picked ts! (B) clerical aldl tat 
prlns; (11) tiierB toe bond IsBuea; ann repts: 
local papers; (12) t extra points In sal 

en ce' credited but not Is same yr anmr wrk 
is credited; also credit for previona ezperl- 
enee; (14) aa pre* of N«,tl C'^-vi'W. fcJ»™- 

ehancc \n VftftVi ■6«oai*ft«»-. 


iyho\s IV ho and Why in After^War Education 

rh and open air h; (10) g pagre run la«t yr 
In lo<'al paper Haturday issue, mngd by put, 
contrlb by hh; civicH wrk In jr b s centrrH 
about local Ihhum; (17) iisiinl interHOholastic 
:ind prize esR:iy contest; (18) milk lunrbeii 
paid for by bd instituted in all el ss; (21) 
HueoesHful s rity run in one dist ; see 10 ; 
(22) sorial renters; (23) persistency card 
for Jr h s; (24) tried to secure legis separat- 
ing bd from council in raising and mngiug 
s finances; bill not passed; (25) usual com- 
parative tables; use of diagrrams; (28) el crs 
grades In pamphlet form, 3 units completed: 
(29) N E A i'ortland '17: Pittsburgh '18; 
Wis Ts Assn '18; Med Convention, Mil- 
waukee '17; Wis Ts Assn, Milwaukee, Civics 
and Citizenship; St. Fed Womans Clubs '19, 
Amer: Inter Kg Union, Topeka, '20; N E A 
Salt Lrake City '20. What must be done to 
keep high class supts in the ss; (31) att r 
0, ur el 2, ur h 3%, nor 1, col sumrs; t r 3 
sumrs, ur el 2%, ur h 12, spec 3; supr ur el 
3, nor 12; supt 10; war, Natl Council De- 
fen se. 

BRADFORD, Mrs. Mary C C, st supt pub instr 
'13-'20, Col, pres N E A, '17-'18, 17.T> Bellaire 
St, Denver, Col. 

BRADLEY, Bernard J, pres Mt St Mary's Col, 
Emmitsbnrg, Md. 

BRADY, Peter J, labor leader and supr city 
record '17 — , Municipal lild, N Y C; leader 
X Y st labor org ed <rom in formulating ed 
program 4 pp, 22 points, incl no els over 25; 
92,000 minimum sal; s lunches; free dental, 
med. optical, surgical care; no prevoc wrk 
under 14; no voc wrk under 10; elective sal- 
aried H boards; complete separation of hs 
from city govts; pub forums in every s: ts 
councils; st regulation of private business 
ss and trd fis. 

BRALLEY, F M, pres Industrial Arts Col, 
Denton, Tex. 

BRAMAN, W J, supt '19 — , Dansville, N Y; b, 
7-17-77; (5) supt Monroe, N Y. — '18; mem- 
army ed corps, France, '18-'19; (10) use of 
magazines as texts; (11) reg column in local 
papers; (12) sal inc; (13) ts and pus have 
definite responsibility in managing s affairs; 
(14) large proportion of grads are tg; (15) 
thru stnd tests and gen Intel tests; (10) 
magazines used in study of polit problems; 
rallies, elections^ etc: see 21; (18) after exams 
by physician and s nurse, pus more than 
10% under weiglit are given spec attention, 
milk and crackers l>eing served them at s 
during reg sessions; (1!)) ni ss for adults; 

(20) ann conf witli eacli pn; in middle of 
Mth yr, pus choose subjs to their liking: 

(21) pus take part in care of parks, street 
signs, condition of streets and walks; (27) 
l>usiness men addr pus at frequent inter- 
vals; (29) The Amer Legion, on Armistice 
Day bef 3,000; (31) att ur.h 4, nor 4, col 2; 
supr 12; supt 4; war, see .5. 

BRANDENBERG, W A, pres st manual train- 
ing nor s, Pittsburgh, Kan. 
BRANNON, M A, pres Beloit Col, Beloit, Wis. 

BRANSON, Eugene C, Kenan prof rural econ, 
♦14 — , U N C, Chapel Hill, N C: b, 8-6-Cl ; 
(6) see 28; showing necessity for direct study 
of forces of Ufe; (7) "quit making s crs of 
»tn(\y 10 yrs ago"; (8) ditto methods— be- 
jraati tbe metb of dir approach to reality in 

nodal relationships and activities; (9) 

"mighty little interest in details of tech- 
nique-important but I leave these to con- 
ventional technicians"; (10) in • shaping 
textbk crs, mem N K A com on h s crs in 
socioliigy ; (11-20) incessant items in U News 
letter which goes wkly the yr tfim to 19%y 
000 readers in N C; (21) "here's my whote 
job- -busy with this these 20 yrs or so"; 
(2<)) helped org N C St and Co Couneil of 
]*ub Welfare Officials; (28) in print 3 N C 
yr bks; essays on citizenship; home co clab 
studies: 7 co bulletins on econ, social and 
<"lvic jiroblems, 300 maps on U News Letter, 
incl N <' resource advantages and opporta- 
nitles, wejilth and welfare in N C, co govt 
and CO affairs in N C, st reconstruction 
studies; (29) about 80 ann on econ and so- 
cial i»roblenns; (31) t r 2, ur el 10; snpp ur 
h 2: supt ur el 10; pres nor 10; war, Orange 
Co Food Com; 1^ Bond, war stamps, R C 
and Y drives; mem st reconstruction com: 
pres N C social wrk conf; mem U Race^ 

BRASHER, J L., pres Central Holiness U, 
Tnlversity Park, la. 

BRAUTLECHT, Chas Andrew, hd chem dept, 
l^ Me, Orono, Me; b, 9-21-81; (5) prof chem, 
Fla St Col; 1st It sanitary corps, USA; 
(22) endeavoring to bring U Me. pnlp and 
paper s into dose relation with pnlp and 
paper Indus; (28) lab manl; (29) chem 
subjs; cn) att col, pg 3; t col 10. 

BREC KEN RIDGE, James M, dir s chem, '17 
— , Vanderbilt T, Nas-hville, Tenn; b, '80; 
(0) thru research wrk along practical lines 
as smoke nuisance, drinking water supplies, 
corrosion of metals, etc; industrial investi- 
gations; (7) revising lab wrk looldngr to- 
ward better popular understanding of things 
chem occurring in everyday prciblems of 
life; see 16; (10) 2 difficulties at present* 
treatment does not reach stu active interest, 
and stu interest in nature has not been 
aroused in preliminary wrk; for these rea- 
sons, textbks in chem should be more prac- 
tical and reach everyday problems; (11) 
creating active interest in things pertaining 
to sci and tech wrk by short popular artels 
in newspapers; (10) oflfering crs covering 
local industries, connecting theory with 
practice: (21) shows stus that real indns 
clienilHts liave opportunity to raise stnds of 
living, raise moral tone and help put end to 
strife bet capital and labor; (22) research 
on indns i)rol)lems, linking up chemists with 
every forward movement and mtg with local 
mnfrs in their clubs, etc; (31) att r 10, ur 
h i, voc 2, col 4, pg 3: t r 2, col 7, pg 2; 
sni)r r 2, ur h 4. voc 2; field, Indus* chem 
research, yrs; war, exi)losives manufacture, 
2 yrs; other, asst dir experimental station 
powder co, 'l.'i-'n. 

BRECKINRIDGE, Elizabeth, prin nor B, 
Louisville, Ky. 

BRECKINRIDGE, Sophonisba P« dean Chicago 
s civics and philanthropy, U Chicago, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

BRECKNER, Elmer li, supt, Olympia, Wash, 
'20 — ; b, 9-13-86; prin Wallace, Idaho, h B 
'18; prin Olympia h s. '18-'20; (24) chrmn 
legis com Wash St Ts League which framed 
and secured passage ot \a\9 VevyVv^^ «t-wldo 

High Spots for Every School 


s tax equal to $20 per census ch ; mem com 
to draft bill for next legis recomnding re- 
org of CO and dist s admn and st dept, and 
means of flnancfal support; (31) att r 8, ur 
h 3, col 4, pg 1; t r 2, r h 2, ur h 7; supr 
r h 2, ur h 7; other railway service. 

BRKED, Mary B, dir Margaret Morrison Divi- 
sion, Carnegie Instit Technologj% Pittsburgh, 
Pa; b, 9-15-70; (6) trying to secure better 
results in character building in young wo- 
men stus during 4 yr col crs. 

BRBITWIdSER, Thomas J, dean St Nor S, 
'20— , Muncie, Ind; b, 9-19-86; (5) prof psy 
7-'19— ll-'20 ; asst prof 2-'19— 7-'19; asst prof 
St nor s, Terre Haute, Ind, 1-'17— 12-'17 ; (15) 
tests; (18) fac com; (24) for Ind S/men's 
Club working on legis for *21; (25) ext crs 
to h 8 ts; Intel te»ts used in city ss as basis 
for supr and prouMtlon; (31) att r 7, nor 
1, col 4, pg 1%; t r 3, nor 5; supr r h 2, 
nor %; war, psy service USA Med Bd, Ist 
Lt Med Corps, psy service; chief ed Camp 
Pike, Ark. 

BRBITWIESER, Joseph V, ass-oc prof ed psy, 
U Cal, Berkeley, Cal; b, 3-31-84; (o) prof 
psy of ed and psy. Col Col '17-*19; (8) by 
experiments on eye movements showed pos- 
sibility of Increasing: speed of reading by 
mu84^e tr in eye movement; (21) by inc em- 
phasis on social sci in secon ed and devp of 
jr h s with strong core of citizenship tr; 
(23) is preparing: stndzd loose-leaf form of 
convenient statistical formulae and forms 
for ed; (25) had studies made in vocabulary 
tests and study of bright h s »tus; (29) on 
application of psy to salesmanship, adver- 
tising, etc; (31) other, editor, Western Ad- 

BRENEltfAN, Paul B, prof mechanics and 
materials of construction and of lab for test- 
ing materials, State College, Pa; b, 12-30-70; 
(31) att col 4; t col 20; field, 6 yrs engr, 
supt, mgr mine construction and operation ; 
war, org and equipped testing sect naval air- 
craft factory U S navy. League Island, Phlla, 
other, spec engr, *18, powder company. 

BBENSINGER* Joseph H, prln t training s, 
Jersey C^ty, N J. . , 

BREiNTON, Chas Richmond, banker and 
farmer, Dallas Center, la ; b, 1-28-63 ; mem 
st bd ed, chrmn finance com ; pres local s 

BRESLICH, Arthur T,, sec Biblical Alliance, 
839 Booth St, Milwaukee, Wis; b, 5-8-73; (7) 
introd Bible crs from ed viewpoint, such as 
Geo8:raphy of Palestine, Hist of People of 
Israel, lilt of Bible; (22) advocating closer 
co-operation bet churches and ss for better 
religious ed; (29) addr on Biblical ed in p s 
system bef h s assemblies, churches, minis- 
ters, pub mtgs; (31) att col 3, pg 3; t col 2, 
pg 2; pres col 10. 

BREWSR, Charles E, pres '15, Meredith Col, 
Raleigh, N C; b, 7-12-66; (16) spec effort to 
enlist Interest and sj^mpathy of stu in comm 
enterprises and lead them to feel responsi- 
bility for such enterprises. 

BHEWBB, John M, assoc prof ed and dir bur 
voc guid, grad s ed, Harvard '19 — , Cam- 
bridge, Mass; b, 10-30-77; (5) '18, ed dir S A 
T C ; *17-19, hd 6ept ed in psy Los Angeles 
Nor 8; (6) trying amaigaanaie wrk and cul- 

ture aims; fundamental aim of voc gruldance 
is voc 8e1f-g:uldance ; (7) crs in occupations 
for Newton ss, 7 and 8 arrds after holdina: 6 
mtgs for ts to aret them ready; (8) attention 
to voc g:uidance aim In all subjs; (13) at 
nor s org dept on democratic basis with con- 
stit and by-laws, helped org pu govt plan ; 
(15) persuaded psy ts in t tr els to t indiv 
diffs ; (20) pres Natl Voc Guidance Assn ; 
crs continually in Los Angeles, Harvard ; 
(28) Voc Guidance Movement '18 and several 
recent artels; folder explaining: Harvard bur 
voc g:uidance meth of surveying: and help- 
ing: ss "to find out not so much what ought 
to be done as what s authorities and ts are 
willing to do," e g steps : 1 study present » 
prog:rams . . . find out how ts can more ef- 
fectively relate these studies to voc guid 
needs of ch ; 2 wrk out proposed revisions 
. . . and by conf or corres with ts and ad- 
ministrators find out which changes will be 
agreed to; 3 study the possibility of Intro- 
ducing: ''life-career els"; 4 find out if ts can 
g:ive time for making: g:en survey of Indus 
needs of comm and characteristics of its oc- 
cupations; 5 arrang:e for discussion mtg:8 of 
ts in small grroups with supt co-op; 6 in- 
vestig:ate part-time schooling:, placement and 
follow-up, aid ts who can conduct these ac- 
tivities and help them inaug:urate a plan; 7 
find out by conf if system is willing: to estab 
^ bur of voc g:uid and aid persons concerned; 
8 org: and inaug:urate confs for ts espec con- 
cerned with voc g:uid; 9 materials can be 
sent to Cambridg:e for preliminary study; 
10 one or more ts or s officials can be sent 
to Cambridgre; 11 instr by corres with illus- 
trative material; (31) att r 8, ur el 1, ur h 
4, col 4, pg 3; t voc 5. nor 2, col 2, pg 2; 
supr 5 sumrs, nor 2; war. ed dir S A T C. 

BRICKER, Garland Armor, pres, '19 — , St S 
Sci, Wahpeton, N D; b, 3-20-81; (5) prof agr 
tg and dir r ext service, Syracuse U, — , *19; 
(7) reconstructed crs and alms of st s sci to 
make it real voc s and jr col; (20) col offers 
pre-voc crs to discover spec adaptability of 
stu; (28) lUus Lessons in Agr; (29) con- 
ducted ts instits; addr -st Sunday S assn; 
(31) t r 4, col 12; supr 1; supt 3; pres 2. 

BRIGGS, L R, pres Radcliffe Col, Cambridge. 

BRIGGS, Thomas H, prof ed, Ts Col, Columbia 
r, NYC. 

BRIGHT, Ira J, supt '19 — , Leavenworth, 
Kan; b, 10-7-81; (5) dir bur research and 
efficiency Topeka p ss '17-'18; prln I^nveii- 
worth h s '18-'19; (10) chrmn Kan st bd 
approvals com to review all h s texts; (11 > 
reporters for local papers given suggestions 
from quarterly and other repts ; (12) sal 
scbed places premium on prof tr, and suc- 
cessful experience; (13) ts orgs are asked 
to appoint coms to wrk with supt in form- 
ing crs, sal sched, etc; (16) h s positions of 
leadership classified as major and minor, . 
and eadi pu allowed only certain amt so as 
to increase opportunity to develop leader- 
ship; (17) health and thrift clxiV\^% VSS^ ^ 
nurse and dir ^\v^^ ^^% V^«^ \iwv^'^\»^ nxvvJsnx^ 

researcYi 4. 


lf'ho*s Who and Why in Ajter-War Education 

UKUiMAN, » M, prof on»;r. 1' Loiiisvillo. < 
Loiiisvilli', Ky; h, ^-^Ti-sl ; (1) mm- \\\\ (11). 
pu>> adilr bcf civic, ed, professional and polit ; 
orffs: ('d iii<)iiofj;rapli8; (1<>) apprentice and ■ 
foreman ss for' nifjr conferns during war; 
iim set? 11; (21) adilr slioji eiuplnyws; o'»n- " 
net'tion with S A T C; clirmu Hpkrs bur, 
4-niiu man, st <'ouncil defense. W S S; (22) i 
i;xt wrk; (2.'{) for IT liouisville and appren- I 
tice ss; (24) advised witli st lejris in s«H;ur- 
ing enabling: at't for ritlcH to build niunic 
univH; (27) v-ehrmu campaign for $1,(MM),(KH) . 
for uulv; (28) sel artels and ed tracts; war ■ 
propaganda for st eouncll defense; (2J>) Ed, 
War Savinjjs, Food Conservation, .Miinic Ed, 
etc; (Xl) t ur h 0, voc 2, spec :;, col -l; war, 
see 10. 21. 

HRINSON. J H, st supr negro ed, '20 — , Talla- 
hassee, Fla; b, 12-0-66; (5) supt Marion Co, 
— '20; (24) joined in campaign for adoption 
of Ten Mill Amendment '18; (20) talks bef 
assns and com mtgs; informal addresses at 
Tuskegee Inst and Fla A & M Col for ne- 
groes; (31) att r 10; t r 10; supr r 3; supt 
11; dir business s 7; field, field man for E 
ria Seminary and Rollins Col. 

BRISCOK, Georsre A, supt, '11 --, Asbland, 
Ore; b, 1870; (7) grrd pus may do h » subjs 
in jr h h; (13) stu srovt and mngmt stu 
activities; (14) put t tr in currlc; (17) s 
credit Riven; (18) personal hyg, phys tr, 
health insp; (19) nl els; (20) wldy tallcs by 
bus men; (21) mocic elections, Australian 
ballot, comm civics, current topics; (23) con- 
tinuous census card, ann study of retard- 
ation; (25) stnd test twice ann^ next term's 
wrk based upon results; (26) new tennis 
courts, large shops, better labs; (31) att r 
10, ur h 4, nor 2, col 4, pg 1% ; t r 1, r h 2, 
ur el 12; supr ur el 4; supt p s 9. 

BRITTAIN, M T, st supt, Atlanta, Ga. 

BROCK, Georjre W, pres st nor s, Livingston, 

BROCKMAN, May E, admn asst, Julia lUch- 
nian IT S, '1« — , 60 \V 13th St, N Y C; b, 
1-J^: (')) t dom sci. hd of annex, jr h s, 
'17-'18; (12) good housekeeping in s bid, 
luncheons; good-will by promotion of per- 
sonality and character wrk; (13) ts com and 
stu com in control as much as possible; (18) 
org H lunch service; streMsed cleanliness of 
bid; (22) working on form for recording 
personality; (27) In assembly programs; (31) 
att ur el 8, ur h 3, col 2; t ur el 10, ur h 4Vj, 
supr 8. 

B ROD EUR, Clarence A, pres st nor s, West- 
field, Mass. 

BROOKER, W r, supt '20 — , AslievlUe, N C; 
b, 7-23-75; (5) supt Florence. S C, '19-'20; 
mem S C st bd ed 'lrt-'20; prof math st sumr 
nor 8, Wlnthrop Col, S C, sumrs '18-'19; 
(22) began construction of $250,000 h s in 
Florence, S. C, '20; now Inaugurating bond 
issue of $500,000 for addit bids In Asheville; 
(31) att col 5, pg 1; t r 1, spec 5; supt 17. 

BROOKS, Alfred Mansfield, prof and hd dept 
fine arts, Ind St U, Bloomington, Ind; b, 
7-10-70; (28) Dante, How to Know Him; 
Great Artists and Their Works by Great 
Authors; (31) att col 6; t col 25; other, cura- 
tor prints and lect, John Heron Art Instit. 

BROOKS, E C, st supt pub Inat, Raleigh. 
JV^ c. 

BROOKS, flohn D, supr advisement and tr, 
and eo-ordinitor Temple U, for fed bd for 
voc ed, Amherst, Mass; b, 0-25-74; (5) sapt 
Amherst, 'I'-'lM; supr academic wrk, USA 
Iiosp 3. Colonla, N J, '18-'19; Bupr academic 
wrk, Walter Ueed liosp, Washinfirton, D C 

BROOKS, J l>, dir Clarkson S of Tech, Poti- 
dam. X Y. 

BROOKS, Marvin M, hd dept Bci and geog, 
'lii — , P S 96 Queens, NYC; b, 11-8-80; 
(5) prln Wantagh Union Free 8, Wantagli, 
L I, '13-'19; (7. 16, 17, 23) conducted InqnliT 
by mail into s credit systems for home aettr* 
ities and devised ''diligence card system" 
with space for rept from parents for honw 
wrk such as home study, readlnfir. helping 
parents, care of hair, nails, teeth, bat^ig, 
sleeping with open window, caring for fowlt, 
garden, etc, experimental projects; qnestlsB 
asked *'I)oes ch overstady"; rept on home 
wrk optional ; (28) Agr Clubs as Part of Bm 
S Wrk, Popular Educator 10/17 and U/lf; 
Movement Meth in Hist, Pop Educator 8/18; 
Study of Maples for Ts, Pop Education 4/18; 
Geog Correlations. Socialised 'Bedtetlon, rtc, 
Nor Instructor 9/18; Diligence Card Systeait 
Pop Educator 6/20; (31) t r 6; supr 14; war, 
local drives. 

BROOKS, Robert Clarkson, prof pollt id, 
Swarthmore Col, 104 Cornell Av, Swarth- 
niore, Pa; 2-7-74; (7) devp crs tn poUt me- 
tives, particularly as revealed in biographies 
and autoblog of Amer leaders whether in re- 
form or practical politics of recent date; pre* 
faced by 6 U'cts outlining party hist of U 8; 
books read incl Croly's Mark Hanna, Tom 
Johnson's My Story, Anna Shaw's Story of 
n Pioneer. Williani Draper Lewis's^ Life of 
Theodore Roosevelt, some of Roosevelt's an- 
tobiog writings, Braiid Whltlock's Forty 
Yrs of It, and Dodd's Woodrow Wilson and 
his Work; comparisons encouraged hut not 
pushed too far; tiipics considered incl why 
these men went into politics, their sim, what 
the.v got, etc; (10) whenever possible, llvi 
ones, propagandist books, not written for 
elHrm use; (12) chjirtcr mem A A U P, helped 
org and 1st pres rhapt A A U P at Swarth- 
more Col : pres Swartlimore Fac Clnb, so- 
cial, recreationnl ; (16) training stus for wrk 
with U S census, '20; requiring attendance 
of HtiiK in courts^ observing nataraUxation 
procedure, immigration piers^ city deptSi 
with repts on artivities; during campal^t 
Htus required to attend polit mtgs of all 
parties, rept speeches^ criticize; encouraged 
to org polit clubs, arrange for spkrs, JoUit 
debates; (21) mem co exec com, active in pri- 
mary and final elections, local, st and natl: 
(■anii)algn spkr espec active In 1920 natl 
campaign; active mem Pro-Ijcague Independ- 
ents, contrib polit artels during recent cam* 
paign; (28) Govt and Politics in Switier- 
bind, '18; artels in Amer Polit Sci Review, 
Natl Munic Review, S and Society; (29) see 
21; also on party org and meths bef city 
and women's clubs, churches, etc; (31) att 
ur el 8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 4; t col 20; field, sec 
com munic affairs. Reform Club, NYC; 
resident U Settlement, NYC. '96-'97; war. 
spec agt tr dept to expl war risk insurance 
to enlisted men in camps. '17; field dir R C, 
T.oag\\<* laVAXiA 'isaxT Xt5lt<1, ^PVAV^Lde^l^hla, '18- 

High Spots for Every School 


'19; other, exec sec com on ts sals and cost 
: of Iivins» '18-*13. 

I BROOKS, Samuel S, dist supt, '19—, Silver 
- Lake, N H; b. 6-8-89; (5) prln Berwick, Me, 
; h s; (23) 5x8 graph card shows standing ot 
el pus in stnd tests all subjs; (25) used in 
grading in ungraded ss; promoting, measur- 
ing progress, measuring effic of ts; (28) 
Practical Use of Standardized Tests and 
Scales In R 9, Jrnl of Ed Research, 5.20 ff; 
(31) att r 9, ur h 3, col 4; t r 3%, ur h 2; 
supr 1; supt 1. 

BROOKS, S Dy pres Oklahoma U, Norman, 

BROOKS, S P, pres Baylor U, Waco, Texas. 

BROOKS, Wm Penn, consulting agr, Mass 
agr experiment station, Amherst, Mass; b, 
11-19-51; (18) as pres alumn\ athl assn Mass 
Agr Col« secured action to use assn funds to 
. estab trust fund for promotion of phys ed 
and athl In col; (28) revised 3-vol wrk on 
Agr; circulars and bulletins for war time 

BROOME, Edwin C, supt, '13 — , East Orange, 
N J; (5) lect on s admn, O S U sumr '20; 
(6) reasons for Jr h s to patrons ; (7) added 
crs ill Yoc ss and intemati eltUensblp for 7 
and 8 ffrds; (8) prlns org into supr groups 
each responsible for portion of crs study; 
(9) see 8; also by stnd tests as aid to pre- 
cision and deflnlteness; (10) prln Initiates; 
each supr croup of 3 Is given responsibility 
for knowing best bks on Its subJs and rec- 
ommending to supt; (11) cards, flyers, talk^ 
repts for s^ Inc and large bid program; 
(12) sched for promotion for merit only, ts 
Invited to determine what elements consti- 
tute merit and how their worth shall be 
measured; rating blank allows 30 possible 
points for personal qualities of evidences of 
refinement, phys vigor, mental vigor, temper- 
ament, language, voice; 20 for gen and s 
Interests, ts avocation, social interests, co- 
op with colleagues and superiors, Interest 
In gen affairs of s, professional study ; 25 for 
ability to mng, success in securing industry, 
initiative, self-reliance and honesty in pus, 
moral and social Influence on pus, phys con- 
dition of room and pus, evidences of skill 
in planning; 25 for ability to t, fundamental 
scholarship, resourcefulness, lesson treat- 
ment. resuUs; 2 blank spaces under each 
heading; (13) see 12; corns elected by ts 
framed new sal sched and helped in pro- 
gram; (14) sent groups to visit 2 st nor ss; 
(15) mental tests : (16) pu dir of recitations, 
games; stu chrmn each h s div; (17) espec 
in h s, musical clubs, stu council, stu club 
for each subj; (18) drives for better health, 
better teeth, better habits; extensive im- 
proveiAents in meth of med Insp ; good 
health leaflets, 6 pp, eg, on teeth : "Nearly 
1800 boys and girls In East Orange do not 
take proper care of their teeth, and few of 
this number realize what trouble and pain 
may result from this mistake"; on each t 
desk Is a rept of phys condition of d, each 
child's name, facts as to uncleanness, nail 
biting, orthopedic defects; (20) voc civics 
and occasional spkrs to h s; (22) 3 Jr ss 
after extensive study of local needs and 
other cities' practice and extensive publicity; 
(24) mem spec 8t com; (25) "always survey- 
Injr"/ Introd iDteJ tests '20: (27) athl stadium 

$72,000 raised by h s and grs pus; (29) Ss 
of the A E F at ann instit; Strengthening 
,the Suptcy at N E A; Freedom of S Admin- 
istration, sumr convocation O S U; (31) att 
nor 2, col 4, pg 2; t ur h 1, col 3; supt r h 2, 
p s 17; lect Bklyn Instit 1, ts assn 1, sumr 
session IT Wis and O S U; ar, gen supt 
field service, ed corps A E F. 

BROWEK. Hugh Rowland, prof Journalism, 
Col of Emporia, Emtporia, Kan; b, 11-3-75; 
(5) prof Eng, Emporia Col, '17-'18; Y M C A 
service overseas, '18-'10; (31) att ur el 8, ur 
h 4, col 4. pg 1; t ur el 1, col 11; nor 4 sumr; 
supr ur h 1 ; war, Y M C A service in Eng- 
land and France, 1 ; other, registrar, Col 
Emporia 4. 

BROWN, E E, Chan New York U, New York, 
N Y. 

BROWN. Frank C, prof Eng '04 — , Trinity 
Col, Hartford, Conn; b, '70; (8) lects and 
artels in st Jrnl of ed; (10) lects in some h 
ss, consultation with ts and mems of s bds; 
(14) many former stus are now hds of depts 
of Eng in h ss and cols; (21) gave crs in 
S A T C. 

BROWN, G B, supt, Greeley, Col; b, '83; (12) 
45% sal inc; (13) local orgs to which all ti 
belong, with elective council to advise with * 
supt; (19) over 300 ch were staying out of 
s in Oct and Nov to help with harvest; to 
enforce truancy law would handicap indus- 
tries ; therefore 7-wks sumr crs was offered, 
and those attending were excused from s 
during Oct and Nov; in this way 'the per- 
centage retardation among these ch was re- 
duced from 67 to 35 and for rest of s from 
21 to 16; (31) t r 2, nor 3 sumr; supr ur el 
14, ur h 4. 

BROWN^ George A, publisher and mng editor. 
School and Home Ed, '10 — , and 111 T '15 — . 
Bloomington, 111; publisher Jrnl Ed Re- 
search l-'20 and yr bks Natl Soc for Study 
of Ed. 

BROWN. H A, pres Nor S, Oshkosh, Wis; b, 
8-10-79; (7) meths of tg taught only with 
practice; theory taught In one crs rather In 
several spec meths crs; ts of el ed in nor 
are expert ts in the grds for which they t 
the theory of ed; old style abstract philo- 
sophical^ metaphysical and speculative psy- 
chology abandoned; ed sociology incl study 
of defective, dependent and delinquent els 
and corrective laws and Institutions of Wis; 
race hist and soc conditions of race elements 
in Wis population; soc Justification of diff 
subJs in s program; social needs to be met 
by el s; ss otk and mng Incl new types of 
s orflr; modern plans of grading; deformal- 
isation of s wrk; fatigue; s room decora- 
tion ; ts code of ethics ; dir tr s conducts 
crs in org and relates constantly to crs In 
tr dppt; practice tg beffins early; apprentice 
wrk begins first wk; details publ in Nor S 
Org; (28) Study of Ability in Secondary 8, 
*19, 170 pp for s and col ts and sci in- 
vestigators in ed. Several difif tests of 
"ability to get largest amount of thought 
and get it most correctly from given selec- 
tion of Latin in a given time" ; chapts incl 
value of study of grammar; CQtn.^^^^k^Sis'fc. 
standing of vv^% Vu eQ\% ^\i. T?rQ.N^\ Njsi, ^'^'S^-aJ-N 

remedy -, ^t\c\ ow V% \w ^xxA ^^ ^'^^^'^^^^^ 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

BKOWN. II K. pros Valparaiso l'. Valparaiso. 

BKOWN, J J, pros Col Sacred Iloart, Donwr, 

BKOWN, John Franklin, editor ed liooks. G4 
nth Av, NYC; b, 5-1-05. 

BROWN, JoHepli C, pros st nor k. St Cloud. 

BROU'N, J Stanley, pros st nor s. Do Kalb, 

BROWN. Rollo Walter, prof Enff, Carleton Col. 
Northflold, Minn; (29) hef Natl Council T« of 
Enjr. in Cliioaffo. ll-L»4;-20, said: "Our col 
faculties are concerned only with mental 
slacker and la^Kard ... If stu conn*M late 
to els, if he wastes his time in jxn)! rms. 
if he fails in exams, the fac will takf an 
interest in him. If he in ea^er and wlllinic 
to go ahead^ if he shows any hIstds what- 
ever of Intellifcenoe. he is neglected. Our 
cols are lavishinic all their thought on the 
%%'eak and indifferent and they arc prettinj; 
just the kind of stus they invite ... If 
h s boy has necesary 10 credits. Incl type- 
writing, stock judginpr, and s band, he is 
admitted; if he has specialized in 1 or 2 
subjs and hasn't made s band or dabbled in 
stock judffin^, he is refused admission . . . 
Our cols are too busy determining: units, to 
look for or welcome the enthusiaHtio 

BROWN. Walter T, supt Greene Co. '17—, 
Bloomfiuld, Ind; b, 0-1-00; (10) changed from 
indiv s to co text bk adoption; (12) perH 
letters to ts doiniic meritorious work; (14) 
stressing: in h s assemblies need for best 
talent in ed field; (IS) adpt health habits 
text in 4th p:rd ; (31) att r 8, col 4: t r 1, 
nr h 1; supt 5; war, 4-min man; other 
mem s bd : sec library branch '07 — ; treas 
Uloomfield 'OS — . 

BROWN, William M. prof cd and dir voc jruid, 
Washinjrton and Lee V, Lexington. Va ; b. 
2-27-04: (5) prin Danville IT S 'J0-'20; asst 
prin '10; (0) h s fa<^ com appointed to 
formulate aim for entire yr and aim adopted 
by entire fac; (7) How to Study wk. Teueh- 
able Facts about BolHlieiism and Sovietism 
wk, Thrift wk, eaoli t being required to 
stress thoNe topics; (10) ine use of current 
digests; (11) h s notes publ each wk in loeal 
papers; editor mo publ by V M Business 
Club for loeul improvement; ran ed artel; 
(!.'{) ever.v t assigned to com, and llbrar.v 
etc left entlrel.v in com hands; (14) several 
talks to srs. c1 and indIv; charge of Y M 
C A Business 8 2 nis wkly for 5 mos; (20) 
series talks to srs; (22) h s bid used for 
sumr t-tr instit; jrr bid used for Chantaiiqna 
wh also erected tent on s pronnds: various 
community entertainments: (2;")) Intel tests. 
interesting fae and s bd ; (20) trustees jrave 
and approp athl fund: t sals inc 930,000, in 
town less than 2o,000: (27) 700 vols for li- 
brary; (29) Democracy and Ed bef Women's 
Club and Ts Assn; Society and the Moral 
Ideal bef Women's Club ; several commcmts ; 
(31) att col 3, PI? 3; t col 1, pg 3; supr ur h 
1%; war, 2d It inf and air service. 

BROWN, Charles Carroll^ dean, Col of Ap- 
plied Sci, Valparaiso U. Valparaiso, Ind; b, 
10-4-56; (5) also supr fed bd stus at unlv; 

(7) devp f-rs for col of applied act in general 
<>n;;r, co- Industrial engrr. and tr in shop wrk 
or ss of industry; wrk so amuis«»d that aay 
Ntu entering trade n may wrk bla way Uum 
and Anally secure degree from rnirr ■; (10) 
books with plenty of data, well And loirleally 
org chosen rather than those to be used ai 
models for rei'itations ; (13) chmvn com to 
prepare C(»nstitution for stu council; (16) 
providing opportunities for practical appli- 
cation of theory in field wrk and shop; (17) 
supplying -programs and bints for stu activi- 
ties in col ensrr soc; (10) crs as explained io 
7 provide opportunity for any one to find 
instr in engr in any grade; (15) personnel 
wrk anion p: stus as basis for their decisions 
as to lines of wrk they will follow; (21) 
prepared program for yr's study of men's 
lit soc in Americanism and Americanization; 
(22) practically entire devp of new plant to 
cover all linos of industry; (23) tntel tests, 
devp tests; (28) Hlffhway Bnsrr, in prepara- 
tion: (31) att col 3, t col 11; field, conenilting 
oui:v, X Y st bd health, city engrr, consult- 
ing enjrr. 

liKOWNEl^Ii, J D, pres Northland ' Col, Ash- 
land, Wis. 

BKUBAtsiCER, A R, pres N T St Col for Ts. 

Albany, X Y. 

BKrcK, William C, editor and pubUslier, 
.\nior S lUl Journal, and Industrial Arts; 
uses cartoons; illustrates contributed artels: 
extensively advertises equipment and sup- 
plies: 12-19 lending editorial entitled "Stop 
the cry of alarm" insisted ''t shortaflre never 
be<'anie gen or acute . . . actual and probable 
shortage magnified . . . alarm Bounded alto- 
gctlier too loudly . . . claim that there is 
still shortuge of 100,000 and over majr be 
seriously questioned; to hold that a lar^ 
fra<'tion of country's t force is nnq,ualifled 
Is hardly reasonable . . . only shortage iB 
remote country dists due to other canses 
than sal . . . ;*' at X 10 A div supt mt)^ 
I)rints daily cumulative register. Milwaukee, 

IIUITK, W If, pres st nor col. Denton, Tex. 

BKVKRK, Kol)ert Walter, investigator and 
wi-iji'i* on labor and social problems; IM 
WavfMly IM.ico. X Y C; b, 1-0-76; in Harpers. 
7-l!> discussed attitudes of labor and capital 
tow.ird cd ; "Labor leaders are askinip for 
liberal ed . . . Our bus men who run cols 
are tallying of more voc ed." 

BRr.>rBAl'(ill, I H, pros Juniata Col, Hunt- 
injrdon, I*a. 

BKl'XER, II B, supt, '18 — , Okmulgee, Okla; 
b, 12-1R-1)2: (5) actg prof ed, U Ark, '17-*18; 
(12) sinjfle ts receive meals at copt at s 
cafeteria ; married ts secure groceries at 
cost : $50 bonus for attendance at dist and 
st assns; $100 bonus for sumr s study; ts 
paid on 12 mo basis : min sal grds 91400* 
h 8 $1800; (7) broadening crs for grda 7-9 
incl fundamentals of printing, home econ, 
automotive, olec^trical, manl tr, commercial; 
(15) group mental measurements; indiv 
tests to highest and lowest 5% ; mental 
records combined with s records to form 
achievement quotients; spec els inol oppor- 
tunity els for mentally defective stus* m- 
portunity els for batdcward stus, Birtwvia 

High Spoti for Every School 


. later 



.) B DDr» 

r bate, travel club, glee club, scorj-telUng, 

p auto-flrlvliig, gym, aBtroQomj ---" "■ 

French Club, laDdKapluK, etc; ( 
tor ever^ lOOO cb; doDtlst ui 

DomplctA tnulu tor dental «llnlei I 

In* roam; dlaptiDurr In each wud a; (21) 
crsiu citlnensHtp : mook elections; (22) $300, ~ 
000 voc b B, 4 ward aa coating from (30.000 to 
1150,000 and improTements In 3 other aa 
during war time; Y W C A. boy acaute, 
Amer Legion, churcbes make use of a bids ; 
(29) Hilf-aurvar now b^nt soadDcted; aa- 
alsted In aurver of Ft Smith, Ark p ss: 
(31) r 7, ur h 3, col 4. pg 2; t r 10, ur h 1, 
col 1 1 BupC i, 
BBU8H, Morrmy Pekbodr, dit '19 — , Tome S 
Port Deposit, Md; h, 4-17-72; (5) deau col 
fac, JohnB Hopkins V, 'n-'ia; (7) modified 
and brought up to date t requlrementa (or 
admission to Jobna Hopkins U: (12) steady 

_iw. ., i_. .„!, ,_ pense for good wrk; 

Q[ stu govt; (17) 

tra cnrric activities; 

every boy, ned lapr 

.n-normu Doyii (22) mIuvIbb 

by townspeople; (26) new swlin- 

Ible tor execaUon at mlea proposed by them- 
kIvm; (IS) reg program In gym, supple- 
mented by expert advice; (21) gennla* 
election mKCUnery eatab, rsllle* held, res 
elections; (22) tbo an endowed a, baa aecnred 
recognklou as pub s, and Is trying to bave 
whole system put under an ed council; (26) 

. -„j gaei^ 

28) arllck,„ „_ 

. __ ... Communities, , 

r h 4, col 4, pg S; t ur h 3i, 

war, founded Jr R C chnpt. 

Bt'GBEB, Percy I, pres at nor 


V. N 1 


(13) modiSed 
strongly suppc 
(IS) army med 

t col 20; Bupt spec 2; dean 4. 
BBYAN, E A, comr ed, Boise, Ida. 
BBYAN, B B, pres Colgate U, Hamilton, N Y. 
BBYAN, W !•, prea Indiana U, Bloomlngton. 

system and . , 

tlon of large sums to lengthen s terms and 
inc ta sala; (27) bequeathed (15,000 to eatab 
fund to ed, at st unlv and st nor, men and 
women otherwise unable to attend. 
BUCHNER, Ed F, prof ed, dlr col crs for ta, 
dir snmr era, Jobns Hopkins U. Baltimore, 
Md; b, e-3-«8i (12) helped secure bonus for 
ts sals, encouraged study credit plnus of 
securing extra flied sal Inc; (20) urged prlns 
and ts to (todr voc dlstrlb of grads over 
long period of yrs ks direct help In definibjt 
•d bhIb; (23) urged snpts to make cost 
anslysea of their a outlays, so measuring 
eflic of admn ; (25) fosters st. co, city and 


:rs retained; a 
taking tr in pi 
i In gen ed; [2 

ar. soldiers 
r S A T C 
rged ; after 
out 200 ei- 

iretarial cri 
la, spec 7; supr : 

BtBK. Frederic L, 
Cisco, Cal. 

BI;BI.EI0H, NstbBj 

I be added; (31) I 

I G, prol bus org n 

Id aecond vol, Urb 
BITBI^, Colin 

. 111. 

Erin Wllllama Memorial 
ondon, Conn; b, 1-3-61; 
(B) BttemptB to show that tg must detennlne 
qnitliaeatlans of ts, decides atness after pro- 
bntlsoi as chrmn com to form council ed 
lor city, la attempting to effect system 
wbere ts, prins and trastees will bave eqnal 
valM U ed esDtrol; (13) wrktng oat pi 

MbT VB> 

rill b 

Col, Hanover, 'N""H";"b, 7-10-89; (5)" Indus 
engr and asst sales mgr, Wlncheater Repeat- 
ing Arms Co. ■17-'19; (31) att r h 4, col 4. 
pg 1; t col US; war, see B: other, engaged 
In elec railway operation and mfg '12-'ie. 
BtTBN'BT-r. G 3, prea. Tennessee Col. Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn. 

, prof pedagogy 

>. l2-3-(^T (6)' emphasizing healthful d'evelop- 
nent and training In bubits of bealtb. pbyn 

tr! (IS) lecls and writes on s byg and 
mental hyg; (2Sl Health Exam at S Rn- 
irance. Jrnl Amer Med Assn, '17; Fundamen. 
tnl Principle of Hyg, Pedagogical Seminary, 
'18; MentalHyg and the Conditioned Bcflei, 
i'edag Scm, '17; Mental Health for Nor Ch, 
Publ of Mass Society for Mental Hyg, '17; 
Success and Failure na Conditions of Mentnl 
Health, Mental Hyg, '19; Hyg of Sleep, 
Pedag Sem, '20; Metabolism Id Chlldbooil, 
ditto ; (20) many to ts mtgs, mothers clubs, 
confs on mental by- ,sumr ss, etc; (31) t r 

pres MasB Society for Mental Hyg, '17- "5 
BURNS, Harry B, dlr hvg Plltsburgb ss and 
aiw Amer S Hyg Assn, Plttsbarglb, Pa: b. 
; (18) prepared pamphlet publ by 

SB pom 


Whds Who and Why in After-War Education 

ni'KNs. K H, siipt Husk To. 'V.i -. L.iUysinitli. 
Wlti: h. ^<-l4-7<l; (11) imI dfpt in the six co 
ii(*\\ simpers: (12) libornlizod pub mind on t 
(■oinpoiis.'itlon : obtained icood boarding plarew 
fur Ih: pri\'ih>^«> ot piirtii.'ipatint; in pro- 
fcssiunal ^Mthorinffs without bolDg peualizod 
fi»r tlnn* nlT; support and cooperation in 
ni);innt : <Ui t.'Hks to h s ^rad f-ls on t^' as 
])roft>ssiiin : (17) nl hh in remote dUtrirt for 
adnltH; correH Htudy; (IS) full-time Dari»e; 
I l!)i SH(> 17: (1*0) talkH to 8th Krd and h ct pu§; 
i'2l\ Ihssohs from lives of palriotw ch trained 
io sMlut(» tia^ and pled;re allojriauce; (22) 
fommunity mtfc* in h, t usually attendH and 
often lea<ler; (2(5) *'\Vo seldom fail to pet 
projuT appropriations jlfter tolliuR' [leople 
wliat is HMjulnMl": Cil) att r S. r h 3, nor 2, 
fol 2; t r :\, r h (>U, nor 0; supr and Bni»t 
10; war, raised food, assisted draft boar<l. 

Bl'RNS, JameH, prca, Noire Dame r, Notre 
Damp. Ind ; in writin^c to Instilutf f«»r Pub 
S<»rvlce of t- shortage 4-20 said "attitude of 
Iiub toward t is of utmost import ance and 
constMiuiMicc: upnn thai attitud** deiKMids to 
jrreat extent ultimate prof success as well 
as social status aud hai»pin«'ss (jf t ; . . . 
it is hopt'd that jroneral discussion of all 
these matti*rs now going on will awaken pub 
to moro generous appreciation of tliise to 
whom it has entrusted formation of very 
lif«» and spirit of future Anu'r democracy . . . 
we have uh a nation eonHpicuouHly failed to 
reeoi^nize MufH<-ientIy in praetlcal wayH un- 
derlyiniip truth that in republic Hueh aH ourH 
wrk of t and h Ih snpreniely neeeHMary." 

BI;KKAL.I.. JesHle I^, chief s service. Natl 
Geographh? Society, Washington, I) C; (6) 
iirgreH geog tg because it formH best poAHiblt; 
basis for citlzenHliip and world friendliness 
tliru acquaintance with world peoples and 
their problems of food, clotbiri^ and shelter. 
l)ecause every citizen of Amor is now vitally 
interested in every citizen of world, because 
l)rogres3 or retrogression in any country 
means progress or retrogressi.on in every 
nation, because permanent world peace can 
only be promoted thru sympathetic iinder- 
standincr of world people: (7) I^ictorial Geog, 
see 2.*^, forms basis of crs in geog, savinir 
1 /:{ actual s time; (8) at instils and ts assns 
lectures on broader aspects t)f geog tg and 
teaclu's geog met lis to stress id<ni>s instead of 
mere facts, trutlis behind facts, which re- 
Huires abundance of pictures . . . .with 
sufficient text only to make picture of perm- 
anent value: (19) Pictorial Greog being used 
in adult illiteracy els; (2S) co-author, Pl<!- 
torlal Geog, 6 sets of 48 large pictures with 
200 words for ecM^h for use in ss and honi«s: 
(20) instit lects every sumr on GeoK in 
Action; Visualization; Americanization: to 
jr h ss on Self-Control and Personality; 
talks on Christian Personality, Citizenship, 
tr of ch, girl -problems (every F5un morning 
to largest Hible els for young women in 
world at Rialto Picture Theatre, enrollment 
].«82); (in) att ur el 6, ur h 4, nor 2, col 
2: t ur el 6: t ai^d supr ur h 2, uor 5. 

BrKBIS. William Paxton, dean col for ts, U 
Cincinnati, Cincinnati, O; (0) believes "hon- 
esty is best pedagogy, that crs in ed should 
be sincere, that t-tr institutions should not 
offer one crs under 2oO or more diff titles, 
fh:/^ pthicntors should not j»la.v politics, that 

t-tr Institutions sliould nut rely upon sue* 
less In Joi»-g«»tting for prestige, and that for 
ed direction theiv is no Mt Siuui"; (7) pr«- 
Kram for co-op t-tr; open to col srs and 
grads who have taken npproTed lines of col 
wrk; stus divided into 2 equal sects; ttii 
wrk in pairs, each pair under supr of coHip 
t In p s. one sect ts Id forenoon and takn 
vri* In ed In afternoon, alteritatlnir with 
other se<'t ; co-op ts receive bonuses and eri 
grad stu-ts rec^'ive half pay on basis of 
initial sal of reff t on full time; (8) UTfCi 
ti-i; basis and con sol of city ns conducted 
upon i)Iatoon system to secure economy, 
eflh- and higher degree of socialized wrkui 
ss: «0» urges freedom from office routine for 
prins. and dep.-irtmentallzatloii of insir; 
employ office assistants and dispense with 
many spec suprs; (2Sl I<^ed Govt aud Ed. iB 
Texas R<'view, 7-'19, "ed does not guio la 
dixnity and importance by haTlng: sec of ed 
in president's cabinet any more than wonM 
be case in Riven locality by having snpt •( 
Ks in cabinet of mayor"; A Fed Dept of Ed. 
in Kl S .7 ml. 4-'20, "in favor of fed dept 
of ed in which to bring together under com* 
nmn dir'>ction all legitimate ed HCtivitiei 
of fed govt, but opposed to admn of thii 
dept by cabinet oflicer" ; The Smith-Towner 
I'M Kill. lett<'r to com on ed of 6Gth Congress, 
cpposing p.'issage of this bill or "any other 
legislation by fed govt affecting ed until 
there has been full and fair consideration 
nnd discussion": (29) many in opposition 
to ts unions aHlllated ^^-Ith Amer Fed of 
Labor; "there is urgent need for more ef- 
fective professional org among ts, but sudi 
orgs should not be affiliated with Amer Fed 
of Labor or :iny other partisan body." 


ville, 111- 

E G, pres Greenville Col, Green- 

Ill KROWS, A S, supt King Co, 419 Co City 

Hid, Seattle, Wash; b, 9-29-71; (8) by consol 
has 80 routes of transportation carrylnir oTsr 
2,000 pus daily; (12) min sal scale, min 9 

mo term ; stressed longer tenure, so that 
70^6 <»f ts r«Muain in positions for next yr; 
(24) as sec admn code conin, is helping to 
frame bills for 1921 legls embodying removal 
of p s admn from politics, provision for 
equal ed opportunity for all ch in st, equit- 
able distrib of burden of s support, reorg 
of St dept, elimination of st supt as mem 
and presiding officer of st bd of ed, reorg of 
country s dists on county basis; (S») helped 
draw up Preliminary Study of S Revennel 
and Kxpendltures of King Co Districts, 
artel S Finance, in Northwest Jml Bd; (SI) 
t r 4, ur h s 5; supt 10; war, sec exemption 

BURRFSS, Julian Ashby, pres '19 — , Va Agr 
and Mech Col and Polytech Instit, Blacls 
burg, Va; b, 8-16-76; (5) pres St Nor 8. 
Harrisonburg, Va, '09-'19; asst prof ed u 
Chicago, sumr quarters '19, '20; (7) studied 
catalogues of land grant cols in U 8- on 
basis of which set up new crs for V P I; 
later visited 18 land grant cols; reptd on 
curricula to bd 4-'20. 62 pp mimeog, Incl 
iHud grant col statistics, ranking eMsh In 
total stus in agr, engrlng, other stui tn 
number and %, total profs and stus to 
profs, library vols to profs, etc; V P I had 
'.\2f/c «gr, ranked 39; ^<Yo engr ranked 11; 

High SpoU for Every School 

8.6 EtUB to prof, rnnked 31; ronsol table: 

c*Ia. e e 10 oC 43 had r ccon: lect era offered 
la at Vn's iiMd>: "all cIbIhis tor enppart 
from at mnat be bMed on Vb needN"; eujt- ' 

to -wrk of t«ch col to help stu adja*t hlnwelf 
to CDl lire br telllnc him Jttat what col atuidB 
far, best metha of Btndytag:, ways to choose 
Ubrary, offerlof rnld toward col era and 
tntnro prot wreer; auoli crs to be given b; 
tac meina anil oulsidera: requlce outside 
prepnratian; moFi econamlca and aorial acl 
anSKMled Incl r (ociology, bog or( and ladna 

also elective^ widened ; |16) art plan tor 

,. all sanitation a 

instr lo persoaal and pub hjg and r snni- 
tatlon ; (19) eit nrk Id atr Idc; more cloaelf 
3 luBtr and reaearch centers in cities 

liation"! address, Ann Arbor, Micta. 
. , Rl BoT LowU W, bishop Protestant 
Episcnpnl Church In Diocese of Leilngton, 
436 W 6(h St, LeilDgton, Kv ; b, 11-9-52; aa 
hlsliop. hd of dlrectoraee of Margaret Hall 
at VersHllleE, Ky, of 81. John's Collegriate 
InsCit and Indus S at Corbin, Ky. of St 
Andrew's Cnl Kr at Leiincton. Ky ; alao 
truslee U of South at Sewanee, Tenn. 

BURTON. Theodore R. Congressman -elect, 
Cleveland and Washington. D C: b. 12-20-51; 
pub addretaes in loan and R C campalgna. 
Amprii-anlzatioti. etc. 

BCRT8, R C. lupt. Rock Hill, 8 C: b, S-3-S2; 

crs in Amer cltlienstiip s 
lensMp added and reqalr 
ginnlnn '20-'21 to be vei 

loblle nrha s 

romcni 122) 

mi Vm banks a 

1 Dartmouth Col 

eoB iDTFBtlKMIns a aTatem of Hanover, 

eitpec boaBlOK ronditlonBl (28) publ Vergi]-s 

BltBTON, Marlon LeRoy, pres 11 Minn '17-'20. 
U Mich '20 at salary of (18,000 which cre- 
. ated nation wide discussion as furnlsblQB 
new "top" for ed compensation. He asked 
n Mich regenlB to make of his inaugural a 
serious conference on ed needs in country, 
Bl> addrea* Ilatrd steps which the at a— 
any staU a—abonld take for Ita at: "The 
curricula of m and cols within u must be 
deflnitely directed toward comm needs. The 
n mast utilize definitely its equipment and 
peraonnei for research wrk in solving prob- 
lems of St. In every realm u should serve 
the people : mast come into closer contact 
with all ss; must be of vital service In re- 
crulttag the tg proteasion ; conduct crs for 
groups of bnalnesB men; train social service 


""'■ S'TL 

.□d ; 

: for Public 

„. ; shortage 4-'2^ ._ . 

Service he said: "There la numc .n:i:"si.pu 
to be on our guard now lest the mere flnan- 
clBl aspect of the case he seriously over- 
proved . . . The primary issue concerns 
tbe social status of the t . . . What the t 
must have la tbe sanctioD of society. He 
must be taken seriously . . . Bnalness 

s 15; (31) a 

s V. Toledo, Ohio. 

2; t r 

■11 h . 

2%, I 
BUBHBR, Fr«d«Hck 

sociology and dlr .i.i ..l lmuiuch^. ., v,ui. 
Boulder. Col; b. 7-21-72; (8> tries to make 
crs praclical suited to needs of botb leg 
and voc stus; (IS. IT) mem com orBabliing 
rollrgJatr ladua R^ararcb MovimoDt tor 
Rocky M( aert lor rol men to take poaitlona 
In Indnatrles In sumr and atndy labor con- 
dlHoDB: (Ifl) instr glrea halt time to tg 
business crs and half to eit wrk, giving 
short crs to business men and org ext els: 
est lecfs; (28) Principles of Sociology; artel 
■Enropean Exchanges; (ZGl R*(*nl Tend- 
eB In Labor Movement. BuslneSB Ed. Re- 
of at Taxation, Karopean Bichanges, 

BITSHNELI.. Charlra Joseph, prof Bocioluay 
■19 _, Toledo T, 20fl Wth St. Toledo, 0-, 
b 5-1-75; (5) Instr ROT C, •V;-'\V,>aA. V^t 
fed go-vt on WenTiVne oT. RtwA '^ •>'' ■ J™^*^; 
While. C^iaatavi(\on ^■S»^«'S-,"^Ti='^^S- vVv ": 


Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

I>ul) iHldr iu 25 sts emphasizing ed neeils, 
t.lilefly that Americanism means trying to 
achieve more perfect union by service at least 
e(iual in value to income; (7) helped Inau- 
gurate crs for freshmen in study of civil- 
ization; one crs contains 26 lessons with 
lects, textbooks, collateral readings, written 
repts, topics to be discussed in each lesson ; 
aim of crs "to trace- in outline natural evo- 
lution of humanity thru its universal suc- 
cessive phases in devpt of civilization and 
thus to arrive at clear conclusions as to 
nature and normcbl direction of human proR- 
reHs today"; modern topics incl trend and 
future of art, woman suffrase, prohibition, 
Bolshevik! and soviet form of econ and 
polit orfr> present condition and extent of 
Russia under soviet rule; lesson on world 
])olltics bef Great War incl attitude of "great 
powers" toward Turkey bef Great War and 
today, Balkan sts and their problems, Ger- 
man world politics bef war, growth of inter- 
natl law in 19th century; lesson on Great 
War and present social crisis incl pan-Ger- 
manism and pan-Slavism, Wilson's 14 points, 
neutral nations, new war meths, internatl 
situation of commerce, capital and labor; 
lesson on new civilization of 20th century 
incl armistice and treaty after war, main 
trms of treaty, covenant of Licagrue of Na- 
tions, problems of profiteering:, monopoly 
and class-conflict, outlook for democratic 
flrovt; (8) reorg of sociology tg and introd 
of home econ, espec for women; (11) as dir 
official publ of Toledo U, assisted in publ 
new forms of catalog:, yr book, announce- 
ments, etc; (13) presiding at stu forum mtgs 
to promote Intel and effective stu participa- 
tion in univ control and morale; (16) see 
7; (19) see 6; also 45 lects in ext div in 15 
mo on Amer citizenship, ideals and respon- 
sibilities, etc; (20) systematic interviews 
with h s stus thru voc gruidance confs ar- 
, rang:ed by Y M C A; (21) all sociology crs 
and lects given with that aim; (22) lects to 
pt-t as«n and other mtgs; (25) see 20, ques- 
tionnaires and self-survey blanks and tests 
used somewhat with stus interviewed ; (28) 
Comm Center Movement as Moral Force, in 
Internatl .Trnl of Ethics, 4-'20; forthcoming 
book on Foundations of Social Reconstruc- 
tion; (29) see 6, 19, 22; (31) att col 4, pg 3; 
t col 19, pg 10; pres col 4; field, 6 sumrs 
organizer and supr pub playgrounds; war, 
see 5. 

BUTCHER, Thomas W, pres Kansas St Nor S, 
Emporia, Kan; b, 7-3-67; (12) advocates 
raising stnd of t profession by excluding 
temporary pseudo-ts and employing only 
certificated ts; "sals and social rating would 
then rise so high that tg would become at- 
tractive to young people"; (19) org certain 
mech crs during: war and continued several 
since; ext wrk inc; (31) att r 9, col 4, pg 2; 
t r 2; supr 8; supt 4; pres nor 9; war, mem 
bd dirs local II C ; co chrmn U W W C ; mem 
speakers' bur; entire col converted into R C 
org during war with women following usual 
lines of R C, and men using shops to con- 
struct artds useful about cantonments, espec 

BUTLER, L A, supt Ann Arbor, Mich; (8, 12) 

ts may secure ann sal inc of $100 for 3 yrs 

by complying with either of 2 plans: Ist, 6 

irrs credit In ed instlt tor study approved 

by supt, att at natl ed mtg approved by 
supt and mtg of Mich St Ts Assn, regular 
reading of gen ed magazine and periodical 
in spec field, reading of 2 ed books approved 
by supt, repts on mtgs and reading; 2nd, 
6 wk« European or equivalent travel previ- 
ously approved by supt, reading: as in Ist 
plan, repts on travel and reading:. 

BUTJLER, Nicholas Murray, pres Columbia U, 
chrmn Carnegie Peace Fund, Trustee Car- 
negie Foundation for Advancement of Teach- 
ing; latest ann rept for Columbia U widely 
quoted for criticisms of current tendencies 
in education incl : 

1. In this period of vigorous and able-bodied 
reaction the world is without a poet . . . 
philosopher . . . notable religious leader 
. . . the great voices of the spirit are 
all still just now. 

2. The ruling passion in education is not 
to know and to understand but to get 
ahead, to overturn something, to apply 
in ways that bring material advantage, 
some bit of information or some acquired 

o. Hoth school and college have taken their 
minds off the true business of education, 
which is to prepare youth to live, and are 
preparing youths to make a living. 

4. For a quarter of a century past Ameri- 
can educational practice has been stead- 
ily losing its hold upon guiding prin- 
ciple and has therefore increasingly come 
to float and drift upon the tide of jnere 

- opinion without standard . . . purpose 
. . . without insight. 

5. The American school and college are to- 
day inferior to those which existed a 
generation ago. 

6. In practical application, we are becoming 
a widely instructed but an uncultivated 
and undisciplined people. 

7. As a sequence of our educational methods 
the mob spirit becomes increasingly 

8. The grade schools have been seized by 
all sorts of enterprises that have their 
origin in emotionalism . . . ignorance 
or . . . mere vanity. 

9. The secondary schools and the colleges 
have very largely abdicated their places 
as leaders in modern life and have be' 
come the plaything of whatever tempor- 
ary or passing influence may operate upon 

10. Throughout our schools high and low 
teachers are too often not teachers at all, 
but preachers and propagandists for some 
doctrine of their own liking. 

11. For fifty years we have poured out money 
without stint for the teaching of the 
natural and experimental sciences and 
have provided costly laboratories to make 
that teaching practical, yet the result, so 
far as giving a general command of scien- 
tiflc method or general knowledge of 
scientific facts is concerned, is quite neg- 

12. The greater part of what is read by col- 
lege and school graduates is unworthy 
to be read 

13. School and college students spend years 
.upon the study of history and yet few 

really know any history. 

14. Boys and girls, young men and young 

High Spots for Every School 

women spend j-enrs npparentlr In study 
UDd ttiea leave school or college without 
trained 1 nielli gen ee, without ~'-" 

Hith aloveul; 

- r y to rtp 

roblem dlapiisaionately 


t clearly. 

BUTTENKEIH. Harold S, editor Amer City, 
Tribune Bid. N Y C; b, 4-8-7B; as prea, 
Amer City Bur, aids la publ Coram I^ad- 
«-al>ip. bl-wkly bulletin; conducts ann sumr 

ehambM ot cannnercc co-opimtloD with p 

h; Issued rept Know and Help Your 8s. 
BVTTEKFIEI,n, ErnHt Wstren. comr ed 
'19 — , Concord, N H; li. 6-7-74: (."i) aupl 
Dover '17, deputy comr '1T-'18: (71 aun rept 
'1T-'18 snys, serondary s program revised | 

for grl and nrartlcBl artsi abstract meth In 
last 2 yra. conrrrte Id 1st f, more Lnt if 
elected than formerly, substltHtes priictlcal 

aafwli.; Eng wrk li 

idiomatic Ell] 

n that ts ae Indlvs 

t of P 

ested: (13) st bd, 3-10-'2a, .idoptec 
tlOD that U ot any dlst durlnc 


I as may be rpqnnted sbsll be 

I supt for roDf on matters whlrb bt 
nils; (141 4 pp circulal ' "" '"" ~ " 

_ __-'20, Ts (or 
_ _ keep our N H 
ts", asks 800 local bd meiua and ea supts to 
obtain ts of highest possible tralnluB, ar- 
range far them without unnecessiivy delay, 
pay larger sals, make t* more attractive "by 
aetive efforts InteUlsenlly directed of loral 
bds and fathers and mothers of s cb In 
every eomni"; (34) recent remilatlons Issued 
on powers and duties ol a bd, of snpta. on 
temporary approval ot s bouses, health and 
phys welfare. Inel at snpr of health; new 
9 law of "19 Issued l-'20: (2(1) eonf. l-t». of 
st bd, local snpt* and s bds, called by st bd 
says "We have definite suggestions to make 
to you"; suggestions Incl Is sals, s bouses, 
health and phyi welfare, Amer. consol: pro- 
ceedings Incl new s lay -■ ' — ""■■"- 

piige. "The v ss must 

I 221-3 

h 11; 
ipt p s S, voc 2; deputy 
BUTTBBFIELn, K I., pres Mass Agr Col, 


CABLE, W Arthur, mgr ed dept U Chicago 
Press, l!rra4 S Spauldlng Av. Chicago, 111; 
*-, 6-9-90; (11) with Homer F Sanger, has 

frepared ed directory of Church of Brethren 
708-1920, Blvinfi biographies of all metni 
who are cnl grads or have served In ed wrk: 

S23) blank to obtain Information tor ed 
1 rectory. 
CAJORI. Florlan, prot blst ot math, V CbI, 
'18 — , 2M4 Webster St, Berkeley. Cat ; b, 
2-28-S9; (fl> prof, Colorado Col, Col Spgs, 
— '18; (8) by resisting tendency to eliminate 
el math from h s requirements for grad; 
■ImwIiir attitude at great thinkers at ages 
taward malhi tg more practical aitpllcMlon* 
•t el math, and leM stress upon mecbuilcal 
p»H* ot algebraic manlpulMlon; (17) 

s Geodesy and II S Coa 
lution ot Algebraic Notations; Early Surrey- 

CALDWBLI.. Otis W, d)F Lincoln S, N ¥ C. 

CAI.SF. Ellis N. prtn Co Tr S. New Loudon, 

Wis; b, 1-27-91; (8) Mlab practice • ors ai 

IK Why Not Teach buttons, 1 
'eased att at tr s M% over 'IS; (101 
'Dgeit stus bedn practice tg under dose 
r one mo after entering si (18) nurse t 
- ' aW in phys els; (19) chrmn 
• "— '■•"■•- (24) • 

.„. ._ _.. — _?'"'b^s 

CO tr ss! (26) tr s bd purchased new piano 
and victrola: co bd furnished $2000 to lease 
and equip dormitory for poor stus; (31) ntt 
ur el S, ur h 2, nor 4. col 2; t ur el 1, ur h 0. 

CAI.HOirN, Charles H, Co supt, '13—, Wash- 
ington, On; b, 12-10-78: (7) scheda made by 
all ts are combined at an Inst it and best 
from all used by alii (11) require all ss to 
eibtblt Indlv and s wrk at co fair; (13) 

I feeds 

I house 

I Pig 

\ '; 

aST eta* \» T«*.^V 

;::^s«.«^^»- « 


Who's Who find Why in After-War Education 

pays 50% cost new bid; (29) at Sun s rallies 
to bring home need for connecting s with 
CO mm activities. 

C.1I/LAHAN» James Morton, prof hist and 
polit sci and dean col arts and sci, W 
Va U, Morgautown, W Va; (28) artels 
on ed and on Amer problems and poli- 
cies; 40 in '20 edition Encyclopedia 
Americana on Amer diplomatic relations 
with various countries, conservation, the 
west in Amer politics, etc; (29) about 50 
on League to Enforce Peace, Amer Democ- 
racy, Constitutional Govt, EstabliHhed Order 
and New DlNorder, Americanization, Ijessons 
of World War, Mexican Problem, Awaken- 
inic of So Amer, An^lo-American Dlscorde 
and CooperatioDH, and various ed topics, bef 
commcmts, ts instits, h ss, u lect crs, etc; 
(31) att r 9, nor 2, col 4, pg 4; t r 1, r h 4, 
ur el 2, ur h 1, nor 2, col 20, pg 1 ; field, 
lectured 4 yrs ; war, chrmn 4-min men, con- 
trib artels on Amer foreign policy, etc, thru 
foreign press bur of com of pub informa- 
tion for use in foreign countries. 

CALLEN, Alfred Copeland, prof mining engr, 
W Va U, Morgantown, W Va ; b, 7-17-88; 
(5) 6-mo leave absence serving as spec agt 
for mining fed bd voc ed, Washington, D C; 
(7) outlines for unit org for coal and metal 
miners, bulletin 38, fed bd voc ed; (19) 
supr all mining ext wrk for W Va, carry- 
ing voc m-ininK ed to men at mines; (28) 
nuthor bulletins 38 and 39 fed bd voc ed on 
General Mining and Coal Mine Gases; edited 
bulletins 40, 41, 42, fed bd voc ed, on Coal 
Mine Timl)ering. Coal Mine Ventilation, 
Safety Lamps; (31) att ur el 7, ur h 4, col 4, 
pg 2; t col 8; supr col 3. 

CALMERTON, Gadi^ primary supr Ft Wayne, 
Ind; prepared Socialized Recitation issued 
by Ft Wayne ss, Bnlletin 1, 1.'19. 

CAMERON. Norman W^ dir training s,- Balti- 
more, Md. 

CAMP, Frederick S, supt Stamford, Conn ; (12) 
ts sals materially inc; (28) Can Stamford 
Pay Its S Bill, comparisons originally reptd 
to 8 com, 3/20; information and comparisons 
obtained by sending questionnaires to 80 
places; questions considered, comm ability 
to pay big: bills, wrkingr hrs of depts and 
srroups of ts, conditions of contractual em- 
ployment, present min, max and avg sals, 
recent and contemplated sal inc, relation of 
sals to livinsr costs, ratio of pus to t; re- 
sulted in appropriations at town mtg, 10/20, 
making possible adjustment of ts sals ac- 
cording to equitable scale. 

CAMPBEIili, Doak S, pres Central Col, Con- 
way, Ark; b, 11-16-88; (5) vp and hd dept 
ed '17-'20; (10) mem com to investigrate st 
adoption of textbks with regard to Amer- 
icanism and references to religion; (14) se- 
cured from st dept spec inducements to col 
stus to take professional tr; (22) w co ext 
dept of agr modernize household arts dept; 
(26) $165,000 for new bid, $25,000 additions; 
(29) commcmts in 10 cities on Making Ed Do 
Service; bef 40 churches, ss and ed gather- 

CAMPBELL. Macy» hd dept r ed, St Ts Col, 

Cedar Falls, la; b, 8-12-79; (6) helped posh 

st-wide program to bring to every ch equa7 

encournfrement, enthusiasm and ed oppor- 

tunity by incl his home within dist of well 
org, well admn and well taught consol s 
offering full 12 yrs wrk; (11) chrmn st ts 
col com on ed confs, holding ann st-wide 
oonf on devp of consol ss and another on 
devp of nor tr h ss; (12) helps secure inc 
l)My for ts thru inc financial strength of 
consol ss : C14) many addr on econ gateway 
into tg profession; (16) author. Little Les- 
sons in Thrift, used in p ss of la and other 
sts, being studies in personal and natl thrift; 
(17) author, bulletins on play and lecturer 
on Ts Leadership in Play bef many ts in- 
stits and study centers; (19) promoted In- 
ten^sively during past 3 yrs st campaign to 
bring full 12 yr ed privileges to all country 
ch now having only 8 yrs in ungrd r ss; 
(21) see 16; (22) author bulletin and helps 
and lects on org comm centers about p ss; 
f24) chrmn consol s legis com of la; initiated 
bills providing for inc financial support of 
cunsol Rs, improvement of roads in consol 
N dist, uHe of stnd width bob sleds; (28) 
The Consol S and Its Country Life Setting, 
textbk almost completed; author bulletins, 
Improvement in R Ss and Better R Ss; 
assoc editor Midland Ss; Consolidated S in 
la, 8-'10, Natl S Bid Jrnl; Dying S System 
for Ch Who Are Just Beginning to Live* 
6-'19, Midland Ss; Crisis in B Bd, 5-'19, 
Plight of R Ss, 6-'19, Education George 
Mi«sed, 12-'19, I*isgah Comm Center, 6-*20, in 
Successful Farming; What Killed the B 8, 
6-6-'19, R S of the Future, 3-5-'20, in Wal- 
lace's Farmer; R Ss of la, 4-3-'19, New R S 
in Orange Township, 2-26-20, in la Home- 
stead ; The la Revolution, 10-30-'20, in Coun- 
try Gentleman ; series, Sidelights on Consol, 
in Midhind Rs, beginning 9-'20; other artels 
now in hands of 5 jrnls; (29) several hun- 
dred during past 3 yrs bef farmers and tB 
in 82 cos in la and l.'> cos in S Dak, and 
at various places in Wis, Kan, Okla; audi- 
ences, .'iO-lOOO; most frequent addr, lllus lect 
on devp of consol ss in la ; (31) att r 8, 
r h 2, spec 2 sumrs, nor 4, col 2; t r 3, ur h 
4. col 7; supr r 7, ur 6, col 7; war, dir s 
thrift campaign in la, chrmn Lib loan, com- 
mander CO service league. 

CAMPBELL, P L, pres Oregon U, Eugene, 

CAMPBELL, R T, pres Cooper Col, Sterling, 


CAMPBELL, W B, pres Kentucky Wesleyan, 
Winchester, Ky. 

CAMPER, Chas H^ supt, Chico, Cal ; (22) con- 
vinced pub of need of $500,000 h s with 
strong agr crs; (31) att r, ur el, nor, col; 
t ur el 2, nor 7; supr ur el 25, ur h 17; supt; 
war, mem all war corns in comm. 

CANBY. Henry S, ed editor N Y Times, and 
Yale Review; addr, N Y Times, NYC, 

CANDLER. W A. chancellor Emory U, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

CANT WELL. James W, pros Okla Agr and 
Mech Col, Stillwater, Okla. 

CAPEN, Samuel Paul, dir Natl Council Ed 
'10 — , expert in higher ed, U S bur ed 
'17-'19, Washington, D C. 

CAPPS, Guy Hubert, supt '19—, Monett, Mo; 
b, 12-20-81; (5) supt Bolivar, Mo, -— •!»; 
(11, 12) dir campaign '20 on s needs, secured 

High Spots for Every School 


hislier saris and scale basin gr sals on tr, 
successful experience, and effic; (18) secured 
B C nurse to visit ss and t 1st aid, home 
liy», and personal hyg; (24) mem S T A 
"iegis com, pusbing program for 1921; (29) 
15 addr in '18 on meaning war; commemt 
at New Hope, Mo, '19; Berry Co Ts Assn, 
*19, New Plan of Ts Org in Missouri; (31) 
att r 10, ur h 3, nor 3, col 2; t r 5, ur el 1, 
ur h 3; supt 11; war, chrmn 4 min men and 
jr R C, Hope Co; other, 2 yr chrmn dept ts 
of ed. Mo S T A. 

CABIS^ Albert G, pres Defiance Col, '18 — , 
Defiance, O; b, 9-13-81; (5) acting pres '17- 
'18; (6) had fac study ed problem to more 
clearly determine aims of own org; (11) 
s«K!ured publicity agt; .(12) sal inc 50-60%; 

(13) some forms of stu self-srovt; (19) ext 
dI crs in tecli subjs; (21) helped sive new 
crs in Amer; (22) encouraged use of col 
athl facilities by s stu; ni gym els for town 
youn^r men; built sci hall; (23) re-org 
business office; (25) enoouragred fac mems 
to study lit of self surreyingr; (29) at Amer 
Christian Conf, '19; several commcmts; (31) 
«tt r 5, r h 3, col 4, pg 2; t col 10; supr 
col 6; pres col 3; pres O Assn col Pres and 

CAKLiINy J J, pres Holy Cross Col, Worcester, 

CARL.TON, Frank Tracy, ^rof econ '19 — , 
De Pauw U, Greencastle, Ind; b, 12-22-73; 
(5) '19 prof econ and sociology Albion Col; 
sumr ses '18, '19, '20 prof in Bay View U; 
(28) El Econ '20; Ors Labor in Amer Hist. 
'20; revised edition Hist and Problems of 
Org Labor; contributing editor, Bay View 
Mag; (31) att r 4, ur el 1, ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; 
t ur h 8, col 15. 

CABMAN, Geo N, dir Lewis Instit, Chicago, 
111; b, '56; (19) 200 disabled soldiers now 
in att; (31) t r 5; supr r h 3, ur el 4, ur h 4, 
col 35; war, 2 sections S A T C, t disabled 

CABMICHAEL^ Georgre E. hdmstr Brnnswiclc 
S, Greenwich, Conn ; (6) aims not changed 
since '17; tryin^r to t that wrk is duty and 
privilefpe, to t how to wrk most easily and 
elHe; '*8Ubjs studied are not of Ist consider- 
ation"; (7) reduced requirement from 6 
subJs 4 times wkly to 4 subJs 5 times; (12) 
profit sharinsr system in privately owned s; 

(14) young men are told that unless they 
have tech training there is no wrk as likely 
to pay as Iftrge returns in 1st few yrs as 
tg; (15) phys exams, Intel tests, study of 
indiv needs; (16) current problems for as- 
sembly discussions and some clsrm wrk; 
leadership developed by urging boys to 
handle definite responsibilities of good s 
citizenship; (18) phys exams, introd com- 
pulsory gym wrk, nearly half of s of 200 
play football, basketball popular, in spring 
baseball and track athl; (20) as every boy 
expects to enter col, problem of voc guid- 
ance not immediate; planning crs of lects 
on life openings, their rewards, opportuni- 
ties for service and preparation required ; 
(22) several neighborhood "gangs" use 
football fields at certain hrs, s team acting 
as coaches; (28) beginning publ of series 
of brief monographs of experience of 20 
yrs. e g Learning to Read, 6 pp, by May 
D Feck, pu easily masters Ist steps in 3 mos 

. . . soon reading stories ... at new game 
that has endless attractions and he enjoys 
it hugely; size 3% x 5V^, catalog 25 pp, 
pasted photos, patrons are told "no substi- 
tute for hard wrk has yet been discovered; 
boys are happy in doing hard things well" ; 
s believes in value of pub spkg, in primary 
each boy is required to spk 3 times ann, 
in lower and upper s each boy is required 
to give one original extempore speech and 
at least one declamation; boys in primary 
els 5 and each of 3 els of lower s are re- 
quired to spend 2 periods wkly in shop; 
(31) t private ss 23 yrs; war, mgr 3 R C, 
ALA, Rumanian drives. 

NYC; latest ann rept, '19, issued 5.'20, con- 
tained widely quoted allegation, "University 
research only imitation research" ; rept 148 
pp, 5 parts; topics incl educational inquiry, 
Mr. Carnegie's service to t, col govt and ts 
sals, misconception of [col] govt, recent pen- 
sion developments, current tendencies in ed, 
justice and the poor, legal ed, training of ts. 
Of current tendencies, statements incl: cur- 
rent ed literature is characterized by indi- 
vidualism, class-feeling and competition; the 
univs are critical of the cols; state-sup- 

f>orted and privately endowed institutions 
ook askance at one another, there is armed 
neutrality bet cols and secondary ss and 
open hostility bet liberal and voc ed; of all 
professional men the educator has the most 
exacting clients ; surveys, at least 100 in 
present decade, have almost always been 
inaugurated by popular rather than profes- 
sional interest; administrative conservatism 
and inertia have never had a more subtle 
foe than the survey, the earnest t has never 
had a more powerful emancipator or more 
helpful ally; the case system in study of 
law has recently come Into almost universal 
dominance thruout law ss of IT S; in train- 
ing ts up to present there are only a few 
experimental bridges, there are certainly no 
accepted highways across the gulf bet the 
theory of ed and ed practice; ss of jrnlsm 
are demanding and estab crs in hist and 
literature which do not conclude with the 
death of Tennyson or the Span war; there 
is much promise in sundry new crs that 
begin with the present and wrk back to 
the past; Natl Assn of Corp Ss initiates ed 
eflforts for welfare of workers, their experi- 
ments and successes in ss of accounting, ad- 
vertising, apprenticeship, office wrk, pur- 
chasing and salesmanship, and in voc guid- 
ance and welfare wrk are full of sugges- 
tion for every other form of ed . . . and 
promise to illuminate our conception of the 
fundamental bases of ed ; supts and s bds 
measure their successes by numbers en- 
rolled, by bids and equip material added 
and by multiplied kinds of schooling introd, 
and people are taught to accept this as ed; 
where is the s system that by enlightened 
and fearless propaganda has convinced its 
public that ed consists first of all in the 
superior quality and skill of its indiv ts and 
is otherwise meaningless; billions cheerfully 
spent for defending and ext<w\^\Si^s?; \">^c>«tf^::^ 
abroad axft a. C:"\\?»X\ftxv%^ Vq \^^«2>'a.«\fe^s. -no.^ r^^^^. 
aoMTYd Wife towxi^Ltv^VcNTv^ ^^ \\\i^:^-^ ^^^^2Sv^^ 


Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

should be placed upon a collegiate footing 
and org under a single competent direction 
as part of st univ; only factor that ever 
gives vitality to talk of better training and 
higher stnds is money cost of expert ability ; 
s executives^ munic and st, in well org cam- 
paigns, together with their thousands of lay 
supporters, should attack city and st govts 
and the uninformed pub opinion about them 
in the interests of better tg. Finan rept 
gives gen^ endowment 6-30-'19 as $13,1&2,000, 
pension reserves $7,351,000, div ed inquiry 
$1,250,000, emergency reserve for such pur- 
poses as trustees and exec com may direct 
$105,000; trustees met once, exec com 6 
times Hendlns minutes to other trustees; 
exec com at time of rept, Pres H S Prit- 
chett, Treas R A Franks, F A Vanderlip, 
Pres Butler of Columbia, Pres Hadley of 
Yale, Pres Humphreys of Stevens, Pres 
Schurman of Cornell, sec Clyde Furst. Other 
repts obtainable free incl Legal Ed ; Justice 
and the Poor, showing defects which now 
cause denial of justice, based upon exten- 
sive investigation ; Professional Preparation 
of Ts for Amer P Ss, based on survey of 
Mo nor ss, Issued '20; Referendum Syllabus 
sent to t trainers. 

CARNEY, Mabel, prof rural ed, Teachers Col, 
Columbia U, N Y C. 

CARRIXL, W 8, pres S Carolina U, Colum- 
bia, S C. 

CARROLIi,- Chas, sec to comr ed R I ; deputy 
dir voc tr; prof of s law R I St Col; 
instr in s law, st col ed; St House, Provi- 
dence, R I ; (11) newspapers, periodicals, 
and ed papers, parts of R I st repts; (12, 
18, 21, 24) drafted min sal, Amer, voc ed, 
phys ed laws; (28) Pub Ed in R I, pp 502, 
'18; True Story of the Flas, and R Tin War, 
in Independence Day Book; poems and artels 
in ed jrnis; (29) T and Labor Union to 400 
ts; (31) att col 4, pg 6; t nor 5, col 2. 

CARY, C P, st supt pub inst, Madison, Wis. 

CASE, Efcbert A, supt and h s prin, Willim- 
antic, Conn; (12) sal incs as recognition of 
service, not merely to hold ts; (13) h s 
mgrmnt under t coms who submit repts for 
fac approval; (18) phys ed in h s; (22) a 
loaned for ed mtgs; (27) budget has been 
nearly doubled in 3 yrs without single dis- 
senting vote from taxpayers; (29) talks to 
chamber commerce, church clubs, private 
conversations; (31) att r 7, col 4; t r 1, ur h 
2%; supr 2V2. 

CASE, C O, st supt pub inst, Phoenix, Ariz. 
CASSIDY, M A, supt '96 — , Lexington, Ky; 

(6) after survey of city ss by U 8 bur ed, 
rept dated 9-25-'19, org 6-3-3 plan with 
practical scheme of character ed, voc guid- 
ance, home-s co-op, gardening, comm use 
of ss, rest rms and food for delicate ch, 
opportunity els, permanent R C wrk, etc; 

(7) crs study, 225 pp, begins with character 
bid, 32 headings in outline for all grds with 
sub heads^ each calling for illustrative 
stories, incidents and episodes; hist and 
civics combined, Ist grd starting with 
ThMiksgiving day, Wash birthday, popular 
stories, later grds must org civic leagues; 
phys tr, breathing exercises, never give 
breathing exercises in s rm; (8) self survey- 
/ff 19s srd mtgs for demonstration wrk 

nr/tJk ch by begt ts; (10) selection entirely 

with ts; (11) extensive use of papers; (12) 
"growing sentiment here that t is great 
social force and must be so treated"; pro- 
motions,; pensions; sal inc; (13) ss becom- 
ing more and more self-governing; ts eon- 
suited on all important movements; wkly 
mtgs with prins to determine s policies; (1.5) 
in jr and sr h ss, promotion by subj; ewm 
of ts advise pus as to crs after investigation; 

(17) clean up day's, gardening, s credit for 
home wrk, helping all pub movements for 
civic betterment; (18) ann health day addr 
by prominent physicians; questionnaire for 
pus; (21) '*by having them be young citi- 
zens and engage in activities of citlsens"; 
self-govt as far as possible; "golden deeds" 
character wrk 10-16 minutes every morning, 
collecting from pupils deeds brought to il- 
lustrate virtues, several told aloud, directing 
pus to sources for good deeds, di^y p aper s, 
s books, actions observed; (22) nearly all 
ss used In some way by pub; (23) home s 
credit cards, home reading cards; (24) inc 
In tax rate; (25) had all these within '20; 
(27) Rotary Club, bd of commerce; (28) 
Golden Deeds in Character Ed, text, nearly 
completed ; artels for Ed, Amer Ed, So- S 
Jrnl; ann rept '19 expl how time lost from 
influenza was made up by dropping mid 
trm exams and spec days, shortening crs 
study, etc; reports contest of ss for best 
rank in golden deeds books, commends jr 
citizens leagues, reports for rest rms, penny 
lunch, open air ss, gives causes of pn ab- 
sence incl carelessness . of parents; (29) 
Character Ed, N E A, Cleveland '20; bef 
Rotary, Needs of T^^xlngton Ss; bef s for 
attendance officers, Ky U, S Att and Citi- 

CATHEY, T J, supt agr h s Wesson, Miss; 
b, 1875; (5) co supt Tate Co, '16-'20; (6) 
Tate Co had over 100 1-t s houses in barest 
and most uncomfortable bids with absolutely 
no equip, public was led to see "that in 
strictly aipr comm they must have ss, giving 
thoro el ed and h s crs incl dom sci» maul 
tr, and agr; in 3 yrs practically all 1-i ss 
were replaced with flne modem consol ss, 
about 6 1-t ss to 1 consol s. costing about 
$20,000"; (7) every ch in Tate Co is now 
within reach of voc agr tr^ manl tr and dom 
sci; (12) t home at consol s with lighting 
plant, water, other conveniences, and 10 
acres of land, thus providing home for all 
ts durinic s trm and for prin the yr round; 
(14) formerly ts were young girls Just out 
of gr s, some never having heard of such a 
thing as h s: the few men ts were being 
paid $300 to $450 ann ; for consol s secured 
col gnMls for most minor positions, all prlns 
from col, receiving $2000-$2400, plus home; 

(18) athl ; sanitary water closets ; (19) consol 
ss reaching 26% more edncable ch than old 
system; (22) see 14; in displacing 100 bids 
estimated by predecessor worth $2000, — and 
his estimate was excessive — led co to spoid 
$150,000, each bid with new and active comm 
club; (29) hundreds of addr in Tate and 
other cos on consol and voc agr ed; (31) 
att r 14. r h 2, nor 3; t r 6. r h 5, ur h 2. 
nor 2; supt 4; War, co W S S dir, and 4- 
min man. 

CATLIN, Arthur D, supt '19 — , Wellington. 
Kan; b, 12-26-82; (5) supt Yates Center. 

High Spots for Every School 

B grads; Incorporstlns 

hdme (arden and Blmllar projects In ■ tec- 
OSDltlon and auprn; (9) wldenlnc clsrni tg 
latitude in Drofrdnn: 413) mstters of afatem 
incll or cIsTD ti 

and vrofees men dtameB prnblemB with al 

<S3) vik with bil ed In rec)a«Bltc « emci 

Bsn; Nature Study In Grds, g 
aaan; |31) att r 10, ool i: t r 
; supr 1; aupt T; field, Qeld a 

CATTEI.I., JaineB McKern, prof pay at Co- 
lumbia II 1891-1S17; edlloc SiMiool and So- 
ciety, OarrlBon on Hudson, N Y: numeraua 
stetches herein cite repts ol lorward atepa 
written tor S apd Sac. 

CAHI-KINB, K Dana, mgr Natl Phjs Ed 8 
vice, Room 800 Homer Bid. Washtnglon D 
C; b, 1892; (8) trylne secure more phjs eil 
-- •- -"-■ everydny living; (11) 

•nbl SO msKHiln 

va releases ; (12) nrElni 

a in .... 

r Joyful *lBor i 

.Ting secure phys ._ .. _ __ 

needs; (19) trying secure unlTersnl phya d 
for all 6-18 yra old; (23) N P E believes 
phya deficiency explalna greatest part of re- 
tardation, therefore, phya ed Is Qrst atep 
in attacking retardation ; (24| N P E Service 
is promoting st and fed lawa looking to 
comprehensive phya ed for nil bet 8-18; 
helped prepare Fesa-Cnper fed Mil for phya 
ed ; nrrnnged for hearing lief sen ed com; 
(281 pamphlets. Amer eh, phya ed uatl neces- 
sity, ClimblnB to Fbys ritneBs; Meed for 
Universal Pbys Bd a GrofriDs National Con- 
Tirtlon; (20) Columbia Alumni '10; dept supt 
N K A '20; Amer 8 Hyg Assn '20; Amer 
Mining Congreas '19; Y M C A natl con( '19; 
(31) att col 4, pg 1; war, W C C S, MuQldpni 
campaign for phya ed, 1D17. 

OHADSBX, ChHlea B, dean U III, Urbaoa, til. 

CHADWICK, J P, prea 8t Joseph's Col, Xon- 
kers. N X. 

CUAFFBE, N W, prill ]r h s. ^17 Bart 8t. 
Saginaw, Mich; b, 11-9-8T; (8) sturiled witb 
M Mdallwd Fotltattlan now usod In clsrm; 
(ft) tries •r«tematUe suprn making It posi- 
tive by itadylnR ono BobJ at time, polntlnji 
t* Bonnw* af nuUrFia) that lend ttaomBolveB 
to eongtrnetlve nrkj (12) prea ca rat hsbh. 
Srst of kind In Amer, accures finest ed crs 
anil lecti on sabjg concerning up to mln- 
' < meBBnrement and Intel testa this 
contlnned study indlv diffs, ita 

ncIiuBlf rma for 

bitrad mt 
grd ; (10) «t«b ipoe 
miiided" ataat (IT) on ■ •» ivDini 
wHfe pictuw alukin in ■> entertn]nm< 
.sain* conslitlnx mostly of dlBplar 

tK mMfea for parenti; (18) i 

■n eta BM, reeitrdlDg what c 
and what «b BetVRll; wel^lia. 

Ltrod welEhlng 

welsht; (IS) see 12; (20) stated pel 
consultatlen vltb parentB, called a 


_. __ ^reds of Poll,, 

Austrlans, Italians, Kusslans. Germans, 
MejlcBQS for cltisensMp ; (22) s comm cen- 
ter; pt-t assn; (231 helping supt Id effort 
to estah grd-wrk list (ur use as minimum 
vocab list for each yr; (24) as ores Saginnir 
Ta Assn helping secure st aid for Cs retire- 
ment; (26) motto: "Voo get nothing nnlea* 
nstlng for It and showing the need" ; In- 
slalird among other things vlsnal ed set; 
(27) pub lecta; (28) nrtcl on corrert metta 
of hondllnc magailnrj In b. system for mai 
uae in mln time; (29) pub Iccts on such 
topics as The Bot Problem First Ilani]. 
Americanlclns tbe American; (31) t r, r h; 
supr r, r h. ur el; supt 2. 

CHAI.MEB8, James, prea st nor s, Framing- 
ham, Mass. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur B, editor Sierni Ed 
Ven-s, exec sec Cal Council of Ed ileal Ion, 
ifflce Flood Bid. San Francisco, Cul; b, lfl-3- 
1 (7) ee 28; (12) flrat ta registration bur 
A bnr for -placement under dir of Cal 
.t T A ; (20) chief oC occupational dlroc- 
- •"■' helped t ' ■'* 


loney I 

leguarrt s. 

(28) J 1 t author Thrift and CoDBervatlan ; 

dltl th Ift series of tests; (20) frequent 

th ift Amer, cltiieushlp, crisis of t short- 

■■ (6 27) news items, editorlala, pub mtgs. 

rk nlth Is orgs; (31) alt r 8. ur h 4. nor \ 

col 3, pg 1; t r 3, ur el 2. nor 13, col 2; svipt 

r 2, pa 14, nor 13; supt 13; war, aec 20. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Clark W, prcs Denisuu D 

■■" — , Granville, O ; li, 10-20-tO : (o) pres Amer 

pt Bd Soc; (12) inc aala of stall: proioa- 

,n tbru attatnmmt rather than leuath •( 

if. def 

with 4 

20) thru pers' 

■ated ann In othc; \oxj uil 

)g 6; t r 2, col 12; prea 6; 

: (10) I 

; (in 

CHAMBERS, Will Grant, deou 
liurg '10 — . prea Pa St Kd A 
out slighting culture, trim 
sub ordinate to produrtlon 
BPerlflF BuhJ; (0) evrry fac i 

t«; (13) f 

tlnns; (14 

) drive '20 atiioiig h 
s aasembliea; (16) theo 

icipate In observation; (21) c 
wrk with foFvlgnen Bat-i Ih 

hrs dully. Intensive era in ed mi 
r»T supts and prius, els limited 
filled 10 daya bet WTfe \ieiat.\ V 
iQSlit lecls 01 K\ms ol TEA \» 
KduratloDBl CiVrt* smft »S>« ^"" 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

nor 9, col 16; supr col 10; war. dlr war and 
navy corns on tr camp activities in Hono- 
lulu '18-'19. 

CHANCELLOR, William EHtabrook, prof poli- 
tics, 6-*14— 10-'20, Col of Wooster, Wooster, 
O; b, 9-25-67; (5) assoc editor of Ohio 
Teacher; also mom Wooster City Council; 
Ql) many artels and addr, thru Ohio T, etc; 
(15) maintaihed phyaio-psychic clinic at own 
expense and examineu many stus and 
others; (18) see 28: (19) see 29; (20) through 
clinic, see 15; (24) helped frame and pro- 
mote Ohio T tenure bill; (27) for loc ss 
called a mass meeting of citizens which 
forced pres of local bd ed to resign, helped 
form combination between 2 political par- 
ties to put best man in the place, after 
which ts received 150% salary inc; (28) 
regular editorials in Ohio T and 2 books 
Educational Sociology and Health of Toach- 
er; (29) bef ts assns and institutes, also 200 
talks on war and pea^e questions; otficial 
spkr for League to Enforce Peace; (31) att 
ur el, ur h, col, pg; t ur h, voc, col, and 
snmr ses 2 univs; supt 16 yrs, 4 cities; war, 
speaker, other, mem city council, presiden- 
tial elector in Ohio '1«, 

CHANDLER, A B. Jr. pres St Nor S, '19, 
Fredericksburg, Va; b, 1870; (5) dean '17- 
'1»; (12) teacheraipe for part of fao; (13) 
stu Kovt; Joint corns fac and stu on soc life 
and discipline; (22) ext bur for tt>; country 
ss opened for observation and prac t; (24) 
appeared bef Va house and sen for inc levy; 
(25) tr ts in use; (29) The Farm Home as 
Part of R Life Problem at St Ts Assn '19; 
Modern Ideals in Ed commcmt Newport 
News, '20; (31) att r 10, r h 4, col 4; t ur h 
6, nor 4; supr ur el 8, nor 4; pres 1; formerly 
St s examiner, '09-'ll. 

CHANDLER, Mrs Georfce Brinton, home- 
keeper and loot, Rocky Hill, Conn ; b, '74 ; 
st pres and natl corres sec, congress of 
mothers and pt-t assns; co-op with st ts 
fed in campiiign for higher sals for ts and 
better ss; returned 10-15-20. from Europe 
after 4 mo intensive study of reconstruction 
in Eng. France, Italy and now lect on sev- 
eral subjs inel oh welfare, reconstruction. 
Indus and professional ed of ex-soldiers and 
disabled soldiers in war countries incl U S, 
recreation, Americanization. 

CHANDLER, J A C, pres William &: Mary 
Col, Williamsburg, Va. 

OHANEY, N H, supt, Youngstown, O. 

CHAPIX, Chas S, pres st nor s, MoAtclair, 
N J. 

CHAPMAN, Ira T, snpt. New Brunswifk, X 
J; (8) org jr h s; (J5) oh 8rra<led in accord- 
ance with Intel ratinfc; change in age-grd 
distrib has been brought about by reduction 
of numbelr pus per t, introd of mid-yr pro- 
motions, formation of ungraded or Indus 
€ls in upper grds and Jr li s, use of Intel 
tests for determining trial promotions; (10) 
WBgemblies arranged by pus of Jr and sr 
h s; each grtl bid has exhibit of s wrlc and 
s activities: h ss have ni exhibition; (19) 
Bi els, afternoon ds, factory els, comm and 
■oci<tl mtgs; (21) Amer taught thru sodal- 
Iec^I procedure in dsrm; repts sent to par- 
ents give standing in dcHirable citisenship 
Ambita aach a.t rf»o iteration, I'ourteny, hon- 

e»ty; pus are u»ed in Amer propasMida; 
Amer clubs formed; foreign tnuislatloBs •( 
l>oolcs on Amer lit and civics in pnb library; 
phys tr; broadening point of view of ti 
themHcUes; (22) $1,000,000 for bid purposes 

CHARLES, D F, pres Sloux Pallg Col, Slonx 

Falls. S I). 

CHASE. H W, pres U North Carolina, which 
see. Chapel Hill, N C. 

CHASSEIiL, Clara Francos, b psychologist 
Horace Mann S; b, 3-24-93; (5) asat prof 
psy ed, Columbia T^ sumr '20; (15) indiv and 
group testing at Horace Mann; interpreting 
and giving publicity to results, espec thm 
conf with pus, parents, ts and oflloors; (21) 
helped construct key chart of habits and atti- 
tudes desirable for good citizen«hip in d s, 
with 8 equivi^ent scales for measuring liabits 
and attitudes based on chart; (23) helped 
devise cumulative record card for atndiet, 
ped and psy tests, habits and attitudes, 
with a quarterly rept for parents, used in 
lloraoe Mann and Scarborough ss; (25) 
helped make classlf of promotion plan for 
iitilixinf? results of psy and ped tests 
JudKrment; (28) Religious Ed in Institutisas 
of Higher Learning in the U 8; joint anthor 
S<'Mle for Measuring Habits and Attitudes 
of Good Citizenship; doctorate, Relation Bet 
Morality and Intellect; (29) demonstrations 
of psy tests at co conv of W C T U, lit 
Vernon, la, Holland Patent, N Y, and pri- 
vate s, Yonkers, N Y, sumr and winter Tm 
Col, '18-'20; (31) att r 2, ur el 3%, ur h 4. 
nor 1, col 3, pg 3; t ur el 1 trm, spec 2 
trms, col 3. 

CHASSELL, I/aura Merrill, instr psy, ^20 — , 
O St U, 166 E Lane Av, Columbus. O: b, 
,S-24-93 ; (o) asst in ed psy T C, Columbia tJ, 
flir survey Scarborough-on-Hudson, research 
wrkr dept ed and lit on foreign field, bd 
foroign missions Methodist Epis Church; (25) 
card showing: score in each test ffiven ch, 
colored inks used to show whidi seores 
were beyond grd in which ch then was, 
scores below^ and normal scores; (28) Quali- 
ties Associated with Success in Ed Leader- 
shijj. to be publ by T C, Columbia U; co- 
author Classification of 1st Grd Pus on 
Kasis of Quantitative Measurement; Bd in 
Frnnce; (20) demonstration of Terman Re- 
vision of Binet Simon Scale for Measurement 
of Intt'l, bef sumr ses, Columbia ; (31) att 
r 1. ur ol n. nr h 3, col 3, pg 4%; t ur h 
2 mos; nor 1%, ^ol IV^, pg %. 

CHEN, Yule Meng, lect on Far Eastern Trade, 
'19— C^olumbla T', NYC; b, 6-6-91; (5) with 
lecture* and bur '19 — ; adviser in 
Far Eastern Trade. Youroveta Home and 
Foreign Trade Co. 'l{)-'20: (6) has tried to 
point out to Amer pul) that true ed is Miti- 
provincial and aimH to displace narrow 
horizon of provincialism for cosmopolitMl 
view of manlcind which AmericMis greatly 
need; (7) crs in econ problems of C^hina and 
comrl geog of China gives spec attention to 
China's buHiness meth and opportunities for 
Amer enterprise; tried to study needs eacdi 
stu and help him accordingly; (29) Cleve- 
land Chamber Commerce and Women's City 
Club; NYC, Rotary and Contemporary 
clubs, Women's Chamber Commerce; lect 
tour: (31) att col 4, pg 3; t nr h 2, nor 1, 
pg 3; war, insp and censor U S P O. 


High Spots for Every School 

GHEHBT, HcDiT Hardin, pres, '93 — , St Not 
8, Bowling Green, Ky ; b, 11-16-64; (6-11-U- 
28) s ISBuea Nor Heights, Ulna bl-mo, 4-8 
pp, spec DOB tbat spplr modem wlTt diricci 

r than gapply"; (20) whr not 

3 inc donnitorj fac 

bate; ISO) see 2T, 29; 
wonnded BOldlera undei 
plant -■ - 

lualbllitr tor debate mata- 
Ibns InmirinK Inilv la d*. 
In clB at 

pool In neBrby 

1 a boj»; (2T) (ocl- 
uDiuiBLB cAimalned needs of tho«o 
tploymentj (23) bef MO BTwii of 
led oppartnnlt}- In Indnitrlee toi 

flrat yr \4 price la returned, second yr W 
tblrd yr W^; honaes cost S200-$500; noi^ 
- itptwd bouMai (31) until 

t SO failr 

21 att > at avg 

Bowling Qreen nor, remained unlU fii 
— I ont, tben t penmanship In r dl 

r 6 rrs graduated ; b 

caBBKT, T C, snpt 'M - 
Xy; b, i-24-62; (7) 
lew and addition 

r 10, col 8; supt 16; field. In! 

Bklyn, N Ti b, 
'IT-'IS; (12) Hi 

i (25) t 

2; t r 3, 
.t writ IS 

(or atBFeoptIro 

I Friends S, '18 — , 
1; (5) bd b a dept 
% ; toster t readlnff 

and D 

OsmXSTKB, Attfert J, aapt and prin b s 
WlUlanutowtl. Mass; b, ]Z-Sl-g2; (5) asst 
chief ed officer D B A gen bospttal 9, I«ke- 
wood, N J, 'I8-'1B; snpr training fed bd 
TOC ed, 'lS-'20; (T) Institated stody rm aepa- 
rate from cla niu; changed bist era to con- 
form to N B A recominendHtloas; (11) ays- 
tematlc publicity thm local papers; |17, 181 I 
Inter-ela athl for both ba and ra; (19) nnlv 
•zt era: (21) framing and hanging Hooae- 
Telt plctnre* with appropriate ceremonlea 
etc; (22) eomm ainglng; (29) wkly talks 
about attempted bid propoaltlon : (31) att r 
8, r h 3. nor 3, col 3. pg IM ; t r 1, c b 3, 
nr h 1, spec 2; aupr S: wnr, see B: while in 
gort SerViee, worked out satiBfactorr device 
. . ^___ __... .. 1^ III ^^,y lUjhtlr 

h 3<^. ur b 
15; aopc nr h 4; siipt apccl. 
CHITWOOD, Oliver Perry, pro! hisl, '07 — , 
W Va U, Morgantown, W Va; b, 11-28-74! 
(28) Immediate Csasea of OrMt War, 'IT, 
revised '18; artel Hlat Actlvttlea In W Ta 
dnrlni War, '19; (29) lecta to S A T C Btnl 


b, 6-27"t^: ( 


Co, Fflltfleld, la; ., 
ID prof crtdtts far eacn mis i 
M pna with Ugheat »vs In r 
pIiotM on apee eeFtlficatca; 
fr B Ci (22) drive Id '£0i alog 

, Jeffenon 

IB e 

r tor 

luH, "iiLms, Hcitu [BBia ; \^B) era aiuay 
oDtltnea and suggestiona, 24 pp, Incl "mark 
tralta of poa . . takea extra time bat 
pay* with pie and poa"; B advantages of 
■tandaraiMtion : (27) "worked hard to get 
some playgronnd eqnlp"; (31) att r. ur h, 
nor, col; t p s 15; aupt 9. 

CHILD, G N, snpt. Salt Lake City. L'lnb. 

OHII'DS, OavM H, prln 'M — , T*b H 8, 
BnlTala, N T; b, 8-8-72; (7) helped trnme 
8t era In machine design, arch draftin"- 
Mractural design, chem, and elect Tlclt< 
(6) dept hdi vialt lower aa to slndy pi 
tlon of enterlns pua: detention rmf' 
for unprepared pu. In cbg of dept 
targSF proportion of time of dept 
'-—a for iopr; (14) aeesred crrdJl 
" ■■ 1 otadlet of Tech' 


War, Fiableina 
ot New Democn 

t p ss 3, spec 4, 

Va Wesley an 

life ot pe 
D IdHla li 

1 man, lects 

ler ideaU 


acber nf M E Church, spkr 

(29) lay pre: 

lect ot cluba uuu ls iibhib. 
CKRI8MAM, Oacsr, prof and hd dept p.iidol- 
ogy and psy, O Unlv, Athens, O; b, 11-18-55; 
(7) dept offers crs In prenatallty, Infuicy, 
paldometry, hlatoriral eh, unclvillied Chi 
(16) clinlca are held by mems hospital staff, 
Athens St Hoap; mems dept make clinical 

borne, p as; (28) Historical Ch, 457 pp. dealB 
with care, dreas, amiiaements. ed of ch In 
Meiico, Peru. Ecypt, India, China, .Inpan, 
Persia, Judea, Greece, Rome, Earlier and 
Medieval Europe, earlier U S; (31) att nor 3, 
col 2. pe 3; t r 2, ur el 4. nor .'5, col 19; supr 
ur el 2; eupt 4. 

CHCBB, Edwin W, dean, Ohio U, Athena, O. 

KTL OT; see Robert L Kelly, 894 Bronrtnay, 
N T C, 

CHCBCIIII.L, J A. St supt pub Instr, Salem, 
Ore; b, 10-15-62; (7, 8) era study for el grda. 
■21-'22, 120 PP, Hating agr, arlth, art, civil 
govt, geog, hlat, lang. Hat of tratbe or 
maxima, music, physiology, picture atadj. 
poetrv and Bible selpctVom, iws-Wcn*. W-«^^ 
telUng. apemns, Ve;s.ft.t.o>i» ,;»■-"■'*■"" — — ~ 

tPho's Who and Why in After-War Education 

books tullowa . __ ., 

make nrk at taeh srd ao deSol 
will be belpfiil to ' ' 

tl to dCTclop ritin 

In clrliensblp le 1_ _ ._ , „ .... 

■en iiiiist not only love bis i^ountry. he mnit 
»1M b« nlllinf uid kbie Id xrve thM coon- 
Iry lutiUlcmiy: t> inatn fnctors to be con- 
llnuall}' empbnelipd nre p]it rial Ism, rever- 
enrp (or nnd oheillpnce to hlRber nutborlty, 
FonddCTKllon 9l rlxhts ot other*, thrift. In. 
dlv reaiKuialbllllj- for weirnrs or iiniup; in 
loner srda. principles lastlllei thru sCurles, 
poema, <lrnni:itlzatlnnB nnd Intarmol discus- 
■Ions; Int^r, lliru iPt^nda. tnlea of knlRhCs 
atid cblTalry nttd trne atorlea of Ainir 
hrpveai cBdraror to ■how that ritr. it and 
■■tl cort la but an rnlaritenwnt of home 
COTt and that In It rli hsa dpflnlte parti In 
fnrpn-ord to bcor, ta iiro urtted (o use Induc- 
tive lenson whpHcver poaalble, to t toplca at 
aeaaona when niiture olTera example, e g. 
»iioB- wbeo It Is snowlnB nnd to Intend Itema 

■raa romprtltor of U Hi; In suEcestlong for 
hist era. atus nifxa to reail itood hint aforlrs! 
tinder story lelilnR, "storlea should dn more 
for ph llian eiilprtiilri iind interest, they 
•hould Inspire and atlmulBle him '" ■■-"-- 

and more complete living"; In gen 

for pbyslolojty nnd hyg, peraonnl clennl 
tinder Is instruction ehoaid become habit at 
part of pn ; t pus value ot freah air by sir 
(na them plenliral aupplr of It ... t then 
that nlirht air at nlifat In sood air . . 
emphasise fart thai one ' ' 

ready knows that moit of tbe atinple phc- 


>r dlae 

1 mind the f 

penmHiahlp of pus .... 

nirrlea a heavy load In correlBtloo wit 
■Iher brancheai In nenrly eveiv other brnuc 
lattftht In p s cocHc, penmanship must Ij 
used and tiie pu who writM a style embodj 
Inp lesIbUUy. rapidity, enso and enduranp. 
has a great advnntnt^ otpt tbe pu who sit 
In an imbeallbfui, crnmned position an 
■criblilps with bis flncera"; era atady for 
•a. '20- "22, 121 pp, 4 yr era, IS renolred onll 
may Ih completed by exeeptlonal pu In 
yra by carrying n sulija each yr; In sect o- 
Enc, very iiiil nutlinca prlvpa for alndylnn 
<llff forms e r. jiofitry, drama, novei '" 
(or stadylng sppclBo wrka incl pneine nl 

Kent war: no laolated arammar ta advlaed 
t persistent reeurrrnre to usable (rami 
la held necesaar}- and t la warned aval 
tt Kraomar by (lie paae and In lump l< 

ItlDit mate 

- . :!on of tl 

for Rood outlines and for culllTallon of goo 

jroDtable at tbia time a 

t landa dnrlaa 

with other 


- J llata tech wrk 

and sDBreat* e«n«latlii> 
topics iDCl camp Bsokarjr, 

lid budget, peraonal toilet artleloa t 

ciiFlns nails, testing toilet soap; (IS) 

aptltrnlee ot pua ; (IS) lodns Olub 

Ore Boya and Glrla. 'IB, prepared by 

N C Maria, field worker, 48 PP. Ulna, "bijBf 


s for future"; 

study, pamphlet 16 pp. 'IT, elective, wholly 
optional wilb pus and parents and at DO 
ttme rcriulred by t, exams twice anii wMfe 
._ ___!.. .._ — ._ _.. n^„j[jng. (Id af 

pa triotlc pag- 

I Pbys Inatr, '19, 79 

1 stunts; (21) no pn Brad- 

pamphlet, "a mna 

spec! and rererpncp. eourtesy and pollte- 
uen, boneaty. kindness, patriotism, conrage, 
Indnatry, obedlpnce; no dirept attempt to 
enforce moral, "let rh do hla own natalu- 
Idr": at o lies ancgeslpd lor grds T and 8 
IncI Story of King Artbur and bis Snlgbts, 
Little Mpn, Llltle Women. Prince and tb* 
Pauper, Cbrialmas Carol. Story of Great In- 
venllons. John HnlllaT, Man Without a 
Country, iTimhoc; Oregon Memorial Ahnaal, 
'20, flag In colors on cover, memorial day 
procrnm Inside cover. 16 pp, coatalDB rulM 
of flng ett<|Uette, poema about tbe fiag, Lin- 
coln's Gettysburg Addresa, Amer creed, 
other po^ma nnd prose selections; program 
for Franrea K Wlllard Day, '20, 8 pp, flag 
In colors on cover, pamphlet contains biog- 
raphy, why t srl (emperanee in p as, bibliog- 
raphy, talks, songs, readings, quotation ■ 
from Mlas Wlllard. eel facta about eRecta 
of nicobol and narcolica on bumnn system, 
anggeated eaaaya. what prohibition has dene 
tor Ore. natl prohibition, cigarette law to 
be eipl by t : |22) atandardlintlon of h as 
urged, much apparnlUB purchased, thons-inds 
of reference books added to libraries; ool- 

Incl flag, lighting, etjulp. beatiiig and ventll- 
ntlng. rooms, stnd pictures, grounds, sanlta- 
llou, onlblda, t, library, attendance, s visits, 
supplementary readers ; when dist fulUllB 
any requirement it v"' •■- — ►-' — i"- - 

I be marked with a 

High Spots for Every School 

star, wben all requirements are me 
DBnt or certU will be awarded b; cc 
(81) war, btenninl rept. 'IB, iac\ brief 
fif what has beeo accompliihed br [ 
war actlrltlei; "wblle nt times Si 
apon t ana pu have been benvy . . 

sblp of tbis courtL. 
p BB, fiitnre welfare 
upon Ideals of ]> f 

anr republic depend: 
and big demotion tl 
iTitles Incl food con 

servatlon campaign, 

OHDBCHHANj Philip HodsoD, prof, romance 
lanK, Oark U, 20 lastitule Rd, Worcester, 
Masa; b, 6-23-74; (8) developed meths of tg 
French pronnnciatlan ; (28) Further Notes 
on French Prononciatloa, Study of Frencb 
Literature, la Mod Lang Jral, 5 and ll-'19: 
in preparation, Pbonetic First French Book. 

CI^PP, Charlet H. Mont St S Mines, Butte, 

CI^BK, Charlea S, aupt, SomerTllle, Mass. 

CLARK, EageDc Francis, prof Germnn '19 — 
and sec '18 — . Dartmouth Col. Hanover. N 
H; b, 8-10-T9; (31) ntt col 4, ps 3; t col II; 
Bnpr 2; war, adjutant and personnel offl< 

Tenn, Knoivllle, Tenn; b. S-S-SO; (S) sec, s 
com on aecred ss ; (29) co-editor, H S Qunr- 
terlj, Athens, On; (29) bef yHrioua st ed 

CIiAKK, Joha B, prof pollt economy '93 — , 
Colombia U, 465 West End At, N Y C; b, 
1-20-47; planning crs with bsckKiouod ol 

ffenezvl mlD i^dch ttt^ «np hiu (vnB*,i]. ttwt,wi 
a4nept«d prtndplei 

lectB on war and t 

PK 3; t col 19, pg 23. 
CLARK. M G, aapt '11 — , Sloui City, I.t ; b 
'66; (T) OTB study undarKolur cantlnual re 
Tlalan, mlmeograpbcd, loaseleat, conatantlj 
cbanslBC to Bt needs of comm and cbanglni 
alms d( ed; Progress title of nrw hist en 
■nd Motived LAngnage Manaal '10 and Mo 
tired Iiauguage Boak* i, £, 3, give recen 

life 15 workable interests; plan for _ „ 

hisl bails In family life, hone, eh srtlvltles 
In home, questions, stories with list, poem a 
to read to ch with Hat, pictures listed, 
things to do. things to think about: "Not 
brings ThankBgivlng, December, Christmas, 
Jnn the new yr . . . each has lis hist con- 
trlbntloo"; In enrly grd, atory of civHlia- 
tlon cOTered; all toplcg end with things to 
do and things to think about; Civil War 
called "oBT great ladui war" rising out of 
"divergent Indus reasons as well na dlffa in 
ancestry and of class Ideak and Idcnla"; 
■r tana Ind Monree Doctrine, great Snan 
erIaU aod denleiimeot of New IVest, world's 
wlieat Selda, rtM and growtli of problbltlon 
partj, develojuoenf of factories, cbniiges 

ed devp. study at rere 

t in business methods, 

lOMi foreword to ts Incl 
. to prodDCfl thinkers, or 
.Ive workers, not machines 

in method; "p ss have been doing t 

"' „ ■ " - required too little thinking 
snd InTestigatlng" : In field of Eng every cE 

lug and have required too little "thinking 

' ' *'— '■ — ": In field of Eng every cE 

s abundant material from 
■e drawn ; tills iS material 

und In 

CBlly e 

ind the 
se tfaia 

each yr listed. 

For 1 grd Chap I "Writing a story book" 

begins "Yoa are about to begin the most 

important piece of wrk that you t- 

undertaken. It should be the he~' 

have ever done. It is to write a „,, 

book, not a book of short stories but a 
■" ' '■ 3 necessary helps 

blank book in v 

t wrk yon 

make the Drst v 

— — , „p,^ ..mphnals 

Gng, "l-know-tbnt" notes being c 
ohapt titles rnn writing n atory booa, writ- 
ing your Brat chapT, some needed tools and 
bow to use them, polishing your wrk. the 
growth of the story, forming habit, comm 
wrk (2 rabbit foollmll ll'al. more about 
habits, wrltlncr Ictlers, the book complote"; 
S yr chapt titles "a new book begun, the 
cclticlam plan, singulars and plurals, cor- 
rect language usage. Rusktn's unsolved 
problems, keeping nwake," etc. 
(8) col smda paid same sal whether In srades 
or h s; co-op supri (10) few changes in 
leit daring war; Inslead every available 
source at patriotic and citizen Inspiration 
was betleged tor material, now making sneh 

sultation; sals at top ot cities I 
group; (li) much endenvor but as 
receiving response we would like: 
portlonal credits fn h a, see H 
group tests and Indlv testa: spec 

B.virsuj, «M-, pnotea uy pas in n s print s, 

thrift, thrift bookkeeping, savings nccounti. 
clubs, ,ir B C, be.nltb crusades, etc. prnmoted 
thrn cm study; (IS) dept s health and hyg; 
dept mental health and aid tor deficient ch; 
s Innchea for under-weUht ch; health habita 
and cmsndes; (19) cuntlnuatloD nl and voe 

with apec tnnd; (20\ 4t\.^, Vo ewV ^k v, VCi\ 
whole era centcTa \ii Vo.\» "LVn^jm^A.-. '«'^ * 
new Wds lot 4 <>■£ u -sift \.w)e %^» " -^^ 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

(2r)) trying to use intelligently; (28) see 7; 
(29) 3 mtgs St Ta Assn '19 on Coarse of 
Study Factor in EfHc Tfc; What is a Supt, 
The El S T Indiv Socially and Politically; 

(31) t ur h 4; Bupt 23. 

CL.ABK, B F, pres Pacific U, Forest Grove, 

CLARK, W E, pres Nevada V, Reno, Nev. 

CLARK, Wm J, pres Virginia Union U, Rich- 
mond, Va. 

CLARKE, George B, supt Pepperell Union 
'20 — , East Pepperell, Mass; b, 6-13-81; (5) 
supt Leicester union '15-'20; (8) addr ts on 
meths suggested in 7; (9) empl stnd tests to 
measure results and suggest desirable 
meths; (10) representatives of book houses 
addr ts mtgs after which ts conf and recom- 
mend; texts with ts manuals preferred; (15) 
more rapid advancement for able pus; (17) 
use of bid after s for g scouts, jr club wrk, 
etc; (18) introd health crusade; (25) see 9; 
(31) att ur h 4, nor 1, col 4; t r h 2, ur h 
4; supt 10. 

CLAXTON. Philander P, U S comr ed, Wash- 
ington, D C, at Natl Assn St Univs gave as 5 
reasons why much larger number of people 
should be reached than are in the present 
body of univ stus; 1, 4,5(X),000 discharged 
soldiers; 2, labor has larger wages and 
shorter hrs; 3, large number of foreign born 
who would not be affected by any general 
Americanization bill because they speak and 
write Eng, are well educated, are leaders of 
their own people, yet know comparatively 
little about Amer ideals of woman, life, and 
oipportunities ; 4, enfranchised women ; 5, 
every yr 2,500,000 men and women are com- 
ing to aist yr of age. [No effort has been 
made to compile our own summary of the 
notable forward steps taken and inspired 
by the U S bur ed since 1917. — ^Editors.] 
rept for yr ended 6-30-'20 distributed within 
6 mos, 134 pp, incl 4 pp Index; opens with 
higher ed 10 pp, city ss 10 pp, tendencies in 
higher ed 6, kindergarten 6, rural 4. voc 9, 
ihome econ 8, agr 5, ed hygiene 6, civic ed 2, 
ed legislation 7, library activities 7; part II 
summarizes bur's own activities as clearing 
house for ed information, clearing house for 
expert opinion on ed, advisory promotion, 
wrk determines stnd in ed, admn duties, list 
of ed ; sect on city &s incl semi-permanent 
type of s bid in Minneapolis, ed value of 
wrk study play plan, s consolidation move- 
ment, ts sals, t participation in s admn, re- 
segmentation of s system i e 6-3-3 plan; 
of t-shortagre says ''it has nothing in It to 
cause alarm"; of higher ed says it is "being 
frequently discussed whether fed govt with 
greater taxing possibilities should not as- 
sume greater responsibility than at present 
for development of higher ed" ; gives enroll- 
ment of ^6 pub and private insts for 11-1-*16 
and 11-1-'19, saying 31.2% inc in 56 pub and 
19.9% inc in 194 private; 17.7% in 41 cols for 
women only; 25.4% in 160 co-ed; largest 
percentage inc in western div 20.9% and 
•smallest in north Atlantic 16.1% ; gives most 
frequent sals at 2/3 pub cols and univs, 
for pres or chancellor $6000, dean or di- 
rector $3000, prof $3000, assoc prof $3000, 
ssst prof $1600, instructor $1500; private 

/asfs U Sgurea for Ist three groups. 

CLERK, Frederick E, supt, Winchester, Va, p 
ss and John Handley Foundation, wh see, 
b, 7-29-80; (5) asst supt Cleveland; (12) 
extra compensiUion for sumr study; (13) 
stu ts org; (15) see 28; 8 track system for 
accelerated, nor and retarded; (19) ^ty auto 
jcarase used as lab for ni s for ante mo- 
ehanics; (20) pu-t adviser with voc, social, 
mora] gruidanoe in ed crs of study with rei: 
periods; (28) Provision for Accelerated Pus 
in Winchester P Ss, in press; joint author 
Moflsuring Stnd Handwriting Tablets to mo- 
tivate STood handwriting tn ds eth^ than 
penmanship els; (31) att col 4, pg 2; t ur 
el 3, ur h 1, spec 2; supr ur h 3, spec i; 
supt ur h 3; t sumr U Wash '17, Cleveland 8 
Ed '18, '19, U Va '20. 

CLEWKLL, J H, pres Moravian C & S Col, 
Bethlehem, Pa, 

CLIFTON, A B, supt, 320 S Ivy St, Monrovia, 
Cal; 1), 7-17-74; (11) h s Engr els repts ac- 
tivities to local papers; (12) sal inc; (13) 
uignint of s affairs thru coms; prins ad- 
visory council to snpt; stu body orgs; (16) 
uppor grds and h s participate in putting 
good movements across, e g, sectioned and 
canvassed town preparing for bond election 
for purchase of recreation center; civics els 
appeared before grroups of stns «uid spoke 
for and against 20th amendment; raised 
large amts for ch feeding fund for European 
ch; (18) health clubs; (19) ni s for Mex- 
icans; (20) by Intel tests, lects, voc experts, 
excursions to Indus and comrl enterprises; 
voc els; (21) see 16; (22) s is hdquarters for 
comm players assn; (29) comm talks on 
Americanization, Changes in Modern Ed; 
talks to ts on Loyalty; (31) att r 8, ur h 4; 
t r 1, ur h 6; supr and supt 17. 

CLIPPIXGER, W G, pres Otterbein Col, Wes- 
terville, Ohio. 

CLOTHIER, R W, pres N M Col of Agr and 

Meeh Arts. State College, N M. 

CLOW, r R, prof econ, Nor S, Oshkosh, Wis; 

b, ll-29-<J3; (28) Principles of Ed Sociology, 
'20, 436 pp, 3 parts, factors of society, so- 
cial organization, social progress, 15 chapts. 
select list of books ; chapt titles under social 
progress incl The Human Episode, backward 
look, forward look, conclusion, Heredity and 
Variation, Natural Selection, Telle Selection, 
Cycles of Change; each chapt ends with 
topics to be assigned to indiv stus for spec 
study, problems for discussion, "in some 
cases no definite answer possible, purpose 
being to show limitations of our knowledge 
or to s<tate some ever present problem"; ref- 
erences are intended to lead the stu into 
literature of sociology and social phases of 
ed; of 955 references, 76 are dated since '17; 
illustrative examples taken from s life and 
"those features of comm activity into which 
ts need to have some insight"; author gives 
credit to pus, Instrs, colleagues in instruc- 
tion, and fellow stus in 2 h ss, 1 col, 5 
univs, and nor ss of 5 sts ; Sociology in Nor 
Ss, rept of com, publ in Amer Jrnl Sociology, 
Vol XXV, 5, 53 pp, showing degree to which 

{)articipation and observation, great prob- 
ems, and hist and theory of sociology are 
t iji 146 nor ss; (29) Sociology in Ed, bef 
Amer Sociological Soc, 12-'18; (31) att r 9, 
ur h 3, col 4, pg 3; t r 2, nor 25, col 3; 
war, t In S A T C. 

High Spots for Every School 

CIA>WE8, Frederick A, Indng enpr 'IT, Hllo, 
Hawaii; b, S-S-Sft; (8) capt ln£ U S A '18-'i9; 
(7) prep crs study in Indus wik (or el ss, 
typea 13 pp; in glvlDg grds, 80i% Is allowed 
for production score, 20% for raised wrk. 
Incl^% for note bk; In scoring proJecU. 10 
"*' ''" — uracy, 30 for Judgment In cbolce 

ot models, 

prinelplea used, 20 fo 
J outlining 

: purp 

122) ' 

, — ,..r Ion, 10 toi 

nnlsh; now outlining series of projects Ic 
tropical agr for Jr b s; (S) Intrnd oroJeci 
metb In shop wrk, ttgr and nredl* . _ . ,_. 
$20 eitra mo allowed ts tor conilucttng gar- 
den cla outside 9 hrs, 20 brs mo per cl» 
period of 1 br at least ; (2T) sMurrd com 
or Plsnten A«sd, laliuid HawaJI, to ca-oper- 

rnllan, grds T-»; (23) Hawaii Ed Review on 
sub] matter in Bl Tropical Agr; (29) Sbould 
Ts BeeelTB More Pay. bef Rtb ann Civic 
Conv Hawaii, 0-'20; {311 att uc el 10, uc b 
3, col 4; t r h 1, voc 5; supr r 2; war. '17- '18 
S and Home Garden. 'IS-'IO capt iiif; otber, 
pres Hllo Ts Union. "20- '21. 

CI.VCE, T 9, prea Austin Col, Sbermnn, Tei. 

COATB8, T J, prea at noi s. Kicbmond, Ky. 

COBB, Iirln Bbrewsbary. Oasining, N Y, 

ent; b, V23-7e"'^l™°^t' Eve Po8't''7^*-^''ln 
"A Plea for Old Cap Collier," contended 
tbat tbe American boy sbould be allowed to 
read so-called dime novels rather tban so- 
called good and tried readers because tbe 
bero w^D caused anotberbero to bite tbe dust 
was at least better emulated tban tbe boy 
wbo stood on tbe burning deck or tbe boy 
carrying tbe banner inscrlt>ed excolxlor "wbo 
Bbowed more Spartan endurance tban good 

words In letter will operate iu uvg mnii lo 

and "abllKy "of "^ wrTtBr'-'TtM^oB" of ml*»- 
■pelled words, standard dlotMlon tots with 
directions ; nse ot iraines to help spclUnt, 

pages Ee-6G; (S) crs study worked out as 
per 7; to improve tK> "definite self-measur- 
able task serves to motivate pus activities, 
is adjustable to his capacity, secures com- 
petition to Ills own b--- ---' J "-- 

COBB, Myr 

hd dept 

Cen ral 


Nor S, 

PlMsant, Ml 




lob B 

Forest a 




r T 

T col'' 

■ l"t'' 




CO agt 

other, t 


HUtIC li 

pres Hollin 




_. ,_ _.l-70; (5) n ,. _, 

Ing supt 3-I5-l»— 7-1-19 ; (6) Aim 
mlraeog 4 a" ■■ " - ■ - - ■ — ■ 

orld betterment; (7) council 
dlr of Inatr meets wkly to 

realliing tbem ; 6-'lS statcnt 
'20 wtw made by sach sopr; apeltlllg and 
penmanship revised; Eng eta In pre^s; 
baric prInclplM wblrh ahonid determine can- 
al deration ot crs BtndT, mlmeo^ 2 pp; tenta- 
tive era study In spelling, fcrds 2-8, 70 PP 
with cover marked "pre pored by dept of 
ed researcb. copyright by S A Courtis for 
™'- -• '^"— It," daied B-'l»; supts foreword 

City of Detroit,'' 

(or (utiMr tostlBs . . . "Boolery has come to 
look «pon correct gpelUng as mark ot ed 
It even one or (wo simple 

the deflnlt 

ard of 


that he m 



n '20 






|») Il-'IO 


with supr 


ported in 

w plan'^ 

adopt<4 « 

priD reap 


catUng n 


p help 

ot making 



by supt.Vg) "It ia'aU In the way yon look 
at It" or "reason toe enlarged budget" '20; 
bulletin qnoled In local and st papers; sum- 
mary 3-'20 of yr 'IS was signed by sunt and 
3 aasta; (12) new plan for rating ts '20 de- 
scribed In manual 3Viii5%. 20 pp. order of 
items, vllBllty, personality, «en Intel, social 
Intel, prof spirit, prat ability, prot leader- 
ship, eicc Kbillty, adaptability; each quality 

cellent; prin ranks'e ' ' - ■ 

rd" 5x7; 

Bcbed '»> give 
e In all grade 

bclp make sal sebed; ts asked In advance to 
consider allernatlves e e, kg ts were frankly 
told by supt that their taking 2 session! 
would release tOO.OOO for much needed s wrk ; 
" alternntlves and advised extra 
Itb only 2 against; (H> seriea 

_ _.. Ich; all 

.n> r,-- •■• testrd »-'2l» and divided Into iiev- 
eral mental ane groups witb differentiated 
crs study! (16) prins cnronragrd to uae cur- 
ri-nt problems p g, reprints of Vanderlip'a 
Economic llllleratea and local editorials; (181 
dept of pbvs ed ehnnfred to d»pl ot hlih witb 
new hitb record blank and close co-op witb 
city bd hith; (191 devp nl and contliniillnn 
crs; (21 "- " '- 

< ts for afternoon rls of forrl 

hd of this dept supr Ataei V&ift.^ V-,^ ■«"; 

wrk ot \.a comwveT^-, W-> «*S»M«*' i' 
program 'Wl; l.'ia^ see Yl, "*■. **\* * 
ord sliMt wccoantto* ^"^ '* 

ffho's Who and Why in After-War Education 

with ntMaim; ts nioril |>»rt rlnir Hni full 

udrr-losd, time ariiinl lur niibjii; Inatrii ror 
■naklns bnilgrt fdluittrii, G I>p; Inntr for in- 
t«rnml >«rODDttnB by ■», 4 ]>|i: » att rrrard 
far HinMtrr by rU iBrl ntu hn iilnro be- 
clnnlBs of RrmpHlfT. in- 
tardlneiis, lablr ror OKurli 


Kirdy 11 

-eil, ' 

■■iita wUlcli r'h works 

e ch.ingps bruui;lit nlioul by in Itsplf, 
e e<[alpment. auiiplics nnil (.'niiilillutts. 
e complete imiuurt, iirlf-HiirTcylnK 
red in Detrsit that hIikI trflu, nnl- 

rMnlta bHp I 

K Y C; b. 3-ae-(t.'; (71 h 
of Almii of rellvlsnit nl; 

"8 In tl ._ 

velopmeot of fully aoi'luIlKed s 

enlisted men In nniiy ; I'M) Hoc 

Jtel<i:i<ma Kil, '17: Fuiii'llonx ol 

mmilly. in KciiKlmiB Gil. 2- 'IK; .Miture o 

DlnciplinG lor Di>niiii'rncy, in It cli clous ]^>1 

In Con 

Jptoii, Muss; home tlr.ifton : 
(Ion, I'embrolie, Hnlitai nnd 
'IN: ll*> delayed rcetUI de- 
1 sjipIlluB', e^itcniJpd to other 

comeil ; 
tirely or 
lept* fcoi 

thiSw d 

(2S) n*ed 

(13) s 

: ImmedlBtely ■ 

II: (14> see 29: 
a lea 

of in 

pas; (28) BvlBtii 
> BeSDits In LeamlnE, 

. vol) att r 8 conf, 3-'2(l, 
young people. ■ * - - 

r Intel 

Bdncatlon, 4-'l8- 

outHned appeal ... ., . __ .„ 

prof; bc( ta nnsn on piiinnlng wrk aceording 
to aim Bouglit. 
COFFEY, Wiritrt C, prot sheep hitabnndi 
Bgr cot Urbann, 111; b. 2-1-77; (7| chn 
ctB stndy, giving conslderatir- '- — '•-■ 

re siaek breederi mte»; (31) ntt 
US 1; t r 0. col 14. pg 10. 
COFlSLiS, Geo », prof Bug Bnd cbrmn Bi 

depl. 'la — , Orinnell Col, Grinnell, la; 

10-i'2-8U; (.-.) ciii-mu Bng dept '17-'lfl St Ilni 

wrk II 

. Munt 

. - iikx; put In operation aabfreih- 
miin Eng and advanced tect tor inperlar en- 

hiinnr Jr and iir»; tliru EnR Council of at 
warkrd for more adeitnate Ens en la h ■■! 

I8i prepared 22 |i]i buiiklet on Fresbman Eng 
Hefiulrcments nl nI univ. Incl tg Bnggeatloui 
■ " fbrmu coL sect Inland Empire 

< uf Km 
pel 11 ion 

ijBtem of pub- 
Conncll; edl- 
T tri-yrly mts 

wrk oD Btwe; (17) 
-eague; lupr st n i 
conducted ezt era In 

. . >d ezt 

'17-'18; (22) 

■ -oth 1 

In nroduclnji eomni i _ 

aoula and Grinnell: (28) Mirncle Play In 
Bag. in Studies In rbllologj, I-'IB; Badoi- 
Ipg Values in, In Nation, 4-4-'18; (31) 
alt r 4. ur el 2. nr h i. col 4. pg 4^4 ; t nr b 

2',4, spec 2, col 10, 

COFFMAX. I.atuB D, prua 
Minneapolis, Mln ■ 

noted from dean c 
to Htudy tntar 

. Ill.'i0; in '18 

t N I 

__ty and clHcwbcre pointed 

Dienace lo ed and democracy of t shortage; 
widely quoted as snyiiiK "U S li giTing Iwi 

"— '~ '- '' ■- "■-- iny oTthe great 

nailer percentage 
an hai BBgland, 

. - — N C St Col Agr 

and Kn«r, West Knieigh. N C; (28) outline 
r Seasonal i'rescntation of Hortlirulture 
id Farm Jlei'lianlcs, 24 PP. incl gnggeatlong 
'op wrk, referencea to books 

n( well tr.ilned teai;Uei 
FRin<i>, l>arlnf.Ml, reii 
COGGIN. J K., dept 

top LEY, 


!S St Marys Col, 8t Marys, 

lavid, 111 cbR Bfalyn Cootlnnation 
St, Ilklyn, N Y; b. 3-8-M; (6) lect . 
voe ;riiiilnni;c. etc, Oswego St Nor, '20; Col C 
N Y 'ir>-';iO; t in <'hg pss S nnd 9, Staten Is; 
supr fed bd roc ed; prin Totteuville Evening 
Trade S. 'I.^-'IO; (7) crs for part time ss 
and for mtK nepdfi of voe guldHlee; (8) 
a wrii tied up with pn wrk in ahop and 

Wlio Work Dally I 

(14) thru personal i 

■ nilable 


Ponng a 

: (16) > 



. . taught to Bpk on UulT tMt, 
and pBrticlpate in rurrait aSalra: 
loured healtli oomr lo nddr pni; (BO) 
dance bnreaua and lite career eU «ig; 
Bnrvey Oeweco; For All Who WoA 
per KPrie*: (21. 23) ae« 28; (2S) dv 

High Spots for Every School 

owg Bdvlsory bd at 100 citliens tqr »; (27) 

(28) Forms and Aids In Vac Gnlducr; Oats- 
war to Enrllsli Study, a text book of Amer; 
Oawego Voc Survey, publ by N Y St dept ed; 
Ufe Career Books; newspaper series; (29) 
._ ^ Oflwego, continuation ts tr 

ors, etc; (31) d 
el 10. nor 1 s" 

col 3 

I, Inw 
supr a 

>, voc 3, 

N V C dept ed. 

Hr s war cabinet msAe bj cb 

photos of In ' 

s norkBliDP filled ,_ 

r rellca, wnr record of cU netlvltles, 
and posters naed in ~ ' 

cation ended "tn 

whldi ear beloved ■ 

__ _ _._. ima, dean Ta Col of IinIInn- 
BpollBl b, 2- 15-73; (6, 21. 29) Joint tiuthor 
YouBs AhmtIcs's First Book. 106 pp, lllus; 
topics incl bow to honor our Bns, America 

erotects UB, America provides for us, Amec- 
^B'B 'helpers, stories, verses, dramutlzfltlon ; 
nrtcl, l.oDsuaiTe tn the Ords, Ed Jrni 'IS, 

tests of ■bltll; In w ■ ■ ■ - ' - 


. 10 t 

■: (31) n^ 

I-'IS c 

ducted "war fact match" i srad cl divided 
. 32 on each aide, Coth giri pointing to large 
map oC world painted on back of moving 
picture screen as places were named: prln 
asked Queetlans, some from prepared listi, 
others suggeated by pupils' answers, an- 
anerlng competitors turned to auditorium 
full of guests and parents from ICusala, 
Poland, Germany, Iceland, Italy and gsve 
war fact; not till GOIh question nas a girl 
COI.BtrBN, W P,. supt '12 — , Ehinelnnder, 
Wis; b, 7-ll-e8; (8) tnlka at Woman's Club 
nnd Advancement Aasn, etc, on BoclalUlnrc s 
wrk and oo leisure br ed; (T) fromlDg 
newer type of era Stady ; (8) trying soclal- 
lae grd and h ■ wrk and iutrod vlsaal ed; 
(10) bid up Ubrarlea of bks cb like nnd read 
In every grd rm ; (11) local paper ; (12) 
raised sals (300 or more apiece, not enough 
but Improvement: (IS) stnd teats have helped 
acenre recognlUon from ta, grds grouped 
■eeordlng to ability, varying wrk to dllT 
groups; (IT) debates, athl; (18) ed cam- 
paign, nnrse for short time, far 1> mo, now by 
yr; (19) nl s in h s bid every winter; (22) 
gym open T days 1 nights to boys and girls 
of tovm Incl parochial pns and teams and 
worUag men; (23> carried on Investigation 
for 6 yra an reCsrdatlon nnd repeating and 
by pnbUeitT eat down both materially; |2S) 

-inch good, not enough tlio; (27i 

■• job; (2fl) — "■ •"" — 

r, col, PI 

col. pe » tumi 
only [n city » 

; t c 

r h 27, spec 1 

iBdiv due MnBbUlli 
(SB) CMUivS^U. 

anpt, '08—, Porter Co, 

Ind; (16) see 28; ri8) r survey; 
— — —enoea In S Ch, range of 
iliini[ exceptional cb, etc; 
T«. ^; CiMOdler, Durnnt, 
ipoilM, Kaaa. Beren. Ky; 

St, Boulder, Col; "b, 5.16-70:' (5) 'I^-'IB oapt, 
san c, U 8 A: (15) has devised group Intel 
teat tor ch Just entering ■; (28) mental age 
nnd school entrance. In S and Soc I0-e-'18; 
' ' col 18, pg 10: wnr, see H; 

, pres Upper la U, Fayette. 

Bruce, prof math, U S C. 
, 2-2-86; (5) Instr U 8 

rniy, air service; lect In physics, Colui 

:; (29) lut '" "" -' "'— — 

ef sect mL„ 

? Algebra, bet math .and set s 

nitg S C Ts A 

: (U) n 

1 10; 

1 4, pg t and 


U'omen, Denton, Tex, catalogue: lists coll 
attended by faculty; pnnoramu photo of 
1500 Btua nnd faculty; diploma for 3 yrs 
profeasIooQl wrk In 5 groups, for 2 yr 
-1, 2 groups; g ' '"' ' 


previous quarter 1 
points; sr taking I 
14 credit; hist crs 

leadership, farm 

standing olth <] 

COLLIER, W M, pri 

in, D C. 

FoIIon ngts Incl rural 

[>By. prof ped, Provost 
Col, dlr'snmr ses, Mlditleburg Col, Mlddle- 
hurg, Vt; b, 12-17-6!): (8) org and d[r mod 
lang ss of MIddleburK, Introducing new 
methods and life into study of French and 
Spanish thru intensive and highly apeclal- 
Iied ss conducted by cipetts; (18) crs !■ 
pbys ed tar men and women Intending to (t 
(31) alt col. pg; t nor 5, col 12. 

COIVIN, Oeurge St supt pub Inst. Frankfort, 

COLVIN, Stephen S, prof ed psy and dlr ■ 
of ed, 'IS—, Brown U, Providence. H I ; b. 
3-29-89; (B> prof ed psy, Ts Col N Y, sumr 
ses; lect Boston U, 'l9— : (19) eit crs and 
•crs for (3 In s Rvslems, Mass and Conn; 

Ta, Bcboo\ avi4 SoiAe^^l,™^' ^^'^ 

5 Who and Why in Afler-U^'ar Education 

on t tr and Intel ttMis; IIS*) bet ts limtll. 

rlnbB, orgH, unci h fac. etc. 
COMFORT, W W, nreii Hnvprford Co], Haver- 

toii, Ps. 
COXSTOCK, Georcr V, <llr imd i)i>iin iir:iil B, 

U Wis, MndlsoQ, Wis. 
CONANT, ChBrlMtfl H. prin Wiilnul Hill 8. 

ti, 2-3-«2; (31) oilier, Tisltcd 

r girls Id Japuii, Kor- ■ -- " 



. feil ' 

foreign miss .,. . 

oonin at ^linntcbnl Cont 1- 
lee Wellesley Col. 
CONDON, Kwidall 3, supt. 

b, 2- a 

J mi!) o 

siipr nlms In encourage nnd develop ts: 
) ts Btudj mnd nsa new t«xta and moke 
n in men da I Ions to lapC; (11) small 4-page 
li'lliiH prepnreil In anpt'a office, prlntnl 

HluH, pl'irHi] III imnds of pus nnd ts. 
Kilt to pan aa lemon tn rl^cm, titkm hanH 
pus to tearh pitnDtB; (12) new asl whed 
led on prrpsratlon. sucCMs Mid upcrl- 
r; ta eounrll eonslders proMema and 

>nd Bdr rms to t aubjs b; lab metfa; t 
nR t ffulde In backcronnd wtth ] 

iwsei (18) e • - -* ■ 

s Centra 


lutslde of U : 


|22) org campaign for endoTrmeat and bide: 
new bid started Oct '20; (31) att eol i; aiipr 
nr h 2; eol pres 30. 

CONN, V 8, pres at nor s, Wiiyiie. Xeb. 

sec — '20: A B Meredith, com mlssl oner, 

'20 — . Bnrtfoni, ~ 

257 PPi reports f 
nnd e.S4fl Amerli 
from Conn ; lists towns and cities which do 
not provide free text books; gives table of 
prosecutions durin); it for truancy, etc, 
showing )n each case age, sei and nationality 
of ch, offense, circumstances of family and 
result of proseeutlon ; gives sample cards 
used In ts bur for placing ts; gives stnd 
requirements foe 1 and 2-t ss with e'lulp- 
Doent; quotes governor's proclamations for 
each special day In '1T-'18; lists 20 sncKes- 
tlOD* as to care of health which are posted 
in every s housei Plans lor Progress, 3d 
Revision. '20. arranged by "standards" and 
._... _ .^ grades. lor nse in el ss ; 218 pp; 
St of Amer lit readings available 

_._ button; oulllne for geog assumes 

that "plavei and things become worth loca- 
ting became »( human intrreet" era provide* 
enlj essential mlnlmnm, gives purpose and 
methods by — ''" ' ""'-*■ — -"-- ' ■-•■' ' 

in Bug 

starred wh' 

which B 


towels tor 

_ crs In mod 1 
of whole eltlie 

; phys and by 

30ks, thosi 
ropean his 

diaiy hralth cheek Hat lo'he kept, outline of 
■ev'ing gives tlluMratlon of stitches. 

OONRADI, Rdward. pres Florida Col, Talla- 
hassee, Fla. 

40th St, NYC; Wilson L Gill, ed dlr; '20; 
"voluntary aaan of cltlsena who believe In 
govt of U S and consider Its underlying 
principles, as evidenced by the constitution, 
a tme eipreeslon of fundamental rights and 
llt>eTtIe9 of the people" ; Its plHTform, "If the 
people of Am understand the constitution. 
then will be no qnertlon of any other form 
of BOTt tor Am"; natl com 24; st governora 

OOimSBflS, Fnak B, aupt '87 — , Belolt. WU; 
b, 11-19^; (7) worUns with t comsj |8) 
graatm' pn aeOrlty and pDrtidpatlon In all 

time B phys, _ 
■ nurte: Hruim in all ss with bslsht and 
wrisht chart*! milk provided dallr for nn- 
dernourinhed ch! well equipped dNital dlBie; 

fcym tr, hcnlth clubs; (19) see U; pt~t arm 
in all sai (21) spec crs In comm dvlos with 
well tr tn; (24) mem st assn iegls com; mem 
bd trustees at ts retirement fund, now work- 
ing oiil revision of law on retirement fund 
nith com of leelslnture; (29) dlKuasions U 
ts cools alter every test; |2T) co-op of cham- 
ber commerce. Rotary, Klwania, etf. with 

uent consideration of -'- 

local clubs; (31) att r 


N M 

supt pub Inst, Santa Fe, 

farmer, Camden, Del, 
__ __ us addr and artels In 

nd magazlues ; chrmn com on thrift 



Temple U, Philadelphia ; 
talned that every loralily at S,OD0 or moTe 
ought to make 1st grd ed apportunltf avail- 
over S9W) tlmen, with pron-eda helping nearly 
SflM yonng men and women thrs col. 

COOK, Albert B, si supt ss, Baltimore, Md. 

COOK, Berton E, prin h s, Soutblngton, Oaan: 
b. 4.5-S8; (H) hii chem dept, Deerlng H S, 
Portland, Me, "IT— 2-'20: prin union s. North 
Berwick, Me, 2. '20— C- "20; (7) building »oe 
crs hearing directly on nursing and library 
employment; revising c ' '"■ '''"'' ■- 

i (131 s 

aside from bnal- 

_.. - ... ; (14) b . 

treats with Jr and ar els on voc Uld 
matters, directing toward further prep- 

wlth ability to t, dlTecttng 

' lines those i 



"i IW) 

„.„,,. „. .,, els In ed 

problems at Vale, makes study at matter of 
election of era study by h s entrants; (18) 
perfecting plan tor hot noon lunobesi {30, 
27) vor Bpkrs at assemblies, banker, iMrrvr. 
etc; (-31) att spec 4. col, pg; t r H 6; anvr. 

COOK, Joseph, pres nor eol, Hatlleabptg, 

COOK, Leon E, prof voc ed 'IS—, N C 8t Col 
Agr and Engr, West Raleigh, N C; (B) 
HBBOC prof, '17. 'IS: (8) Hroe given mainly to 
improving meth of tg age In secon is; Me 28; 
(10) teats of teits by t ol methoda ol t Mrr> 
in\ B(* 28; asi »ioB» »vol«U-. C») P»rt 

High Spots for Every School 

oi one era; (28) Joint editor N C Agr Ed 
Montbly; joint author Tg Apr In Sec Ss ; 
mlmeDgraph material ; (31) att f 8, r h 4, 
col 6, pg IM; t r 2 wka, r h 2, eol ihi- 

COOK, Hn K&tberine M, epedatlBt In r ed. 
U S bur efl, Wasblngton, DC; (28) attcls on 
pbasea at r ed In S Bd Jrnl, B S Messenger 
and other papers: CQ-autlior, bur ed bulletin 
'SO, No. S, Fmslbllity of ConsirildatlnK Sa of 
H( Joy Townahlp, Adama Co. Pa. Incl gen- 
eral and ed conditions In township, drflel- 
enciM or prHfnt ■ ayatem, consolidation the 
DbvlouB remedy, rcaulta to be expected from 
coaBolIdaUon, conaolldktlon lo other gta; (29) 
talka on r ed ; (31) att col 4, pg 1; t r 5, 
r h 2, nor 2; Bupr r 6; co supt, sc enpt Colo. 

COOK, HelTllle Thnraton, st plant patholo- 
gist. New Brunswick, N J; b, 9-20-6B; (51 
plant pathologist, N J ngr eip ata; prof 

BalAny; Col Botany; t_.. ,_, 

Btt col 4, pg 31 t r 2, at h 1. col 19, pg o; 

COOBSON. Chulea W, CO snpC Franklin Co, 
Court Bonse, Columbna, O; b. T-S-fll; (6) bss 
worked lor cooperation between church and 

»: (U, 29) helped ts week "W. I 
O S U fac and ^u mass mtg i 

mtg for t recruit- 
ing; bef ts Instlta and commcmts on Char- 
acter Bid, Spiritual Education. 
COOI^Y, Jsmea 8cth, dist supt '12 — , Mlne- 
ola, N T; b, 9-29-45; (0) led moyement org 
Jr home project wrfc In Naaaan Co, securing 
cantrihntiona, co nld, and spreading wrk 
elsewhere; (11) ed exhibits i ' ' 

■—.; (IB) L — 

implete Jr home project like gnrden, i 
atntoea, bean, poultry, rabbit, pig, cult, 
■atlng, canning, foods, sewing; Jr 
lopted J - — • " " ' - 


at Farm Burn 

t fair 

(17) Jr bome project wck and Jr R C; {2; 
pcomotea better blda and s as comm center: 
(27) peraonal solicitation of tunda for Jr home 
project wrk; (28) mem com of 5 to prepare 
at questions used for grd eiama: (31) att 
r 2, nr h 1, apec 2, col 4. toc 1 ; t r 14, spec 
3; snnr 3: snpt 8; Oeld. a comr 17, pracflced 
medicine 17: other, see co med boc and Nns- 

COOHBE8. Hfs Lels. CO BDpt '19 — , Moultrie 
Co. BulllTBn, ni; (5) t '1T-'19; (9) all final 
exams at co seat: (10) mem com to aah co 
'■ •- adopt uniform teHs tor co: (12) ' — 

stinted praise tor thoa 

i guidance; ('21) ts' 

try" ; 

(SO) b 8 beglnnln 

, ,,1 B Kansas §., 

(8) stDS must be stlmnlnted 
<thennelTes: (21) tearhea (hat ' 
aa iBteniseDt *Bd BctlTe Inter* 
wwld"! (81) att nr el & urh 3 
t col IS; WJLT, 4 met T M CA s 

COOPER, Bert, CO snpt '16 — . Nodaway Co, 
MaryWtle. Mo; b, 1880; (S) lu making agr 
era mean not only agr aubja hut alao health, 
sanit, home conveniences, social conditions, 
commuulty Interests; (7) 4-yr rotation plan 
lor tg RKr, older and younger pus at same 
tasks, when 4tb yr Is completed, older one* 
hare left and Ist yr studies are new to re- 
maining : (8) agr mattvlies other stndle* 
with reaaona tor reading, arlth, writing li 

d' thus 

, by 

(11) eihlblta I 

« problem of 
e and IntereHt, 
I from telling 

c oqvlp with no r 
iged attitude whei 
- of Inillfferenre"; 

COOPER. Franlt B, aupt, Seattle, Wash. 
COOPER. I W, prea Whltworth Female Col 
R rook haven, MIhs. 

Ed In the Church, Ed lor . . 
vice Activities tor Adult*! (29) H 
on ed topics - - ... 

CORSOIf, David B, snpt, Newark, N J. 

CORSON, n Hrrman, aupt union dli 
Joncsporl. Tonesboro. Centervtlle nnrt 
son; Jotieaport, Me; b, 7-31-76; (8) eoi 

Id see Bct\^UVe«, wV '<*.«»■ 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

COBSOX, Hope K, Mrg ChM £^ t Eng and 

hist, Jr h s, Pittsfleld, Muss; (12) "change, 
frequent but not too frequent, In line of 
wrk t pursues does much to Iseep her in- 
terest and enthusiasm alive"; (28) artels in 
8 jmis; (31) t r, ur el, spec; prin. 

COBTBLYOU, John Yanzandt, prof mod langs, 
Kan St Apr Col. Manhattan, Kan ; b, 9-19-74 ; 
(16) st chrmn natl Peabody foundation for 
internatl ed correspondence; (31) att lir h 4, 
col 4, pg 25; t ur h 2, col 16. 

COSS, John J, dir sunir session, Columbia U, 
N Y C; b. 3-24-84. 

COTTINGIIAM, C, pres Louisiana Col, Tlne- 
ville, La. 

COTTON, Fassett A, pres St Nor, 1909 — , La 
Crosse, Wis; b, 5-1-62; (6) "try to enable 
our stu to fit Into new conditions of recon- 
struction period"; (13) stu counoil; (14) 
circulars sent widely advertising 100% inc 
In sals since war; (20) 8 to 5 talks ann to 
entire stu body; (25) introd gradually; (31) 
att r 8, r h 4, nor 2; t r 1, r h 1; supr r 6, 
r h 6; st supt Ind 6. 

COTTON, Carl, supt, West Springfield, Mass; 
(7) outlines in nature study and h s hist; 
hist reference bks inc; (8) 8th grd subj 
matter and instr "juniorized" ; subjs t on 
dept basis ; (9) rating of ts written and ac- 
cessible to t rated; each t also fills out rate 
sheet of own ability; (11) see 28; (16) sewing 
in 6 and 7 grds; cooking in jr and sr h s; 
shop wrk for boys; club wrk; (17) jr R C; 
(18) dental ajxd med exams; s nurse; phys 
tr and supr; hot lunches; (25) stnd tests 
"show success and needs of ss" ; (28) ann 
rept '19, 63 pp, illus, gives results of stnd 
tests In tables with comments and conclu- 
sions; summary of statistics. 

COTTKEL.L., Edwin A, prof polit sci, Stan- 
ford IT, Cal; b, 12-14-81; (5) prof polit sci, 
dir bur govt research Ohio St U '17; U S 
bur efficiency '18; (7) new crs in citizenship 
for all new stus at unlv; (16) survey wrk 
by stus In chaml>er commerce and other 
civic org wrk; (17) discussion groups for 
political questions; (20) encourages tr for 
pub service; (22) coram house lects ; raising 
funds for equip of athl field and employment 
of play dirs; (25) bus, social and ed survey 
of Palo Alto for chamber commerce; (27) 
directed membership campaign for chaml>or 
commerce to secure support of program for 
devp comm center playfield; (29) 12 lects bef 
Assn Collegiate Alumnae, San Jose, Cal, en 
Know Your City; over 50 on munic func- 
tions; (31) att col 4, pg 4; t col 13; war, 
see 5; liaison officer S A T C O St U; other, 
dir chamber commerce; chrmn financial 
campaign in church. 

COuiiTBAP^ Fletcher 8, prof art of tg '07 — , 
St Nor Col, Ohio U, Athens, O; b, 3-28-54; 
(13) els in s effic, 500-600 stus ann; (16) 
chrmn st com of 9 on interstate character 
ed meth research; (31) att col. pg; t col 14; 
lupt 30; field, co examiner of ts 25; other, 
mem bd control O Ts Reading CMrcle; twice 
pres S E Ohio Ts Assn. 

COUNTISS, J Bj pres Grenada Col, Grenada, 

COUBSAUI«T, Jesse Harllaman, dean fac of ed, 
U Mo, Columbia, Mo; b, 3-23-71: (19) in chg 

t-fr wrk ibr vac agr, trades and Indastries. 

and home econ, with tr centers in cities; 
(29) l*rinciple& of Ed, 480 jop, '20; (31) att 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t ur u 8, col 15 Ind 
pg 12. 
COUBT, Frank WiUard, clergy man, Waterloo, 
la; 1), 6-13-75; mem bd trustees Inpper la U; 
during war acted as sec service league and 
mem exec com to handle all local war acti- 
vities; mem speaker's staff. 

COUBTlS, Stuart A. dir ed research, of nor 
col, of supr, Detroit ss, Detroit, Mich; of ed 
research Detroit Ed BuUetlu recently listed 
five purposes: 

1. To measure ch needs as adequately and 
as completely as possible that t may be 
better able to adjust herself to cb needs 
effectively ; 

2. To measure goal toward which ch wrks 
to make sure that both t and ch energy 
are spent on things worth while both 
for him and for society; 

3. To measure changes brought about by tg 
itself to be certain not only that it pro- 
duces effects desired, but that at same 
time meth used makes least possible de- 
mand upon both t and ch; 

4. To measure equipment and supplies and 
conditions under which is takes place to 
sec that each contributes all it can toward 
final goal; 

5. To measure completed product, that each 
ch may be guided to suitable niche In life 
where he can live happily ever after. 

See Frank Cody, sketch. 

COVEL.L., A H, supr prin Clyde H* S, '18 — , 
Clyde, N Y; b, 2-9-90; (23) reward system 
for excellent att and punctuality; perfect, 

an att certif plus $1.50 book from approfea 
list ; excellent, 1-4 times absent or tardy, att 
certif; room with best record, silk U S flag; 
absence for protection of health of otliers 
not counted; (31) att r h 4, col 4; supr r h 8. 

COWAN, Harold E, hd commrl dept '20—, h s 
Dedham, Mass; b, 5-29-89; (5) hd commrl 
dept, Arlington, Mass, '18-*20; hd conunrl 
dept, Passaic, N J, '17-'18; (10) text book 
used as t's help, t not supplement to text; 
(10) salesmanship pus brings in spedflo artols 
and grive sales talks endeavoring to sell theoa 
to others; (20) scheme for determining 
whether stu Is analytical or retentive and 
should therefore follow an analyt er% snch 
an law, math, etc, or retentive crs such as 
stenof?, langruages, manl tr; (23) snrvey sheet 
for supr to record features of t's lesson 
development; (28) Exercises in Business 
Practice, '20, 6 artels, Business Educator; 
(29) bef Commrl Ts Assn, '20; (31) att nor 
1, col 4, pg 1; t ur h 7; supr ur h 5, field, 5% 
yrs office positions; war, Fed Bd Voc BdJ 
surveys of private bus ss in New Bng, supra 
tr over 200 men taking commrl work of n 8 
and col grade. 

COWI.ING, Donald J, pres Carleton Col, 
Northfield, Minn; (5-6) pres Assn Amer Cols 
'18, which brought to U S 120 French women 
on scholarships and provided for their board, 
room and tuition fees during period of their 
undergraduate study; also 40 invalided sol- 
diers on similar scholarships; 4-'18 — ^12-'19 
pres Amer Council on Ed which aimed to 
assist govt with ed war problems, haying 
chg of practically all recruiting wrk for 
S AT C; \i7 armVaUt^ Wm^ \i«A «ctt«L>\«ed 

High Spou for Every School 

nitb about 6fi cole to offer era in nuraitig: 
also cbrmn Coniicirii com In cbg of Tls:t 
.. „_..._^ —J ...__.__ ^. .>..g country, fiill 
gent Ir "" ■-- 

„ _ , ... _ _ . .' Ed E 

of Natl Reaearch OouocU »t Waah 
..... .' " r Conndl od na 

ihrmn finance com ; (7) mem newlj for 


1 ot A 

t CoU 

and Natl Instlt of Architects 
Btnd; ol arcbltectnre and Que arts bf under- 
Bradnatea; (22) (4,000,000 endowment cam- 
paign for Oarleton Col -under way autumn 
'20; BaptUta of Minnesota decided to wrk 
tlira Carlelon rather tban build own col and 
™ted 11,000,000; (39) Incl "Congregational- 
ism in Education" 7-20 before Inlernntl Con- 
greftational Conacil In Boston ; (31) war, 

cox, Janwa M, sorernor of Oblo '13-'15, 'lT-'20; 
oamlldate for pceatdent '20. In January '20 
Uaned fl»t ckl] (or st wid« Tracber'a Week 
drii« for t recruits, an example sbortly fol- 
lowed by gova of Ind, Mich, Kan, Wash. Id, 
PeuD, Conn. Aa prealdentinl candidate urged 
nation's need for belter auppart of ed. 
When dt BupC aent word that (100,000 bad 
been aayed in at a fnada, (J7,000 approp for 
at dept and |93,000 for weak couottes) Gov 
Col wrote back, "It'a jot- ' — ' * ' 

e It." 

, Ben Blewett Jt B S. St Loula, Ua, 
.. iO; on Jeaie absence '18-'19 aa aiipr 
advisement, fed bd toc ed ; (S) laclallied 
McHBtloD and project wrk! aaslgnmentB of 
hnme wrk mads wkly In eaeb anbj. lat-br CIS 
iralng Monday, 2d-hr_TueBday '"' " 


entrallied plan of fac org; each clarm t 
ipoDslble for mechanical admn of RTonp ; 
I EoTt, with B eablnet composed or prin. 

saM prin, B grd heads. 

B itte'; (17) • Mter siren tor oatBttuidlni 
lii dUBSBiUPi aeliolftTalilp, or ei(ra-cls 
THiei WKh aa athl; (20) pi*-ed tryoi 
7tli *nd Sth grda and prevoc ed for 
■cad pua Id Mil grd; 2d luiU-Ka in M 
oaiam eMe* eonalata ot stody of or 
ttonat (S2> iMMement of Jr h s 
maal tr anop, dam scl wrk rm. 
dle-cla city apartment. 

pay ■ddaer tor gifted ch da org In '18 now 

In ]r h a; (2S) held cle for el ts In giyluc 
atnd teata and analyzins resulta for tg sug- 
geatfona; (29) bef amall groups on ed KCeda 
or girted ch! (31) att ar el 7, ur h 4, nor M, 
col 2, pg 2^4; t r Shi. eol 5; other, tesearcfc 
aaat oa problems of ed oi gifted cb. 
COZZEN8, C B, CO Bupt, Clinton, la; (7) 
combined and arranged aubja needed lu r • 

a chart 12% i 18; i 

CO exhlliltai (8) Introd phonic meth tn tm 
rudingi (]]) ed eihlbit at DeWltt fair; 
(17) toTTQBhip apelllng couleut, atresalnj 
meaning of words ns well: co spellius con- 
teat, wTnuer's expenses pnid to st eonteat; 
(22) r a consol; bid program calls for 3 
bids at f390,000; (24) introS cJause In consol 
law permitting co ed bd to estab other 
than present dlat boaudaries; (37) banh 
peya eipenses of delegate to st spelling con- 
test ; (20) commcmt talka ; (31) att r a, Jr et 
3, ur h 4, TOC 3 moa, col 4 ; t r 1, r h 1, ur fc 
3; snpr 3; sapt S. 
CRABBE, J G, pres Colo St Ts Col, Greeley. 
Col; (14) held campaigns on ahorCage ot U. 
offering aerrlces to all snpts in at Co spk on 
subJ: in writing to Instltnte for Pub Ser- 
vice on t-ahortage 4-20-'20 statea "wbirlwln4 
campaign ot publicity on shartAge of t* 
aliould be carried on vlaoroualy at once . . . 

■ in tbia c 
.ogbt Id 

(81) a 

rB. c h 1 

r el 5, 

r h 5, 1 

COX, Blelurd Q, pre a, 

Gulfport, Hiss; b, l-l-w, iji ihco,"-. 
Col, ^17-'18; orarBeflB wHb ed dept Y M C - 
'18-'19; Gulfport Col, now being bit. will 
be J' col for women "Wendlug old and nesr 
Id ed for younB women." 
eOK, Wm B, prea Coi Col, College Park^ Ga 
COT. Oe»«rtOT« Lmore.laatr in pay ■' 


Htsna, women's clnbn and like . . . ns 
greater menace has faced Amer Republic 
than present Bbortage of ts: status of t 1m 
local comm, aoclal respect tor hia calltns 
Is not high eosugh"; (2S) started aelt sur- 
vey by rarnlty lO-'lT, (28) Report on SelT 
Survey S-'20, 2 secta on admu control and 
ed org, 148 PP, 8 point; 8 quesllons asked 
by faculty com ot fac on wrk intl what are 
chief barrlera to milling (unctions ot dept, 
list ail nhangcA made in last Z yra In org or 
mctliods. lilt aJI chanKcs whicli ehonld bt 

moat important problems;' most Important 
problems as reported by hda of depta PP 
75-80 incl systematic recruiting, estab psj 
cllnlca thro at, keeping in touch ■ftltb 
alumni, correlating training sa with col dept, 
making provision for tr In service for 
faculty, eliminating duiillcatlon of instruc- 
tion; eit service pp 124-148. 

ORABTREE, J W, sec N B A, 1201 lOlh St. 
N W, Woahlnglon. D C. 

CBAFT. Roacoe C, snpr prin '18 — , Port Jef- 
ferson, N Y; b, 4-3-78; (5) prin Hlcksvllle, 
N V, '17-'18; (7) new era, staMcd 4-yr baa 
and BecretarlBl era. Improved and crystal- 
lized other era; (8) Instituted wkly fac mtgs; 
(0) thru fac mtga accnied each ts Interest 

able; (11) wkly ne-i 


Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

nliib»d cfuoDi hauBr u 
tbtj tngtgtd haasFker 
■DH«sIull7 nUrrlns 

olTlGS and A 
half yt o[ lei 

(22) aeel6; i 

■«df(l B 




J3) permanent 

Indly clB 



atian hy pus 

of tardl- 

nesB iTl'tb a 




erit U8t In li 

B wblch 

c»dlt« a»iu 


iDrtmeot and lista 

16 tyn** 


■e made; 



aee T. 10, 12 



o holJ 

mo bd n.tit 

t a bidi 

(27) talk 



am la<'al 

! Town Mtg, 


(28) An Old New 

Instr, ll-'20, plot laid out by prin, puna 
written by b 8 En* cIr, compiled by prlu 
and staged lor pub; (23) A Word from tbe 
S, bet W C T U, CO cony; Walled CltleH. Ule 
In prison, men's fburch club; N Y Bt Oeog. 
ts conl; Progress In S Wrk. commcmt ; 
Presentation of Service Finn, town celelirn- 
tloo; 100 yra ol Oddfellowship. bet Odd Fel- 
low centennial; (31) att r 12; t r S, ur el 1, 
spec, prisons 2: svipr r 5, r h 9. 

, Katkerlne, St supt pub Imt, Donver. 

ORAM, Fred 1>. pro 

i.f est 

Cetro Gordo Co, M, '18- '90; 17) ers »tu«r foi 
«1 m Cerro Gordo Co, 'lO; 2-in pp contnlu! 
min requirements eni'h feed and sneiiestloii; 
about wrk, sample Ipsbiihb In KpolUnu. brlpl 
psragrapba dcaerlMne pUys niul menial 

U>t Ot B 

Brdsi (' 


terlBtIca of pus, t 

•Dls. 'IS; 114 pp; < 

fo» t 

was recently arrested for uhidk h meiisure , 
badly dented at bottom. Why? WLo has I 
authority to arrest such a merchant? How 
doei he iret his position? Where la his 
oDIce? What other duties does he have? 
Why li such an officer necessary? Discuss 
DfteeD minutes. Notes."; (11) thro loml 
, paper*; (IS) modern health cruaadei (23) 
. rept rmxa showins, In addit to pds grades. | 

. ■ ml afesmde table, and blank to be tilled i 

Ar jmrmt trHb Infynnrntloa wblcb t Hhoold I 
«•» mbaat pn! (24) cfirmn po supt legls ■ 


CBABIFTON, C Ward, dean 'IB — , Nor 
S Fhys Ed, Battle Cree^ Mich; b, S-28-T7; 
(5) dlr dept phya ed N T C, — 'IB; (8) org 
natl assn nor as of phya ed : edited new 
dept phys ed in Good Henlth MaKacine; (3k 
tn tg anatomy, movement of organs, jolou 
aud bones ahowE by i-ray; N T at adopted 
metbods or Instr; (IE) continued urging 
physiological age as basis ot daaaUylng 
ndolescents: (16) put into effect new phyi 
tserclsBB bUl proTldlng tor 80 min daily tor 
NYC ch, bringing preyiously constituted 
aihl center into s oa recreation period; (22) 
bef Bt low passed, deyp stn artei s nthl 
camera in N Y C; (23) as mem eiec com, 
helped draw fed phys tr law now bet Cong; 
asst In fruming and promoting N Y WeNU- 
Slater phys and miltt tr laws; chrmn com 
phys slnds for ch labor, now drafting 

L 8, col S, PB f; 
?."*!■ and drr'tuiTiV tr"ror boys NY C, "" 
rKANDALI., Benjamin R, supt '19 — , San 
Itcrnardlno, Cal : b. 12-31-75: (5) prin h ■ 
Iloltvllle, cm, 'IS-'IO; (8) omitting nnn^ai. 
sontlah from grds, e g "mathemr'"- 
rt-plaj^d with careful itndy ot 


'Placed br pUlot 

rteponstblJlty and apportnalty OK 
suprs; (10) la pra<.1jeaU7 ad«(i 

r promollon for eapec good wrk; 
11 stus eiamd tar phys defects; 

Ted by fonlcii ctrls 

■ent thei 

lUltary bome conditions; nl ss bm*e L 

id von erg and Eng and civil fVtt; (20) 
>c guidance In d:iy h s. nl h s, ]r h ■; 
!1) see 10; (22) in s shops a furniture nude 
om mnnt tr benches and tools to tS deaka 
id Barngea; (2.')) non repistration checked 

; (31) a 


.T 1, 

I r £, r u t ; »upr c 4. r h 7* 

-, K C pres. In rhg )r R C and 

col 4, pg 3; t r 2, r b 7; supr 
ur is 14; " -^ " ■ "" 

RANDAI.I., Will cues, prot a 
~ " ■ S C; b, 2-20-90: C 

bluik; dlrectiann tor krepinc prio^Ma 
Tonnta with live stock, and fof kaeplns 
'Dject coat Mcannts wHh ftardeo, trnek 
id crop violecta; rroD ■pTBlrek noXn '\»iAE\ 

High Spots for Every School 


live stock project note book; (28) Agr Ts 
Plan of Wrk, bul 3; (31) att r 8, r h 4, nor 
2, col 3; t r h 3, col 2; field, itinerant t-tr 
in S C. 

CRANE, A G, pres st nor s, Minot, N D. 

CRANE, Robert Treat, prof polit sci and dir 
bur govt, U Mich, Ann Arbor, Mich ; crs incl 
world polities, "gen discussion of interest- 
ing political problems, natl and internatl, 
Oft present day"; catalog reads "proper solu- 
tion of these questions depends upon devel- 
opment of sound pub opinion; obligation of 
col man and woman In formation of that 
4>pinion is manifest; aim is to collect scat- 
tered elements of the always confusing situ- 
ation of the moment and try to grasp them 
as one connected whole" . . . pre war poli- 
tics . . . particularly causes and conduct 
of great war which has so profoundly af- 
fected development of pre existing tenden- 
cies . . . effects of war upon notl and 
internatl development* governmental, econ 
and social'* ; also crs in munic govt, comn 
and mgr forms, police, social welfare, pub 
Improvements, utilities, . . . dealing mafoly 
with Aimer cities of present time. 

CRAN«TON^ John A, city supt, '16—, 301 
Spurgeon Bid. Santa Ana, Cal; b, 6-14-63; 
(7) wrkd with city supts So Cal to form 
min crs study now in press; (8) deptl wrk 
in grds 1-8; (9) ts allowed great freedom 
in wrking out own ideas; (13) pus in chg of 
study lialls; (15) Mexican ch segregated in 
lower grds; thru research dept, pus are 
elassifled according to ability to advance; 
(18) s nurse; fiupr phys tr; (19) part-time 
»s; (20) research dept finds occupations of 
parents and desires and natural abilities of 
pus; (21) crs in citizenship required of all 
Mh grd pus; (22) bids at disposal of comm; 
(27) chamber commerce etc help; (31) att r, 
ur h, col; t r, ur el, ur h; supr and supt 32. 

ORAWFOiRD, D W, dean *18, Col of the Ozarks, 
formerly Ark Cumberland CJol, Clarksville, 
Ark; b. 6-15-84; (5) hd dept Bug, Chatta- 
nooga h s, Tenn, — '18; (11) mo bulletin 
sent to over 5000, making appeal to stus of 
r grd s« fluid h ss to pursue further studies ; 
(16) for 8 sumrs with Z other profs made 
survey of ed <sonditions, r as well as town, 
within radius of 40 miles of Clarksville; (25) 
ed measurements now being taken of stus 
in col and local p ss; (27) helped pres secure 
funds to enable stus to attend col; 20 "wrk 
scholarships" this yr; (29) Safe Guards,— 
Home, S, Church, Rnlightened Pub Opinion, 
in 10 localities; (31) att ur el 4, ur h 4, col 
4, pg 4; t ur h 3; supr l; dean 3. 

CRAWFORD, J^ C, prin, Boston Trd S, 
Parker St, Roxbury, Boston, Mass; (7) 
phmning crs \o fit phye condition and nat- 
ural ability in both shop and acad side for 
returned soldiers ; (19) rehabilitation wrk for 
returned soldiers; (29) talks to soldiers at 
Camp Devens, urging preparation in pro- 
fession or trade tot which adapted. 

CRAWFORD, Wm H, ipres Allegheny Col, 
Meadville* Pa. 

CRAW18HAW, W H. dean and prof gen lit, 
Colgate U, Hamilton, N Y; (7) advocates 

Stater con<c»itratlon in col in few well- 
osen «vbjt— *'toM0 dtote rather than 
' ' ' ^- ■»; (S) urrea atn^ of vital 

and inspiring in literary wrk rather than 
mere tedinical details; "if stu can be 
brought to feel power of great ideas, great 
conceptions ... it will make lit study cue 
of chief means of guiding world thru its 
present mace of difficulties and dangers"; 
(31) t col 34, incl dean 24. 

CREAGER, J O, pres st nor s, Flagstaff, Ariz. 

OREEDEN, J B, pres Georgetown U, Wash- 
ington, D C. 

CROMWEIili, M A, supt, Jordan, Mont; b, 
4-26-76; (5) supt Winnett, Mont; (6) org 
back to school campaign; (7) projects more, 
books less; (8) field and factory trips sup- 
plement books; (14) org t tr dept; (16) t 
agr by score cards and booklets made by 
pus; (19) campaign for stus; (22) "movable 
schools"; (24) mem com to revise t pension 
law; (26) Z dormitories; (28) Why Go to 
H S?; (31) att r 8, ur el 1, ur h 4, nor 3, 
col 3, pg 1; t r 3, ur el 3, ur h 3, nor 10; field, 
investigator for Dakota Farmer. 

CROOKS, Ezra B, prof phil and ed, Randolph 
Macon Woman's Col, Lynchburg, Va; b, 
10-6-74; (5) on leave, '18-'19, Y M C A hut 
sec with Portuguese troops in France; (8) 
adopting more concrete meths of tg; (10) 
changing to more concrete texts; (14) helped 
find places for grads wishing to t, tried to 
keep them from turning away from tg; (19) 
taught '20 in 3 church sumr ss, in Va, S C, 
Ky, object better religious ed; org comm 
leagues in 8 Va cos; (21) v-ohrmn city com 
for better race relationship; secured better 
ss for negroes, trying lessen friction bet 
races; (29) Food Production, Thrift, bef h 
ss; Victory Loan, Lynchburg Ool; Thrift, 
Better Ss, at church; Developing Ss to Meet 
New Demands, st ts assn; (31) att r 1, ur el 
8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 6; t col 8, pg^ 3; field, 
chrmn com al: ed assn on sumr h ss '17; 
chrmn dlst comm league; war, see 5; also 
publicity for 8 cos and city food admn, 1% 

CROOKS, H M, pres Alma College, *15— , 
Alma, Mich; b, 3-1-78; (12) sal inc 66%; 
(13) stu govt; (18) phys exam required at 
entrance; (29) numerous h s commcmts; 12 
wks, 120 speeches, ts instit, Mich, 111, and 
Ind, 3 cols, Rotary clubs, church brother- 
hoods, etc; (31) att r h 4; t vill 2^; supt 
vill 3; pres col 15. 

CROSS, Wilbur li, dean grad s, Yale U, New 
Haven, Conn. 

CROSSFIEIiD, R H, pres Transylvania Col, 
Lexington, Ky. 

GROSSMAN. Iceland Earl, prof economics and 
polit sci ^19 — , Marietta Col, Marietta, O; 
(5) prof hist and polit sci, Parsons Col, 
Fairfield, la, '17-'18; prof hist and polit 9ci» 
Olivet Col, Olivet, Mich, •18-'19; (8) devised 
crs in freshman hist ; 1st semester, European 
hist, 1500-1789, followed by Amer colonial 
hist; object, to acquaint stus with outline 
of events In period and to train stus in use 
of meths and devices of service in study of 
«ocial sci; to achieve this aim and to bridge 
the gap bet the strictly directed wrk df h » 
and more independent wrk ist ^v\ ^s^^ '^fiX 
wrk is don« un<l«T «wt Va. V8a Vft- **^'\x'vl^X 
of yr, graAwaV^ \w9Viilt t«w«^ S^^'^^T^I^ 


irhfi's Who and Why in After-War Education 

muile of rrpreMentative farmers, baslnettfi men 
anil prorrtmionul ; c'lioloe of iiiems of ffroup 
WAii left to ppople wbo failed ro frer jxronp 
which wixa ready to dineuss inodi'i'ii lal>or 

Iirtddeins imparl iaily. Iicmioc plan niisearricd ; 
lopinp: to revive it with j;roat«»r success: 
luHt yr gave vth in Huttrage problems in 
women of rol and eomm, to l)e repeared if 
desired; (31) :itt r 4. iir el 1%, ur li r», col 
3K», VK H; t r :t, iir el '\, nor sumr 1, col '*; 
Fupr 2: war, ed scf Y M C A, Camp Gordon. 
Ga, r.-'lS--ll-'18. 

CKl TniEK, Mfh Eusrene. housewife, 817 
Lischey Av. Nashville, Tenii : b, 1-18-C8: 
mem Teun Oh Welfare C^omm; pres, st pt-ts 
asKu: in rcpt to Oct mtix '20 pt-ts assn. 
outlines wrk of assn as aidinj; humane ed, 
betterinip home influence, Hupr of ch labor 
conditions, HtresHinKT slofpans Back to S and 
Stay in H, raisin kt funds to keep ch in s 
whose families need help, aiding ts in se- 
curinflT pleasant homes, ed in mothercraft, 
hetteriuff conditions in r sections, wrk for 
better films, bettor babies, lejrislation for 
mothers' i>ensionK, ed in thrift, co-operation 
witli other welfare or;r8, parental tgr of sex 
hygt urging: private liearinfps in Juvenile 
ortK, study of social problems of younp 
people in business world, sumr camps for 
bal)y and mother: wrked for ch liygr dept 
on every health bd and distribution of cer- 
tified birth rertificates; (J51) war, formed 
orgs to enlist mothers for service in vicinity 
of mobilization camps. 

CUB»KRL.KV. Kllwood P, dean s ed Iceland 
Stanford Jr TT, Stnnford U, Cal. 

CITLBERTSON, Henry Coe, pres Ilipon Col, 
»18— , Rlpou Wis; b, 7-11-74; (12) inc sal 
tOf/c; (13) stu self fcovt; (29) Makers of To- 
morrow, Indianapolis II S. '20; (31) pres col 
I.*?; war, chief of sect in food adni; lect for 
com pub information and Y M C A in U S 
and France. 

CITMMIXGS, Byron, dean arts, letters and sr»i 
'17 — , of men '18 — , and dir st musoujn 
'!.'► — . U Ariz, Tucson, Ariz; b, 9-20-61; (o) 
sr dean and actg pres In president's ab- 
sence 'IS — : (7) framing crs study for fed 
bd men; (12) securing better conditions and 
sals; (15) "dean of men is continual balance 
wheel''; (JG) promoting social and civic wel- 
fare thru cleaner city and saner care of 
tubercular people and their families; (17) 
promoting stu activities of every kind; (18) 
acted as nurse in flu epidemics on campus 
and aided in devpg campus hospital ; (19) 
ext lects; (22) helped develop st archaelogi- 
cal and hist society; (27) secured gifts and 
contribs to museum ; (28) magazine artels on 
archiaeologlcal subjs; (29) Prehistoric Cave 
and CliflP People, Pueblo People, Navajo 
Tribe, Hopi Snake and Flute Ceremonies, 
other ed topics, in Tucson, Phoenix. Globe, 
Bisbee, Flagstaff, Ariz; (31) att nor S^t, 
Gol 3%, pg 2; t r 4, ur h 5, col 27; dean. 

CCMMKSS, Robert Alexander, dir ed and t-tr, 
St Nor Col, Natchitoches, La; sec-tr Natl 
Assn Dlrs Supervised Stu-Tg. suggested and 
led in org at Cleveland N E A, '20, "proposes 
io test out In tr ts principles of psy and ed 
iftnsht In profess crs* with view to elim- 
inating sach instr as will not stand test of 
mound practice"; b, 9-13-74; (5) hd dept ed 

Simpson Col, Indianola, la, '18-'10; (6) teach- 
ing and writing that ss shoald be completely 
HociaiiKed, curricula, t, supt, s bd; "socially 
etiicient Indlv pull bis own weight, not inter- 
fere with rights of others, be a missionary"; 
Kupt inoculated with soc serum helps 
and recognizes ts; (9) tests and measnre- 
mentH in tr ts In service; snuunnry sheet, 
ea4*h stu-t shoald know thoronshljr bef eom- 
pletlnK required wrk in tg, 5 prlns of psy, 5 
prins of ed, 6 gen meths of all scl and all 
thought, li levels of learnmir* 6 ways in 
which eh respond, 5 lesson types; (16) estab 
ed clinic and in trod laboratory metb of tf 
i>Hy iind ed. e g, posture and deep breathing 
developed by use of spirometer; (18) wel- 
fare (ilnicH at ts mstit and recom aB« of dry 
spirometer for tg posture as more effective 
than leHn; (23) emph tr s as "core"; re- 
(luirc stu:^ and fae wishing to observe in 
tr s to secure spec permission of dir; time 
sheet for supervisors showing lessons, ob- 
Nervation, criticism, gren activities, outside 
wrk; (2')) tests to measure tr s wrk; have 
noted specialists come sumrs; developing 
s(>ore card for rating: stu-ts, 1000 pts; per- 
sonal traits 200j incl endurance, vim, voice 
quality, pitch, clang, tint, dependability, 
volunteering:, performing, optimism, enthusi- 
asm, pleaKantness; social traits tOO* inel 
al>ility to meet people, leadership In comm, 
moral influence at large, personal Interest Id 
otherH, self-control ; cl rm. technl^ne 500, ind 
Judprment in selecting matter, use of um; 
or pos incentives; admn traits 100, Incl self- 
initiative in planning, attitude toward supt; 
(28) Indiv Differences in Nor S (3, Psy Re- 
view, 0-'17; Health Survey In Small City 
Nysteni, Amer S Bd Jrnl, 11-'17; Pay and 
Health Sur\'ey, Van Wert, O, *18: Completely 
Socialized School, S and Society, 12-'19; 
Bright and Slow Pus, Jrnl Bd Psy 10-*19; 
(20) Psycbo-ed clinic bef So Soc of Phil and 
Psy, 4-*20; Completely Socialised S, B S 
Sect la S T A, 2-'19; commcmt addr; (81) 
r 10, voc 1, spec 3, col 4, pg 4; supr nor 2, 
col 4; ext wrk for Bowling Green, O, St Nor; 
grad commrl s, 7 yrs exp in business; 8 yrs 
corres wrk for church. 

CUNNINGHAM, John F, editor Ohio Farmer, 
Cleveland, O; b, 2-4-77; trustee O St U, 
chrmn bd '18 — ; numerous measures and 
subjs of gen ed nature discussed editorially. 

CUNNINGHAM, John H, banker, Westminster, 
Md; b, 1-1-67; mem bd trustees Western Ma 
Col and contributor to endowment fund; 
mem bd trustees Grace Lutheran Church. 

CURRIE, U B, pres Silliman Collegiate Xnrt, 

Clinton, La. 

CURTIS, W B, supt '13 — , Kewanee. Ill; b, 
9-28-78; (7) adopted system of loose leaf en; 
(8) by demonstration and discussion of 
actual s room problems; (10) texts eiios«a 
by ts coms appt by snpt In conf wltibi prlns; 
(13) ts ann fill out blanks with svffseiittoBs 
on every phase of s welfare; these BUffgeO- 
tions are reptd to bd and publ; stn aovt 
in h s; (14) advantages of tg presMKted to 
ir and sr h s stns twice during s yri (16) 
accelerated els In Jr h s; (16) sta tmt 
manages etu activities; (18) dental eUste* 
med inspection; nnrse servioe': (10) shop ■• 
In fa«toTlea a&d ni aa; W\ uy teets; (22) 

High Spots for Every School 


bid used for comm wrk; (25) garvey and 
study of spelllnir resulting in ss winning 
St contest ; (27) cltizenfi voted tnc revenue by 
more than 30 to 1; (29) Crucial Hour of S 

Adran, Our Ss, Ed Measurements, bef st ts 
assn, Rotnry club, etc; (31) att r 6, spec 3, 
nor 3, col 4^4. Pff 1%: t r 1, ur el 1; supr 
r 2, r h 2, ur el 15, ur h 6; supt. 

DABNEY, Cha« Wm, pres U Cincinnati, '04-'20, 
Cincinnati. O: resigned '20; b, 6-10-55; (7) 
following 5-yr cooperative crs in engr 
started before war, in wh stu alternates in 
bi-wkly periods bet col and practical engr 
wrk, u has estati cooperative crs for ts, 
where ts may wrk up to half-time in city 
ss; (10) tendency is to use fewer and better 
texts, more ref books and t stus to use 
libraries in fresh and soph ols; (18) dept 
hyg, health and phys ed: (19) univ serves 
city thru day and ni els, municipal ref bur, 
bur city tests, dept social sci cooperates 
with city dept of charities and corrections; 
col of med has col dispensary; unlv observa- 
tory; (21) freshmen els in oitiKenship; (22) 
univ plant used for ts mtgs. pub lects; athl 
fteld used by h s; (28) Fighting for a New 
World; (29) baccalaureate addr bef grad els 
U Cin '20, Spiritual Chief Element in Amer- 
icanism; (31) att spec 0. col f>, pg 5; 
t r 1, col and pg 16; pres 33; field, dir agr 
expt sta of N C and Tenn: see U Cinn. 

DAII«BY, Arthur li, supt *18— , Richmond, 
Mo ; b, 10-13-81 ; (0> made t in chg small h s 
responsible instead of subordinate to other 
prin; (10) text chosen after confs of ts^ prin, 
and supt; (22) crvm, rooms for mani tr and 
voc agr; (23) beginning budget system; (31) 
att r 9, r h 9, col 4, pg ^^ ; t r 1, ur el 1, ur h 
8: supt 8. 

DAKS, Charles Ijaurenee, assoc prof geology, 
S of Mines, '17—, Rolla, Mo: b, 4-2-83: (8) 
attempts to develop exams whirh test power 
not knowledge in dealing with geology; 
(16) see 8; (19) efforts as yet unsuccessful to 
induce s of mines to give popular lects bef 
h 88 on various phases of engr; (22) lent 
lantern slides and collections; (28) joint 
author Field Methods in Petroleum Geology, 
'20; short papers In Jrnl of Geol, etc; (20) 
Popular Aspects of Geology to h ss: (31) 
att r 3. ur el 8, ur h 4, nor 1%, col 5%, pg 2, 
dept representative snmr ses, Columbia, '20; 
t r 1, nor ^, col 7; field, expert geol wrk in 
Canada, Wis, Mich, Mo, Wyo, Utah, Ariz, 
N Mez, Okla, Kan, Tex, Ky, Mass, etot 

DAI*AND, W C, pres Milton Col, Milton, Wis. 

"DAHSj Hoilis, »t dir music, Capitol, Harris- 
burg, Pa; (5) hd dept music, Cornell U, '04- 
'20; pres music suprs natl conf, *19-'20; 
chrmn N Y st music coun; (21) leader com- 
munity sings; (28) Standard Anthems, '17: 
pamphlets on p a mu»ic; (31) att ur el 8. 
nr h 4, spec 4; t 5 1, nr el 4, col 16; t and 
prin 18; war, song leader Camp Taylor 

DANA, MyroB T, pres st nor s, Fredonla, N Y. 

DANOAIX, WilUam Joseph^ retired business 
man; b, ^16-64: author How Iratin America 
Affects Onr Daily I>ife (32 pp) and How We 
Affect Latin America's Dail^ Life (48 pp> 
based upon a yr's travel in L A; with ques- 
tions and snggestions for cl wrk and sum- 
mary tables of onr dealings with L A 
eonntrles not elsewhere avaiJable e g per 
oanlta co auu e r ee, % inc, graphic compari- 

son, total sales and purchases: in '20 col- 
lecting data in Orient, Australia and New 

DANIKL., C C, pres Birmingham-South Col, 
Birmingham, Ala. 

DARLING, Wm T, supt '20 — , Kau Claire, 
Wis: b, 10-7-76; (5) supt Two Rivers, Wis. 
'17-'20; (12) ts sals doubled; (13) as result of 
stu participation in h s mgmnt. about SC^ 
of stns toolc care of own discipline; (IS) 
helped introd phys ed program Into ss (19) 
helped campaign in Two Bivers wli resulted 
in 7,305 people approving bid of s to cost 
$390,000, secured 10 acre site and houMe for 
new snpt; (21) see 13: (31) att r r», ur el 6, 
nor 2, col 2: t r 3. ur h 11, nor 8; supr r 7; 
supt 11 ; other, supr practice tg. 

DASHER, G F, pres Bethel Col, Bussellville, 

DAUGETTE, Charles W, pros st nor s, .Tack- 
sonvillc, Ala. 

DAVENPORT, Ralph F, supr prin '18—, 
Myerstox^Ti II S, Myerstown, Pa; b, 12-13-90; 
(5) prin Myerstown H S '10-'18; (11) co 
papers; (l.')) promotion by sul>j; (IG) pus 
conduct monies, select pictures, sell and col- 
lect tickets, etc; pus manage and finance lit 
socs and athl assn; (17) org mandolin club; 
b scouts; g scouts; (18) projects in phys tr; 
(10) boolc lists for pub visitors to s library; 
(22) winter ctiautanqua; 7 number lyceum 
crs; pub lit provrams e^'enings; (23) card 
svstom for excuses; (20) prizes for pus; (31) 
att r h 3; t r h 2, ur h 4: supr r h 2. 

DAVIDSON, William M, supt, Pittsburg. Pa. 

DAVIES. Daisy, pres La Grange Female Col. 
La Grange, Ga. 

DAVIS, B C, pres Alfred U, Alfred, N Y. 

DAVI8, Bradley Moore, prof l)ot:iny, '10 — , 
U Mich, Ann Arbor, Mich; b. U-19-71: (5) 
prof botany, U Pa. 'J7-'19; editor statistical 
div food admn, '18; com on instr in univs 
div biol and agr, natl research council. '18 — ; 
(28) editing and publ in R Scl and Math 
some 20 outlines of introd crs in botany to 
further discussion and betterment of t^ in 
bot ; these outlines represent selection from 
large number submitted as result of request 
by Com on Instr in T'nivs, div biol and agr, 
Natl Research Council. 

DAVIS, Calvin Olin, prof ed. II Mich. '10—, 
Ann Arbor, Mich; b, 2-5-71; (6) offered 2 
sets of ed resolutions to Mich st ts assn; 
(7) joint rept of com of social studies of 
Natl h s prin assn — see S Review, 4-'20: (8) 
study of tr for citizenship in north central 
assn of h ss — see S Review 4-'20: (19) ext 
crs; (21) advocated bringing b and g scout 
worlc entirely under p s control; (28) Prob- 
lems in Practice Tg, in S and Society, 8-'19: 
Course in World History, in Historical O^^- 
look, 11, '10; W«k,T «ii«k. ^vs, '«A»5s»!Cv«^'. ^^ 
Mich AAwmivw^ 1-'V^\ -sv^^it \!^V xw ^^\'«^\ 
and Mass v^Va^ «l^«^% V'SV> ^'^'v? -^' \^^A' 


B/io'.s Who and Why in AfttT-ffar Education 

supr 1; 8CH», com on fwr hs of north central 
asfin of col and hoc ks, 'l.T — ; mem com on 
reorjf of sec bs <»f N E A •!.'»—; clirmn rcMo- 
lution com of Ml«h st ts :issn M" :unl "iO; 
prcR, aR5(n of dept of ed in st nnivs :iiid land 
ffrant col '20-*21; mem, unlv of Mich l>ranch 
natl bu of ed '10 — ; mem com on social 
■tndies, natl h a prin anHii 'lt)-'20. 

DAVIS, D W, governor. Boine, Ida; in spring,' 
*20, Issned procl;«mntlon seltinj,' aside writ 
for st wide attention to s needs. 

DAVIS. Georfce S, pres Hunter Col. N Y ('. 

DAVIS, Henry Campbell, prof Eng lan^ and 
rhetoric, U S C, Columbia, S C; b, 3-13-79; 

i5) also conducted Richland Co s for ts; at 
Mattsburg in S A T C; t Eng crs in Ashe- 
Tille sumr nor s; (31) att ur el 7, ur h 2, 
col 4, pg 3; t r 2, ur h 3, col 16; 6 sumr 

DAVIS, Jesse Buttrick, St supt secondary ed, 
Capitol Bid, Hartford, Conn; b, 3-2-71; (H) 
pres Grand Rapids Jr Col and prin Grand 
Rapids Central II S; (G) mem NBA com 
on reorg of secondary ed; (7) t secondary 
curric at Columbia U. worlted out program 
of Jr and sr h ss; ^9) re-orv departmental 
Hysteni; (13) complete orf? of s Hucial life; 
(14) system of voc gnidnnce, see I'H; (ir») 
definite plan of Huprd study and indiv pro- 
ject meth of tg; (16) formed house of repre- 
sentatives orgr amonf? stu ; (IT) sec writings 
in Johnston's Jklodern High School; (20) see 
28; past sec and pres of Natl Assn; during 
war. chief of jr sect of U S employment 
service; supt voc guidance for Interchurch 
World Movement ; lects ; expert service to 
cities and s systems in planning and organ- 
izing voc guidance depts, etc; (28) Voca- 
tional and Moral Guidance; (29) in 38 sts 
on Secondary S Admn, The New Secondary 
Curriculum, Meeting the Masses Halfway, 
bef ts assns, ts clubs, chambers commerce, 
rotary, commcmts, etc; (31) supt ur h 2{i, 
col 6; field, promoter of voc guidance thru 
ed, lecturer; war, chief jr sect U S employ- 
ment service; other, supt voc guidance for 
life service, Interchurch World Movement. 

DAVIS, Kary C, prof agr, Geo Peabody Col, 
Nashville. Tenn; b, 10-7-67; (8) tg els in 
methods of tg voc agr; (11) tg use of press 
by agr ts In their wrk; (21) campaigns dur. 
Ing war for farmers to produce and con- 
serve; (28) joint author How to T Agr '21; 
■Rook of Methods in Voc Agr; author Pro- 
ductive Plant Husbandry '17; Horticulture 
'19; edited Boyle's Agr Econ '21. William's 
Voc Chemistry *20; Weir's Productive Soils 
'20; Sear's Small Fruits '20; (29) bef fanners 
InvtitBi short crs, comm mtgs on phases of 
voc agr and voc agr ed; (31) att r, ur h 4, 
nor 1, col 4, pg 3; t r 1, ur h 6, voc 6, col 
12, pg 5; supr ur h 6. 

DAVIS, Phtllp, instr. immigration and civics. 
Mass; (7) helped develop crs on tmmigra- 
ttoB aad clTtcs; (21) systematic lects bef 
women's dobs, ts assns, etc; (28) Immigra- 
tion and Americanization; Ctvlcs for New 
AmerlcHis; (29) Americaniiation Thru Mo- 
tioii Pletsras, ts convention, Augusta, Me, 
•20; (81) att col 6, pg 2; t ur el 6, col 2; 
supr ur el 1; supt Ctvie Service House S of 
CltlMBshlp and BreAdwlnners Col; supr 
a^wBbojrs Sf Boston P 8 6; war, mgr In chg 

tr cIs, St Johns River Shipyard; supt em- 
ployment and welfare Hog Island and mem 
tr I'lmi. 

DAVISON, George Millard, prin P S 1«, 
Brooklyn, N Y; pres Brooklyn Ts Assn. '19- 
'20; helped compile Minimum BssentUris of 
Essential Subjs, Ords 7A-8B, 25 pp ; (8) org 
confs of ts to improve wrk by comparlsoB; 
OTK study periods to t pa how to attack 
new wrk; (11) bulletins to N T and Boston 
pjipcrs calling attention to Brooklyn ts wrk; 
(12) urges giving higher licenses for wrk 
al>ove avg excellence; (13) urges ts to sub- 
mit ideas of possible ImproTenMsnts ; give 
pus share in mfcmnt of ds; (15) 2 rapid ad- 
vancement els which do wrk 7A-8B In 2 trms; 
(17) clubs encouraged; excursions to poiats 
of interest; (18) tries to banish "fear, filth 
and vermin"; (27) trying to enlist clttaeas 
cooperation in eliminating cramped condi- 
tions; (28) thesis Improved Crs of Stady f^r 
Hupernormal Ch; (31) att r 5, ur h 8, COl i, 
pg 7; t ur h 9, col 2; supr r 1, ur el 12, ur 
h 3%, spec 3. 

DAWSON, Wm M, pres Antioch Col, Yellow 
Springs, O. 

DAY, CieorKe Parmly, treas Yale U and pres 

Ynle U Press, 40 Wall St, New Haven, Conn; 
b. 9-4-76. 

DAY, James R, chancellor Syracuse tJ, Syia- 
cu»e, N Y; at commcmt '20 said atrlUag 
feature In our after- war life is that "serv- 
ice, public spirit, common good" make ne 

DEAN, Arthur Li, prcs Col Hawaii, Honolulu. 

DEAN, J J, pros Vlllanova Col, VillanoTH, Pa, 

DEARING, Wm l», pres, Oakland City CoL 

Oakland City, Ind. 

DEARMONT^ W 8, pres st teachers col. Caps 
Girardeau, Mo. 

DEFFENBAUGH, W s, s admn specialist, U 8 
bur ed, Washington, D C; b, 1872; prepared 
programs and conducted 10 confs on ed 
problems of viU or small towns, 6 In "^"t^g 
communities to discuss ed probs of iwlitj iig 
towns, 4 on vill s in gen but espee probs 
and possibilities of country town ss; Ql) 
took part in s surveys for st of Ala, Mt Joy 
township Pa, and Winchester, Mass; f^r 
Ala survey prepared chapts on Btowali, 
Chambers, and Pickens cos and on Till or 
small 88 ; for Winchester, Mass, prepared 
sect on org, adm, and supm; (8-28) see Till 
s bull, 8 survey repts, and frequent artels 
in Amer S Bd Jrnl; (29) EffectiYe and Bco- 
nomical Supervision, Pa St Ts Assn; Im- 
provement in City S Administration, NBA; 
PiSsential Factors in Compulsory Bd Laws, 
Nafl League Comp Ed Officials; commcmta, 

DeFRIECE, Frank W, commonwealth's attor- 
ney, Bristol, Va; prof pol sci and Mat, 
King's Col, Bristol, Tenn; b, 9-26-82; (6) 
Y M C A transport work; taught h a '19; 
practised law; (11) publicity wrk thru 
press; (12) advocated immediate depaitore 
of all ts from s bid when s is dismissed 
fuid higher social standing for ts; (24) at- 
tempted to get legislators to commit them- 
selves on ed nratters bef voting for tbam; 
(26) engineered financial end of h s bid; 
(31) att T S, T Yv a, co\ \^, \k« a^; t r h 8, 

High Spots for Every School 

— , CortlsDa, 
mrtoDBlly »very la 

-.- 24) as vp a 

and pnah gucceSHlulIf sal Ine: eompar 
reanlts Intel tctts fflTen to col friH aad n 
Jra; reaulta exploded theory tbM "onlr aU 

l-rm •■ dropped to 4 p 

UOD.OOO in 1 consol ) 
Hughes wrk ; Ssrcent c 

nmuntlj' has cbnrcb, 

DELOUAMPS, TTranlB. t — - 

lie Service, 423 W 120 St. NYC, lO-'BO — , 
(5) t Eng Ala tech Inatlt and eol lor women 
^ 'n; helpea onalyze sketctieB nnd aupport- 
Ing flata for Wbo'a Who and Why In After 
War Ed; (29) talka on belter speech '17; 
(311 att apec 3, col 2, pg 2; t nor 2, ]r col 2. 

DBI.ZEi.i', E B, prin nor col, Shenadoan, In. 

DEHAKEBT, WHS, prM Rutgers Col. New 
Brunswick, N J. 

DeMEBITTE, Bdwto. hd master Norfolk Co 
Day School, 1404 Halelgh Ave, Norfolt, Va; 

„, '3-3-46;" (8) "■«« ■"»? "o™ hool _ 
to be oricinnl, tbink and abaerve; (21) i 
boys reapect thcmaelvef 


(oundatlonof good citliienalitp; (29) Develop- 
ment of Manhood; Efflclency In Citizen shl p ; 
(31) t 51 yra; other writ— prHpaped set o( 
pbya exerelaes to beep body yonnc 
DEMPSEY, Clarence H, at eommr ed ll-'20 
Montpeller, Vt; h, 12-4-71 '" 
htll, Mass '13-'20; anpt Milt 
(«) idf mrver of ■ »T«t 

II. '20; 

'erhlll, '18 

(26) bef local, i 
lDg«; (31) att I 
t nr b 1, not 3 

acditlaus for tH ■ 

1 practical linn: 

J anpt 22. 

>ENNY. Oract Goldena, aast prof borne econ, 
U Wash, Seattle, Wash; b, 12-7-83: (II) con- 
tact with newspaper people tor home econ at 
V n'aab; (19) ext era In textiles; correapoD- 
deoce eraj Indiv leet; (22) era In texUlea tor 
atore people; (28) artels In Jrnl of Home 
Epoo, T-'19: contributor to Bt bulletin on 
Mft Opparlnnltles In Wiwh; (31) att col S, 
pg 2>i; t col 10. Bumr 1, 

JENKY, O H, prea D Alabama, Univecaitj, 


_, prot botany Belolt 

"Joi, BB — , 718 Clary St, Belolt, Wla; b, 
1-20-63; (28) (leaeral Botany. '20, far cols 
nnd nniVH. newer aspects ot hot and Ita 

I, Bemldjl, Minn. 


In Improving stn pqbl; liyi 

ml lies, 

wkly; (21) org stua to dlscnas poUt and 
other currenf events; (22) built boarding 
brill nnd dorm; (24) helped secure legla tor 
better pay for p a ta and longer tcma for 
r ss; (27) aecured Isrge numlier ot scholar- 
sbipa to assist stua; mem exec com which 
raised $200,000 from the church nnd (20.000 
from Indlv local Arms; (29) see 19; (31) 

DRRTHICK, H J. pres Milllgnn C 

. Milllgnn, 

la ed dept of Detroit Y M C A; incorporated 
with power to grant degrees; Ind cols of 
Inw .nnd pharmacy; sa of accountancy, ap- 
plied bus, commerce, automoflve, mochlue 
trds, elec, mechanical trds, prep s; la de- 
alirned to meet needs of men earning ei- 
penaes while obtaining ed; admits stus of 
all ages, some els hnve 3 generationa repre- 
sented; (221 $30o,oor '"" — -' -■■-- '-'■' 

DE TITRCK, Wernei 

Spring City, Pn; 1 

i shop bid. 
" flO)'''pub i 

(8) eneonragei ts to attend 1 
(») urges CO unit plan; (11) locai papers 
wkly have eontrlbs furnished by some per- 
■ong fally competent ■■ ■ ceptr; (12) In bid 
wid malnttfnliiK Uateheraceai (14) thru mak- 
ing Mil good enoDgb; m} med Insp In all 
n (22) tornr • nalta, eooMtl r h; (31) att 
dm; t T 17; Mpt 19; Held, baa ehg of lOT r 
Ma; war, LIB loan, R C, gave one bod. 

lit Koe, pus In cht, pub qoeHtlona debated; 

s won CO championship pub spk and sing- 
ing; free sex byg leets to bnyo and to kIWs 

women phjsirlans to girU; (Ifi) boya parned 
vlctrolao, one tor every two rms; (23) Llh- 
erty Bell method of encournging acholnr- 
sWp and ponctunllty used, aame rms have 
bad record of B mos nltbont alngle caae of 
tardiness; (2li) new stnd tesia; (31) ntt r 9. 
ur h 4, nor 4. col 3, pg S; t r 2, nor 3; supr 
p s 6; supt 6; Held, spec agt, bur fed census. 

n Cnl; home 2826 College Ave, Berkeley, Csf, 
b, 8-17-79; (5) aast ptot t.R\., Xi ^H^. —''ft-. 
(19) c\0TO\s We\i\.\tea ■sj\*.'Vi "C titA w™S.^ 
in 1,0* AnKe\eE-, att a^e-B \t. X^V\^, 

"mi '^«\\™™S'1™a'--i^*\'S>^^^ 

Who's Who and Why m After-War Education 

tub IpriB rntb aurar act; (2 
4, col 14. 
DK WEESK. A O, CO aapt '!'• 

Corydon. Ind; <!i) lect U LiiuUvllle; (IT) 

(261 Keni R Ed n ( 
aad Hkpplnn* In 
mtKs; ll»-o! - " ' 

trlb to Ileultb, W«i)lb 

„ , Corydou ; Every Man Should 

Be TF.iiried to do Something, Cnmp Knoi. 
Y M C A; (31) ntt r a r h 4, nor 4, Col 2; 
t r 2, ur el 1, col 2; aupr t ' " 
war. ed camp activity USB 
org fed r toc h ss. 
DKWEY, II E, supt 'le — , Mnamee, Oj <S) 
gnpt Gralton, O, '17; Huron, O, 'IS-'IS; (8) 
alldi* tB to Tlalt etgewhcre within own syc 
objert; (B) more freedom from 

iupt; n 

: (29) iraphB. by g 

I, by 

1 B, PB 1 sumr; t r h 3W ; aupt 3%. 
DEWEY, Oirdfrgy. honorary mem niitl re- 
porters shorthand asan, Lafee Placid Club, 
NY; (28) artels In Encyclopedia Americana 

U, N Y C, 

lie of China. 

UICKEN, C E. pres Ouncbllii Bnpt Col, Arka- 
delphia. Ark, 

DICKERSON^ Cha* E, prill, Northfleld Sem- 
inary and Norlhaeld S3. I-last Xoithfleld. 
MasB; a alms "to help young women of 
very limited me]ni3 to get ed . . . to help 
them Into lives that will count most for 
cnune of Chriet . . . requirements of s life 
too severe for those of dellc;ile phys coaatl- 
...., — ,1 . . -"--vs col prepnrutory, gen, and 

Bng era. 
Die KIR, Samnel 


DIBHL. C E. pi 

Clarkcavllle, Tc 

6-6-81; |8) mli_„„ _ „ 

Ing results of tests, etc; (10) to selec 
(11) pamphlets sent to parents glvln 

pres Albion Col, All,l 

0( V 

gronnd! , _, 

«■ aabBtltutaa In ayatem to set tbem Inter- 
MMd; (151 Intel tests Klven lUt ch; spec clsi 
pntDotlon based on ability ntber tliwi on 
en stndy ooinpletedi (IS) ■ociallied recita- 
tton; stnd msKuinea used aa texUi (IT) ■ 
credU tar masic, home BnninK, etc; (18) 
100% itaa anhhed health ernaade era; (19) 
by promoting according to ability rather 

21 1 iBock elections, trial*, uimi priraiiw: 

22i securing iectaren for comm ; (£y) stnd 
"•tncial ay stem; bis nks tor age-gnde; (251 

ady maiti with ta aad diun , 

(28) monograpba; artcla for 8 Bd Jrnl, M 

"— ' — , Jrnl Bd Heiearch: (28) lecta on Id 

ed congreuea, etc; 

, PK *; t - " 


(31) Btt r 8, nor 3, col 3, „ ., . . 

aupr 4; field, lect wrk at aamr 

*-mln mna, R C chrmn, etc. 
DII.I.ARD, James H, prea Anna 1 

Fund and John F Slater Food, _ 

Charlottesville, Va; chrmn bd of TliKon, 

William and Mary Col. 
OILLINGHAU, Panl, aupt SB nud st Amer aM, 

'le — , Litchfield, Conn; b. 5-9-89; (B) M 

" ■ ■ ■ ■ " ~ ■ " "—- h t. IT; 

» Britain, Conu. u », „; 

'■:, Hartford, Conn; (8-11 

•-- it leBrt Hkl 

.e over LulJJ 'wHh t, If t'p 

nrlli la better than lopf ■ he ■•• 
— ■--- metli but acqulnt 

at yr are dropped; S factora, taachlDK ibll- 
:y, managing ability, prof Improremant 
en, and s Interests; (IS) ta •■«(■ kmaoi 
y earn of ts only; t lub-eom do git dMl 
f actual B mgmnt; pupil eomi can tar af- 
'- ind bidfi (14) clafir 

— -, , jlftsi local agendea like 

D A R helping: med Insp recelTM sntald* 
aid; (291 Id men's forum. AmeriConliBtioD, 
rropoied Local Bid Prograro, Present Ettj 
Ni 8 for Foreigners; Crisis In Eid, to D A B; 
Local S Conditions; to pt-t sbbd, T ShorUfla 
Local and Natl; Ed BIBciency. at b a grada- 
atlon; (31) att spec 2, nor 2, col 4, k I; 
t r h ], nr h 3. spec I; supr ur h 1, aiMC 1; 
supt r 2, r b !; war, govt Inapr gai nuab. 
DIMNBNT, E D, prea Hope Col, BoHand, 

DINWIDDIE, A B, prea Tulaoe C, N«w Or- 

High Spots for Every School 


Berea Nor s; (7) helped plan and edit Kl 
Crs Study now used^ in Ky; (16) in charge 
of Berea's attempt to org tr crs for rural 
social wrkrs; els has use of car, and wrks 
with local R C chaivter; wrk done i-s prim- 
arily ed rather than relief wrk ; crs now 
open to prospective ts, ministers, physicians 
»nd business men; (21) for 10 mos mgr Ky 
Illiteracy Com, promoting tg adults to read 
and write; helped compile and edit Moon- 
light 8 crs study; (23) wrkd. out Family 
Record blank booklet for use of social 
wrkrs; (31) att r 8, r h 4, spec 1, nor 1, col 2; 
t T 6. r h 9. nor 3, col 2; supr 9. 

I>IXOX, Asher Hooper, supt '18 — , Univer- 
sity Place, Lincoln, Neb; b, 11-29-65; (5) 
1-*17— ^-'18 a>sst st supt Neb and insp nor 
tr; (6,7) has emphasized fact that since 
taxes lor pub ed are collected from prac- 
tically all people ed should serve all people; 
boy who wants to become mechanic, girl 
who becomes home maker and home keeper 
ifl just the same as one who wishes to enter 
professn ; crs study embodying: this idea now 
in press; for st dept in '18 prepared outlines 
and BUffsestions for patriotic service thru 
oiTic knowledge of U 8 hist and sovt, 24 pp, 
see 28; (8) project meih; help ch to find him- 
self and then push him along: line of best 
endeavors; in manl tr ch makes things of 
value that will sell; (10) choosing texts that 
t American citizenship; (11) see 19; (12) 
sal sched now recognizes preparation and 
experience of ts; sals inc 30% -70% ; in '20-'2l 
will introd t participation in all s mgmnt; 
(13) has cliangred s from groverned to grovern- 
ins s; stu council introd '20; every ca>se of 
unruly conduct goes before stu body with 
prin as Judge; (14) "very little; only 2 boys 
induced to t; none before this time"; (lo) 
tests in tr s only for 160 pus; will extend 
^ext yr; opportunity wrk for backward ch 
in connection with t tr; results of phys 
exams sent to family physician's and par- 
ents, met with hearty response; (16-19) plan 
for Yoc and Indus tr without flkddltional ex- 
pense in 23 pp pamphlet, reprinted '18 espec 
for dist that do not feel flnan able to instal 
bids; would have s dlsts run carpenter and 
blaeksmitb shops, stores, purchasing: depts 
with pus as apprentices; plan at wrk in U 
Place; dom itfte home finished '19 with kit- 
chen as central lab, with living: rm, dining: 
rm, kitchen^ Z bedrooms, nurses home, bath 
rm, laundry f^fmlt and storag:e rms, apart 
from Bmith-Hughes labs; also well-lig:hted 
comm liall where ffirls and mothers meet 
for eonsultation, lects, com mtgs, etc; de- 
scribed In spec dom arts home number of 
local newspaper 2-20-*20 and Sunday St Jrnl, 
3-21-'20; see 22; (21) introd civics, Amer 
gOYt; Tlsnalised Amer hist; see 28; (22) bid 
intended for athl and gyjock with floor 40 x 80 
was made comm house, open to all town 
org's, plaeed under comm house master ap- 
p^Hnted for 12 mos, responsible to new supt 
Jnst like h s prin, kept open during: s yr 
iifter 1-1-19 from 7:80 A M to 10:30 P M 
daily except Snn and during: vacation open 
from 7:M P M to 10:80 P M; (24) in '20 
opposed plan before st constit conv to place 
st snpt on bd to be named by gov; 3-pp 
brief widely drcQlated; also argument at 
hearing; (25> jOan extensive use '20-'21; 
(!i$) $iWfOO gecared for new grd and dom 

arts home; (28) see 7; slides and lectures 
in Underwood-Dixoh Americanization series, 
6 sets, 61-57 slides rented or sold; (29) many 
war talks which led to lantern slide plan as 
In 28; (31) att r 12, nor 2, col 4, pg 2; t r 5; 
■supt 10; asst st supt and nor tr insp 2. 

DOBIK, Richard A, supt, 809 Bankers Trust 
Bid, Norfolk, Va ; (0) secured primary kg 
supr; «upr of ungraded wrk and wrii among 
defectives; (11) reporters visit s bd office 
daily for news items; spec features given 
occasionally; artels for out-of-town maga- 
zines and papers; (15) has dir ungraded 
wrk; 16) primary handwrk in colored ss; 
voc tr in printing:, armature winding:, auto 
mechanics ; (19) ni ss for white and colored ; 
(21) els for Amer of foreign born, with 8 ts 
incl dir; (27) patrons' leag:ue for each s. 

DODGE, Harrison S, supt '19 — , Hornell, 
N Y; b, 2-19-90; (o) prin Nyack h s '17; 
prin Hornell h s '19; (10) introd free text bks 
and librarian to care for them; (11) cam- 
paigm thru local paper for Jr-sr h s; (12) 
sal inc based on t rating; (l.'ii constit for ts 
org planned; (18) milk for underweig:ht ch 
below 9th g:rd; (22) ni s biweekly for for- 
eig:n-born, 4 ts 50 pus; (29) Wider Use of 
School Plant bcf D A R; Standard Super- 
visory Tests bef ts conf; (31) att ur h 4, 
(rol 4, pg % ; t ur h 2; supr r h 2; supt 1^; 
war, field artillery and chem warfare service. 

DOGGETT, li li, pres Interuatl Y M C A Col 
Springfield, Mass. 

DOIiLEY, William, Jr, prof biologv, Ran- 
dolph Macon Col, Ashland, Va; b, 4-13-87; 
(14, 18) thru lects to stus; (28) Relative 
Stimulating Efficiency of Continuous and 
Intermittent Lijrht in Vanessa Antiopa, in 
Psyehobiology, 4-'20; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 3, 
eol 4, pg 3%; t ur h 1, col 10. 

DONEY. C G, pres Willamette U, Salem, Ore. 

DONICA, L.ovonia M, co supt '17 — , Allen Co, 
lola, Kans; b, 10-31-80; (12) inc sals; high- 
est r t receives $1622 for 9 mos; (18) health 
survey all ss by co health nurse and ts; 
hot lunches in many r ss; R C health cru- 
sade; (19) comm clubs in r s; CJO) ts fol- 
low-up crs given in our instit; (22) co-wide 
comm drive in '19 with ts instit; ts att instit 
were transported each ni- to various points 
in ro for romm sing and addr; (23) co ex- 
cuse blank with stub showing reason for 
absence or tardiness reduces non-att and 
makes possible compilation of statistics; (28) 
resolutions adopted 1-24-20 by co s dist 
officers assn that dist bd should have reg 
mtgs for considering s needs; records and 
repts should be faithfully kept; bd mems 
should strive to do their best regardless of 
voluntary service; contract should be bind- 
ing upon bd and ts; for t to take better 
paying position is violation of obligation; 
planting trees and shrubs and protection of 
8 premises urged; bd should visit s; fact 
deplored that ts seek positions in r ss who 
are inexperienced in r life and so are unsafe 
leaders for boys and girls; disorderly s is 
reproach upon neighborhood; systematic 
daily corrective phys ex«Tc\.%«% \'»is«r*A.N 
comm c\xLb« \«it%^ I^t xKwVas^^ ^^^^^ 

urged; com^xi\ tjlU ^1 V^ '^^v^''^^^*^'^^^^'' 


Who and If'hy in After-War Education 


to tr bo.VM and iciriN to lie fcood ritizrnH; 
(2'.M S-min Kpe«M>heH iit local thentre>t: Con- 
Kcrvatioii, nt U Soi>t Kmiis St Ts Assii ; i'M\ 
:itt r 4, iir el 4. nr )i I, imr .'; t iir ol 1. 
ur h 13; «ui»r i»j: supt :i. 

DORAN, W T. proa Detroit U, IMrult. Mii-li. 

DOKSEY, Susan M» supt, Lus An^Ples, (\il. 

DOI'DNA, fidicar G, Supt '18 — , Grniul Uapids. 
Wis; b. 0-21-77; (o) bd Eng dept. Eau Clain? 
Nor. '16-'18; (11) see 28: (IS) s nurw* added; 
(20. 21) see 28; ^22) orjf pt-t assn ; (2h mom 
Ic^is com Wis Supt Assn; (28) stTlos artels 
(HI Americanization for Rotary CMul), twire 
wkly in daily paper; series After .<). in Wis 
.Irnl E«l: text bk. Our Wlseonsin. '2i), ]S.Spp. 
30 «^h!iplR Ind Wis in World War. to be 
ust^d as reference, as supplmntry material 
for Nlient readings, as text for .S-G wks in- 
tensive study in ss or hand In hand with 
study of U S hist thruout yr; (29) 11 
commemts, 20 talks ann to Rotary, pt-t assn. 
nor ss, etc; (31) att r, nor 3, col 2; t r 3. 
r h 2, ur h p», nor 2; supr 10, nor 2; supt 2. 

DOUGHTON, lAaac, supt '13 — , I'hoenixville. 
Ta; (7) helped prepare st era in civics in 
Cth grd, stressing org service thru voca- 
tions; crs iucl 17 paragraphs on gon state- 
ment of aims, suggestions as to meths, study 
of particular ar-tivities, summary, and bibli- 
ography; (15) is conducting study of condi- 
tions, causes and romedios of elimination 
and retardation in Phoenixville .ss to show 
need for reorg crtt; (18) gen dir recreation 
wrk for rity becomes phyH dir in p sk; phys 
tr used to give purpose and value to recess 
periods; in upper grds largely takes pla^.-e 
of gen physiology; (23) introd Case S ac- 
counting system for s accounts; (28) bk in 
ms on philosophy of ed in harmony with 
fundamental principles of law and order; 
(20) commcmt talks to jr and sr h s on Ifow 
Old is Inrle Sam, "i^liat Is Your Price; (31) 
att r, spec, col; t h s; prin h s; supt. 

DOl^GIiAS, D M, pres Presbyterian Col of S C, 
Clinton, S C. 

DOWELIi, Spright, pres 7-'20 — , Ala Polytech 
Instit, Aul>urn, Ala; (5) st supt ed, Mont- 
gomery, Ala — '20; (25) secured survey of 
st ed oonditionH by natl bur ed, on findings 
of which now s code was based ; see Ala 
Pi)lytoch Instil. 

DOWNEY, James E, hdmstr, Boston H S of 
Commerce, Boston, Mass; b, 8-12-75; (7) 
introd crs in naviKration and foreign trade; 
(S) 21 pp pamphlet of information for par- 
ents and pus distrlb at opening of s; spec 
letters sent to parents when pu Is doing 
unsatl.«;factory wrk; (10^ chosen by dept hds; 
(12) separate t rm set aside for rest and 
relaxation; (14) in Boston several young men 
are taken ann directl.v from nor s into h s 
wrk for 2 yrs probation as jr a.Sisistants ; 
(18) milit drill introd; (2S) pamphlet of 
information gives 2. ways in which h a of 
commerce trains boys for business life, 1st 
by providing instr in hist, conditions and 
principles of business, and 2nd by providing 
opportunity or prac experience thru aiding 
boy to secure wrk at Christmas season, 
during Bumr, or at other period during yr; 
thruout 4 yrs reg els wrk is supplemented 
by talks slven wkly by business men; boys 
are assl^rned to Punctuality Club for cer- 
ta/n offences which interfere with orderly 

adnin of s routine, incl chewingr gnm, neglect 
to liring notes for absence or tardineu, re- 
port c.irds and spec repts on time, eating 
at any time other than recess, reptg for 
mint <lrlll after Nov 1 without unfform. 

! DOWNEY, June E, prof phll and pay '17 -, 
r Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo; b, 1875; (6) an- 
phasih upon need of psy analysis of ch ui 
Htu; insistence upon Indlv dllTg; (8) Cl exe^ 
rises in form of Intel tests; (15) as cbrmo 
<'i>m ed guidance, org freshmen confs, gsn 
texts to determine Indlv dlffs with view tt 
recognition in wrk; believes tliat analrili 
of traits other than those of Intel would bi 
of value in ed and voc guidance; (20) wrk 
In ed guidance leads to voc gruidance; be* 
lieves tests should be standardized for de- 
termining of literary ability, for Riving ad- 
vice to col stu, espec in journalism; (28) 
encour.iged introd of freshman tests in C 
Wyo, suprd giving indiv and group tests ii 
U tr s, introd will-temperament tests ii 
many ss; (28) Graphology and Psychology 
of Handwriting; bulletin, Will Profile. A 
Tentative Scale for Measurement of YeU- 
tionai Pattern, artclg in Jml Ed Psy, S and 
Society. Amer Jml Psy, Jml Applied Piy, 
Jml Experimental Psy, Jml of Hereditj, 
.TrnI of Delinquency; (29) Intel Testing is 
SchoolH. Character Patterns, demon stratiom 
nnd talivs, bef clubs, ts assns, etc; (SI) att 
col 4, pir :*.; t col 20, pg 1 sumr; other, 
co-operating editor, Jrnl Applied Psy. 

DRESDKX, II Mack, prin Rusk Co Nor, 16 -* 
Lady smith, Wis; b, 8-21-72; (8) go over witb 
t in private conf outlines of lessons pre- 
pared by her; (10) written reasons for and 
uRninst adopting texts submitted by ts fer 
uniform co adoption; all discussed In fse; 
(11) reg repts in local newspapers* alM 
noti<>eH in papers of larger cities; (13) ■• 
cbunKe made without previous dlsensslM 
with ts: (14) personal interviews, drcnlar 
letters, special letters, getting friends to nie 
their influence; (16) stus urged to help U 
comm mtirs. frequently go Into other dlsti 
at invitation of local t or prin, visit courts, 
CO l>d, etc: (18) co nurse; (Id) s library loidi 
bookN over co; corres crs; (21) winter nl ■ 
for foreigners; (22) bid used by co-operatlvi 
rrcamery and other r orgs; (31) att S io 
Germany 7, nor 1, col 4, pg 3; t r 1, ur el 2, 
nr h 2, nor 14; t and supr co nor 10; war, 
corp st guard, 4-mln ; other, civ serv exam- 
iner, lib dir for co bd, instit conductor. 

DRESSEL,, Herman, supt Keamy, N J; b, 
1-14-(W; (C) circular explains purpose: ••pui 
will have something to think f|]t>out In addi- 
tion to printed pajre; experiences make life; 
pus need practical experiences as testing 
process of their ed; years ago It was fur- 
niNlied by the farm; now It must come thrs 
the shop as an experience room; shop Ufii 
will inculcate spirit of work; what society 
needs today Is more boys with the ovendl 
spirit"; pus trained to think in trms of 
subj studied; subj sense developed^ e g "pill 
who will calculate ann tax on house to b6 
more than value of house, or who will deter- 
mine dally average of tardies in a school 
of 1500 to be 10.000, have no math sense"; 
"make prac application of math to irttelMB, 
sewing room, shop, store, taxes* Interest, 
Insurance, etc; coW^et voTxiTCi-tKiiWT 'V««Ksl«mst 

High Spots for Every School 


make graphs and scales"; (7) erg for ad- 
Tanced 7th grd designed to aid bright pus 
complete 1% yr wrk in 1 yr; 99 of 187 passed 
St tests Id '20; (11) see 6; (13) ts coancU, '18; 
(15) see 6; snpr study in intermediate dept 
of Amer hist and Bng; in grds 7-8, pu 
present needs rather than future occupation 
followed; "distinguish between book-minded 
and non-book-minded pus, spec In Eng/' 
vary quantity according to pu's capacity, 
i e, put pu In stronger sect In one subj 
weaker In another; (20) for '20-'21, 7th^h 
grrd cIs with ts go to council mtgs, hlth Insp 
office, Investigate how milk is tested^ etc; 
(23) h s algebra els make graphs showing 
x«cord of gr grds from each s, each subJ. 

I>RINKI:b, Henry Sturgis, pres '05 — , Lehigh 
XJniv, Bethlehem, Pa; b, 11-8-50; (7) from 
9-'20 milit sci and tactics made compulsory 
by Joint action of trustees and faculties; (31) 
pres soc natl reserve corps '13-'15, war ser- 
vice chairman and pres milit training camps 
BMSQ '13-'20; chairman Pa branch league to 
enforce peace '15>'20; other, advisory mem 
nniv pres on rammer milit inst camps. 

I>RlJMMOND, A M, dir Cascadilla prep s, 
Ithaca, N Y; b, 7-15-84; (5) prof pub spk 
and hd dept Cornell U; mgr Cascadilla ss 
assn; dir Cornell dramatic club; dlr N Y st 
fair theatre; (17) org Cornell dramatic club; 
(19) dlr N T st fair country theatre; supr 
amateur dramatic work of st col agr; (22) 
extended use Cascadilla s athl plant to 
citizens; (^) in Bug Jml, Quarterly JrnI 
of Speech Bd ; pamphlets on dramatics for st 
ext service; (31) att ur h 4, col 4, pg 6; t 
col 10; other, com on col, Drama League of 
Amer; assoc edit Quarterly Jml of Speech 

DUUBB, Alvan E, hd master Stone School, 
Cornwall-on-Hudson, N Y; b, 12-20-72; (6) 
ed given for promotion of good mental 
ba'bits rather than information of mind; 
the indiv and not the type is the basis of 
operation; each tndiv pu Is studied care- 
fully, to discover both his inherent possibili- 
ties and any mental, phys or psy peculiar- 
ities wh might interfere with his attaining 
max efflc, and upon removing wh successful 
ed d^ends; (7) Indlv is given choice of subjs 
to ,ftt his peculiar needs because "value of 
particular subJ depends not only upon its 
disdp qualities but upon Its power to 
stimulate the Imagination"; (8) s assumes 
that "avg boy has plenty of Intelligence to 
do anything he will ever be called on to do, 
and refuses to reoognlie Imtposslbllity of 
•timulating avg Indlv, If meths empl are 
•oimd"; (9) pu is given responsibility and 
made to realise that anything which inter- 
feres with his getting what he is sent to s 
for Is an infringement of his rights; (10) 
bks chosen ^nibi^ plaee premium on Indepen- 
dent thinking; (1$) ts problems approached 
mrltb same care as ^ exerdsed in studying pu 
individnaUtIss; (13) ts told that s Is theirs 
aad what they make It; are given free hand 
te work eut own Ideas with what help greater 
•zperienee, sympathetically applied, would 
MiSVest; (14) mslring wrk attractive and 
iBsplrlag te virasual men; (16) pus allowed 
te Isam net saly by doing but by making 

spirit behind thing done 
esnevwtfe results ; (18) 

group play and love of great outdoorH encour- 
aged; careful phys exam twice ann; nerve 
speclst whose study for yrs has been pre- 
venting mental diseases by improving phys 
conditions and habits; (22) mem bds dlrs 
United Neighborhood Guild and People's 
Institute of Brooklyn, which jiro estab com- 
munity centers and worklnjjr for extra-hour 
use of plant; (31) att col 4, pg 2; t spec l.'i; 
supr 14; (32) "unique character of s in 
minds of patrons is its ability to stimulate 
avg boy in doing better than he was thought 
able to do; in the sense of responsibility it 
inculcates; in the spirit of service that 
characterizes Its boys; in the development 
of character." 

DUFFIEIiD^ E T, supt, Virginia, Minn ; b, '83 ; 
(18) compulsory phys ed for all s ch, incl 
both formal gym wrk and sports e g foot- 
ball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball; 
sports compulsory but kind elective, under 
expert guidance; everythine under control 
of expert tg and med service . . . health 
being main issue, both s phys and s dentist 
are engaged for fulltime service, plus com- 
petent corps of nurses; (31) att r 3, ur el 5, 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 2%; t ur h 2; supr 2; 
supt 11. 

DUGGAN, Stephen P, dir '18 — , Instit Inter- 
natl Ed, financed by Carnegie Corp, 419 W 
117fh St, N Y C; b, 12-20-70; (5) prof ed. 
Col City N Y, '18; sec Amer Mid-European 
Assn, 2-7-'18; (6) stressed intematl outlook 
In ed; (10) stressed non-partisan viewpoint 
in hist text-s; bulletins showing ed progress 
in foreign countries; (12) estab fund to en- 
able professional travel abroad in interest 
Internatl goodwill; (13) see 28; (17) estab 
over 100 Intematl relations clubs In cols; 
supplies lilt to such clubs; (19) Instit Inter- 
natl Ed devps "intematl good will" by gath- 
ering information concerning exchange and 
visiting profs and stus; stu fellowships; 
representatives and correspondents abroad; 
publ booklet on Opportunities for Higher 
Ed in France; (21) publ biographies great 
Americans in foreign langs; (28) artel, Fac 
Participation In U Admn^ in S and Society; 
Student Text Bk in Hist of Ed, '17; I«eague 
of Nations. Principle and Practice, for els 
study; (29) on Internatl Ed bef ann conf 
Assn Amer Cols, ann conf Assn Ur Univs, 
ann conf Amer Library Assn, U of St of 
N Y; (31) att col 4, pg 3; t col 24, pg 4; dir 
ext C C N Y; war, house com of inquiry; 
trustee, Vassar Col; World Peace Fund. 

DUKE, Eugene A, supr r ss '16 — , Oklahoma 
City, Okla; b. 2-11-79; (8) crs for ts in 
correlating and vitalizing r tg; (11) bulletins. 
Guide to Better Schools, School Survey Sug- 
gestions; (19) org over 100 consol ss; (22) 
worked out and promoted model s idea 
with CO supts; (24) author several bills; (31) 
att r 2, r h 3, ur el 6, ur h 1, col 4; t r 1; 
supr 13. 

DUKE, Samuel P. pres St Nor S, '19 — , 
Harrisonburg, Va; b, 9-5-85; hd dept ed, 
St Nor S, Farmvllle. Va, '18; Va st supr 
h ss '18-*19; (6, 7) directed preparation 
manual and Crs of Study for H 8« «! N'a.^ 
'19, 184 pp, 22-\^l^ VlilTO^, «VqVA« «&«*% ^V Xk 
s ed, typVcaA i^TOitTwm%, ^Vcl^ T<^vo^'^<K«««s^»,^ 

etc., tor eac^ ct^ fAm*, «^*^^^'^'^?^^o.t^S*. v^x 
outline of WT^, ?vtvA ^xxv^*^^\^^ ^^i^x^t.^«!^ ^^ 


U 7ii/.s If ho ami U hy in AftiT-lfar Education 

ts :iiiil ]Mi<«: (lL*t:iil«'<1 rrs in music, phys c«l. 
:iii(l honii> ci'oii ; iniii nMiulri'int'iits fur scl 
l:ihs ^ivoii ill s('|>:initi> fi>l«l«>r: {Ui title 
i-liaiiuTtMl from li s iiisiM*rti>r ti» li s supr; 
mem of ril fur of eiicli nt nor n noted ufi 
Kiipplementary NU|)r; NiifCfCPHttonM for supr 
prin on Hupr, oric. and profeNR reading 
printed In Ann Kept of Va II Sh. '17-'1A. 
7U pp: ni^ to ts liisf and li h stu bodies; 
f'ditnrials In Va T«'a«li(.i'. Vol 1. 'M (SS) Ht 
Hupr rept blank; lilank for repttnfp li h Kra<lH 
re<'ord to Ht dept, all li n KriiiU rerordn publ 
In bulletin form and ftent to col refclstrarB 
in attempt to do away witb nereHftlty for 
flliinff out complex col certiilenten of ad- 
miHNiou by h ft prins: (21) wrkd thru Pom 
St ts assn: (2S) Inillclin on T;: of Spoiling. 
St Nor S, I'armvillo '37: CW) att r f», r li 2. 
f*poc 2, L'i}\ 3, pff 1 : t nor 4, fol 2: t and 
supr r h :j. ur el ;}; st supr l>i; pres 2. 

I>LTKE, V I., pros '15 — . U Kodlands, Red- 
lands. Cnl: I), 2-11-73; (22) equipment 

I)i; T^AXEV, John J, praclicinj; law, Ash- 
down. Ark: 1). 2-.'')-s' : (ft) with r S food 
admn 'IS; i)rof law, siimr s(*s '19, TJ Texas; 
(S) used topical or analytic metliod; case 
method ; HtuN Iceep note bookn and do much 
Indiv wrk; (10) chrmn of Chantaqua com; 
(210 h s eomniLMnt talks on Criteria of Suc- 
ceHHful IC S Crs; (31) att r 14, col 8; t r o. 
«*ol 7; field, solifltod stn.s for cols; war. TT S 
food admn staff; otlifr. ]>ra('ticod law V/2' 

DUMBRILiIil!:, Harry K, co s conir 'H>— , Glen 
Arbor, Mich; b, C-2o-77: (10) Uhks how text 
bk connects with life; (11) usch co papers; 
(12) helps able ts secure l)cltpr positions; 
(10) ts use current events; (22) urs:inKr stnd 
hh; (23) quarterly ropfs from ts incl vols 
added to library, truancy trouble, improve- 
ments made in last 3 mos; reminders incl 
"do not neglect to give instr in dangerous 
communicable diseases; be enthusiastic; have 
fire drills once mo"; (2.')) co spellingr con- 
tests; same exam same rls all subjs; (29) 
Why Become a Slandard School, at grange 
mtgs. Old Settlers picnics, etc; (31) att r 
8, ur h 4, nor 2: t r 9. r h 5, ur h 2; 
CO supt 5; war. chrnm 4-niin men, co chrmn 
jr K C, dir W S. 

Dl'NIIAM, James II, dean col lil>cral arts and 
sci, Temple U, Philad»'li)hia, Pa; (19, 20, 21) 
since l-'20. counsellor foi- stus of fed bd voc 
ed; over 800 disabled soldiers cared for thus 
far; duties of counsellor are to enroll stu 
in proper crs, give directly or thru others 
advice as to his wrk. encourage him to use 
opportunities offered by govt for voc and 
mental rehabilitation ; this type of acad 
wrk is entirely new and new meths for its 
proper prosecution had to be developed, 
sometimes after arrival of stu; one phase 
of this wrk, Americanization ds org for 
men deficient in el training; while not 
grd of insitr ordinarily supr by univ, under- 
taken as patriotic service and made real 
force in rehabilitation program of bd; (28) 
problem of secnrlnic saitisfaetory ts for col 
face, Involvlnff new orientation of grad s 
and new definition of doctor's decree, paper 
awaiting publication ; (29) addr bef col and 
h s audiences on basic principle of ed, vie, 
knowledge a« power In personal character 
and goclal influence, "theme is old, bnt its 

Iil'NIWAY, Cljrde Ausiiatns, pres, Colonde 
Tol, '17 — , Colorado Springs, Colo: b, 11- 
2-00: (o) pres, U Wyo, a2-'17. 


NN, Erma F J, prln union s, Helena, N Y; 

». S-7-92; (5) preceptress Theresa 'l7-*18; 
asst prln Dexter h a '18-'20; (8) ts enco^^ 
agfMl to t hist and civics by lect method 
and broadly, not confining theuMelTes to 
mere books; (13) pu gOTt In all cis; (14) 
best adapted pns encouraged to attend ea 
or nor; (15) regular eleotlons, moek tridi, 
arrests, pus t model cla; (18) t awlnmlag; 
formed walking clubs; (19) loan beelEk 
papers. magB, to parents; (22) s repainted, 
campus cleaned, get tog^her parties, pt-ti 
assns; (.'U) att ur el 7, nr h 4, col 2; t 
r r., ur el 1« ur h 4. 

I>l' PONCET, Bdwhi Stanton, prof romanoa 
langs, St Ts Col of Col, Greeley, Col; b, l^ 
.'*>1-75; (8) using: direct metb la foreign Imw 
instr; (17) fosters modern lang clubs; a*act 
play performed in Eng, French, Spaal^ 
(■erman, Latin, Esperanto; (19) deUTUi 
lilns lects on Span Amer oonntries: (2S) oTf 
comm cIs; (28) Rosalie and lie Chaulfenr: 
In Drama Nuevo by Tamayo y Bans; (29) 
Kunninj^ Past Danger Signals; Dead Hen 
Si)eak, but They Tell No Tales: The Pifet 
of InefHHency, h s commcmt; Bridenoes of 
Man's Immortality, sermon lect thruont st; 
(.*{!) att ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t col 20. 

DIRKKE. J Stanley^ pres '18 — , Howard V, 
Washin|?ton, DC; (7) crs study ro-org is 
'J 9 with 2 yrs Jr col to t "those great esM- 
mon brancdies of study lacking 'whleh as 
stu can be ronsidered €»lucated" and 2 JTI 
sr col "offering 16 fields of study in wUdi 
to specialize" ; (8) changed from seBseslsr 
system to qnarter resuHlng in more tlioiP 
concentration of wrk; (12) flao graded tu 
promotion in rank on 5 pts moral character, 
sr>irit of co-op in univ ideals, advanced de- 
jrrco, publ of scholarly character, marM 
olHciency; (IS) 6 units phys ed required for 
^n-aduation: (20) stu nelped during 1st 2 
yrs to discover his aptltuae so that ne may 
specialize in his chosen field during last 2 
yrs ; "no stu will be cast adrift without defi- 
nite fitness for some particular line of wrk, 
but in col will be prepared directly for hii 
after career"; (21) Howard IT moulds lead- 
ers of negro race in Amer and in world, 
having stus from 38 sts of U S and 10 for- 
eign countries; (27) co-op and help from 
local Comm Service. Washington, wnlch is 
now conducting at univ an Instit on play- 

i)ir SHANE, Donald, supt '18 — , Columbus, 
Ind; b, 6-5-85; (5) supt Clinton, Ind, — Ifi; 
(18) bread and milk lun<Aes for all prinai9 
ch under s mflrmnt; wts, measurements and 
exams by full time s physician; (24) wrote 
s att bill approved by Ind St Ts Assn, fed 
worn clubs, Ind Supt Assn, etc; autbor 
Johnson home rule bill bef spec ses wUsh 
provides for return of control of s flnaaniM 
to local ed bds; wrote ts tenure bill whlCh 
failed in *19; (28) in Educational Issues, 
which helped found and edit; in Bi 8 JmL 
Educator Jml, Ind Bulletin of Charities ud 

High Spots for Every School 

ebarltles and correctloua, 

mtg' in St lionse bet govertior and tax bd. 

'19; (31) att col 4, pg 1: t nr h 4, col ti; 

Bupr hf h 2; supt ps 9; mem ed Aect at 

council deFenae; mem K C Indnetiza surre; 

coinn tor Ky. 
DYBB. I>adstc, denn TuIbd? S Med, '09 — , 

New Orleans, L.i ; b. 11-2-K: (B) mem and 

examloer Natl Med EiamlnlD^ Bd fgr rml>- 

Ink itndB for pbyatcduiB; (2S) editor New 

Orleana Med and Snrglcol Jrnl ; (31) war, 

Lt Med Keserve Corps; Teias Border '16; 

Major M B C '17-'18; Col M C R €-'19; 

profeas serilce to toc bd U S P H S war 

rlBk esses. 
niTKEMA, Frank I., eiec se 

iion Soc, 319 Sbepard Bid. 

Mich; b, 8-28-74; (21) createc 

Inter-Cltj Citlienslilp Cgnt 

c. Americanlia. 
Grand Rapids, 
plans for klch 

Bel nil maalc actlvitlea < 
ror tbelr ■ocilal alRnUIn 
md ioTODB tonc-for-iDDg 
t eiempUflei ntsd >■ ki 

supr wb gives adMiUBte lni|>artlal atli 
to all nsrthr DiDalo bks; (13) eiti 
application to a* sf tr tor voluntrar 
leaders developed la arniy BlDtlnfi; 
•ODK leaders els baie belped locate t 

to reirliter, 2d to urse tbem to vote 
cltli«B*iilp and importance at voKi 
Astrib (bru eh Into homes; on votl 
bora at booth* preseoted voters wl 
or eertiacates, which ch afterwar 
leetod, the s abtalnloK laraest pei 
per enrvUment wIdiiIdb flas; aatbor 
canUaMan Dlctlonarf . 
DYKBBfA, Peter W, prot music, U Wis, 

— '" ...L" .r..-"^"'-"—'- -jpioV *;„- 

comm maslc dlr"; (25) acted on com of 
music suprs nati conf In tormnlntliis 
muterlul for mnsic service; (28) chmQ edi- 
torial bd tor Twice 55 Cumuiimltr Sonus; 
(20) on Comm aiid S Mnslc to i sts each yr; 
also on The Arts as a Mrans of Self- 
ExpiVBSlon to women's and commrl clulis, 
music assns, etc; (311 iitt col 3, pK 1; t nr 
15, nor 7, col 7; supr nr el 3, col T; war, 
nrniy aong leader for war dept fl-'18— S-'lfl: 
dir slnglns In S A T C 3.'1^7-'10; mvislc 
org W C C 8 at Wasbliigton 7- '19. 

lii't'lli.i'tSi'iuri CluhVpres" pt-ts nssn, Wllla- 
mlna ; (8) encourage ts to place aim bet 
pus (or each recitation; (115 reporter for 
various Porlland .aud ed papers; (16) "niMna 

™ilectlng indlai 

liicl Improvements like 



:k; (18) hot loaches 


- ..,, ^ardV allowing In addition ti 
1 attitude toward wrk; (SO) funds being 
ured fur gym: (28) Lite's Version; V/rM 
I Its OpportuDltj' ; What Shall I do with 
Lite, Uame Credit FulBII* its Misslan; 
) Hist of Odd Fellowship, bet local nud : 
) att r 3 r li 1, spec 2, nor 2. col 1; t and 
n 7; supt X; ntlier, post otEoc cicrl:. 



—Mt Vernon N Y Antv Repi 


irho\s Who and Why in After-War Education 

KAMKS. Clias* II, pres Lowell Textile Sihoul. 
Li>well, M.1S8. 

KARL, J A, pros Des Moines Col, Pes Mulnes, 

E^ARL., Joseph I, l»ee keeper, deputy st apiary 
inspector, Overton, Nev; helped secure h 88 
at Bunki'rvlile and Overton, Nev; helped 
.shape pub sentiment fur hl;7her ml and sup- 
port of those In «'hnrj^i» ert Insis; h<*lped pur- 
chase site for Overton li s. 

KAKNKST, Wlllinm W, snj.t Champaign. Ill; 
I). 10-1 -(>:;: (Ci ull imin reitnlred to learn 
"The Itusiness of the s Is to help boys and 
jrlrls to jrrow nj) to be tlie best men and the 
flnost women tlH«y ever can be": (1) War 
('utechiHiii. (>j|^ p]!, questions and answers 
concern in jr (ircat World War, its influence 
and projrress, our country's part In it, over 
2."'.(>,0(K) used In ss ; (2\) see 7; (24) induced 
local bd ed t(» appeal to similar bodies to 
Join in competition for leKriHlation pernilttlnic 
HH, li AA and el hh under unitory control, 
additional revenue to equalize their flnunrlal 
ability with dual control communities; $1500 
earned at pt-t a^Hns and s entertainments 
and ^1500 netted by antl-t b society for open 
air s: r2S) sfo 7; (31) att r 0, r h 3, nor 3. 
"•ol ll{., pu' '-J ; t r 4, vill 2, nor 14; supt 17. 

KASTMAN. Dolph, editor and publisher, Kd 
Film Ma;jr. 33 W 42 St. N Y C; b, 3-21-78; 
(H) "trying to put Amer ed on scientific 
basis thru general application of motion 
pictures and still pictures to all tg methods 
and problems"; mag has depts to help vis- 
ual ed in sci, npr, lit, hist. Indus, religion, 
news and current events, social welfare, 
jrovt, and information bur. 

RCKEKT, Mary L, Jasper, Ind; b, 1-19-64; 
{T\\ sold bonds and war stamps, solicited 
donations war activities, registered women 
and men, presided over programs for patri- 
otic meetings ; practical wrk emphasized In 
agriculture and domestic sci, keep boys and 
girls in s and on farm; (8) tg pus what 
they need not what pleases patrons; (12) 
urging retirement law and promotion for ts 
because of proved merit; (18) working for 
CO s nurse; (31) att r, nor and voc; t r and 
ur 36 yrs. 

KCKERT, Robert E, co supt '17 — , Jasper, 
Ind; b, 6-4-84; (10) co adoption of dom sci 
and hist for grs; (13) rewards, medals, 
scholarships of Tnd U for honor stus; (16) 
project and club wrk in agr; (31) att nor 4, 
col 314 ; t r 8, r h 4, ur el 2; supr r h 4; 
CO supt 3. 

ECKIIARDT, Carl Conrad, assoc prof hist '18 
— , and actg hd hist dept '20-'21, U Col, 
Roulder, Col: b, '78; fo) jisst prof hist '14- 
'18; (7) syllal)us in ?y parts for freshman 
hist crs. Outline of Hi>t of Modern Europe, 
1500-1914; (8) Tg Eng in Hist Recitation, 
in O Hist Ts Jrnl, r)-'2<) : (10) unlv ext lects, 
pub lects, corres crs in hist; (24) worked for 
ed amendment, '20. whereby Col institutions 
of higher learning have additional mill for 
maintenance; (27) secured for lll)rary; (28) 
Alsace Lorraine Question, North Slevsig or 
Dano Oerman Question, Old Internationalism 
and New League of Nations, Bases of Per- 
manent Peace, War and l*eaee in Light of 
Hist. What We Have to Build On, Russia 
theerhog and lyinheartenlng. In Sci Mo, Sur- 

vey, Illjrt Ts Magaxlne; (29) on Peace Treit- 
le.4. I^Migue of Nations, Russia, Far But, 
Near Kast, I^oland, Germany, bef ts convi^ 
univ ext audiences, open famms, womu*! 
clubs, rotarians. etc; (31) att nr el 8, nr I 
4. voc 3, col 4, pg 3; t spec 1, col 16. 

ECKLES. Isabel LanoMter, lefirlstrar N Ha 

St Nor. Silver City, N Mex; b, 9-8-77; (5) 
pres N Mex Ed Assn, *17-'19; (6) as pPM it 
ts assn, 2 yrs, had very definite opportnnltj 
to iiresent cause and needs of ed to peo^ 
of St: (24) chrmn legls com at last letni, 
and secured some very progressive leglsli- 
tlon ; (29) ts assn several times, also co ti 
mtgs; (31) t ur h 16; registrar, nor; co sapt 
7; war, chrmn drives, org co conncil defenie. 
beli>ed org U C. 

EDDY, Walter HoUts, assoc prof physlol 
chem '20 — , Teachers Col, Columbia U. H 
Y C ; b, 8-26-77 ; (5) major san corps A B F 
'17-'19, assoc Ts Col *19, asst prof 'l»-'20; 
(6) application of physiological chem to id- 
vancement in field of practical arts; (M) 
Abstracts of Bacteriolosry, containing contrlb 
to subj of vitamines, in BlbllogTaphle Be 
view; (31) att r h 4, col 4, pg 6; t r h t 
ur h 10, col 10; supr r h 1, ur h 1; war, 
see 5. 

EDWARDS, Benj D, chancellor, Detroit Insttt 
i.f Te<-li an<i Detroit Col Law, Detroit, Mich; 
b. :;.iO-si ; sec Detroit In»tlt of Tech. 

KDWAiiDs. D M, pros Earlham Col. Rlrt- 

ni(»nd. Ind. 

EDWARDS, E R. supt '19 — . Yankton, S D; 
b. T-T-Tfi: (5) St b s ln.sp '19; (9) stndy •< 
results made available to all ts; (13) pi 
Htudy counclln in h s in "cabinet"; (14) wtt 
tr in h H for r ts; work practical; adopM 
orpban r a for practice; (15) "opportudty 
room" promotion by (tnbj and aocording ti 
peculiar traits and ability, tests and meftsu** 
ments; (16) clean-np and safety campftlgsi, 
etc: (18) personal hyg, "keeping fit," I 
nurse; (21) project problem wrk, 6 gr sal 
Jr h s; 8 used nearly all time when free 
except for religion and politics; (25) make 
tests, study results, send tabulations to ti 
for comparison and use; (31) att col 4; t V 
:K\ supr r h 14; supt 1; war, food admin- 
istrator, voc ed. 

EDWARDS. Howard, pres R I St Col, King- 
ston, R I. 

EKIiL.S, Harry li, prof and actg hd r ed, St 
Ts Col, Cedar Falls. la; b, 2-6-78; (9) oif 
consol ss with spec supr; (22) tg mbo^ 
comm activities; comm survey .vlsitiaf 
homes of patrons of 3 consol dists; (25) 
used tests in 3 consol ss; (29) on Consolida- 
tion. EfTicient R Ss.Improvement of Ts l> 
Service; (31) att r 8, col 6; t r 7, ur h 10, 
col 7; supr r 6, ur b 10, col; war, 17 moi 
ed dir. 

.v/'T.^'CTo^'. Joseph D, pres Hampden-Sitl- 
ney Col, Hampden -Sidney, Va. 

ETSEIiEN, Fred Carl, dean Garrett Biblical 
Tnstlt. 2340 Orrlnprton Av, Evanston, 111: b. 
11-25-72; (19) main wrk has been to '*n«iapi 
theological ed more adequately to need« 
which have made themselves more aeately 
felt as result of war and to promote ireneral 
TellKlo\iA ed to \>To^\d« n.vV^tvwfUw basis for 

High Spots for Every School 

different phmirB ot natl lilt- 
U8SNBEB0, J LlDwood, 'IT 

B, Slippery Rock. ' ' ' 


. Nor 

raw Pk 

_, ., 4-7-^7, ,_, . _. 

B priaa wh prepared ntw oor ■ en 
idopted S-'iO; (14) publicity CBm- 

_, _> date health nurH for U: 

(29) about 000 ed and patriotic '17-'20; (311 
fltt r 8, col 7, PB 8; t ur el 3, ur h 4, not 
2, col 1; aupr ur h 5; supt ur b 3; prea nor 3. 
■liiDBEDOE. A C, asst supt CleTelnnii, O; 
alao mem O Bd [Toe] Kd ; offlclal host to 
NBA Cleveland '20; aa mem O Bd [Voci 
Bd co-operated with ed surveys by O Joint 
Liegls Com on Admin Heorg, which see. 
RIjUOTT, E a, supt '!» — , FredOEla, Kun ; 
b, 7-22-03; (5) supt Waverly, Kan. '1T-'1»: 
- (7) mlmeofrrnph era on each "tool aub)'' 
Abowlng- function and tmpartanee, methods 
of presentation, suggestions :n to !k, out- 
line of W[k; (13) testa and special ronma 
tor dnil N>d bright eh; (17) orjt of siu ac- 
tlvitlea, Y W C A una Y M C A tilhl ; (IS) 
■health cniBades, med and phys eiani, etc; 
(21) spec m In cltltenshlp. eion, BOflaloiiy 
and blal! (23) ts rating card, with anbheads 
under personality, scholarship, meth, pn re- 
action, room conditions, efBciency, 
with Hill ached according to rutin,? .ittached; 
nlmeocraphrd blank to hr >i<irc1 in vlsLtlns 
t In clai outline to be nsed by all ts In 
VTsding pDB, baaed on adholarablp, Inltla- 
altitnde, '- --" '--"- '- 

■>^ H na Cnmin ('pntpr: f, 

Refloarcea at Onr 

Olrla; Are Onr 8a K 
• r Time;; (31) Btt I 


is Comm Center; 
uent to 8; Cnde 

H, pres It D 

BCIiIOTT. Rob«rt I, prea at nor s, Chai 

Ei:.T.IS. Ahtnn, prea O rniv 'IB — , b, 1-2 
died 11*20; (20) addr bef atua and pub ( 
erlngs on reasong for entering war; (31 
r. spec, col, pg; prin 4; supt 18; pref 
other, rtir eiperimr~' "'" " 


._ ,_, prof phHoa of ed, 11 Tei. 

2829 Wichita St, Austin, Tei ; b, B-4-71 ; (fi) 
era ann to 20 advaDced stns In philfs of 
ed. denTiag with aims and values In ed ; (SI 
thru crs la psy of ed and psy of develop- 
ment; perfeetlBB rating eard for u profa 
and a clBrm ts, which will be rept at A A A 
8, eect Q. at Christmas and then publ; (11) 
see 24; (13) thrn wrk of seminar, 2 M have 
atflrted pu co-op and 3 more are prepaclns 
to do so; mimeographed model eonstlts and 
BDggeattons on alms, dllSculties. pttfnlla, 
«t«; (IK) helped estab and Is cbrmn of coun- 

hyir Md Mnltatloa. dvlni. muvl 
rtollMloB at e«li*I a1 ■: (1R) c 
com thBt put down Infliicnri In 
n during ■wUittr of xich epIitfTnlr ; 

puaed and itreA 
of dvlr, BOclaJ 

and fought tor , 

at for ts sala '19, got to,C , 
paign literature and apolie and aerved on 
at com securing change in at conatit taking 
limit oil the posBlble taxes for ed purposes. 
'20; helped natl com of aulTraglHts pass their 
hill thru Congceaa, wrote pamphlet for Mrs 
Cntt, and alao wrote to and lobbied with 
congressmen and aenatorB. then served on st 
com nnd helped get it ratifled. writing con- 
siderable part of their literature; "I con- 

rirecHve help to as tbat rould be given"; 

(28) artcla for newapapers on ts sals: (20) 
"too numerous to mention": (31) t ur el 1, 
ar h 1, col and pg 23: fleld. dir ext U Tei, 

ortal ^ 


M'lal Baela, In Ed Review 

10 descrliiea 

tor Introdnrlng stadT Bodftl problenw 
Into h sa; (13). active part In promoting 
self govt at U Mo; (17) helped org sta 
<^ub for study or problem* of denioc; (10) 
occasional eit lecla; (21) see IT; (25) Is mak- 
ing survey of Boetal studies In Jr cola t»r 
womeD ; (281 SoclDlogy and Mod BorlBl 
Problemt. revised '19: 8ai-lal Froblrm. '!»: 
Introduction to Social Psy '17; (29) Social 
Bd bef Kans SI Ts Assn; Democracy and 
Ed bef Mont St Ts Assn; (31) att r 8. ur h 
4, col 4, pg 3: t col and pg 21; Held, social 
wrk in Chicago, Lincoln, Columbia : war 
volunteer R C, 

RI.WOOD. Waltrr. dlat supt 2d aupr dlst 
Montgomery Co. '18 — : Amsterdam, N Y; 
b, 4-13-86; (7) added i^ hr to a day for 
broadened : (8) full dny conf for 
■ ~ - - ;--\ <0)_,' - - -* 

tntr progrnms. tn. ■....■., ,. .- r-~ 

tivlMea. apelllng bees: (12) preartng hear 
nnd-sinil side of profession; promoting xm 
c'lri-ln> for sorlal tolerrtiange. mnsle and re- 
rreHhments: (13) espent ts In r as to be 
leaden; (14) interview prospective ha grnds: 
llfl) during war, ss took ngr census, made 
Ciirments for Freneb and Helglan ch, did ]r 
H C wrk ; ts org patriotic rnilies and comm 
as^na; (17) tuwnabip rd days have natnre 
study and health pl»yleta by pue like The 
Merry Microbes, home projeet demon rtra- 
tlnps. cnnteata In ntlil, oral rending, at sight, 
spelling: (171 Jr proJert_ n-rk in agr and 

org In at: (18) 42 as bad health 

health honor eluh, enronrace health 


r a nurae slnoe S-'IT; (21) pua taught 


honor of s and neighborhood; «e 


: (22) farm liureau mtga. neighbor. 


: 84 ■u«e»*tn\ «<«\>\« Mi ^. »*J^\"^ 


ff' ho*s Who and Why in After^War Education 

to each t Ci>vci'iii^ or^. health wrk, nature 
Htndy, npr, drawinff, library roudlns:, etc; 
Miiivrers are tabulated and rewultH dUrniised 
by til eonfH and eIrcularN of IntitrurUon; 

(27) several hundred dollars soon red for 
initial jr extension or^ and township ed 
days; oo a^r hoc offers prlzeit for Jr project 
wrk; (20) tallkS on j?eo^ and agr subjs to 
f^ranges, nii)ther<: rrlub, i^ood-wlll club, men's 
club, bd trade, Sunday ss, coinnicnnt audi- 
ences; (31) att r (•». ur el l. ur h 4, col 4; 
t and supr ur el ;i. ur h M. ; supt 4; field. 
;*> yrs supr. IN>ntevedra, <►<•«• NVjrrofl, P I; 
war. IS nios overseas, 1st It Motor Trans- 
port division. A K i\ 

EI.80N. II W, pros Tliiel Col, (Jreenville, Pa. 

EI^WOOD, F CI, hd draftinp dept '10 
Mooselieart Xatl Inst it. Mooselieart. Ill; 
1». 0-2.">-88: (o) ftsst professor nianl arts. 
IJradley Polytech Instit. Peoria. 111. '17-'10; 
(19) nl cl« in architectural draftini; construc- 
tion and estlmatinj?. '17 — , for builders, 
eontractors and meohanles; (2S;) Logical 
Steps in Architectural Draftinp, in Amer 
Builder Majfazine 10-'18; Architectural 
Drawing Plates: (31) att r 0. ur h 3. col 
4; t voc 2, nor 0; war, traininjr S A T (' '17- 
'IS: now Irp els of 15 disabled soldiers in 
drafting and contracting^ at Mooseheart 
voc s. 

KMBRKK. Kdwin K, sec Kockofellcr Founda- 
tion, (»1 Hro.idwny.. N Y C. 

EMMERT, Alice, CO supt Marion co *08 — . 
.TefTerson. Tex: b. '73; (0) as chrnin better 
ss campaign sent letter to ei'ery voter in 
eo: (7,) recently formulated program to aid 
ts in one-t ss with or 7 grds; (8) neces- 
sary to dir Jill rls wrk In all ss closely to 
se<'ure efflc wrk from inexperienced ts; (11) 
wkly in home i);ipers and artels in farm 
papers: (14 1 "too many in co because of 
lack of money make effort to t but so far 
have piven wrk to all, make all promise to 
use money earned to fpo to nor s; and so far 
all have*': (IG) eookinic and sewins: tauftrbt 
In colored ss wherever S ts; all roIore<l ts 
devote 2 hrs wkly to sewinRr: idea that 
"hist that is beinpr made today is more im- 
portant than when the battle of Alamo was 
f<»uffht or the pyramids built" stressed in 
all ss; (18) last yr 2 liealth charts furnished 
every s — record of bealth chores — ; ques- 
tions asked wkly and marked, relating to 
diet, bath and sanitation: (10) debating soc 
and mothers clubs; (21) spec lessons in cur- 
rent events, holiday programs in every s; 
(22) all r bids open to comm, several used 
for Sunday s and church. 

EMMONS, Clyde Wilbur, prof math and reg- 
istrar. Simpson Col. Tndianola, la: b. 0-0- 
81: (13) helped reorg stu council: (17) "our 
problem seems to be limitation rather than 
promotion of extra curric activities": (10) 
devoted some time, last 2 sumrs. to solicit- 
ing stus for Simpson Col: (31) att r 2. ur 
el 0, ur h 4, col 4; t r 1, col 17. 

EMMONS, Frederick E, supt '18 — , Elizabeth. 
N J; b, 4-0-80: (5) prln Battin H S. Eliza- 
beth '16-'18; (12) bur for finding new ts 
suitable places to live: (13) merit require- 
ments in new sal sched by vote of ts; (lo) 
Intel tests; (16) lunch rooms, pu-t mgmnt; 
fW ^g estflb '19; (22) pt-t assn in nearly 

all ss; (23) s censns by ts; att checked wHh 
census fties ; (25) |8 JOOiMQ bid proynMu sw- 

vey; (27) playground and athl field promliei 
by city ; fSOOO In Lib bonds for Hold by pui 

(31) att r h 4, col 4, pg 4; t nr h ^ inpr 
ur h 13; supt 2. 

EMPFIKLl), Berlin^ Bupt, New Kensington. 
Pa; b, 2-4-83; (17) gwden dubs; (18) 
modem health crusade; med Inep by 7 
doctors operating at same time mm In man 
serv; follow up work; (25) Intel tests sad 
stud tests to learn kind of drill needed by 
pu ; (31 ) att r 8, nor 3, col 3, pg 1 ; t r 1« 
ur h 2; prln ur h 6; supt nr h 2, voc 2. 

ENI>EB8. George Knders, dean dlvln>lty ■ and 
piv>f phil. Defiance Col, Defiance, O; b, 8- 
:{1^9; (7) mem com to plan too gronps sf 
crs and combination crs for col; (19) Cbao- I 
tauqua and sumr s wrk, Ind, O, Mass, Yi; '! 
(20) personal confs; nddr; pamphlets sneh ' 
as Ministry as Vocation; Choosing lift 
Wrk; (21) mem Natl Security League ed 
bur; mem O hist comn; (22) nl s wrk for 
relifcious ed; (28) see 20; lects often printed 
in mnfTMzines or pamphlets; (29) Nasarene 
T; Supremacy of Self; Fallacies of Moden 
Ed; Spirit and Purpose of Ed; Conditions 
of Power; (31) att r 10, nor 3, col 4, pg I; 
t r 2. ur h 5. col 14, pres 1; mem a nd; 
war, t S A T C, patriotic addresses. 

KNGT.E, Peter, pres St. John's U, CoUege- 

vllle, Minn. 

EXGT.KirARDT, Nickolaus Ij, prof ed, Ts Oo\ 

Columbia U, N Y C. 

KXGT^KMAN. James Ozro, supt *13 — , Decatur, 
111; b, 9-13-7.'{; (7) civic supr, clsrm ts and 
pus prepared as civics textbk City of De- 
catur. lt)2 pp. 20 pu-made pn-slgned Ului, 
11 chapts, Spirit of Decatur, Decatur mm M 
Center, Institutional Decatur 4, Indns De- 
catur 38, Decatur's Transportation FndlltleSt 
Pub Bids, Churches and Civic Orgs* Dept 
Stores, Govt of De<'atur, Beaotifnl Deesturi 
Decatur's Future; (13) pu congrees In h si 
(14) has pres nor s addr h s on advantages 
of tfr as profession; (18) scales In erery s, 
all pus weigrhed mo; extended s clinic; open 
air s; (24) '18, chrmn legis com Hi St Ts 
Assn, helped draft law whlcb Ino s levy 
from 3 to 4 mills on assessed valuation; ap- 
peared rope.-itedly I)ef legis corns, consnt 
coiiv and governor for s measures; also 
rhrmn 111 Ts Assn com on revision of con- 
st! t, one heariuj? lasted 10 A M to midnight; 
(27) addr clubs, commerce, rotary, unlT, par- 
ent-ts. woman's: (2S) Moral Ed In Ss and 
Home, '18, adopted by s reading circles <rf 
21 «ls; f20) see 27: at commcmts. Instits. 
civic orffs. V Chicago, Tnd Schoolmen, st 
mtffs. etc: (81) att r 10. nor 3, col 2, pg lU; 
t r n. r h o, nor (J. col 1: supr 8; snpt 8; 
wnr. 4-min man. chrmn s com co R C, men 
drive coms. 

KXNIS, Mrs Edith, mem bd ed, Evanston. IlL 
'1<i-'20: as chrmn com publicity prepared 
bd's rept for '10 wh was reprinted In sections 
on front page of local paper; com prepared 
p leaflet urging inc s funds which public 
voted e g Evanston, Do Ton Wish Highest 
Standard of T in Your Bl Ss; yr bk titles, 
RToals, progress (30 gains), needs (11), costs, 
opportunity, important s facts. 

High Spots for Every School 


BNNIS, Wm J, pres Loyola Col, Baltimore, 

SNTZ, Jolrn A, pres St nor s, California, Pa. 

■PPS. li M, gupt, Mt Airy, N C; b, 8-15-85; 
(8) helped get better prepared ts and urged 
tbat snpts be elected for longer trm than 
1 yr; (11) wkly column in local newspapers; 
(16, 21) stns study local problems and take 
part in some activities. 

SBICKSON, Arthur S, supt '19 — , Nam pa, 
Ida; b, 6-24-92; (5) instr in W Warren Pri- 
vate S, Mento Park, Cal; (21) thru patriotic 
exercises; careful selection of texts empha- 
sizing Amer, as contained in biographies of 
Amer patriots, inspirihg literature, etc; U 
instructed to emphasize illustrations affect- 
ing emotions, as we realize that our emo- 
tions direct our thoughts and actions; 
"Americanism depends on the soul" ; (22) 
improved plant; planned and used with 
satisfaction a portable cottage suitable for 
<sold climate with capacity for 45 pus, ample 
blackboards, porch attached used as a cloak- 
room, unilateral lighting, etc, for $1300, 
helpful to dists that are congested; (27) 
system of 1800 enrollment had seen unprece- 
dented inc of 610 in 1 yr; necessary addi- 
tions cost $115,000, but bonding limit allowed 
only $75,000; by appeals to civic bodies and 
presentation to people by mass mtgs, raised 
940,000 In $100 notes from citizens, to be 
paid next yr by bonds on added valuation; 
(81) att nr el 7, spec 2%, col 5, pg % ; t 
spec 1; supt 6; war, U S army, '17-'18; 
other, Stanford book store, Stanford U, Cal, 

BBICSSOX, Frans, pres Upsala Col, Kenil- 
worth, N J. 

BBSKINE, John, prof Eng, Columbia U, co- 
dir A E F ed service Prance, '18-'19. 

KSKRIDGE, ^ames Burnette, pres Southwest- 
em St Nor »15 — -, Weatherford, Okla; b, 
'73; (11) used press letters and lects to keep 
r 88 intact during war; (29) lects on s 
conditions and t. shortage, e g, Some Prob- 
lems Facing Us, The Ts Problems; The 
Chise of German; (31) war, maintained S A 
T C ranked among most successful in na- 
tion, with spec stress on mess hall and bar- 

BSTIIX, Harry F, pres st nor s, Huntsville, 

ETHICAIi CUIiTUBE 8. 33 Central Park West, 
NYC; founded '77; (7) experimental els— 
same t in charge 2 yrs; much free time, 
reduction of time given to formal wrk; rls 
and indiv projects; for talented art stus, 
last 2 yrs of h s have academic wrk cen- 
tered around and motivated by art; (9) each 
t reports twice a yr on wrk and experi- 
ments; repts followed by confs and els room 
▼Isits; interesting features recorded and clr- 
€S«]at€^ for benefit of ts; (11) com of pt-ts 
assn attends to publicity; newspapers and 
magasines used slightly; publ organ S and 
Home, tall number, dealing with Tjeisnre 
Time of City Oil, has 11 artels showing 
ways in whidi ofa may spend leisure time 
te advantage inel reading, athl, nature 
fitndy, day trips in country, trips to his- 
toric jyoints ia city ; (12) service retirement 
plan for ts; sal inc; co-op apartment bouse 

for ts; (13) faculty council to wrk out ed 
policy of s; stu govt; (16) by keeping from 
two to three-fifths of pus on free or part free 
basis, bring ch of all social els together and 
promote democracy ; direct moral instr, 
neighborhood service, prevoc ed; (17) play- 
ground ; (18) afternoon recreational groups 
organized by pt-ts assn; (]9) els for neigh- 
boring ch and parents; (21) crs in citizen- 
ship from 1st grd up; (25) use stud tests. 

ETTINGEB, William L, supt, NYC. 

EVANS, C E, pres S W Tex St Nor Col, '11 
— , San Marcos, Tex; b, 1-23-71; (13) stu 
welfare com; (18) s hospital and trained 
nurse who will t health lines; (21) campaign 
wrk to enhance appreciation of American- 
izing Mex population in S W Tex; (22) 
budget plan for all depts. 

EVANS, I.aura B, 412 W 1st St, Taylorville. 
Ill; b, 10-6-00; trustee, U 111, '02 — ; served 
on legis com to secure funds for univ; mem 
st bd council of defense; chrmn co liberty 
loan drives, 11 C wrkr; in 3d loan drive 
secured airplanes to distribute propaganda. 

EVANS, Silas, pres Occidental Col, Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

EVANS, Wm McCluns, registrar and hd Bible 
dept, '06 — , Coe Col, Cedar Rapids, la; 
b, 1-7-56; (19) ni ext els wrk; tg men's 
Bible els; (20) each dept Is provided books 
helpful in telling needs, opportunities and 
requirements in vocations related to dept; 
(23) rept and record each absence and tardi- 
ness; reptd to counsellors and dean for stu 
conf; (29) commomt addr, What Shall this 
Man Do?; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 2, spec 4, 
col 2. pg 3; t r 2, spec 1, col 15; field, pastor 
24 yrs. 

EVJEN, John O, pres St Nor S, '19 — , May- 
ville, N D; b, 12-13-74; (5) Augsberg Col 
and Theol Seminary '09-'19; (7) revised crs 
of study, giving much attention to foreign 
lang and wider field of elect Ives; (8) more 
eye and ear, less of books; (10) discard sys- 
tem of renting texts, stua must buy fresh 
books, take pride In individually owned 
books, and estab nucleus of library; (11) 
Quarterly Bulletin, each dealing with some 
one phase of s's work; (12) inc sals; allow 
wives of profs to teach also: (13) stus take 
charge of assembly room; (14) wrote letter 
to 800 clergymen asking for wrk in Teachers* 
Week; (17) s credit for singing; attendance 
at important city mtgs counted as cl attend- 
ance; (18) 8 city physirians examined all 
stus without charge; (21) crs in intcrnatl 
law, intcrnatl, natl and st problems stressed; 
(22) library opened for Sunday use; (24) 
urged changing normals to t tr ss. with 
power to grant degrees: (25) reprinted parts 
survey of Mo's normal ss for N D; (26) 
band leader, t of voice, band instruments 
and music, electric lighting on campus; 
(27) see 18; (28) School. Press and Religion, 
in Eng and foreign newspapers, stresses 
moral side of ed and aid theology gives as 
practical-positive science; (29) Are We Done 
With Culture? Christianity and Culture; 
Norwegian Music; Coti8o\\^d^\^^ %^, ^\5s., \n^ 
ed mtgs, commewc^TSicvv^ «».\3L^\wv^i^^% «fe\^% W^^ 
att r h 2, \\T e\ 1, wx \i ^, ^c>\ ^v^, \>"?> ^\ v ^ -- 
ur e\ 2, col sli^A ^S ^^\ "0^^^ -• 


II hit* s Who and Why in After-War Education 

KVK.\KI>. I N, »lf:ili. Mi» Valh'.v fol. Ml — . 
Marflhiill. Mo; h, Si-lK-TO; (12> urslnv Hab- 
hattc yr with full pay; (1.1) unit rliih with 
rrpres of fac and every Htu orv has charf^e 
i>f inniiy new oiiterpriRCR; flT) debatlnfc and 
writlDK encourafced by Enir dept; (1!M ext 
(TM to fit mature men and women; (20) 
careful iitndy of Htu Inclination and abilities 
and demandn for typcH of toc; then heart to 
heart confH; ('Jl) atu actlvltii-s an«l home htu 
KOTt; (24) mem h le^is cuiii : cJUi \\\ com- 
nienpmts, 12 adrlr to ts ou Pri>ltl«>m<; of 
Present, Funotlon of lyiHTatnrc. Social 
Ideals; (81) att col 4, i>r 1: t rol IS; supr 
eol 9; war, ed sec Y M C A. spkr (N>iinrll 
I )<»f en se. 

KVCI^ESHYMRR. Albert <", rlf.-m Cul M.'d. V 
III; prof anatomy and In! dept: 2<)1 S 
Kldt'flnnd Av, T'rbana, 111; h. «-ir,-(57: tirn| 

"Mhould deternoine ipec assets of MMSh stu it 
time he enter* med s and ever keep In miii 
hiN adaptability for certain kinds of w>k 

.... as soon as possible belp him place 
his assets where they wiU yield greater 
returns .... only one way to derdsp 
Htronir men and that Is by helping thtsi 
become thinkers .... electtves are but 
stepping stones to independent thoufrht . . 
moHt active health stn^ ffives limitless ex- 
panHc for ed; (24) chrmn at discniiioi 
nnder-f;rad and grad defirrees, Assn Amer 
Mod (N>ls. MO: Hufrirested M 8 and Ph D sf 
only decrees In med Incl pablle health; (28) 
><e(' in; prepared Manual of Surgical 
Aiiritoiny for army and navy '18. lllus mostly 
(»rl^Mnai. prepared espec to meet presnt 
iieoils of army and navy med depts; Individ- 
ual Ism in Med iCd in .Trnl Med Assn. 4-3-'20 

FAIRBANKS. Willis, co supt '17 — , Mora, 
Minn ; (11) all ed co news rept wkly to local 
papers; (21) urging Aiuer very strongly; 
(20) short addr to s ofllcers, grads and 
parents at various mtgs thruout co; 
championing consol s; (31) att r 8; t r 12; 
supr 10; supt 10; war, co chrmn W S S; 
other, farm bureau. 

FAIKCIIIL.D, Raymond W, supt '20 — . Fond 
du Lac, Wis; b, 0-0-80; (r>i dean of men, 
St nor 8, Stevens Point, Wis, '14-'20; (C) 
mem Wis com research, character ed meths; 
(12) "point system" — tr; experience; prof 
advance (s, reading, travel, etc) ; excellence 
in teaching; interest and work in outside 
stu activities; (13) org repres council of ed, 
12 mems; (15) corrective phyn work; (17) 
introd supervision of dramatization and pub 
spk in grds and h ss; (18) see 28; (22) 
effected consol voc s with h s, increasing 
efficiency of the ss and saving city $^,000 
annually; (28) The Measure of the Admin- 
istrator, Am S Bd Jrnl. 12-'18; Opportunity 
of Ed In Med Insp, Am S Bd .Trnl, 10 and 
11 -'10; Preparation of Jr H S Ts, Am S Bd 
Jrnl, l-'20; (20) commencement addr, etc; 
(.31) att ur el 8, ur h 4, col 4, pnr 2; t ur 
el 11-^. ur h 5^/^, col 2; t and supr nor 6. 

FAIRCIiOI'GH, Henry Rushton, prof Latin; 
Stanford U, Cal ; b. 7-15-02; (5) with Amer 
R C in Switzerland and Montenegro '18-*20; 
(7) estab trd s for older Belgian Boys in 
Switzerland; in Montenegro estab 2 orphan- 
ages for ch up to 9 yrs having kg and gar- 
dening wrk and for older ch having regular 
well equipped trd s. 

FAIjION, Georffe Marcus, 1st asst classical 
lang Bushwick h s and chrmn Lat de<pt '17 — . 
78 72nd St, Brooklyn, N Y; b. 12-l«-82; (5> 
t vacation h s. N Y C, *20; (6) see 28; (11) 
circularizing dept chrmn thruout city, re- 
questing definite repts along definite lines; 
(12) arranged for helpful aroheological lects: 
presented repeatedly opportunities available 
for co-operation with museums; (14) Invited 
enthusiastic irrads to return and talk; visit- 
ing tr 88 to present information first hand; 
(16) personal suprvsn to sr cl org and activ- 
ities; (17) tr stu to give popular lantern- 
slide talks on classical snbjs to adult visit- 
ors; (21) taking every opportunity correlate 
l4it tB witti modem conditions; (28) artels to 

Bulletin of High Points, NYC; (31) att ar 
el 8. ur h 4. col 4. pg 3; t ur h 15; supr 10. 

FARMER, A N, exec sec, Mich Comm Conn- 
ell Comu, '19 — ; 1 Perkins Bid, Grand Rapids, 
Mich; b. 5-26-72; (5) supt, Bvanston, 111, 'l*- 
'IS; (7 1 revised crs in geog; based tralnlnff 
in oral and written composition on snbJs sf 
vital Immediate interest, 1 e, coal shortats^ 
saving Evanston elms from ravages of Tni- 
socfc moth, president's war messare* ctci 
revised arith crs In computation and drills 
in fundamental basie problems; adapted art 
wrk to current problems, e g, eoal saviagi 
food conservation, etc; (8) by studying llvs 
topics ts almost without exception to^ •■ 
new lease of life and tg power natnraOy 
dormant when dealing with routine snlij 
matter in same old way was developed; (9) 
tr els for ts conducted by- suprs of spes 
subjs, prins, and supts; (10) texts used for 
reference and not for usual study; (11) 
showed graphically actual retardation by yrs 
lost; (12) persuaded ts to wrk out merit sys- 
tem for grding ts; secured recognition and 
promotion of ts who thm study or other- 
wise better fitted themselves for wrk; (18) 
all important questions first discussed In fM 
e4>uncil bef adoption; (15) promotion thru 
el s by snbjs, saving hundreds of yrs of p« 
time; stud tests for determining Indlv mosle 
ability: (16) project problem meth in pri- 
nuiry grds tied up and related all s ttetlTl- 
ties: campaign to save elms from Ta«ft0Ck 
moth, stns actually killing hundreds of thou- 
sands of moths and caring for trees; war 
wrk, jr R C, aided by over 200 women who 
relieved ts of this responsibility; (17) SM 
10: 8 gardening and flower growing con- 
tests, credit for home ta^ks, music* etc; (IB) 
spec tr in forma tion of health habits, -put- 
ting In practice s hyg tg; (20) talks on r^ 
latlon of h s and col to probable future 
vocations: talks on spec quaUflcatious for 
particular vocs: (21) actual clvle serrleOi 
see 16, 17; constant stressing of obllgntlon 
to home, comm, st. nation; (23) age-ffrd 
progress repts: repts showing n mofiaOty 
with causes, and reasons for s failure; ac- 
counting sys showing unit costs per eaplta* 
supplyinir 1>aMts for other Information and 
calling attention to losses and wastes: rep4 
c^rd to mark pus on character making quail- 

High Spots for Every School 


tiesj leading: to co-operation bet g and 
parents and effort by pus to devp positive 
diaracteristios ; (25) found tests more re- 
liable in determining pu power; wrkd out 
plan to help ts discover own strength and 
weakness; (28) Food Problems with war- 
time arith problems; Arith Drills; (31) att 
r h 3, ur el 4, col 3, pg 1; t r 4. spec 2, 
nor 2 sumrs, col 3 snmrs; t and supr r 
h 8; supt 13; instit conductor and instr 
20 sumrs ; war, org food admn in 3 sts ; 1 
yr with War Camp Comm Serv; other, with 
ed dept, Natl Cash Register Co, 1 yr; (32) 
as exec sec, Mich Comm Council Comn. 
iftelped wrlc out plan to tr r ts for phys ed 
and recreation wrk; is wrking out comm to enable comm more perfectly to wrk 
out own problems and thru participation 
devp more dynamic citizenship; helped out- 
line study of Mich after war needs and op- 
portunities by Mieh Comm Council^ which 

fABNS WORTH, Mrs Kthel B. housewife, Mis- 
soula, Mont, b, 5-4-78; mem bd trustees 
Missoula ss '18 — ; pres Mont Branch Natl 
Cong Mothers and Pt-Ts Assn '17; vp '20 
— ; pres, ch welfare dept, Montana St Health 
Assn '19-'20. 

FASOLD, WUford H, supt '18 — . Eagle Grove, 
la; b, 3-27-78; supt Mt Ayr, la, '11-'18; (6) 
see 21 ; (7) new h s crs incl ors in r economics 
besides reg h s work; (8) requires all ts in 
h 8 to be col grads; all grd ts have at least 
one yr col work: all must have had suc- 
cessful experience; spec study meths during 
yr; (10) see 21; (12) grade s ts. advocates 
advancingr wagres aec to Rrrd; (13) asks sug- 
gestions from ts; ((14) interests pu in nor 
crs; (16) soclologry and civics in h s, 
prominent spkrs address pu; (18) s nurse; 
(21) all pu study fundamentals of govt; 
new crs in Amer; only up-to-date text bks 
that "emphasize our own country's good 
points as well as other countries', basing 
the choice upon Americanism" ; supplmntry 
readers and hist stories for grds and hist, 
civics and sociology for h s; (22) complet- 
ing new Jr-sr h s bid; (23) card system: 
tmant officer; (29) 4-min; also talks expl 
reasons for new bid; Chautauqua supt; (31) 
r 2, ur el 6, ur h 4, col 6, pg 2 terms; t r 
4-1/3; supr ur h 15; supt 15; war, hlping 
make out and carding questionnaires for war 

FAUIiKNEB, Elizabeth, prln, Faulkner S, 4746 
Dorchester Ave, (Chicago, 111; b, 12-21-65; 
(12) sal Ino on profit sharing: basis^ accord- 
tng to ts success; (13) strong: stu govt; 
fac cl counselors; (15) ds sections on basis 
Ability; (16) stu govt; (17) loan drives, R C, 
thrift, needlework guild, dramatics, s pub- 
lications, posters, costumes; (18) health 
record of stus; malnutrition reptd; rorreot- 
Ive els for posture and orthopedic help; (20) 
personal interviews; consultations with 
parents; (21) stu govt; civic talks; (22) pt 
mtgs; (23) slips for reptg exercise; health 
certif blanks and charts; (29) rept bef U 
Chi conf of h B ts on Texts for 1st Yr Latin ; 
(31) att ur el 12, ur h 4, col 4, pg 10: t ur 
h ^; supr 17; war, loan spkr. 

FAVNCB, W H P, pres Brown V, Providence. 
B I. 

FAUST, Hugh G, supt '17 — , Shawnee, Okla; 
b, 1-28-79; (7) deptl work Qth-8th grds; 
promotion by subjs 7th and 8th grds; (8) u 
extension; correspondence study; (11) ann 
repts nubl in newspapers; wkly news of ss; 
wkly s paper pub! by h s; (12) sal inc 50%- 
75%; efficiency considered in sal sched; (13) 
ts council org, co-operative with prins, suprs, 
and supts; stu council in h s; (14) estab ts 
tr cl in h s '17; (15) pus tested and pro- 
moted if able to do wrk, regardless of time 
spent in grd; (16) in civics, officers elected 
same as city officials; strongest pus have 
responsibilities in s govt; spec study in hist, 
of nail, st, and local problems; (17) org 
societies and clubs in h s; U8) s nurse; 
nied iusp; spec attention s sanitation; (19) 
truant laws enforced to lue hotter; (20) dean 
of gir^s in h s; de~'^ for this in ss; (21) 
Hpec attention to issues of day in current 
events els in upper grds; (22) $40,000 ad- 
dition to h s, '17; two wards ss, $30,000 
each, '17; elections, comm mtgs, clubs, in s 
bids; (23) stnd forms for permanent records 
and for ment:il tests; (25) stnd tests for 
grouping, classifying and promoting to h s; 
some self surveying; (28) several s artfls; 
(29) Psychopathetic Child, The City and 
Rural Curriculum, How to Study, to ts, 
citizens, etc; (31) att r 7, ur h 4, col 4, pg 
1; t r 2, ur el 4, ur h 2, col %; supr ur h 
2; supt 12; war, 4-min; chrmn jr R C, Okla. 

FAY, Sidney Bradshaw, prof European hist 
'14 — , Smith Col, 32 Paradise Rd, North- 
ampton, Mass; b, 4-13-76; (5) lect Eur hist. 
Harvard U, '17-'20; (7) as chief examiner of 
col entrance exam bd for hist, 'ir)-'20, helped 
frame questions in hist; while questions are 
primarily to test what is aotuaUy taught 
in ss, examiners have not been unmindful 
of effeot of their aucNtions upon tg in hh; in 
Nome oases, qucHtlon Ih inrl with view to 
encourage ts to lay more emphasis upon 
some aspect of subj; also as reader of exams, 
judges what parts of wrk in hist t^ are least 
well-done and what best and <iuestii)ns have 
been framed partly as result of this experi- 
ence; (14) from sr ols tries to encourasre 
number to t hist in ss or to study further 
to equip thenixelves bett**r for tis In h ss 
or cols; (17) each yr encoiirajres stus to org 
club to study internatl relations and pro- 
mote better knowledge of foreign countries; 
tries to develop symp'.ithetlc Interest In 
Ideals and culture which foreign born Immi- 
grant population has bronght; "best type of 
Americanism is to be found not in stamping 
out the lang and culture of our foreign 
born population, but in sympathetic appre- 
ciation of it and an assimilation of as much 
as possible of it into our own civilization ; 
r28) The Kaiser's Seeret Negotiations with 
Tsar '04- '05, in Amer Hist Review. 10-*18. 
showing how Kaiser tried to hoodwink Tsar 
and break up Franco-Russian alliance: New 
T.ight on Origins of the War, in Amer Hist 
Review, 6-'20, 10-'2O and 1-'21. showing that 
Germany was much less responsible and 
Austria and Russia much more resi)onsible 
than commonly supposed in V S for out- 
break of Great*. Walt WV^txisX^^*, vcv 
Literary -Re^Ve^^, C»c\. 'IT^-WVi, Vi>^J^, ^^^'^r^'^J- 
most iTOpoTtawt \>ooV9> A\\v\ ^>'^^^^\\^^'^,^;!'^ v^ 
them, wMc^\ ^ov\\ vcVWx ^V^ NNa^^VX ^-^^ > v 

Who's Whft and Why in After-War Education 

FKB. Ittt B, aunt 'IN . .M 
Hiiiit (.tipyuiiuf. Vt'yth 'VJ- 

1 K1-.1 .[..p;,] 
na Kii'PD I; 
iinx Hliut li 
r rrum unit 

tloBH; MTj k Biinli'iM. rn ;ii 
a partli-K; (ixi plijm illr 
city :iii<l <ii lii-nlth"o 
wplRhnl anil rpiMii of [ibra 

I M tillr fihlliltH. 
ll-OllkTiirlnR ultli 

her iitininpr'.'p. liilinr ii 
r W C A, K of C; t^iU) ic 
K B A, Incnl Hub!!: CIH nil r K, 
' ' r 1^ 8; Miiit^ln; flpM. ilc|i 

Y M C A nml 

Tl'yn; ollipr, n-rllUeil iinli 
TEEM.W, n Jj, iin>s Aili'l^n rii], Ailrliin, Ulvli. 
PKIOt'K, Kd C, I'D mipr, WDriilnOi-Iil, O; 1i, T- 

■" "' '"' " ■" 11(1 ripraiiiui] lij-)t In ns; 

I i;atii|Hiratlvi> ntt — 

(111 l<u-nl imiHirM; 

wcurp wilm Ipry Hire 

mlllK tnr ks iu it ilMl (12) nul Inu biisoci 
en-ullpim'. ncIdlliDtiitl tr, IcnKtb of gervire; 
(]») 4 Kill liPDllIi oniirrR iiin cri-orpnitlnfc 
n-Uli t; (14) nlilf li s trmda iiriced to att ro 
uor; (18) »e« 0; (24) iHlter *ils for tB !ii po 
nor; iv alt oliiivr; (^71 niiiiicy inn kins enter- 
tulnnipntn f'lr cijulp: (^1) nit r II), nor 2: 
t r 7: aui>r c a: unlit r h ^>. 

FEI.I:., Thsmaii, nn-n Kt Jnlm'x Col, Aunnpoll^. 
iia: h. MOO: (h) iirni^UBt. U llnryliina: (12) 
snl lti(! 40'.d: riS> rp ^intMulieri'iilnr aaaii 
of M(l; i:ol cnnrne In hyc nnrt HiinltiKlon ; 
(2t) "priD obj of POl Ir u practiced at St 
John's Col"; I2T.) sPeiircd uurvi-y of tol by 
Oen Kii ltd: l:l\' J^paeae nt Nntlnna: Iti-d 
CroSR DevPloptiicnt for Wac Service; SnlVii- 
tioii Army camualtin; (,11) pres fol. 35. 

rELLOWS, Owrttv Emory, lid d(>pt blst Klld 
pollt sH '17 — , V, of rinli, Snlt Ixike CWt : 
b, C-0-5S: (C) "more IntcoHive ntudiM In 
dH'p of jtovt dnrlflK blxtorlc period"; eon- 
durllnit ria In theae topira with about 100 
iB Id H J. City aa onn a nk e!ic-h yr for 
4 yrs ']7-'20. snnic for ta of at nt auiiir trnia 
of U Utah : tlO) RtuiIlPd ctnaely niid called 
iittcntlon of la mid cIb to nil cedent texts Iu 
madem hlat ; (11) aeo 20; (14) cncournecd 
sta Id bis dcpt to t: (19) tbru a ext dept: 
(20) apec dept .it U of rtab; muay U S 
soldier Toe alu are enrolled; (21) sln'smcrl 
"" " I mnny newepaper nrtcla 

nf ih.' War. League of Nutloua, Kespouilblt 

towils, as, uuii I'Inba: (31) att ur 'b 4, Ml 

4, UK 3; I r 1, ur li T, (;ol 18; pros col IL 

l-ELMMCV, I>avl<l, prei 111 Ht Nor II, '17—1 

.Nor I. Ill; il) uiiw fucllllles and crt b 

pliy* ed for nuiueii, iirsctlve tc In r aa nsnl- 
naled by ta Buptu u. bent In cob, IItIos wlA 
rrxular tn; (lUj hooka adopted upon recom- 
mend at inn a o( t. liiieicBteil: (13) *ta t»t\ 
In wunicn'H doriiij iitu counellj (Ij) ctrcnlu 
oil Tlif niiilook fur Tr Bern to b ea; eallittd 

. ded Hud fBllDwed tr 
uUy taelDlKK; - 

appeal ■ prerrded 

UIko with I 

at Bl 1 

1 (IB) 

cla, thei 


■iirrlc In li 

•" In tr dept; (IT) n dlstrlbnllai 
' III for eovt ntorlos picture fllm; 
notion of albl for women atua Bad 

cxanid far all atua; free denial 
a Rlvon by It C iu lat aid, etc; (IDl 
rurrcH en; 3 U-wk anmr trmi; (SI) 
ftp era: |24) co-operated in aecni- 
al Ini- Iu a revenues, improvemenl 
In p a, and eatab of counn b ai; 

-KLTKU, n 
lyn. N y 
Itrklyn Inr 

Kovtl (141 ppr.. 

tBlnd''i iBtrod o 

of (B by priijec 

»rb; (I!l) dlvr 

In Klrls U a '17 — . Brook- 
0-G2, (n) pres dept ped. 
s and Sclencei: prea N T 
; rni see 28; (Bf »ee »; 
ptln iirtolB: (12) mem ind 
Ike plan for bd of ed foe 
tlon of ta: (13) Btn aalf 
1 Intervlen-e: (15) "Inalil- 

I reitlBtratlaB, toUow a* 
lOO tarlory haadB; (ZO) 


II In 


t by 

- — eatab wHk 
iDitT ciTicB en; 
all pnpUai nr- 

all llrkl;.. . 

of pnpll* nklpplnE Rrda In el m] (2T) ata 
Aid fund of ttlMIt; (2R) 1000 Problenu ti 
Aritli. T.clli^rj to Rrklyn Daily Bngto, -Hla- 
lory .if Ovpenpnlnt: nrtcla In BallcUa, 
Itrklyn loBtltiitP: (2S) DnnoenittairtloB at 
Our If So: ta nsona. cU-. (31) mt nr «l 8, col 
!": pe ;i; t nr ei 4: siipr 32: anpt S. 
■KNXKR. John K, SUM '17 — . Crantton, B I; 
b. 10-20-7(1; (S) lutrod primary snpr; imliad 
rra In readlnir. arith, apelllnji and luitMfal 
i-evUlnu blst and (reo"- (12i Bubatantbolne 
in nal; (17) 'loin ad tor nil 7th and 8Ui fid 

lani' t - - 


acquired a trnck; (16) four 

tcrt thla work, dom ad 

ilnic Inkcn to centera by rec«Dtly 

iuilj'lo'oii'ilT {~21)'"worklnB bard ' on uSi 
jroblem for nert yr; (22) pnrchand ■ truck: 
il b B opened: two el nl ai opened; (11) 
itt r e, r b 4, ool 4: t r 2^. nr h TH; npr 
: b 3, ur b fi'fi\ aaot aa aH: war, etarmi 

High Spots for Every School 

ward Iilb loan drlTet ; R C cj 

.[•aigns, allied I u b«fsre 

3 reglBter tor ili 

pre! bd ed in c 
1 belt efforCi .. 
* llnei, girlne ■ 


In recent jri. 

mtavnOS, Om r, pcot na.-V Vn, VaWei- 
tltj, Ya; (ZS) conducted est cts In Intel 
toita tor Staonton t», Seating and clnailtf- 
Ing aU pui; (28) Intel Teats and Clnsslflca- 
tlon of Pna at Staunton, Vii, V Vii Record, 
Bit Sertea, 3- '20. 

n»HKB, B &, supt NelsoBTllle, O; 1>, Z-13- 
70: (6) prln h s; (7) see 21; (12) 00% ani 
Inc (14) »% h s irkd* enter -- ""' '- 
tured h b pnbl under atu uigri 
healtb nnne mal 

mi m In e<t1» , _ 

(8)) att r 12, nor 1, col 4, pg 1; t r 4; aupr 
r b 6, ar b B; enpt r b S. nr h 4. 

mUU§, Wilier I., bd master Kuibnry S, 
CbMhlre. CODD', b, 4-£i-82: (.1) Instr Bag 
SlMineld Sdentlflc S, Xale U ; (6) carreapond- 
ence campaign (or more Intensive el course 
SI better prepsrntion for col entcacoe; (7| 

1 follow up each atudent'a dally work; 

(12) Ml lac; QVg sal $4,li00; (13) combined 
•tn and fae connclli (ITi) pay and physical 
differences; (18) two Im daily exeniae h- 
Vilrvdi (21) lectures nn leg^l :iiul moral 
aWMt of clllzenslifp; (SI) iitt nur .% col 4, 
jfK T; aupr 3. 

FKBKX, F C, prea llniiiillou Col, Cllntoii, 
N T. 

FRTTMB, frank A. nriif miLit fnin. I'Unwtnn 

N J; b, 3-8«j; 

(IS, 19, SI) In 'li 

._ _-_ .— imbllea wbere grd 

slogan "Think Straight"; and 1 

null odleu y y '1S-'J9: (11) lis chrmi 

: lu>j 

Tor 'in iiiiil "in Rhowlug 

1 of toni'tlon of Iniit an ed, 

■ad neral, not retribution and pnnlHbni 
(18) plans of pu-piirl lei pall un in s .ind . 
tlal self gnvt In ciltiiges of N J at home 
for boys; (IS) hel|>rd Hcure rx|H 
t««t an of ivbirb all boys « 
rtoaaUad Id » and lotlaKea; iL'li (bn 
an KOOil eltizenshlji of N J at c:oii"cil 
w«l&re; (28) clinpt on Tic nt Keon 
Tt edited by l>r Paul Kliipper. '2 

FIOtfANDI.BH, Alexander, prln p s N'o 1 
■-'-- -■ \; ti, 11-27.70; (8) slogmi 


Brooklyn, N \'; 

SlTOlghl"; ni slmpiinpo anu vital- 

wrk m Kng smnimar; (S> mortelln-i 
jtlonai (IS) lii<' attenllou to hist, Clvlci 
r, liternliire, mid deTsinwd atlontloa tf 

- 1; t* <-«iin.ll and pn self «ovl 

Mrni orsanlrrd B> PBtrintle elub 

witb tiary plan, dlscantlulieil In 'IS; (IS) 
nrtcls on Self Testing by Ts, In 8 end So- 
ciety ; on Ts Ceuacil. in Jrni Educatioo ; on 
Pa Panicipallon Id Assembly, In democracy 
nombet ol Puh Service 2-'lS; (31) att nr A 
3. col 5, pg 5; t ur el 0; ur h 2%; supr nr 
el 13; other, ed dlr, Intematl Ladles' Qar- 
ment Workers Union, 3-'20. 
FIKI^, Frank, hd dept ed, »t nor, Jobnion 
City, Tenn; I), 5-1-73; (6) vp st nor », Call- 
fornln. Pa, and dlr aumc b ; prof ed, L«nolr 

...with mesa o£ reading and 
(10) "ased them espec wheD overworked; 
usually try to avoid them"; (14) vliiled M, 
made ad-dresses, secured positions for all 
pu desiring to t: (17) debaters, org «o 
activities; (21) "Never eangbt the present 
day Isd, have taught i . — .—.■— -in— 

'ILLERS, H D. supt, Bonliani, Tex; b, 
SI; (a) luatr North Tei S<- '•" "" 
Nor 'IB, U Te '" '"' ~" 


j„, ^ .=^ .., {6> TLc Idenla of Ben- 
lam Ss, Tei S JrnI, '10, reprlnled In pampb- 
et and distrlb; "Jlte In ss to be Sept In 
on 91 II lit touch with life of coram and 
roi'ld"; deuiocrittlc uigmnt stressed, "our as 
■rlleve In wrk and lots of II, they do aot 
.elleie In drodgery"; (7) deflnlte crs worked 
inl settlug up speclBc thlugs lo be done in 
-ii-Ii snli.1 In every grd: (8) direct personal 
lelp In a wrk thru private and smup ronfs; 


_. ,.,.„ _ onsld- 

y-; (111 H..nhl Wkly 
(12) Sill Uk 75',t-121>«,, 
Id ability; (13) ts make 

brighter rh: (ITt cbruin boys wvk In 3 Cob 
iliirlnc wiir. (>ncour,igiMl b scout wrk and 
bovs Y M r A: (IB) co-op wilh R C In se- 
ciiflnz services i>r nnrsi:; (20) set-ured lalki 
from nmfeHhiuDBl people na demaiid* aad 
■iiipoHnBtllei' of dlff profeH*lan<. ; (22) nnn 
lymim cri: muHlilann lo-op In giving 
muKleal program fur n>: (i'3l rept* slmpll- 
Oed: (2."S1 ti>sta in spelling, reailnB. nrllb to 
and WPnk spots, plana la o»«»iOw«>- ^» «'™; 
edy aele>4> .ereataik-, rtwS.^ ^, -.-,™-««. 


Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

1 wk, results publ In Ed Review, 12-'17; 
(28) see 0« 25; Stnds in Arith; The Old 
Order Changeth; (29) Watching: Their Pros- 
ress, st ts assn ; (31) ntt ir 7, nor 1, col 4 ; 
t r 3, ur h 4, nor 2-3; supt 6. 

FINCH, Adelaide V, prin, Dingley Nor Tr S, 
Lewiston, Me; (9) put model ts In each rm 
Instead of every two rms; (16) ts now 
experimenting with socialized recitation and 
project meth ; (18) org wrk similar to health 
crusade; sent booklet Diet for S Child to 
homes where ch seemed poorly nourished; 
used govt charts as aids; (21) outlined prac- 
tical lessons for foreign pus— work objectlvcp 
practical, and related to daily life; (26) 
stnd tests used for candidates applyiuf for 
entrance to tr s; (28) Code of Professional 
Ethics, adpt by co ts assn ; co-author Out- 
line of Project-Problem Method, in Jrnl of 
Ed, 10-21-'20; (29) Standards of Measurement, 
bef CO ts assns; Teaching Patriotism, bef 
D A R; S Survey, bef Sorosis Club, '20. 

FINDIiAY, Merlin C, prof biology, '92 — , Park 
Col, Parkville, Mo; (7) introd lect and lab 
crs in hygr; (10) use text as time-saver; 
stus read parts of several rather than all of 
one; (12) entertains assistants every 2 mos; 
(15) optional readingrs and more lab wrk for 
bright stus; devotes spare time to getting 
«low ones along; (16) trained debating 
teams on natl questions; (18) lects on physi- 
ology and hyg; (18) pub lects to men; talks 
to Y M C A on proper living; (20) talks to 

Y M C A and stu body; indiv confs; (22) 
as pres local s bd helped pass bond issue 
for consol s; mem l>ld com planning new 
sci hall ; (31) att ur h 5, col 4, pg 1 ; t r 
1, col 28; war, deputy food comr Platte Co, 

FINDLAV, Huffh, lect hort s of agr, Columbia 
U, '19 — , NYC; (5) asst in agr ed, states 
relations service, dept of agr, Washington, 
D C; dir agr crs, natl service s, Washing- 
ton; insp and org of camp farms, war dept, 
Washington ; lect in hort, A E F, Beauue U, 
France; dir and org lOOO gardens, Syracuse, 
NY; (6) org spec course in agr at natl 
service s. Wash, D C; also in dealing with 
soldiers stu in agr in camps; (8) lectures 
correlated with each laboratory every day; 
(10) used for reference; each stu built his 
own text book as the crs developed; (10) 
short period lect at noon hrs in busy centers 
on practical topics; (21) developing civic 
pride through ownership and mgmnt of 
small bit of land for gardening; (23) rept 
blanks, etc; (28) Practical Gardening; Hand 
Book for Practical Farmers; chapt on Com- 
munity Gardening in I C Clark's Little 
Democracy; numerous artels; (29) lect in N 

Y st and France on hort and agr topics; 
31) t voc 4, col 2; war, org of gardens; org 
and insp camp farms at 26 dlfT camps; lect 
in hort, A E F, Beaune U, France. 

FINE, Henry B, dean of faculty and dean 
dept of sci, Princeton U, Princeton, N J. 

FINEGAN, Thomas E, st supt of pub Instr 
'19—. Harrisbnrg, Pa; b, 9-28-66; (5) deputy 
comr ed of N Y st ; acting comr in absence 
of comr, '17-'10; org ed congress. May, 1919, 
at Albany, and at Harrisburg, Oct '19; (7) 
'^oms of Pa s men to reorganize crs of 
/i7 tfrtn^ ot nn(\\nti% at ed congress; 

suprd revision of nor % crs; (12) dir cam- 
paign for higher sals in N Y; responsible 
for passage of ts sal bill in N Y; now initi- 
ating campaign for higher sals in Pa; (18) 
estab health bureau in Pa dept pub Instr to 
conduct health campaign in st; placing 
health instr in all grades; (19) see 21; (20) 
empl specialist in voc guidance in Fa st 
dept; (21) estab Americanization bureau in 
Pa; zoning st of Pa for ed of adult illite- 
rates; incorporating into crs of study, for 
all grades, instr in citizensihip and problems 
of democ; (23) estab uniform system 
of s acct and uniform system of s 
records for all p ss in st of Pa; (24) fram- 
ing, proposing and dir a campaign for pass- 
age of ts sal act in N Y Legls '18; town- 
ship s law '17; city bill '17; Americaniza- 
tion bill '18; inc sals for nor ss '18; (28) 
Hist of the Township Law from its earliest 
inception -to date, now in print In N Y st 
ann rept for 1918; History of the Free S 
Movement in N Y; t ann report of 1919; 
Hist of the Part Taken by the Ss in War 
Activities, 1920; in Pa— The Lancaster Deci- 
sion on the rights of ts to affiliate with the 
Am Fed of I^ab; other dept publications; 
(29) addr throughout the country, '17-'20, on 
current ed problems. See Pa st dept pub 

PINI.AY80N. Alma J, dom sci t, P S 6, Man, 
416 W 118th St. N Y C; b, 4-7-84; (8) ch wrk 
in "family groups", giving each cdi group 
plus indiv interest; (l'*^) fnmily group meth 
helps along slow ch and trains brighter ch 
for leadership; (18) during war, while still 
following crs study, dom sci els fed 25 under- 
welfcht ch, giving each balanced lunch and 
proper number of calories; (31) att ur el. 
ur h 4. nor 3, col 3, psr 2; t r h 1, ur el 3; 
war, R C, focKl conservation. 

FINL.EY, A R. supt '18 — , Tama. la; b, 1-30- 
70; (')) prof hist and ocon, T^ander Clark 
Col, Toledo, la, '17-'18; (13) stu co-operation 
In s govt; (14) thru h s nor tr dept and 
Indlv conf on opportunity for service in 
teaching; (16> Introd Smith-Hughes voc ed ; 
current ei'cnts In hist and Eng els; debates 
on currePt subjs; (17> Boy Scouts and Camp 
Fire Girls, scout worker pd by bd of ed ; 
(IH) s nurse: physical tr for both boys and 
girls of whole s; (19) campaign to show 
value of ed ; (21) introd crs in citizenship 
where stu uses local community as labora- 
tory; (22) s house used as social center; 
(23) self study blanks: record cards; (26) 
Itoy Scout camnaiirn for funds for com- 
munity work; $700 raised by popular subscr; 
(JS) Exenlse Book for Comrl Geog; Organiz- 
ing II S Library. Am S Hd Jrnl : The Supt 
a** a Teacher of BuHlne«H PrlnHnles, ditto; 
The Bd of Ed Made to Order. School News; 
r:il) att r 8. col 4, pg 2 : t col 2V2; supt r h 
2, ur h 3; field, student pastor; field mgr 
Curtis Pub Co. 

FIVT.FV, John H, (m1 specialist N Y Times. 
NYC; st comr ed and pros U St N Y •13-'20. 
resiened: in '20 had regents exams in several 
subjects call for after-war relations and ap- 
plications; in writing to Institute for Pub 
Service of t-shortage 4-'20 said "nitrhest. 
rlche«^ nnd ]»rondest tniininjr possible should 
he offered tho««e v^'* <»nter t** nrr^fpaoi-^n : 
highest intenslye training shonM be given 

High Spots for Every School 


those who arc most promising in service; 
finally, f Plattsburghs should b« estab in 
wUdi broadest and most hli^hly trained 
yovBs mea and women from ool or even 
Im midst of vocations from which they can 
•ccnre release should talce intensii-e camp 
courses that will equip them for temporary 
sorvloe; cols and t-tr institutions of Amer 
coold slve no more patriotic service at pres- 
ent than by making: campuses vacation 
cnmps and encourairingr most competent stun 
nnd srads to qualify as reserve ed office rs 
In h s and el ss for special term of service: 
"supreme question 3 yrs a^jo was How are 
we as nation Id find adc<iuate number of 
adequately trained men to defend our land 
and that for which it stands in earth; su- 
preme question now is How are we as nation 
to find adequate number of adequately 
tndncd men and women to preserve that 
wUch this first army of four millions helped 
to defend and to make that thinff better 
worth their havinir fought for it? Wc can 
make col men and women, and earlier still 
h 8 boys and iclrls of hifche»it promise, see 
thnt this is« 'a profeKslon irlorious' and thru 
their volunteerinigr briuK their iplory into it." 

FINUSY. Wm Loven. lecturer, natl Audubon 
Soo. 651 E Madison St, Portland, Ore; b, 8- 
S>-7e; (5) St l)iolojrist for Ore, '16-'20; {S) 
▼laaal ed by motion pi«>ture8 of natl hist 
anbjs, wild birds, animals, etc, accompanied 
by lectures^ 

FINKBY, N J, pros 1!«-11jo1 Col, M.-Konzic. 

FISCHER, Kruest W, v-prin. riuiffoy union 
h 9, Ontiirio. I'al: 1». J»-i:4-^;; iU) news 
storleo publ simultiineouMly in two news- 
papers; \VJ) ext wrk in r di.stricts in 
airr, ln«*l beaut ificat ion of lionie and s 
■rounds, and in directed play; C21) cl in 
Knir and Americanization for Mexican runcli 
workers: (22) Itiis ni^r of runcort crs. bringr- 
Inir best music to community; lielped orgr 
male chorus of CO voit'cs; "Our community 
men and women feel tliut tlie s is truly 
theirs"; (31) ai! nr el 7. iir h 4. «•.)! 4. i»u' 
%; t r 2, ur el 1. Ill' li *<: w;ii-. instr ni:itli 
B S P S Ft Winli.-liI Si-.. it. S:iii I' \ 

FISHEB. George J, deji ilii.'f I'Xei'. r.»i.v Si-.Mits 
•of Amer; b, 5-2-71 : i.'i ilir war wrk bur i»liys 
tr, internati Y M <' A; mh nia>s phiy ein- 
phaols. meths developed for adapting: recre- 
ation to people where they are antl to any 
number; (11) edit or I'hysii'al Traiiiiiitr '04 — ; 
(16) many nicHis workcti out i'.m- scdui Mins- 
ters* hand bk : (2i\ as ineui of N Y uiilit 
tr com; (27) N Y niilit tr cdui Ii.kI citizens 
vistt drills nnd talk to lM)y«;; ^2>^) ro. author 
Physical ElTeots of Sinokiuj:. l^S i>i), '17: 
prepared Spalding's Army and Navy (^-unp 
Physical Work Y M C! A. 17^ pp. 'IS; co- 
antbor Army and Navy At hi Hand 15k f.»r 
Y M C A. 301 pp, MI): fiN) editor Volley 
Ball Rules '17-'1«» and At hi Loa^nio ITau.l 
Bk '07 — ; (:U> fi.'I.l. dir i»hyj: od V M C A 
27 years: war. dir i)hys wrk Imr. nail w w 
council y M C A 'n-'ll*: nioni N Y milir tr 
com '16 — ; pros Natl I'hys Dir Soo, Y M (' 
A; dean e assn snnir >>; of pliys tr: i)ros Arhl | 
Besenrch Soc '17-'JS. I 

M8HBB, Balph T. nsst i]ir vnr rohahilitation. 
fed bd votf Off, J(H)l It sr .V w, \\';isIiiiit:ton. 

D C; b, 9-26-77; (5) dist voc officer for Cal, 
Ariz, Nev, *18-'10; field orpanixer. »19-'20: 
dist voc officer N Y C, '20; (8, 9) directs 
wrk of chiefs of Indus relations, voc ed and 
med relations; co-ordinates efforts of experts 
and specialists enipl by bd in ed field and 
sees that whole rchaldlitation marhiue func- 

FISKEB^ W D, CO supt Hemphill Co, '17 — , 
Canadian. Texas; b. 3-2C-07; (22) consol 10 
dist. maitingr 4 ss and 4 dist out of 10 so 
(21)) From Dawn to Duslc; All 
a Sta>;e: The Awokeninir of a 
Soul; in Chautauqua and 
seas«>ns; (.11) praetiit^d law 25 

and 10 dist; 

the World's 

Lyeeum two 

FITTS. Leverette E, dir, t-ir dept. Col Em- 
poria, Emporia. Kan; ('n supt. Ashland., 
Kan: (17) coaehed debatinp teams, football 
teams: j22» hit new h s bid: orjr worlting 
jit-i as^n; <.31) war. librarian, I'anip Fuuston. 

FITZGERALD. David E, mayor IS — , Ultv 
Hall, New Havon. Conn; iS» instituted *s 
I'ouneil of representative from ea4'li dept to 
meet mo with bd ed informalb' to discuss 
better plans for s wrk; (i;j) apptd woman t 
from grds to mcmlx^rship on bd ed. 

FITZPATRICK, Edward A, stv AVis st bd od 
I-'IO, Madison. >Vis; b, 8-29-S4; (5) draft 
admn; major inf U S A '17-'ll»: leet in ed 
admn V Wis 'JU — : («) Ed rrogranis for 
Edueators — labor, business men. farmers- - 
r»G pp, 3-rj-'20; (7) ".\ New Type of Instr 
Needed in Wis"; (11) edit \Vi< E.l Horizon, 
ortioial bl-mo bulletin .«5t bd ed. I.iy ft, inel 
Ed OS War's Reward. Free Corretpondenee 
Courses for Ex-servlee Men and Women. 
Spe4: Cl and Short Crs for Kx-servlce Men 
and Women: (12-13'i l-M Polbv and the Cl 
T ll-"li». 10 pp; 0«>-2<)i Voi- Siirv.-y in prt^ss: 
raifjcd traveliuir oxpense«; irrad >iu V Wis 
examine aetual intiustrial situation in more 
important eonecrns experiment ioK witli indu*i 
deinoeniey. new type •.otiiil -i-i i:i>i ili'Sfribed 
ill S and So.-ii'ty 11-11 -"■Jo; .l'1- a< Wis si 
iliriin Natl Anii-r »",.:ii i.i Ain.':- l.i'i:it.»n pro- 
pared K pp Imlli-ii:; 7 "Jn ,.:i Aiii.r willi heads:, 
I■'^■('^y li'.uiii'i'i.ii:i- iiiii»«i In-- .'Mii' a niNsion- 
niy .if :i li.t;.<r Arii.-:-;. i. A fundanienial 
sn'ial inh'«i! iiii:. «i;i]_\ .i priilil«'!ii of fer- 
i'Iltm liiirsi .-niii liii'i-rii.-.<; ji-r tin- only 
airitaior i.. ).,• f.-'.-i-d. lMa.:it iDii. tlic method 
• •f Aim r, l':iiid:. ■.i;--iit -il p;-iii.:p;i-< fur ^t sys- 
tem iif cil. i:i. 1 "i»l)|it;:itit>ii t>f st to furni!sli 
instruct ion ;is vood for poorest boy ;is rieh 
man run furnish his chiltlrt'n" iJ.". ■ promot- 
iUK ed cooprratioii \i:i t>i>nt rnli/ut ion of in- 
foriitatioii and eciitral butlK«'l phniniuK; ^'JH 
sei' 11; liud'>r«-l inaUiiii: "ili.n wW hasi* bud- 

..Kets on oil nofds instfud of on previous 
exponililiircs"; i.Th «;i»,' IC. : <i frd of labor 
7-21-'_'t) i«as«i"d ri v.diMion>: oinl.iv^itiLr ed pri»- 
j^'raiM <iil)miiiod for <f bil ed aiol ri-i-om- 
nioiiiloil .••<ial» I'f jailor study iTx-: (L'si sot» 
n. HI: ii!"o.otMrniu'>< \VN foilof b.l.or '"JO. [> 
i:;i ]t\:\: odilor of K\|M-rls in City <iovt. T.» 
•■'.!':.■; I'l'. 'J:i i-liapt^ i'l.-l ioterpretiiiK expert 
«rovt to eiti/enship: rfrrnt iiiiprovenients In 
niethh of riM-ruitini; ; inaUioK pub servlv^ ^\- 
trai'tive; tr ts. U^ W^s.v^vvs \.v»t \t \v^x vvN* "-. 
serviee; \m\\\oA vA \t\ v'o-vn\\ vwv Www, ^•'^^^" 

<.n \.. \«Yo^ »A\ \\vx\v \Y - ^v^V ^^.^\^^v•^V^^ 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Eductition 

vice should be org; (29) Characteristics of 
Modern Ed bef Natl Mothers Congress and 
Pt-T Assn, Madison, '20; Problems Bef Nor 
Ss at all-normal couf, Madison, l-'20; (31) 
att ur el 8, ur h 3, nor 2, col 2, pg 3; t ur el 
5, ur h 5, ctol 2 — part time; sec dt bd ed 2; 
fteld, Wis r ss, nor ss and U Wis survey 
for N Y tr s pub service and Wis st bd 
pub affairs. 

FITZPATRICK, F B, prof ed, '19 — ,St Nor 

8, East Radford, Va; b, 3-15-72; (5) supt 
Bristol, Va, '13-'19; (6) Ann Kept and Par- 
tial Survey Bristol P Ss, '17, 20 pp ; statistics 
for 4 yrs, with Interpretation ; sraphs show- 
ing percentage failures; stnds for various 
tests; (11) co-editor Va R S Messaves^ semi- 
mo sheet publ by nor s for suprs, supts, 
ts, trustees and pts; (28) publ proceedings 
of supts assn Va Ed Conf, '17; (29) stnds 
in S Financing bef supts assn; (31) supt 6; 
t nor 1; war, dlr jr R C. 

FLAGO, Abby E, el s t, 714 Ford Bid, Boston, 
Mass; b, 12-18-63: (')) editor Boston Teachers 
News letter, Oct '16 — ; (6) in editorial and 
other writing; (8) thru magazine; (10) re- 
viewed many for publication; (11) connected 
also as local editor with st publication of ts 
assns ; (24) on legis coms, largely for sal 
inc; (28) some artels; (31) att r, r h, nor; 
t r, r h, ur el. 

FLEGAL, Mary Edna, supr art, Durham, N 
C; b, 6-3-76; (5) prof of art, Miami Univ, 
Oxford, O, '14-'18; supr of art, Johnstown, 
Pa, '18-'10; instr Fine Arts, Ts Col, Colum- 
bia, '20; (10) refused to teach art from text 
books ; books merely for ref and suffflrestlon ; 
(12) had 3 dept ts made suprs; also took 
stand aicainst keeping sals of home girls 
down. Just bee their preference for home 
positions made it possible; (31) att r 2, ur 
el 2. ur h 4, nor 2, col 2, pg 1^; t ur el 8, 
or h 7, nor 4. 

FLEMING. Cornelius D, prin P S 160 Man- 
ihattan, N Y C ; (8) issued circular on How 
to Improve Instruction; ts urge pus to at- 
tempt to answer every question and then 
compare silently with accepted answer; 
mimeog outline used in ig politeness; reptd 
on suggestions far ts of math; (25) pre- 
pared tests of gen Intel for each grd. 

FLEMING. Florence S (Mrs Harry L), 1401 
N Main St, Bloomington, 111; b, 5-14-80; dist 
vp, '17, dist pres, '18-'20, vp at large, '20 — , 
111 Council of Pt-ts Assns; volunteer wrkr to 
"awakon pub to realize necessity of being 
intelligently conversant with aims, purposes, 
plans, problems and gen devpmt of ss of 
Amer" ; since '17 about 100 talks, on Relation 
of Home and S. 

FLEMING, W B. pres W Va Wesleyan Col, 
Buckhannon, W Va. 

FLE.HHMAN, Arthur C, prof Syracuse U, Syra- 
cuse, N Y; b. '66; (17) prof W Va U, lect 
and traveller: (19) lectures Glimpses of 
Greece and Grecian Life, Masterpieces of 
Italian Painting. Italy and Italian Life; Ed 
and Soflal Service; (22) school expositions 
urged; (28) The Dynamic School; (31) att pg 
«; t nor 9, u 3; supt 6. 

FLETCHER. Walter H, dir era tr jr h s ts, 

*'^ —> St Xor S, Oshkosh, Wis; b, 8-8-77; 
/nstr Keene. S II Sot S, '17-'18; (17) fac 

adviser for stu paper conducted by Jrnlsm 
els; (28) Concrete Geometry in Jr H S, in 
S Review 6-'20; Concrete Geometry for Sev- 
enth Grd, in Jrnl Ed 12-'19; Exercises in 
Math, in 19th Yr Bk of Natl Soc '20; Trans- 
lation Method of Tg Latin, in Jrnl Ed Psy 
l-'20; (31) att ur el 9. ur h 4, col 4, pg 2; 
t r h 7, ur el 6, nor 5, col 1; prin 10. 

FLEWELLING, Ralph Tyler, hd dept philos- 
ophy, '17 — , U So Cal, and editor The Per- 
sonalist, Los Angeles, Cal; b, 11-23-71; (11) 
founded and edited The Persanallst, quar- 
terly jrnl of philos, theology and literature: 

(19) thru The Persionalist which now goes 
reg to Bug, Scotland, France, Italy, Japan, 
China, India, Korea, Mex, So Amer, as well 
as thiruout U S; (21) spec war leots to S A 
T C, '18; org and conducting dept of philos 
In A E F Univ, Beaune, France, which had 
10,000 stus. '19; (28) Pbilosophy and the 
War, Bergson and Personal Realism, numer- 
ous magazine artels; (31) att ool, pg; war, 
hd dept philos, '19, A E F Univ, Beaune, 

FLEXNER, Abraham, sec Gen Ed Bd, 61 
Broadway, NYC. 

FLINT, C W, pres Cornell Col, Mt Vernon, la. 

FLOOD, Clarence N, supt '18 — , Braintree, 
Mass; b, 3-3-80; (5) supt Saugus, Mass, '17- 
'18; (6) org P T A; laid foundation for 6-3-3 
plan; (17) mothercraft els; (18) s nurse; 

(20) org continuation s; (22) planning new 
h s bid ; s bid used for civic org ; (26) 
arith tests; intelligence tests; (27) funds for 
prizpH; (31) att r 8, r h 1, spec 2; t r 1, 
r h 1, ur h 5; supt 10. 

FOGARTY, W S, CO supt '14 — , Eatan, O; 
b, 6-26-73; (17) club work; home credit 
work; (22) larg:e use of consol ss as com- 
munity centers; consol most of one-rm ss 
of co; 10 new consol s bids, costing $370,000; 
largest consol in briefest time in st fuid 
probably in U S; (24) helped lead in secur- 
ing st aid for consol ss in O; (29) Results 
of Consolidated Schools in Preble Co; How 
We Consolidated the One-Room Schools of 
I*reble Co; various occasions; (31) att r 8, 
ur h 2. nor 1, col 4, pg 1; t r 6, r h 3, ur 
h 2; supr 6; supt co 6; field, three r life 
conferences, conducted by U S bureau of ed. 

FOGHT, Harold W, pres nor and Indus s, 
Aberdeen, S D. 

FOLEY, Arthur L, prof physics, Waterman 
research prof, Ind U, Hloomington, Ind; b, 
2-22-67; (5) dir research in affiliated cols of 
Ind '17 — : nieni acoustic; com of natl re- 
search council '20 — ; (14) 80% of srads of 
phyHie44 dept are tjf, 50% of them in cols 
and univs: (IS) engr of Ind I' water plant 
and inventor of meth of aerating water; 
(22) lect rni and lab uni<iue and not sur- 
passed anywhere for convenience, almost all 
details being original: (27) secures help for 
own researches. $1000 during present yr; 
(28) author 50 papers chiefly descriptive of 
own researches: (29) numerous on ed tbemei 
bef ts assns; (31) att r 5, ur el 2, nor 3, 
col 3, pg 4; t r 1, nor 1, col and pg 3; supr 
ur el, col and pg 27: war, dir U S s of radio 
electricians and chrmn research com st coun- 
cil defense. 

High Spots for Every School 

FOLKS, Ovrtrnde II, spec nict fur 14, Xutt 
Child LuboT Com, lOo K 220 Ht, .\ V C: li, 
lO-Se-M; (B) ciTllian relief In Frnii™ 'IT-'IU; 
(e> com br pnbUiit)- ami >.iiriry «-arka to 
iBlcrMt pab In tut tbat It Is «t'a duty not 
only to PNiTlda p ■■ bat to provldr *yi>t«m 
of cd wtdch win drvp powers at Ipdiv to 
K uMm t atparllT, 1 e reqttirc c1i Co nTieiid 
8 major part of yr .lad In uddit erect i:\ui- 
turr, nttcaotlve and nell e<iulppec1 i houses. 
well tr t force, vltnllaed turric, develpiiit 
of 8 as center of comni llfi<: (Ui <.;diii l.s 
worklDK to Improve atpda uC ttr Jiot un'y ^19 
one esaeotlal of good s wi'k but ;il.sii to n:- 
dace Don-«4t ; see Boriil Ch Bnd CampdlBorr 
8 Att In Tenn survey rept ; (11) Com bns 
tomnd that at sd repta are unreliable. Otures 
ii«ii-e«Dp«nble and without most sttrnlflcant 
Items luch aa scbolnstic population, enroU- 
ment and ott of cb of compulr — - — - 

dlsMnpnlabert (i'( — " •-- - 

In HI law ; Tenn 

B 8tatlatl« BpraJt." !□ Ame 

wMkott tlluiDl Dating ftt reptH 

Com alma to eliminate neorxNiij' inr ram- 

palcna acalnat adult illlterary; (20) Com 

wtks for voc gnld for (-b ontcriui; Indus bul 

man* Talue: (23) bus ur^ed more aetnllcd 
blank for taklnj^ xcliolflslle census :iiul de- 
*la«d bluika (or aecnrios att rrrords ot sta: 
In artel Do S Statistics Spe.-ik. sbou' tbnl 
anlr 7 ftta ropt both number of eh of eom- 
pnteoiT ■ are and number artually rnrollrd; 

■ whidi do not At IriHl ase« 

a for nil cb of 3 a 
id iirtlcle "1 
ii 11-'19 ura 

mpt to 

■••riiiita like 

•xcHMd from attend Inc a 
Hub omplvred or holding 
^—fl or phye lursparlty, aiHianrr, nr! sx 
>ept MTK dnllr att ot all agra toKftlier: of 21 
•tt btvlng compulsory continual ion »a Eti 
ll-'ie only 3 were reptff eh emploj-eil ; to 
UtaMrRte need for atallstles intPl rompllpil 
■■ guiie to future legislation, ellea X Dnk 
TCpt where T541 are excused from s becanae 
more than SH miles from s linu-ie 1 c need 
tminedlate provision for tr^naportatlon: (211 
"' ' propoFnuibi purpi 

•bow ntint pd 
Hetty wrk to li 

e It; rc>.nlt« 

<2T) Com favo 
f llnkini 

.mall eomm 
with Ken rh 
;n: VodlHca- 

UoB Of 8t 
■■ Kda« 
l-'SO: Fai 

Cb Who Kilters Indufl. R X.-wa 1-'20; 
PnndB (or P S*, El S .Triil 1-'2I): R 
and Compulaorv R Alt, In American (' 
rept lo ms Incl rlianieter of ed In i 
ror wbleli Intensive atndlei were 11 

Tournal ot Kd, fi- 
■u j-utton. In the Tr. 
1 Wrk v« Bd. Wyo P 

I rarat 9*, IX 1 

la mrat- aeml-ur ni 
et isertlflc.ali™ /■/ A< 
•f Bfrro .inil trhUe 

:rete lllu! 
id Inrire c 

on iH I Ion a 
sa: syBlem 

s for changes In ndran 'i 

FOOS. Cbas S, supt Heading, Fa ; (11) mlmeo- 
— ;ttibed occnsioLial repta ot progreaa aud 
-- - % ^) rtvlM 

I and public; 

Krd*,' 4th grd arouaea InteTMt In local comoi: 
."ith Brd riiuaes ctvlc pride and Inculcntea 
fi-elliig of lodlv responsibilities; ath (rd 
oludltA romm Industrlea and bus, with ele- 
meula of govt : Tth and !ith grds study ma- 
rhlnery of govt thru org of rla club, aocs, 
at hi team*, etr. 

FORI). Geo H, supt 'lO — , Dunhar. W Va; 
h. l-T-Tl: (5) t, Glenville St Nor S. '19: (31) 
war. Meilcau Ilocder service. '18; 2d W Va 
Infantry oferaens aervlce 'IT-'IS. 

ronu. T B, Hiirrogate, Tenn: b, ll-lT-33; 
<n) prof psy and ed, Hlmm Col, Ohio, 'IT- 
■IS; prof ed. Lincoln Memorlnl U, Tenn, '18- 
"20; (16) sta observnllon and prac Ig; ""' 

pil rallies; (33) mental and ed n: 

— "■ — • — ys; (29) ed ralller 

l''OBEMAX, J W, supt, Gosheu, Ind; I). '73; 
(."1) prln h 3 'ir)-'18, supt 'ia-'2». Vlncennea, 
Ind; (8j estnh tralnlng-lu-aervlce Instits tor 
ts: (IS) aal luc 50% lo a yrs; (IS) empi s 
nurse, support (Mured ontalde a ' — '- ""' 

Ipr wsrkliis l)ors" i 
! those not aesl"' — ■ 

: dcpt for those not desiring noiid 

I. R Am' 

t le^ls. securlni: 


A. pariah supt, 'an — . Beti' 
iu-i"-aS: (SI Saturday Institutes: 

more rearthig and better prep- 
tg; (12) ta paid BCCordlnr to 

and comm rnther thsn grd of 
(Id) rorn, cotton, pig and poul* 
■old bonds and stamps I (19) by 
roll rvery boy and Kirl In p ' ' 
r them ther ■ 

4, col 1 

rede rill 

, r _Wy 

M, dlr 

erst (SU 
supt 12. 

"'■ (fil 

18; eil service ii 
I!); (lU) dircorres stud]> 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

to Alma nod Metbads In Tu lllst ta I'nst I 
find MvlBluDul Sa A K V. biiwsm-iI as alms 
■■hrmMlDil, hlt>torlral-inlBili-<lawi>, pnbllr- | 
mlDdrdDcaii, sbawed bow to use tc:it, stressed 
■srlBllicd nrltalton, problem niFlli. mod 
qoMtlaoi: (£8) artels iiD plai« iif hlsl. In 
Hl*t OqEIooIe 'lit SDil '2ft; see T: (20) tillka 
on blHt nnd Bort ; Mnhlni; IK-moi-cary Rafe 
tnr World, comnicmt talk; (HI) viar, I«ct 
blst A F: I' tr i:nm|is. 
FOSTER, HrrlwTt II, b(l tlupt cd. ■id —. V Vt. 
Burllngloij, Vt : li, 'l-iX-'ri; (141 adilresacd 
variouH (traupg b a ntid col aluB od wrk of 
tg; (Zl) n'rotc cIiiiiiC In miinl for Amerlcnn- 
IsntioD cIs publ hjr Arlzotis sC lid ed '£0; 
(23) devlHFd slnd tfst In SM«i (SB) pre- 
pnied itudy of practice tg iiuil« Rmltb 
HnyHes act, lor 8oc of Col Ta of Ed '21; 
teit in press, Principles of Tg In Secondary 
Ed; (31) alt col J, ps 4; t r 3, ur b 4, col 

to civlllanB; (32) as mem Nitt 

Advisory Com, Natl Bd Berlew of Hotlon 
I'lcturea. ninde firat proposal for Bds (f 
I'ralur siip|>leineDtln(; bds of cenaorablp, pita 
.'idiiplpd; aa prea Ore Social Syg Bodctl, 
pretp t'liciflc Coaat Fed for Sex Hyg, rf 
AlD#r llrir Aasn snd aa Inap Amer B C in 
Krauce. aided In bringing needs of armr sad 
pitllkin population to attention of Cong and 
111 later devpg nution irlde social liyg wort 
by [J S pub bealtli aerrlcc In r'D-nn vltli 
privn'- — ■ - 


lUBT, Julius I, prei I 

i (19) I 

shI cuts . 
itrstion I 

40»%i (2^) col debt pd; . . ._ 

udded; iamtorlcs In nil dutmllory roonia; 
laboratory equip ine; iST) ifM.OOO scholiir- 
Shipa; (31) pastor autil '15: prea cl d. 
F08TKR, J Hurray, supt '18 — . Cornlus. X 
Y; b, T-l'i-Sa; (5) supt, Dausvllle, N Y, 'll- 
'IS; (T) locul geuBraphy and romm cliics crs 
In srdSj mem sC cum framing ]r h a crs; 
(8) HO bonus tor earn t att aumr a; (1~>) 
spec grd for liiickward siu; (IS) milk fum- 

lahed t 

r forel-T 

■iKbrd « 

: (211 


r $.TOO.«(10 Ii s; (25) dlr ._ , ... 

Llvinsatun Co: (31) att r 1, r b 3. nr el T. 
" - PS 1; t r a; siipr 10; supt 3; 

direct I 
T'OSTEK. nillli 
FoandiLilun fa 

D Pollnck 

DL, ^«i.-nLuu, jiriHH; u, i-jo'<,r; \-n pres Uecd 
Col. '10-'1», see calHloguo n-signod 5-'li); 
(3S) ArgniueiitiLtlon und DdiullnK, rCTlsed 
edilliin, '17; Cid iu I'ollllcs. Independent 
O-'IT; Do wc need col wrk in war, Inde- 
pendent. 7-']8; Out of Oritiun OiptiTlty, 
Independent, <t-'18; Scliular«lilp In Nor Sa, 
Tlu> Oliio TpBchFi-, 8-'l7: should HladentB 
Study, 'IT, Ktatlstti-nl Study of Amer cities, 
Hecil Col record Ko 27, preface, 12.'17; (201 
IfiO In no cities nnder Joint iinsplces Ai — 

S C nnd U a rbninlH>r canimcrcc. 'IT-'IS; 
(31) att eol 4. pg 2; t col 8; pres 
war, sent to Europe. '17, ' " " 

Mke r 

study Its relief 

E C 

lo Wiir Council 

for future actlyltles; one of oi 
to Wash by Amer Aasn of 

with war dcpt, preseiited to 

snec tr spec nronosnis fur udlizint; resources 
of cols for conduct of war and was author 
of first plan submitted to war dent for org 
col unite of army, wlilcb developed into S A 
T C at more tbnn noo Inatlt; org at Reed 
Col flrat spec crs to tr reconstruct Inn aides 
and dlr tr of 200 women nsBlgned by surgeon 
^n of army to 40 mlllt bospltals for care 
ef returned sojdlen, which sliis at Recd Col 
rveoagtractloo s and Clinic g:ive oviJr 13.000 

1'OIVI.KK, BenJ A, supt Weber eo "IS — , 

Ugdfn, rtab; b, 1-18-83; (51 prin Park Bl 
h s 'IT-'IS; prin Carbon co h a '18-'19; (B) 
carrying out Utah's all-yt round ^obtbd 

Kupr — 7 iilijcctfves : "rcslaterliiB and keep- 
Int line on eycry boy and «lrt np ta 11; 
encouraglnc Toe activity by BlTlnK ■ cndB 

... .., ||„ farm and Im Iwbsi 

isible cllmlBMInB, laaOui 
Ir In saod wark bablti 
'actiral cammonlty aetb- 
na all yi lonnd; alsasr 

, prij 


: of »42 pu c 
nimpletrd wltl 

jlied In project 
— n pto •- 

over: tMH qnallfled in health proj, «ai« d 
prraoB, bath, proper food; 8S0 kept phy« IU; 

S32 used ncitlier tea nor coCtee; ilS bon 
did not use tolmcco; 44 boya and 46 glrli 
had pbyii defrFts remedied i SCS completed 
Snii'li r.evcr pro]; SW cared for vegetable or 
Hoiver pardens ; 44 boys painted farm 
houses, 200 piilnied or repaired fences, gar- 
ages, clc; 1C7 boys iind_^glrjB^made_^fly ^r»P'. 

wages; 144 »lrl>i 
family for 3 mo 
entire family 40 d 

l^inily are ll»tpcl 

,.,= .._,.. .,..» ! 118) wolBli aal 

Kure all stua: daily iup by t« p(«- 
rurted detei-t dlaeaaesi nna exam by 
petciit pbysicltii^s; raretol follaw-np by 
le and a prin; dally cbeek «n haaltk 
ilo: pbrs gamea and drllla ; (28) tadl* 
1 for oiit-of-a acllvHIea; booklet deaetlb- 

-OWI<RB. Hrrbrrt S. hd Eng dept Bt nor ■ 
and editor IiLibo Teaclier, Lewlacon, Idnbo; 
t>. fl-i7-Kl: (K) pres Inland Empire Council 
of Eiiirll«b Teachers, 'll;'!^^ exec cora,^afr 

aanaging editor 

'to oulllne the Engllah i 
li B, ana c(A ■wWi ^ ' 
• better aiUtoVaviun, 

High Spots for Every School 

II itiid duplication, setting anurt 
s (ram uon-easeDttaU" ; (10> mem st 

Ii commlsalon '18: (14) la'lEI aereral 

wka Tiiltsd h ■■ to rscrnlt h • grads! (21) 
"dtiil pkrt ot work la En* dcpt": C^U) nddr 
at U' Inatlt; Idaho S T A; Inland Bmpire 
T A; N B a; aumerana cammcmtg, etc; 
(31) ntt ur el 8, nor 3, eol 4; t r 2, r h 1, 
nor 12; aupr 1: war, local R C, Mb loan, 
IV S 3, l-tuln man. 
FOX, A c, pres Campion Cul, Prairie liu Chi™, 

: (S) 'see 2S; (IT) interested 
in naKins rol iratrrnltles rCBlb' eduestlanul 
Inittttotni: (191 tnistee N I State Historical 
Assn; as editor Its Qunrterly, attempted 
make it publlcatlan for (hg pobtlc nho flad 
pIcuDH BDd profit m hhtorr; (21) grad 
CTS, IiFiFlopment at tbe DcmocTAtle Idea In 
Amctlcs: (2S) HUtorical Atlns of tbe United 
States, '20; 'Mie Decline o( Arlsiocracy In tlic 
Politics at New York, '19; (291 BducatEon 
In History after the War; Tlie Contribotfon 
of Colainbla College to Gdncntlon : numerous 
nddr bef women's clubs and private as; (31) 
att ur el S, ur h l, nor 3, col 3, PB 3; t r 
2, col S. pe 1. 

t Nor 

;. Oah- 

FBSAB, tVm, mem, com on grid atndf and 
advanced degrees of Pa St Col, 316 S Pugh 
St, St Col, Pa: (IT) aided In devp plan tor 
Boys Wrklnc Besflrva Cwpa for Pa '17. 

FBEIBEBG, Albert Hcnrr, prol orthopaedic 
sursery, SOO Livingston Rd, Cincinnati, O; 
b. 8-17-08; (3]| war, chief orthopaedic aM- 
vlce, Walter Heed Hospital, WaaMngton, 

FBKXCH, Calvin H, pres Hastings Col, Hast- 

FBENCff. II K ■ ■( auutomy University, N D; 
b. 12-7-7.1; (7) Entrance Conditions !ti Med 
Ks. J nil Aiiier Med Aaan, vol TO, No 13, p 
1«;S; IIS) chrmn atn health com; (29) How 
to Avoid llr-s BIllB, What Are I'ou WertbT 
Medicine and the War, etc, bef atu groups, 
comments, lit clubs; (31) att r 3. ut el 4, 
ur h 4, medicine 4. col 4, pg 1; t r S. ur el 
3. ur b 1, met! 17 lacl supr 9; war, mem 
medicui sect st com natl defense. 

FBENCK, Mari- B. Instr household arts and 
art, DeQnnce Col, DeBance, O; (S) empha- 
sizes not methods end recipes but principles 
ot foods and nutrition ; (le, 17) exhibit! wid 
tale* carHrd on by dcpt; (IS) tbru tg die- 
Ie(ic9. eh roaaervatlon da, health ttirn clotb- 
Ing, etc: (19) attempts to reach parents tbm 
nniritinn gtuiHcs ot p B rh ; (21) In sending 
prepared as bouaekeepera and home 

r pFadlcal nature, with definite plan of 
noneetlng wrk with Indns lab practice; ad- 
Tocntes h H chem that trlvea underatandlnt 
at ebon proceuen of dally Ute, rather than 
at* (or col r«i«ni (8) more nltenlion la given 
to written eiprension In tr acl ains: scl and 
Kny dept coaperate In demandlac repts af 
orUlnsl InmtlaBtlon la lood forcetnl Enjc; 
(20) chem dept operates employment bur, 
keeplDs Id touch with fomwr Htns, con- 
Btantly ndvlslnir them of better openings: 
(28) Brief Outline of Qualitative Analysis, 
•17: Maul of Qunntltatlve Chemioal Analysis, 

FBANKUN. Edward C, prof cbem, Stanford 
U, Cfll; b 3-1-02; (28) nrtclB in Jml of Chem- 
istry glvins account of Investigations; (31) 
war, mem ndvisory bd l) S bur mines, plij-s- 
Ical chemist U S bu-r gtnds: consulting cheio- 
ist ordnance hnr USA; mem rosparch com 
Bt council defense, Cnl. 

VBANKLIK, Frank Oearge, prof socLtl scl, 
'18 — . WUhimette tJ, Salem. Ore; b, 4-20-01; 
(5) prof hiat and polit scl, Albany Col. Al- 
iMiny, Ore, '09- '18: (11) mo col news itema 
for Ore Ts Mo; (13) advises with sin body 
pres: (10) by Gonnectlns every throrctlral 
dtivoaslon with iivlnc Issnes ot day; (17) by 
oailstlng debaters; talks at football --■■■--- 

hi bits 

rs; (22) 

ind toD 

! 124) 

dept; (20V iiome Pirtnrvs. bef , ._ 

nnd friends at s exhibit of copies of inas- 
lerpieces; Color in Art and Its Devp, and 
,TapaiiPse Prints, bel Col Art Asun ; Clathins 
ConiifrvBtlan, bef sroupa of mothers; (31) 
.att nr el H, ut h 4, col "4, UK S sumr; t col 

. . - „ , _ .... addr at 
r during war time; t Bible els: 
(22) mem comrl club; (24) wrkd ngnlnst 
law against "eihihMlng" In at any foreign 
lans paper unless accompanied by Vine 
translation: (28) artel In Anier Polit Scl 
B^tltiw e-'2a on Ant I -Syndicalist Legls; co- 
antibar Oovt at Oreson, col text now In ms; 
(20) see IB; (31) att nor 30 wks, col i, pg 3; 
t r 8, ur el 1, ur h 2, nor 3, eol 22;, 
3 mos vacation n-rk in Bltlpmril: other sec 
and trena ladepenileat Cola Conf of Ore, 

od IndIv Instr in French and histi 

est lib s on basla of Indiv Instr 
: 112) IdenlirylnK ts with romm by 
pni> lerturm by them; (13) parlla- 
unptr forma has tull Jarladlctlon 
Ivlllra and flnanees of all sin orgs, 

:o power by hdmstr; (31) att ur b 

4, col J: t ur h 7: hdmstr 3. 
FBOST, W <1, prea Berea Col. Berea, Ky. 
FBOWr.KY. Ceo J, Jr, prln, Union s. '19 — . 

d: (10) iiu Kin-ak bef entire s; (21) every 
ulij npnflert every day -^ practical needs; 
) trying to get "ub library to come nndec 

1 ^-si^nVn. -^TtJiiSfcw* ' 

Who*s Who and Why in Aiter-War Education 

BDd the 

FHlfE, T C, dir PuseC Sounil blol stntlon. 
prof botany '17 — , U WaaS. Keollle. Wnali ; 
b, O-lB-69; (S) om Rcaenrcli Soc U Wnsb 
* far b«ttiriDc csmiHiTBUTr atandint of n- 
Hcarcb ne»; (28) editor publtcntlon Pii^et 
SouDd Blol Suihan; (3]} ntt r t). ur h 2. 

war, 'drlfled'n O rf " oHiiTru s' kelp ei- 
FULLBB, Goorr 

lote tbs stodr «t Hleh bli 
tod mnoDs tbe pesplei (28) Dcmotracy 
"-- Gremt War, 'IS, 2^ pp, uaed In S9 

\. 1 C ivorH; 12B) AniBilca 'and tbe 

Gtntt Dcinocracles 1 America and InlArDa- 
tlenallBDi; Women tn American History, 
AmerlcaaUiQ, nitdcesses to colleges, ss and 
dtliena; (31) t nr h 8, nor 1, col 1, pg D. 
FDI.LBR, William D, eupt, Portland, Me, 
FUIiI^BTOM, KuDpet, prol old tesCameat 
laDg and literature, grau a Eheolog]', Ober- 
llD, O; b, W; (28) book, Propbeey and 
Antboritr. I*; artcla In Anier JrnI Semitic 
Lang atid Lltevature. Jrni itlMlcal Litera- 
ture and Eieglsla, Harvard Tbeol Her lew ; 
(29) varioua on The W^ir and Kollglon, 
Leagne of Nations, Free Speech, etc; <31) 
att col i, pg 5; t ps 27. 
FUI-MER, Clark A, St dIr voc ed 'IT ~, 2lH 
UnlTetalty Temple, Lincoln, Neb; ■" ' "" 

<lfl> I 

1 of h 

„ - 12-l-'20; 

(18, 22) «it or TOO ed tliru ni and part time 
i-l(i all Toc ed prosrum lor adnltt 1« carried 
lint thru ft ■; (24) wrote bill on toc ed which 

Kissed Id '19; (2S) many on roc ed bef ts,' 
otnry and otlier cliibs, inanntncturers' 
assns, etc; {311 ntt ur ol 8. nr h 4, col 4, 
pg 3; t c 3, col 0; aupt 20; prfs col ^. 
rCLP, James D, siipt, AbbevlllP. S C, '19 — ; 
b, 10-13-86; (5) e.ipt inf Slst dlv, 'n-'19; (7) 
n-Tlaed cru ol «tud>'; (12) helped secDie *• 
mills extra s tax In dlst for ts sal Inc; 
(13) wrklng out plan tor boaor ■ysteai; 
(22) new bid for negroes, white a bid ic- 
iiiodeled to be hygienic; pt-t nsSQ of 145; 
(281 S C Rchnolmeii In Service During World 

; m S C Ed, 

FUBSAS, I I«*ter, prof prosthetic dentlso-y. 
Western Reserve U, Clev-'---- "- •• " ■"• ■^■ 

prosthetic del ., 

Jiapolia, iDd; (19) lect In 

jn A Systematized Tecbnlc for Art Dentare 
Construction ; (20) on aiibjs relating to pros- 
thetic dentistry In 10 ats; (31) att col 4; 
t col 11; supt 7. 
i-lTBAI-L, John C. prea i; Ark, '14 — , 
Fuycttevllle, Ark; b, 3-9-T3; (11) bulletin on 
work nnrt needs of U col of acr, '19; (19) 
eit work; "The InflaiiBea of the IdMd 
university ahoaUl be felt m every farm, In 
every factory. In everr biulne** eatabliab- 

belped promote Smltb-Hugbea work in K; 
(21) pruiuoted law lerylng spec tax for voc 
work, spec at tax for at unlveraity; (31) 
att I C, ur ti 4, col 4, pg 3; t col 18; pres 
7; war, luem st council ot defense, apeaker 
war drives; In writing Inatlt for Pnb Ser- 
tIcp nf t- shortage 4- '20 said "Comparing 
9 with wages of other els of Indlvg. 
ng out specifically dtfflcnltlea under 
labor In financial way. baa been 
ottectlye In arousing people to 
of actaal condition. When sala 
I Increased, matter of indnclng 
_ __, ^f ability to enter 

and point 
wblcb ts 

ttc prol will take i 

amonnt of talk abon 

nserulne«B, service^ etc, would liidne« large 
numbers of able yonng men to go Into tr 

in nhlcb man must not oi^ iilnaalf put ap 
nltta all sorts of deprivation*, bat.Bwt 
deny his wife and eta modlevm of CMntorts 
and decency in living; otber cansea lor t 
shortage are utterly Insignificant In «»nl. 

Earlson with ts Inability to earn liTtng wage 
)r hlmaelf and family; experience pmvH 
It Is not true that describing conntijr'k 



>uld 1 

a iDC L 

nil multiplied t supplies; method li 

High Spots for Every School 

Women'i Clnlis, Worlaiid, Wyo: club stunat 

pledged "to everj forward move In ed." 
OAILOU, ThaiDM F, bishop, 281 4tb Av. N Y 

C; b, 9-17-56; chancellor V at South. Se- 

iranee, Teon ; prea dept religious ed Epls- 

copsl church. 
OAINBfl, F H, pres Bcott Col, Decatur, Qn. 
OAIirBB, J W, prea Bethel Female Col, Hop- 

klDiTltle, Kj. 
OAIABXATH, Cbarie* BaileUh, sec, O Ar- 

-'—'-^ '■-- --' editor ■'- 

The trlmson Flows 
In Flanderg Field. 
GAU^T, OiMe M, health cruaade dfr. 
.tdaba: b, 5-23-B3; '" "-" ----- 
lOBla AuD, ed heal 

■npt and plntlorm .., 

teen and eatertalDment '19; at health crunadc 
lactnrar In Idaho aa '20; (18) nulTeraal adop- 
tion HodeTD Health Crusndc as heat meth of 
eitab health hablta; benUh rrnaade In rtg * 
rric with Httsndmat health and kniiththaad 

> be( e 

dUherinK in itste-, (21) fUDda for health cru- 
aade In IS secured liy A ntl -Tuberculosis Assn 
' thra (ale R C ClirlBfma« seiils: (:ll) war, 
fl moi orerac:^B canteeu and eatertalumcut. 
OAHBI.B, W D, Bupt, Sharon, Pn ; (8) as were 
amoDK ploaeera Id use of periodicals Id ris 

B M BnPpleiDflut roff wrk hy taking email 
Viwnpe ot ch and rl^lny tb«ni extra Instr, 
dlaeavarini Indlv need* — mostly ttiickirard 
paa, but plan to nrrnnge for bright pus 
alio; (IT) ■ bauklnv sTitemi h s pua and 
charge of ano cnuvaa lor It C meiaberahlpB: 
p ■ atbl Icasne for both bojB and slrls; 
(ZI) raons proftealonsl men art u roaches 
for athi leaaoc. Buhl Club lends sym for 
baiket bnIL 
OAMST, John MauDsl, pres '11 — , Vu Nor 
and Indoa lustlt, Peteraliate, Va; b, 10-31- 
70; (8> wkly rac iot*s to study raeths of tg 
aitd •Dpm; (12) sol scale nnd nromotlODs 
baaed on growth and efflc; (l.t) sta conncll 
■wodlH nianr cases ot discipline; (14) org 
Bd Wk In Natl Aisd of Ts In Colored Bs to 
"pot before negro youth of our colleges niid 
secon SB every rear the clalma of the tg 
prof«BBloD"; (17) athl, debating, religious 
■errlces, Itt soctetleB, dramatic ora; (2i) 
dlscnsied In fac, applied to atu body; (Sll) 
W'hj Go to School, grad eierclaes Armatrong 
Ii a, Blcfamond, Va; Progresa of Negro Fldu- 
caUon, 8o 8oc Congresa, Washington, D C; 
What IB It to be Bducated, 9 T A. Loula- 
TlUe, Ky, Jackaon, Mlsa, Baltimore. Md ; 
__.^_ .. , j.^, ^ 

GARDEB, John P, supt Fhiladelpbla '15 — , 

anil rept dated 1-1-20 Hated Marks of Frog- 
roas In Pblla Ss During and Since the War, 
|>p SU-.')2; IT) revlaed crs In health, dTles, 
Enjillsb, hist and geoc! S-S plno adptd; 
con cetit ration plaua, e g one complete s for 
■" ■ 1 for spec cl pu, l (or pu 

ided ss; also T-S gcd pu Iti 

■ plan 

. . 9 Inc; ta sal inc mln ie% mui 31%; 

m> democratliatlon growlm bet t and pu 

suhji see 18, 21 ;_ els tor 'crlpld, aeml-sighted 

n adequate beall 



e 7, 

l<t; 120) Toc opnortunlttca enlarged thru 
openlug trade a tor girls started pilvstely 
by far-aeeliig women and recently niiido 
part o( a aystem ; thru Introil of Indns crs 
for all h aa; Ihru enlargement and Intensl- 
Ocatlou of arts era for girls and band and 
Mliiiji Hi'k era for lioya; (21) civics era; Amer- 
icanization work, with co-oparutlon of aev- 

f'ivlc ' Club, I'hllomualan Club, Council of 
.Tcwlsh Women. Bureim NaturalliHtion and 
Anicr Bureau of Pa; safety first wrk In co- 
operation with Plill Rapid Transit Col (22) 
b<!tt«r iidaptcd bids wlilch in basement or 
Htreet floor plans give utility and flext- 
lilltty "that should meet ebanclna needs of 
at least Deit 3 or 4 decades"! continuation 
i'Ih held In plaien of bunlness and IndDStry 

pnplls are employed; (23) standard- 
testa and foUuw-up "yleldlns rmtl- 

resnlts, e g indicate needed Improve- 

Ive valuable comparisons of present 
igR with futnre possibilities" i (27) 
; hearty co-operation from depts of 
and chnrltiea in health campalgne; 

League, CWVc C\Mto aaCi we^etaN- ™'»^ 


Who's Who and Why m After-War Education 

lirBFtlcsl layalty tr 

GABNBTT, Wm Edward, plot r coBim prob- 
lems, "IB — . U Ob, Atlicna, Ga; 1), 9-15-85; 
(5) fellow 111 soi^loloBj-, U Wis 'n-'lS; N C 
ngr eit service 'IS-'ia; (7, 16, 17, IBI when 
cotton crisis conf routed South, dropped 

Indifference uid their cti aculast knawlvdae. 
■Hvlce ud their campanlong; (25) aided 
Albemarle Co, Va, aoclHl tuid ecan mrrer, 
and Winterrllle Oa, larm life ■arrer; (20) 
Factora Affecting Preaeot Cotton Sltnation, 

field. as«t In c 
D B dept agr. 

» aitg. etc: (31) 


Day S, 

; (7) 1 

, Oak I^ne. 

research. "M, 
1890 ; (5) lect 

,, B been UemoiistriitlnB mod- 
ern metha, flndlag belter meths, devising 
new crs o( study, etc; (13) s Is Isnfly 
■nuwsed by t» and pu advlgoiy roms! (IS) 
Intel tests lor diagnostic wrk In tg and 
riaiwtflnitlon of pD>; (18) 24 hr day hralth 
Hupr thm co-operation of hsmei (28) Hls- 
placenteDt ot Ch to Grds 6, 1 and 8 et Large 
City 8 Bystem, ■«0! (31) Bit r 8, ur el 1. nor 
4, col 2, PS 3; t r 5, r h I, ur el 1, ur U 0; 
prlo 4. 

GATES, Arthur I, asst prof ed psy Teachers 

Col, Colombia U. and d- - ~- ' 

ScarborouKh S, X Y ; b 
■pay Teachers Col 'J7-'lt . 
(0) carrying out and pub! research writ on 
mental testa, dlutnnl Tarliitions In pfflclcncy. 
meth of learniuir, meths of orBanlzlna;. cur- 
ricola In hist ; (28) artels In 8 and Society, 
I'sjchologicnl Review, Jrnl ot Ed I'sy, His- 
torical Outlook; (29) Bprrehes on ed and 
Indlv dlfferenres In buHlnns men. Ad Qub 
at Kew Hnven and elsewhere; Assoc Ad 
Club of World, Indlnnn, '20, audience eOOO 
badness men. 

GAT, Bdwln Frances, prea N Y EvenluR Post 

'19 — ; (5) dean Harvard (trad s business 

ndma W — ; started n-kly school page with 

■ Mltar rltine continuous ed attention : chal- 

leagd PreBldent Butler's criticisms of ptea- 

eiit day londcndes in ed in editorial and 
Icudlne article 11-30 and 12-4- '20.' 
UAVLER, O W, sapt. Canton, III; b, 12-8-63; 
(<I| thru ncwspupers, lecta, and pub gather- 
Itiea; (7) looae leaf en fer el grds; (8) eit 
ITS for ta i (10) score card for choosing arlth ; 
(13) b » org manages stu actlTltles, lect ors. 
etei (IN) s nurse; (JB) nl a Stnltb Hughes 
da: (22) bids used for mtgs, lect era; (23) 

only iS%! (28) Reorganliatlon of o__ 

lie Schools 'IS, Cleavage In Our Public 
Schools, April '20 In School and Home Bdu- 

GAYLORD, Marry Davis, math mastet, 
Browne and Nichols B. Cambridge. Mass : 
448 Audubon Road, Boston, Mass; b, 3-3-T4: 
(71 chrmn com, aaen la math In New Bng, 
helped prepare Bept ol Com to Recommend 
Suitable Program In Mnth for Jr H 8, S pp, 
Muth Teacher, vol X, 8, March 'IB; (faowi 

nath c 

I and S ntlllty i 

I of Jr h I 

>p condss habits of thlnktBS, amU re- 
>, sense of personal responslblUtr, aUI- 
' apply general prlnelplos to new prob- 
soma ■ppreclntton of Inflnaaoe wUck 
math has bad on great •denoea and woi4 

utility alms Incl to produce ac- 
curacy in camputatlon, reasonable speed In 
computation, definite Idea of number valuM, 

slble V 

snred data, ability to handle 
vnneiy oi math tools; (31) att ur el 8, HC 
h 4, spec 3, col 3, pg 1; t nr h 19, col G; 
SCO, nssn ts of math lu New England. 
GEURKENS, H W, prof B mnslc. OberUn 
Col. Oberlln, O; b, 4-18-82; (T) prepared eci 
In music for Oberlln p ssi (IT) anpr Z glee 
clubs. 4 ch orchestras; org b a string qnar- 
--- (28) Essentials In (AndnctInK; Inttod 

■- - ---^a 

J 2, col 1 

1 14. 

OEHRS. John B, prof agr Et ta col, Cape 
Girardeau, Mo; b, 2-S-82: (6) "artel* In « 
]mls and addr conalstently oppoaed effortl 
of Internntlonnl Harvester Co thra lectnKt, 
clmrta and advcrtlaementa to plan, dlrM, 
and control el agr ed In Mo; "nnigt look to 
educators of land and to all pe<H)Ie InatMd 
nf to corporation for pollclea wolcli ghapc, 
direct and control ed of our people; am 
education must t>e an edneattoii of, by and 
for the people and not an educatton of, by 
and for corporatlona"; (19) helped ed Utem 
now tg voc agr; (28) Prlndplea of Asrlenl- 
inrp. 'IB, 594 pp lllua; lat headlog "Agt 
I'rndncttou not Keeping Paoe wtth Fopala- 
tlan"! n sections: Farm Crops (12 chapU). 
l'':inn Animals (B), Soils (11), HaTticnTtnre 
131, Farm Management (6), incl seaB mat- 
kptlng. farm labor, farm bvakkMolBCI m) 
nit nor 4, col 2. pg IW; t r i ur ht^, coll; 
supt 3; war, text book afaued la vart to ksip 

-JVBded by 

John D. Rockefeller. 81 Broadwar. M Y C; 
\A^za money to cols for endowlii( noL VBl- 
nn? on cnikiSU.Vnv t^A almllaT .«r lonbli 


High Spots for Every School 

■amH be ruleed elaewhete; surreTs ed ays- 
tems, upon reqneat of authorities; subaidlzes 
ed eiperlmenta or efforts: Issues unn repts 
In cliaptera and spec repts, lUoa, often wltS 
spot maps, obtainable tnt; survcf tepts on 
Gnry sa '18, 8 separate bha ; Ed Id Itelawnre, 
10 oiiapts. illus. 

GENTBV. Wm li, pres Carson and Kewmiin 
Col, Jefferson City, Tenn. 

GBBIC, John I., BB80 prof Celtic nnd exec off 
dept ramnace lang nod lit, Columbia U; b, 
11-30-78; (8) Bee 28: (14) always try meruit 
best iln* In irnd work; <21J helped st dept 
Houre t«; (28) discussed S A T C and op- 
portunities for improvement of Inatructlon in 
mod long Id New Internatl Tear Boot '17, 
'la '13 and In symposium: (31) ntt ur el 4, 
--- ■- ■ --' 1, PS 8: t col 20 Incl PB 18; war, 

taTn Cm" 'a?™!! 
nor :i. pg 7. Incl i 

(2!)) Conn ch welfare c 

aiBIM, Darld, supt, Meridcn, Conn ; b, 7-23-70 ; 
I7i revised en Id dvlcs. ethlrs and bist; r^ 
duced time civen to Edr crammar oDe-hdt) 

stressed thouKhl -getting, orul and writteu 

h 9 Ted to' think of 
mpnlgn; (15) estab 

TliaeDltdly del 


(9) . 



tally < 

s in 

t Read In 

(28) artcia to appear, 
Jml Kd Research, 20tli jr m 
S and Society; book, Tg Slleu 
Grds! (29) 10 CO InBtits, '20. 

GBROITI.D, John H, prof biology. Dartmi 
Col, Hanover; N H; b, 10-2-08: (S) c< 
latH laog with srl by reiiuiilng atii: 
read scl papers In French and Germno : 
garde creative wrk as natural center of 
interest and beat means of training, 
vrb leading to reports rather than ei 
Bsei iMts only ta ontllne wrk or gald 
mtding art papers, but "led netes are m 
abia labttllDte for textbook." 

OEeBLL, Arn 

_. . . ., . -.i-RO; 

(5t dir Yale psycho ollnle; a psychologlBt. 
Conn St l)d ed; IS) as joint chrmn. helped 
foriDiilate plan for dlacDDSts and rd of 
backward and superior (tt, ed eon gross U 
St N Y, Albany, "IB; (7) helped org Ynle 
grad a ed, '20; (S) org tr era for t back- 
ward ch at New Haven; (11) see 28: (13) 
wrote bnlletin for H S hu ed on spec pro- 
gnuB math of tr drilriPDt rbi work on 
surveys and cliulca ; (20) consultation work 
Bt psycho clinic which helps parents, ta and 

backward and drltnc 

I2i) chrmn 

com on effective handling def ch. Conn ch 
welbre com; eept on handicapped rh, with 
■nrgesttona for lesl* and rb code; (?r>) 
mental survey el as, Meriden and New 
Haven ; (28) Wluit Can a Teacher Do for Per 
Ch, man! st bd ed '18, 4T pp. incl headings 
na ta rMpoBalbllltT, canses of mmtal de- 
■dancT, yan cant t»Il from looks, chief 
veakneas Ot def ch, diff degrees of Intel, dlff 
bet daJlard aad def oil, aoclnl cunsequencea 
of feeble mindedneBS, work whirb mnrona ran 

eased, pbyslcully d 

aid of H 

eta for 

; (isi n 

lUnatratloiiBi Special I 

tlonal 8 Ch, cnlde bk „_ , — ;.- - 

tally def and otherwise eicep pu for Conn 
■t M ed, Ind ptotMods tor mentally def, 
mantal tmrwmr •( trVlcal T^an tewn. torm 
tmr w^rm maatally d«( pa, btmi and a rept. 

and "paper's in da: (17) .-ithl, dramaiic? m'nal- 
r.Tl clubs and aasns: (18) phys tr required; 
nae of stnd phya testa: spec els for pbya 
weak and defective eh; chrmn Bt com for 
k-Klshition for phys and mlllt tr and eatab 
st home for crippled ch ; (101 Amer dept org 
...,.,. ,._ , — __ ^ representation from 

Ivic < 

: (20) spec reading In 

I fore 

ind h ■ 

bid for ed and public 

(20) 3 schoinralilpa given to h 8 
) rfirccl cooperntion of ehnml)er 
infra assn, n-oman'a clubs, pntri- 

otlc socn. labor 

Amer, Need for Ore 

i«t. Wis gerilogical survey '17-'lft: 2d It San 
C, USA 'IS-'lil; (2SI artPl in Soil Scl, 12-'18; 
(31) alt ur h 4. col 4. pg 3: I ool 4: field. 

GIBSON', C B, supt, Snyannah, Ga. 

GinolNGS, F J, Methodist preacher, Gllmau, 
III. and mem hd trustees in 2 denomina- 
tional cols; b, 2-26-((4: lect In all h as of 4 
cos In 111 or ata.ving by ]ol) nntil flnlahed. 
or The New Leadership, iw^lti,* W-a-* ■(.& ■^^yl . 
In game ot s4 uMW ^^o^ffW v«c««A. ^"V - 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

li s coinmcmts on similar tliem«^s: tries to 
niMke pulpit an inspiration to youny: people 
t(i train themselves for largest patriotism 
and religious usefulness in the new day. 

GIFFOSD, Walter J, dir dept ed and dean 
'19 — , St Nor S, Harrisonburg, Va ; h, 
7-15-84; (o) assoc prof ed Goucher Col. Bal- 
timore Md, '17-'18; ed dir army and navy 

Y M C A '18-'19; (7) as elirmn crs study 
com, wrkd for curricula to meet modern 
demands; (13) mem fac com in consultation 
with officers of stu govt assn; (17) as fac 
mem els '21, fostered movement for con- 
serving time, money and energy — els thrift 
program; (20) crs to beirinningr stns in 
orientation shows how to study, use library, 
books, how to take Botes, with emphasis on 
habits of wrk; (27) local ed society fosters 
local s snrreyj (28) regnlar contrlb to Va T, 
local mag: (29) ts instits and pt-t mtgs; 
(31) att r 7, r h 3, col 4, pg 4 ; t r 2, r h 2, 
voc 2, nor 2, col 7; war 1^. 

GIFT^ E B, supt, Manhattan, Kan; b, 4-28-74; 
(7) no printed crs of study; outline pre- 
pared ann by grrd grroup, supr and snpt and 
sent each t; ts mark in margrin comments 
and criticisms to be used in revisini; out- 
line for next yr; (8) wk of preparation bef 
s, grroup mtgs to outline wrk, with demon- 
strations; (19) "demonstrational supx" i e 
suprs present meths and aims bef ts begrin, 
also iUnstrate; (11) store windows used for 
display of s wrk; chamber commerce ex- 
hibits; reporters invited to visit ss; (16) 
pus rather data on natl problems from 
adults at home and discuss in els; (17) 
guide rather than promote; (18) corrective 
and recreational health exercises; phys and 
dental exams; follow np wrk by health 
nurse; (20) thru Engr wrk in upper grrds, h s 

Y M C A cooperates; (25) ts have wrked out 
simple efficiency test used each 6 wk«; (31) 
att r 8, ur h 3, nor 3, col 2, pg 1^^ ; t r 2, 
nor 1 sumr, col 1; supr 20, incl 15 t; nor tr 
h s visitor for Kan, 1; dir nor tr 3; (32) 
after newspapers published criticism of ss 
by Pres Butler of Columbia, which see, 
asked for specifications to support criti- 
cisms, e g 1 What are the guiding prins 
that the ss are losing sight of; What stnd 
has been replaced by mere opinion; What 
specific stud has been lost or dropped ; 2 
In what specific respect are Amer ss and 
cols poorer than they were a generation ago; 
3 What ed methods of ss are responsible 
for mob s])irit l>ecoming increasingly power- 
ful; 4 What are some enterprises now in 
grd ss that have origin in emotionalism, 
ignorance or mere vanity; 5 When, in past, 
has there been a time when ss or s people 
exerted a larger place of leadership in life 
than at present: 6 By what stnd is it deter- 
mined that few really know hist ; 7 How 
can ss and cols better tr intellect, help to 
give stnds of appreciation in art. in morals, 
t better manners and speech : 8 Who is re- 
sponsible for this loss of ideals, commer- 
cialism, etc, in ss If it is not men who 
stand in positions of leadership su^*h as 
Pres Butler? 

OII'BERT, Frank B, acting comr ed, Albany, 

GILBERT, William "E, instr hist and soc sci, 
lladford St Nor S, East Radford, Va; b. 
U-4-S1 : (G) insists that ts have as much rig:ht 
to select equip they are to use in practice 
of tlieir profession as lawyers^ doctors, den- 
tists, etc; maintains that we are not fitting: 
the country ch for life either in country or 
city; UO) uses bulletins, brief textbks by 
citizens living life of active citizens, rather 
tlian books by authors in bondage to tradi- 
tion; magazines, charts, repts, etc, used witlt 
textbks in hist and soc sci; (16) by org cIs 
into comm leagues for wrk sinklar to that 
done in r comms and by tiUdng els into r ss 
and org comm leagues among citiaen-stiM, 
showing how to org leagues; (17) as one 
editor of K S Messages; by corres with ts 
in serviee on matters of conun org; (19) by 
pushing wrk of Appalachian S Improvement 
Foundation, as sec-treas, Ist encoxiraged ts 
and citizens in many comms to hold mtg of 
s patrons, etc, and then secured capable 
spkrs ; over area of 20 cos, avgd speech daily 
for 5 yrs; (21) celebrated birthdays of 
patriots, e g Washington, used flag, exer- 
cises, etc, in Sun S; ch make offerings for 
other needy ch; emph relation of patriotism 
to religion ; assists Amer Defense Society. 
N Y C. in placing picture and speech of 
Koosevelt in many ss; distrib buUetlne of 
patriotic character; dist chrmn Co-op Bd 
Assn; (24) spoke at mtgs (for advanced s 
legis in Va: (26, 27) persuaded citizens and 
trustees with help of 2 co supts to build a 
s bid and support it with pub funds In mts 
of Ya where mission ss have been chief 
means of ed; this s will be built on one of 
divides in Alleghany Mts for pus of 2 back- 
ward cos; assisted in securing better s bids 
in several comms; (31) att r 6, spec (J, col 
4, pg 2; t r 2, r h 1, col 2; supr 8; war, B C 
Lib loan, Y M C A, war chest, etc; spoke 
at CO fairs, etc, for pushing s wrk as one of 
most needed activities of war time. 

GILBREATH. Sidney O, pres fit nor s, John- 
son City, Tenn. 

GILDER, Rodman, publisher, 147 Nassau St, 
N Y C; b '77; chief Instr, Camp Dick, 18, 
as ma.1or in air service; commanding officer 
various cadet ss at Princeton, M I T, Co- 

GIL.DERMFTSTER, Theda, dept ed, flrt nor 8, 
Winona, Minn: b, 9-16-66; (5) instr sumrs 
Ts Col, N Y '18; (6) mem NBA com on 
revision of el ed; (7) lOmi Crs Stady aad 
Manual for Ts, 308 pp, completed 12-16, 2d 
edition 4-'18: also diagram— e^ z 28'. mhont 
250 items — giving ed contents of on of study. 
unity of subj matter, co-reIii^«d stndle* of 
each fcrd, cumulative results possible in 
eaeii subJ, and plan to insure deHnlte de- 
velopment thru each grd, e g citlsenBblp has 
3 lids, history, civics, ethics; dyict for 8 
grds -duty to self, duties to mother, jtatlier 
and others of family, indiyiduel's ration to 
others in community, rights and prlTlleges 
of school, duties and obligations going wtth 
privileges, necessity of law and its enforce- 
ment, need of natl govt, TT 8 goytj separate 
sect on Indus arts and thrift; (21) see 29; 
C221 chrmn ext wrk dot s ; (29) iQCt at N Y C, 
Emporia. Topeka, "Valley City N D, Indian- 
apolis, ^t Paul. N E A at ClfifeMUid and 
^[ilwankee. commcmt addr; (81) att r 1. 

High Spots for Every School 109 

UP el 8, nr h 4, nor 3, col IV^, pg IH: GITHENS, C E, supt '14 — , Wheeling. \V Va: 
t r D> nr b 6k nor 25; field, instlt work. 111. (6) extending indnstria] wrk by erg In sheet 
Kan, Minn, Manitoba ; war, chrmn thrift metal wrk, forging, eiec constr, pottery, 
com. R C motor mechanics; (S) coach ts provided; (18) 

.. ^•.««,«.«»«i -.r. _^ . ^ ^ T> J, ^♦^'d inspe<?tx>r; nurne for earh 800 pns; el 

OlfDBBSIiEETE, yir|rliila C, dean Barnard nursing era compulsory Int semester h s; 
Col, Columbia U, N Y C; wrote to Institute j5^„ weighed, measured each semester; (21) 
for Pub Service, of t-recruiting '20 "it would Amer ss in 5 centres: (22^ social centres in 
help considerably to turn attention of col ni session: (24) legis act ostab ts retirement 
stU8 to attractions of tg profession, if mat- fund: (27) $2000 from citizens for s for 
ter were presented in cols occasionally. draftees '18; f29) comnicnnt. instit, rotary; 
There is already a movement on foot to do (31) att r 2, ur el 7. nor 1, c«»l 4. p;x 1; t r 3, 
just this, started by Headmistresses Assn. coi i; snpt 13: war, "Ts took the last regis- 
At Barnard I always try to mention tg. its tratlon. oyer 60(K) registrants, finished by 
great importance and its manifold advan- jo i> m with no errors and not a cent of 
tages whenever other professions are being expense to the govt or anyone else. No 
presented to stus. I think it very desirable other school, snvs Gen. Crowder, did this." 
to have ncrt only financial side but also ^ -r i. ^ i/^^ 

soclBl servloe aeiiect and personal satlsfac- GOBBLE, Aaron Ezra, prof Lat, sec fnc. y2 —, 
tiom of tK adequately discussed with stns." Albright Col, Myerstown, Pa: b. 2-14-56; 

(S) meth depends upon personnel of class; 

OIIiKBT, Royal, prin h s '19 — , Greene, N Y; <*Qan never teach two claHscs JuHt the same 
b, 3-17-86; (5) asst prof ext, Cornell U, '17- way"; (Q) trying secure "fairly wide lib- 
'19; (13) athl asm puts responsibility on ert.v to stn and then hold them strictly re- 
stu ofllcers; (17) Inter-fi field day for all sponsible": (26) secured gifts for col li- 
grds; prise spkg contests ; (22) s fair; comm brary : (29) Comparative Study »»f Horace 
sappers; (31) att ur h 4, col 4; t voc 2, col and Juvenal, at mtg of Classical Assn of 
8; field, at dept agr, Albany, 3; war, N Y st Atlantic States; (31) att 10, spec 3, col 3; 
guard. t r 4, spe** S, col 33. 

GII«I«. James U, prof machine construction, GODDARD, Harold C*, prof Eng, Swarthmore 
W Va U, Morganstown, W Va; b. 6-18-67; Ool. Swarthmore, Ta ; b, '78; (12) author lat 
(5) dir Columbus Trd S, Columbus. O, section NBA rept on ts sal '18 entitled 
'10-'17; Bpec agt, research dept, fed bd voc The Nation and the Crisis In Its Schools, 
ed, '18f-'20; (7) crs for emergency war train- one of 1st documents in camp for higher 
iug, rehabilitation monogmph; ors in safety sals: (28) see 12; Morale, '19, which applies 
«nd hyg for bid trd«; (22) ni and continua- war lessons to problems of soc and ed re- 
tlon 8 wrk, Columbus Trd S; (24) mem construction, 71 pp, 3 sects. 13 appendices, 
com to draft Ohio law accepting provisions charts, tables: (31) att ur el 7, ur h 4, col 4, 
of fed bd voc ed; (28) emergency war tr pg 2; t col 18. 

SStfX^J-iMn! II iv.vir^: «?rr^rr^^^To^.?rr*6 ''^ '' '"^ '^^^^■ 

»6; machine shops crs 15, 16, 17, 18. 19. 20; "« research, Columbus, O. 

(81) att col 4, pg l; t col 25; dir 7; war, GOl>FREY. llollls, pres l>rexel Instit. Phila- 

research dept, fed bd voc ed. delphia, Pa. 

GIIiI«, Wilson I^indsleT, dir ed, Constitu- GODING, Anne M, prin Wilson nor s, Wash- 
tlonal League of Am ^20 — ; 122 W 49th St, ington, D C. 

N Y C; (6) pres Am Patriotic League '91 — ; GOLD. Howard R, recording soc 'IS — . bd 
601 Mt Pleasant Av, Mt Airy, Phila; see ^,^ TTnlted Lutheran Oliurth in America, 
ConHt League of Am. Grecnhut Bid, 43 W 18th St, NYC; slogan. 

GIllXMOBiE, Laura A, asBt dir. Moraine Park "no church is greater that its ss"; chrmn 
S, '17 — , Dayton, O; b, 6-3-86; (5) t Horace dept for wrk among st univ stus that sup- 
Mann S, N Y C, — *17; (7) org and collected plies religious nurture which st univs can- 
yranp of suecessfnl projects; (8) s welcomes not furnish, and serves as bond bet churches 
vlsitora to inspect project methods; (12) en- and institutions, meeting with ready co-op 
courage «umr a wrk and secured financial from unlv authorities: helped formulate bds 
help; (13) atv govt and democratic ts org; policies incl depts of stus at st univs, 
(18) 2 camiMtgiM to Inc pu weiiiit to nor- churc-h cols, women stus, finance. 

nwl; nld-iwMniliw luncheons; (22) bid open good, I J, pres Tnd Central U, Indianapolis, 
to comm; (25) grding baaed on Intel tests; ind 

stnd tests in snbj matter given at end of ^^ '«,-» « « ^ « 1 1* /-. , t-i 1,1 

yr; (28) pamphlet Suggested Reading Lists GOODELL. c E, pres Franklin Col. Franklin, 
for Patrons and Pnpiki of Moraine Park S, ^"^' 

16 pp, incl hooks for parents to read, books GOODlf TE, E S. govt physician, corr sec, 
for children to read alone, books to read civic imp assn, Pukoo, Molokai, Hawaii;- b, 
wltli «h, hooks to read to ch, books for ch 0-29-03: (11, 14)) conducted column many yrs 
of 8 and Oi hooks for eh from 10 to 12, books on Men, Books, People and Things in Hono- 
of mnsio value and appreciation. lulu paper: (18-20) addresses at p ss; (21) 

GLASGOW, BeoJamlB B, pres Athens Female ^^g civic imp assn '18; 5^®!i^^?L 9"^ • 
Ool. Athens, AkL ^2?^*^^"^!? ^" ^^™ ^*U?^?!?*P ^^H^i^ ^^^' 

AY«v « n »*«.. TOA^fii n^i.cria k^r. n^i ^^2) seHTCd on s com; (28) Songs of Western 

0^^™^» O B. P»8 North Georgia Agr Col, gea free amg s ch; artels on Lincoln and 
Dahlonega, oa. Roosevelt ; rept of yr's Medlc^V ^\^?s. '^^^'^^es.- 

GtiVNV, John M, sec BusseYl Sage Founda- cal "Work oiv 'iiloAo^TiV '\V\^. ^ ^^\ V5»^^ ^^2t, 
tion, 180 E 22d 8t, N T C. repta on con^iVUcMv^ \tv 't^^vxv K\v\wAci ^^<s^ 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

-, Chl- 

riiBn iiMKU(9, III; o, 4-8-" " 

Nor S, Valley CHy, N D 
and ■npni owe n*w en studyj (8l reg yro- 
Knim ;it ts intss, e s last re sluilled liitt 
types of li-SKUiis nltti ilomunstrutluns; this 
yr n-rkliiK tm tg Eug; (W liy Inc ofllce 
force, Hunt l<t alren man time (or ■ '- — 




bef 1 

rl t 

frcrd tro 


<iOOnRICIf, Merton T, Bopt '10 — , Kenne- 
liunk. Me; (51 aupt Jay 'IT-'IB; (6) lee- 
luros: "A deinocnicy lor ils self-preserva- 
ll[>n niuEit liave compulsory education. With- 
oDt publla rducatlon k dmioaracy Is mo» 

rather llian crltl.'lsi'urdO) Courtis a^™o"ls 
tests applied; (12l aal lacr S0%: (a rccelie 
' ■■ -■ ' ek'« Illann: (15) Instruc- 

His to ts 
ichlnt p 

B mtMshlne 

8UW»." . 

■'We B 

biialonii fur taUiern vho rao no 

SSOO to'"^-.; 'iIiiQ ed'"fia'llQcHtiua lor 
Is now 2 yi's tr beyond h s grad; (15) f 
to group piis nccordiiijf to futel testa; 
iwrtunlty room for ftuhnannal pun! (17) 
for violin Insonsi s orcbestni : (IS) health 
I'horm; drntlHlfi or rity provide exams and 
fallaw up raniiialKD; snpr play nt recess 
periods; play ground equip purchased; (19) 
eo operate nlth coniui center in nl na for 
foreigners! (2;^) bid provram adapted deapilr 
hlBh prices; fi a aites piirchused, 1 bid addod 
to. 1 bid erected; 2 bids ready 1-'21 ; (20) 
bd ooiitpnscd of col trained people and busi- 
ness men with lirond vislun : l_27i n-omen's 
rinb, pl-ts aRsn, lire chief, library bd. make 
prosenia and offer prizes to m; (SO) bet h b 
and el s eoinnicmts, n-omen's club, pt.ts 
assn, a rnllles, chamlier commerce; (31) att 
r a tic h X col i, pp 1; t ur h 5, nor 2; 
stipr ur li 4, nor a; siipt 3; boy scout comr 

COOIII^R. n S a, prin nor and ItiOns s, 

Ban-ie, Md. 
OOODNICHT. Clayd, pi-es Bethany Col, Beth- 

. . prof Qer. O Wis. Madison, 

Wis; b, l-ie-T9; (S) called together Drst eonf 
by deans af men. '19. where Jhcli, Mlun, In, 
111, Syracuse and others were represented; 
aec nt '20 eonf at which following topics 
■ I'ralernity problems. Health 



t Mir ROVt, 1 

Stndeat stand.- 

Injr problems. f^ii|}poiT oi t^iiiaer-.c aciiviLies. 
Maintenance of schalarKhlp standards: topics 
for discussion nt '2t coni: What Is beloR 
done to enrauraite better H>halarsblp; 
Droppinv students because of poor scholar- 
•blp tucl iiuuiher dropped who reinstate 
ibemselveH and bow; Is (here a considerntile 
dlTercence of praetice anions Institutions 
witb reicatd lo drop]>liiR and Teudinlttlne 
poor sfndents: (IT) ax dean nt men. much 
under this loplc; (31) alt r h S, col 4. pg 4i 
( col 21; nnr, N wka in S .v T C camp at Ft 
Sheridnn ; ed dir S A T ('. TI Wis. 

COODNOW. F J, pres Johns Hnpklns I', Bal- 
timore. Md. 

GOODRICH, Besale B, prin st nor 9, John- 

GOODHICH. James Putnam. Rorcrnor, ludiun- 
'""" "I ^tirluf? 'ai Issued proclama- 
wlde attention 

- -- - .- -- . (10) Careo»t 

events, Literary Iilsent. lofal hist studied; 

(18) pbys tr introd; (23) card index of all 
pus; (271 funds for victrolaa; (28) co-anthor 
The Geography of York County; (20) Edu- 
— "'ubI Rcconat rift Ion, Webhnnnet Club; 

(31) a 

1, PS 1 

h SVi; 

h 8K,, at el H4, u 

GOOUWIX, Harry L, editor The School World, 
Farmingion, Me; b. 4-0-60; (S) mgr ed pubt 
house o( D H KnowltoD & Co, Farmington. 
Me; (6) advocates ed relumed aoldier at 
govt expense and placing him In work to 
which adapted and Blted ; (7) helped bilrod 
wrke an sex hyg Into many an (8) publicity 
to worth while ideas; (10) prepared and 
publ books and pamphlets as supplementary 
reading in lower grds aod hist and other 
stndles In higher ffrds, notably brief blst of 
The Warld-s Greatest War; ('28) see 10. 

GOODWIN, Nellie I' R, asst prln p s 33, 
Bronx, NYC; (8) cli trained in recogiililng 
puns of sentence and nse of words in aen- 
tence; drill wrk in fundameatal apentlant 
In arith and dally rbecklDK of error*. 

GORDOX, i M, pros Henry Kendall Col, Tulsa, 

s Point, 

GOBUOy, Iducelot A, co-aupt, Stever 
Wis; b, 2-2-0.1; (10) com of 2 nor 
HUpr ts and supt discuss books bi 
list; (12) aucceasfnl figbt for better 
plares for ts; (16) recommends use oi lum 
and St papers in every s; study of oDrrenl 
events; (18) talks by local doctors In Ml 
(1!<) supr of naturalization to help Bllena 
get citizenship papers and supr of wrk dsae 
by regular ts after ■ hourj; ^28) nrtcl. Oar- 
den of Souls; (31) war, 2d It US F A, EStk 
and 2d dlvs. 

GORTON, C E, supt, Yonkers, N Y. 

GOSSARD, G D. pres Lebaaoa Valley Col. 
Aimvillo, Pa. 

GOULD, Clarence Pembroke, pres 'ID — , Waili- 
ington Col. Cbestertown, Md! b, 11-1-84; (SI 
prof hist Col of Wooster, 'Il-'IS; olBeer In 
IT 8 N '18-'1D; (7) groups era study iroDnd 
3 ends— ^o enable stu to make living, become 
eCDc mem of society, and Hre h^ny Hfe; 
(13) «tu govt; (22) aeenred lMtt«F ndv 
■taadlBs bet col and toma ^id t«WB «; 
(31) att ur el 8%. ur h 5. col 3. pg 4; t AH; 
pres col 114; war. U 8 N R F, t navintloB 
md deck odioe- 


outline of tr In art of health for each d gid 
and plan of org and oandiMt af ttriB aad 
h>^alth clubs In Jr h a; isaned !■ laawata 
sheets, one for eadh not (12, U. 17) «Ma 
and health clubs la Jr Ii ■■ eanr aa mbI- 

High Spots for Every School 


tation surveys, give programs on civic subjs, 
art and music subjs, six talks on snoh snbjs 
AS Why We Should Get Rid of Filed ; (22) 
urged one-story type of bid; (23) score card 
for clean s contest showing siibdl visions 
under bid, grounds, equip, apparatus, 
toilets; (24) chrmu cd code com to propose 
many s laws passed by '19 ses; incl voc ed, 
lucl i>t-time ss, Amer ss, voc ss, co pub 
libraries, health ed; (28) Supplement to Utah 
Crs, Medinil Inspection, Health Supr and 
Phys Ed in Ss; (29) such subjs as Welfare 
of Next Generation; Early Detection of Dis- 
ease; Sex Hygiene; Opportunity of Youth; 
(31) att r 8, r h 3, col 4, pg 4 ; t r 1, ur h 3, 
col 4; supr spec 5; st supt 0. 

GRAF^ Otto J, pres Emmanuel Missionary 
Col, Berrien Springs, Mich. 

GRAFF, Ellis U, supt Indianapolis, Ind ; b. 
3-9-75; (7) reorg crs study for Ind el ss; 
174 pp; each 'subj has gen introd; ref bkn 
for each grd in veography, wh above 4th §:rd 
is t by problem meth; crs in Amer citizen- 
ship and in hyi: from Ist srd up; wide list 
of ref bks for ts in phys ed crs; maul arts 
Incl art, primary handwrk, manl tr, and 
household arts; nature study, "preparinic for 
master-callinflr of living/' advances from study 
of seasons and flowers in 1st grd to el 
astronomy and gen sci in 8th grd, with list 
of ref for both t and pu; (8) reorg city nor 
8 to improve ts in service; (9) dist supts 
instead of supr prins; (11) S Bulletin pub 
mo by bd of s comrs for ts and patrons of 
p ss: (12) thru financial campaign making 
public Financial Admn and Needs of Ind 
Pub Ss, gained reorg of sal scale doubling 
that of '17; (13) nearly all ed projects are 
assisted by corns of ts and prins; (15) re- 
search dept to make studies which are fol- 
lowed up; (10) Jr R C; (17) ni, continuation, 
and pt-time ss; (18) health dept in chg of 
doctor; s lundi in el ss; (20) voc dept incl 
sruidnnce in its field; (22) over 94,000,000 for 
new bids in 1 yr; helped prepare 19 PP 
pamphlet Standardized Requirements for 
Construction of El S Bids; (23) blanks for 
s (.'ensus and s records; (26) scholarship 
fund $2r»,000 given by trustee for manl tr 
h s; (27) pt-ts, chamb commerce, rotary, 
etc; (28) co-author, Whe^er's Graded Arith- 
metics, '19; see 12, 22; (31) att r h 3, col 4, 
pg 1; supr ur h 13; supt 10. 

GRAHAM, Ben G, supt *19 — , New Castle, Pa : 
(5) prin jr h s^, Pittsburgh, Pa; (6) "jr h 
ss shoinld receive all pus sent to their doors 
and give each the ed best adapted to his 
needs for time in s"; (7) in jr h ss bright 
pus were promoted when ready, many flnish- 
1ns S yr crs in 8% yrs; (8) "t oh rather 
than snbj matter"; see 17; (11) in New 
Castle in 11-'19 for bond issue of $1,000,000 
for 8 bids, newspaper artels put bef people 
houslnir conditions in sa^ series of pub mtss 
was bold in aH fi bids wltb pt-t co-ops; 
enllated co-op of bd trade, Kiwanis, Rotary, 
cbvrehe*, pamphlet setting forth needs of 
OS was distrib by s ch to every home in city, 
■Dd Just bef election a larye parade of civic 
bodies and p s eh was iMld followed by mass 
watg of cMseiis bef which leaders of city 
■yaka !■ favor of bond Isane; bond issue was 
carried 8 to 1; at jr h s, Pittsburgh, wkly 
papcF was wriitni mad printed by pus; (12) 

thru bupr spec ability of ts discovered and 
developed; sal inc G:i';b since '19, 104% since 
'14; (13) in jr h ss, stu senate and els officers 
together with ts are lield responsible for 
discipline; {H) uppoi*t unities uf tg are 
placed bef ablest h s stus by ts of nearby 
nor s ; in spring these stus are entertained 
by fac at nor s and given demon straton of 
nor activities; (15) by Intel tents in 7th and 
Sth grd, able pus are placed in spec groups 
to complete wrk and enter h s Mj yr earlier; 
their h s wrk is accelerated by similar meth; 
(16) in voc crs, learaing by dj>injr is emph 
in shops and in household arts crs; in civics 
ds, natlj st and local problems are studied, 
Literary DiiceHt, Outlook^ N Y Times and 
local papers used for discussion; (17) each 
pn in Jr h ss expected to have at least one 
extra activity, e g camp fire girls, g scouts, 
hi-y dubs, glee, current events, sci, debat- 
ing, math clubs, s orchestra, radio club, jr 
bd trade; (18) introd phys tr incl pliys exam 
with corrective exercises; s nurse installed, 
med insp improved, dental clinic started 
with dentist in chg 3 hrs daily ; els in oral 
by«; phys tr in all grd ss, in 4 of which 
"wrk, Situdy, play" plan Is followed with 
org called "platoon s" ; (19) ni s opened 
laHt trm witli voc crs for carpenters, elec- 
trieians, boiler makers, machine shop ap- 
prentice.**, and gen shop crs for men em- 
ployed during day in steel and tin plants; 
sowing, millinery, home-making for young 
married women ; crs to clerks and office em- 
ployees in salesmanship, operation of calcu- 
lating machine, shorthand, typing, comrl 
arlth and law, and ])ennianship: in some el 
ss, 4*l8 in Eng and in ^Vmer citizenship for 
foreiKU born; also instr for colored adults; 
HK idso conduct lect crs for city, well 
patronized; (20) in h s. voc t a<'ts as voc 
guide, secures employment after s and on 
Sat, and permanent employment for ch 
forced to leave s, examines all who apply for 
working certificates, places thorn in empl and 
supr their wrk in continuation s; (21) in 
civics els election issues and mock elec- 
tions; all h s srs and 8th ffrd puR iciven 
crs in citizenship; (22) bid erected for voc 
shops connected with new jr h s; additions 
for 2 el ss; wider use of s plants thru ni ss 
and oomm center; comm sinking in h s and 
and aud of one grd bid; phys tr and athl 
bring many young men and women into ni 
ss; (2.")) arlth, reading and Intel tests; (26) 
see 11; (29) need for" co-op of all orgs In 
promoting ed bef local orgs ; I^t Us Keep 
the Faith, bef Kiwanis, Rotary. 3 Instits,. 
2 h s commcmts; S Discipline, Motivation, 
Fse of Question, Assignment of the Lesson, 
Elimination of Waste in (']<;rni, at instits 
and bef stus of snmr nor s: (31) att r 7, 
col 4. pg 2; t r 2, ur 16. pg 2 snmrs; supr 
ur el 3, ur h 8: supt 2; other, pres Western 
Pa Ed Assn '21. 

GRANT. James R. st supr r ss. Little Rock. 
Ark; b, '80; (.',) dir ta tr s, col ed, U Ark 
'17-'20: (9) at beginning of ses sent thru eo 
suptN to each t liNt of forward steps which 
mlfcbt be taken in r sr, with request that 
they check items wliieb they thouffM. 'V.V^va 
mlfcbt wrk Into tYve\t ** «\wT\Tiit ^"^N '^^^ vt*.- 
pared is o\>Rerva\\oTv \AwaW \c>t nX^VOvw^^ ^^ N-^ 
use \\\ c\\ocV\\\«^ \s YCT«^CNXv^\ «5cv^\^\s\^:^\. 

Who's Who and Why in Ajwr-War Education 

tecbDl<i>i<> tit tg, abllltr ta lUPHtlon. ei^uu- 
timj at ilDie, wrk o( pus, iisslsniug lesBou, 
pbjtlral cnad of rooni, nlms at recitation ; 
(31* air r ,S nr li i, nor 1, col 4, pg 3; t c 10, 
ur t\ .'!, ur b 1, cul 8. 
OBAMVILLE. W A, prea Penn^j-lr.iiiln Col, 

ire. Pa, 

CRAVES, Fnnk P, d 

KdncntioTiRl Itetien- 
iletitbln, I'n. 
ORAVES. S Moaror. siipC 'U — . Welleste;. 
MasHj ^, 3-11-78; (7) outline _jr h - — "" 

I 8, fltov 

OBl, . 

iuhja : 

.9 peiiods wk In 

iubj9 aud periods wk la col classical, 
col tecb, bbkeeplag, and stmos coinri era, 
lilttct Ink for required, red Ink (or elec- 
tive aubja; <12) Happiness and efBclenry 

tlon Mil' iritl for caod 'remiltg Id ■; (15) 
unsiwled clu tor ntariled anil rspid promo- 
tion cla for brlcbt cti; (IS) dlr pbys ed ; 
outdoor aftcmoon wrk all yt round for lat 
and 3d vrd': (20) cm in orcupatlons tuid in- 
du«tr1*i Id Jr h g; (!>i;) pt-t9 aasn: (31) att 
r T. ur el 1, iir b 2, Speo 2, coi 4, pg 2; t ui 
fl 1. "ol B: aunr ur el 4, ur h 1; aupt 10; 
- ■ - -.J iQO.,^, . ^ui, u ^ Housiu» corp 

with min •■) of tItDO f 

Ruuir s atteiiflnnce every a yra and tniToi 
rvcry Sd yr; (14) ns result of IS, no t iboH- 
■ce in 00; (10) by use of home reading 
<enlfl<'»les bns quadmplfd diculMlu at 
books amans > children; (23) blank: (or re- 
nortlns home M-adln*; (24) belped pnsh agl- 
inllon fnr <HiuIlal>lo distrib nf t taxes cul- 
mlnntitiir In 2-mIll el a tai sponsored by 
Oro St Ts Assn. 

□ RHIENBEBG, Benjamin B, prln P S 11, 314 
W 17th St. N Y C; b, 9-15-85; (21) civic* tm 
made vital by haclnx nctoal OM deemed firat 
essential by t and rb ; (23) ■ reorji on baal* 
of mental survey i (27) apec cIb Onanoed by 
citizens when dcnIM In budset. 

GKEBKK. Evarts B, chrmn com on ed for 
citizenship of Amcr round! ot ed and prof 

hist U 111; ' " ■ -- 

) bet . 


mn Mas 

t character ed c 

GBAY, John C, sunt Chlcopee, Mass; b. 4-22- 
51; J8, 28) puhl Vol 11 and Itl of Number 
by Development, showing methods In object 
Is In intermediate and er a number wrk; 
'20. Objective Wrk in Numbers with Ulua- 
irntlnn? for grd In which audience is Inter- 
ested: {j:\' siipr r 4. ur et and ur h 36. 

GRAl', Jlasan D, hd ilcpt ancient lung. East 
h s. Kocheater, S Y; b. 1878; (5) somr 'ai, 
Instr I,nt. Teachers Col. Colnmhla U; (7) 
chrmn st com on jr h a syllabus In Latin. 
<20: (28) The Boclalliatlon of thr riSMlcs. CI 
Wkly, Vol 10, no 10; Co-ordination of Latin 
with Other Subjs ot H S rarilrnlnm. CI 
.Trnl: (SI) t 18; war, hd of war service corps, 

GBAV. HilUam S, dciin col ed, U Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. 

GBBGG, F M, dept vf-y. XeT) Wcsleyan L'; b, 
'87; (51 bd dept psv and ed. Neb St Nor, 
Peru, Neb; (21)) Hig as Xatur* Study, '17. 
170 pp. lllus, Incl Habit Hyt for Ord T, 
Gtna Hyg for Grd VI, Comoi llyg for Ord 
VII, list of 4S reference bks. drkalos of lood 
he^th: each topic incl nature study ap- 

K conch, questions for con side rat Ion. aludy- 
ig books, writing "P notebook; (31) att r 
B, r h 4. nor 3, pg 2; t r 1, nor 24. col 1. 

OKKGORV. r, pres St Mary's Col, Oakland, 

4IBBEN, riyde C, pres 5t nor ». Clarion, Pa. 

11 BEEN, W W, supt Umatilla Co, Pendleton, 
Ore; (T) prepared mo outlines for co bb 
based on st crs to serve as studs In supr; 
IVt Tl>ll#d AS witb B bds. spendlB* S and 
i dnya In each s, checking up tS wrk, equip- 

//SJ raOaatng rialtit to im, called ■ bd *onl 


Cols 'IB on 



IB fonul 

dignity not 


infertar to 

GREENE, OracA A, prln noc s, Dayton, i 
OREEKE, James 

Koufmaiin's, Tl __ __ 

b, 5-25-86: (5) st leader in jr eit, col of agr, 
U III; (7) thesis for Ph D degree (111) '20. 
A Project — Curriculum In Sheep Husbandry; 
(8) see 7: (17) jr (arm aud home bureau wrk 
In 111; (20) see 17; (31) att ur et 8, ur h 4, 
col 4, pg 3; t ur h 3, col C; snpr 7; aupt 2. 
GREER, John N, asst sunt '18, Ulnneapolli, 
Mlmi; b, 4-17-02; (0) prln Central h b and 
aast aupt; (0) preparation for blgher «d. 
business, industry, agr, bo me- making. Incl 
In cciunl strength In composite h a; serving 

leBBon xheelo used; (13) stn counolla In 
dept; (17) some one eitnt actlTlty nncmr- 
taken by each stn; (20) helped org Ulnne- 
npolls cbpt nf voc guidance, vp and chrmn 

reached ll,00o' foreigners but yr, expect to 

(29) talks bef Clubs, cburchea, etc; (SI) att 
r 7, ur h 3. col 4. pg 1; t r 2, snpr 28; aait 
sunt 3; fleld, leccnrtng; war, training SDO 
,_ ....j,_ .„j pincing returned 

:8T6: (5) prof »0g, C 
TCDiatlan «f ad llljnai 

s geog that 

dren wh<» «liidy their 

High Spots for Every School 


the ClevelAiiil ireovraphsr are better pre- 
piu«d for bigr local and natl problems"; 

(18) aided in henlth drives by posters, 
slides, movies; (19) material from mmeam 
■hipped to any point In st; (31) att ur el 6, 
ur h 4. nor 2, col 2 ; t ur h 8, nor 12, col 2. 

GREIST. O H. CO snpt '20, Randolph Co, 
Winchester, Ind; b, 1871; (5) supt Union 
City, Ind, '17-'20; (14) series mtgs each 
township durlngr Teachers' Week, spring '20 ; 
(17) developed County Field Day; (22) con- 
sol of ss in Franklin Township: (28) New 
Schools for Old, in Progressive Teacher. 

GKESS, H E, supt Monessen, Pa; 0-:^-73; (8) 
a ext crs org In ss; (10) ts and suprs visit 
■■ OHing texts and texts tried oat in certain 

■ rooms; ri2) additional sal for ts taking u 
or col wrk in vacation; {VSf ts consulted 
nbout books, crs, policies; (18) med insp; 
8 narse ; (10) pnb lib in h b» ni s for adults, 
ed moving pictures In h s, crs lects and 
roneerte in h s aud; (21) els in ni s; social- 
ized recitations in hist and civics els; (22) 
h 8 lib rm used for bd of trade mtg; h s 
nud used for comm gatherings; duplicate s 
by adding S spec rms to 8 rm s; "while one 

. group of 8 els is being taught spelling, 
writing, Eng gr, arith^ hist and gcog in el 
rms, other group of 8 els is in Hpei- rniM : l>.v 
tlii8 plan all rms are occupied at all tiiiieH 
and these spec activities are supplied with- 
out an extra number of ts or an extra num- 
ber of rms"; (25) stnd tests in writing. 
reading, arith, spl; comparative tests in 
other subjs; (26) funds for modern jr h s 
bid ; (81) att r 10, nor 2, col 4, pg 1 ; t r 6, 
ur h 4; su'pr and t spec 8; supr ur h 1; 
snpt 10; war 4 min man; cbrnin Jr 11 C 

GRIFFIN. Susan A, prin P S 84, Bklyn, N Y ; 
in 1920 called for unsigned essays on Bol- 
shevism to get at pu sentiniout; almost 
witboat exception essays showed one 
thought that people have been robbed by 
corporations with govt aid and that 
charcfics, mansions, railroad and pub bids 
had been stolen from them; one girl rept 
that her family of 7 had income of $G10 mo 
and paid $20 rent; prin pointed out that 
without other expenses this family bad 
home, water, police and Are protection, use 
of parks, pub libraries and ss. 

GUFFITH, John I<, asst prof phys ed, U 111, 
Urbana, HI; b, 8-20-79; (6) v p, Drake U, '17; 
dlv athletic officer, 88th div, and phys and 
bayonet officer, Caonp Pike, 'IS; exec officer. 
army athl div. Washington, D C, rank of 
major. '19: (6) directed working out aud 
estab course of phys ed in the army; (7) 
see 6: (10) see 28; (18) writing and lect on 
health problems; (24) worked with NntI 
Phya Ed fiervice for federal legislation for 
phys ed law ; (25) worised out phys efficiency 
teat for •• and eolss (28) textbooks: Orgnn- 
Iiation and Administration of Phys Ed; The 
Fundamentals of Boxing and Wrestling; 
Meths In P E; The Fundamentals of Track 
and Field Afihletics; The Fundamentals of 
Football; The Fnndam^tals of Baseball; 
The FnndamentalB of Basketball; The Fun- 
damentals of Swimming; Group Games and 
Mass AiUcrtlei; (29) Physical Lessons of the 
War, bef at ts meeting, n clnb of III cham- 
ber of commsnv; Trend in Athletics, bof 

Phys Ed meeting. Cliicajro; (31) t col IS, 
pg 1; war, see T). 

GRIFFITHS, A F, pros Oahn Col, Honolulu, 
Hawaii; b, 9-16-78; (7) simplified crs, elim- 
inated non-ftssentinl.s, stressed fundamentals, 
devp study of Hawaii; (8) ts-reciting-study- 
ing in 1 period; project meth; (15) el pus 
classified on basis of Intel, sections pro- 
moted when wrk is completed; (18) phys 
exiim of boys by 4 physioi.ius; games and 
exercises planned on basis of exams, all 
under supr of athlete phys; (24) mem 
chamber commerce com to frame legis on 
control of Japanese lansr ss; (2o) used in 
reorg crs and admn; (.31) att r h, spec; 
t r h, spec, col. 

GKKiGS. W C, supt '12 — , Gadsden. Ala; !>, 
4-iri-7:j; ('») chrnin exec C(»ni Ala Ed Assoc 
and pres: t U Ala snnir s '17-'20: (11) by 
bringing layn.en and lay women in contact 
with actual s wrk. in%itinic them to visit 
lunch rooms, observe new equip, repairs, etc; 
"we know they'll tell it": (12) from paper 
on Current Prat'ttces in Kniployment of Ts, 
bef X K A '15. wrkd up ts placement bur In 
Ala: ts hold grd nit^r-^ : successful ts know 
that wrk Ih noted; (i;^,) ts form clubs of 
tn.'ir els nioniberships. which contrib to s 
ni^nint by stimulating prompt att, studs of 
<:'!vlii.t : (14) supt has personal interviews 
with most gifted srs, outlining tg problems 
and advantages: (10) stress need of provi- 
sion for sub and abnormal ch; (16) uses 
current lit as texts; visit sessions of citv 
council; thrift study in b s; (17) credit 
ffiven for home wrk, gardens, sewing, etc: 
(18) weight and growth re<*orded; whys of 
change explained; systematic open air exer- 
VilJ^** under supr; (21) use of patriotic lit; 
(22) bonds voted 294 f/r in excess of present; 
local tax inc 120 ^c ; (24) chrmn com to get 
10 Ala .«» code thru legis: (29) Negro Prob- 
lem in Ala, bef local «lu»); Problems Yet to 
Solve in Our Ed Wrk in Ala. bef st mtg; 

'•^'^ t^rJ^^. ^^ ^' "** ^* ^"'' «"l»i' '"5; s»Pt 8; 
war, 1 M C A recruiting sec '18. 

GKISSETTE, Lizzie Faye, snpt Grimes Co 
.'I? .To' ^»<Jerson Tex: b, 1882; (5) sunt r h s 
17-18; (C) working to secure consolidation, 
and spec tax to lengthen term and inc ts 
sals; (8) helping form Joint Instit— 6 cos— 
to get best instructors: (11) newspaper 
artels; (18) honor system encouraged; (15) 
tests as to Individuality: (1C) distributing 
periodicals, indiv tests of putting into prac- 
tice knowledge acquired; (18) encouraged 
health crusades, jr and sr R C, efforts to 
secure co health nurse, circulating libraries: 
(21) foreigners urged secure naturalization 
papers; (22) orgs encouraged: pt ts assn, 
isot together mtgs, mothers' clubs, civic 
clubs, reading clubs; s bids as social cen- 
ters; (24) helping secure ed amendment; (27) 
money raised for better ss campaign, to seat 
and light aud. two pianos; (29) talks when 
visiting ss: (31) t r h 20; supt 2. 

GKOSE.'g R, pres De Tauw U, Groencastle, 

GKOVES, J W, speclst in ed ChafTey Union 
h s, Ontario, Cal ; b, 1&T^\ (.TA ^V^ ^'s\'^\, 
Ontario, C;\\*, ("^ h>.^^\t\.S!. \\^^^ \^T\si>c^s!^fe^ 
for e\ ss; (,?<^ WbT^ivy Yvt **\«Xi \.^Vt* ^ ^ 
in all grds a\>ov^ H^vowiX *^nn\v^^^ \>^'^^ ^^^' 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

regular lib conditions in the s rm, — great for 
motivating silent reading"; (11) mimeo- 
graphed bulletin wkly» 1000 copiefl; (12) 
entab els for ts wishing 8p«c research or 
other wrk; (14*) system of substitute ts, 
aimed to interest youngr people in the pro- 
fession; (15) group tests followed by Blnet- 
Simon tests, spec arrangements for certain 
pus; (18) estab b scout wrk and org phys 
ed; (19) h s org Smith-Hughes els in 9 
dists, several hundred adults in home- 
making els; (20) preliminary wrk done, to 
be expanded ; (21) several els org and con- 
ducted; (22) $275,000 voted for improve- 
ments: pipe organ, new bid, labs; (23) spec 
card used to grade els in attendance, appli- 
cation, deportment, and various studies; 
card index showing aun record each stu 
since entrance, incl height, weight; (25) 
stnd tests aroused con»petitive interest 
among pus; not used as subfititutes for other 
tests but fiupplmntry; (31) att ur el 6, ur h 
4, col 4, pg 1; t r 2, ur el 1, ur h 8, spec 1; 
supt 12. 

GROUT, D A, supt '19 — , 1625 E Main St, 
Portland, Ore; b, 1-5-62; (5) acting supt '18- 
'19; (8) teaching service memoranda issued 
for receiving commendations^ suggestions, 
directions, criticisms, or complaints from 
prins, suprs and dept hds; (10) score cards 
for mechanical features, subj matter and 
pedagogical features; ts vote upon books; 
(12) promotion of prins on well defined 
points: acad preparation, prof tr, person- 
ality, vitality, adaptability and co-operation, 
exec ability, and proof leadership; (13) co- 
operative coms estab to secure expression of 
t pub opinion and combine collective judg- 
ment of ts, suprs and prins, each el « has 
com of three, each h s com of five, prins com 
of five, and el ts have city com of nine; (27) 
5-'20, state 2-mill tax for el ss; 6-'20, spec 
3-mill dlst tax for bid purposes. 

GRUX£ND£R, Hubert, prof psy St Louis U, St 
Louis, Mo; (28) artel Is the Ouija Danger- 
ous in The Queen's Work, 8-'20, shows dan- 
gers of surrendering voluntary control of 
one's bodily actions, possibility of betraying 
secret thoughts and suspicions with resulting 
harm to others, undermining health and 
sanity, and increasing craving for mysteri- 
ous; book, Introductory Course in Experi- 
mental Psychology, '20, 295 pp, for private 
study and col, 125 experiments with appara- 
tus mostly simple and inexpensive. 

GUERRIER, Edith, author, Boston, Mass; b, 
9-20-70; (5) library publicity chief, U S food 
admn, '17; (24) appeared bef com on ed and 
labor U S senate. In behalf of bill providing 
library information service in bur of ed; 
(28) edited Food News Notes for Pub Li- 
braries; compiled bulletin, U S bur ed '19, 
number 74, Fed Executive Depts as Sources 
of Information for liibraries, 204 pp. show- 
ing functions and accomplishments of offices 
of fed exec depts which have printed mat- 
ter of interest to libraries. 

GUHIN, M M, st dir Americanization, Aber- 
deen, S D; b, 5-4-71; (5) overseas sec. 
Knights of Columbus, '18; (21) induced 3 
cities to engage city dir of Amer; helped 

■^mtiib Amer nl ss in 25 commB; (29) Rural 

Amer94mnimationf bef Amer Cont in Colum- 

bus, O; Amer like all oth«r great social 
movements is reaching country la«t; needed 
there even more* than in cities for farmer 
has not had fair deal and has become dis- 
satisfied, a good tool for professional agita- 
tors; many rural comms are largely immi- 
grant in nature, and Eng lang is seldom 
spoken ; immigrants are unwilling to send 
ch to 8 and 2d generation is worse tfaan 1st, 
having not even foreign ed; 18th century 
stnds of living are prevalent in country, 
there is great need of lessons in conserva- 
tion of soil ; ni ss seem most hopeful solu- 
tion, because during winter adults liave 
little to do and horses and autos are not 
busy; ts should have experience but appre- 
ciation of meaning of farm life and knowl- 
edge of farmer psychology are more essen- 
tial than spec tr. 

GUNDERSON, George M, co supt '18 — , Thief 
River Falls, Minn; b, 7-18-81; sectional 
mtgs to promote better r ss; spec stress on 
con sol; (10) texts recommended by com 
consisting of snpts of all h, graded and con- 
sol ss and three r ts; (11) thru county 
papers; (12) thru ts org, ts patriotic league; 
(14) promoting att at nor ss; (15) exhibits 

. . at CO fair, library book repts, att rewards ; 
(16) encouraging org lilttle Citisens lieagues 
in ss; (17) see 16; (18) lectures by local doc- 
tors followed by free health cUnics; (19) 
mtgs and lects on citizenship and on agr; 
(21) see 16 and 19; (22) clubs meet at s bids: 
(26) org Rural School Officers Assn, which 
adopted county wage schedule for ts; (27) 
prizes from banks and business firms; (29) 
Consolidation and Better Rural Schools, 
thru co; (31) att r 8, nor %, voc 1, spec 1; 
t r 18; supr 2; war, chrmn various patr 
drives; other, township clerk, justice, as- 

GUXSAUIiUS, r W, pres Armour Inst of Tech, 
Chicago, 111. 

GUNTHGRP, Horace, asst prof zoology, U 
Wash, Seattle, Wash; b, 8-28-81; (5) prof 
zoology, Washburn Col, Topeka, Kan, *18-'20; 
(13) in movement for democracy at Wash- 
burn Col, see Washburn Co-l Situation by 
Mudge, Kirkpatrick and Gunthorp, in S and 
Society, 8-7-'20; (17) chrmn stu social life 
com for 2 yrs ; (28) Bird Collections for Cols 
and H Ss, in S and Society, 5-ll-*18; To Kill 
Cats for Laboratory Use, in Sci, 1-23-20; 
Drawings on Lantern Slides, in Sci, 4-12-18; 
Two Laws to Control Cats, in S Sci and 
Math. 11-'19; Bird Study in Mississippi Val- 
ley, S Sci and Math, 5-'20; co-author, the 
Research Contribution of the Smaller Cols, 
in S and Society. 5-29-20, see Mudge; (29) 
Bird Study in Mississippi Valley, bef Wil- 
son Ornithological Club, 12-29-'19; (31) att 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 4; t ur h 1, col 9%; dean 
of men, 1 yr. 

GUTH, W W, pres Goucher Col, Baltimore, 

GUY, George Willis, exec sec, St CoopeiUtiTe 
Ed Assn, Richmond, Va; b, 7-4-79; (6) prin 
Hampton H S — '18; voc adviser fed bd toc 
ed '18-'19; (8) conducted elt la reenft peda- 
gogical lit for ts« used stnd tests to show 
weak spots in tg; prepared charts giviiig 
m\ii esaetvUals for each yr; (9) 

High Spots for Every School 


called "hclpinflr ts"; (11) local paper re- ' 
serres space for s news ; (12) Iravues under | 
ro-4HP asBB are ereetins teacheraveii ; (14) by 
placing nor s catlffs bef sr and Jr stus; (lo) . 
by different la tlDfT h s era; (17) assisted co 
Afft, K C, Y M C A, putting in ext crs; Jr 
4-omni leacne« do good wrk in lit, athl and 
olub activities; (18) health crusades; 160 
4'oinni leaxnes held better health day; leagues 
wrk for med iusp and s nurses; (22) leagues 
advocate use of s bid as social center, voting 
phice, etc: (24) leagues sent delegates to 
legls to urge passage of s nic:'sures; helped 
secure st supr of phys ed; (Jfl) local bds 
appropriate definite amts for phys, cbom 
find agr Iat>oratories, home and s project 
ivrk ; (27 > 461 conim leasuefi raised in yr 
$140,416 for A purposeH; thru league mtffH 
24lOtOOO people were brouKht out to dlHruflfi 
l»etter hk, highways, health, improved farm 
and home conditions; (2S) ino contributor 
to Va Jrnl Ed : mimeographed artels on r s 
problems sent to r newspaperH thru st: pre- 
pared synopsis! of Mnn ford's Attitude of Va 
toward Slavery and Secession ; (luestions 
and answers on Va hist for suinr s; Ann 
Rppts Va Co-op Ed Assn: (2i*) ovit 1(K) 
talks to conini Ivaguoi;, coinnifnits, etc; (31) 

att ur el 7, ur b and voc 4, nor 2, col 2, pg 
2 suuir; t ur el Ti. nr b 12, nor 3 sumr; supr 
ur el r». ur b 12; other, nieni com on Rural 
Org in Va : mem and otlicer Vt St Ts Assn. 

Gl'YER, \V II, pres Findlay Col, Findlay, O. 

(JrWiyy. Joneph M, supt '10 — , New Orleans, 
La; b, '70; (.'0 dir col ed A E F Univ 
Koauno, Kran«M>. '10; (7) operated short crs 
fi»r ts in A E V Univ: stus came for 2 wks 
int«'nsiv«' tr in metbs. then returned to teach 
soldiers; syllabi of each crs prepared; (11> 
:inn repts, newspapers, s jruls; (14) talks 
to prins and ts u raring them to "quit knork- 
inic tgr l»efore pus"; (15) Hupr speech im- 
provement and spec intitr for stus with 
itpeerh defects; (IS) jr U C estab central 
kitchen and syHtem of hot lunches; (10) ni 
s for negroes; (21) i ni ss for forelnrners ; 
(17) mem com army cd cDrps to consider 
plan for ed in army; (2tM Application of 
Methods of Sii to Ed, bcf st ts assn '17; 
Ed for U S Soblicrs in A E F. bef Tulane 
T' sumr s '10: Thrift in New Orleans Ss, bef 
N E A ciiuncil n»und tabic; (31) att r 8, nor 
\, (1)1 2, pg 1 ; t r 1. ur h 8, nor and col 3; 
siijit 1.': war, army od corps; other, mem 
Ki "i a ry Clul*. 

IIAA8, / A W, pres Muh Ion berg Col, Alien - 
town, Pa. 

HADI«EV. Arthur T, pres Yale University, 
Xew Haven, Conn; b, 4-23-rHi; resignation 
for '21 accepted ; in "The Col and the Nation," 
Harpers, 6- '19, said in part: "We must real- 
ize that higher ed is the pro1)leni of the 
nation not the indiv, and economic not so- 
ciological: we must put resptmsibility of 
ed on pupils and their parents, hy exams 
f»et by someone not responsible for t, hy 
moderate tuition fees in higher xrades of 
p 8 system after required aids, by distrib- 
uting wrk among cols instead of each try- 
ing to t everything" . . . writing of t-short- 
age to Institute for Pub Service, April. '20, 
said "My impression is that low sals are 
cause of H/O of t-shorta gc and disparagement 
of tg; that any want of respect for tg pro- 
fession is mainly result of underpayment. 

■ and until this cause is remedied appeals ns 
to attractiveness and servireahlenesN of tK 
as career are likely to do more harm than 
sood . . . temporary shortage of ts, how- 
erer much to be deplored, may prove means 
of introducing reforms in underlying ideas 
of pub ed for which it was hoi)eless to 
get hearing in any other way. If this In 
cmme, it BUiy prove blessing, in dissuise." 

IIAGKDOBN', Joseph H, pres and civic dir. 
City Club. Philadelphia, Pa ; residence, ir)20 
Spruce St, Pliiiadelphia ; b. 8-24-73; mem 
exec com citizens com which organized 
Save Oar 8s mass meeting 5-'20 to express 
dtisen demand for inc t« sal; called mtg to 
order and introduced spkrs at mass mtg 
of which newspapers reported that Academy 
of Music was crowded and from 600o to 
ltjO09 estimated as denied admission ; over- 
flow mtgfl addressed by governor, mayor, 

IlAGCiKKTY, Mclvin K, <lcau col ed, U Minne- 
sota, Minneapolis. Minn; b, l-17-7r>; (5) 
major, sanitary corps, U S A in charge psy 
service, reconstruction hospitals; dir tests 
and mcasurcnjcnts, Va ed survey '10; N (' 
s survey '2(); consuliant advisory com, ed 
j servi<'e U S A *2(); adviser tests and measure- 
j ments. Ky s survey '2(K dir tests and meas- 
i urenicnt.-*. N Y st s survey '21; mem Natl 
lieseareh ('«>unell com on <*onstruction natl 
Intel tests •10-'20; (lo) publ 2 group Intel 
tests and 2 readlnjr tests for el and h s 
use: (2ri) s»H» .'►; (:;i » att r. r b, cu' 4, pg 
.*;; t r 4, r h 4, ur h ."». cid 10. 

IIAIIN, Mur.v. Eng t in h s, BufTal-^ N Y; 
in S Ma;ra/.ine, (;-'2u. Jiail artel on voc guid- 
ance be;riiinin^' "voc Kuldunce in its broad- 
est seuHC Is |»Jirl of every assignment from 

I kic thru to col"; (lucstlonnalre to pus; if 
attracted lo any spec line of wrk ascertain 

! nsisjin for preference, whether because of 
parenis wishes, reading, observations or ex- 
Minple »>f some one you admire, etc; sug- 
gests liDW su«'h a return might be f«>llowed 
up Willi oral wrk on "a wrk that interests 
me," with nids, personal fitness^ traininfp 
necewHury or debirnblc, returns in money. In 

j opportunity for personal advancement and 

! culture, in service to community. 

IIAIIN. ir IC. ilean an<l lid dept cd. Neb St 
Nor S, \V:iyne. Neb; b. .-►.2.--0JJ ; (14) liiitiateii 
M'hy-nut-tciM'h ciiinimlfcn in N K Neb, '30; 
(2oi nio re|it card to pts in which proffress 
of pus and cN uvnr are sliown by icraphs; 
1 2.") I CD -author IT.ihn Tjackey Reof? scales. 
! iinthor Ilahn hlht scaleH: in nor s use of 
stnd tcHts for dlaicnostlc purposes is 
stressed; (2S) manl for crs in observation 
of demonstration wrk and ixv«V\\«^% «!\. N.'^n 
see 2o; ("i'.M \>el l?^ Vkv?>W\.s qw "fexK^T '^^v^^, 
Soc\al\7.eA HecVl«i\\ow» \iv»* <i^ ^V«^^ '^.wX'^* 

Who's If ho and Why in After-War Education 

rrvjret Ik: Indlvldnalliinr Tli InMrudlun; 

(31) t r 4, ur h 4, not D; supt 10. 

IIAIBLBV, Otto WVbHtw. supt "17 — , Nlles 
MIeh; b, 8-21-6(1; (7) new crs of study welt- 
Icn with tild o( ts; (11) see 0: (13) In S yrn 
minimum »ml tno from Wm to flMO reiiult 
of peratMlent but JndlrloDS BdviTtlBlDS unit 
aaltatloni (IS) Otis group testa used; 
«raa[» move fram beilanlns 1th grd mce tu 
t«ted ahlUtr; (isi) deiitiil exams Introd ; 
pbfs Insp bs city Durs«; muu nnd woman. 
pbfs ed ts emplnyed: all puB abavs etb xril 
required take SO min per wk; (19) d1 clft 
estab; (32) bond Issue 9iir,.<m; (23) see 28^ 
(£5) stndad tests nnd measurements used 
estenslTely: (28) Enrollment ond Attendance 
Records, Am S Bd Jrul ll-'l». etc; (29) co 
InsHt lect '19; (31) att col 4, PB 1. 

IIAI.BKBSTADT. W t, pres, Howard Payn& 
Col, '20 — , Fayette. Mo; b. 4-7-86: fS) nnlv 
pastor, Metb Church, V ith, Columbia, Mo, 
■15- '16; pastor Centenary Mcth (Jhnrch. Cape 
(ilrardeau, Mo 'IS-'M; (31) att r, acad, col, 

UAI.DEMAN. Wm S, prof cliem, '18 — , Mon- 
mouth Col, Monmouth. Ill; b, 4-25-SI: (51 
at Friends Col, '17-'18; (IB) i 
demon a trail ODH and Itwts li -■^- 
1 lysine samples Irom yet 
testing, fertilizer testing. ' 
olysls; (28) Chemlalry Questions 
Hues. supplMnentary guide for i 
bef Sun s and cburch audiences 
lee topics, concrete In application 
r 7, nor 3, col 4, pg 2; t r 1, r h 
col 4: war. dlr S A T C chem i 
mouth Col. 

HARDEN, loon C, supt Travis Co, Austjn. 

1, 12-1 

; (22) 

leg's* com, tWs'T'-A ;■"(&) Wi 
In the Public Schools. 

MALI.. Frederick A, chancellor WnshluBton r. 
St. Louis, Mo, Id December 1920 publlabed 
Statement that the aTerace IntvlHgence of 
college students Is loner todaj- than that 
which prevailed ^cbts mo. 

BALL, Crorce F, aupf. Newburgh, N Y: (7) 
new era study lias been under way since 
'IS by ts, eaeb grd liaTlng rhrmn who meets 
with other grd .linnn In council wkly with 
supt and prlnn uf el ss; (S) tQ Tlslt other 

(3) t 

t ditr I 

B after- 

r hair hr 
schcd started B-1T', (10) when 
I speller wns requested by < 

put in each t IS dlff texts! after tr 

al tn 

tins about once In S wts; (12). snl 

(la, 15, 16) method ot exhlbitlnji ch 


fmm collpcUon In whirh best pieces 


neth whl<4i exhlMls every pan wrk: 

el ■ n*w has i day when It cihlblts 


ot aU pus fram 3 to 9 P H, ts altem 

in att; at close of exhibit demonstratl 

n «t 

marie and phys tr Is given In aase 


mlTODsi In 'SO about 10M people visited t 

ti m; ilmllBr plan worked oat for 

C./a' » maa a trd pan iBtemtrd In fal 

» of 

gIrlH of graduate elg to enter h ■ and each 
Is presented with booklet "Will It pay me 
tu go to h s" IB pp plus; Rotarr CInb has 
JuMt UKumed reiponslblUty for intervlewlns 
every boy In el tradnatfl els; on day before 

apholdlBK wdl- 

rsonal letter to parents of 8 grfl grads 
King att at h «; (27) see Ifl; chrmn boyi 
■k com of Rotary wrote 8-3-20 to each Ko- 
rl.'iii giving names of hoyi to be vlsHad, 
mphleta showing value of att h s, outline 
3. explains falUnK out ot boys fay AtUnM 

F&lize im 

— , Clark I, ___ ,., , 

Mass; b. 2-1-48; In 4-'20 wrote of recrnltin|[ 
ts to lustlt for Pub Service, "It 1» amuUic 
that la hundreds of drives which cols and 
unlTs are mnklng to rslae wla and add to 
their bid funds, i " - " ■- ■ - 

heard of any ell 
state the new splHI n . 

Kultur, -what Is? StUB DOW, i_ , 

whether from col or the nntr, look 0T«r 
'- - openings almoet solely With rtfar- 

Morale. 371 pp, '201 
hamanlied. that gre 
biology, that htai 

irgea that elaaalca be 

be studied from prei—t 
■n:riuu irwikoriuuj In dealing Wlt& WIT 
mnmle shows effect of placards, riosani, 
deeorritlons, war museums, sex and women, 
knowlpdtre of war alms, tests and personnel 
wrk; traees strikes in part t* praUMHaa 
and Budden enforred abatbieiMei showi hvw 
profiteering may be cnred by pnbllcitT, ridi- 
cule and portrnyalg of slmrtle life; Inalsts 
that we nerd to study as well aa bnra tm- 
arohlstlo lit; says only high mortfe am 
save from radical Indns rivolntlon. 
I1AI.I.. Moolali, st h s Inspector, ES2 Dovglu 
Av, Salt Iriikfi City, V; b, "ea; (0) atso prof 

mulate i 

In dvli 

(7) chrmn com 
tor el tnC ._ 
(11) edited DUh'i 


and tables showing Utah's G-r^teii i 

Tier Girls and Boys; (21) see T; (ZS) mmmta 
eard for dvlo health drive «t 'iS-IO; (M) 
assisted la secarlng tttib's Bid Fronun 'it; 
(28) Prncflcal Sociology IS; (81) att r fl, nr 

High Spots for Every School 


h 4. col 4, pff 1%; t r 10, ur h 4, nor 6, 
col 6; flapr 4; Inspector 8. 

kAIjJj, PerriTal, pres Gallaudet Col, Washing- 
ton, D C. 

KAUi, Wells A, supt '15 — , Concord. Mass; 
b, 12-9-77; (15) opportunity rls for slow 
■ltd rapid ch, "not panacea, but get re<;ults" ; 
(31) att T 1, nr el 8. ur li 4, col 4; t ur li 
12; supt 5. 

HAIili, W O. pres '19 — , New Mexico St Nor 
Silver City, N M; b, 10-80: (5) lid tr s. Mil- 
waiikee nor '16-*19; (6) paper publ for this 
purpose; (7) in process; (15) crave addr bef s 
nssn ; (18) exam and treatment ; (20) course 
iB TOO tests for ts, who can wrk same in ss; 
(24) ontlined program for progress in N M: 
endorsed by S T A for submission to legis; 
(29) ed addr bef N M Ed Council, ts in.stit. 
8 dedication, etc; (81) att r 8, ur h 3, nor 2, 
col 2, pg 1 term; t r 3, ur el 1, ur h 2, nor r>; 
supr nr el 5; pres nor 2. 

HAIX-Q171S8T, Alfred liawrence, dir of s nffili- 
fltlon and prof ed, 17 C, Cincinnati, O; b, 
1879; (8, 10) see 28; (14) in chg co-operative 
tr of h 8 ts; (15) stressed In bool^s and 
lects; sta-ts required to t by srroup meth; 
(21) chrmn com civic instruction in Cinn 
p 88; dvics required of all 1st yr h s pus; 
(28) Supervised Study; Tbe Text-book, How 
to Use and Judge It; editor suprvd study 
series; artels on suprvsn in S Bd Jrnl, S 
Review, Bl S Jrnl, Amer Bduc; (29) on 
supervision bef ts instit, Wis S T A, School 
Men's Week, 17 P; Chautauqua Assembly, 
N Y; (81) field, lecturer. 

HAJJSOV, Wm, pres Vincennes Col, Viuccnnes. 

HABDIiTON, Clarenee G, prof music, Welles - 
ley Col, wellesley. ICass; b, 6-9-65; (5) con- 
ducted Bumr crs for music ts at Boston U; 
in charge sumr Commonwealtb S music. 
Bootbrbay Harbor, Me; (28) Music Apprecia- 
tiaii, '20; Music Stus Piano Crs, in press. 

HAMHiTON, Frederle B, pres st nor s, Hunt- 
ingdon, W Va. 

HAMIIiTON, John W, chancellor Ainorican 
U, Washington, D C. 

HAMII;T0N, Samud, supt '87 — . Allegheny 
(^)1, Pittsburg, Pa; b, 6-30-56; (7) Essentials 
in Bug '18 by prias Round Table, 36 pp. 
baaed oa eo survey; 330 ts returned facts 
about 11,808 errors in writing and voteft of 
iJBOO pns of whom 905 disliked grammar and 
625 disliked composition; mistakes listed un- 
der 8 beads compared with errors in Boise 
and Cincinnati; 14 weaknesses in results of 
tg "Eng reptd, and 12 weaknesses in meth. 
ending with ^'not enough att paid to ap- 
plication at rules in all spoken and written' 
wrk" ; 20 eeseatlals to success and 15 speclflo 
esscBtlala la oompoattUiii whleh eh by end of 
Sth grd sbonld Buwtert 8 hints and suKges- 
ttons lad 1-mln talks, give all a chanre. 
aaphaalse gaod bearing bef els, direct <'h 
to talk ta saase purpose, stidc to the point 
•ad «ae sliart acnteafleo, ' let the thought 
ceaM ftnt, "if the thought is not worth ex- 
prenAnff, all divtsloni of criticism that deal 
with means of expressing it are of no con- 
SMtvaneaP*; en wtadj ravlsad 19; hist inel 
reeenft aTantSt g r ea t war^ recent eon»tlt 

ameudH; hist suggestions begin with attitude 
of pus to subj "get ch to like it, pu attitude 
more important than farts learned," head- 
ing Concrete Tg, 8 pp, incl pictures, maps 
Mud sketches, biographies, dramatization, 
letters, remarks; socialized recitation urged 
with thought provoking questions from ch 
lik(^ how, why, cxpl fully; subJ on problem 
aHHignment; t pns how to use liist bk. tables 
of contents, lllns, etc; hiHt grds 1-6 begin 
with manners and morals, pp 116-124; in 
a grd incl local industries and occupations; 
In 7-8 Krds puH conduct els by parliamentary 
rulcN; physiology and hyg t makes daily 
iiispoction hyg condition incl personal clean- 
liness of pus. proper adjust of seats, lunches. 
h:il)its. etc; (8) with assts is giving yr crs 
to ts to show diif bet tg els and examining 
cIn In K Kubjs, "so many always exam and 
Ncldom t"; (11) anu rept for '19 uses type 
aids to illus pract wrk, side heads, tells 
surface story largely thru cuts; scores in 
Ktnd tests, table showing township and 
boroughs whore 24 vitalizing agencies are 
used, inel war wrk, e g. orchestra, ni s for 
foreigners, clean up day, 5 diff contests. f> 
diff clubs, lit societies; discussion high 
spotted; (10) gardens, poultry clubs, over 20 
pub exlilbits of wrk done; (17) play organ- 
ized by over 1,500 ts, ann field meet with 
c^ontent for trophies; (18) open air games 
and contests, phys exercise in ss, weights 
and measures, hot s lunches; (23) t rating 
system; (25) stud tests, arith and silent 
reading; (27) Indus concerns have helped to 
equip and support play centers; (28) Essen- 
tials of Arith '19. Berlin's Efforts to Ger- 
manize Amer: f20) World War and S. dept 
s directors st ts assn. 2-8-18; Ed Value of 
Play Centers, bef Congress of Womens 
Clubs: bef 1800 members of a secret ordei 
on moral manhood and civic righteousness: 
moral addr to Francis Laird Inst stus. sci- 
entist and founder of Laird Inst; att col. pg. 

HAMILTON, W A, prof math and registrar, 
Belolt College. Beloit, WMs; b, 5-9-69: (7) 
author new plan articulation col with hs: 
few subjs required for entrance, larger num- 
ber elective: well articulated and co-ordinat- 
ed era of 8 yrs in b s and col, with reason- 
able distrib of studies for broad foundation 
of culture; opportunity for intensification; h 
s records accepted in lieu required wrk to- 
ward deirree, except Eng comp; (19) work- 
ing for liberalizing curric in col and per- 
mission for stus to enter as undassed; (22) 
•.ecured co-operation col with indns plants 
In co-operative engr crs, about to be tried: 
('2H) revising systems records and registra- 
tion: CM) att r 8. col 4. pg 3; t r 1. ur h 
4, voc 1, col 18: supr ur h 2; war, dean of 
cd wrk S A T C company A, Beloit Col. 

irAMMERSCHIiAG, A A, pres Carnegie Inst 
Tech, I'ittsburgh. Ta. 

HANCOCK, Harris, prof math, '20 — , U Cin- 
cinnati, Cincinnati. O: (7) advocates simpli- 
fying s curric and giving mostly required 
subjs: (15) groups stus according to abili- 
ties and advances bright stus rapidly. 

IIANDT^EY FOUNDATION, T\\¥* AQ.ia.^ , ^^\«v- 

chester, Va*, plan lor \x«\tvy \»t\x«A.«^ *x^^w«- 
nient In ronSuucWoTt vj\V\v ^V\v»t ^^a.^^^- ^^^ 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

and Bt, for pub ed purposes; proposed by 
Gen Ed Bd after survey of ed needs of 
Winchester; Frederick E Clerk, supt. 
« purposes: develop model p s system oper- 
ating under best conditions in small city; 
org pub ed activities of city so as to elimi- 
nate influence of politics; provide for most 
comprehensive ed use of funds available; 
guarantee perpetual income from private 
fund augmented by perpetual obligation on 
part of city to furnish other funds thru reg 
taxation channels; provide for any one in 
this city an ed in anything at any time; 
effect an ed control thru trained educator 
who shall be carefully selected, adequately 
paid and guaranteed free hand in ed plans 
and policies. 

Plan: city furnishes $lo,000 ann ; foundation 
trustees control ss, bid and furnish neces- 
sary bids, rent to city at $1 ann and permit 
use of income on $1,200,000, which prin may 
not be reduced; city s bd appt by judge of 
circuit court, 4 each yr for 3 yrs ; foundation 
trustees and s bd jointly elect supt for 3 
yrs; supt has full control in all matters 
ed except a few controlled by st laws and 
St bd ed. 

1st yr's results: ts sals inc 200% ; prof studs 
of- ts raised 50% by changes in personnel, 
pu-t ratio reduced 15% ; allocaition of pus 
twanged from avg-grd basis to distrib-by- 
raental-ability which provided for accele- 
rated children as well as nor and sub-nor 
ch; triple track crs study allowing accele- 
ration by subj; new bid under way, 1 story 
in center of 40 acre site, for 1,500 pus from 
kg thru h B providing for office org which 
does practically all clerical wrk thus reliev- 
ing ts of clerical duties on attendance data, 
etc; athl ground and playgrounds in a large 
stadium; auditorium for 1,500; art his* mu- 
seum; dispensary and tr nurse center of hyg 
inf^tr; swimming pool; gym; dom sci; labs; 
voc and pre-voc Indus shops; library study 
rm; overhead light, outside exits; drinking 
fountain in each olsrm; spec heated ward- 
robe in each el clsrm; covered playground 
for yr round use; nature study court for 
primary ch; kg; st lab for trying out p s 

Printed data: see rept 18, Gen Bd Bd, after 
survey, pp 77, 4 chapts illus; charter and 
by-laws 12 pp, ann rept 22 pp; photosrraph 
of architectural drawing for exterior of new 

HANDY, Henry Brantley, prof Eng, U Rich- 
mond, '14 — , U Richmond, Va; (20) started 
and directed 1st sumr ses of U Richmond : 
(28) co-editor American Readings; (31) att 
col 6, pg 2; t col 12; war, mem local regis- 
tration and exemption bd. 

HANEY, EUzabeth, t, 4837 Lyndale Av S, 
Minneapolis, Minn; (5) pres Grd Ts Assn. 
chrmn sal com, mem bd trustees ts retire- 
ment assn ; (7) aided in revising gr and lang 
outlines ; (10) had Eng ts provided vrith sev- 

, efml (Hit texts for personal use; (11) pub- 
licity mgr for grd ts assn, used newspapers; 
(13) attempting to have ts council estab; 
(19) com for motion picture ed divides city 
into small sections with wrking chrmn and 
com to introduce good pictures and see that 
£A<ej^ are patronized) (21) org volunteer 

corps to carry Amer wrk into homes; (22) 
introd dramatic sect in pt-ts club; (24) pro- 
posed payment for sumr s wrk, conventions, 
etc; advocates financial recognition of ext 
wrk ; (28) artels on ts participation ; 2 yrs 
campaign for ts sals; (31) att nor, col; t 
r, ur el. 

HANNAH, Ian C^ prof church hist Oberlin 
Col, 163 Elm St, Oberlin, O; b, 12-16-74; (10) 
uses no textbks but gives full notes on wide 
selection of books of reference, requiring mo 
analysis of reading done; (13) honor system; 
(29) lects nearly every wk; subja various, 
such as Ireland, Pilgrim Tercentenary, 
.Japan; (31) att ur el 4%, ur h 4, col 3, 
pg 1; t col 8. 

HANNON. W li^ pres St Ambrose Col, Daven- 
port, la. 

HANSON, Margaret C, prin nor s, New Or- 
leans, La. 

HAN US, Paul H, dean, resigned '20, and prof 
emeritus '21, col of ed, Harvard U, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

HARBOLD, P M^ prof ed '19 — , Franklin 
and Marshall Col, and prof ed sumr '20 — , 
St Col, Pa, 343 College Av, Lancaster, Pa; 
b, 11-17-73 ; (5) prin st nor s, Millersville, Pa, 
— '18; camp ed dlr Y M C A, '18-'19; (29) 
on ed questions bef instits; (31) att r 9, nor 
3, col 4, pg IV^; t r 5, nor 4, col 2; supr 12; 
supt 1 ; war, see 5, also mem demobilization 
instits, eastern dept Y M C A in N Y, N J, 
Pa, Md, Va, in which helped develop forum 

HARBOURT, S A, Co supt, '15 — , Fremont, O; 
b, 5-10-72; issued '20 circular showing from 
10 to 25 non-essentials in each fundamental 
sub J tg of whi<^ may be eliminated, e g, in 
hygiene, omit details of anatomy of eye and 
ear, with drawings of each, technical anat- 
omy of digestive system, anatomy of skele- 
ton and names of bones; suggestions on 
how to »tudy issued to be pasted In pus 
books; ts are notified when visiting ts are 
to be expected and points for whldi they 
will look; (9) issues card showing how supr 
will invigorate general conditions, ts^ pus* 
instruction, discipline and recitaition; (10) 
score card for Judging texts, with explana- 
tions on back, showing their social effic, 
motivation, properly graded, and mechanical 
makeup; (11) managing editor Co S Nowb» 
issued mo by co and dist supts and ts; 
(16) agr stus in 7th and 8th grds make farm 
survey rept; dramatizations; (17) com show 
for CO p ss; each s takes 8 acrr papers; (19) 
64 arguments for consol s on illus slip; sent 
out circular with suggestions for observance 
of s wk; circular to farmer showing bow ed 
and org can increase labor income; (21) 
Constitution Day in all ss; (22) mo pro- 
grams prepared for comm centers; (2^) stus 
rept card, showing standing in attendcmee, 
deportment, application, studies; grades 
used are Superior, Above Stnd, Stnd, Below 
Stnd, B'ailure; blanks to parent and to pu 
when wrk is unsatisfactory; (26) famishes 
program for bds; (28) Fundamemtals or 
Habit-Tg, rept of lect by R Heber Holbrook ; 
bulletin of Sandusky Co bd ed ; (31) att nor, 
col, pg; t r, col, nor; prin; supt; war, B C 
4-niln man; other,, farmer, mem chamber 
commerce, pres Churchmen's Fed. 

High Spots for Every School 

I. li B del)Ming: iMgnr 

1ft campiIcDB. papulnl 
aU: (28) series uun-tect 

J TiiTentloD: (iOI Ulua Iccta 

bet SDnir sen cols and qdIts; (XI) ntt iir cl 
7, nr b 4, col i, pt; 3; t ur h 3, c»l 13, 

HABDINO, H P, supt Charlotte, N C; b. 
8-14-74; (5) ptes Bt assn city supis 'IT- '10: 
mem at h b text book commission 'lD-'2o; (10> 
see 6; (22) vp at org pt-Is nssn; nctlvc pni't 
in el«cCloti eaabllDS a bil Isaue boada JTHO-OOO 
tor bids; (31) Btt ur h 2: t r L 1, Iir ]i S: 
snpr ur 8: aupt ur 10; wac, mpm exec com 
local K C; cbrmn eiec com Jr B C, 

BABDY, Edward I^ prea at nor a, San Dlegn. 

HASDY, H Claude, supt '20 — _ Falrport. N Y ; 
(S) 'U''18. pHn li S Scbenerus. N Y; supr 
prln Sidney, N T, '18-'20: (25) prepartnt 
•DTT^ FBlrport ■; (31) att r, at el, apec. 
col, PS; t 0, prlD i. 

BAXDT, Jr C, prea '12 — . Baylor Col tor 
Women, Belton, Tex; b, 12-24 ■ 6i ; IG) many 
addr locally gNlng new interpretation of 
ed for Dew aeeda; (12) gal Inc 00%; |13i 
■ta kOTt; tu control era or gtady; (16) ad- 
vtKiCAd el In fld made Rurveya or connnnnlty 
life Mid helped In aolntloa of local pmblemi; 
(18) eitra crs on bealtb ; co-operate with 
Health dent* of co and »t; (21) In col paper, 
In all deptB, from chapel platform; (22) Use 
new bids; eommanlty muilc elab In cbapri 
bid! (28) $100,000 for new dorm from tn,,. 
tec; f27i |I5,00O_froni_one family, to: 

scbolarsfilps ; (29) a 
taxea to Improve a 


Joa B, prea III 

Jacksonville, ni. 

HARMON, A D, pres Cotner V, Betb;iiiy, Neb. 

HABJUON, Cameron, iirea Miasourl WealPjan 
Col, Cameron, Mo. 

BABP, Hasb G, prof malb '19 — , Witlenbere 
Col, 373 Stanton Ay, Sprlnefleld, O; b, 1-lT- 
85; (5) Instr math, Marquand S for Boya, 
Brooklyn, N Y, 'I8-'19; (31) att r 10, ur h 3. 

ologlat U 8 weather bur '08- '15. 
HABPBR, Claade H, bd acad dcpt 'IS — . SI 
Nor, NaahvUle, Tenn ; b, 8-17-87; (5) bd rtept 
ed '17-'I8; (S) Iropreases upon grnds that ed 
from 'books Is not enough, but rather tbe sum 
total of experience: grads act na mlaaionnrlea 
In dissemination of thia doctrine; (7) addeil 
2-yr col era and enlarged nor wrk by com bin- 
ing cla in certain gen subja aa hist of ed ; 
lenfrtibeoed reclt periods to meet col require 
menfs; (8) introd use of atereoptlcon eS 
slldea, phyaioiagy and pay charts and modeln 
plus »et of revtaed hist and geog mapi 
phonetic chart for Inng — "-■ "" '■- 

uuks used nldely : uh of t 
tua m dlBPouraied; (11) I 
in: (12) bl-wkly Is Hodali 

, under fac aupr. 

urnge only best si 


Indlv dlffs I 
vrk adjust 

e dlsremed a 

incil, I 

earing house for slu dlscus- 
utoiis: Indua wrk givea excellent tralnlog In 
Itiarnlng by doing; (17) atbl and group club 
iirga promote theac actlvlliea, auptd by fac 
mt-nis: (18) reg era In pbyalologj' and byg 
anppl<>nipnted by charts. lecta, ateredpllcon* 
and movleti a pliyslclaii ; org atbl; |19) thru 
ext crs with alidea and loots; grads com- 
mlssloneil to cairy ed meange; (20) thru 
maul tc era and study of eaeb indlv'a needs; 
|21) tg civics and chapel lects; parllcIpaUoD 
in aorlal wrlftu* activities In city; (22l 
vlaltatiou of upper cla to aocial and relig- 
ions Inatltutiona; frequent mtga at a for 
>-omm co-op; (23) Introd new recording 
tilanks to register all Important Items In 
stus 3 career: up to dale comparative rec- 
ord of a Btatlsllcs; (3'i) Investlgatfng In- 
trod of atnd teats for survey of a population: 
(291 Stu Co-op as Part of Rxt Wrk, at confs, 
etc; (31) att ur el 6, ur h 4, col 4, pg 1 ; 

aervallon wrk In outlj-lng dtatrlcts, 
HARPER, W A, prea Eton Cot, Elon Col, N C:. 
b, 4-27-80: (12) liic sals; estab principle of 
""- - ■ "■■' -'- ■■ (17) each atn 

onndl t 

carry i 

tnKlnjt rron 

e tbaii 

points In a 

... ,,., iecta olTcred fiy col Incl iJoIng 

East by Sailing West: Eomaoce of Tlltlmnte 
Elementa of Mntter; Wiiges of Ed; Genesis 
and Inspiration of Miastons: Does Chrls- 
Uaoity Sheathe the Sword, How the Child 
Lenms; (2S) New l-aymen for New Time, 
'17 ; New Church for New Time ; Recon - 
atructing tbe Chnrcli. 
irARPHAN. Cha* A, t South h s, Toangstown. 
O; h, 12-20- 7?i; (8) outline of better methods 
in tg bookkeeping; (17) » paper is bandied 
by pn> snceeBBfully from busineea end: (21) 
atnrfed 2 overall clubs: (28) text bk on 
Home Bookkeeping tor Thrifty; (201 talka 
on prohibition and dry "-' '"'■ 

r h 4, 1 

r 3, I 

... „ ., ,_. ., -,- .. -jpr 1: floM, Is ptae- 
ticiiig patent lawyer, audits hooks; ether, 
mgr home construction eo. 
HARRIS, Ada Van Htone, dlr, el practice tg 
and primary aupr, Hancock S, 7th and Web- 

„ _BclUlat« latin* of 

raMon; (10) texthk Ust n 
(pportanitr foi 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

Admo Women ii Kd, worked Tor more ac- 
tive CD-aperatloD uE exec women witb otber 
bodies of men and women smdjlng ed con- 
diUODB, and h»lp«d interest tbem In aasmn- 
Ibk more mpDUBlbDlty for InveBtlcklion ud 
solution of queslIonB pertadnln( more Ininw- i 
dU(«ly to their own Qeld; Bucli topics are 
taken np is ed ot pab to reallie neeeadtr | 

s hd, rivlc ed of t. In tc uoA In prBctlu; 

(14) many talks to recruit tg force ana Im- 
press need for better trained ts; (21) alms 
to strengtlien ciirrlc and meth of tg bo as 
to more definitely meet needs of demoeraey 
and train toward more eiteetlve citizenship. 
HABBIS. Fielder B, co supt '16—, Warren 
Co, Ijebnnou. O; h. 10-14-57; (5) anpt Frank- 
lin. O, -Oe-'IS; (71 era for Warren El Sa '20. 
1S3 ppl not based on any set Hats of text 
bks: onUlned by subj rather than (rds! 
1 for memoiiilni: In 

,_ ^, ..__ _.jih:h lor ftiu ; blst from , 

1st grd lip. Incl 10 aurieatlons tor t( pa- ; 
tPiotiani; physiology, hyg, aanltatlon, na- I 
ture study, from Ist grd np; charscter-bnild- 
Inv ontUned by |[inls> with i jreneral tuB- ' 
Iteatloiie: fiiggestions for combinations nnd ' 
slternMlona In r RSi no home study betow | 
4th rrd; suggestions on msklng s attrae- I 
tlve. care of tb. and dlsdpUnei (16) RTAd I 
els '18 Ib M jirad eaiofe iold story of Grevt 

In Cal; (29) nnn nddr bef Cal Bar Assn, 

UABT, Harris, 9t 9upt pub Inst, Richmond, 

ICABT, Irvine Harlow, dlr eitenalan '15 — , 
lowH St Ts Col, Cedar Palls, la; b, 9-3-77: 
(51 ed and exec sec Y M C A 11-'18— t-'lO; (7) 
sec 2S: <iA) mem ed advlBOty com to st 
Code Revision Commission. '19; (28) editor 
numerous bulletins by eit dept; editor and 
Joint author of bulletin The OcganlEBtlon 
and Classlflcatlon of a One-Teacher Bnxal 
School: (29) ts mtgs, Insllt, soldier andl- 
ences, etc: (31) t apec 8, nor 2, co! 2; supr r 
5, ur el 6. ur h 6. 

HABT, Joseph K, assoc editor, '20 — , The 
Snrvey. dept S and Comm; 365 Henry St, 
N Y C; b, "76: prof ed Keed Col, '17 -'19, Port- 
land. Ore; Ed •19-'20 Organiser, W C C S, N 
W div, Seattle, Wash; book, Comm Organii- 
atlon, in press; others of ed character, under 

wide a 

i (17) s 

1 that c 

showed more Interest t 

on Keeping Fit to men ana ooys in an vil- 
lages In co; (311 att c 7. r h 2. nor 2, col 
4; t r 8, nor 12 sumrs; supr r 3; t and 
wjpc ur li 29; CO supt 2. 
HABBIB. Fnnktiu St*wart, prof agronomy, 
Utah Agr Col, nnd dir Utah Agr eipermt 
station, Logan, rtah; b, g-29-S4; (20) artels 
and addr: (22) planned and supr erection of 
new bid at Utah Agr Col; (24) advisory 
work with leis HBSlon ot Utah ledai (2S) 
The Sugar Beet In America. '19; Soil Alkali, 

UART. OLve Ely, hd dept Kng 14 — , Sonth 
h s for girls; 5720 Thomaa Ave, Philadel- 
phia, Pa; b. 12-10-77; (5) hd Eng Dept War 
Emergency h s, Fblla, sumr 'IS; t Eng U F, 
sumr 'IS; demonstration H B Bng, Columbia 
U, snmr '20; (7) tentative crs to make Bng 
dept provide tools for other cl rms and food 
for growth In Bug; (161 teats to discover 
diffs: spec els for gifted stn; (17) dram 
clubs; (21) talks to women; (26) speech anr- 
veys to stimulate Improvement in spoken 
Bug: (28) text book nn tg of Eng In process; 
(29) Tg H S Eng-, U P, s ed and seminar In 
Eng; Schoolmetrs Week, Speech Improve- 
ment; Measurement and Scales In Eng Tg, 
Natl Council Ts Eng, Boston ; Improvement 
of Speech of H 8 Stu, st conf Harrisburg; 
Prnb in H S Eng, Connection bet Spoken 


1 Wrltti 

a U a_ 

r 2, col 4 ; t u 


S A T C at Utah Agr tol- 

HABRI9. James H, supt, Dubuque, la; (27) 
since 191T, population leas than 40,000 have 
voted (1,900,000 for 2 new ]r h bs and 1 new 
sr h s; (31) att col, pg, | 

HABBIS, T H, Bt Bupt ed. Baton Rouge, Lb. . 

HARBISON', .A E, supt Buena Vista Co, Storm ' 
Lake, In; b. 4-20-81; (10) "the educators 
must have the main aay aa to tbe proper 1 
test tjooka to adopt" ; (181 promoted health ■ 
iTUsade under auspices of Tr R C and la 1 
TDberculoals Asan ; (19) promoted short I 
term crs In practical asr; Smith-Hughes 
work; (21) advised Bt com drafting crs In 
Ainer and eitiicnship; (M) mem legis com 
of CO Bupts of Iowa, urging consol as, aal 
Inc; (2St) Americaaization and dtlsenshlp; 
Conaol School aad Its Advantages ; commcmt 
addr; (SI) att ur el 8, or h 4, col 4, pg 1; 
t ur b 6: supt f>. 

RABBISON, Hanrloe B, dean Hastings Col ot 
Law '19 — , City Hall, Ban Francisco, Cal; 
b, 8-1-68; (fi) lect in law, n Cal; (28) 2-pp 
pamphlet Outline of Oisea and other Refer- 
ivKVf apoB Conditional and Future Intereats 

tn Ctl; oatJlne ot Caaet on Code Procedure 

s on'prlns ot tg, ^ 

att r 12, 1 

r 2, col 3H, pg 3; t r 2, nor B. 

in of home gardens. 
HABTSOrcH, Ralph Clajton, hd dept physlca 
'19 — , 111 Wcsleyan U, Bloomlngton, 111; b, 
'87; (15) instr In flying, Scott Field, 2nd It, 
U S army. 'IS; (7) lulrod praetlo era in 
nhyalcs for "stus wbo desire practical 
knowledge of phyB principles Involred In 
everyday Industry, mecbantcal unS elec- 
trical appliances of home, oSce tod farm 
. . . does not empbasia mitli tide but 
strives to acquaint atn with nnlntsnuice 
and use of ordinary macblnes and derleea"; 
practical machines Ind principles of auto- 
mobtleB, sewing macblnes, pumili; pMcUcal 
electricity incl elec appllancel ot motprt. 
heating ani ■VKnaVVtii-, (W enph rMnlU u« 

High Spots for Every School 


Abllltsr to i9Plj prinel9lM, not merely learn- 
ing principles; (20) local dir toc ed of 
BoTdiers; (31) att col 4, p? 1; t col 4; war, 
see 5b 

HARTWKLI«. EmMt C, supt '17 — , Buffalo, 
N Y; b, «-i4-83; (5) preB dept supr N E A 
'18-*10, CMcago mtg 'lO; (6, 7, 8, 11, 22, 28) 
started slogan "bigger, better and busier Buf- 
falo and beat 8 system"; secured $8,000,000 
bid npprop *19; publicity Incl Square Deal 
to Little Cb of Buffalo, 12 pp, with type 
aids, light full facing, spacing, centering, 
iadentingf pins G yellow petition slips for 
patrons; Tax Payers Returns for Money 
Spent on P S, 10 pp, bang indent, full facing, 
occasional caps, concrete facts, ruled large 
type facts In advertisement style; started 
10-'18 Tlie S UmgUMrlne Monthly printed by 
boys TOO s« cuts, changing colored covers, 
32 h s ts signed artels in h s issue 6-'20, 
snpt makes suggestions and repts e g, Buf- 
tmJo Plan 4-'19, urging correlation of subjs, 
pn dir of assemblies, trg in character and 
cltisenship, voc guidance in each s. 2 free 
periods a day for t so that "when she 
leaves bid she will be thru for the day"; 
new sal sched reported 9-'19 "without inter- 
mption of reg business of s, without fac- 
tionalism, agitation or bitterness"; (10^ bks 
cliOBen by ts com; (12, 13, 14) secured funds 
for free lect crs, improved lucal sumr s and 
secured credit toward B S detrrec for wrk 
done in oior s incl tg, e g, for successful 
tff 2 credits a semester, durinf? 3 yr8 total 
off IS eredtts for f»uoce»flful ts on ground 
tbat this eomtttutes finest sort of lab pr ac- 
tios; alter fh'20 for 1st time in hiftt of coun- 
try wrk witli ^'s mindtt under careful Hupr 
will be placed on footing of eoUeKiate equal- 
ity witb carving crayfish and mixingr chem- 
irals; while tg they oarry cru at nor » in 
col clvlos; (15) elective wrk after 7th srd 
1>eside8 els for retarded and supcr-nor pus; 
Q6) see 18; Boosting Buffalo wk; pus Kiven 
kaowledge of st's conirl posHibilitieR, indus 
am aad all that goe« to make it desirable 
place in wUch to live; 4,500 \mn in swim- 
ming pool in '20, 2,200 pus Icaruod to swim; 
16,000 boys and 12,000 ffirls, jrrds 0-9, en- 
tered athl tests, 1 ann Indoor and outdoor 
meet; pas serve as health otBcerN; weight, 
ago and measurement re<>ord8 kept; 1 siffht 
cMtnocrvatlon contest; 20 cIs for mentally 
anb-nor ch, 70 cfa corrected of stammering; 
(19) ni ss, 16*000 men and women enrolled 
"larger tbaa combined reKlHtratlon of Har- 
vard aBd ¥ale," over 400 diff trades. 200 crs 
offered; noon hr crs given; 4,287 pns jittrlb- 
ute an inc in wages directly to nl ss: 2,8'10 
rept promotion because of nl ss : 10.' els In 
Rn^ for foreign spkg men and wmnon: (20) 
supts program calls for direotov in rvery 
s and voc gaidanre by each t; (211 (:oe 19; 
In '19 1,000 adult foreijfnera scH'ured first citi- 
zenship papers thru wrk in ni ss; in '20 
number will be 2.000; (22) see 0, ID, 21; 
helped secure sal legls for local and st nor 
ss, increasing grd ts max from ,$l>oo In '17 
to 12,000 in '20, most ts receiving at least 
$900 Increase since 'IS: poc 28; (24. 2S) pre- 
pared "Crisis la Trg of Ts," S8 pp, high spot 
InfoiiiMitlnn sbowing needs for t recruiting, 
•■d for changes in conditions to warrant 
roeraltlag, e g, heading "Empire .state iii not 

Keeping Pace"; lantern slide footnotes, 
heavy type, bars "To attempt to maintain 
great ed system without supplying tralaod 
ts Is like attempting to move trwln wittaont 
locomotive," real reorganization is demanded 
involving 6 points, incl new crs study which 
recognizes modem tendencies in ed and 
makes 2 yrs of nor trg eq.ual to 1st 2 yrs 
of col, and agreement o.n part of aH nor s 
KradN to t at least 2 yrs in state of N Y"; 
(29) bef X E A dept supt, Greatest Need in 
Amer Kd '19. Wise and Responsible Leader- 
ship '20; bef audiences totaling 40,000 since 
*18; i31j att col 4, pg 1 ; t ur h 3, nor 2 
sumrs; supr ur h 1; supt ur h 10; war, 
Buffalo ss gave over 5,000 patriotic pro- 
grams in '19; secured Go.CHK) subscriptions to 
loans of over $6,000,000; 1 bond out of every 
8 secured in Buffalo for 5th Lib Loan, and 
deposited $1,000,000 in W S S. 

HABTZELIi, Oliver R, supt San Hafael. Cal; 
b, 1-20-90; (r>) priu Tomales Joint Union 
H S, '17-'20: (20) introd voc guidance as reg 
HubJ at San Rafael and Tomales; (21) author 
Lab Meth in Hist and Citizenship, in Sierra 
Ed News; (22) helped carry bond election at 
Tomiiles; (27) org and co-op with farm bur; 
(31) att nor 1, col 4, pg 2; t r 1. x h 3, ur 
el 1, nor 1, col 1; supt 1. 

HABTZLER, John E, pres '19 — , Bethel Col, 
Newton, Kans; b, 2-2-79; (5> pres Goshen 
Col '13-'1K; prof ethics and religious ed, 
Bethel Col '18-'19; (19) ext lects on ed; (22) 
orjr and promoted $500,000 endowment and 
bid program for Bethel Col; (29) series of 
lects on cliildhood and youth, Life and Edu- 
cation, ChiIdh(K>d and Its Characteristics, 
Childhood and tlio Bill of RiKhts. The Raw 
Miitcrial (Adoh'scence), Vital Forces In 
Childhood and Youtli. The Building Process, 
The Boy and His Home. The Task of a 
Modern Teaclicr, Tlic l*rol»lcMi of Attention. 
Tho Tcmhor and t ho Tcjicliinjr Trocess. 

HARVARD U, Cambridge. Mass, beginning '21, 
e.icli sr in nr<l«*r to jxraduate must pass pen 
exam «)n wliolo snl)J in which he is specializ- 
ing; type (iiU'stions, "Compare pamphleteer- 
ing and propiuranda as methods of exerting 
politicsil inflnoncoV ^Vhy did Voltaire char- 
acterize tlio Holy Roman Empire as 'neither 
holy, nor Roman, nor an empire'? What 
should be the disposition of Constanti- 
nople V 2 recent announcements, engrs will 
I be Kiven genuine shop experience in indus- 
try durlnR col tr; of 4,000 stus enterinif Har- 
vard aN freshmen^ grads of p ss won larger 
f/c of lioiiorN at col while private h grads 
were more Huccessful in entrance exams; 
see catalogue .«!Octlon. 

HARVEY, L 1), pros St«>iit Instir. Menomonle. 
Wis; (11) clu-inn publicity camiuiign com of 
Wis Ts Assn to inform pub ap to shortage 
of ts and wliat must be done t«» remedy con- 
ditions; wrkd thru women's clubs, comrl 
clubs. Rotary, Kiwanis, labor orgs, bankers, 
ministers, s bds; reached every ruom of iogis 
directly; now plan for solid support in ed 
Icgis from every legls dist. 

HARVEY, Mrs 3Iarle Turner, prin Toner r s. 
RR 2, Kirksville, Mo; (7 10, 22. 27) changed 
un hygienic, iU-ecvv\\vv^A\^ Kwv.WwAviwV. Vt\«v % 
into movAel i-tm vs, ¥>\\\\va\ \vn V- v«•.N\'?«:'^^^^V-^^■'^■ 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

|iPoee»« describoO In Dewej's New Ss tor 
Old; (281 chapt I, Uow to Teach Spec Subjs. 

HAXHAWAY. F A, supt, JackBomrtlle, Fin, 

HATTON. M W, prea Souttera Female Col, 
I« Orange, Qa. 

UATILAND. WaUer W, pria Frieads Seleet 
S, Parlewaj, Cherry and ]6tb Sts, Philadel- 
pbta, Pa; (111) Ma council; (17) Btus lead 
Id BcHve snpport of war relief agencies and 
BoclBl Hcrvice InstitB! (22) pub nl leMs on 
heCtermeuC of aooldl older; (28| pamphlets 
complied giving symposium on Sbanld Bays 
lud Oiria Be la H Tocetliep, The Prlval« S, 
lis Fonctlau ajid Value in Canun; pamphlet 
I«st We WHo Teach Forget, Bhowing im- 
portance at religious element in ed ; (31) att 
r S, ut b 4, col 4; t ar h 25, col 3. 

HAWKINS, Geo K, pres st Qor s, Phittfflrargb, 
N T. 

HAWI,EV, F W. pres P.TTk Col. PackYllle, 

HATDEN. Jasepli Rnlstoo. aast prof pollt scl, 
V Mich, Ann Arbor, Mich; cm In nstl poll- 
tloe tor dtlien wJiu wishes basts for opinion 

liicl nail defense, foreign relations. Lat 
Amer adaiis, natl budget, govt ownership, 
problbitl-OD, relation of govt Co capital and 
labor, problema »rl«lnc ont of recDSHtrnc- 
tlNi aiM die exlstlnc InduBtrtal OBMst. 

HATES. DorenuB A, 'prof New Testament In- 
terpretation '00 — , Garrett Biblical Instlt, 
B20 Poster St, Eranaton, HI ; (28) The Syn- 
optic G-oapels and the Book of Acta, '19: 
Great Characters of the New Testament, "20; 
(£9) Bible study themes, audiences from 30 
to 1500: (31) aW ur el 8, nr h 3, spec 1, 
col 8. pg 4: t col 3, pg 26. 

HAYNE8, 1. O, CO supt '19 — . Smoot, W Va; 
b, 6-14-74; (5) Greenlirter Nor S, — 'IB: (121 
have begun <AecklnK eo ti on elBc bji polntt: 
(IT) agr and other projects; (29) In over 
100 as urging more stus to complete Sth grd 
and go thru h a; (31) att r 6, nor 2, col 2; 
t r 2S, r b 1 ; aupr 1 ; anpt 1. 

HAZABU. Bswland. mfr. Pence Dale. R I : b. 
10-28-81; in arnij- uniil ]2-'lB; mem bd mgri 
R I St Col. 

el 8, ur h 4, col 4; aupt r ' 
loan com, treas local B C. 
HEAPS. W i, pres MlKon IT, i 
HEBARU. Qraec Raymond, hd 
and sociology, V Wyoming, 1 
(8) u-tual observation and c 

orgs; lects on govt, etc; spec els 

GoTtu^nnient of Wyoinin«;' (29) 
atlon : Citizenship ; Vocational Ed : 
Specialised Ednc; (31> att col 5: 

, ^„. „, , _.ib Bonds, t 

tion, and AmcricnniKatlon. 
HECHT, George Jj^ed Better 1 

Information ; 

I, 55 W 50th St. N Y C; b, Il-l- 
ooDs. IT S com on pub 
la 1) S army; (11) wrlt- 
ueed for more ed faeill- 
I Bdnlts; (28) complied 

,, hd B 

-. The 

Nichols S. BnlTnlo. N Y ; b, fl-17-81 ; (S) Inatr 
m ed, U Buffalo; est lertr, Buffalo St Nor S; 
IS) aupr study with "an Intensive drin on 

BEAONGY. H A. prcs Little Rock Cot, Little 
Rock, Ark. 

HBAI.U, F H B, supt Scarborough and Old 
Orchard, R F D 8. South Porlland. Me; 
(8) OFK 0-3-3 plan in Old Orchard and Is 
wrWng for It In Scarborough: (19) dom 
«cl, maul tr, ■ paper) (IT) ]r R C: war wrk: 
da In wlrelesB telecrapbr; 118) phys tr. Incl 
play snpr; (21) olvio ed becan In Ist jr: 
fill fr use* text in comnn civics bs reader; 
CSRi librae}- aad plaao for h S." (31) att ur 

HECKEBT, C G, pres Wittenberg Col, Spring- 
field, O. 

UEFELBOWEB. S G, prof Carthage Col. Car- 
thage. Dl; b. 11-11-71: (B) prof Washburn 
Col. Topeka, Kan ; (B) Principles of Col Or- 
ganlaatlon, in ms; (13) helped introd fae 

Eiirticlpatlo". In col control by advisory body 
nown as The Cabinet; (141 personally per- 
suaded several to choose Ig rather than busi- 
ness: (21) in tg ethics always empbaalres 
ethical factors in civil relations and in de- 
velopment of legal codes: (28) John Locke 
and English Deism; see 9. 

HBHIR, M A, pres DuqiieBne U, Pittsburgh, 
Pa: b U-IO-SS; (13) stn senate controla etbl; 
(191 ext ors: (S4) wrkd for legls against 
monopoly of ed and encroaching on st 
rights: (29) mostly bef h ss. 

HEIDELBEBG. H B, «upt, Clarksdale. Mias; 
b. 3-7 -83; (7) skeleton outline crs, 2 era— 
classical and comrl — In h s: of IT tmiti re- 
f[Uired for . ' 


inits allov 


_, -Dotball, basketball, gym wrk; . 

■ home (16-lT), see T; (18) pbys 8upi 

:nm, b nnrsesi (20) has ' " ' 


use swIminiiiV po<^ and B and: (24)'nided 
test book legls '20; (271 scholarships to col. 
ma Eonlrlbntlon* to heeii iwor oh In ■! (29) 
Crisis of '19 bef Miss ts assn '19; (31) att 

field, dir st cnmpiiign for better sals; war, 
was campaign. 
KEIXONEN, .luDetta C. instr scl, township b 
s. Republic, Mich ; b, 2-6-00: (23) devised lept 
card to parentB showing, instead of marks, 
nunrtile In which cb rnnks in each sub], 
dmlrsble habits he la tormlag and habits 
to be desired; sent every 10 wks, with spec 
rept Is between If wrk Is aDsatisfBotory; 
(281 New Report Card to Parents, In Amer 
Schoolmaster. -^-15-20, gives T pts aa stnds 
for rrBolts with pus. Thinking, Knowledge 
end Skill, Initiative In Socially Slgnlflcaiit 
Situations, Morale, Emotional EeftCtlon, Eth- 
ical Self-control In Situations Socially Sig- 

High Spots for Every School 

niflcaut. Deportment, wltb «ner«i 
IlBMd uidcr tmrbi <»1> itt or el 11, 
□or 00 wks, col 40 wks; t r 3, ur el 4, 
HBZ.BINO, Cleoni C, st supr home ( 
— , Baton Rouge, La; (7) st era li 


Wis'^nnsln, Mn< 
a pnliUtii 

BshlbltBi aaggeated Hat of equip: (S) 
ts never for them; (9) alwaja at- 
^ ^, . ._ .. y njjj eneoumged ; 

(10) text bka i 

; (11) wrk BdvgrtlMi 

, HEPDl'RX, A lM»ton, bniikcr n 
I residence 830 Pnrk Ave, NYC: 
I ;iS0,00n to Wllliams College to enuow ■ pro- 

teasorsLlD of economicH. 
KEBBSTER, John I., prill '10 — , Avig Boro 

Ss, Avis, ra; tj, g-IH-04^ |5) prln GonldEborn 
1 II S, GonldsWro, Pa, 'IT-'ia; V S nrmj '18- 

•W: BUnir 111 Incomotlve clept N V Cential 

8 Kitchen Textbook, giving Lonlsl 

llM*; (291 bet ti s atua. ta iDstlts, laiKs o 

Health, Hot launches at S, AmerlcanlzatlOD 

Clarlou Co and ann co inatlt; IM) i 
Itmoc rewarded by blgbcr srd certlBc»ti 
better pay; (21| elertiaa In »ch a on > 

B A; b 

. Limn, 


Falrpo't Harbor, O, '20 
bOBiM plan, based on ed, effldeoc;, wlllinc- 
neae to cooiwrBte, attitude, ciperlence. maxl- 
mnm bonufl possible, 1360, pact parable at 
December holldnya, part at end of yr; (17) 
M ei provided large suppi; o( atbl equip- 
ment; plana for new b a luct grm; (ISj 
healtb eruaode, Jr It C; (19, 21) comm mtgs; 
American luatloH wrk : on Armistice Day 
with R C hud large parade, spkra spoke In 
Hnnrulan, Finnish. Pallnh 

(22) 1 

Philippine s 

HBNDBBaON. Mrs E C, prcs voc euld and 
employment service for Jrs. IT Lexington 
At, N Y C, consolidation of voc gulrl bu- 
reau, eom for voc scbnlarahlps and )r eiii- 

HENDEBSON, W W, prcs Brlglinm Young 

Col, Loeau. I'tnh. 
HENDRICKS. Eldo L, pros St ts col. AVar- 

rensburg. Mo. 
HBNDBICKS, Jennie I.. pclD tc B, St Nor 8. 

Worcealer. Mass; Btu Boaton Unlv; b, y-2u. 

<u>. /«,. _!.. __.i-...- ._ T._. , Bau(.atlon 


luniir . 

'20; MaklD. 

(b) Wrltl 
VMtlng a 

unge Project for Grade I 

rm, 12--20. (d) Making Sand- 

HBBIXG, Rudolph, 1 

OtHh St, N Y C; - 

isultlns engr. 140 W 
-, i-20-4T; (2S1 letter In 

_ __ Promotion Engr Bd, vol 

XI. no 2 '20 eontends that nblle certain lim- 
ited knowledge of Latin and Qreek and alao 
Anglo-Saxon Is essential to ever}' cultivated 
man and woman . . . the professional knowl- 
edge especially necessary Iot engr derives 
nn help from writings of best nuthora of 
antiquity that Is not ohtiilnable from Ebg 

!Upt, Cambitdgp, 

Plan tor Amer~ Activities, showing 
part which sa. Indualrlea. Amer Com of Cam- 
bridge City Council, and acml-pub and fra- 
ternal agencies should take In Aincr by edu- 

latlona and ' 
}f rnr-Uii 

tb of July 
ig H4: t t 5. 

h 1; supt 0; 
d. 3 yrs lu 
I fed Indian | 

IlEKSHKY. Olrslia J. 

HERTZ. Bay ilrllbroB 

clvIcM, geog, h 
friendly letter 

* like dan 

llbroBer, liousewife. G34 W 
b. ll-ST-!«; (5) taught Amer 

>t D E Slcher and Co until 
request of Uarvanl V dlv 

lance, made outline of Amer 

<q naturalUiitlon, history. 

,ltii and aaTHy, library wrk, 

Incsa elblcB. business letters. 

hinguagc, arlth; (1K> bcnltb 
of era Incl Importance »f 

rise, proper food, care of 

I, first aid, olao how to vroafi 
IK and DDiIeratandlnK pu1> 
off, are exit, wall 

(21) thrL 

lory: (HI) t N Y C p si! !1 yrs. 
lIF.S.'tI.ER, John C, asst dlr 'SO, i: 
Plllalmrgh. Pn; b, '«!); prof cho 
.Tame* Mllliklti V. 'JT-'M: uM-j 
la-ai-'lO; (U) worklni 

; (141 1 

rated f 

irked \ 

omrer* to aciure cliapel attendanre thru 
presaure st pub opinion! (17) hclpeil slu 
com finance and manage crs of tccts and 
cihltiit ; (2*j> Phyaleal Hei la H 8 and Tol. 
In S Scl and Math; Vol I Junior Set 'SO; Vol 
n In press; (2B) comoi.'iwi^., •"^Vf*. Sa^^Axiss 
tlim"-, inattV, T^e 1* lA "i-i-a ■*<*■■. ^"^ ^ 


Who's Who and Why in Ajter-War Education 

pg T; actg pres Mi\ dean col 3; war, 4-min 

ilESTON^ John W, pres st uor s, Madison, 

S D. 
HERTZEI/^ B D, pres N H Col of Agr and 

Mech Arts, Durham, N. H. 

HEWITT^ Chafi Elbert, corps consultant war 
plans div, Governor's Island, N Y ; b, 11-8- 
(®; (5) dean of engr, prof elec «ngr, dir tr 
detachment, New Hampshire Col; (7) as ed 
^consultant for ed and recreational program 
of army, wrkd out program for army ss; 
(18) soldier's "balanced daily life" consists 
of mint tr, ed tr, recreation, tr and moral 
tr; (19) ed wrk is to be made available to 
300,000 soldiers; (28) 28 manuals for army 
ss ; (29) bef soldiers ; bef civilian, auds on 
army ss; (31) att col 4, pg 2; t col 13; dean 
10; field 15 yrs practical construction elec 

HfiYDBICK, Benjamin A, chrmu Eng dept, 
H S of Commerce; 155 W 05 St, N Y C; b, 
12-17-71; (21) see 28; (24) mem com on educ, 
Citizens Union, N Y C, '20; (28) Americans 
All '20, short stories chosen to portray 
different phases of natl life at present, for 
h ss; (31) att r 8, r h 4, col 4, pg 2; t ur 
h 18, nor 7; war, exec sec W C C S '18. 

JIIBBEN, John Grier, pres '12 — , Princeton 
U, Princeton, N J; b, 4-19-61; at Princeton 
<H>mmcmt '20 characterized war's after ef- 
fects in part thus: "We have allowed our- 
selves to <seek lower levels of aspiration and 
endeavor . . . Self-interest and self-indulg- 
ence have suddenly asserted themselves . . . 
We have become cowardly in the event of 
responsibility . . . Our symptoms of decad- 
eoce are far reaching and disastrous." 

HICKS^ Frank W, supt '18 — , Clinton, Iowa; 
b, 10-13-71; (5) supt '10-'18; Ames, la; (8) 
"ghowini: ts their strength and their weak- 
ness and emphasizing things that are vital 
and significant"; (9) supr s-pirit of helpful- 
ness, not police duty ; (10) chosen thm meet- 
ingrs of prins and ts; (12) commendation and 
inc responsibility; (13) socializing s work; 
pnpils assume leadership and responsibility 
in planning and doinur; (15) diffs shown by 
tests and measurements; (16) see 13; (17) 
^'social activities under sponsorship; phys 
Activities made real and vital"; (18) s nurse; 
talks on health ; (19> nl els, voc work in 
trades and industries, voc work in home econ 
carried into home; (21) pus hold elections, 
visit council mtgs and court rooms; (23) 
ohil^ aocountinfl: thru entire system, cost 
accounting ace to stnd classif of expendi- 
tures; (25) charting results, studying with 
prins and ts, comparing with results from 
other s systems; (26) improved equipment 
and housing conditions; (29) bef pupils and 
gen pub in cause of educ; (31) t r 2, r h 2, 
ur el 2, ur h 4; supt 16. 

HIDBN, Nannie M. dean Col of Emporia, 
Emporia, Kans; b, 3-17-84; (5) Howard Col, 
dean of woman, Birmingham, Ala, '15-'18; 
col of Marshall. Tex, '18-'19 ; (Georgetown Col, 
Ky, '19-'2Q; (13) stu participation socialized 
ds; (18) see 28; (28) artels in col mag on 
Tsr H&aUh, Hyg of T, Play as a Factor in 

Mdac; (29) bet ta assns, etc; (31) att r 4, 

«>/ 2; t and supr, col 10, 

HUA^ A H, siupt '19 — , Richmond, Va; (5) 
ftsst supt — '19; (7) modem lang crs for 
French and Spanish ts added in nor s; (9) 
freedom in meths given to ts^ prins, suprs, 
who are judged by results; (11) interested 
editors in s needs and secured strong edi- 
torials on spedfle subjs; wk pres« noticee 
on s activities; (13) h s on self govt basis; 
(15) gifted ch ds in one s; psy tests in 
lower grds; (17) banking and thrift move- 
ment; (18) phys tr compulsory for h s 
pus; (19) Indus els for machinists, elec- 
tricians, salesmen, part-time els; (21) 5 ds 
in Amer for foreigners; (29) bef pt-ts assns, 
St ts assn, supt conf, advertisers, rotaxlans. 

HILIi, A Boss, pres U Mo, Columbia, Mo; 
as pres Natl Assn St Univs at Chicago meet- 
ing '19 urged more attention by cols to 
social leadership; "Now a large majority 
of our St univ grads go forth without any 
adequate ideas as to structure and aims of 
democratic soc and govt. Even those trained 
particularly for .social leadership — ^lawyers. 
Journalists, teachers — ^have acquired little 
sodal leadership; "Now a large majority 
less critical Judgment in sodal and political 
matters, and so are not weU fitted for social 
leadership . . . More time must be given 
to sodal studies that explore human life 
and reveal to the stu Ms social world . . . 
C^s in social sci are as a rule . . . too factual 
to be effective educationally" ; Cited new 
crs for '20-'21 at U Mo required of all fresh- 
men in all cols to take 6 hrs a wk thru yr 
on problems in citizenship dealing with econ, 
govt and other aspects of Amer citizenship; 
to make crs more effective and to vitalize 
Instruction in Eng composition all fresh- 
man Eng themes are to be based on this crs. 

HILL, Clyde W, pres st ts col, Springfield, Mo. 

HILL, I>avid S. pres New Mexico U, Albu- 
querque, N M. 

HILL, Edward L, su'pt Westport, Freetown 
and Gosnold towns, Assonet, Mass; b, 4-16- 
70; (5) prin Franklin S, Wakefield, Mass, 
— '18; (7) brought backward dist up to 
stnd by method of administering crs in 
reading, system of presentation in geog and 
hist, improving written expression, daily 
testing in arith, and taking care of indlv 
and els weaknesses. 

HILL^ Howard C, hd dept soc sci, U Chicago 
H S '17 — , S of Educ, U of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111; (6, 7, 8) see 28; (20) important 
part of reg crs; (21) crs Education for 
Foreigners, sumr '19; (28) History for His- 
tory's Sake, to be publ; The Social Sciences 
in the University II S, S Review, 11-19; 
Community Civics, Jrnl of Educ, 11-19; The 
War and the Teaching of History, Hist Ts 
Magazine, 1-18; The Americanization Move- 
ment, Amer Jrnl of Sociology, 5-19; text- 
book, Community Life and Problems, in 
process; (29) on is of civics and other soc 
studies, at ts assns and instit; crs lects on 
History in the Making, bef Milwaukee Col 
Endowment Assn; (31) att nor 1%, col 4, 
pg 2; t r 2, ur h 9, nor 5V^, col 2; supr 
r 1, r h 1. 

HILL, Joseph Abner, pres '18 — , West Tex 
St Nor Co\, Cany on, Tex; b, 10-29-77; (5) 
prof hist atva Yv^l \v\s\. eLe\>\., ^\^-"'\'^\ V>X^ %^\ 

High Spots for Every School 


dlr 4-Diln spkr 
■■II.I>. L B. pms 

... . » Cbnffcv miOQ H 8, I 
nnita Bug. l r S hist nnil d 
4 yre phys cd required for sn 
bMkstorr nwiMsed br i-diii 
b«okfl at t^ 'inn: offers on 

1 In Indm lilst; credit for i 
■IM ctnb mod orctaestnt; crs ]r col agr 24 
pp. illna, offers 1st 2 yre atnd agr col wrk; 
■f"" -rojHt ed; |19) eatab 7 brancfi b m, d ' 
■ "" ■' ■ " • (Hided 2 T 

, Chaffer Unl 

■tod VDR M' ii col; (2S) BnlldlDK ■ Comm 
H 8, Xt pp, lUns: (31) t I 4, r h 9; prln 9; 

, In cliarce ed for aoldlers 
ATtation Plfld. 
HILI'. Vatty SI, ns 
lumbla II, N V C. 

■ prof ed, Ts Col, 

BII.I. Sallie, field ngt N E A, 1201 16tb St. 

N W, WEishlnf-toii, D C. 
BII.I.EnAR. Sliln B, prof cd, T« Co], Columbia 

U, N Y C, 
HIIXHATT. 4nlin I., pres Simpson Col, Indl- 

nnola, Iuh-ji. 
HnXS, E C, prof rnninniM; lnnB3 iind hd dept, 

iDdtana V, IlloomlDRtoii, Ind; b, 7-2-9?; (8) 

"^ InTCStiBBllng deslruMlltr of 

recinlrliie cmrral < 

1 Ini 

■ Ubsral arts; (10) 


Spaniah Cr*. 'IT; Hh War Proved Oar 
Methods of Tb Modern lianas In Coll 
WroDK, 93" in pi) slum In Mod Lang Jral. lO-'lB; 

111 Mod 

.. iBlate nercdln', „ 

Mortem I^ng Notes. 12-'19: 

Did Kri'i 

Po'pularit)' o( Spiiniflh pTaja "judged 
Number of Bng Tranalntlons. Jn niapanln, 
3-'20; Onr Threefold Keeda, In Mod Lnng 
Jrni, l«>-'20; other artcla In mod lang Jrals. 
HIHELICK. B W. aupt. Ft Wofoe. Ind; (S> 
llbcralEwd h s ers study and held comm 
mtgs to hrlnc 5s eloaer to pub, see 7; (71 
U eom mined rn In Eng. arlth, hist, geor- 
clvtes. jr b s; spirit and meth further ex- 
pIslDed In 2 pamphleta on soctallied nvltii. 
SI and 38 pp, «lvln« raotliea and meth. 6 
oulliiii'S and 6 metb, composition, els tll9- i 
cosatoni, spec In^lv disciiasJonB, InTCBtlga- \ 
t/oa^ anil dlacasBione by men and * 

vomen connected with actlrltteB, dramatlsa- 
:loa; matertali Khlota pni c*a OM oa 
■human ntllltlaii and progTeaa of am" 
jamtiUed b; pub Ubrary, eh depti ■■>- 
^rete aasseMloos tor pn Dandnot«d alai 
:rs study In Sag. 7- '20, 63 pp, bItcb 8 
i:)stc principles. 10 pts of view, IT almi for 
■iich yrs t-omiioBltloQ. wrk befiianing "dl»- 
■over in what sulija ch are intereated and 
ineourage theni to communicate freely their 
boughts on those subjs" ; ismple oompoal- 
lone, yriy irda; grd -t 9tory reproduction 

1 — ..„ -■■mtloD than atory eompoBl- 

jrda pntctlnl auttectlona 
ontrlb by Ft Wayne ta; arltb era prep by 

I iiati 

. geoB, 

ard* probloDM nltbout nnmb 

dries crs, 56 PP. beginning " ,„. 

ence of ch Id living immediate Hfe of wblcii 
they »re a part forma IhibIs lu 1st grd"; 
actlvitlea center In turn Hbout home, Im- 
medtnte neighbor hood, farm and Indian 
tribe: Indlitn lite Is studied to contrast alm- 
pllelty ot primitive life with our more Cora- 
plkiiled niunaer of providing food and other 

Indian villB^e 

. htat, Ft 

«i Indians, what 

questions like why 

percd ns French, in what oonntry In Barope 
would you rather live and why, ahow how 
Swilzerlnnd la plnygronnd of IHirope; Jr 
h a r-Tt, by com at 1, SS PP, b^lna with 
advaotaaea Dated by at bd S-'IS Incl pro- 
mnllnii by aiibj, testing or exploration of 
indlv luitltudea, recognition of peculiar 
needs o( retarded ns well as super-normal 
pus, directed or supr study and wrk, ed and 
Toc guidance, directed social uiid eitra- 
cnrrle activities: 1st ling era aludy beglna 
'-thinking is after nil the most ImpartHnt 
thing": lUte 7 exDara tor DQsAtlafaotory wrfc 
in Fompoaltlon '- "--' '- ^ '■ 

anbj> fereUn 

ext and exprrlenFe; Practical Suggestions by 
I't Wnyue Ts Inel "how to secac« freedom 
of speech, pus must Jeel t is friend, let good 
apkps appear on annie program with more 
ifmld ones, let lat talks be upon anbjs thor- 
ourdily familiar to (hem and andienae"! 
auditorium wrk pp 24-2ri incl spec day pro- 
j:i;ini. dramatization . debatea. abort story, 
appreoliitiiin of music, current events; hist 

Idrntlfy; math crs <«lla tor anphs; (6) 
tralnloa In how to be supervised; lubj given 
al!ia In rxt leits and bet ts awna in many 
Nt4 baaed upon Held ekam o( sapervl^on In 
■21 rItlHi (11) frequent mimeographed repts 
;iiid ttuggestlotia to ts and l>d, local press; 
(m rivir rluba Id all aa; (.1^) opportnnlty 
l<i: (201 reorganized vac ss; (21) mock elec- 
tions, '20; ranipirian elvtcs and labor dvlcsi 
1221 estnli playground a^*', WA wjwinA. tat. 

«nA mW «%t^ 
e S»l>«r 

-, "AV, ^Vt 1 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

nor 2, col 3, pg 2; t r 3, nor 6, col 5; pres 
nor 4. 

HINE, ChAs D, sec St bd ed, resigned '20, 
Winsted, Conn; '17-'20 conducted at Yale 
grad crs in s admn for suprs; offered field 
training: opportunities in at dept to men 
preparinsr for supr; had st dept conduct 
surveys of township s systems at request of 
local oomsj with post card repts to patrons 
•summarizing- one phase after another, ending 
with, invitation to attend pub mtgr for dis- 
cussion ot conditions, needs and next steps; 
repts later issued in bulletins; had st S'Uprs 
of township ss meet, at smmr s, ts employed 
for next yr to plan 1st steps; had all new 
ts helpfully visited at least twice 1st fort- 
night; installed township model, ts paid 
extra to help ts at model s or own s; liad 
pub demonstration instits where ts drew 
lots to see wlio should give els lesson in 
el subjs; in S't office assigned magazines 
among suprs for reading, marking and high 
spotting; during war issued 2 dept bulle- 
tins giving short stories of 8 diff countries 
at war; set aside half-day each wk to in- 
sure reg and separate emphasis upon war 

HIX£S, liinnaeus N, st supt '19 —, Indian- 
apolis, Ind; b, 2-12-71; (5) supt Crawfords- 
vlUe '08-'19; (10) advocates free textbks for 
Ind; (11) st-wide s wk campaign to ad- 
vance Ind's ss from 17th to 1st place; liter- 
ature sent out from st dept incl suggested 
program for campaign rallies, pamphlets 
Why Does Ind Rank 17? What Is Needed 
to Advance Ind's S System to 1st Place? 
Some Facts Concerning Ind Ss; (12) helped 
get min sal scale of $800; (14) t-recruiting 
campaign; (18) registered nurses may be 
emiployed in ss same as ts; (27) st-wide 
com of citizens helped direct st-wide cam- 
paign; (31) att r, ur el, ur h, col, pg; t ur el, 
ur h; supr ur el, ur b, voc; supt ur el, ur h, 

HINKHOrSE, J F, pres Lenox Col, Hopkin- 
ton, la. 

HINTON, R E, CO supt Madison Co, Canton, 
Miss; (12) luc sals of tg-prins in consol ss 
to $1800 and ts to $100 min; (17) estab play 
day for all grds; (19) consol 6 small ss with 
well estab ss, providing motor transportation 
for pus ; (22) changed horse drawn to motor 
s conveyances; ss repainted; sanitary closets 
in all ss; equip furnished; (26) secured 
local 2-mill CO levy, which with st tax de- 
pendent on it supplied Improvements in sals 
and equip. 

HIXSON, Fred W, pres Allegheny Col, Mead- 
ville, Pa. 

HOAD, Wm C, prof sanitary engr, U Mich, 
Ann Arbor, Mich; b, 1-11-74; (7) recomnd 
to com on programs of study of col of 
engr that col ntust be definitely related to 
every Indus of consequence in st; that pro- 
gram be changed gradually rather than 
precipitately; that all langs except Eng be 
placed in optional group; that Eng and 
Amer hist, lanflL-and lit be made more at- 
tractive and accessible to stn; that options 
A^ »aowed in 1st 2 yrs In psy, polit sci; 
Z^ * '^ «'!»#« ofaifpii yr every stn he checked 
ai? to see tbat be has met all essential re- 

quirements; that 1st 2 yrs should be kept 
"pretty ^ee of bread-and-butter crs"; that, 
if 5th yr be added, it be only in grad wrk 
for stus whose avg marks for Jr and sr yrs 
has been above B; (31) att col 4, pg 4; t col 
12; field, 10 yrs consulting civil and sanitary 
engr; war, C mos major, 7 mos It-col, sani- 
tary corps, USA, advisory engr to surgeon 
gen on water supply and general camp 
sanitation ; other, 5 yrs chief engr, Kan st 
bd hialth. 

HODGES, Lieroy, aide to governor of Va. 
Richmond, Va; helped formulate and direct 
budget studies of all activities receiving st 
support incl st dept ed, 5 nor ss, col of Wni 
and Mary, st univ, Va Poly Instit, Va Milit 
Instit, 2 ss for deaf and blind, and ed serv- 
ices of correctional insts. 

HOEHN, Beatrice Eva, instr biology, li s, Car- 
linville, 111.; b, 12-29-83; (16) complete crs 
in first aid to h s students, as taught by 
bureau of mines ; work approved by bureau 
and exams conducted by supts of mine res- 
cue stations; 68 h s stu grad in this course, 
holding cert 111 bureau of mines: (31) att ur 
el 8, ur h 4, col 4, pg sumr; t r 3, ur h 8; 
war, CO sec R C; jr R C chrmn. 

HOFF, Freeman H, supt, Washington, Mo; b, 
10-4-G4; (6) visits to parents of pupils; (S) 
t tr els in h s; (14) see 8: (lf>) promoting 
when ch proves ability witliout waiting for 
reg time; (17) edit and supr mo s bulletin : 
(18) drilling in health habits and keeping 
records ; (21) t importance of acitual citizen- 
ship during reg s work; (22) s bid used for 
citizens meetings; (25) stnd tests used. 

HOFFMAN, Mrs A H, supt 'IS — . Polk Co. 
Des Moines, la; b, 1881; (5) pres Des Moines 
s bd '17-'18; (6) st fair exhibit of co ss '19, 
second honors; 8th grd promotion exercises 
in 15 country comm; (8) cre^lit work at 
study centers, — ts may earn 10 hrs col work; 
(12) ts bonus for stnd ss; prof credit allowed 
for sumr s work; 25% sal in<T in '20; inc 
for first grd and st certificates: (15) placing 
defective children in proper ss ; Ix^ttor grad- 
ing of r ss : (16) s gardens, making of grad 
dresses by h s girls; (17) declnmatory con- 
tests between ss; (18) co nurse; use of 
"liealth chores"; some hot lunches at noon; 
nutrition cIs; (19) org mothers' clubs: comm 
mtgs; (20) mem Amer com app by st supt: 
(21) civics t in grds 1-8 in all r ss; (22) all 
day mtgs in each township; co-operation 
with farm orgs; (24) mem co supt st legis 
com on revision of s laws ; (25) s grounds, 
bid, and equip surveyed; ts qualifications 
in relation to sals surveyed; (26) 3 consol 
dists; new h s erected; 20 r ss standardized; 
(27) spkrs' bureau for country ss; (28) Rural 
Ed, People'^s Popular Monthly, 9-10 ; (29) in- 
stit lect; pt-ts orgs; health work; citizen- 
ship and civics; (31) att r 8, ur h.4, nor 3, 
col 2, pg 1; t r 1, ur el 4, ur h 5: supr r 2; 
supt 2; s bd 3; field, instit work. 

HOFFMAN^ J W^ pres Ohio Wosleyan U, Dela- 
ware, O, 

HOFF3IAN, M J, pres Central Col, Pelhi, la. 

HOLrCH, B E. instr manl art '18 — . Chadron 
Nor. Chadron, Neb; b, 1886; (5) Alliance h s, 
'16-'18, Neb ; (7) devised course of hand work 
suitable to t sa vjIvot© ecv^V^ «^Tvd wvateriala 

High Spots for Every School 


are laoklngr; (14) r ts for manl art work; 
(28) Bookbinding?, Freehand Lettering. Me- 
cbanical Drawing?, Rural Manual Training, 
in process; (20) Oommunlty Needs and 
Jfaniial Trainlnar, bef Neb S T A; (31) att 
col 1; t ur h 1%, col 1. 

HOIiCOMB, MarcuR H, governor, Hartford, 
Conn; in spring '20 issued proclamation set- 
ting aside wk for st-wide attention to s 

HOUOEN, Louis Edward, pres '20 — , James 
MiUikin U, Decatur, 111 ; (5) assoc sec gen 
bd of ed, Pres Church USA; (12) sal inc 
33% (22) $1,000,000 endowment, $10,000 for 
lib books, $5,000 for sci apparatus, $10,000 
for plant improvement; (31) att col, pg 3; t 
col 8; pres col 17; field, see 5. 

HOLiDEN, P G, sec agr ext dept Internjitlonal 
Harvester Co, Chicago, 111; surveys and 
' repts on local and st ss, helps outline «i 
programs espec for r ed, issues illus bul- 

HOI/I4AND, K O, pres Washington State Col, 
Pullman, Wash. 

HOI/IiAND8. Kdmund H. prof philosophy, U 
Kan, Lawronco, Kan; h, 1-11-79; (28) Some 
Comments on Instrumentalism, In essays in 
honor of J 10 Creighton '17; Progress in 
Philosophical Inquiry, in Philos Rev, 5-'17; 
<1raughted r(»i)t sub-com of inquiry by Amer 
Assn Univ Prof into Colorado Col; (31) att 
spec 5, col 4, pg3; t spec 2, col 16, incl 
pg 15; supr S. 

HOIiLIDAV, f'arl, dean col arts, dir nl ses, 
U Toledo, Toledo, O; b, 3-2-79; (5) dir ext 
dlv; (7) prepared lesson sheets on hist for 
Y M C A AM of France; (10) in Amer and 
EnflT lit had Ntus write own texts bks as 
they profcreHHed ; (16) directed writing of 
B A and >f A theses on Toledo subjs; (19) 
devp cIs in factories and ofHoes; t Engr com- 
position to police force; (28) pamphlet The 
Municipal I'niv, 2.S pp, "independent of 
caprices of millionaires, free from domina- 
tion of ignorant and prejudiced st legisla- 
tors, irainins: entliusiastic good will of com- 
pact body of i>eople thru unceasinfir service 
to them, tlie city univ is most truly demo- 
cratic form of advanced ed known to 
man"; grammar of Present Day Engr; 
Engr for KHii-iency; (20> talks in Toledo on 
Municipal T; C'A) att ur h 3. col 5; t ur h 4, 
nor 3, col 1 1 ; war, 9 mos Y M C A In France; 
t Eng t(» Itiissian exiles in France. 

HOLT.INGKK. John A, dir nature study and 
s gardens, and assoc prof. 'J9 — . U Pitts- 
l)urgh, 722 Fulton Bid, Pittsburgh, Pa; b, 
8-16-77; rn) el s prin '17-'19; (6) definite 
aims ability to produce, Joy in creative wrk, 
live properly with plenty of air and sun- 
lisht; helped org Natl Council of Garden 
Ts; (7) revised crs on nature study and 
gardening for IMttsl)urgh ss ; (8) advocates 
project metli and practices with class at u; 
type project, proper use and conservation 
of natural gas; (9) org: and supr platoon s^ 
spec prepared ts t preferred subJs, reducing 
number of spec suprs; (16) initiates such 
projects as bid garden tool boxes and tool 
houses, correlates gardening and nature 
study with industrial tr; (17) uses lantern 
slides; (19"» ext crs; (22) home gardens; 

(28) Outline of Nature Study and School 
Gardens, to appear shortly; (29) AdTantages 
of Teaching Profession, h s assembly; Place 
of Nature Study in Currlc, ts instit; Com- 
munity Spirit* comm mtgs; Enterprise. 
commcmt afldr; (31) att r 8, nor 2%, col 4, 
pg 2% ; t r 2, ur el 1, ur h 3; supr 12; dir 
1; war, reserve militia, pub safety com; 
other, sec-treas Natl Council of Garden Ts. 

HOL.I.IS, I N, pres, Worcester Poly lust, "Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

HOLI.ISTER, Mrs Clay H, treas Mich Comm 
Council Commission "19 — , 521 E Fulton St, 
Grand Rapids, Mich; b, 3-7-63; (19) pro- 
posed plan for "perpetual scholarship fund 
in memory of men and women from Mich 
who gave their lives in war against Ger- 
many," to be given to grads of p ss for 
study In st universities and cols, with prefer- 
ence to r pupils; (27) see 19; (29) on stu 
nurse recruiting, bef- Y W C A clubs, fed 
of mothers' clubs, h ss. 

HOLMKS, Arthur, pres Drake U, Des Moines, 
lu; 1), '72; (5) dean Penn St Col, Pa; (7) 
founded s commerce, finance and Jrnlsm to 
suit need« of local business; (11) chamber 
commerce aided in exploiting s of com- 
merce; stu-gettlng centralized in 1 dept so 
that effects of certain advertising can be 
determined; use of leafiets, letters rather 
than catalogs; (12) profs engaged on 12 
mos basis with 1 mo holiday; 8 mo leave of 
absence every 2 yrs for further study; (13). 
acad council of full profs to supt acad mat- 
ters; (16) Indus arts dept ts illustrating, 
comrl art, etc; practice court in law «; (18) 
nied woman to exam ts and train women 
stus; (19) ext div, with depts for home 
study, lyceum arts, comm service, minis- 
terial supply of pastorless churches, extra- 
mural els at ni in city; (21) thru boy scouts; 
(22) printing plant installed; (23) specialist 
in each dept for tg, discipline, and busi- 
ness admn. so that tg force has only to t; 
f20) $."100,000 endowment fund; (27) men from 
spe«* lines address each dept. 

HOLMES. Henry W, dean s ed Harvard U, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

HOLMKS, Hilary Herbert, pres St Nor S. 
Daphne, Ala; b. 11-12-82; (24) fought bef 
legis '19 to retain st nor s at Daphne; (27) 
?30,000 being secured largely from locality 
to niitch sum from st ; (29) bef Ala ed assn 
19 Synopsis of Hist Tg In Ala; (31) att r 
10, r h 3, nor 3, col 4, pg 3; t r 3, ur h 7, 
col 5 sumr; other, Ala senate *14-*18. 

iroLMES, Joseph I), in business, NYC, resi- 
dence, 90 High St, Orange, N J; (6, 11, 19, 
29, 31, war) frecpient letters to president 
and wide distriljution of other letters and 
artels, reprinted at own expense, on Bol- 
shevism, rreventable War Time Waste, 
League of Nations Issues, County Waste, 

HOLMKS. Stanley H, supt '06 — . New Britain, 
Conn; I), '(U»; (7) now revising; (24) chrmn 
st ts com SOS "Save Our Schools" st wide 
<'ampaign for more and l)ctter ts and better 
support with post card series giving essen- 
tial facts about t shortage, t sals, etc. 

IIOLMRS. William U, 9»>\\>\. 'W — ,"^>X."^«x^^^ 

Ifho's Who and Why in After-War Education 

Kith A E F IQ France, dlr personnel anij gen i 
aelc! Bupr for ed wrk; (61 bj addr, suptg I 
■nd press repls hna tried to keep before pub 

ind ts Idea of < 

thui printed U 
riUce whoJIy r 

nydny IKc tma that 
■; (T) en cDDstanMy 

Ik t told where h 
to »et other t !>■ 

C U weak; tS r>ltl 

iuat wtiitt la expected; prla and te talk over 
togethei the raUnss and prtng miHt be able 
la Juatlfy ratlnga: rating sheets i pp, sten- 
tlled; B houaekefViiiB 8 heads; coutrol of els 
T; spirit at <tIs s, Inel la there ntmoaphere 

; BbiUtr ! 

lade to feel welcome, _ _ __ 

In supr study : prof and BOdsl spirit 

"■"" "' — ' '-'- prtde in giving 

pablk-ity to good points . ... 

HoBOl equipment 9, beginning "Is t vigorous 
or ncalt" and ending "does t realize thai 
It iK nn essential duty to keep nelt?"; ts 
rept resnlts of visiting day on stencdl forms, 
7 headings for suggestions tnd room equip, 
room decoration, general nt mo sphere, work 
of ts, work o( pua, respouBlblHtj and Ini- 
tiative developed lu pus ; |1D) chosen largely 

bd! an; book whldi t or prin desires niaj' 
be naed as rererenre book; (11) wkly notes 
In local paper, supts mo rept usually publ 
in tull; bond Issues and other needs advt 
by notices to parents by eb; last bond issae 
snccesa largely dne to Mtera whicli pus 
wrolo home to parents; (12) supt and auprs 

i days eadi yr visiting 
other so and make repts on spec rept blank; 
113) self govt grd orgs for several yrs; 
helped frame recent sal ached: In '20 s 
eouacil tonned of pnlns and elected ts from 
each of W ss met mo with supt; (U) pam- 
phlet Why 1 dl«trlb to nppei els pus In h s; 


faalf yr largely as 

empi for both slow auu 

older pus make biackbd 

It; s 

■ '17 s 

rut ti 

Mt Vernon first cUy In ( 

1 of li 

s for 

pub library, ss taking turns; (IB) had healtb 
club wrk long before R C plan; bome bath- 
ing by cb, p s baths, cb weicbed, milk and 
iraeker lunches famished; (IS) alDce 'IT 
lucl lects, comm singing, motLera clubs, 
home and s asBos, comm center wrk; (20) 
dllTercntlateal crs In T and 8 grds and s of 
ludua arts where pus given try-out; periods 
of 10 wks each In i branches at Indus oc- 
cupation and then allowed to select for 2nd 

Amer wrk thru u. aa, tirmu, vmicn auu 

co-op with Rotary; (22) hot waier baths in 
several ss; bids used for comm wrk, pub 
forums and pnb polling places; no reason- 
able request for use refused; large comm 
playground being devpd near h s; (23) new 
system of keel>lng track of Indlv pns; (25) 
ill '17 prins club gave yr to studying p s 

ann rept; |28) In less than 7 yrs 36 dlft 
mems have serrod on bd of ed under B dlCf 

t and i 

t thmn In 

ch then comm then taipayec; 1 prcs who 
was at first emphatically opposed to all 
forms ol play and athl became such sup- 
porter that when be died comm named big 
athl fleld after him ; (2T) olvio agencies Incl 
labor orgs have helped secure fund above 
per capita of other cities same slie group 
to fit local ch needs; (28) Self-Survey, ann 
rept 'IT wltb cartoons nud graphs, lists 
wellness, needs, high spots; system't ann 
rept for 'IS prepared by acting supt has 
i^arloons. graphs, tables, suggentleiis from 
priaa ud ts on Improving wrk; (29) bef 

end i 

HOLTON. Kdwln I«e, prof ed, St Agr 
Munhnttan, Kan; b, 12-15-70; (5) dean s 
(0) cnrrlc " ' --■--- — 

of social 


eeon n 


(14 a 

) worked 

out series 

in TO 

e gnid 

rneo; (26} 

in trod giving 



o Ml 

(28) Econ 

Geog of K 

<29) a 

g 1 wkly 



■Wves of Came. 

V^ Quid 

and Dlredio 

att I S. 

r h 4, pf 


h r,. 

cii io 

aupi 10; 

France.' r 


f maj 


3; «-a 

, 1 yr In 

MOI.TON, Holl 



'19 — 


5-13-SS; iS) prln Vest Durham, asBt 
) supt, Instr pub spk Trinity Col, 'IT-'lfl; 
10) mem N C St H S textbook com, sec to 
im, acting as sub-coni on hist, civ, geog, 
ac, and related subjs: (IS) oo sal sched 

con duet wkly aaaemb: 
dli out city hj'dra 

shott-tenm n t 

High Spots for Every School 


thamselTeg; (31) att ur el 4, ur h 4, col 4, 
pgr 3; t ur h 1; supr 10; supt 1. 

HOI«TZCIiAW, Benjamin Clark^ Jr, prof phil- 
osophy, Mercer U, 210 Ooleman Av, Macon, 
Ga: b, 7-28-94; (5) prof modern lauys, '19-'20; 
(31) att r 6, r h 3, col 3, pg 3; t col 2; war, 
2d It, U S army, »17-'19. 

HONBYCIJTT, A W, supt »19 — , Henderson- 
vlUe, N C; b, 7-11-82; (5) war Y M C A 
in Pla; after war Y M C A in S C, '17-'19; 
(7) introd p g music, manl tr and voc Bgr; 
(9) empl primary supr; (10) co chmm h h 
tcQctbook com; (11) local newspapers: (12) 
sal inc and promotion; (16) advanced cl in 
eommnnity civ secured data for co s consol 
and improvement of city water supply, etc; 

(17) thrift soc, lit soc, plays, pageants, ))oy 
scontcraft, interscholastfc debates and athl: 

(18) med exams; estab ch playirround and 
enapl dir; phys ed correlated with health 
insp; (20) personally conducted d in voc 
ffutdanee, 90 in cl. chiefly 8th and 9th irrd 
boys and ffirls; (21) els conducted by speci- 
ally tr t in all grds from 4 to 11 incl; (22) 
caatnpus pub parlc in sumr; women's club 
mtc In h s bid; s bid as community center; 
secured bond issue; for 7-acre h s campus 
and additional playground for Jr h s; (23) 
arith tests; specialist helping improve acct 
system; (24) propaganda for tax on un- 
earned in(M>me to supplement new revalu- 
a^on act revenue for ss; (27) from women's 
club and city commission ; (29) on s consol, 
health ed and insp, better ts and better 
equip, etc, bef agr club, commencements, 
etc; (31) att spec and col 13, pg 2 trms; t 
10; supt 1; field, stu agt Furnian U and 
Fitting S; war, see 5. 

KOOD, Walter D, prin '08 — , Gilbert s, Win- 
sted. Conn; b, 1872; (19)* added a^r cr«; (22) 
ran evening: session once from 5 to 9:30. 
brinringr about 400 visitors to bid to see reg 
s wrlc, no deviation from usual program 
being made; (24) as mem st bd ed instru- 
mental in getting plans for new $1,000,000 
nor s at New Britain ; helped as chrm com 
to draft legis for largely inc st support of 
pub ss; (26) 4 tuition scholarships and 2 
cash scholarships for undergrads; (27) $2r»0(). 
interest for scholarship in nor or col; 
similar fund being raised by alumni. 

HOOD, Wm Ross, asst in s adm, U S bu ed, 
♦06 — , 2900 Q St NW, Washington, D C; 
b. 5-23-74; (6) ann review for bu of current 
ed lit and preparation and distrib of Legis 
Circular during sessions of legislatures; (11) 
contrib to School Life and to Americaniza- 
tion, formerly issued by bu ed ; (19) s law 
corresp for bu ed ; advice and assistance on 
])ill drafting; (28) Hist Pub Ed in Alabami. 
in U S bu ed bul '19 No 41; (31) att r sev 
yrs, r h 4, col 4, pg spec; t r 1, r h 1. 
sumr 1, col 2. 

HOOYHR, Herbert, educator in chief '14-'21 In 
100% thinking about relief, food conserva- 
tion, food mobilization, obligation of gen- 
eral public to familiarize itself and think 
straight about labor problems; office com- 
bined relief services, 42 Broadway, NYC. 

HOOVER, H D, pres Carthage Col, Carthage, 

HOPE, Jobn. pros Morehouse Col, Atlant*. Ga. 

HOPKINS^ Ernest M, pres Dartmouth Col, 
Hanover, N H; in 4-*20 writing to Instit for 
Pub Service of t sOiortflge Incl among its 
causes: "the tendency toward vexations pre- 
scriptions and irritating standardixaMone far 
beyond what is necessary for effectiveness 
in wric, the net results of which constantly 
decrease the opportunity for self-expressioD 
in ts wrk . . . Add to this the present 
demoiializing and demeaning interference of 
legis cam«, s bds and self -acclaimed patrtoti, 
defining what may be mentioned and pro- 
scribing variou<s topics and vaidous metbs, 
and you have what is essentially an at^tacic 
on the self-respect of ts. which neceoonrlly 
results promptly in a reduction of the tg 
force of the country that tends to sap It 
of its vitality. Thus the whole morale of 
the service i« gradually shattered . . ." 
He also questioned "the advisability of the 
methods of some of the drives for increflsed 
salary for col ts, offering sal relief with one 
hand, but with the other needlessly taklnc 
away a considerable proportion of the self- 
respect which is more precious to meet men 
and women than needed salary, even." 

HOPKINS, James F, dir nor art s, Bostoa, 

HOPKINS, Mary Murray, assoc prof astron- 
omy, Smith Col, Northampton, Mass; b. 
.'-18-78; (o) ed councillor and dir, Northover 
Camp, Bound'brook, N J, sumrs '19, *20; (14) 
tries "to make best pus understand how 
entirely content and hapipy" successful tg is; 
(17) flac adviser for Smith Col Assn for 
Christian W'rk; fac adviser to Epis Stiis 
Cbureh Club; (19) univ ext lects; as dir 
sumr camp conducted by Christodora Settle- 
ment, pla-nned nature study groups, debates, 
open forums, entertainments, with Bmall 
telesco'pe gave talks on astronomy, travel 
talks, ran small library; superintends winter 
wrk of group of smaall N Y boys from 
sumr camp banded together as Junior as- 
tronomers; (31) att spec 11, col 4, pg 4 
part -sessions; t spec 5, col 14. 

HOPKINS, Timothy, capitalist, Nev Bnk Bid. 
San Francisco, Cal ; b. 3-2-59 ; treas, bd of 
trustees, Stanford U; former mem and pres 

HORN, P W, supt Houston, Tex; b, 4-30-70; 
(7) ss orip on 6-3-2 basis; (8) so^alised 
recitation, dept method for intermediate 
grds; (11) S Mirror publ bi-mo and sent 
to every parent, furnishes means of com- 
munication between supt and home and 
means of publ wrlc of pus; (13) ts orff and 
prins ore: select ts council to act in advisory 
capacity to supt and bd; (15) all h s enb^ 
elective; only su'bj taken by practically all 
is Eng ; (16) ss publ Book of Houston writ- 
ten by pus of intermediate grds. now used 
as text; (17) one el s has "s city'' with 
mayor and other officials; h s has }t Clam- 
ber commerce; (16) s physician with staff 
of 14 nurses; (19) ni s enrolment of 8/MIO 
white and 1,000 colored; Saturday afternoon 
cIs for young women; (21) cooperate witii 
immigration bur wh sends names of newly 
arrived immigrants; formal exercises for els 
of newly made citizens; (22) ss nsed as 
c4»mm centers \ <t\i -w^^b-x* Va«a*> >»- '«««*^ 
every A\fA\ TCi«il\i*T«: «r\fc ^X^^NsA. 'S©^ vr*».- 


Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

ing; adTocated one-Htory el as; (24) aided in 
g^tiing amend removin« limit of taxation 
which 8 districts migrfat vote upon tlMim« 
selves for s purposes; (25) eahch t asked to 
.rate efficiency of each supervisory officer in 
system; srds compiled and publ; (27) priy- 
ate citizen contributed hall amt necessary 
to secure coordinator of wrk under Smith 
Hug-bes law; after 1st yr city assumed ex- 
pense; (28) co-author New Aimer series 
readers ; Ho^ Does Supt £>arn His Sal, in Sw 
S Review; (31) att col 4; t r 1, ur h 3, col 
2; supt 20. 

HOBNBEAK, S L, pres Trinity U, Waxa- 
hachie, Tex. 

HOTSON, John W, asst prof botany, U Wash, 
Seattle, Wash; (31) war, experimental wrk 
on sxrhaarninn moss to determine value as 
suricicai dres'sins; suprd sphagnum dress- 
ings lor northwest div R C. sihipped over- 
seas more than 50,000 dressings, and wrkd 
on order lor $1,000,000 more. 

HOTTBNSTEIN, Chas 8, supt '20 — . Con- 
shohocken, Pa; b, 2-7-91; (5) prin h s. New 
Albany, Pa, '16-*17; hd Bug dept h s. Green- 
port, N Y, '17-'19; prin, Conshohocken H S. 
'19-'20; (8) ts rate own defects and good 
qualities; (11) urges s needs in local papers; 
(13) stu council; fac and stu adviser; (22) 
Chautauqua; (31) t r h 1, ur h 3; supt 1. 

HOUGHTON, H P, pres CJarroU Col, Wau- 
kesha. Wis. 

ton, Mass; ed dept; stresses thru profes- 
sional and basic texts ed tests and meas- 
urements, health tr, adjustment of curric 
to demands of life, increasing necessity and 
scope of s siipr^ importance of r s and comm 
oooperation, emphasis on thrift in texts of 
arith civics and supplementary readAnic, im- 
provement of s plant, choosing of texts, 
silent reading as fundamental in connection 
with all «ubjs, Amer problem; "these books 
in every case represent a step forward in 
tg and not merely new comipetitors In same 

HOWABD, Daniel, giiipt, Windsor, Conn ; b, 
12-15-G4; (5) supt and dir Americanization 
*19-'20; (6) since war has placed added em- 
pihasis upon learning by doing and convic- 
tion that utilitarian studies and methods 
are not inferior in cultural value to studies 
traditionally classed as cultural; (8) lab 
and socialized methe being: introd; (10) in- 
trod current magazines and newspapers into 
clsrm and recitation wrk; large numbers 
are paid for by town, and pue form dubs 
to purchase others; (13) helped org: system 
of pu self 8:ovt for jswme ss; (15) promo- 
tion by subjs; since '18 have ceased to re- 
quire ipu to take all subjs in same grd; see 
6. 10; debates and forum discussions; (17) 
incl folk dancing and wireless club«; (21) 
new ni ss; (22) motion pictures daily for 
pu« and ni oooasionally for parents; (23) 
"never h«d much red tape to reduce"; (25) 
use of stnd tests stimulated ; (28) plays used 
before close of war incl Liberty Hall S, 
Fight for Freedom; Conn HUst issued by st 
dept, 8T pp, 10 ohapt duel Conn in War and 
Peace; thru world war '20; now revising 
/^. ^^ America ndzatioD, publ first bef war ; 
C2»J travel lect on Waeb, Paris, Switzerland, 

Kheiu ; (31) att r, ur h 1, col; t r, ur h 11; 
supr ur 16; pg wrk in absentia; war, local 
dir thrift sales in as; Jr R C, dlr Juvenile 
exihi'bits for agr assn. 

HOWARD, B li, (pres Fargo Col, Fargo, N D. 

HOWARD, George Jr, St repr Row Peterson 
Pub Co, '20 — , Tarboro, N C; b, 5-11-93: 
(5) CO supt Edgecombe Co, N C, '16-'20; (18) 
promoting modem health crusade; (22) co 
wide consol with transportation of pu. 

HOWE, Charles Sumner, pres Case S Applied 
Sci, Cleveland, O; b, 9-20-58; (8) dwells 
nnore upon fundamentals and less upon 
specialdzation ; (31) war, mem com on ed, 
council natl defense. 

HOWE, Sherman Jj, supt, Carthtage, N Y; b, 
8-16-(J8; (22) org and prepared constitution 
for Carthage Cooperative Dd Assn '18; aided 
in forming plans for $300,000 sr central h s 
and comm center. 

HOWiE, T C, pres Butler Col, Indianaipolis, 

HUBBARD, George W^ pres, Meharry Med 
Col, '76 — , Nashville, Tenn; b, 8-11-41; 
(19) first medical college opened in Southern 
States for colored stus — has graduated about 
1800 medical, 400 dental and 300 pharma- 
ceutical stus, about two-thirds those in US; 
referred to by Carnegie Foundation for the 
Advancement of Tg as "a most creditable 

HUBBEIilij George A, pres I/incoln Memorial 
V, Harrogate, Tenn. 

HUBER, Harvey Evert, dean, col liberal arts 
'19 — . Ohio Northern U, Ada, O ; b, 3-19-S4 ; 
(5) prof biology. Bluffton Col, O; '18 field 
plant pathologist with U S dept agr; (7) 
advocate of quarter plan for col, shortenincr 
col crs of 4 yrs of 9 mos to 3 yrs of 12 mos ; 
(18) secured welfare dir to look after stu 
health in univ; (23) devised new registration 
system; (29) Art of Living, bef h s 
commcmts, farmers convs and instits; (31) 
att r 8, spec 3, col 4, pg 2; t r 3, ur h 2, 
col 8; war, cereal disease survey sumr '18 
with U S govt. 

HUFF, Georice A, dir athl and phys ed for 
men, '95 — , Men's Gym, U 111, Urbana, 111; 
b, '72; (7) started Ist 4-yr ors in athl coach- 
ing:, leadinflT to B S degree, preparing athl 
coaches, phys ed ts and dirs; (28) chapt 
on Stratiegy and Tactics of Baseball in Ray- 
oroft's Mass Physical Training. 

rtUGHES, Chais C, supt, Sacramento, Cal; b, 
11-7-68; (8) perfected companion ds system 
— spec subjs in rooms to fit subj, plan en- 
ables 2 els to use primary els room, 1 and 
1/3 to use grammar grd rooms; (9) snprs 
wrk extends from 1st grrd thru h s; (11) 
ann repts profusely illus; (12) protecting 
ts from polit interference; (13) secured 
supt's advisory council of ts; (14) used h t 
girls in emergrency, giving them taste for 
tg; (17) s bands in each s; R C, s paper, 
etc; (19) afternoon sewing, millinery, nurs- 
ing ds for women ; (20) estab dept voc 
guidance; (21) els in naturalization; (22) 
finished large el bid with and and free 
pub libirary; $3,061,000 bond issue for el and 
h s; (23) estab attendance and statistical 
bur; (29) instit lects; grad and dedication 

High Spots for Every School 


talk«; (81) att ur el 10. ur h 1, crol 4; t r 
2%, ur el 2^, spec ^^; supr ur el 2Mt ; 
sapt 16; t 2 eumr sess. 

HUGHBB; Mrs H P, Senntobia, Miss; mother 
nnd teaclier; b, *74; chrmn ch welfare coun- 
cil defense in Miss and spec ngt for ch bur 
USA, 4-'17 — ^9-'18; serving 5th yr as pres 
Miss Consrress of Mothers and pt-t nssn; 
since 17, h s t of Bnj? In ngr rs of Miss; 
aided in passage of phys ed bill in Miss: 
bestnnlnir flgrht for mothers pensions; edu- 
cating 3 fatheHess sons and daughter. 

HUGHES, Perey, prof phil nnd ed, T^hlgh T'. 
Bethlehem, Pa; (12) estab Lehigh ext crs 

for ts and sumr s; (15) estab Lehigh sumr ^^ ^ ^ , ,. r, . 

session In mental hyg and tr of ts of ex- HILLKi Lim-oln, pros John H Stetson U, 
ceptional children; encouraged Binet testing I><) Lnnd. Ha; ]>, ;>-.M»i.; (18.)_med suprn] 
and mental surveys in neighborhood; (iy» 
estab ed club for adults; largely instru- 
mental in securing free lib; (28) Speciallzpil 
Bd In Colleges, Pa S T A proceedings, '18; 
31) t ur h 3; supr col 16; war. trade tost 
div, war dept, '17. 

that ed ability Is now pocketed for want 
of directory]. 

Ill Lli, Gordon Ferrie, prof, Dartmouth Col, 
Hanover, N H; (5) major ordnance dept 
'18-'10; tech expert in physics of artillery, 
'lS-'20; (14) constant activity for 20 yrs; 
many stus have taken prominent places in 
acad life; (17) was chrmn of council on sta 
orgs; assiste<l in formation of Outing Club 
• >f Dartmouth Col; (31) war, see r>; studied 
application of physics to war problems, 
measurement «)f forces on projectiles, investi- 
gations in laws of n.'tardation of projectiles, 

♦ 'IC. 

• '■» Ktlliw, m. «» , ■ 'j .» tt-\nw , \JH.>/ ••.>.iA au^« u , 

(LNH men sent to Stetson by I J S govt for 
voc wrk : (22) conim vesper services and 
free I«Hrt crs; <2i)) wkly on Amer citizenship; 
<.'51) war, chrmn patriotic corns, lects on war. 

HUGHB6. Mrs Kent W, mem O Bd [Vocl 
Bd; residence 1231 Lakewood Av. Lima. O: 
in !19-'20 woman member of com appointed 
by .st supt of pub instr to conduct. Ts 
Week for t recruiting; interested women's 
orrs, atato and local thraout st in t re- 
oraitlnc prorrams for ss and pub mtgs; as 
mem bd ed co-operated with survey of 
Joint Legis Com on Admin Keorg, which 

HUGHES, Percy M, flupt, Syracuse, N Y. 

HUGHBS, Raymond M, pres Miami U, Oxford, 
O; proposed at Natl Assn of St Univs. '10 
for Ohio's 3 st univs and 4 nor cols "a Joint 
eom on eooperatlon and coalition to employ 
an additional officer as chief exec of this 
com, to ttndy several st InHtitutlons with 
view to greater service and greater economy 
. . . mA com with such officer could make 
showing of common Interests of ed Insts, 
could prevent conflict and inspire greater 
oonfldence^; in Pub Service, 4-20-'20. on t 
shortage, states "three facts whl<* In my 
Judgment are most active in turning col men 
and women today into othor channels are: 
demand for ts is so very much greater 
than ever before; our young people to rather 
greater degree than heretofore are thinking 
in trms of money and of what money will 
do: business to degree never known ]>ofore 
is looking for young men of promise and 
good personality to go into attractive busi- 
ness positions with larger future l>efore 
tihem from financial podnt of view"; enlisted 
co-op of l»o groups with O .loint legis com 
on admn reoi^; ann rept lis-ts gains, needH 
and poMlble gains, gifts: cited in Joint legis 
rept on ann reptfl and catalogs of O ed In- 
stitutionfl for shewing Items lacking in other 
u repts, uses typographical aids for clarity, 
spacinfT. center and side heads, full face 
type. Indentation, numl)ered paragi'aphs: 
eondenoea significant statements and rec- 
mndtlons of dopta; graphs comparisons of 
mrowth and costs for trustees and lerlH; 
fthowB att Une for entire yr; issues sepanite 
lllus bklets for depts and spec rept mgrs of 
fltn activities IW pp. /riving results outsUAe 
nentraJ nudit: /«ee Introduction, suggestion 

III'MBLE, ^enry Wilbur, prof law, U Kan, 
Lawrence. Kan; b. 4-;{0-83; (S) uses case 
system of instr exclusively; (17) dir of stn 
literary club of old style; (28) author num- 
erous encyclopedia artels; Insurance, in 
Modern Amer Law; contrib to Columbia 
and Anier Law Reviews; (20^ numerous lects 
to lay audiences; (31) att ur el and ur h 12, 
voc, col, pg; field, assoc mem legal advisory 
bd; war, instr S A T C ds; assisted in R C 
and Lib loan drives. 

III'MKE, Homer L, supt '20 — , North Man- 
chester, Ind; b, 7-31-87; (H) prin Xobles- 
vllle h s '17-*18; prin Connersville h s •18-'20; 
pn»f ed Manchester Col. sumr '20; (7) Biblo 
«-!lH In all icrds 1-13; (13) stu council, stus 
on coms with fac; (15) qnalit.v credit for 
Huperlor wrk; (IS) comm niirtie; required 
phys tr; phys exam; (20) els In occupations, 
el trd testa, survey boys and girls out of s 
under 18; (2.*)) lab els in stnd tests for icrad 
stus and city ts; (27) patrons and citizens 
t Bible ds In all icrdfl; (."^l) att r S. r h 4, 
nor 2, col 2. pg 1 ; t r 2, r h 1, ur h 4, 
nor ;i mo; prin 3; supt 5. 

III'MPHRKYS. Alex i\ pres '02 — . Stevens 
In»tit of Te<«hnology, Castle Point, Hoboken, 
N .T : I), S-.SO-.'n ; (7) devp dept economics of 
enicr: (IS) cultivates! sane dept phys ed. 

Hl'NDLKY, J T T, pres Lynchburg Col, 
Lynchburg, Va. 

HINT, Kmory W, pros Rucknell U, Lowls- 
]»nrg, Pa. 

HINT. Harry \, supt '09 — , Portsmouth, Va; 
I>, !)-10-7.»: (12) com of ts to meet all new 
tH and icet them quickly and pleasantly loca- 
te<l; Informal reception to new ts by old 
tn; Huperlor ts tell in icen mtgs of high 
HpotM; tH encouraKed to try out new ideas 
learned in other hh or at sumr ss; new 
sal sdied ; (14) urg«*s h s fac to influence 
blight girls to go to col or nor with tg 
in view: talks to each sr els once or more; 
\\Ti\ vacation s ungrd rin, half hr added to 
s day for suprd study, indiv help; (16) org 
play, games, civics as never before, nom- 
inal Inir convs in h s. ballotinflr on electloB 
dayw: Literary Digest ia ^ ^ \As,\. ^\%.\ 'sr^x^- 
rent avenV^ Va i^t ^% V55SN ^>\\^^ ^^ >'^J^^^ 

v\XvC\ \«\\^^ vv^ ^^^ Tx-a:*'^* 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

■ad cllbMiihlv to tM navr i-«rd apprentlMs 
la addlt 1« math mod nwti drawing given 
hj KOTt Initrnrton; (22) Md UMed by Icx^al 
olirlR lengueii or otber org for clvlp better- 
menl ; I'JS) laitintTcd bndtrt ij-Btem (311 
ttt r g, r b 4, HOT % eo\ 2, pg 1, some a 2; 
t r 3, t SDd aupr r h 4, t lumr s S; lupr 
r h 4: supt 11. 
HUNT, Idtl Clarence, prM AlbrUbt Col, 'lA 
— , Myeratown, Pa; b, 7-3fr-T8; (11) ibcn 
local cburchw. aan conf sea, sumr Ratber- 
inga at various Uads and personal Inter- 
TlewB, sought to give couatltueocy "Tlilan or 
a«*da at present day. Its oltportunHy and 
obllsatleB") (31) att r S. apec 2 1/3, nor 10 
wks, iHil 4, PK 4; t c S, col 3; pros 6; fleld. 
pnstoc 17 jPt; war,- prea S A. T C eol. 

r bersr 

deid e 

HINT. ItM4iiTeII Dennis, deaa gra 
prof econ, U So Cal. luulewooii, 
2-3-«S; (5) prof econ, actg dir col 
«nd hnslness admn ; (8) m.-- — 
e«n, loclM and Mbical (nai 


namic personality; (12) „ „ _ 

wrk wltb recognition in seniority and sal; 
(IBI applies In dries, ■oclal service and 
prMtlcal thrift; (28) econ and ed artcia In 
Overland Montbly, ^erra Ed News, etc: 
(311 t col 21, PS 10; aopt 9; wat, conducted 
War Issues swrlea of lecfs, S A T C, and gave 
some lecta; (rtber, mem War Hlat Com for 
lioa Angelpa Co; pres Hist Society of So 

HUNTBR, Ceor«e Wm, prof biology, '20 — . 
Knoi Col, Glaleabnrg, III: b, 4-7-73; (31 bd 
biology dept De WHt Clinton H S, X Y C, 
ed dlr Wasb dist wnr wrk council V M C A 
'1S-'19; pcof biology Carleton Cot Sortbfleld, 
Minn '19.'20; (7) ehrmn com '17- '18 to pre- 
pare ayllBbus In biology N Y cdty aa; (18) 
lab tnethodi auggeated In ed artcia and used 
In DeWItt Clinton; (ISI luiuA rsmn dtetarlee, 
mnH ef cooperation between phys tr and 
applied blaloti crsi aodal brg era at Carle- 

■'-<) ar - 

._ Tk a 

for y M C A; (28) jr _ __ 

"-■ ■ - ; Hist Y M C .' 

i^viiuu, iKi ; IK .j-ao-ffj; |J>| no eo 
Metbodlat V, Dallna. Teji, '17-'19; ..., ... 
Baptist Million-Dollar Scboois of Educati 
In Tbe Baptist World, 2-20. pointed 

In s Q 

, ._, lotrod praMloe t Inta 

ed, Baylor Col; (13) stressed Indlv dllT 

-— 1 and teaching;- (16> sttis 

ID r ea roaonct aDrvers or r contm; (2S) dlr 
survey 5tU grd, after which town anpl re- 
coramended to l)d complete aclentlflc study 
of a system; (28) Army Intelligence Teats 
at So Methodist U, In School and Society: 
When Texas Sits on tbe Front Itow Rducn- 
tlonally, In Tei 8 Jrnl; bulletin describing 
one r survey: (2E>I Democracy and Educa- 
llDD. bef ts Inatlt ; Kellglon Essential in 
Education, bef Rellgloua Ed Sert of Tei St 
T A; (31) ntt r 7, spec 4, col 4, pg 1; t r 
4. r h 1, 9i)ec 2. col 8; snpr r 1. r h 3, apec 
2; field, lect at Rapllst chantaur|uas; war. 
bonds and stamps. 
tl'NTISG, W J, St BUpt 'IB — , Carson, Nev; 
b, 2-11-74; (5) city supt Carson '17-'10: (8h 
editor Educational Bulletin: (a) soarbt to 
eUminale persoaai poHtlMi (11) see S: (12) 
wrked for better living conditions and 
Mgber sals; (21) see S: (22) promoted cod- 
aol: (24) Nevada 8 Law of 'It, more equit- 
able apportionment of a funds; (28) eom- 
mencemenlS and InatUa: (SI) att r 2. or el a. 
or b I, col 4. pg aoQir; t r 2, nr h 17, supt. 

HI.'ABAND, Bliduird Welllatton, wsaoc dean 
■19 _, l>artmoutb Col, Hanover, N H; b, '89; 
(r,) prof classical langs — 'IB: (6, 14, 20) 
posltloD of assoc dean created 'IB M tartlwT 
oceupatlotial advice, preparing aim far 
deflnlte careen and for good cUlnenshlp; 
(J."), 161 b.v studying ladlv aptltudee and en- 
rouracing experience during snmri (25) con- 
stantly uaed In connectton with guidance 
of atus; (28) artels In periodical*! and newa- 
papers describing office unit wrk; (29) oc- 
casional addr on sub] of wrk; (31) att or 
h 3, col 4, pg 4; t col ai: war sec st com 
pnb satfety, at war historian, oAce mgr dist 
bd of X H. 

HYATT, C B, pres Penns.vlvnnia Military Col, 
Chester, Pa. 

HYEB. Frank 8, prea 'IS ~._ 8t N S, Wbite- 

; (lOf bnslneis t 

men: (21) spec crs; (22) lac • atl 
pened gJ'Bi to commaultrl (20) crs 
Baanremeiita required for graduation; 
■ r Country School, often; (31) att 

8. ur el 

t nor 15; aapr 
Sonthern Meib V, Dallas, 

High Spota for Every School 

DAIirflKI, A X, prei N H« R ot MInea. 
gocoirn, N M. 

nXBCAX, AddaMc, prtn MWb Illman'a S for 
E(DdBrv>Ttiieim, 3600 Wmlnut 8t. Pblla, Pa; 
b, O-lO-n; (B) bd Ik and Korr teUIng dept 
•tinr IM for t* Bt Col, Pa: (11. 19) a* prea 
Fhlla braocb [dt«ra«ia kg a«n, publ pam- 

8 bleu ; (M) wrkd tor mandMuTr law prnvid- 
IK e«tu> a< kg In sectiwia where 3.t par- 
nla petition lor II; (Bl) att ur el B. ur h 4, 
nor S, «>1 1, PK 1; t ar el 2; prln S; other, 
ebrmn kc roand table Pa St Hd Amd. 

IMOI.B8, Fnwet* Marlon, prot aoc act, Laur- 
ence Col, AppleCoD. Wla; b. 8-27.7B: (.ll supt 
Bfflngham, 111, 'lT-'20; (8) wkly eoat with 
In^lratlonal leaBonij (19) eitenalon lecturea 
and Inteccbange of helpers; (22) rommanltr 
trm BMnnMr ftU kdded to h a bid; (23) 
bndKot (riMm tor otterMlnc mi new method 
o( ■ccounting; (.■(1) att r ]a. r h 1, iir ^ 3, 
•pec 2. nor 2. col 4, pg 2; t r 3. nor x. col 
~ -~ • - — pr r h 1. spec 2; aiipt 2: prea 
org bojB workliiE rescn'e. 

IB C. CO Bupl '10 —. (iroveton. 

Tei; (.1) supt ■17-'1S: .-iipt Inf ISA 'IH- 
'10; (8) ta programs Incl aupr pii iit redtn- 
tloD. atady, meals nnd play; 112) shI Inc; 
(22) iwiuired bds to con at met new bids 
according it bid laws; (29) sli lect wk at 
dltr h Bs; (31) ntt r 10, ur b 2. nor 3. col 
2; t r 2: >upt 4; war. »ec 5; drives. 

miiAMD, 1V« Addlsan^ csrtoonlst. C< 

girl ( 

1 in i 

pioiulRlng t. 

QM iJlbton 


IRVINE, Wm Mmbb, bdmstr "93 —, Uercen- 
harg Acad. Mercersborg, Pa; b, 10-U-4B; 
(7) cU IB earrect Eng »4Blr«d ef all atas 
wUTi aach its moat apf fc 1b pab twl«* 
rrlTi (13) atn iftt; (IT) 4 a pnMl«aM0gat 
boTB lupport medical mlaatonary ; (2T) ipae 
Attempt made to have (amoua men and 
leaders addr hoy* in i, 

IBWIN, C W, pre« Paciflc Union Col, St 
_ Helen a, Cal. 

IVINB. I«aler S, hd dept agr '20 — . S Sof 
fol. Kent, (>: h. 12-8-78; (5) hd_ dept agr, 

r The Teaching of Agrlcal- 


, .0 eitend work ol — ._ 

a. at home, nr on vacant lota under a 
trol; (23) BURReallve letters to 12,000 

Dhipatcb, Columbtis, d; respondlne to i 
prot«>t agsdnst carlcatnrea that made 
rapellent. rendered cart mi n ahown here 

ind 19; (201 mtgs In 
N E! A : see 14 ; (31T a 

, Gardening: see T 


„. .. .,„...- J. nor 4. col 

I; supr r 4, r h 4, spec 4. col 4: field, Oblo 
t aupr agr, 'll-'lS; war, aee 5, 


er eland 

XACKBON, B B, supt, Mlnneapotl 

, - _„~i social sci, 

V. Clereland : offen l-»i tn In ca 
wttb fa^Ulaa, requiring t 7» fleM wrl 
en IB <BW wrk wlHi tamtltaa, R C 
rallaf, <BW wi* adaotad to aim n 
granpai dlr B C Instlt 'IT and -IR; nx 
com on diMBter relief, Cleveland chiipt H C. 
prepared panvhiet outlining order of pro- 
c«daK In erent of disaster ; chrmn social 
■nrlc* cleuing hooae; welfare tedemtlon 
malntUna '9 dist ofltces. sewing center, wn.v- 
faien' lodg«, and central office. 
JACKBOM. iMTUT r, prla, Stanley McCor- 
mtcfc S. Baroavllle, M C: b, T-15-fll ; (M 
prof Amer bUt St Col Wash ; 1«< It C A C. 
Fort W!rd«n, Waab; ed dlr. 8pmce produc- 
tion diT, Pontand, Ore; overseas with Y M 
C A Ad wrk ajid army od corps ; (7) na sec. 
KoitbWMtem Asan Hist Govt and Bcon T«. 
formnlated itrogiBu tor blat (a Is war time; 
ll now org aJong Hne of "folk a" breaking 
Atwn barrter bet a and comm ; (IS) ore and 
promotad Attove aasn ; (IB) atreaaed wbly 
■■■•r ta imaM levrB aa velilele lor adult ed 
OB WW laMMai (32) org Pullmnn ToiniD Gd 
AMD to nvplemeM wrk of as and convey ed 
KCk t« sniT mem comm ; (28) Pub Ed and 
IfeV D^wsi (29) led round table on HIM 
<■ Wth ta War nnH Md Rerjinatmctlon ; 
DelaHtM et 4mer: (.VI stt col 1, pg 2 2/^: 

JACKSON, M H, prln. Wood Co Nor and Agr 

H, Grand Riiplcls, Wla; h. '63: (in co mo bal- 
letla; (14i sent nut f O S cans by malL 
newip&pera; distributed buttons; addr; (II) 
agr en tengtbened to 12 mos— > Ib a and I 
■apr proiert wrk on tarma; (20) cbrmn cltr 
com to get information regarding voci fot 
hoys and girls by (ert* In » by aBeceaatBl 
men and by printed matter; (22) plant open 

I Irr ntga; (24)' chrmn legli 

I inatlts. 

and ' 

: (29) 

c 11. r h 3, col 4; 

r 2, 

JACOB. Peyton, dean a ed, Mercer II, silicon. 
Ga; (5) prof ed — '20; (8) urging mol« 
vital type of ed In u, In secondary ■« con- 
nected nith u, nnd among aCoa in ed dept. 

JACOBA, Edwin E, 

I Col, Aib- 

l.tX)BS, Ensile V«n Betl, sicpr prln Alex- 
ander Dallas Bache S. 'IB — , 20S2 N Park 
Av, Philadelphia. Pa; (61 'IT. mpr prln 
Baugh Close S, PhlladeVpbIa ; (7) helping 
prepare era In geog; (.IS* e»fl«AmitM\» -ii't.'i 
mHk Im&Vbi \». ■•««& ^VaftW" *• ^*',S?'*v!L 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

preciatlon in Enj? with outlines of type les- 
sons, in Current Ed '19 : Lantern in Hist Tg, 
in Current Bd '18; (29) tallcs on Ed Tests, 
Appreciation In Eng, Regional Geog in Crs 
Study, bef fac mtgs, prlns mtsrs, ts clubs; 
(31) att ur el 7, ur h 3, nor 1, col 4 short 
ses; t ur el 5; supr ur el 20; war, s cam- 
paigns for Lib loans, W S S, R C, etc. 
JACOWITZ^ Jacob, ed editor Evening Mail, 
25 City Hall PI, N Y C, s page, Mon thru 
Sat p m; local and state news, correspond- 
ence, spec features. 

JACOBY, Asher J, supt, Blmira, N Y; b, *03; 
(7) ezt crs for h 8 pas witti credit in mnsic 
and Bible as per boJlleiing 118 and 220; 
safety first achievement club with problems 
for home safety first rules; with com of 
prin« and ts now revising crs in hist and 
geog; (8) spec atten to reading and litera- 
ture, espec in lower grds, emphasizing con- 
tent and expression; introd reading crs 
whdch all ts must follow, one bk each per yr 
specified, one chosen by ts, books listed in 
ann rept; (9) asst supt appointed; (11) thru 
Elmira S Bulletin, repts and pub press; ann 
rept '18-'19 gives 10 reasons for Jr h s, Incl 
"statistics show that nearly all towns and 
cities havine jr h s -show gain in number 
of pus remaining in s"; lists recent forward 
steps; recommendations; tables incl new 
grads from each s '19 and new el grads 
entering h s and finishing from pub and 
parochial ss; lists s bonds, date payable, 
rate interest; (12) excellent wrk receives 
spec commendation; every opportanity given 
ts for self initiative so long as they Wrk 
in harmony wtth gen policy of s and do not 
violate sonnd ed principles; (13) sapt's 
council of aAl prins and one t from each s 
chosen by ts; (15) onassigned t in every s; 
(16) co-op ext wrk in agr and home econ 
thru CO achievement dnb and s exhibition 
projects described in Bulletin 819; thrift 
crs outlined for '20 wtth 25 topics in Bulle- 
tin 1010; Lib loan posters exhibited in store 
show-windows; (17) s walks outlined for '20; 
(18) health club in some ss, supr by med 
insp dept, to be extended ; (20) eo t ab oh psy 
lab, now working toward voc guidance; (21) 
citisenahip els in ni ss, also thru in-str and 
s govt; (25) stnd tests; voc survey by s 
dept; s survey being made by st dept; voc 
survey rept in Bulletin 11-'19, 22 pp; gives 
2 pp to domestic survey, trades and corns 
incl barber^ metal^ garment, woodwrk, print- 
ing, comrl; (28) Blmira H S Ext Wrk In 
Ed Admn and Supr 12-*18; Growth Thru 
Reading and Thinking, in Jrnl Bd 12.25-*19; 
P S Ext Wrk in Bible Study in Jrnl Ed 
2-21-'20: Sh<ortage of Ts in Amer Bd 2-'2a; 
editorial artels In Elmira bulletin, etc; (29) 
bef local and st ts and bus men; (31) att 
r 8, ur h 2 ; nor 3, col 3, pg 1 ; t r 3, ur h 10 ; 
supr r 8, ur 37, voc 12. 

JAGIiOWICZ, Michael, pres St Mary's Col, St 
Mary's, Ky. 

JARiDINE, William Marion, pres '18 — , Kan 
St Agr Col« Manhattan, Kan; b, 1-16-79; (5) 
dean affr and dir Ken agr experiment sta- 
tion — 'IS; (6) made study to dlseover social 
maii meonomtc ohJeeHwea for ourric of Kan 

Jii^i (V r&viaed era in ibome econ and agr; 

f^/ turv dept ea made several 5tudie« on ts 

grds and meths of tg; (9) estali follow up 
system in trg ts ; (10) mem st textbk comn ; 
(11) concrete graphical charts and repts of 
wrk displayed at fairs and otiier pub gath- 
erings; (12) sal inc 30%; (18) estab stn 
self govt assn; (15) psy tests ts freehmen, 
followed up during 4 yrs; (16) publ bulletin 
on Bolshevism, see 28; made study of Cal 
land settlement plan with view U^ putting 
modified form into Kan; (17) esfcab social 
I'cnter on campus; (18) built col hospital: 
introd system of daily repts on cases of 
illness to col phys; (19) enlarged e»t dlv, 
reached 1^441,992 during last biennium; (20) 
org voc guidance com; (21) see 18; (22) see 
19; built new $200,000 engr bid; (23) com- 
plete system for checking up on tg effic; 
(24) helped secure r h s legislation; (26) see 
15; stnd tests used In dept ed; (26) estab 
loan fund for deserving stus; (28) bulletins 
on Bolshevism^ '20, attitude ss of technology 
should assume towards it, i e should first 
know essential facts, should see clearly 
fundamental issues between democracy and 
bdlshevism in matters of govt, ed, church, 
family, labor, should adopt policy with re- 
spect to bolshevism tg truth from both sides, 
••honest publicity is best cure for evils of 
bolshevism," bulletin concludes wtth bib- 
liography of bolshevism, 98 titles^ How 
SJiall Sujpply of Ts of Our Ss B# Main- 
tained, '20, says shortage is due to ion 
sals, low standards, elevated standards with- 
out coonmensurate remuneration, that way 
out is thru inc rate of local taxation, ft 
support, inc st s fund, fed support, prob- 
ably thru combining these 4 meth; 8 Fi- 
nances;. The Col Budget; 10 spot maps show- 
ing enrollment distrib by counties, nmnbers 
of citixens served thru agr mtgs, instlts,.ext 
»B, cattle disease controlled by preventives 
distrib, good roads activities, tractor ss, 
demonstration Sj important ffunm mgmnt serv- 
ices rendered farmers on farms, spec serv- 
ices to citlsens at homes thru homemakers 
clubs, ch welfare wrk, gen home betterment, 
b and g dub wrk, insect control, other spec 
services: (29) about 2 wkly, such as Agr 
Production, Better Conditions for Rural 
Folk, Americanization, S Finances, etc; (81) 
att col 4, pg 1 sumr; t col 6: field, as9t 
cerealist in charge of dry land cereal in- 
vestigations U S dept agr 3, lect MUA Agr 
Col 1, agronomist st agr col and exper 
sta 3. 

JARMAX, Joseph "L, pres st nor s, Farmville, 


JABVISj Chester Deacon, specialist in agr ed, 
U S bur ed, Washington, D C; b, S-29-76: 
(7) org natl com agr ed to fommlate ers 
study to meet present needs, devise methods 
for training ts, and popularice plaa; advo- 
cates close articulation bet h s and col en 
in agr, with basic crs in col comparing 
closely with wrk in voc h ss: see dept in- 
terior bul *18 no 29, Amer Agr Cols; (0) 
advocates s suprs wl^out adm inlstr a U Ts 
authority; (11) artels in S Life; (12) adro- 
cates giving full responsibility to IndlT t; 
(16) proiposed plans for home g a rd ens hb- 
der 8 control; (21) recnmd ers in Amer 
based upon conservation of human, land» 
mineral and marVne Te%oviTC«%> Vn S Life. 

High Spots for Every School 

B-l-'20; (38) Col CMIs, dent interior )jul i 
UChCr ed «lrenlHT 1-t, I-'IB, (rritli4»* m»kF- 
MP ml waif cM cMli and «DtB«ti ontllnc I 
■f MmtWii; Wrk at S Ch Dnrloi Oat-sf-H 
Hmm, dept Interior bal 'IT, no aO; Voc Ts ' 
for Becondary Ss, dept interior Inil "IT, no 
88; Or* tor T Tr in A|t, la TralnlDs Tg | 
of Aki< ilept ioterlor bul '19, no SS: obapt> i 
XX and XXI Qd Bncrer of Aln, U S bar I 
«d; bal 41 '19; (»1) att r B, nr b 1, col i. I 
H S; t cal B; field, ed '■nrveTs of Mgber I 
ed In 8 D and Ala, (loveBtlBallon In em- 
plofnmit condltion-s for Joint congressional 
com on reclassltlcatlaD snls In govt service) : 
o-operated wlCb dept labor In nrk of 

B W R. 
JAflPEB, Bm, pres llonbat 
JAT, / Sdwln, pres '15 — 

i r C. 


JBNKIMS, Itelpli^ nfit. AmerlcaD Ilk Co, Terry- 
yU1«, Conn: b, 12-3-81; <">) suur prln Terry- 
nile h and grd an 'IT-'IS: supt Terryi-llte 
'lS-'20; (8) artRlB In S Bd JrnI and Jrnl 
of Ed; (18) tallow up work In connecllun 
wltb ■ nnrae; (ZSJ org pt-ti nun, with ■ 
SKhlbitB, reeeptiona and lort rra tor ta; (25) 
readlnK, bandwrltlng. Bjielllng tests; (31 1 
att nr el 8. nr h 4, col 4. pg 1 ; snpr 2. 

JKNXB, O B, prea Aurora Col, AuToca, 111. 

JKNUINOS, B 1), vp and dean. Teins Woman's 
Col, Ft Worth, Tei; h. 3-11-80; (22) 12 
led. '20, to bn Bines 9 men nnd women on 
Bnslnen PaycbolOKy; 120) helped make r 
ann-ey Oalvealon Co, '20; (27) cbrmn cltliens 
com for bond ISHue and mnlnlenance tax 3 
llmea old rate for polytechnic city a, carried 
« to 1 In election but lost In conrta; (2fl) 
Teflchlng Amerlcnnlsm, lief Rotary; Pay- 
chologr of Ideals, Measuring the Tencber. 

a Instlt; (31^ 

:. J,. !, 

■ala paid rtaewbe 

■eter, araUable fund's, tiitnre p»ap«rt« uf 
dmIMmi, iMlrlng allan-nnce or pension sya- 
tsm ficraonal noallflcatlona; com offers ii 
-•-*■ ~ study tbe suh] and 

titles and grds, apread Influence of your 
library, and demonstrnt* ralne to the cobub 
ol those who do the work. 

t C, tloorlnf 

rvom, tables tor 
I— eoTored 4M* 

hut nighti aulo mechanics. Toc asr, bouse- 
lOld si'l and art, all Incl in project wrk; 

lilc and soda] ■erviee prtijn4<; (18) each 
r some spec point Is emphasized, nose and 
hroat, dentiil, ef; drntri wrk dons ■ - 

I that there 1 


orrtan dist I 


I dial 

tnd Tlllain. 

JENSEN. Hanld K, co Gupt 'IT — , UiindaD, 
N D; b, l2-],&-i»4; (.'i) soldier, 'IS-ID; (8) 
In r ss pu who do not .understand Bng are 
enrolled In .apeo cl to teacb tbem eonerete 

cir for _.,. . ___ 
ts: sal Ine; | 

(12) 1 

JBMNIN08. Jnd»o T, librarian, Seattle, 
Wa«b; Chtmn com on sals of Pacific N W 
Ubrary Aasn, rept Is.sued 3-'20, 23 ipp; com 
■ent 161 coptes of questionnaire to city, col 
and nn<T Iftrarlei to secure Information re- 
gSPdlni Mia elacwhere; rept aummnrlsea re- 
mits rf M repHoa to finestlonnalre, mentlmiB 
dinmltlM met Id making i^omparlsons, llatB 
fBCtot* to I>e considered In determining 
rt of Uttng, " - 

,.... , — nc 

best .home In dial 
,„, ..L,at nor as urged, 
flnauclal aid aecnred far those needing; (16) 
practical tg :igr nnd nrlth : (17) jr R . a 
b and g cinh work; (IS) s nurse; (1») al 
ss; enforcement of alt laws; extenalye en 
In agr planned for * yrs study snt and 
in ■; (21) nl ss for adult tarelgneis; eo 
ranks first In at In number of nt ss; (23) 
s rally tor every district with program 
participated In by parents. b(u, ts and supt; 
(23) report of non-att : (21) mem st Co anpt 
poai on legls; law allowing c- — -•- — 

- -■ — ^In trading, en 

...w-„ _ -.. (2S) dUt Brit a^. 

nnpbuilird at oomm mUs: (27) prlies for 
h and a club work; (28) local artels; (29) 
The Worth ot an Education, Carry On, Thi 
Teacher's Duty, etc, hef r mtgs. Is Instlt; 
'-•' — • - ur li 4, nor 2; t ur el 2, 

— , Cheyenne, Wyo; 
coian liTlca on la 

II; (29) stnil tiwtB aritb, reading, 
alitelira; (211 comrl clulia nnd pi ta bMD 
help Md program : (311 att r 8, nor 4, ool 
2 1/3. pg 1 ; t r 2, r h 1, ur el 1; supr B; 

.lESBl'P, W A. prca la State U. Iowa City, la, 

JOBB, A W, CO supt '17 — . ClarksTllle, Tenn; 

h. n-f.-77: (8) had f " ■" "' 

, no longer be 

conaiatnd mlaatonary wrk, and sals kept 
low, eonpaie wltb ^mllar positions In eom- 
mnnlty, compare with wages paid mechruili^, 
•bow need of nls that compensate tor lime 
MMnt 4ii ed and ntep. show Inc In cost ol 
lirlak •■ comiisred wlih sals, wrk for eerti- i 
. flcatisa vt UbmUns and atadiD of library < 

,„,....... -.. .- mtgs; (»t empl 2 eiperi- 

enwi snprs for r ss: (13) secured agree- 
ment ol B bd to glre consideration to ta 
snggestlons tor sal system; (19) esfab new 

To"" t'^Uo^n" l."ome"™ri'"and''™rk| "m 
rocosultloii to t» wVm a*^A«* wwm. «j gg^ 

PToi«t»" '.'ia^ »\«*tVi>\ w^^ ^«™»- ■ '\-»*-^'* 

Who's Who ond Why in After-War Education 

rnln^ t, bW<, equip 

__ communltj; (2^) tlS.OOO for Dew bids 
■nd iddlttons; 131) att r g, r b 4, nor Z; 
t r IS, r h », nor 1; sopt *; war, ot? 65 
}t R C, Lib loan talks; other, i rtept chrmn 

fOGOKRS, B E. 00 sapt 'IS — , Uaofonlillle, 

Kr: b, Z-S-911 (11) mo bnlletlnfi written and 
MDt to ts, trustees, editors and co and i^lty 
■npti: (IS) salB hflied on qnallBcattans, 
experience and efflciencT : |»» Smltli-HuRhes 
work In p coDSol s of 300; (22) two amall 
Crd ■■ and ^bree one-nn ss consol into one 
modem ■: (27) contributions from cUiiens 
for eonjol ■: (31) att r 5: t r 7: supt 3: 

~ -■-- — " C. 

icD, i^uru ■<nin, uii cil. United Y M C A 
oa, 8an FranelBcn. Cat; (T) developed t«il 
material (oi ere In applied pay and cis In 
bni Edk (or use Id T M C A m; (18) hHlth 
•HnlD at Y M C A loapeeta all stns rreei (30) 

tnvn flU «Dt blank queatlon* aa to peraonal 
hlstorr. ed, Inherllance, maral qoalittea, 
soHal ettCi health aad physique, tal«nta> Toe 
exprrleDn and prcrercnre; |21) t 2 (Ms In 

ta rorrisn trade club, credit men's ann, bar 
M«n, etc; (28) rrobleniB ol Old Teatamcnt 
Inatr, In Biblical Wurld, B-'19: (29) series 
lecti In applied psy and sociology ; (31) act 
Toc. apec, col, pg 2; t »oc 1; snpr 3; war. 
piy diT, avlBtlon dlr. Western Dept. 
JOdCMflON, D B, preB Wlnthrop Col, Bock 

prof ed, U Waab, '17; 'aBs't sec LIncol 
iTDBt Co, Spokane, '18; Bupr of tr, fed bd 
voc ed, disc 13, Seattle, '20: (S) communtca- 
tiona lo col atid u pres, deans and profa. 
for ToCBtlonaliElDg era for men disabled In 
terrlce; aided tbas deOnltlce empl object- 
iTca and adapted tr to such objys for over 
IMO disabled service men: (fi. S, 10) eon- 

thoae knowledges and skliu requisite to 
effective and reman era tlve em pi In some 
ipeclflc vocation after completing tr ; 
obvloUHly this standard b»d an Influence In 
modlft'lDg currlc. meth and spirit of ad- 

ita list leal studies of progress, forms (oi 
follow up, etc, devised; fES) scJt surveyi 
fnqsentlr osed; |28) Quallti - - - - 

Istratlou of Vocational Education. In Voc 
Utic and Hanual Arts Hsk, S-17; (29) Voca- 
tional Rehabilitation, hef pl-ts aasns, 

JOHNSON, E H. prea Rmory II, Oxford. Oa. 

JOHNSON, Elbe HerbeR, prof phyBics 'IS — , 
Kenyon Col, Gambler, O; b, £-9-87; (S) asaoc 
___, -...._.__ — ,.«. ,~,, ,|j^j^^^ Manual of 

e War. 

. )f physics 'n-'lS: (28) ibook. 
Lab Physics, In preparallon ; Newe 
on Physics and Pbyslcg Ts Due ti. . 
In Srtenee, 8-2-18, "make new demands 
vestlgator and t, but at same time afford 
unequalled oi>portnnltie9 for enlisting Inter- 
ests of many to wbom the mbj has been 
wTioUy foreign"; Comparative Study of Sal 
Situation, In S and Society, 12-8-19; Bureau 
of Bd, ibid, 10-5-18; Ii«Iatlan nt Col Ts 8b1 
Ino to Bank, Ibid, 1-17-20. lists 68 Institu- 
tions showing tbat ts o! lower rank Id 
majority at cases cited have received equal 
or greater % Inc In aal than have those of 
superior standing; tar uf Ens In Scl Crs. 
In S Scl and Math, l-'20, "noi dbIU eorreet 

wheUieT in En( elsrm or in lab, or In any 
othsr ODvironment, wUl be acquire the fa- 
miUarlty wi(b his native tongue whirli will 

Itbont painful effort"; 

Lakes Naval Training 

sics Ts Due to War, bef O Acad of Scl, 
ColumibuB. O, 5-»l-lS; (31) att col 3. pg l; 
t col ft. 
JOHNSON. Esther H. co supt '18 — , Oshkosh, 
Wis; b, 5-ll-(M; (0) prln Lewellen h a '17- 
'18; (JO) aids bd> and ts pick new and late 
editions; (16) urges ts take op Camp Fire 
and Boy Scout orgs; (18) phys eiams; (21) 
- Uensblp; (22) added 

(25) self B 

■vey foi 
r h 2, I 

ecu re $40,000 

r 3, I 


I bid; 

mpt 3. 
JOHNSON, O I< H. sapt, '20 , 

Va; b. 7-22-82; (3) co supt, Southampton 
Co. Va; (11) campalsn Co nve people better 
understanding of dltttcuItiPB of ed ndm. 
stressing needs of neglected rural ch. oarrled 

rrsultcd In doubled property B««e«*ment and 

Drtglnal b 

ratly Inc; (1'2) sal ll 

' IK 

subjs or too 

far pun backward in f 

._ i (18) Tlllaa 

adults and necroei ; (23) applied budget 

started movement for adoption ot eo unit In 
a govt in '17 — now embodied III coast amend 
passed Not 2, '20 ;_ (27) _ see U, _ "pmp^ 

tud facts from Ihrtr 


t frankly with 

JOHMSOM, Henrr C, sapt '19 — , Ban DIcKO, 
Cat: b, lO-U-Tl; (S) aupt Ogden, Utah, 
'17-'1»; (7) ]r h s org; (8) praJect Batk 
devp; sKO\a«»eft tttft»\\oM-, sto co-op«ra- 

High Spou for Every School 

Uon; (18) t« promoted on efflc: 


I of Ui (14) tbru pnwB a 

inMi; (IS) BrDOTi pro 

I) S* to ■ WMk;' ci>mm ceoten; dI ■>; (20) 
«taB7 tnlBM din (31) tUni dries In h 
_ laA «lTlc laBvaas Id crd* t cMLrensblp ; 
{32) pluit open tor comm purposea. 

fOHNSOK, JB<e» l i FrcBCb, dean i commern. 
N Y U. N Y C. 

JOHNSON, O J. pres OuMavna Adolpbui Cal. 
Bt Peter, Mlon. 

JOmtaOK, Bat Itu, pior Sng '20 ~. 
Stepbena Col, Colombia, ^o : b, U-»-8B; (3) 
Hdk, Kaoug City Ir col 'lS-'20i pre* ti 
co-aperatlre coancIL KaDsas City, 'lS-'30: 
(11) managlns publicity, ti cnmpaisn : (IZ) 
orged staDdardlzatlon ot t quallflcatloa vitb 
conetpondlDg reman; (%) teitbook M«- 
cba&ical Requirement! In Eng Compoallion, 
in proeeaH; articles In 8 Rnlew uiil Eng 
Jml; poems, Tbe Fourth Watch; (31) alt 

(IB) fitriii calonjr f*wb to dnd oat haw 
Dearly Hdf-iupportlnK itrong larm boya eaa 
be; (21) worblnv on Icffia prorram to pr«- 
■' - —t paymutlBKlM •( 

Tl<£e f. 

JOHNSON, Tbonua E; St BQpt dept o{ pub 
Initr '19 — , LanaluK Ulcb : (5) supt Adrian. 
HIch, 'le ; (T) framed it era atudy In pbya 
Bd; Inttod tbrlft Inatri (21) Btlmalated neiw 
attention to AmerlcanlEatlon ; (24, 27) framed 
and Mcnred at wide support for program for 
[egislatare ot '21, 

JOHNSON, WllU* K, pres, S D St Ool, Broofc- 
IsH, 8 D; b, 2-ee; (6) pres Northern Nor 
and Indn* B, Aberdeen, S D, 'U-'IS; (8) 
be meeti m pedacortol club to itadr 
terllBlc of ta, t* BBrts. causes e( ad mar- 
MUty. etc I (14) pnctlce cottace rmtmb; ei- 
perimaattf wrk wWi dlstoMcs! expnlm«itJd 
wrk In SBKT sndi •• teatlns road Md inalv- 
ifsls plaanadi (20) wrk In toc rehabilitation 
carried on; (SI) att r 3. nr el n. nr b 2. 
nor 4, col 4, pg S; t r 4, ur el 2. nor 16: 
prei T; otber. mem survey atafl Vb nnd 
Ala; see S D St Ool. 

J0NB8, Artbur Jnllns, prof aec ed, U P- 
Phlladelphla, Pa ; h, 3-21 -71 ; (5) prof ed, I! 
Chleago. aumc '18 ; (7) mem st com on 
moderniMtlon of currlc ar b s nnil ]r h fl : 

SrepBTcd copy currlc ]r h a; (IB) constant 
lafttence; (19) ext crs; (20) helped re-org; 
Nat Voc Guidance Aaah; pres Voc anldnnce 
Asao Phtls, eit en In toc sniduoe; (31) 
alt r b l; t ur b 8W. nor 4, col 10«, PB 8; 
snpr r h ft nr el 6. "or 2. 
JONSfl. CBTntl TbvmiHOD. supt '20 — . at i 
(or aetectlvea. Lander, Wyo ; <S) aoaot 
Myclio-dlnlclan, at bur Jnvenlle research, 
Colambns, O; (fl) leors Instttntlon so that 
It li a »™i a tor (r ot bacbwkrd and feoMf- 
tnlBded yoiHii Instead of pardy onstodUl 
InsUtotloni all wrk based on tbeali that "all 
ch In It have eqnal rights to kind of train- 
Ing wblcb will enable them to lire the rl^A- 
__r -_.. . !_.- lar. ~-Hs|ble to Hum 

, , „„, _, ___Ji cb la 

tflTcn pbya, mental, pedagogical and sodat 
•xam; bordeHlBc chob nnlve era of trai l 
!■( to BBka then sood atoadr workmi 
itllb ri«M attllnde taWMd UmIt reUowmei 
thoae irtto irill always remain in InsUt r 
(•Its en of ttalntng to make them as htVPT 
and at smAI ■• poaafble fn Inatlt comm; 

■lie dcHnqneiila bat c ._. ,, 

Motion and for adequate tralolng 
for anrb-normal cb In p aa; (28) working on 
book, Backward Ch In P Sa; Tbe Nesr 
Horon, [n Tr 8 Bulletin ; Whea Is Henn sat 
Moron, Jrnl of Dellnqntiicy. l-'20, alunring 
that a person wKb mental age df 8 to 11 
yra. a pre-war moron. Is not feeble-minded 
nntu It baa been determined Ihat he cannot 
malDtain hlmaelf Indeipendently ct •stMii*] 
annport or that he canuot manage Us ■(- 
fafra with ordinary prudence; amiy pay 
eUHoa showed that mental ace rating alana 
la not ramclcDt for ihUbc dtogaaals at 
tdednesa or noiinallli In poraaaa 
t bet i and U yra nuatattyi (») 
ous welfare orgs, co ts tnsClt*. (t 
, pay diT med dept U B 

it^ of mine eit Instrs operating from VK- 

'loua centers; (20) encouraging toc guidane* 

IB; (21) urging roc ed ea let and mgM 

important step In promoting Anier; OH) 
ciugr plant materially enlarged and eltarM 
conelantly made to make It more aerTlcMihll 
to the people: (27) wrk Is entirely ondar It 
Bupr, but beip la enllaled to support U4 
encourage local eit projecta In InilaB and 
mdDlng wrk; (291 Lsbor SaMng MacUnety, 
'19, and Some Pbaaes of Mining Bd, 'ft, 
bef W Vb Coal Mining Instlt: ModUeMloa 
at Easr Onrrio to HMt War Coadttla^, 
31et conr. and Eogr Biperlment BtatlOB 
I«glB]AtIon. 33d conv. Asan of Amer Agr 
Cola and Experiment Stattons; Betntlon et 
II t.. Natural (tea Indnstry, W Ta Natural 
r 10, col 4. pg IH: t 
c S; dean col v; K Mipr 
Dining eit wrk, ictg at 
I ed; war. aniolltiw agt 
an, ed dlr W V« D Ball 

, ,. ;, fuel admintotrator fof 

Monongalia Co, chrmn war service com (or 
tl. mem Bt council defense. 
,IONES. Edaar S, snpt '10 — , Taylorrllle, ni! 
h, 8-27-74; (11) ed artels for dally papMBl 
(12) no aal dednctloa for slcknets orTlsltatlOB 
oif other as: bunui for ott snmr s; (18) pUj- 
gronnd org; (14) boImSs oideMi (17) play- 
ground supr during anmr; (18) Dorse! mal- 
notrttloB els; (21) nl s for adnlta: (22) pt-l 
BMu: (29) atnd testa roKolMty; (26) FamU- 
tar Friends In Feather '19; Familiar Friends 
In Fnr, '20, Familiar Friends In Field '80; 
co-author 8 Bssentlala In Agr '20; artels In 
Pop EMncator, Nor Inetr, Jml BW. 

Ga; Asan; (SI) > 
r 1, col 26; BUpr 
1 ; fleld. gen aupi 
anpr roc and Ind 
dept labor, 4-mln 

JONES, Elmer E, 

prof ed •17-'20i 


n SB fandamental p^.., 

a\Al \Tift'CT ii*fti»\ Wft \i-i «&. >J 

ed, '20 — . North- 
Ill; b. 8-ai-TB; ""■ 
tempted to eatab 


ffho's Who and Why in After-War Education 

aMUIiet (2fi) atna In rd dept mBkc ■aneys 
for Utr: (28) co-aucbor Stodr of Oral nod 
""-Dt Readlne In El Ss Dt Branacon. In S 
Soc 11-'19; (31) att r 5, ur li 3, col 3. 
P8 3: t I 2. ov h 3, nor S, col 3 lucl pg 5; 
Hupr ut el ti. ur Ij 2; aupt i; war, Y M C A. 
». r F, meruliunt and farmer, Villlaca, 
b, '55; meita la sC bd ed trh baa cootiol 

galil '20 "Pleunre, 

_ ___ . . ... I'fbifll fleoaj of 
iClenicc Is [due to] acquleBCence of 
parents to Ibe looscnlug staodards ot moral- 
Tbe beginning of lower standarda 
. . . -Jout 8 or 9 yra ago In the poBUlac 
vogue of aew dancea - - - Tbe morala of 

past well al>oTe tbe average; I boliere thla 
-'"1 to be true; tbat does not argue well 
tbe morals of tbe rest of tbe country 
. There was a Hme when I thought that 
.._ mnat teach In col Qrst and torcmoat 
learning of booles; In Uimb days I noDld 

awn llTlns and aj far . 

. sslble In dolnt 

JONES. M F, CO supt, Bluasburg, Pa ; b, 4- 
'" 72; (15) pu promotrd when able to da 
,rk of peit grd: (18J healtb talks; (2S) 

Tm) Thritl,°bef*co iuBlit; (31) att r S, 
r 3, col 4; t r 1, ur h 7; aupr 11; aupt 4. 
JONES, O Garfield, prof pollt BCl '19 — . To- 
ledo U. iSi Premott St, Toledo, 0: b, 8-12- 
*'; (S) cuipt coast artillery R C— 2-22-18, and 
mmander of 3ra pruv hatt and officer In 
-■ '-- '— Manila Bay B-'IB; (B, 

stuH to fnaotlan with 
Toledo i each 

charge mine defense 

1 gradluir af 

giveii to studT and practice of parliamentary 
lirueedure; (31) ult r, r h, col i. pg 1 yr, 3 
HUiura; t ur h 1. P I b 1. coi a : Bupr prln 

with plan 

JONBS. Wharton S, sapt, 

JOKUAN, Rtrerda Hardin _ _ 

Dartmouth Col, Hanover, N H; b, 4-12-73; 
(a) luBlr ed and rhet, U Minn, '17-'ie; (10) 
books which "look fom-ard optimistically 
and unequivocally aud whtch repreaent tbe 

(14) spec talks to grad cla, to h a ta, ti 
Inatil; (iro tests ilien with reeommenda- 
tloDB tor spec lirMDieot; (1«) lecls in N H 
and confs wllb st bd; (IS) emph bigbec 
_._„j_-j, . — _ ■.■„,^ cBpeclr"" .i-"-- 


ind sanitatloD 

ment, R C; (L_, . 

Schaol PragHS*, now In 

nallty and 

ind bd; (23] era 1 

jlions ID N H Bt bd, local bda, etc; ( 

■ 21; also New Wine for Old Bottlea. _ 

a Society, '20; A Tbree-Foia Biperlment 

Bngllsh, t ._>,._,— . .. — ... 

„ -J appear in Bng Jrnl; items for 

SL IB bnUetina. etc; (29) various ta iuatit, 
ed ronta, graduaClona, etc; (31) att ur el 6, 
ur h 4, voo 1 trm. apec 1, col 4, pg 2; t ur 
b _7_,_ col 4 ; _su£r nr b^l3 ; field, editing,^ etc. 

siting and mnu esi nttr, mbL' 
_ . _ _ .. U M6)n; Lib loan. R C, Capt I. 
Minn grad s; other. cleHcni wur); fire yra 
bef Pntcrlng tg. 

>B H, dlr ed, r Chicago, Chicago, 

111. ' 

High Spots for Every School 


KAlOr FOUNDATION for Forei^B Trarel of 
Aav*r Ts; sec Fiank D Fackenthal, Colum- 
blm 0« N Y C. 

««,,»U, John, editor, Marietta, O; b. 6-12- 
06; mem bd tmstees O St U, '15 — ; nelped 
org WMbinflrtoD Co citizens war bd. 

KAI8BR» Jobm BoTiitoii, librarian ipub library, 
Tacoma, Wash; b, 1-1-87; (5) chrmn st li- 
braxy advisory bd '16-*19; member advisory 
bd u Wash Ubrary and library s '17 — ; 

8 res Pacific N W library Assn *17-*18; (11) 
as deypd and sustained publicity policy for 
iMTifir pub onderstMidfl: of posaibtlities of 
•d of crery kind ihm library; (12) cb depi 
has hMped prepare lleto of collateral read- 
ing for s era; library occasionally noes sapfs 
baHeOns to ts as sonree of library propa^ 
randa; (19) budget has grown from $30,000 
In ^7 to |60«200 in '20 ; book circulation from 
82B.000 In '17 to 600,000 in '20; collections 
and staff members have helped; (21) all ap- 
pHcattons for dttsenslrfp at courts receive 
printed Invitation to library from clerk ot 
comet toffeCfaer with list of simple aids in 
stndylns for naturalization; foreiirners in 
ni els visit library In body and receive instr 
in its use and all take out cards, hearing 
addr by chrmn library bd, mayor, etc; li- 
brary co-ops with Amer workers of Y M 
C A, American Legion, etc; prepared bul- 
letin 1 and supr lists 1 and 2 on "books 
and paniphlets to be suppressed during 
war" for libraries and censorship com of 
St council defense '18; (24) helped frame co 
Ubrary bill for '21 st legislature ; also library 
bUls that failed in '17 and '19; in '17 per- 
sonally brought suit against mayor to com- 
pel signing of s warrant for traveling ex- 
penses covering trip by librarian under 
written instr of bd of trustees which court 
settled by deciding that traveling expenses 
ai« legitimate charge against librarian 
fund, are matter entirely within discretion 
of library bd; also larger question, that 
trustees shall manage library rather than 
mayor; (28) The Mountain, '17, 77 page ar- 
gument to U S geographic bd urging official 
removal from America's sublime mountain of 
the name Ra4nier and perpetuation of orig- 
inal Indian name therefor in its most ap- 
propriate, euphonious and generally accepted 
form, Tacoma; rept on survey of st sup* 
p«ited Ubraries In Wash^ '17. 134 pp; camp 
llbrailes in Vanguard 10-17; in library Jrnl, 
pnb libraries, news letter of st dept ed, ro- 
tarian, etc; (29) on library matters before 
• local orgs, Paelflc N W I/Ibrary Assn, etc. 

KANE, T F, pres N Dakota U, University, 
N D. 

KAMMEYBR, Julius B, prof econ '03 — , Man- 
hattan, Kans; b, 8-31-07; (28) Prins and 
Practice of Pub Spkg. text for cols and h sis ; 
(31) att ur el 7, ur h 3, col 4, pg 1 trm; t 
r 7, ur h 10, col 18; supr 6; war, lects to 
soldiers at Camp Funston; aided in war 

KATZBNBBROBR, W E^ pres Niagara U, 
Niagara UnlT, N T. 

KAUFMAN, BmiJ, co supt, Marion, S D; b, 
12-30-66; (6) org first 2 consol ss in co; (7) 
vrged altematisn plan now adptd ; (8) Introd 
vltaltsmi SIT' fnto co; (18) raised money tor 

1st time In co for health nurse; (19) en- 
forced compulsory attendance law; estab 1st 
ni ss in co; (21) every r devotes 1 hr a wk 
to such teaching; (22) org 1st ed drive in 
CO, with spkrs of natl fame; (27) raised 
money for s drive, maul tr equip; (31) att 
r 9» pg 1; t col 7; supr r 4; supt 2. 



James H B, pres st nor s, Marquette, 

KAYSEB, Btmer I<onis, sec '18 — , and asst 

Srof hist '19 — , QeoTge Washington U, 3126 
» St, Washington, D C; b, 8-27-96; (6) instr 
'17-19; chief asst librarian '17-18; recorder 
dept arts and sci '18; (7) developing crs in 
ancient hist to keep alive the classic tradi- 
tion among stus not studying Tm/t or Greek; 
(8) despite great Inc in admn duties, refuses 
to give up tg entirely, thus striving to 
humanise admn; (11) as sec, furnishes pub- 
licity agt wkly with information regarding 
all u activities: (12) obtained from bd free 
tuition for Jr instrs and clerks in u, thus 
encouraging advanced studies; (14) each yr 
induces some able young man to enter tg 
profession ; (17) 1 yr as grad mgr of athl; 
(22) assists in placing u bids at serrioe of 
comm orgs, e g, secured men's loafing rm 
as wkly mtg place for troop of b seouts, 
secured loan of nearby church to reduoe 
crowded clsrnk conditions; (23) abolished 
closed door at office, always available to 
stus and officers for conf; (28) artels in 
Wash Times, Wash Herald, The Suffragist; 
text In preparation, Introd to Ancient Hist 
of Nearer East; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 4, col 
3, pg 4; t ur el 1, ur h 2, col 4; war, candi- 
date officer. Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky. 

KBARNS, J G, pres Spring Hill Col. Spring 
HIU, Ala. 

KEATING^ John Francis, supt *96 ~, Pueblo, 
Colo; b. 9-23-62; (8) dlr ts study of so- 
cialized recitations, supr study and problem 
project meth; (9) democratizing s supr and 
admn, encouraging ts corns mtg with supt 
and bd; TlO) consults coms of ts and prins; 
(11) s print shop; (12) more careful effort 
discover and measure wrk and give best 
sals for highest excellence; (13) see 9; com 
of ts and prins work with supt in making 
crs; (14) els In pedag for h s Jrs and srs; 
(15) tests and measurements, spec promotion 
for strong pu; (16) inc opportunities for 
Indus tr; (17) print shop; practical electrical 
work for h s pus, oxy-aeetylene welding f 
(18) dental clinic, s nurse, supr of posture, 
drills; (19) ni els and continuation wrk; 
comrl dept inc for tr adults; (20) try pa 
in dllf lines, point out opportunities in 
trades; (21) els in Jr h s In study and prac- 
tice of Amer forms of govt ; (22) s bid comm 
center; (24) as mem st ts council, proposed 
com to study st taxing system to secure 
more s funds; (25) weak points and reme- 
dies found; (29) Education and Patriotism, 
Who Is Educated, E)ducational Vision, etc, 
bef comcmts; (31) att r 8, ur h 8, nor 2 
trms, CO 4, pg 1 sumr; tr7, rh2,arh2: 
supr r 2; supt ur 27; field, Imitit lect and 
conductor; war, 4-min, Lib loan, B C. 


Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

and Mnaie; (15) puis divided into ds noeord- 
Inc to nb-iUty n^bor tlnn a^e, indeed by 
•tnd tosts; (18)%hys tr; ch tested for pbys 
•powers, weight, records made of facts; (20) 
▼oc snidanoe begins in Jr <dg; (25) reme- 
dial meaaures anggeUed tor facts shown by 
•tnd tests; (29) dlr comm singing, camp 
singing; (31) att nor, col; t r 3; t and supt 
r b 10. ur b 6. 

HOBBN, Winiam E^ co supt *18 — , West Palm 
Beeicb, Pta; b, 3-26-81; (5) prin comrl dept 
in h 8, and t comrl subjs Fla U; pub ac- 
countant ; (12) sal inc 50% ; (15) spec els 
backward pu; (18) med exam thruout co; 
(19) six new r ss; (22) part time and ni els 
in comrl subj-s and manl tr; (23) duplicate 
system registration; analysis pu gains in 
bealtb and ed; (24) mem st ts org com to 
further st aid and remove mileage limit on 
dists; (29) bef Rotary, commcmt; (31) att r 

6, ur el 3, nor 3; t r 2%, ur el 2, ur h 10, 
spec H ; su<pt 2. 

KSENp Willlam WiUlams, prof surgery, Jef- 
. feiwou Med Col, 1729 Chestnut St, Philadel- 
phia; b, 1-19-37; original mem Natl Research 
Council; mem med sect Council Natl De- 
fense; mem corporation of Brawn U, '73 — ; 
addr east and as far west as Cincinnati and 
Chicago; pres Sr Milit Med Assn, voluntary 
assn which originated in Philadelphia for 
those unable to enter service because of age 
or some suc«h siMght disability as club foot, 
later merged in Volunteer Med Service 
Corps; 1st It med reserve corps U S army 
*09, major *17, honorably discharged '19. 

KEBNAN, Mary E, t el s, Lincoln Ave, Paw- 
tucket, R I; (11) as sec Pawtucket Ts Assn, 
makes programs for lects and musicales 
which bring parents and ts together and 
interests pub in ed; (21) ts Eng lang and 
citizenship to foreigners at ni s; as mem 
R I League Women Voters, arranged mtgs 
for ItaUan Woman's Club where prominent 
citizens sipoke on How to Become Loyal 
Amer Citizens; (22) entertainments for for- 
eign mothers to show what ch are doing in 
s; (29) Woman'e New Job — CItiseneblp, bef 
women's clubs; (31) att el, h, nor; t el 4. 

KEETON, Panl F, dean Judson Col, Marion, 
Ala; b, 3-21-82; (7) raised entrance require- 
ments and reorg curric; number of ed crs 
inc from 4 to 14; home econ Inc from 2 to 
4 yrs; stnd of s music raised; (13) stn 
govt; (21) thru stu govt and in clsrm instr 
In relation to use of francMse; (31) att r 

7, r h 4, col 4, pg 3; t r 1, r h 5, col 7; 
snpr r 1, r h 4; dean col 4. 

KEIR, Malcolm, prof and chrmn dept econ, 

Dartmouth Col, Hanover, N H; b, 2-3-87; 

(5) ai<bitrator Indus relations div, Q M C, 

war dept '17; chleif contract accounts div, 

bus dept, S A T C, war dept *18; (10) by 

subscribing to catalog of copyright entries 

pub by. library of Cong, keeps in touch with 

books hot listed by regular publ houses; 

(21) els in citizen ship required of all fresh- 

' men; (25) col has system of rating stus by 

fac; Ifas advocated rating of fac by stms as 

partial basis for promotions in rank a^d sal; 

/J>«5> Mfg Industries in Amer Fundamental 

^rv?/7 F'actors, '20; artcHs Pos^t War Prob- 

£f^'J° ^naJs Amer Ac&d Soc and I'olit 

^'^^ artcJB ia Independent and SeJentiflc 

Mo; (29) Labor in '20, bef forum at Man- 
chester, N H; Labor Problems, bef Jr cham- 
ber commerce, Springfield, Mass; (31) att 
col 2, pg 5; t col 8, pg 2; field, made labor 
survey for Montgomery Ward Co '20; war, 

KEISTER^ Albert Samuel, prof econ Cornell 
Col, Mt Vernon, la; b, 2-14-88; (8) supple- 
mental to textbooks, uses business Jmls, 
financial news in papers, current crop re- 
ports, Babson's statistical news and oiiarts, 
current offering* of stocks and bonds, legis 
actual and proposed ; does not * lect to un- 
dergrade; regular assignments, oral quiz at 
emtii dfl, witb outline and essential features 
on bd; teaching efflc inc 50%; (31) att ur 
el 8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 2; t col 9. 

KEITH, Allen P, supt '08 — , New Bedford, 
Mass; b, 12-18-72; (7) all ts in service 2 or 
more yrs now engaged in revising crs study; 
(8) frequent conferences and inter-ds visit- 
ing; estab dept instrumental mueic with full 
time dlr; (10) all requests for cbanget and 
new books originate thru corns of ts; (13) 

- ts council elected under direction s com 
acts as advisory bd; (15) spec els, retarded 
pus and non-Eng spkg; hospital els, fresh 
air, conservation of eyesight; (15) project 
meth; supr study in h s; (18) reg inspec- 
tions; follow up nurses; (19) ni ss; mill 
classes with full-time supr; (22) comm cen- 
ter dept with full time dir; (25) constant 
self surveys; (31) att ur el 9, ur h 3; t ur 
el 1, ur h 1; supr ur h 8, spec 2^; supt 12. 

KEITH^ John A H, prih, St Nor S, Indiana, 
Pa; b, 11-28-69; (28) co-author The Nation 
and the Ss> '20, principles of fed aid to ed 
in U S; (31) att ur el 9, nor 3, col 3; t r 2, 
I ur 'h 1, nor 9; supr ur el 1, nor 1; pres 14; 
catlg for '20-'21 uses many type aids, such 
as full face center heads, spacing, indenta- 
tion, cuts, incl back cover cut ; gives both 
ed and experience for each fac mem. 

KEITH, Oscar Lovell, prof Romance langs, 
U of S C, Colurabda, S C; b. 10-6-82; (10) 
suggestions given to st bd ed on choice of 
modem lang textbks; (11) reptg for local 
press lects bef Alliance Fran<*a'ise on French 
literature, etc; rept bef S C audiences on 
European conditions^ after visit to Europe, 
sumr *19; (13) thru local Cercle Francais; 
(20) offering crs on meths of tg French in 
dept modern langs; (22) local groyp of 
Alliance Francaise has been to some extent 
helpful locally in this way ; (28) artels in 
S C Ed; (29) bef lang sect, st ts assn; 
(31) att ur el 6, ur h 3. col 4, pp 4; t ur 
h 1, spec 5 sumrs, col 15. pg 5; war, 2nd It 
U S army *18-'19; t els in French in Camp 
Jackson; other, st chrmn Internatl Corre- 
spondence Bureau. 

KEIil/ER, Paul G W, prin h s, Appleton, Wis; 
b, 2-22-76; (11) use of daily press to set 
before people needs and purposes of more 
democ ed ; (12) sal scbed based on merit ; 
(13) stu council; (16) ds in democracy and 
current lit; (17) standardized on spec credit 
basis; (18) full participation in govt plan 
for social purity; (21) opening many oppor- 
tunities for stu participation: (25) Intel tests 
in h s; (28) artclg gen subj Orientation in 
the New World Order; (29) Place of Ed In 
Scheme of ItocoustmctVou, bef philosophical 

High SpoU for Every School 


MMI.UBB. Babmt B, mgr Indai Berrlcc Dlv, 
IntenMl Cormpondence Bi, BcrantoD, Pa: 
<19) ■ *lmi to "meet aetnal Indus and t«c>i 
DMdi" of OT«T 120,000 men and women "wbu 
And tb«mMlTe« hampered br lack ot edn- 

■KIXXT, 4wBe* Herbert, dir, uDlv ext, 'IB - , 
V Pltteborf. PlttaburKb, P'l; b, S-ID-TTJ; (iii 
prea, Colo 8t Nor K, '14-'19: (fil ed la "pur- 
tlclpatlon Id life"; (8) dtr uf (lemunslralloii 
a, aamr '20, nalns praj«« tntHilBi. aarlitl- 
tmed nfUmUam- --■-■■-"■ -• — ^ 

1 dleelpllaei (ISl iitre» demw 
la ■DMi (11) bulletlnii ud onlv eit. <: 
■pondenoe atud;, etc; (131 sociHllied i 
of teacblng and dlactpUue In demunatr 
a, which Included 8 at ChUdhood. 

Amer Cala and Conncll <>f Churrb Bds of 

Ed In U a, 45 W IBth, N V O; h, S-22-06; 
(81 an editor Chrlstlnii Education nnd dlr 
Amer Bd Survey nauicht to dliirorrr InHs 

• f (9) bna sMmuhiCed obiircli IhIs »1 
aupr ufdenomlnBtlonal PolB 1 

eapecial nt to ed In pellKli 
cnmpalvna. atlmuJntlnic •-ii-nixTiniiv 
ettr by sintp cola and nil Am.T i-nli 
helped ro-nrdlnnte flftpnnles far try 
rerruU rol rtiis fnr vuriims fi>rin« 
aerrlcc; many oonfa held: (2.11 illr 
Ed Survey o* cala, tbeol semlnnrlei 
ind relliriouH wrk In tn 

tlona; (Sftl reptu nn si 

phnrch pnpers and Clirlstli 


.„, , tnlka In _ , .. 

Boaton, Provldeni-P, New Iluven, > Y C. 
Rocheater, Trenton, WimhinfCKin. IliirrWiurir. 
Reading, Columbua, Ctevpland. Detroit. 
.Tackaon. Toledo. RprlnitSeld fl. Diiytoii. 
Limn. Indlaiupolln, Chirnfco. FiirKx. <ir;ind 
Forka. QeorKelnwn Tex, ItUllufTH. IIpleii:i : 
topic. leaden tor Anwrtean Idralii; att r 
8, r b 4, col .1. PK a : t r 1, r h 10. col IT ; 
prin r b 10; ' 

KBMP, Thesdo 
Ington. in. 

f. prpq III Wri-le; 

'. Bloom 
I, Snn Jose. Cal. 

KEMP, W W, prea at n 

KBNDAt.1,, CWvtn N, Bt pomr el. '11 — . Trei 
Ion. N J; b. 2-9-W; rret. y E A .llv snii 
'30- '21 for Atlnntl"- City inle 2 -M-Zl : 
Outlook ll-M-20 gave as ll remedlea for 
iA«face rsadjnallng ti aala, keeping i 
free from pollllra. Mftl-tlng ta la dad ror 
' — ■-" -• -■■— " — *■-— *H, mnklng a co 

ilitluua SB uKractlve and convenient aa poa- 
si Me. coQaoH dating aa. enforcing cmupnlaory 
ed Inws, having more democracy la a«, bav- 
Ing tn all place*— tiot merely In atrme placM 
— aible and conipetent aupCa and prlna, glT- 
Ing ts reasonahle number of ch to t, ralrias 
preatlge of t, and eMahllablng ade<]uatn peS' 
Blon ayatcm. 
KENSAIX. Cbma FIrrre. prlu Howard Semi- 
nary for airlB, Weat Bridge water, Mua; 
b, 1-21-T3; (lUi a mokei upeclallty of "t^lag 
■Iria whoiie rd la aaorgaiiliHl or dlaorvaa- 
iaed, and pntllnc Ihem lanKnilv nn thair 
feet, loratlng a. 

pUr la itftfmvani (29) Awkward Boy, QUted 
Girl. Psmla Wiie ud Otherwl**, After 

Storm; (31) alt r h, nor 2, col 4. pg 1; t 
r b 17. apec 3; supr 17; war, cbrou pab 
anfety com, fuel i-om, pmployinent coni. etc. 
KBMDALL. Fredrrtrk L, aupt '18 — , Dart- 
mouth. Mabb; b, 7-Bl-fll; (01 (apt 'OB-'IB. 
HlllHlioro, l-eterboro. N H; (8) (ap- 

ply . 


r la 

otlHv readcra for 
i (121 n 

aals el ts Inc 00 2/&%. 

WlUlam Herbert, prut mecb 
'nin dlT engr, Browti U, Pruvl- 
li, -73: (7) new tnrrk with 
ulm for engr Muu; etaphaala 

of aood EoR la nnpiiMlied bf 

up now In rvldenrei (;in att OT el 6. nr h 

■2. .1.1 4, PIC I: I 0"1 -Jt: 8*ld dlr army 
rd ••iir[.j A E P, foftairi'd Iti eatab engr and 

KKNKKIIV, Joarph. <l«in. a ed. I' North Da- 
kola. Cniiid Forka. N D; b. T-M-TiK: <SS) Bd 
Problem In Quar Jriil i: N D, T-'2D: 10 ppi 
■■ " " — ' * "~ ed to prevent ovet- 

arttins atart In ed line! ohrmn com to ralB« 
S1.000.(KI0 endiiwnient fund for ed for Jamea 
MllUkln r: dounled tl..'iOO townid fund. 

tupt OH ; •'"" 

)r R C. 
KENT. R A. ) 


Who^s Who and Why in After-War Education 

mentation and reseaiic<b; (8) making metbs 
conform to aims, and •CandardiBins most 
hiirlily efflc praotiee; (11) carefully planned 
campaign for bid '19; ts sals '20; (16) Intel 
te«t« in grds 8-8; (18) health ed program in 
ss; (27) campaigns to get pub to vi^it «s; 
(31) att r 1, ur el S, ur h 2, voc 2, col 4, 
pg 2; t or el 1. ur b 3, nor 2, col and pg 
4; supr ur h 2, spec 2; supt 9. 

KENTUCKY ST DEPT ED, Frankfort, Ky; 
ann rept for 2 yrs ending 12-31-19; illus; 
divided in chapts; problems listed e g, t- 
shortage, flu epidemic, book shortage; 4 
bulletins publ 4^ce last ann rept; among 
6 progressive steps taken by laBt legis lists 
laws inc max ^n> s levy 60%, making s cen- 
sus age 6-18; allowing interest-b^aHng war- 
rants when st e fund has not sufficient 
money to meet instaUmente to oOs and cities 
wlien due ; lists needed reforms incl amend 
to St constit releasing about 40% st s fund 
to be used as stimulating, statute making 
minimnni co levy 30 cents and fixing no 
maximum, higher stil. for co supts; gives 
short repta from each co and city supt; 
h s suipr gives table showing by cos "new 
things ' couuected with h ss" ; lists 10 re- 
quirements for ol« A and for ds B h ss; 
repts accredited ss in 10 yrs inc from 83 
to 254; lists stnds for Jr cols; r supr gives 
as key to solution of r s problem '^creation 
of strong ed sentiment," conducts wrk thru 
corres, field wrk, co instits and assns, farm- 
ers mtgs, st conventions; consol ss inc in 
2 yrs from 79 to 262; lists necessary steps 
in progress of r ss incl "give it place to 
live in . . . provide live well trained r 
minded t . . . wherever possible, consolidate 
. . . provide liberal vital crs of study . . . 
give r ts convenient comfortable homelike 
place to live in . . . give spec Attention to 
sanitation, tr for occupation and citizenship 
. . . org every dist into comm center , . . 
remove ss from politics"; Ky Illiteracy 
Comn recommends dept of adult ed to create 
et system of ni es for adults, reasonable 
sals for ts of such ss, comr of adult ed, 
st s for adults, supt in charge of s wrk at 
st reformatory and penitentiary, att officer 
for r ss ; bur pt-t assns repts aims "to assist 
CO bd ed to do far greater amt of consol of 
ss, raise stnd of ts, encourage supr and by 
united effort of home, s and comm to place 
Ky high upon ladder educationally": h s 
en study 153 pp; detail of subj matter in 
15 pp; subJ matter of spec nature 100 PP> 
incl voc home econ and agr, suggested crs 
in chem and physics with lists of experi- 
ments and equip; mani arts and trd subjs. 
[St survey by st comn thru Qen Bd Bd 
under way '20-'2l as per '20 law.] 

KEBFOOT, 8 F, pres Hamllne U, St Paul, 

KENTON, Arthur E, co supt, Owatonna, Minn ; 
b, 8-28-71; (5) prin Roosevelt consol s; (8) 
org ts by groups for self -improvement ; (9) 
outlines sent out to assist ts in work; (11) 
local papers; (13) pn coms to improve s and 

. home conditions; (14) circ letters to able 
j^oung people urging to prepare themselves 

/9 tBac£; (15) mental and phys tests; (16) 

(21) formed clubs of boys and girls to t the 
illiterate; (22) estab farmers clubs; (23) 
mo repts granting certificates of perfect att; 
(26) making question of strong t coming 
back depend upon improvements made by 
dist; (29) health conditions in r ss, bef 
farmers' clubs; (31) war, org jr and sr R 
C ; other, representative Wm Welch Co, 3 yrs. 

KEPPEL, Mark, co supt '03 — , Los Angeles, 
Cal; b, 4-11-67; (24) helped defeat tax 
limitation measure; now promoting amend- 
ment st constit for adequate support all ss; 
(29) bef city and co ts mtgs. 

KERNEB, Robert Joseph^ assoc prof hist, U 
Mo, Columbia, Mo; (5) mem expert staff 
Col House Peace Inquiry '17-'18; mem Amer 
comn to Negotiate Peace, '18-*19; prof sumr 
ses, Columbia '20; (19) lects on intematl 
politics,' particularly central and eastern Eu- 
rope; (26) Slavic Burope: A Selected Bib- 
liography, '18, 400 pp; artels, Social Devp 
in Czecho-SIovakia, in Survey 11-*19; Con- 
stitutional Devp in Czecho-SIovakia, in Po- 
lit Sci Review Il-'IO; Austro-Hungarian 
War aims as revealed by Secret Documents, 
In Jrnl of Intematl Politics, 4-'20; (29) com- 
memt talks and open forum; (31) att ur el 
8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 6. 

KERB, Mina, dean '10 — , Milwaukee- Downer 
Col, Milwaukee, Wis ; b, 9-25- '78 ; (6) emph tr 
for citizenship ; (11) talks to women's clubs, 
churches, ss, on present conditions, needs, 
movements in ed; (13) addr and artels on 
stu govt as form of democ movement and 
means of tg citizenship, N E A repts 18, 
'19, '20; (14) dir 50% grads into tg; recruUed 
for Interchupch World Movement, cols, nor 
ss, and u; (16) col govt assn, stu and fac 
mems, miniature democ govt; (17) make 
them means of ed, freedom of action with 
constant guidance to protect health and 
scholarship; (18) med exam, resident nurse, 
Instr in hyg, required gym and athl; '18-'19 
only one caoe influenza; (20) ann voc conf; 

(21) see 16; (25) tests for freshmen; (29) 
on phases of ed and citizenship, bef clubs, 
ed orgs, churches, ss; (31) att r 5, ur el 2, 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t col 7, dean 10; other, 
pres Natl Assn Deans of Women, NBA; 
pres Milwaukee Assn Col Alum. 

KERB, Willis Holmes, librarian, Kans St 
Nor S. Smporla, Kans; b, 6-26-80; (5) canvp 
librarian, ALA, Camp Funston, Kans; field 
representative in charge ed co-operation. A 
L A llbraTy war service. Wash; Paris hd- 
quarters, ALA, library war service, in 
charge ed dept and book buying; (8) by 
urging wider and more ed use of books and 
libraries; (11) dhrmn ALA publicity com; 
asst Kau St Ts Assn and N E A publicity; 
(19) stimulation of Kans pub and s libraries; 

(22) Joint use of pub and s libraries; (28) 
Library Promoting, in S and Soc, 1-*19; (31) 
att r 2, r h 4, ur el 4, col 4, pg 2; t col 
11; war, see 5. 

KERR, Wm J, pres Ore Agr Col, Corvallis, 

KETI/ER, W C, pres Grove City Col, Grove 
CJity, Pa. 

, ,,^, «,^„^«^ *'-^- , ^— , KETTERING, Charles F, vp and dlr research 

o/:r Z^lttle athsens League, J^a Pair League, labs, Gen Motors Co, Dayton, O: trustee O 
mtnajr of loemt civics; (18) rtaitlng nurses; S "D; helped oTg Moraine Park S; gave 

High Spots for Every School 

tlfiOajaOO foi med r«»earcb b; bomeoputbli' 
med col, O 8 U, '20; delivered addr SOili 
■nnlTWMtT O S C, an BDbJ of resenrcb in 

KXXBflj H, prei Skidmore Sobool o( Arts, 
Sarltosa SprlDgi, N T. 

XBTSB, [Am BeolHB, prof German lune and 
lit, '€8 —. ComeR Col, Mt Vernon. In; b. 
n-n-Tl; (28) SsDm XmUTHUo tar Study at 
Ira AntaMsIOKT, io la Jtq] IlUt nnd Poll- 
tlci, 7-'20; (29) lecti on In nrcbaeoloe)' : 
lectB bef Amer S at Wild Lite ContervMlon 
eodi naarr In HcQreKor; (31| att iir el 8. 
at b i, col 4, pK 4: t ur b i, tul iO; aupr 
ar b 4; war, 4-mln man, 

KBKB8, ^abn J, supt, Nasbcllle, Teiin. 

XEEBITAX, Mn £ X, borne maker, Somerset. 
Pa: b, C-IG-TO; pres Pn CoiigreaB Mothers 
and Pt T« AsBDs; mem »t bd Pa League of 
Wameo Ottaeni — now Women Voterg: thni 
orgs attempt! to "mold pub opinion in 
(h««r mt eloHi ra-opera(lan wllh ■ authori- 
tlea, awaken parents to netesBlty ot tr them- 
RelTeg lor wrt of niistni; cb : poniliicted els 
In e«n since war to abow membera fiinan- 
meotal* at econ aystem, wbere It Is wrong 
. aod what hope there Is for more Just one": 
dirmD pu-b health nuratag dept co R C 

KIKSBB, Paul W. agr editor nnd prof ImlsiD. 
"" " ^-'- "l Col. Brookings, S D; b. 

, S Dnk ! 

i column: 

<i Wesleyan. 


. PS 11 

; other, delegate Kansas 

natl atbl conf, NYC; mem 
chDTCb; mem council cburcb i 

T Acad Pollt and 8oc Sci; now prepar- 
teit tar Mb srd comm drlcii (HI) t r 8, 
I 2, col 10 ; BUpt 2. 

. Kvrrrtt Kdsar, prof railway civil 
T' '18 — , D 111, Urbana. Ill; b, 'TT; (H) 
' railway engCR Iowa St Col. — . '18! 
pntbuslB-am Id els room; Intereat In ato 
■ la ac4lvUl«{ trpe-written autllu UMd 

ra ; (16, IT) * 
la TCQalrad I 
erh mac and 

lllus lects 

s given 

list of quaMlona 
'repar« artd tor 

KINO Jeunetta M, dlr pLys e<I 
Not, Unrfreesboro, Tenn; 1i. 1 
Tenn Phys Elduc Sac '20; (T) 
crs In phys ed In Tenn b ss: (! 
liy teats in pliys tr; nlao pusli 
Gunlt cl exblbUlons. pbja Ir 
dancing natl coatoiDe; (18) c 
pbyslorogy, snnltatlon ; dail; i 

e-20-ei; (5) dlr pablldty, Northe 
and Indus S, Aberdeen, S D, ~ '30; (11, Ti. 
27) .tibm Instil lects iind wclllngs urged 
upon ta definite a publicity proJe<^ nnd 
cloaer ca-op with editors: urged upon edi- 
tors Importsnce of n^giilnrly running s 
□ewi; topics considered in Instlt rra Ind 
whaa la newa, news fimm-eB Abou 
tng and writing ■ nei^p. metba 
lug • newi, worldflg «llh editor: 
amplea of trivial Items In a ne 
of various pepcTH ore presented m <-i)iiir;isi 
witih Items which plnre renl problems nnd 
needs of at bef pub" ; (31) t nor 4. col 1 ; 
war. D a army, and pub Information dlr 
of fed food admn tor R 11. 

KII.BY, Clinton Manr;. pi'nf iiby.qlrs nnd 
astronomy. Randolpb Mncon Woman's Col. 
340 Norfolk At, Lynphburg. V.i ; b. H-1-T4; 
(Z») eiDsteln'a Theory nf Relativity l>et 
men's clnba; (31) att spec 4, col 4. pg 4 : 
'. DOT 1, col IS: Bupr r h 1. nr b 1: wiir, 
reglslrntlon hd; othpr Instr Lehigh 1". Ipi-t 
asat Jobna Hopkins V. 

KIUATBICK, Wm II, prof ed. Ta Col. Co- 
liim4>la TI, N X C. 

KIMBALL, J F, aiipt, Dallas. Tex. 

KINOANNON, Andrew A, prca st a. Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

KINO, Albert Henry, dean K> 
- - - - B-fl.-.: j; 

supt 411 

I ed M B 

KUro. Clyaa L, prof pollt acl, U Pa. Phlln- \ 
dsHibla, Ha; B, 5-1-79: f/SI sast prof poHt Bcl. \ 
17-^tO; (17) Id eie irrfc; (38) editor, AnnalH '■ 

•si; in) 

lib. folk 


pngeunts; (221 t 

to rfalldrrn and nourrn ot 
tut (Zei tnnda given and p 
rellKluua bldi (28) prep»rli 
Bt pbys ed soc. co-null 

1 witbin two yrs. 

iiillll f 

I T C, 

(iNliNi.EY, Clarence l», at aupr secondary ed, 
still)' IIuiisp, Boston. M.iss; (36) chrmn com 
iin renrg iif aprondary ed appt by N B A. 
T>n>p.irlng aeries of repts on various phase* 
iif wMinilnrr e<l; Carillnal Principle* at Beo- 
ondiirj- Bd. ^2 pp, 'IS. presenta T main ob- 
Jerlivra of ed, regaida ed as uuttnry and 
I'untlnuoiia process. Indicates renaans for 
<llr of secondary ed Into jr and ar periods, 
iind defines proper articulation of el. aec- 
nnilnry nnd higher ed; Reorg of Eng In 
SrrandarT Sh, ISl pp, 'IT. naphaatiM onl 
ripmislnn. diacusani admn and Minlp ot 
tilirary, articulation with Eng at (A a, co- 
op or all tn In Mcuring good Eng u>aca._ 

■n. t,\lU\n(.,, - 

144 Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

pretento plan for sivins s credit for out- Situvition, ibid, 8-7-20; (31) att pg 5; t col 

side sindy of miMie; Pbys £kl in Second- 12, pg 1; war, civiliaa chaplain. 

ary Ss, 24 pp. '17, comprehenaive health „w .«„„ « „, „„^,. Mn. r, »*« w 

prbgraii, time allotment and equip essential "^^^i^f^^clo.^-^.SI^^fV^,? T' Sn^'^SX' ».^?it' 

for phys tr, with bibliography: Moral Val- Vq?'^^w»L^''L^".^^ Columbiavill^ Mich; 17- 

ues in fikcokdary Ed, 37 pp, '17. points out ISJ ?^Z^*''^ ^."^^'^ k'^J'' ^^^'* ° ^ if^^' 

ethical values in h s subjS sets forth su- Ji 40% sal inc ; bonus for sumr s attend ; 

preme value of moral alms and conditions (18) vi«ion tests, teeth inspeptdon, welg-hts 

bnder wHlch distinct crs in elMco may «?* measnremeiits taken ; (19) lect and ly- 

wlsely be offered; Voc Guidance in Second- ^'J"™ £" V^?**^/L^*7*^*** Cf*,.^/*7*''* *** 

ary Ed, 28 pp, '18, outlinea comprchonoive ?* ^""^J ^J^) pt-ts cluto ; elec U«4it8 for en- 

voc gnld pr^s^m, describes variVos plans * "^ » f^*' (28) artels €onsolldated S, Rela- 

now In openSion/ dioenosee psy tests and tion of T to Community; (^) bef commcmts 

tr of voc conneelJorg; Business Ed in Sec- snd churches; (31) att r 8 ur h 4, col 4, 

oudary Ss, 08 pp, '19, 6-yr oomxl currlc pg 1, t ur h 3; supt ur h 6. 

with specialization in last 2 yrs, with speciflc klapper, Paul, dlr ext crs, assoc prof ed, 

■nffffestlons for tg each snbj; helped dis- Col City of N Y; b, 7-17-85; (6, 7) see 28; 

trib to 1,600 h 8« An Inquiry on Needed (g) had 225 N Y C ts in crs in imeths of 

C^ianres in H S Ed, 11 pp, topics incl di»- tg '20, also els in Staimford and Bridgeport, 

eoverins aspirations, aptitudes and oapaci- Conn; (14) C C N Y dept of ed since '17 

ties, health, citisenship and sodaUzins a«:en- has sup^plied NYC about 85% of male ts 

cles, worthy use of leisure, buildlns up eth- entering el ss; (18) ext div has crs in health 

ieal character and morale. ed, 4 clinics in speech correction and ext 

KINI.EY, D»vid, pres U 111, Urbana, 111. f".*" 1?^***, ^^^ and sex ed; (19) ext crs 

* * ^ ' ' to ts, librarians, social workers and others 

KIRBY, J Albert^ dir penmanship, H S of interested in pub welfare; 5,500 enrolled 

Commerce, 155 W 65th St, N Y C; b, 6-6- '20; (20) secured dinic for voc gruid; (21) 

70; (7) demonstrated Kirby rhythmic writ- secured crs in cultural backarrounds of N 

fng to Ohio ts instit; (8) uses phonogrraph Y C people for ts, librarians and social 

records to stnd meths in t penmanship; (9) workers, lectures delivered by suprs of crs 

gupr to get healthful posture first, effective and scholars, wrtters, editors, prof men and 

movement, form and speed later; (18) insists women from eacb race srroup, 30 lects, 22 

on healthful posture while writinic; (25) races; e^ct ors in govt and hist announces 

scoro cards for pus own use in measuring: firee discussion on leading issues of natl 

progress; (31) t r 8, ur h 2; war, Spanish iif«; crs in world war and reconstruction; 

Amer. (22, 27) crs open to public in appreciation 

KIRK, Albert E, pres Southwestern Col, Win- <>f modern art u«e8 museums^ and art dealers 

field Kan have invited stus to visit; (28) Editor Ck>l 

WAV -w %.' -D «««« »* *■ ^«.i xTA^i^^^iu^ -M^ Tg. *20; New Demands in Ed, in America 

KIRK, John R. pres st t col, Eirkiville. Mo. ^ »^ ^^^ Bra ; Tg of Arith ; on quality of 

KIRKBNDALL, Fred Clair, supt, •17-'21, instr in cols; (29) socialized recitation in 
Zanesville, O; b, 9-12-70; (7) now chanicinsr Eng at Hartford, Conn, ann conv; Col Tg 
crs to link it more definitely with life; (8) itg Status, Phi Beta Kappa; Factors in Ef- 
ts conf almost dally; profess lit bougrht in fective Tg, Pittsburgh; Ed Influences in 
bulk and distrib to bid; extra sal for extra Period of Reconstruction, C C N Y; (31) 
training; (10) text corns chosen by ts; (11) ^tt ur el 6, col 4, pg 3; t ur el 3, col 13, 
mem chamber commerce j (14) city nor s pg 2; dir ext in col sumr sess, 4. 

receives pick of sr els; (18) 1 full-time, 2 kticix SMin Riifna B von nre«« IT Ariz Tuc- 

part-time phys ed ts; phys and hyg crs KLBIA sail w, Rufus « von, pres u Ariz, luc- 

revised; (20) stu record and empl bureau, ^""' Ariz. 

t and stu talk over "life's problems, actlvl- KLEISER, Clare, prin pub s, N Y C ; residence, 

ties, vocations and avocations"; (22) aud lA Fifth Av ; joint author Stories of Ameri- 

used for comm betterment mtgrs; spec s cans In the World War for grs 5-7; 61 

visiting days; (24) strong ts org; (31) att stories and poems chiefly from or based upon 

r 8, col 4, pg 1; tr 2, r h 4, ur 4, col 2; telegraphed or other war time publ, incl 

Bupr 9; supt 13. summary President Wilson's war message. 

KIRKI^AND^ J H, 'pres Vanderbilt U, Na^- KI/EMME, E J, dlr ext, St Nor S, Belling- 

vlUe Tenn. ham, Wash; b, 3-4-72; (14) sends letter each 

KIRKPATRICK. John E, instr polit -sci. U T ^^ TiQWnm J" nrAlJ^^^^^mV .^^^ 

Mich, Ann Arbor. Mich; b, '69; (6) prof hist *o ts; (19) comm programs; (22) s sends out 

and polit sci, Washburn Col, '17.'19 ; tutor cjmm ?'*«^*"l'^i; to show comms how to help 

govt, Harvard U, '19.'20; (16) several artels ^ST***'^^; (2o) ext dept assists ed dept in 

in iiroblems of admn in Washburn Col, see |1^J"^ *««*« »"* vp^r^W^^T^L^* Imi^ 

OA' n7\ hnii mJhnAfi^niM Himdv n«w»Daner«. re- Schoolmaster, S News, Northwest Jml; 

S^iiL iii2iriJ^s^ Mlrt m^ editor Exchange, bulletin of ext dept ; lects 

? a?d ^^Vk-A^^r^U^Ipe^ui m 00 comm and 24 h s commcmt talks. 

nadlnr current newspapers and nmcasines KNAPP^ Thad J« supt, Highland Park, Mich; 

by 40S U Midi stus and binds of petriodi- b, 4-23-76; («5) prof ed U Mich sumr ses; 

cals read; (19) led in movement to org pres Mich St Ts Assn; v-«p N B A; (8) 6-yr 

I^abor Col at Topeka, Kan, '18-'19; (28) The h s; natural but not extreme segregation of 

watr ^f Amd Unrest, S and Society, 7-10-19; sexes; (9) each el prin is general supr of 1 

Vital Issaea Clearly Joined, fbid, 12-11-18-25- subj; (10) by representative coms; (11) sur- 

jO/ i»im49m of Wko in Org rnxUk Ctovt of Ools, vey dept in clharge of publicity; visitors 

v»Af, r-3'2a; co-autbor. The WashlmTn Col urged to Vnat^ect, ^\ Vft«w^* 8 Visitor, show- 

High Spots for Every School 

iDg wrk doDe in a; (12) utl ached w!tb low 
min tod BO mmxlMOaMii pnunotian on merit 
r dorlBK UliiaHi leave of abaeace; 

• tn tit vat! 


I and prills org eacouiased 

pn«nBM tor paai -"- ' ■— 

tab BHlii !■ HvlMi 

mtn 0FB to Bnwiee bbb Mp to WMlilnKtaa 
(18) vncUcallT B ■nmi ' 
dtoloi med lupr; (19) __. 
da far adiiHi; ext ck for m i^i ■ mnun 
takcB br t«; nce-Brd cFiiam once uui; (2«l 
tecta bef ta, co InsHtB. etc, on FiwiUdnB 
Dmsenwi- In 8 Admn; Do yon Really Want 
yonr Sal RAlsed ; SUtv Hw F>11ii»b; United 
We BUud; (31) att r 1^, ur el S, ur b 4. 
col 4, pg 6 vt-tlme: t UT b S; supc ur el D. 
nr h T: sapt 9. 
KNIOHT, A W, ehaiicellor V at South, Se- 

KNIGHT, Xlrbolo*. prof cbem, Comell Col. 
Mt Vernon, lo ; U, 4-2-61; (5) pres la At-art 
Set, '20: VJp la Be« Amer Ohem Society. 
'20; (14) personal Influence with stus In own 
dept, maay ol whom now t chero; (IS) leot 
on bje anA health formulae tor stu-g; 18) 
pnbl abooit 40 travel artels, lllus. for young 
people's papeFB; (21) leot on good cklicn- 
■hip: (SB) W fwJlitlea In own dept; (2SI 
In Cbem Newa; Dlssortatlon Complex Donble 
Ralta. 11-12-n; Waaholw Wood. 9-21-17; The 
Oils In Cherry Pits. 3-15-18; Some Amer 
Dolomltea, 4-16-IB; Snibstances In Rain and 
Snow. S-1-19; (SB) ]>atrlotle, memorial day, 
etc; (91) att col 4, pg 4; wur, spkr Natl 
BeeniMy League, cbrmn 4-mln apkra. 

KKOIjBS. Tally C, pres Paclflc Col, Snn Jose, 

KNOWLESj K D. sippt. Qnltmftn, Qit: b. '81: 
<12) graduated sal acale, mnking Hunwrnfal 
■Kporlnm bMla of promotloDi (18) aeml- 
ann med Inap ; (19) doubled housing rapa- 
city; (21) Inlrod en In roniDi Mnt BOd cur- 
»ni «•_«., (22) built nnd efiulpped hid for 
" s costing SIOO.OOO; (ST) sift of 

]r and s 

I 4, pg I 

i (31) a 

r b 4. 

KSFOWLTON. Dulel C. t. hist and dTlca 
Lincoln 8, 'IB — , Ta Col, N T C; b, 7-18-78; 
(6) bd dept lilst Central H 8, Newark, N J, 
1T-'18; Bopr loctal ■clencea h aa, '18-'ie: as 
mem com on hist and ed lor citizenship In 
•a for Amer HIat Assd and natl bd for hist 
aeTTlce. helped otk crs; (28) Essentlats In 
Hndem Hist; Hist of N J; Govt of K J; 
ninrtrmted Toftlaa In Aneleot HIMi (29) bef 
rarlona bist asan mtg>, dept auptg, etc; (31) 
att spec 8, pg .l; t ur h 17, spec 1, col IM : 
aupr 1; other, see S. chrmn cnm on modem 
Mat, Aasn HUt Is middle ats and Md: war. 
natl bd f. 

I 'OB. Baron de Hlrsch Fund; offlcer 
last 20 yra, Amer Jewish Hist Society; mem, 
'10 — , bd delegates on cItII rigbta of Union 
ul Amer Hebrew Congregations; mem at 
large '17, Amer Jewish Com : wrk baa been 
concentrated on ed Unps on Immigration and 
Anierlcanliatlon of Immigrant, on trying to 
secure equal rdghta for oppressed Jews of 
Europe inol eultonU ilrbta with oompDlsoiT 
instr In vernitealar so that TIddlsh will be 
gmdually superseded la a few decades with- 
[iiit meantime cutting ofl Jewa spkg only 
Yiddish from contact with jntellectnal world 
or their own chUdren ; author, Jewish 
Rights at Congreases oI Vienna, 1814-181S, 
and Ali-la-Ohapelle, 1818, publ In separate 
editions by Amer Jewish Blst Society and 
Amer JmHsh Cum, 'IS; Hd Reforms In 
Europe In their Relation to Jewlah emanci- 
pation, 1TTS-1ST8, bef Amer Jewish Elat 
Society. '18, and printed in Jewish Forum, 
'19; The Jew In Poland, In Survey, 10-28-18; 
Clemenceau as Opponent of Antl-Semitea 
nnd Spokeaman of Peace Conf, TS; A li 
Guodhart and the Polish Jewish Question, In 
Amer Hebrew, 12-'20; Baron de Htrscb fand 
•nbsldlieH instr for Jewish Inmlgruta Ib 
Eat >uid cities and maliitalaB tzado s In 
N V C and a(T Instr (or Jowlah yooag mub. 

St, L.I ' 
S Wk I 

tr, 6th grd teacher. 

■esse. Wis ; 


(6) aood 


lodecn btat. 

' '19 — , Xewburypfl 

KMOX, Herman 

Mass: b, 4-S-'>t, luj nuin .t :ii<^iuiiii . 
Marlon. Mass: (10) designed nnd pnbl t 
TODlent and simple textbook record! (31) 
nor 2, col 4. pg 1 ; t r h 8: anpr 16; v 
private at guard. 

KOCH, COmtIm ^, supt, Baltimore, Md. 

■i-t«d advisory councfl wtlch for- 
mulates cr9 study, measurement testa; (11) 
represents ta In civic orgs, wrote several 
artelH on value of t org. etc; (12, 14) helped 
compile present anl sched, inc 30-70%. lead- 
ing to mach aatlsfnctlim nnd happiness: (16) 
Instigated com systeui of s activities like 

bulletins, library readlns, etc; (18) bealtb 
ibarts. slogans, poatvra, atody of contssloas 

stay Id b movemvDt, toc goldanoe. and al s 

a, to prevrnt thrtr enterlnt blind alley Jobs; 

I2l\ gavr iBatr In Tbe Ballot and Iti Dae 

ballH, a bids, etc; compiled and formed con- 
allf9 for m.inv women's snd girls' cluba and 
ts orRa Incl Wis Ts Assn's reorg; (22| la 
represrntatlve in romm council whTch foBlera 
all welt:ire movements In co; org pt-t nssn 
now supporting new Md campaign; (23) 

Vance or retardation; (24) mcm many resolu- 
tions corns recommending ed, flnan and ma- 
terial reiiiljHaimpnts: (25) after ualng atud 
rending test!), classlfled pus and advanced 
them according to ability wttb extra asslat- 




schnlarshlpn for worthy stas whose econ 
family condlilona would not warrant further 
9 -ntt ; V2Ti thru c»mpnlgns. nccgulred Interest 
nnd support of Inllnentlnl cltlsens; (29) B C 
Activities, tndua Relations, Repts of Con- 
ventlona, Value of Ballot, Need of CbarHlea. 
hel c»mm co'OlWAV, t\afe». \Rk'i> ^LTtf^«w^».-^ '^'^^ 
a« Wt *\ S^. 1^ \> V, TIM 1, tr,\ 1. ^»n«v. '^ ■» 

Who's Who and Why m After-War Education 

el IG, Bl B. sumr s: mem advlaory i^ouDdl; 
field, cbarltj, sai'lnl service, employment: 
wnr, R C, Council Defense, social entertain- 
roent com; oCher, claim dept Amcr ExpresJ^ 

KOL&K, Farke Rgcrord. prea Municipal U 
of Arkou, O; b. 4- £3-81 : 115) umm «a- 
apcmUie By^tflm In tagr tr and tr Id mtt 
at rabbar; (14) In Pub Service 4-20-20 Btatea 
"In tbU Inst, practically all of our atuB go 
into busineas . . . floubtleaa due to tre- 
mendous expauBion of Akron as Indue cen- 
ter ... aal discrepancies are bo great 
that local conditions make Akron unpromla- 
Ing field for reciaitlng of ts" ; 110) see 22; 
(22) Bee IS; bur af diy teata at dlBpasol of 
ottlKin*. tnol ohnnloiiJ, bHterloloilcal »nd 
phjaleal tea<4; ape« etty home demonatra- 
tor; nl Dla; (28) Kept of Com on Field Wri 
ot Aasn o( t!rban UniTa; Cola In War and 
AfMr, '10: rept of Fed Bur of Bd'a S Surrey 
Com to HawBllan Islanda; cbapt on Method 
of Tr, Do-operatlve Pait Time, Id Experts 
In City QoTt; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 3, col 3, 
pg 3; t ur b 3, col S; pres 6; see U Akron. 

KOONB, Gnr, prin toWDSUlp h a, aupt. Pon- ' 
tiac, 111; b, 11-14-T4: (T) h s era Incl col pre- 
pamtory, ta curriculum, houaehold acl, 
comrl, general; 

eol B 

for ImproTement 

o offer 

a taktt 

clubs, Smith Hugbes agr wrk ; (IT) h a 

i, cluba 
agr, Jr i 

Bade in grua; mea eiama; au-tima nnrae; 
el nuralDK to ha (Irla; <20) tac com on too 
cnldanoe; hooka on Toe KDlduieB aoemilble 
to poai (21) pus learn Amer's Creed; booka 
that will belp Amer added to library; (22) 
aereral yr bid prosram for h at playground 
for erds enlarged ; landHCBpe plana for all • 
groanda; canalng aad aevrlng ola for 
women! (23) abaence and tardineaa repU to 
be presented and elRned by pu himself: 

grda; (26, 27) citizens and trusteea^addrefla 
pus; (28) prepared outline of wrk for phyal- 
oioKy Id U 111 h b manual; Problem at Fol- 
low tip. In Prac Bd 5- 'IT; Toe niatrlbutloD 
of H 8 Grada, in Bd Admu and Supr, S-'IT; 
(20) commcml talks, iDemorifll day addr; 
(31) att r 8. ur b 2, nor 2, col 3, pg 1; t r 
S. or el 1, ur b 3; aupt 6. 
K008. LeoDBid V, prof secondary ed, V 
Minn, Minneapolis, Mlnu. 

', dept pbll 

KRAMER, Frank Henry, _.., 

and ed. Pa Col. '20 — , GettysbuiB, i», u. 
4-13-86; (5) bd commercial dept b s, Weat 
Cheater, Pa. '14-'20 ; (16i fictltloua corpora- 

>lmllar praetleal wor 

Cll) att or el 6, yoc 
t bus s 7, col 1. 
K RE ACER. Frank Orel 

, 3r 

168 Bridge St. Springfield, Masa; b, 9-1-80; 
(5) '17-'20 bd dept el scl. St Col. Waibi 
prln, Puyallup auror sea. St Col WaBhlng. 
Ion ; (7) prepared era for Puyallup Bumr 
aea; bulletin Voc S, St Col Wash: (10) left 

Issues bome aerrlce and leadera . service 
mimeog circulars, ill us. such aubja aa 
Chrlatmaa Suggeations to Parents and other 
Rift Givers, Manufacture Sale Salvaging and 
Use of Tin; (13) cla orcanlied a'4 clnb for 
clB room mgmnt; (14) aeleetlnc ~ 

League briuga aboat 

; (17) Achieve 


i (e> 

tries and ti 

InR AS- fapndatlon 

self survey blanki 
1.UI La auu ulub, \iai nrtrla III Co Aet and 
Farm Buc, Eastern Sts. ll-'20: co-author St 
Col Wash bulletin 57, Home Drying of 
Fruits and Vegetables In Wash; (29) bel h 
s BtUB, ta and gen pub; such topics at 
Climbing; Greased Pole of Success: Plea for 
John Henry and Marv .Ann; Ed of Women 
—a Man's yiew; Canned Ed; How to Study; 
.o.i _.» - in -,, . __>/.. ^jj^ supr r 2. 

nr el 3, ur h 3, voc 10. nor 9, col 2; . 
acted as eit lect on production and i 

KBIEGE, O E, nrea Ceu 

War ronton. Mo. 
KROEZE, Barend H, I 

ted information and IS photos" of 'blda 
stu groups; (29) numerous bef farmers 

.ts and other audiences; (13) eta BOrt; 
4/S of gradfl are t"; (17) iWerary, mu- 

, atbl and aocial orus : (18) Introd fea- 

s ot pbjB ed; (22)_ln 11 yra 9 bids a 


; {311 r 

e farolBltfa by typewHtlBg cla who 

KWNTZ, Elmer K, supt, Lanaford, Pa; b. S- 
24-74: (11) local pnpers; (IS) pby^ tr supr; 
med iQsp: a nurse; (19) moviiiK plctorea In 
h a aad: (21) cla for adnlta with aid of 
Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co: (22) nl aa, 
see 21; (2») ed mensurements; (25) tests In 
allettt reading and arltb; (28) artel on s rm 
libs with lists of booha tor all grds; col- 
laborating on algebra text book ; (29) pt-t 
mtRs: (31) t nor 2; supr ur el 3, ur h 3; 
supt 15. 

KURTZ, Danlrl IVebstrr, pres, MePberson Col, 
McPherson, Kan; (22) new rooming lionae 
for col completed ; Dow wrking for Jieo.OOO 
BCl hall', (.SB) traateea extended tree nciiolar- 
•hlpa to \A^ taooov «*,'aii \ii *«»t« \Ahxito,Ti 

High Spots for Every Schtnil 

tarrlt«rj; (28) reculiir contributor to Gospel 
HeanenKer; (2») on Chrlatlan Ed. 
KDTKBMSAU., J W, bualneaa jagr Ark Ed 
Aun 10 — , ind editor Aik Tescher, 'IS 
— , Little RMk, Ark; b, fi-lZ-T3; (6) prei 
end mKT Ark Ta Beadins Circle 'OS — , mem 
Ark it bd ed '10 — ; (8) tbra wrk o( ts 

tlini Art T; (24) u 
t passage of act In '10 
Ml CO aupta; (2T) natrtr 

ie« la Ark; t meoihershlp li 
111 Mt iir el 7, ur h 4, col 4 
a. rnl 4; supt 10: Aepaty a 

lAOEIXE, Harr A, Bng t, NevCon Voc H S, I 
71 Madl«0D Av, XewtDiiTlile, Uaai; (£1) Em , 
wrii «*ml*i«d wHh cnrrml eT«Dt> bj oisi 
thiwine isd «k dl(Mt at kddrna on Import- ' 
•■t ereat* (l*ai by soma pub apkr to en- I 
tire at (S8) ShoM atoriea of the New ' 
America; embodylDs beat Ideala of Amei- i 
lite: Jer !■ Work, compilation of iborl 
■toilea b7 ten madem antboia of dlttlue- 
tton; papers tor Popular Bd, oa Making 

B Col, Buteavl 

XADT, Wm 8, prea 

iJiMBSRT, Bunnrl W, phyalclan, 130 E SSth 
8t, NT C; b, fl-18-se; dein col pbya and 
•nrg, Colombia D, 'IM-'IB ; carried on medl- 
sal ad in Columbia during -kut years. 

Z.UIBKBTOM, O D, Bupt '20 —, Berlin, Wla; 
b, '86; (B) prlD Green Lake Co tr a for ta 
'14-'2D; (U) uotIbk pietDrea wkly to r ■■; 
(28) U S Hlat Note Book, Profeaalonal Arlth 
Note Book 1 editor In cblet Honor Boll. 
Oreen Lake and Wauihara Coa, war actlrl- 
tlea Incl recorda and photoa of aerrlce men; 
(81) Btt r 1, ar el T, ur h 4. nor 2, col 1; 
t r 1, ur el H, nor 8; anpr c 2, ur el B; war, 
CO cbrmo B C, mem co council defense. 

liAHKnr, Ilrt W, dlr fed lid toc ed '20 — , 
WaablERton, D C; b, 1-18-77; (5) at aupt Mo 
•ie-'18. dlT officer and chief dlTlalon of 
rebabllitation, fed bd for toc ed 'IS-IS; (7) 
■ at aupt atreaaed devp of countrr aa thm 

a tha Job"; (18) regular med r 

,-- . .-. --. n all 

dlaabled aoldlera In training; (20) 60,000 
men conatantly aeeklng toc guidance; (Si) 
att ur el, ur li, col, pg ; t ur el, ur h ; aupr r, 

LAHBON, Fred W, aupt '20 — , Stnples, Minn; 
b, 10-16-88; (S) tauglit acl, Pierre, 8 D. 'IB- 
'20; (10) ont at date bk« replared by tbour 
st Tltal pneent day Intereati (11) local artcU 
pertaining to enrlronmentnl hindrances to 
moral dCTdopment; (IS) plana nnl scbed 
baaad on time of leTTlce, preparntlon, clasalf 

— '■- " 1 ot wrk and reaiilta, etc; 

if mjiai (19) "do demnnd for 

...kbere"; (20) Incidentul. not 

organlied; (2t) aeented enrollment ot truant 
eb, inc atf; (at) Women In Home and Foll- 
tlce, S Laws, bef local cinba; (31) ntt r S, 
nor 4, col Z, pg 1 aumr; t nr el 2, ur b 6; 
•apr nr b S; irar, TI 8 army 1 yr. 

luUTDBITTBL V C, prof, b a inap '18 — , O St 
U, Colnnbna, O; b, 7-11-77; (H) b b Inap O U, 
Athena, IT-IS; (T, 8, 0) prepared obierrB' 
Man Ba wt i BMk in atndy ot tc tor nae by 
■tu lAaa ab aarrlnir sthera t; (12, IS, IB) 
dlr O ■ n*Mm« inquiry '19-'20 whlcli ae- 
cant iriA c«openinan ot ts and officera, 

pxteuBlce publicity and almoat nnanlmoaa 
leBJalatlvp Tote for neir a tas bill to help 
w^ak dUts iind Insure fund by at, co and 
local minlmnm taxes, with proTlalon for 
total of Jo mllla If TOted by localltlei; (14) 
Issued mlmeog drculara, 3-13-20 Uitlng 10 
■e ailde from aal 
re" with 12 qaea- 
whlch tx should aak; (23) t ratlaa 
card 4x0, deflnltlana on back, total 
1000 for 34 points under 6 heads ind 
oalily. pu reaction, kg tactora; (24) 
I. i»oi _„ -r. ^l^leog and 


printed telea 

131) a 

r b 4, col 4, PR 2; t 


war, Spanish -American. 

LANE. O J, CO Bopt '17 — , DonglBB Co, 
L;iwrenoe, Kan; b, 1-30-73; [17) 2 pt-t orga; 
(IS) CO henlth cruaade; hot lanchet Id U h; 
(22) org 2 r b aa and promoted fl new 
modern s lilda; (20) Personal Hyg In the 
S Em, nt s programs; (31) att r 8, ur b 8, 
col 0: t r 3, ur h 12: supr ur h 12; aapt 8. 

[^.tBAHY, Robert E, siipt '13 — . Baston, Pa; 
b. l-18-7Ti; (S) Bl Do( da for m«rr Ineiperi: 
enrrd tar (11) advert ise men ta remored from 
""'""■ 'omn In dally 

Pbpcth; (12) $50 bonus 
crs: (131 encoaraaes . 
(IS) e "special" aa, on 

rordr'd indlr Hind; »he 

Hty I 

till rnnteata, ann play feetlva 
i (ISl cllnlcnl eiam and treal 
i In all bids and weUbt Rlre 

n ot bd of trade; 

arrei bonitlit for iil(<- at b i> bid and atbl 
field; 1231 refardatlnn slnfly of Jan. 1920. 
■.howpd nlmriBt entire agreement with Thorn- 
dike stnd: (24) mem com which prepared 
Pn retirement law nnd elected '18 and '19 
mem of retirement bd tor 3 yra ; (2C) tried 
prartlfalll all «tna tt«t.«-, (.IRN -^ifsm*. 


Who^s Who and Why in Ajter^War Education 

t spec 7; supr ur h 2; supt 15; war, troop 
train sec; chrmn and treas co Jr R C. 

liASH, Frederick M^ supt '19 — , Btevenson, 
Wia«b; b, 9-11-9-1; (5) prin h s BUensburg, 
Wa«h '17; Oapt of Infantry, U S army 
'17- '19; (10) mem co bd, chose texts to brUir 
pu to present Amer aire; (11) wkly colunui 
local paper edited by £nr dept; (12) or^ co 
league for t advanoement flnandfl^Uy and 
professionally; (15) t pa, not do; each pn 
studied and treated as Individnal; (16) s is 
a state; stu officers, candidates for governor, 
etc; (17) «tn as«n cares for soc, athl and 
other events; (18) registered nurse; correc- 
tive rym; (19) s regarded in comm as place 
where alt ffood t^inys disseminated; (21) 
statesmen s^k to pus, pus ^ro where matters 
of interest ha^^ipen; (22) wkly moving pic- 
ture; bi-montihly comm music lovers' club; 
mmithly comm sinfrs; (24) worked for pas- 
sage of St 20-20 plan ; (31) att ur h 4, spec 1, 
nor 2, col 3, pg 1; t r 1, r h 3, nor 2; 
supt <t. 

liATHROP, Sditii A, «»pecialist in r ed, '20 — , 

U S bur ed, Wasihington, D C; b, 12-4-74; 
(6) in mid-summer '20 was in rural div of 
bur ed helping formulate plansr for hedp- 
>ing carry out results of rnatl citizens conf 
on ed held in WasliiuKton 5-'20; (11, 28) 
helped preipare bulletins. Manual on Bd 
Legislation, no 4, '19; ms for bulletins 
Standardizati-on of R Ss; and joint author 
S Day of 24 Pus in R Ss; (29) since '17 on 
r 8 topics at co instits, nor s, univs and 
country life clubs in Md, Neb, S D, Tex, 
Va, W Va, Wis and 111 ; (31) t r 1, rill 2, h s 
3, supr h s 2; CO supt 6; asst in st dept in 
Neb 2; asst in r ed U S bur ed 2; war, for 
Y M C A in camps about Newport News, 
Camp FuniSton, Camp Mead and Great Lakes. 

liATOUBBTTB, Kenneth Scott, prof hist, 
Denison U, Granvilde, O; b, 8-9-84; (7) sec 
of coim, Amer scholars in Far Blast, to pro- 
mote study of that field in col and u: (28) 
The Development of Japan, textbook; 
artels on Far Eastern questions, in Atlantic 
Monthly, Yale Review, Historical Outlook, 
etc; (29) on Far East 

UiWRBNCE, C G, pres '19 — , St Nor S, 
Springfield, S D; b, 1-12-71; (5) supt, Can- 
ton, S D, '17-'19; (6) "doing something for 
somebody" held up as great ideal in ed ; (7) 
crs in hist of ed replaced by crs in soeioloipy, 
social ed, r sociologry and economics; (12) 
inc sals 40% ; (13) stus taHe chargre chapel 
twice a wk; (14) letters to h s srs; (17) 
lit soc. Y M C A and Y W C A, camp fire 
girls, orchestra, glee clubs; (18) just em- 
ployed s nurse, looks after stu health, ts 
d in home nursing and cl in s hyg; (19) 
added ts for ext wrk; (21) crs in Amer 
during sumr s; (22) citizens and stus lec- 
ture, and sumr chautauqua; (29) Consol Ss; 
Ed for Service, bef 500; (31) att ur el 8, 
ur h 3, col 4, pg 1; t r 3 mos; ur h 4, 
col 4; supr ur h 4; supt 8; pres 2. 

1.AWSON, Edward Lotan, dean '17 — , Defi- 
ance Col, Defiance, O; b, 5-20-71; (6) After 
War Education, a crs for el ts showing re- 
construction in relation to returned soldiers; 
I*raMems of Second'ary Education, redefining 
^/jxt/9 In trms of natl service; (8) adapts 
Jfrvyhiem-project meth to nor s and col tr of 

ts; (13) socialized recitation ;. (14) has con- 
vincing spkrs present claims of tg to stu 
body; (lo) varying amounts of credit for 
wrk in col; flexible modes of crs groupinfr; 

(21) org crs entitled Americanism^ Recon- 
struction, Patriotic instruction. The New 
Voter, etc; (31) att r 8, col 4, pg 1; t r 5, 
r h 9, col 19; supr r h 9, col 3. 

LAYTON, S H, supt, Atttoona, Pa; b, 10-16-76; 
(8) tg by projects; socialized recitaUons; 

(11) bond camipaign added by editorials, pt-ts 
mtgs, etc; (12) merit system sal scbed; (13) 
com wrk in all crs and bond issue move- 
ment; (15) adptd new plans of promotion 
based on stnd Intel tests; opportunity els; 
(16) project meths; pu participation in s 
govt; (17) s and home gardens; (18) mod- 
ern health crusade, health habits; (19) voc 
Indus wrk; pub lect crs; soldier rehabilita- 
tion wrk; (20) Interests in prevocational crs 
tested; (21) ni els for separate groups of 
foreigners of diff nationaUtiee ; (22) pt-ts 
orgs; pub lect crs; Jr h s bond issue; (27) 
Kiwanis, Rotary, cSiamber commerce, etc; 
(28) Democracy and Ss, in ms; Indus Ed 
in Puib Ss of Altoona, ann rept, iillus; (31) 
att ur el 8. ur h 4, voc 1, nor 1, col 4, pg 2; 
t r 2, ur h 2, col 1; supr voc 3, nor 2; supt. 

LEE, Cbarles Marston, hd Grk and Latin depts, 
dtr sumr s, (Geneva Col '18 — , Beaver Falls, 
Pa; b, 2-7-88; (5) '17, prin Riverside S, t 
sumr s, Cincinnati, Ohio; (10) selected Lat 
and Grk texts for (reneva Col, advisory selec- 
tion sumr s nor dept texts, cooperating with 
supt Beaver Co ss and ts; (11) sumr s ad- 
vertising mgr; (12) inc sals for 13 nor dept 
sumr s ts; (22) concert by sumr s stu^s for 
residents of Col Hill; reptd Des Moines Stu 
Vol Conf to 8 groups ; (31) att ur el 7, ur h 
4, col 4, pg 1 ; t r el 1, r h 1, ur el 4, col 2 ; 
supr ur el 1%; dir sumr s 2. 

LEFAYOUR, Henry, pres Simmons Col, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

LEHMAN, Eugene H, dir Highland Manor, '20, 
Tanrytown, N Y; b, 9-5-79; (5) dir Lehman - 
Leete S '16- '20; (6) require pu develop habit 
of success; (10) ts choose own books subj 
approval fac; (12) ts scheds arranged to 
allow time for grad wrk; (13) ts practically 
govg body of s; (15) course based upon 
indiv diff; (16) fundamental in all cl rm wrflc, 
illus by wrk in Indus arts; (17) emph fact 
ed is continuous process carried on outside 
cl rm tit all times as in el rm; (18) s^rnd ann 
phys exam; sumr camp; (21) no t empl un- 
willing take oath aJleglance to U S; (22) 
use every possible occasion to tie up plant 
with comm ; similar aim in cajnps ; (26) tests 
•applied; (31) ur el 8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 2; 
t ur h 7, col 3, su'pr ur h 4, supt ur h 4. 

LEHMAN, Ezra, prin, St Nor S, Shippensburg, 
Pa ; b, 1-18-71 ; (7) Instit lect on Changes in 
Crs of Study Made Necessary by War; mem 
com nor s prins to frame new ere, in oper- 
ation since 9-'20; (11) see 17; (14) org cam- 
paign to interest h s stus; (17) org oonun 
centers in r sections; press club in « reports 
for 30 r news>paipers ; (22) large comm mtgs; 
(28) contrlb to s pmbl; (29) What's tiie Mat- 
ter with Country Ss; Two Ss and Two Ts; 
Relation of ''Lickln and Learnin"; When 8 
is Dismissed -, ^\rtit Owght T to be Paid; 

High Spots for Every School 

LBHMAM, L O, vm I!arek& Co], Eareks, III, 
ftSlOKTON, MU V, dTlc ICC Natl Securltr 
I.eaKaC, IT BaM 46. N T C, 'le-'ZOj (fl, T, 11, 
19, n, M) Waka Up TMMlwn of Aiwrta. la 
Nor lutr, 10--n, Iiiri plua ror rMcMiiB M 
■bJ iMlplMS to MO ■■■Blfleum at war piob- 
loSM, SOjOOO copiM reprinted; Spanloli triDS- 
Mtlon noad br t« of Spanlsb here anil by 
ta In Porto Rico, Phlllp[>iii«9, New Hex aod 
Arte: l-la basH ariteinMlMHT trrlBc nra 
ta to iMfaan and laiplH pub i^Mon an 
patrtaUe profalmi worked tbru carr«i, In- 
teiTle»a, eapec pr*riared lltemtupe, charts In 
nnm'd Hud r ai. chart glTltiK promnolatlaDS 
at war imniM, montbt; artcla od te altna- 
tlon In Nor iDStr and Primary Education, 
and Popnlar Bdncatoi 

wmi eaaia u> many >■■ and elHM ; bslped 
»BBt war enUTcno by provtdtDC deflnllr 
i— waaWaaa fUr tc war Iiraa* and rlvlui 
enUated 1,600,000 women for patilotk ipropa- 
nnda, many of whom later enrolled in els 
lo atody U a eooatitntlon, IsHlalcd "Hey 
ThaaKht" natlan wlda edebratlan of aatl 
balldaya ta tocai pnb mlBd on aooiti Mllcnl 
palat of Importance la coutraat to old aeat- 
teied IhOBCAt of patriot Ip cetabiaUon*. 
which reanlted In mUlon wide Interegt <n 
■ladj of conMltntloii ; obtained promlH of 
IM nor ao In Id itn to otrensttini rrs In 
•MBonrie*; enUitcd SAO pub and oict 100 
p aryMai aa In itudy of conitUtitlon and 

faBd It In apeech and wrtllnc condorted 
*~"'P"'y for Bnt a« baair Tanstiaca In el h : 
planned Amer proffunu for numerons rlubit 
and eaBdaeted Amer adiitnry Krvire baard 
aa eaperiencp wKb n natlonaHtlH ; con- 
dotted advance era In Amer In R I Nor S 
•ia and Jn n T Cnl Ed '20: compiled "MaUnji 
"IngB for tg dtl- 

, .., , — . .( America In all 

papta ot conntry. at ert confs, cols, etc. 
INLAND, Frank B. Iswver, Detroit, Ulcb. rp- 
Fcnt tl Ml<'bi at Natl Assn 3t DnJra '19 
meKeated to nnlT offlccrg "You do not pre- 
■ent yonr problems in le^Islatnret with 
aoflWent force ... If vou go to your 
lefcls and oay if yon wnnt %th ifrd. d'O not 
tcmnt our requeiit: If yon want lat els, 
grant it, tbe tefcla I believe irlll listen to 

K.BONARD, BoheH J. prof and dlr dlT top 
ed 'IT — . r Cal, BerWley. CnJ; b. 2-!5-lW; 
(S) regional ant. east central reeloa. (ed 
bd TOC ed — a-B-'lT: (T. R, ]«. 22. 3fl) In 

treperina: ta for part time ols tnnde studies. 
Hiae leaf, 12 leHOne. no pp with qnestloiin 
and space for itna nnswern, e g number of 
yontbs in U S, tn Cal. In your ™. now oul 
1, Drat stops which 

Duklns: toptca Inveatlgated by Mna lod 
ocenpstion extension. citlMnabtp aa related 
to Toc, attltnde at orKanlsed labor toward 
— ed, bow large employera aelact per- 

ed, in) pp, IS topics, 4 Bm>endIcM wttb 
II itemB Incl co-op Indus b a; givea pre- 
conceive d e<l content to conllnoatton Mita. 
part time a contemplates aaiiatlng tbeat eb 
to Interpret their experleacea gained In c 


of life, V n 

— , — cli for eomrl wrkra; 

to Inc dytc Intel, trnprove tog efflc, craita 
derire to continue a wrk. ahortcomlngs in 
comrl wrkr to be overcome incl inability 
to perform arlth computation* quickly and 
aecnrately. tfl write eartJy, rapidly and 
leirlMy, to talk correctly, cJaaily and easily ; 
lack at suOk'lent knowledae of pHace und 
transportation geMtrapiby, if general onal- 
neiH Information, of Inltlaelve and Intel In 
•olvlng buslneM problem at lack of apee 
akin for which hired, like typewriting, ahart- 
hund, machine oiperatlon; (32) vac t trg 
i-cnlers for trg agr ta «t Ontario, for Indna 
Oukland and Los Angelea, alQcc 'IB: 

45 t 

with a 



LBVflBMORE, Chaa H. ed^icutur, TO Fifth Av, 
N y C; h, lO-lfi-56; ed service to World 
Court, League of Nations Mag; sec World 
Court League and League of Nations Union; 
Sec N' r Fpnce Society, editor liulietin Hea- 
ter World Org. PolMral KrapanaJMllty la 
RmslaB RfHrlallal FederMrd RfpabUo. 

LB VITI, Clarence H. HUpt, Ravnoua. Ill: b. 
2-1.VT4: (01 ann rept '10 reslntes popnlarly 
mil.] alms: (Tl eitensiye correlation e g 
present with past In bUtory: IB) dally fac 

mtBS, wit! 
iudte thei 

idel lesaona given : 


kly news, advertlsemrnts: (131 

1151 Indiv pramotlon; HGI big brathrr* help 
yonnger pnai pus conduct magazine as da 
wrk In Eng. dmwlng, civics, selling adrta 

nad's Nigbt; pt-t oHian i wrk wltb roreigaer; 
(IRI dental and pbya rxam; (20| pni DSe 
writing, oanipafllllan and other scalaa ha 
(trading Ibemnelrea: (2fl) Rpnnklng i 
Art. HlBt i.f Supr In Amer, ■"■-- " 
Town, in Colller'a: (201 bet 1i 
gent Job Id World, Amtironln ur xmm auu 
Eggs; (311 t ur el n, ur h 1: Biipr 20, 

LEVY, JuUns, itlr bur ch byg. st dept be«Itb. 
Trpnton. N .T: olfem nt st nor n post gr»d 
<-rs In ch bvglene: era conMtrts of Inalr on 
m Fridays from 0:00 A M to 4:00 P M. IB 
spsttlons of Beld wrk nnd lab denwinvtra- 
(ions; Inpl wrk In pedagogy, prenatal core, 
ch bye, social wrk, honalng. sanitation, 
women In Inclnatry. mental hyjr. etc, 

LBWIS. B Roland, hd dept Eng, U Utah, fialt 
Lake City; h, 12-S-ft2; (14) enoanraclas grad 

study, aecurlnu posltlonR: (211 as " ~^ 

Pilgrim Terc«itei\at-3 s:tVi*.it»\' 

_i Fine 
1 Tg Blg- 

t cbrmn 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 


Pese&ntr; h: 

e Act Pla; in Cala and H Sb, 
tbe Fllsrlm Tercenteaary, 
[mpresalon, Crottlve Ent 
9| Ts iiiatlts. Ens dir N H A 
•20; (81) »tt r 7, r h 4, nor 2, col 4, pg 3; 
t r 3, r h 2. col 11 ; war, eiec sec S A T C. 
IiBWIB, Knla Eaienr, s^ipt, Rockford, la; b, 
T-2(Kffi: (G) aaat prol eil. St U la, Iowa Clt;, 
la, '13-'20; (7) Is Imve wrkd oat »■ In Camm 
Ufa, oamblolDS Id sue era wrk in hist, («■■, 
glTla, hrg and nature Btndi; tbla rsdacas 

lliM ■( wrk. ButrestloDB for prajecta 
lor t( and espected MM 

pna; (IS) lal Mbad reeaBE 

irauiiBK, nerit, eiperlance; (25) Invented 5 
Bcalea for meiisuring lettera; (28) new spell- 
iDC bk; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 1, nor 1, col 
4, PC S: t ur el 2, nor 4, eol and pg 7; 
snpT 4; war. capt sanitary toipa. 
IXVW. rndarkL Whedar, pres 18 — , C 
Bmporli, Brnporia, Kan; b, 7-28-73; (B) 
tor Forest Hill Presbyterian Church — . 
(II) •dDpted lac adTlaory Byatem for all ituB; 

(20) I 

r toata with ^ert adTlea !»■•<■ 

._ e by tae kdvlMnt (24) 

Eroposed to at legls inclusion of church cola 
1 bill to allow tax supported Ipstltutiona 

dormitories ; |26) aecured ann aerlea of 10 
IsBts In dept ol Jmlam by William AUsn 
Wblta who la a trustee; (2S) on Bd and Be- 
pon»tructloo ev*ry Son In some Han Pre»- 
bytMlu Ohnrgh and every Monday momlns 
1 appropriate ed topic; (W) 

LEwn. K cUode, Bupt Iron Co, Cedar (^y< 
Utah; b, 12-20-72; <5) Inatr psy and ed, 
Branch Agr Col, Cedar Cfty, D; (T) artel 
read at natl conf on conaol sa. What Cn 
Study Should Be and Do for Conaolldatvd 
R Si, glTing: as aims Inereaalng ch experi- 
ence, deipg akin In fundamental processea, 
derpK phys strength and bodily control, 

.moral and aesthetic derp; (8) wrkd sat 
plBBi tsc Tttallxlnc a wrk tbro ■nrreya ot 
leeal faMlUi, elvlca, tbrlft. toc eondltloiui 
(10) text books tried that humonUe with 
prnlaet netha; (13) sta covt org la Branch 
Nor S; (IS) (rds org Into health clnbsi na- 
trltlu gis aerves mld-mornlnc meal to on- 
dtrwalaht pas; (IS) wrk with farm bnr and 
borne econ org ; 123) blue print showing plan 
of org for consol sa ; (28) lecta bef home econ 
ctob*. pnb mtfs In ed drive; (31) att or •! 
8, nr b 2, Toc 2, col 4, pg 1 : t r h B. nr el 1, 

<r S; prin 

supt 1 

other. Ins wrk. 1 

2-U-aB; (21) till 


(M° att 

idlng vital aonga 

_., (28) lat Bnjf annota- 

French classic Racine's mtbrldate; 

__. or el fl, uc h 7, voc 3, Col 4, pg 2; 

t col M; war, mem Liberty Chorus com, Mass 

CDta of pub safety. 

IIBWIB, Mary Haounett, prin '10 — , Park 8. 

2412 Main St. BafTalo, N Y; b, 11.1S-7B; 

(S) hd d^t ed U Baffalo; (0) wik with cla, 

jp r tf MJid itrioi In U; (7) framing, with 

■I'ti jHivnaw a»xlbt9, MdmlttlBg ot fraedom, 

-■* MtUf mot wmruo; (8) twerr two wka «i- 

meaiti to" dla^aa m^h; (9)" wrk with 1/3 
of p a prins for better supr and broader 
pt of view; (10) made study of text books 
In el ed with recommendations; (II) risltors 
from all parts of coumtry; (12) fortnightly 
ta Innoliean and mtc, dlsonaslona, book* ra- 
vlaned, coeata preaent; (13) poa largely t*- 

out own Ideas; (14) tr oo'l grada by letUnc 
liva In a one yr, then giving poalClona; (IS) 
a chief aim of e; time given for pn to 
chooaa wrk ondco' compeitelit aaprj (16) pra- 
parea pna to live by letting then live In 
thatr ai (IB) pus In lower a spend 2/3 time 
opeu air; every health measure taken; (19) 
sent list of hooka in a ed lib to every pa- 
tron; Ub const«iitIr used; mtg* wltb par- 
ents; (20) pa ahowlng talent glvcu extra 
time for anbj; (21) dally living -- — 

; (22) e 

living n 

rs, U Buffalo 3 winters, pai«ats league, 
>B, i31) t ur h 12; prin IS; (32) B described 
In Self Reliance by Dorothy Cantleld fflsher. 
LEWIS, T H, prea We stem Maryland Col. 

Westmlneter. Std. 
LEWIS, Wllltam A, prea st nor s. Hays, 
LEWIS, muiaDi Dodge, deputy comr ed, 
'19 — : Harriaburg, Pa; (0) prin Wm Penn 
H 3, Phlladelplila — '19; (Oi 7) 10 resolu- 
tions adopted by h b eecl Pa St Ta Abbu 
12-23-'iy, incl approval ot jr h s, promo 
tlon bj- anbJ In both Jr and sr h ai, oltUen 
agh a admn by delegating to pn 

nnder watohfnl 

inatr tn dtUeoahlp tor 
I sr h as; deflnita pro- 

day for ta, 3rd grd 10, 2nd 7, lat 0; 2nd and 
3rd grd as reminded that they "cannot poa- 
aibly afford aneh ed opportunities aB larger 

that s 

anme larger responalbllity for preparatioa 

leas ontalde employment or else rednsa a 
nrk; studies require olvlos lat yr, Amer 
hiat 2nd and 4th, urge apeo soelal Hi wrk 
tn Engl typical crs outlined Incl 2 and 3 
yr crs; Bng eyllabUB, 4 pp, and Explana- 
tion of Eng Composition for Jr and Sr H 
Ss, 4 pp, incl lat aim of every Eng t to 
"Qnloken support and kindle imagination In 
hla pas upon up-to-date themea, the beauty 
of life, and devidop habit ot weighing and 
Judging •- — ' - ■ ■ • 

baaed on peraonal acquaiBtaace and. pnb 
aerrlee atorlea from esperlenee, heariay 
ar reading, 1d«1 summer •toriec, diaciuilon 
of literatDCe, also tovtc^ and soelallaed 
r«eUatlan; cAv\ca ijUsbiu IS pp by com ot 

High Spots for Every School 

10, IM aim to nUUsBta rich! ctvU habits 
■iJ ta dMW br m o m d( olvlea m:*1ii li 
vMiiotlHB asd k «rowtb In a««DciTmo7: 1< 
iirinB for Bidi 1-0 Iticl [o create high drli 
Idaala . . . rale* in useleBS . . . <^ri 
mUcbt be called cr« In hamsn rstatlauBi ' 


h«ip»d ootllni 

B called c 
, grda 1- 
rrloe. neigh borli 

-Icnttorv. Bte 

(-H, JO pp wir' ' — 

ot Wm Penn 

tea, iDcI vac 

"Tiari^n Blu 
[ralolng In 

BODsbt belore aar book ia adopted ; (IS) 

make up anil anticipatory eiami permitted 
when Btu bHB pnipcr prepBroIIon; (171 Bni 

quired wrk Id Bng jind soeinl Btudy at Wm 
PeuD and also In al: (11) see 13; (IS) ivi 
hyt er* at n^m Penn; requlrpd phys tr nnd 
health Inatr; (20) t confa at Wm Penn; (21) 
requlrerl In st proEram, eee 9-7; (2S, 281 
editor for John C Wlnatnn Co 'IS-'lOi series 
Dt allent r«dera iaaned n-'20 ItioI much test 
material ; Alma of Bng Cra e-IS-'^O. B liends, 
IB ptn. Incl BtUl In cnrKory r«Klln», i-sce- 
ful readlDB and consultjitlon and hnbtl Df 
welgblng line b; Mae paasmres of eapec 
BlgQiHcanre While reading other parts but 

be loeldental and Informal: Umll studying 
of names, dates and facta of htetorlc tinclt- 
RTOund, anbatltote (or Inlfl and nj'mpB- 
thetle dlrnrtlan; Ine pn* obaerratloiia and 
Imaelnatlon In Inlerpretlng and eojoylne 
artistic presents Hon of varioiiB phases of 
life; dept exams nlll teat lila power for 

\g rather than fnr facta 
BO tbat textbh era In hist 

pnctlcall)' worthleaa !._ 
■xaniBi (a» by 1-1-'21. with 
a dlv will reach majority of 
outside lame cities In oonfa 


other - 


'17-'MI, HHcl ii 
Baahnlck b ( 

ti 12; prli 

■ W, hil dent aienoe 
ig. jianren Ci. '' 

tine DrlD, Mn: 
m ohnnn «. 

N Y 

hd comrl " 

adopted by J>d 


B! (211 all ts read insplra- 
matter tu tie frequent]]'; 
memory wra in helpful blta of prose and 
Terae; (2n| Instituted series of progreaa 
tealB In fomppsltlon ; (28) Amer Short 
Story; Payed Streets, artel In OuUook on ■ 
. — n-^j ,._ Sympatb)', dealing with 




h S: Bupr 2i VST, mem vlg 
LIGHT, U I,, 3upt, Barberlou, 
(?) corns eontlDDslD' wrk OD ma 

In all vrd bids; (18) niir-ie. he;i 
«m and and o-- "^ ■ 

; (31) 
r el B, 

Sept? (22) 

h 3, col 4, PS e I 

1 |:IUJ bef ta lastlt; (31) a 

LIGOM. Muaes Edward, supi '10 — . Her 
Ky. b, *-l5-77; (5) prln LtAiiiistj., 
M;i--ia; (C) supr atudj l-eilngton 1 
eatab ]r h s, Henderson ; iT) framing 
]r h a: (S) quollflcatlons of ts raised 
made feci snpr as helper, not dea 
Diltio: (101 ts given voice ie selecUi 
thni locul preea nnil si'vcral ed Irn 
good wrk commended: literature bea 
wrk is furnlBbed sal Inc: (13) > im 

talks tcf p[jl und li s 

.„r.= , ^™, ,.^ ..... of flrst 

co-op wrk 111 N y C, hell- , 

Bnahwlck distinct anecMa: I'M) thru close, 
conlnet with eomrl sta durliip laat yr In s. 
in plncins in flrst poattlonB, ;ind follow np; ! 
120) The New Co-oparDllve "H S, hef mfp- 
of N Y Aaso of Gregg Sborttinnd Ts (31 
c 1, col ■ -- ■■ ' 

placing . 
relating t) 
atloD of e 

■ h 12, 

I hv,: 4eiii, 


t wrk with a: war, tanght oper- 
eulnting machines In aumr wai 
nablnglon Irving H S IS other 

Ellas, hd Eagllah depl, 
1 Bleeckcr Rt. Bronkljn. 
ftkInK ayllnbl nn spelll 

us wik with retarded! 

supply, rns, electrle 
nenta: (171 orcbestraB, 

Hi-Y clubs, debaUng, 
hrtrt sonletleai (18) 
a; phya drills: health 

tor cleaDlBE up rnbblah of 

for underfed eh, playgronad 
rhaned hr nt-t asfiii: (23) 
rdeil ch. (241 helped meaaare 
e and operation of kb in Ky 
lea: IS-'ii snrrey^ and teats 
b ]r U a: (271 baokB. money 

111 II .>; «i|.r o':"fle'-'' '■ 

nlhiT. pri'B Ky II S 

AsHU. pres ll.-nders<.ii 
i.i>'DIjBV. K it, pres Idaho I'. Moscow, Ida. 
LlNllttrlST. Theodere. hd dept math. Kansas 
■ - - ~ - " : (2S) tbree-bk 

II Jr Q S MiLtJi. a 

ird. nllbouRh no 
Fill be needed In sr b s. 
^iipt. 'Weston, W Ta; h, 
.r.->1 ta to att nor s: (11) 
nil Bi-i und art exhibit. 

) org Bn« 1 
tB adrtce \ 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Educatiot 

-amotliiii, soDietlmes a acholarslilp lor ac- i 
impltshlng so much work In a. atliinlated I 
me; (IB) asr clobi tor boj-i and sirli! 
■ilsrihtn Misonrased by lamr > scbolar- i 

1 (17) dist and co ed mt^i 


_ . . mtgs: 

., =^ .- _. Illiteracy, arglag 

ore readlDB lor all: (21) teaching Amei 
■eei : (22) Itt iodrtiea, spec day Drotruni 
Id round tablea iDConnEed; (331 aoprn In 


JitHeiih H, dJr training ■ 

I bids bell 

■ 12; 

ted; (31) 8 

J hjB 

UNN, PmI H, pre* Central Col, Fayette, Mo 
LINN, Sberidu, vupc 'IS — , PatcOiOBDe. N Y 
b. 9-a-SSi (5) aupr prln Ba; Sboic, N Y, 
'16-'18; CO Y M O A '18-'19i (12) new 
•ched; (131 conta and mtgs; (IT) ]T B _. 
reMKloDS ed, b scouta; (201 org part time «; 
(21) org nl «; (22) al cis In <wokln(i (25) 
- ■» Qsed; (31) att r 8, r h 3. pg 0: 


I and 

fiiipCg for yr'B leave «I abaence 
Bj ^ fitndr NYC ediHtttioiut] sya- 
Its nJiUlon to rk and t«! request 
■■■■""■ agt V 

not fitted to make such survey; he replied 
meeting cbarges and ehalleaglng bd aupta 
to begin In own way thtrro study of meth 
of tg employed in s system; unlJD l>eg« 

Srirllege of vying la fijendly wiiy with bd 
1 effort Co team conditions nader whlcb 
tg la done Id order te Improve eondftlons. 
UFPITT. Winter O. aupt 'IS — , Fergus Falls, 
Minn; (5) supt '13-'18, Jackson, Minn; (T) 

u; (13) Btn civic ctnbs Ir lor cltliensfalp. 
g*ad KOTt, car« of m property, parliutunbiry 

"boosting*' a, duplicatcfl ^iminnt«d, and 
typed lists poMsd in nwh rm; (IT) forum ori 
for twys, dlBOUHiDiL league Cor gllli, two lit 
■DCHttes; (19) ni « els lu -ewinK. cooldng, 
eomrf wrk; (21) see IB; ■(22) open nlghta for 
parents to see Indus dept; iSTI prices for 
pnb apkg. original Kag wrk, imj- " '- 

1 (31 

Inward Victor, supt Saranac Lake, 

UTTELIi, , — ,. 

N Y; b, 1-10-S3; <6> with Foyer du Suldat 

r transport 'IS-'IB; (12) promotion and 
bonus based on sys of grd In both el and h 
■s; (IG) 1 period wk reserved by ts for pns 


lady hall a««4irniaf 
tsflembly; BodallKo^ 
I TugnuLt ; 


; (17) 

(IS) phj-slclans make sh< 
(IB) part tlnw <»; (20) sluily made at cIlIT 
Tocatlonsi (22) comrl dept equipped with 
modern office devices; equip for homemaking 
added; co-operation with B C; (27) prices 
olTered by ciMsensi (29) Efficiency In Bd, 
bef Assn Acad Prlns, Sjraccae; Jr H S, bef 
gnlT convocation, TJ 8t N Y; (81) I, »upr, 

IXOSD, Wb H. prof law, L«w 8, IT Ft, PhlU, 
"- ■ •- "0; I) l5 pp outline on •«ilii-» «-. «« 

: b. 'TD; T) 16_pp outline o: 

WAM,- fii) gA TC itea, »» ™ - 

'* atrea oa XTgnltable Doetrlati, ' 

I.OCKBX, Joseph Byrne, prof Intecnatl rela- 
tions, '19 — , George Peabody Col, Nashville, 
Tenn; b, 2-2-T7; (5) Instr Internatl relations. 
Biimr ses Columbia L" 'IB; (7) offers era In 
Industries and comincTce ot Hl^nalc Amer. 
hist of Hispanic Amer, Amer dlptonucy, 
wntemlMtrary Pan Anter Bc4ationsi "all as 
Irom anlv down should contribute to ideal 
of Internatl peace"; (23) book, Pao-Amerl- 
eanlsm. Its beginnings, '20; (31) att r, r b, 
nor, col, pg; f; other. Inspector pab Instr. 
Kepublic Peru; -war, 49(ih Inf IT S A '18- 'IB. 

IfONQ, I«B«y, dean and prof surgery, a medi- 
cine, U Okie. 1320 ClassoQ Blvd, Oklahoma 
Cttr, Okla; b, 1-1-60; (8) railed entraaoe 
reqalreinents. empl additional Cs, added new 
equip and secuTed adequate hospital ad- 
vantages, as a result of which council on 
med ed of Amer Med Asan advanced ■ to 
"A" grd; secured from legis sufficient funds 
to bid taoBpltel of 176 beds to be used Id 
connection with and as part of s med ; 3 
distinct results from development of s med, 
atus better prepared for med era at entrance, 
better training eppec In clinrlcal wrk, many 
poor people receive expert attention beyond 
their reach before hospital was built; (31) 
war, major med corps L! S army after 8-5- '18, 
in dbg eiam of physician a for service In 
med corps □( army tOr Okla until armU- 
t>ce withont pay ; at present major to med 
reserve corps U S army. 

LONOSDOBF, A J B, supt '18 — , North Balti- 
more O; b, 7-14-84: (5) supt Cygnet, O, 
'12-'1S; (7) planned 8-yr h «, with gen .el 
and Jc Datm In Stib grd; (10) Judgment of 
ta regarxling tests given more conaideratloo ; 
(14) chapel talks on tg aa service; motion 
plotnre slides on t sbartage: (14) nglng 
magazines in els: (17) org b and g Kouts, 
camp Are girls; assisted In founding pub 
library, lyceum lect crs. Chautauqua, art 
exhibit; (18) interesting pub In benefits of 
med Inspection of s ch; (SI) a bid hdqoar- 

quai (23) age-grd tables used; conferenca 
and onsatlKfactory wrk cards i (27) cttlsena 
give addr In h s in interest of ed; [28) Wlat 
Benefldal Changes Come to 7th and Stli 
Orades by Ors of Jr H S bef Instlt of Wood 
Co O; Value of an Ed, Principles of Tg, 
bel commcmt and and Sunday S convs; (31) 
att r 8, UT h 1, nor 3, col 4, p« 3 sumr; t t 
3, nr h 8: supt 8. 

LOBD, UvlBKBlon C, pres st nor s, Oharlei- 
ton, m, 

LORY. CbsHes A, pres Col Agr Col. Pt 
Collins, Od. 

LOSE. Cliailles, pres flt nor ■, Lock Ha,veu. Pa. 

LOVGH, James E, prof psy and dir of eitra- 
ral wrk and snmr a. M Y D, N Y C. 

LOUOH. B A, preo Baket D, Baldwin City, 

r ed thrnont N C 

High Spots for Every School 


I<OTK?ITHAli, "Lme J, insurance husinesfl. 308 
Charch Bt, NasliTllle, Tenn; b, 11-28-7C; 
ohrmn com playgronndB and recrea4k>n, inci 
kindergarten, bd of park comn ; comr Wat- 
klnv Invtltnte free ni a; helped raise endow- 
mentB for Vanderbilt, Geo Peabody and 
Flak (colored) nniva; pres Social Service 
Club of Nashville, Trhi<eb helps mold pnb 
■enttment and effect ed legis. 

liOVBTT, A J, supt, Blackwell, Okla ; b, 12-20- 
00: (8) ts instr in tg most difficult subjs; 
(15) spec opportunity for bright pn rain 
time; (18) med insp and advice free; (20) 
spec advice given pu in selecting wrk; (31) 
att nr el 8, ur h 4, nor 1, col 5; t r 4, spec 
1; snpr nr h 25. k 

liOVKTT, B O, pres Ri<?e Insttit, Houston, Tex. 

I.OWI>BN, Frank O, gov '17-'21, Springfield, 
111; said in '20 *'It la obvious that there 
la a (limit beyond whicih taxes cannot be 
levied, no matter bow 4iigh and worthy the 
caiwe. It follows that those who arc inter- 
«aied la ed should help In every wi^ within 
their pow«r to keep the ordinary ezpenaee 
af savt dovm to that there may be more 
vwBey for ed aeede. The ts of state can 
exercise a poweiful infiuence in this direc- 
tion if they wlir*. 

LOWBliIi, A li, pres Harvard U, Cambridge. 

liOWBiBT, W J. pres Blue Mountain Col. Blue 
Moun tain, Mlas. 

IfOWBIB, BeldeB Gale, prof polit sol, U Cin- 
cinnati, Cincinnati. O; b, 8-13-84; (5) capt 

ordnance dept USA '18-'10; spec repre- 
sentative A R C in Turkey, *19: (17) orgs 
era and gen admn of 1st home service instlt 
ARC, Cincinnati Dist '17: (21) editorial on 
All ABMrlcanlsm, in Women's City Club 
Bulletin 2- '20; mem governor's com for pa- 
triotism thru ed ; (28) see 21 : several artels 
on govt activity, and pnb finance: (81) att 
nr el 8, nr h 4, col 4, pg 4; t col and pg 10; 
field, some time municipal reference libra- 
rian, Cincinnati also Ohio; war, see 9. 

LOWBY, BHaworth, prin tr s of St Nor. 
Winona, Minn; b. '79; (7) reorg jr h s era 
stndy so that 90% of all ch staid to end of 
•th grd; (8) main idea in lit wrk in Eng crs 
Is to get definite reading habit and correct 
lit tastes; In short story crs ol« read 16 
atarlea^ 4rat pus read ontslde from 40 to 118 
far f^m af reading; pus know modem drama 
aad avthors better than col grads; (28) N^w 
Tandeaeles la Org, in 8 Admn and Supr. 

"LVLJj, Herbert G, dlr t tr, Kans St Nor S. 
832 Union St, Emporia. Kans; b, 5-15-74: 
(7, 28) Social Core of H S Curriculum in S 
Review, 1-'18, 17 pp, outlincK Jr and sr h s 

curricula by constants, snbio vHildi ahonld 
be constant if orr to make contributions to 
citisensblp — math, gen sci, geog, home econ 
— and by electives: "preparing for univ or 
vocation at end of h s cm is an election, 
and neither kind of preparation should have 
any weight in determining prescribed subJs 
for all h s stns"; Admn of .Tr and Sr H 8 
Curricula, in Amer Schoolmaster, 12-MS; 18) 
cbrmn. jr h s div, year book. Natl Soc for 
Stu of Ed, which aaeembled records of Jr h s 
projects from all ov^ oouiitnr; Project Math 
of Tjearning, 11 pp; definition, "when pns 
consciously set up purpose, make plans to 
accomplish it, execute plans, and finally 
measure results of wrk by comparing them 
with original purpose" ; observation and 
score cards for project metl&s of leamlag 
for pu and t activities in recitation period, 
and in supr study period and In drill proj- 
ect*; Redirection of H R InMtruction. now In 
proof; artels in ed jrnls on project meths; 
<29) on project meths; CM) att nor 4. col 2, 
pg 3; t ur h 4, nor 7. col 9, p;jr ."). supr nor 7; 
supt 5; war, dlr jr R C. 

LYLE. H S, pres Arkansas Cnmbeitend Col, 
Clarksville, Ark. 

L.YMAN, Rnfna AsMey, dean col pharmacy, V 
Neb, Lincoln, Neb; b, 4-17-75; (8) haa at- 
tempted to raise requirements for stndy of 
pharniflcy and to improve quality of tg ; (20) 
as pres. Amer Conf Pharma<'eutical Facul- 
ties, made addr showing probQems bef conf; 
(31) war, ohrmn com to formulate ipi^ogram 
for pharmacy unit in S A T C. 

LYNCH, Samuel Adams, hd dept Eng, la St 
Ts Col, Cedar Palls, la; b, 8-27-«8; (7-10) 
thru cl-srm tg, ext service, espeo in crs The 
Tg of Eng; (19) thru Saturday atudy cen- 
ters; (20) considered in crs The Tg of Eng; 
(22) see 19: (25) presented and discussed at 
study centers; (31) att r 7, ur el 1, ur h 2, 
col 4. pg 2; t r 2, ur h 7. nor 5, ool 11; 
supr 7. 

liYON, Elian Potter, prof physiology and dean 
med s, U Mlpn, MlnneapoUY^, Minn: b. 10-20- 
(J7: (1«) devised plan descril»ed in Minn Med 
4-'19 of Clinical Tg for I' Minn Med S. where- 
by stn Internship is made possible bef grad, 
and year 1mm 4 equal lenicth quarters. 

LYON, Gilbert R. supr prin '19 — , Pierson 
H S. Sag Harbor. N Y; b, 2-13-94: (5) phys 
tr dlr and coarh. Hudson Falls, N Y, '17-'19; 
(12) Introd wocial fno mtgs to promote spirK 
of fellowship: (18) by co-op local R C, s 
nume se^'ured; new nyiitem follow up phys 
exams introd; (21) cHtab nl s for forelm 
bom; (22) (*stiib reg pt-t mtgs; (25) reg 
business meths of s and ch aocotintlng in- 
trod for first time: (.'?n att ur h 3%. col 4, 
PK H: sn[>r 'j: sni)t L': war. T^ S arm.? *18. 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Educatio 

EB, IVrrj- »', urln '19 — , LovlnR- 1 
), 6-4-90; {5) supt '17- 'IB. Clay City, 
proton llbrur for U; wkly dia- ' 


ton. lU; b, - 

Ind; (8) . . . . 

cuBslons at cl rm r>roblema: (17) Htsb pis 

optlcon views wneH: polls vlalted uy els: (221 

; (2a) D 


__- .0 enable „ 

U attend Columbia est crs: (11) phrmn pt 
liclty com tor Brie co scboolmaBCers' asi 

fl6) Becured spec tr t to niRke testa lor i 
ectlve and backward pus; cn-operatcd w 
Erie CO child welfare aoc; (161 Indus ai 
roc ed, and commri wrk; (18) fntrod 2 : 
nin tecnses outnlde dallTf 3 du-s of bl,- 
ftBd 2 of fr» plar; Introd healta and acad 

I eye apec 
1 dob to I 

by . 

ed KiMse 

(2-.') m-opgrated nitb 

■lioDld be prodded nud Mme restnJned for 
beneat of heaJtb; |20l ouUlned ho» ed And 
Intel teats may be ased tor toe BnldAooei 
125) plui tor otUiilnc mental ttt". "* *%'• 
(uid BccoD4iUahnient in obLaalf of ptt BAd 

t aJI Bthi, with s sym tar 
eord book kept by euh t.'wltb coDtiolllns 

. Junes, pres St Xavler Ool, Cincin- 
nati. O. 
McCAI,!.. Hra JeaNlca PhtlUpa. Investlsator, 
writer and ahopplni; oonaultant; HadlsoH 
Square Hotel. N' Y C; collscted material for 
TSe Port of N Y, 381 pp, by Thotoas B Bu9b. 
surveynr at the port of N Y; outlined edu- 
cational proBrams o[ port education for 
••—' — '- PhllBcfelphla, WUmlnBton 

, T«K>lier= Col, Columbia 
. .plan for determlntng- ed ' 

refined measure ot ( 
tomary In wiiTeys or oruinary sapr ; 
lined procedure tor aupmlAory ases ot tf 
(11) wrote cbapt !n book on msths of i 
phlc, tkbalKT, linmUtlc preaentatlan ; 

men Phyalclans ; 131) s 
jg 2; c col 2, pg 4; i 
: at comn on ventllfltlol 

of engineering. 

values of diff foods and on Indtv and notl 
bealtb needs; Tg Our Ch Lies about Food 
m Phys Culture, 1-'21 cites Inataacea of 
mlsinfoimatlnn In teittoks and failure to 
use fed and otbcr bulletins; "How Iodk 
does It take for autbora ol teitbks to catch 
up to progceaa of time?" 

MoCABTHY, Chu, St legislative reference 
librarian, '01 — , st hoase, Madison. Wia; 
b, '73: (51 aast to food dlr, visited Bnrope 
on mission for food admn and war labor 
bd; (24) Id conBultlre relation with legis- 
lators belped Interest them In cd needi. 

MeCARIV, PruiclB A, minister, 818 Vermont 
3t. QulQcy. Ill; h, 13-19- '67; mem bds of 
111 Wesleyan U, IH Woman's Col, Chad dock 
Boys School 

HcGARITY W Jay supt, Aiken, S. C; b, 
10-15-30 ''SI teitbooka arltb In ms h ■ 
reader being complleJ (3]) war, co cbrtnn 
jr R C chcmn co W W, 

MoOASn I X pres Phillips V. Enid. Ofcla. 

McOASKILIi \ E pres st iiur s, Buperior, 



arvllle Col, 

and ed aie 


for pn to 

J (is 


whereby ed 


may be 




ol repom 



(181 wrote 






nt dltr bet indlv 


and is 

onsible to 

r present sooial 


de«r how 



Iw ITMrf 




0t po elTo 


— , Des Molnen, ii. , _, .., ,,, -— __ 

Des Moines Col, '17-'19: ed dtr la tot f«d 
food admn ; Bupt city ss, BnrllngtOD, U, 
'IS-'IO; (6) emphaslzea consol s and stand- 
ardized 1-rm r s: (7) modern era study for 
r sn: (8) $100,000 approp for nor tr h m, 
IPl SB in operMion with approx SODt m- 
roUed and iSOO crada, crs Btody 2 yra; 
m maklnK so tor eh Instead of ta; (11) 
press artelB ; <12) estttb st-wlde oontert tar 
acholaraUpi I boy and 1 gltl In each co 
Klven spec certlt nf scbolarablp ; these 198 
are classified and tbe 15 boys and IS girls 
with highest records receive spec certlf of 
scholarship signed by at supt and naO 
comr of ed; (10) apeo csaipalKD In whtch 
Gov. W L Harding, voc dlr W H Bender, 
r B Insp May E Fcancla, dlr of music C A 
Fnllerton, st supt and others took part; 
plan bos been to go to co seat, then with 

High Spots for Every School 

rowmaiMgw, TlilttiiK c 

«Ar loadfl of people to ' 

, -Ji Knd Bpkf to parontA 

Buu puB —uni fied ; after day's drlTlns 
luge DDinber of ts return to ca seet and 
hare ranBtDg ed mtg In erenlag. In large 
Dumber of co« wltb very wbalesome efFect; 
(SI) lept and bulletin on tbia sub] ready 
for prist : law reqnlrea era in dtbMoiblp 
KBd eoiB has beon appt to prepare oatUne, ; 
edncatoia, journallatB and profeailonal men , 
lulplnej (24) helped set Bl b«» law*; tren 

and bda of ed may have access to supply 
of ts, wrt being tree to botb parties; ts 
wen saTcd over tOOfiOt) In fees tbls yr: 
(27) voc ed pramoted and extended, wrk In 
agr emphasized: (28) Costs In Edoeatlon. 
■tBdy et sto-br coot In h ss of st; Our R 
8i; (29) over 100 last yr: The New Ed, 
Tbe Cost of Bd, bef Wyo and la ts assns, 
iDd and Ky eo Ingtlta; (31) att r 6, nr h 1, 
nor 4, col 2, pe 3; t r 3, nor 1 trm. col 3: 
aapr 3; supt 1, st h b Inap 3; war, see 6. 

HoOOMATHT. Osboante. dlr dspt 

eomm music, e of music, I^orthn 

ITZT Wesley Ave. BTanston, III; b, 1-lB- 

.-. , also music dlr p ,_ 

dl«t TS; music Instr Branston township 
h s; dir sumr s of music. N W U; dlr Amer 
Instlt Nor Moths, Boston and Evanston ; 
(6) sd thm mnslsi appeal of music Is prac- 
UclUy nniversBl tbo indiT reaction to ap- 
peal differs accordlnfc to indly dlff in 
capacity, talent, taste, enyironmenC, etc; 
' these manifold Indly differences In reaction 
to toDslc may be classlfled under 3 gen 
bds' since indlv Is cbleSy concerned with 
•nasle as social, cuUnntl or voc sobj; pnb 
mnsle ed slionld be innolently elastic to 
dorp the IndlT in line with his own capHl- 
tles and Interestsi |]^ 2S) Htadlss eh thin 
sniee ot surreys covering singing- ablUly. 
evidence of rhythmie fe^in^. gen Intel, 
heme qnestlonnalce covering heredity, en- 
vlroiuneiit, evidences of intoreet, of talent, 
of training, eto, pay t«ats ef ninsloaJ ea- 
paeltyi on result ot these studies, each eh I 
Is onoonraced to stndy those pbases of 
mnaie which accord with Ms oapaoittos and 
taste*; ample latitude Is allowed for mis- 
takes; ss offer ere covering all phases of 
music study from era In listening to era In I 
playing piano and Instruments of orchestra 
and band: (2T) conun mnslo Msa hss been 
org which co-operates effectively with ss; 
loeal music study club offers asaistuioe to 
n and Kolary club have contrlb 
" ' ec editor Pro- , 

... „__ _ teit In vo(al I 
:. for Bth grds and b ss: ' 
chrmn com that prepared U S bur ed 
bulletin 49. '17, Music In Secondary Ss; (39) 

(^>l, Qales- 

KaOOMNELL, James H, st coinr ed, St Paul, 

HeOOITNBIJ^ JoliB P. ptes st nor i, Hast 

Badford, Va. 
KOOOHD. CIlutoB P, consulting psycblttrtst. 

piaii"for'hBaLth Insfr In grds ot city; (!8) 
Fhysleal and Mental Condition of Delia- 
queut Boyg, in Jml of Delinquency, 9- '19, 20 
pp, showing need for carelul dlaguoals ot 
limitations, capabilities, etc, of IndlT casaa, 
clear understandlnR by officers In cbarce 
and proper grouping of cases; (SI) oLher. 
health dlr. bd ed Albany, Inatr ed Jsjg 
Albany med col, prof byg and pbya dlac- 
QDsIs, Cornell sumr s. 
HeCOKD, Marvin i 
^, 5-1-8" ■-" 

used' durlns, 

2-12 plan Is used during reg s term, 2 unl 
are completed in 12 wis so that 6 units a 
completed In SO wfcs: possible for pus 
eompleto reg 4 yr era In ? yrs KUd S > 


in ill the ss; In poor sects, l ohen lab, 
portable, could serve seven] ss! better U 
will thus be available for r ss and higher 
sals can be paid ; (8) iDlrod dally rapt eard 
so that pu lieMis own record when ols >ot 

iDstr nutrition, Teachers Col. Oolanbta U, 
— 'IS; (IS) org nutrition wrk in p H at 
N ¥ st: see 28; (28) bulletin, HstiltloD 
Notes tor S Nnrses. S pp, 2-16- 'IB, dlscnstea 
evils of malQUtrlClon and Btratejrlc poaltloD 
of s Durse In battling aKalnst It, value ot 
various foods e g milk, cereals, vegetables, 
fruit, eggs, meat, height and weight table 
for elrls and one for boys; bulletin, B Hat 
Lnneh and Nutrition o( B Child. 19 pp. 
lO-IK-'lD, "midday meal of cold food, eaten 
6 days wk thruout s yr. Is almost certain to 
have harmful effect on health of t and eh 
practice of preparing at a one bet 
dish Is rafildly growing"; advantages, eh 
more attentive in aftH^oon. soothlnc effect 
of sitting down to quiet social BHal. eIvm 
t opportunity to nahe sngsestlons aboni 
kinds of foods eh should brine In Uneb 
boxes from borne, ch learn to eat what other 
oh cat. t may tr ch In obsemnee of asnsi 

are forelgn-bnrn oh Ii 

and they may also t some oi a 

of preparing food; 19 recipes; 

for org of wrk, dlstrlb of cost, equip, and 
ether suggest Inns: tables showing some 
food values of ntllk, height and weight 
table for glrle and one for boys; '31) ntt 
ur el 8 ur h 4, col 4, pg 1 ; t uc el 3, col 8; 
supr 2W. 
MeOOBHIOK, Bamnel Black, chancel lor D 
Pittsbnrsh. '04- '20, Pittsburgh, Pa; b. S-fl-HS; 
resigned autama '2a-, Wt\ "^go ^-ai "is--:.-, ;:^K^ 
Btn senate-, 1,-W! \.tv w3.-niT "». im™* -^^ v- 

ner 6sMi£S 

JF fto's tfko and Why in After-War Education 

wen s«nt ta alniMt everr ta InMlt In Fi 
' to reernlt (•; (15) re-esWb ilep-t of ed ps; 
B-lth pay i-llnlc: (IGi authori»d publ o 
"GiMMl CUtisnahlp" 1 (IS) added womai 
phyBidan: (W Ubecnl poHcj- of u eit 
<9), SI) D Itwta on dtr problmu lnel td« 
or produclDS "The PUtHburih Plui" t. 
■Ir» ui ■■ordHij'. nclsntlBo. vomprelivDalT 
procrmn of tity bid. and to HMura ro 
peoplfl or city EreUflP aamfart, ttSMs 
h«*l(h. (HiDtsnlenee, atUlty and btmatr li 

BtreetB, tmniil problemR, hiiualDg metro 
poUtan disc nod pob healtb problems, In 
door rBcnatlnn. poUlnr Pit tabu rch's river 
to work, rail traDsportUlDn And termtiiKlt 
title ul. less! aspects of v\ty planniog li 
Pa: (21) employ laBtr of Amer to train t 
of odiilt foreign horn; with Friclt Ed Comi 

from fl-30— 7-12: por 
iBUnlsraU problem I 


alumni oSce whlrb 

Ciitlonul Rev 

'IT u his 

participated In in 
slon Comn, '20: (S 
(ed »rk In ed men 
part of Pa; nuf fi 

■nnnB detailed for expert aervliw on Tarloaii 
■nrrera; (2B) see catjilog and uniT lendeta: 
(20) t»o frequent to be Item lied : (81) att 
pol 4, p g 3, spec 2; prea col 7. u 18; (32) 
trustee Carnegie FciindHtlon tor Advance- 
ment of Teaching. 


(IS) promoted da 
•chedulea, gainln 

?ntal I 

. S 10(1, NYC: 
irvey In s, preparing 
■ of foreien par- 
Cb drive simnl- 

MetUKDV, Jainn H. editor 'IB - , Amer Phja 
Ed Review, dlr phra ed Ititernatl Y M C A 
Col iw Weatforrt Av, Spriogfleld. Mass; b. 
12-2-tW: (.1) Y M C A dlr dlv health phys ed 
and recreation n-ltb Amer forces In fraace: 
(171 mem com N B A on standardization of a 
bla planning and conalructlon, to recmnd 

natl CDtD Atuer Phya Ed on health eiama : 
(2*1 chrmn legls com on phya ed legls it 
and nati, under nati phys ed service bu ; 
(28) Kbiiuffcaphy of Phya Tr and Calla- 
thenlc Nnnieaelature ; (31) atl r R, r b 4, 
nor 1. col and pg S; t col 2E. 


[T, GrMDcBBtle, Ind: 
largely with 

b(>dIb1 factoi and 

imiB betterment; (2») bef clubl, 

rhurchea. Rotary, etc; (31) att 

- and Bupr col. pg; fleld. 

I Aaan. 

__ . _ ,. ,.-., Central City. 

B-n-82; (B) standarJuing r as; (8) 

time: (11) wvij reporla co IMP«a: "2) 
t,B*rdiBM BOBditiBBn: [IB, 17) b and g 
nm IttmUh rrnnd* (hrnonl ea: (281 

roDEBMOTT, J F. ]>Tea 9t Peter'a Col. Jer- 
aey City, N ,1. 

cDILL, Bobt M, prof math. Haatlngi Col, 
lift E 7th St, Hastings, Neb; b, 3-2S-T3; (5) 
prof math, Fremont Col, Neb. ■17-'1»; (T) 
lieglnnlng wrk In algebra and geom placed 
nn more natiirfll itnd concrete baala: (SS) 
i,Ttc^ Mentni Discipline, In Mld-Weat S Re- 
.... ■» , — Introductory to 

- . ; (31) 

I. pg 1; t ur b 12. eoi IS. 

ICDONAI.D, James R. ed editor. Little Brown 
''0, M Beacon St, Boaton, Maas; b, 6-18-«TT; 
171 aa life-trustee of Lawrence Acad, Groton. 
Maas, wrhd on plana for reopening Instit on 
new basis; (21) aa publlaber promoted more 
extensive use of 4-bk sedea on Ameilcsn- 
liatloa; (281 editorial wrk on prltnacy, In- 
lermedlate and aecon tests: CS) toast mM- 
ler. ed piibliabers dinner, Cleveland, O, 3-'ao. 

loDONALD, Bobt Alex F. prof ed, die Bumr 
aes. Bates Col. Lewlston. Me; b, 10-4-T8; 
(12) pstab Bate* 

of religion 

: (19) p 

aoted a 

Me '30: 
(21) see 

1 Bath. 

1»; ( 

I plan 

in "■iB;"(3i) t col 3. pi 
LcDOWBLI.. MUtun S. 

State College. Pa; b, 
circular, fl-'20. illua, 1 



58-pip eit 
, titles incl 

ind building I 

•r fruits. UDder 

, fatully vegetable garden 


repair i 

lit milk and other dairy products, grape 
culture in Pa, feeding laying bena ~' 
chicks; anrrey was made of 41 eoa to 
rome fandllar wltb tnaeot condltlona 

ascertain It auch problema were of t 

o-op marketing 
ir club -wrfc fos- 
) demanatratloBS 
were (Iven of hat lanchea for ■ ch uid llflO 
children reached: tieolth daiya and heairb 

iloFABLAND, Walter B, iupt '10 — . Bast Ll 
Vegas, N M; b. 3-S-7I; (24) chnnn com e> 
prepared ed program to be presented < 

leglB ; (36) eatpl attendanoe i 

h 4: supt 18; field, couductnd 
Jar. aupC, Alkea. 8 C: b. 

-IR-W. W) terttionka, 

High Spots for Every School 

rMder being fampUed : (31) war, po chrmn 
Jr R C, phrmD co W W. 
MeOAW, Prederick M. prot math '10 — , Cor- 
nell Col, Mt Vernon, la; b. 5-20-70: (6) ed 
■bd be kerrant of bumanlCy ; Co tbat end 
baa preached bFeadtta, deptb, variety, and 
diniDctlj- that money Retting Is not end 
of bU: (10) rerlcwa bcoba bet cU of waold- 
b* ta, pointing out prlni-lplea of rholce; 
(U) taJkB coneernlng thli roiittnually; |31) 

ner ed, ii*lcb wo 
irfold. .and out of 
to St": (HI «ni 
II h nt in dist to 
r » and tg rarnri 
•ertirc. enrollTnen 

, 3 C. 

.tion for ti In this Oeld: 

r 4. POl 2: t r 3. ur h 1, 
\__Toi.- IV,; pica •X; 

1 U, Green - 

BleOBATH, VTm J. prln, P » g» Queens, N V 
C, (WO Vernon Ay, L I City: h. 3-20-86; 
(g) mimMgrBpbeil sheet slrinc qunUarotlona 
knd reaults which are ripeeted of U: (IS) 
CM<4i I.P and Get Abnd Clnb. for bacaward 
and bright stus— Btu« etady aaalgnnHnta tor 
■dTsneed srd under t'a aopr. aloni with 



— . Gre 

_, „. ,_) Bupt MuBcatlne, 

la. ■12-19: prln UniT H B, Iowa Cltj, la, 
'l»-'20; (7) is org for entire ays; b«|iui 
with tOQcnl Mndy ntsa. then formed oeni 
■■iDng tsi la planning aqmr nor which all 
(■ moat att(^d with leader 

supm klndlr, BUggettIre, patient, 
onstant: (10) tnt booki 

circular! od 
IB) ■ not fer 
but for nelshborhoDdi (20) laa- 
., ed leeta. tonr of eo; (ZI) civic* 

will b 

r than 

Interrelatlonstiip of 
jition In society and al 

M "d-^iy) s^wrffl'tl 
not pa to syatem: (£4) 
I'onaol: >06) better blda 
I'ltizena hrougbt Into ci 
Index of ed temperatnTe 

eiiulp: (27) "all 
rtheriiigiB; (31) t r 13^ 

MrKAY, J W, pres Wayneahurg Col. Way 

>t council defeDse: 

>f nati eouDcll defens 


Mtc-h ^<in 
lielpe<l s 

eatah ( 

lanU, Mich; 

s-llb pow*r to keep allTs war time spirit of 
-'" — i"o-op for peace wrk and to make 
ruction atndles on at govt. 

*, pres Mich 3t Nor Col, Tpal- 
..1.,^, ^...-, J, ft-3-BO; (8) helped org Amer 
Amu of Ta Ools '17 which Is aiding In cam- 
paign for eitended era In nor aa : (14) by 
— "-- to b SB. Rotary cluba. bds commerce, 
in) eatab dept at Mich St Nor Col 'IS 
lelop Inatrnmentslttles for ellmlnaUuc 
rmal eh trmD grda; dept will be 

1 (31) other, repre- 



fol-AIN. W 

, prea Flak Col, NaahTlIle. 

f It, It 

wUI be adapted specially to Green Bay's 
needs, and ts will receive full credit for full 
wks wrk; (11) by talks bef pt ' 

ind KiH 


B is attempting to "sell ns to pobllo wd 

get pub Milnlon behind needed ^wngea"! 

(29) New Ed ObJecMvea bef nud of tronl 
10 to 200; (31) att r 8, ur h 4, col 4, pg 1; 
C and Bupr nr el 1. ur b 4. col 1 ; aupt 8. 
HelNTIBE. »' W. dean at nor col. O XJniT. 
Athens, O; (5) prln b s Norwood, O; (M) 
for 10 yra promoted ts pension legls; wrote 

(SB) talks In Cleveland, Cincinnati, (telnm- 
bui. Dayton, etc, tn ta In behalf ta pension 
legls and tax legit to Inc a support; l,31> 

snggeiiuonsj (6) advocated legla for 
and better supr Cor r as; (15) chrmn 
to atudy problem of baekward aftd 
lily detective cb in r ss. Issnlng 22 

publ by dept 

pub Ins 

tr: list* S 



ance, tr 

quent change. 



hearing or via 

on. other phya d 

ftbildty to sp 


feeble mlndednea 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

PDBh bill tavoTiae < 
talks on consol, ed - 
detective ch ; (31) att 

»! <24> 

-'" (29) 
en tally 

3. col 1% ; 

mem eiec com R C, BaaUted all war drires. 
MCI.AN&, c L. pres. Fresno St Noc S, Fresno, 
Cal; li, 4-4-e2; (7) ooHaboraled In planning 
ngrc Bar se on col bsaisi (ID Md orgs rept 
■11 ■ ncUvMlM to la«l iwpaFS; (12) org fac- 
ulty club and other aocial groups ; IQC aal9 ; 
(IS) phrs ed dept org: swIduhIdc ihh>1; (SI) 
■•fared abort era In Amer thro V Cal to tr 
U ot Amerj (24) mem st legls com; 131) ott 
r S, ur h 3, nor l, col 4, pg 1; t r 3, ur el B; 

dflfease. 'pres nu Mat com. 
HcLAVGHUN, J O, sunt 'IS — , CorYallls, Ore : 
b. 5-23-82; (5) eupt 'H-'IS, Hood River, Ore; 
(7) upperiOsmen taklnx stndlrn HhvdnlFd for 
esrlier yre of h > rewlvp onlj purtial credit, 

uid publicity I 
e taken In stn i 

. ...; (11) __._ 
< of itU ■ pubtln- 

reqolred tot trad 

mns'lcj (18) m^- 

Inauring 4-yr sind h 9 ed to prery hoy nnd 
glPl In St; (31) att r N, r li 3, poI 4, pg 1; 
t r 2, r b 1: supr r h 1; supc 15^. 

HfiliEOD, Lanrgnce S. bd dept pay and ed. 
■18 — , Henry Kendall Col, TuOaa, Okla; b. 
9-9-87; (ft) bd nor tr dept, b a, Teisrtana 
■17-'I8; (S) artel Id KendQlUte, col mag, on 
economy La atndy! (28) MeaanKment ot Intel. 
ta KendBllite 3-'20; Influence ot IncreaBlng 
Dlfflcnlty of Rending Material upon RaiP. 
EIrrors and Camprebeualon In Ota] Reading. 
Id EN S Jml, 3-'18; (31) att t 10, ur b 4, col 
4, PB m ; t r & c h 2, UT b 3, col 2; sapt 2, 

MoHAiniS, •TanieB B, sapt. 748 GoodlnK St, L» 
Salle, 111; (T) after consuHlng wltb ta, org 
Rulea end Manual ot Study. La Ralle Cltv 
Sa, 1<6 pp. Ulna, gives regulaUons tor snpt9, 
prlns, ts, pus. janitors: wrk outlined by 
grds rather tban subjs; music, druwlng. 
dom »el, muDl tr listed separately ; list of 
texts and materials needed tor encb grd; 
(10) U S hletorles and pbyslologles tor grda 
selected from list sabmltted by ta who had 
Hadted several terta and naed them far 
time; (12) bonna tnr exceptional wrk: (15) 
pna in npper Krda promoted witliaut red 
tape when ta and aupt brlleve them capable 
of doing adnnccd wrk; (IT) org pub play- 
groanda: mem hd rtlrg, cbarlly wrk; (Ifl) 

Interest In nl sa and part ttme an; (21) cl*lc 
Icasuea In each a, with Joint mtg bl-yr to 
dlacuaa civic affairs or comm actlvltlM! (22) 

and tor pnb eapedalty farrigTiera i (23) 
btanka tor pus repts; (241 mem legla com 
a^ m Ta AssB : pamphlet Tsi Retorm In 111, 
rf*— .™j . _, . jg^ anpport 

, itpnlar tonn, widely dlttrlb. 

Tbe Pennant; (T) 10 wk* aamr ■ enabUnE 
col atn complete 4 yra Id Si (8) tree Cuts 
eliminated ; (11) publ dept under supr 
aluranl aec; (12) sal Inc 2096_;_ (14) large 

dlv carei (IT) aCbl; 
dallst in rel Igloos ana 

glrla receive physician's 
girls required take 2 yre 
era; (201 % day*- ann v 
(21) political dubs; (22) I 

col 4. I 
[cBnCHAEI., T I 


lumouth Col. Mod- 

.1IC.MUI.I.EM, I*nn B. prea N Arli Nor 8. 
FlagatafT, Arti; b, '75; (5) vp St Nor S, Val- 
ley City, N D; dlr tr s, Bt Ta Col, Greeley, 
Col; (31) alt r 1, ur el 8, ur b 4, col 4, pg 
IH ; t ' 1. or h 11, nor 11, col 1. 

McMUBPAT, Frank M, prof el ed. Ts Col, 
Columbia U. N Y C. 

McNAIB, Fred W. pres Mich Col lllues, 
Houghton, Mich. 

McKALLT, Edward J, prln. p B lOS Manhat- 
tan, 21Ji B 99th St, N Y Ci b, T-30-T2; (8) 
dramatic Instinct nsed as far aa possible In 
els room and and; (12) sympathy la watch- 

^ ,... __jq ii^j ,g gjjif 1^ gmj p^g. H5J 

.1 — i-%a\ J J — stereopdcon, 


etc; I 

; (Ifl) pa naed as n 
: Idea 

(21) pua pertom 
Indlv 1 

. . officers In de- 

ramatica; |23) spec envelop sys- 
enabUng prln to r»«ll ■ 
mciuEMts in nmi ot pn ! (29) liberty lonn 
drives and Amer mtgs: (311 att ar el T, 
col 4; t ur el 12; supr ur el 15. 
fcNAUOHT, Mrs Hargarit 8, st Comr el ss, 
Sacramento, Cal; (11) co-edlCor Cal Bine 
Balletln. publ (luatterly by st dept ed "for 
all ts in service"; (IS) furthering experi- 
ments conducted in r sa under Dr L B 
Terman; (18) ed health campaigns In cob; 
128) lilcn rept comr el ss. no-'lS, M pp; 
incl patriotic wrk, rcmndtlona; edited st bd's 
el war bulletins In citlzeuship. Incl manneis; 
...,, 1 J- ^ p. utiier^ cbrmn 

Columbus, O, '10 — ; helped org snccessf^ 
ittien campaign tor eitenslve bid program 
nd Inc a taxes, promoted sal Ince for ta 
nd org pt-tB asBD ; helped Teacher Week 
ampalgn among clvtp cluba and editor! 
rested bd ot ed In having dallr t 


talks In b __. 
Btin, dlr Mn S Mines 

' 1,1!) 1 

■, pe.j 

p liny. 

lorlal ! 

High Spots for Every School 

resDlBT dept at engr currlo; aecuied ouoper- I 
atlon bet U S bur mines and Mo s of mines 
In experiment^] InceMiKntlons i (18) «[iib 
depc atu beaHli ; gym nrk and leMa In per- 
>onaI hjg aad sanitation required at all 
tcwhmen and aophs; |IB) cooperatlTc wrk 
bet U S genl suri, Mo geol Bnrv, fed bd voc 
ed and Md b of mlnei for training dlaaibled 
-ioldlen In topograpblc enKr; OD Btt ool 3, I 
Ti<F *: f r«l M: mrnr n>l H: wiir, chrmn ' 
■e-cbnnn , 

HeTEA, Emtlie W, prei 'U — . Sweet Briar 
Col, Sweet Briar, Va ; b, ISST ; (fl) Incl btimnu | 
sclencea In B S degree; (S) empl bigbly tr ' 

eouDOil, r 

dard col 

eiiata mainly for tbia pui 

B-'2a; (31) I 

nej. Va; (5) actg pres ■1T-'19; treaa '17-'18; 
librarian 'IT-'IS; prol Eng and blat '1T-'18; 
(31) att eol 4, pg 3; t r b 2. ur h I, spec 1, 
col J8i prea 2; war, 8 A T C; otber, s 




-eC; (6, 7, 

imael, prat rellglonB 
■ -land, O; b, 

II, I 

atloD of Cbrlatlan 
. .. „. . . imoUng right re- 

lations; trial to set up-to-date pedacovi' 
Into charch *s, empb a sizing princlplex of 

slon ; in»ntDrmtlBC era to (r p a ti for deptl 
I»dership in chmch ■■ for wbleh ther will 

' I aalai mobilized group nt IS> leading 


. Jen-lab, and CatboUe, 
> talk 1 ■ ■ 

Hoe ol 

(16) resident physician, dept pbys ed, pbja , 
exams, ontdoor ^rk; ao epidemk:, not evea 
Bd; (le) sol pliuU nsed tor sbort era hame 
demoHlntlDD wrk; pUnt offered tor ajunr 
oanfi In reUgtonB and soc aerTlce; (20) confs, 
lects, ocoupMlonal adTlserj |21| spec ere 
fandunental* of goit being introdi (22) aee 
IQ; addltlone to equip Bel labs and lib; aids 
model OB«-mi a, B C wrk at co, lielpa with I 
diat none; lecta at b s ; (251 correlated re- I 
anita atnd teats with b s and col markp, 
with lac estimates ot atu and rmaona tor 
lesTlng eol; (26) Present Currtcula In CdI- 
leges for -Women ; (29) The Present Cnrrlq- 
nla ot Colleges tor Women, Tbe Girl and 
the College, The War and ffiducatlou. The 
World ot Today, The College Woman, Some 
Tendencies In Modern Poetry, Religion To- 
day. The Need of "' - ~ " ■--* 

(0) prof Ool 
Hon-'-'" " 

MacAKTHUR, Brlr Gen Donglaa, aupt V 8 

Military Acad. West Point, X ¥. 
MacCAUGHBY, Vangban, territorial anpt, Ter- 



_. abollahed for primary 

grda and modified for gr grds and h s; 
(IB) brought speclalUt to Hawaii for a wka 
to advise on phya culture' aad playground 
org; (IB) ori nl s> to t Eur to fOFolKnera; 
(22) new b s bid and other b bids and 
equip ; (:») for 3-mo (ed a Burtey for Ter- 
ritory, secured Borylces of expert to confer 
with ts and give era Instr In dot b; (27) 
funds for 18 and 2B; (29) Paeiflc Ooe«n and 
Twentieth Centoiy World: Sa of Hawaii; 
Polynesia; Lore of Hawailana; Fire Moun- 


rorth a 

r rail a 

Coieniesi Modern World 

other, a f-oander i<o jtsa 
McTEY. Frank L, pres 'IT — , V Ky. Lexing- I 
Ion, Ky; b, ll-10-«9; (T) crs In business ad- 
mlolslratlon; (S> eaiia grouv rente In u for 
dlKBMloD Ot (g methaj (11) repta, artels, 
interviews Id st papers: (12) 40% aal Inc 
■luce 'IT, (13) reorg II Ky In fw: goTt and 
bnalnesa metha; (14) by calling attention te 
tg speclQcall;; (IS) atna engage in anr- 
™ye; (18) ealal) new dept of pnb health 
and byg; (19) created dept ot b ext; (22) 
repaired all blda, iput In t^lets, 

IndlTidnalttr 1 . 

tICBl: (18) dept phys culture; phya eiami 
weights, deteeta recorded and rapt to pai 
enta; (19) R C nuralng b; lyceum crs, le< 
tures; (21) s era; additional wrk In aaaen 
blTi (22) site (or {lOD.OOO bid; org pare^ 
- Tielting »i (27) aeveral thouaant 

(31) B 

r h 4, < 

i (23) 

ja of Natil Progress, 

The r as a Mediator, bef Tei Ts Assn, U 
Okla, V Ala, U of S C, U Ky; (31) att ur el 

1; aupt 17; ^ 
MuCRACKEK-. M N. prea Vaaaar Col, Pongh- 

keepale, N V, 
.HaeOBACKEK, 3 H, pres Lafayette Col. 

Baaton, Pa. 
.UacINTOSH. « 1,. pres, Wahaah Col, Craw- 

tordBTllle, Ind; b. 1-1-60; (12) material Inc 

In sala: [131 Inauguration ot atu coaucll; 

(31) t 

b 2, col 1 


a tODica. r a speclaltst ani 
^64; Cambridge 

r ana lect ( 

Oreek, Hampden Sidney ^ol, Hampden 8\d- ^ 

(0) N Dak 

to fit bd admn, 

ralUe* for dlra and ta tor e wki 
In whlofa ebjecta ot ed w< 

(T) as mem uiA i^^ma^ «\ 

Mass; b, 78; 
__, and Ht ed BdviBet 
; (fl) aeilea of at wide 

V« V ".-. -»> 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

lllei ■ 

il hcaltb 

a helpi^d 

big her 


■Horp 1. 

ailvanttd s IesIb 

BWi <28> R !< 
t uf St; (31) 

chHrjjt bome «rui 

CXI (errice. Pa SI ___ _ _._ __. 

Pa: b. 10-20-78; {J8) milk tor h«iUh csm- 
pBlena uuU uutrilloo ilemutistrutlonB ; {16) 
■ hullelina. utber lit; 

( ■iTins IdMi 

, demur at rat Jul 

!1) eit wrk wkh (i 

I n^liiB M Amer hone! (23) A H<_._ 
lletlDB ul agr eit ilept 

Pa St Cul. un 

Food RequlremeDlR. Su( 
frame and rliib Suiclj;, 
SabBtltuIn, FiH.d Value 
l>ttli]i Produrtn. Drj'lii 
VeKatables: (111) bet women a 
granKBB. farm women' 

Meats and Meat 

r Milk and OCber 

(31) t 

J dir 

me. Columbia TT : 
'hI bd Toc ed, I 
tl; sHst and la« 

-MmBI.WKE, B 8. ilir, bur torelgn and du- 
meatlc commerce, dept i^ummeci-e. Wasblatc- 
toD. t) C; b, 4-13-83; ini let! v<:oii. Cotumbla 
Col, foreign tmde. g bu«I -...-.... 

lit 11 U 8 A: fed ajit, 
Ftaarge ed for (nrelic" ti 
dlr, bur foreign and do 

prof ■ of foreign BcrviL-e. ucurKi^Luwu u. 
dean aumr a of Pan Amerli-an eummerce; 
(27) work Ilira chambers or commence; (2S) 
Toe Kd (or rorelKn Trd Mid Sblpplns, bu] 
S4, ted bd Tot ed ; TrwInlBs for Ferclsn 
Trdi MlieelJaneoua Series, ITT. bur forelan 
■ne: Tr fur Steamship Bual- 

and dom commE 
neae. Mi»i> SerlL_ _ 
eanimereB; outlined 

98, t 

1 Sellli_„ 

Bd Snider; ca-autb< 
Trd. Ml«r Berlee SS 
■teamsblp bush 

ind c 

t tore 

ireigii Markets, b; Qaj 

__, iiilhor Porta ud 

lId^ Pb<iII1H« '18; Wharf Admn and 
dorlag. iu prepBraiion; talks bef conva 
aj-r Mfra, Biprm Abjiq. etc: (31) atl 
a. or b ]. gpec S: eol 3. ng 3: t Bpec 

HAOKlNTOltH. Uesrse L., prea Wabiiab C'gl. 
Crawford avl lie. Ind; |T) ipore dept Eng; 
IIS) sal <•<■ 80%; (») campaiiiu tor 

»2.000.()00 endowment; I r 3. ur h 2. col V.. 

MaaLEAN, Arthur W, doan and treas. 'IT ~. 

Portia l^w 8, 008 Tremonl Temple, Busion. 

=h™' Ts) 

I«t nq 


•: (lai 

>iem nytUu 

§, UeMs 


client far acttlt 



tw «ch. awarded 

lalea. Wills 


JC 15; dean 


N. Y, 


I>CK. W E. 

siipt. Butte. 


; b, B-2B- 


lb w 


ntlnne d..m 

onsiradou the 

■ronplni ch accordlan to ablllt.Tl IndlT pro- 
notlona: (IS) empl pnh hMlth narvc •■ 

healitb aiipr: adiiited heallh ornaude plan of 
Antl-Titlierpulifflla mvlelj In p sa; play- 
gruund leadership in aumr, ihadnE rinks tn 

t time an (ur wurkli 

nun aide, quaJitr or aerTlef needed, oppor- 
.tunltlea for adTaBcenient. etcj {2ii lielped 
secure passage of oomtnUiorj' pan time and 
continuation a law; mem lesia com at t> 
naan: (29) arith. reudliiK, allent reading, 
Innguaue. diagnostic Mu«;uagp. compoaition 
and gr; (29) Wbmt We Learned (ran the 
— ind Y M C A ponvT Part 

wilb 2000 memt 
MADDUX, Wm Art bar. 
■19 — . Bopkford. Ill; 

Rotktord « 

.... _)-S3i (01 I 

Columbia, nB--]»: (T) 

for wom< 

High Spots for Every School 

draft sbleat (taa tar usliituibihlps ; (1S| 
ora parnUeUnE constUntlonal convention of 
111; (22) en lor sdnltB ot applied snbj mst- 
ter to Ufe umkIb; 1281 Free School Iden In 
Va bet CUll War. '18— sccuunta for nresent 
ei -prohl<ni9 partially by means nf enrlv 
htat; (Ze) about 40 n&Ar of a-ppeal ... _.. 
eral Arts Ed ot new type (or moilern _wi 

K*osi (IT) org acl Eociety at u; (11 
athl Bufl cbrmn fac com oa atlil. 1 
to byt' ant pliya develnpmeut ; 128) 
Ing 111 U S, ipubl as ln<l U Studies 


, __. -'reFs, coTi, pg 3; 

t col 3; prin. i 3, ti' a 6, ur h and tr a 1; 
Bdpt 2; pres 2. 
MADEIRA'S S for HirU. 1330 • lOtb 6t, 
■ WflBhiugton, DC; (131 BCparate stn «ort 
ores lor realdenC and day pua; (18) healtb 
ot girU Hupr by norae, InstT In gym, a pby- 
slclan aud bd mletTeaa: (1») tries to arouae 
glrla ot tneana to [lecessity of col ed. 
HAHONEY, Jobn J. Bt Bupr Amerloanlzatioa, 
St dept ed, State Douse, Boatou. Mass; (21) 
Klded 1b oxperimentAl wrk on I«wreace Plan 
for Ed In Citlienaliip. at Olirer S, Lawrence, 
Mass, whii^li alma by InBtrnctloa, project, 
BociKllnd recltailoD, pu putlelpatlon In a 
mrmut to emphanlEo 
s Bubja. thinking 

1 kDowledge 

e gitianed from e 

9 aubja 

paa; lasuea Amer lettera to Bupta giving 
suggested ere in Eng for Immigrants, era in 
clUzenahip. IS Folnta for Workera In Amcrl- 
oantutlva; prepared outline of 3I> lessuna In 
cltlzeDsbip ; sec Adams, Epbraim Donglaa. 

MAIN, J H T. prea Orlnnel] Col, GrlnneU, la. 

MAINE 8T DBPT BD. Augusta, Me; A O 
Tbomjis, supt; (6) has set up deflolte pria- 
Cdples at excellence tor stndmtlon of ss; (B) 
eatnb r tg profeoalon In which hlgti grd ta, 
Cradfl from nor as or cola, are placed in apec 

paid by at and bonua at Vt% ot tal awarded 
them at end of yr: (ID series of rallies tbru- 
1 singing leader and corps 


wide pbya ed progr 

nitli S mas a 

,ed with transipor 

srdcd by at 
a, or noma a opened and ananced by at; 

carry home econ, 26 voo Hffr, 65 trades 

, . . e 19: law require* tlu 
BubJa be taught In Eng lang i 


nUNGAIf, Thomaa J, sC regent TI St K Y ; 
residence, Blngbamton, N Y ; as cbrmn of 
com to recommend (or regents' considera- 
tion names tor sfcommr ot ed, asked edn- 

ASOVN, Vrrnon I., prea at nor s, Bottia- 

prot pollt scl, U 
jriiisiiiirijii, riioiiuiij". irn; (2S) Outline ol 
Covenant of Leaxue ot Nation... piihl by 
Inistil Inlernntl Ed, tor luternntl relallODi 
clubs. Syllabus 1. 3-'20; Incl umline. text, 
cjuestions aud index ot Covenant ot Leugac. 

UAKSON. Grace B, hd dept ed, '19 — , Salem, 
Col, Winston -Salem, N C; b. 7-16-98: (5) 
Instr Eng, Ronceverte h s. W Va 'IT-'IS; (8) 
t-tr wrk at col is being sIndEd, grads re- 
ceive certiflcflles (or music, "'"' hnmo Bcn-n. 
Brd and b 8 snbjs; (16) i 
In Interpreting -* •— •-- '« 
b, col, pg; t r 'ji. ut vu uc u, i:ui. 

MANUEL, Herarhfd T. bd dept ed '19 - 
8t Xor S, Qusnlson, Col; b, 12-24-871 (• 

ed serrtce. Fort Lane, Houston. Tes. '1 
(IS) ext and residence cIs, much nitnnl 
Ing; pnbl Talent in Drawing; (i'u dlt j 

see ir.; (ail ott r u i, n 
nor 2, col 1 ; umpr U S a 
aupt 2; n"nr, see 5. 
MABKS. Lonla. prln pre-v< 
tor hoys and glrla, P S __, ._. 
bas since 'IS carried 3 ? 


Y C; . . 
In groupln. 

is: (28) 

i 64, Manbatinn, N 

It a. In 

lt2i approprlntlon fc. _ . . . . _. 

ill len yra will extend value of nor s e<iulp- 
nipiit to {1.000.000; b ss leclnsslfled, ]r b sa 
Riven legnl status, all b as put on same 
plane, .lud at aqDallxaitlon fund provided to 
bring small se up to Btnd; (27) at town mtga 

MALI.ETT. Wllbert G, prea st nor a. Farm- '. 

Ington, Me. 
■""NCE, Otover C. prot geology, St Lawrence 
. ^.._.._ V, „ ., ^r«. ,,..1 —- ;lB choaen 

1 Idea of auperlority of 
<cnain loreign rouolrleai (11) active In 
re^Hg 3 matters to a and dally publ; (U) 
tbni tnrnlng attention of many to poaslblU- 

lOtlon pictures 

plclurea pin a oral explanation, 

MARRIMAX, San Larcnio, pres st nor 

s. Presque Isle. Me. 
UABSHALI., B T, pres Connecticut Col, New 

, pres agr and j 




Glendale Col, Glendale, O; b, l-i-.i; i.ij u 
dept ed Hood Col, Frederick. Md. '18-'a0; 
(8) plans for stu self tg at eol noi .vet tried 
out; (10) plans for extenatve use of maga- 
zines, repts, etc. for els wrk; ("' "'^ -' 
vertising; (13) plans co-op mgmni oi 
rent events els; (20) voc counselor 
Col; "business of scientlflc voc guldaum; mi. 
m lime be considered one of most essential 
Hoes of service in higher ed: voc connaelor 
must know both prospective worker and wrk 
opportunities and mast aim not ■aiwt'SixJS 
be Intel in guIrtftR*:^ N««. \» ■«^?*^^^'\iw 

paid ad- 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

be Beleoted hj stu tor personal InTestlEatlon ! 
during spare tlma In col to be Created as i 
bobby or avocation"; (21) spec els and mucli I 
pub emphasis; (22) co-oip plana with fl bs, 
comm orsB, churches, conservatory of music, 
art acad, municipal unlv, etc; (20) trained 
spec eroup ta tn Md to use and hiiud on | 
1.„ „» ...t™ — ^ local surrera; (28) bet 



aem, col 4. pe 7; t ]r col It li 
dean, registrar; field, minister. 

J, Sptlngfl^d, Uo, 'IT-'IS; prln 

Allen S. Kansas City. Mo, "IS-'IS; Instr geog, 
Geo Peahodj Col for Ts, sumrs 'IB, '20; eit 
els Id DiMha ot geog in E C on Salnrdays, 
'18, 'le, '20; (13) BUggestlons from ta ; pus 
OFs 1b s&rrty mins: (14) personal'Iy urged 
many to t; (IK) ts mtgs on piy ot puaj (IB) 


c tg ot hyg and c 


(28) Mo supplement to teitbk Bssentialj 
Geog; (291 Tg ol Geog. bef grd gronpa a 
ts ot Peabofly aumr s; Ss ot Kansas CI 
bet Klwanls Clnb In P' * "" ~ 

Official Director 
tory. rept ot b a 
supt's rept. CIS i 

and regulalli 

'08 that 4 coi .... 

25 graduated In '20, S will probably 
plete era neit jr, 130 haye moved rrom 
dlst. 1S7 dropped b at cocopulBory age limit 
or later; during med Inspection 11)32 do- 
tlces of defects were sent to parents, re- 
ceiving 923 answers, ot which 499 were fa- 
vorable; (28) Status ot Popnlu Ed In Fa, 
la Amer S Bd Jml, 1-'21, plea (or equaliza- 
tion ot eipenses of r corns with cities. 
BURTIN, B F, supt, Newton, Kan; b, '71; (7) 
tfl in groups with auipt select essentials going 
thru and marking teifs used In sa; (9) ts 
Tlslt others of mme grds to observe, dis- 
cuss, prepare, plan; (tO) tried to Influence 
St hd; (11) letters to prospective atus, par- 
ents; apea letters to pub; s news twice wkly 
In dally paper; Qneetlonnilre to pne with 

Inrl V 

booka have you read _ _ ... 

B BubJ do you enjoy mont; (IS) social gath- 
erings, sodlul and aCady clubs; (13) stu 
eonnclh (IS) double promotloH passing 
every grd, extra wrk and testa tor abler pus! 
(Ifl) much illns with pencil, bni-sh, cutting, 

for literary cliiba and phjs activities; (18) 

noB- leorklax on definite era 
rrn-d. Inrl prevention day, clr 
10-0. rrltb suggested progran 

rita.- fStf 

and geo facts; better (peech wk with t sua- 
gestlons IbbI > day anrrsy tor oammaB er- 
mrs; eircaZar toples tor study during pollt 
■amoalKH; (22) active pt-t wan In eaeh bldt 

comm progTuns; (25) given to narencs. ts, 
pus, with about equal value to each group ; 
(2T) talks and several donations; (29) before 
CO and city ts agsns, comm mtgs and com- 

; (31) a 

r 7. -lOl s 

r h 2; 

SfABTIN, Edward Santo rd, editor, author. 
178 El 64th St, N Y C; In editorials In 
Lite occasionally dlscussee ed problems ; 
12-1(1-20 said "In cols and world outside 
two conceptions ot life are struggling tn 
conflict, to acqulrs and apply understand- 
ing and to acquire and apply money. One 
l-B tbat aim ot life Is formatlan of oluwae- 
ter — other Is that aim in 'bircohb*. Cols 
ought to be clearly and eonsplcuously pn 

MABTIN, Qoorge K, pres st nor s, Kearney, 

MABTIN. John Eppes. supt. Suffolk, Ta; b, 
5-3-91; (Bl ensign, U S S; (7) revised Suf- 
folk manual and crs of stu, 50 pp; (31) att 
ur el 7, nr h 4, col 3, pg 1; t r h 1. col 2; 
supr ur el 1, ur h 2. 3 sumr nor; war, 2 jib 
In navy. 

MABTIN, Edgar 8, sec, eallorial hd, Natl 
Council Boy Scouts ot Amer, ZOO 6th Av, 
N ¥ C; b, 3-8-73; managing editor, series 
of merit badie pamphlets In elvlei, witb 
program of Americanization ; many artels 
and pamiiblets on citizenship training. 

MABTIN, B H, pres Geneva Col. Beaver 
Falls. Fa. 

MABTIN, W J, pres Davidson Col, David- 
son, N C. 

MABTIN, W F, supt 'IB — , eoe Academy st, 
Duiblln, Ga; b, 8-Z7-72; (K) supt Jackson 
'13-'1S; (11) regular reports to d^ly papers; 
at Bd papers; repta to pt-ts asan ; 16) scout 
work, ]r H C; |18l health crusade, athi, 

(19) Bit wrk to rural sb; (22) J75.000 

_.a_j .._ _. ^_ ^j|,j gj,^,. elnbB 

. ilarshlps: — .. ._ 

mothers' clubs. Klwanls clubs; (31) i... . 
S, ur h 5, col 4, pg 1; t r 3; supr and supt 
r 2. ur h IR; war, K C. Y M (5 A, 
MABVEN. Cloyd Hecli, asst dir '19 —. so 
branch U Cal, Los Angeles, Cal ; b, 8-22-88; 
(R) capt air service '17-'19; (7) developrf 
comrl dept on voc basis; (14) comrl dept 
reorg to Incl t tr; (25) dlr survey of org of 
comrl ed In IT 8 h ss; data from 250 cities 
and towns ; give essentials ot comrl curricula ; 

(28) Commercial Education in Secondary 
Schools ot U S, textbook ready for printer; 

(29) b s. a bodies, business groups; (31) 
att ur el 8, nr h 2. spec l, col 3, pg 2; t spec 
2. col 3; Bupr 3; war, Int and air service; 
earlier in chg off tr s nt Vancouver. 

MABX, Bllle Marcus, prln Americanization S 
and dean and hd hist dept Maury H S, Nor- 
folk, Va; (28) Cltlienshlp, '30, pamphlet vrith 
na,tura Illation taws, duties o! citizenship, 
and hist and laws ot country fully eipl; 
used not only In els for foreigners but by 
WOmen'B c\u\>a aeaViVtis Va K new voters. 

bl^; aided by i 

High Spots for Every School 


IfASON, OASsity £, prin Oastle S, '95 — , Tar- 
ry tx>wn, N Y; (21) 8 org od city govt pUm» 
with 8 as city, bids as boroughs with depts 
of health, fire, justice, police, etc; matters 
ordinarily oominir bef prin are referred to 
proper depts; (22) soelal service elnb, branch 
of N Y C federation, studies admn of pub 
and private charity; (25) ps^- tests sivem 
every stn upon entrance, with drills thru 
yr to overcome deficiencies shown; musical 
talent also measured so that girln %vith no 
ability will not waste tinte on snhj. 

BKASON, Gabriel R, prin '15 — , P S 37 Bronx, 
426 E 145th St, N Y C; b, 10-6-84; (7) made 
Ens, esp oral, most important study in 
currlc; (8) emph importance of mechanlKinf: 
routine of cl rm; helped young: ts, gave 
model lessons, helpful criticism; (9) supr 
helpful^ not arrogant, fault-finding:; friendly 
inspection, rather than dreaded visitations; 
(10) on basis usefulness to s^ t, and pu, dis- 
r^rardlng: wealth of publ co and pleasing 
manners of agt; (11) assoc editor American 
Teacher; reports ed and philos meetingrs to 
daily papers; (12) adopts t suffffestions when 
possible, invites ts talk over grievances; (13) 
ts council, monitorial squad of pu; (14) 
treating young t with respect and democ 
fellowship; tells all how much better off real 
t is than business man with income five times 
as big; (15) indiv promotion to pu ready for 
advancement; ts study pu for overage, re- 
tardation, physical condition, living environ- 
ment, etc, and tabulate information; (16) 
each cl org as club; one period a wk for 
current events; (17) teams in P S A Ij 
games; clubs in Journalism, art, wireless, 
manl tr, dancing, sewing, walking, orches- 
tra; (18) posture emph by frequent tests; 
anti-litter league org; (20) personal confs 
bef graduation or leaving bef graduation; 
shelf of books on voc guidance in lib; occa- 
sional talks by experts; (21) pu practice 
American virtues "right here and right 
now"; modicum of self govt; hist teaching 
with conventions, election, meetings of Con- 
gress, etc; (22) parents invited to all func- 
tions in bid; recreation center from 8-5, 
community center 7:30-10; (25) permite ts 
use tests, but not so as to interfere with 
their writ or happiness; (28) artcles for 
philos society; at wrk on three mss, Your 
Boy, Character Training in Elementary 
Schools, Philosophy and Life; (29) The Phil- 
osophy of Determination, Spinoza and Mod- 
ern Times, NYU Philos Soc; Situation in 
Our Schools, Mt Sinai Temple; Complete 
Education, Hebrew Orphan Asylum; Emer- 
son, Y M H A; Democracy and Education, 
U settlement; Educational Crisis, Westches- 
ter Temple; Teachers' Salaries, Democratic 
Club; Democratic Teacher, Meinhardt House; 
(31) att ur el 6H, ur h 1, col 4, pg 8: t ur el 
11, ur h 2, col 1; supr 5; other, ed dir boys' 
camp, 25 els incl phys tr, manl tr, art. 
French, Spanish, dramatics. Journalism, 
photography, forestry, nature study, mathe- 
matics , Eng; pres N Y U Philos Soc; mem 
council U Settlement : dlr Emerson Society. 

HASON, WaUace E, dir nor s, Keene, N H; 
b, B-^-61; (11) s growth is due to pub- 
lioity campaign coittlnuously carried on; 
no drive; (K) Iet<;cr Kent to nil h s srs in 
N H, giving advantages of tg, and advis- 

ing attendance at some nor, not necessarily 
Keene; (16) crs in indus of st, st poets aad 
lit writers, st artists; (29) bef pt-ts asBU, 
woman's club, churcn clubs, m*>»«'s clubs, 
ts conventions on ed subjs; {.il) atv r 9, r h 
4, col 4. p); 3 Bumr; t r 1, r h 15, supt 9; 
pres nor 9. 

x\IASSEU[NK, Q, vp Ferris Institute, Big 
Rapids, Mich ; b, 7-3-72 ; (12) ts confs ; bonus 
system; (14) personal wrk, letters, litera- 
ture; (16) wkly debating cl; (17) athl, R O 
T C; (18) confs; (20) personal interviews; 
(21) spec programs, observes natl holidays; 
(23) mental tests; (29) commencement 20, st 
instit 20; (31) att r 8, ur h 4, nor 1, col 4; 
t r 3, spec 21, col 1 ; supt ur h 3 ; vp 5 ; war, 
chrmn R C, vp co war bd, mem st bd R C; 
other, counselor fed bd students *19-'20, 
chrmn boys' working reserve. 

MASSEY, Felix M, Bupt and owner, Massey 
Milit S. '08 — . Pulaski, Tenn; (11, 14. 
29) addr to prove that ed pays from any 
standpoint; on aims and results of ed, which 
make t attractive. 

MASTERS, B E, pres Burleson Jr Col, Green- 
ville, Tex. 

.PIASTERS, J G, prin, Central H S, '15 — , 
Omaha, Nebr; b, 2-20-78; (17) as chrmn, com 
natl assn, secondary s prins, drew up con- 
stitution for Hon Soc of Amer H SS, chap- 
ters to be estab in accredited p h ss thru- 
out U S, not more than 10% of each grad el 
to be chosen from highest fourth* aeleotloB 
being based on value of soholarship and ef- 
fective leadership on ratio of 6 to 4; (21) 
org ds In social sci; (25) stus dassifled on 
basis of Intel tests; (31) att r 8, ur el and 
h 1, nor 4%, col 3, pg 1; t r 3, nor 1, col 1; 
supt 6. 

MATHESON, K G, pres Georgia School of 
Tech, Atlanta, Ga. 

MATHEWS, Hubert B, V dean and prof 
physics, S D St Col, Brookings, S D; b, 4- 
10-68; (20) counselor for rehabilitation men 
taking voc wrk; (23) assisted in making 
rules governing absences; (31) att r 8, ur n 
2, col 4, pg 2 ; t r 6, ur h 1, col 28 ; war direc- 
tor of soldiers tr in S D St Col; assisted In 
drives ; 4-min man ; other, dir sumr s. 

MATHEWS, M M, pres St nor s, Moundville, 

MATHEWS, Shaller, dean, '08 — , divinity 
s, U CThicago, CThioago, 111; b, 5-26-63; (5) 
prof hist and comparative theology U Chi; 
mem, exec com Religious Ed Assn ; dir re- 
ligious wrk, Chautauqua Inst, N Y: (7) He- 
brew and Grreek eleetives for B D degree; 
in their place substituted "broad study of 
Bible as record of religious devp, subject to 
social conditions and proph(>tic guidance"; 
(10) four curricula have common basis, but 
spec crs fitting for pastorate, foreign mis- 
sion field, religious ed and social service; 
each stu must have units of practical wric 
in churches, settlements and ss; dir of voe 
wrk visits men in their fields and spends 
hrs in personal consultation each day; (31) 
war, sec and vice dir, war savings org U 
S treas dept for 111 : mem ed cova. ^^>s^ 
Security League 'IT-'V^. 

Who's if ho and Why in After-War Education 

01; 15) t plant study, greea- 
«, Central H S, Mlnaeapolis. 
g cU In bntuny, U Minn ; spec , 
, Jr col, Kanras aty, Mo; a) i 

psrtlcnlaT need 
> da aanis lor 
L ther mlcht ] 

■r local Hr 1 
eltmlnKtlon < 

orally when needea ; (10) n 

; (131 8 

»d In 

preoede.l by nnmpruns and prolonged cIb i 
<11scHssluiis of grda und their elgnlfli^ance : 
115) M|iM cinpbwilzRd In ptannlni speo ex- 
perimentK by indlv puH; |16, IT) srecnlionw 
pnetlce cIh was SHtob In wbleh l&b wrk ' 
was done prlnuirUy in t 

■Ida Riant Btndr 
en tor Hnch »rk 
1 akin or plants 

itoag even with pai 
and a eredlta were 
1 snpr; (22) aeml' 
n-n by pna. recidpte 

racllcBl appllMtUon of 
them (or wrk; (31) att 
b, spec, aumr a; fleld, 
Pikes Peak. 
T. pres at nor s, T^npe, 

supC pub Inst, Lincoln, 

HAUC'K, JoaepU W, prea Hllladale Col, Hills- 
dale, lUcli. 

M-ADUFFE, Frank J, snpt 'l9-'20, Cssco, Me' 
1), O-L'1-68: (3| t '17-'18; («| iirtuni pla demon- 

local piLpers; |JJ) 

oclal ontlooh ot 

l»l elertlii 

; CJe, b 

< is; ( 

OD general s wrk bef KiiinKes; (31) 

S; Held. oaiiV niicr. 'foreman : war, aided bd 
Id ilQeitlonnalrpa with (orelsncrs. 
HAX-WEOA.. Oni- Krerett, pres '01 ~, St Nor 
8, Wlnoun, Mliiu: b. 'TO: (Tj introd ]r col 
cuitIc ill St nor and aecnred Its approval by 
U Minn ; (S) studied and auireeated stnds 
(or ore o( tr depts of t-tr Instltutiona ; "tr 
dept of nor a Is most imporlunt phase ot t 
preparation; whatever die lab Is to young 
chemlit, or Loapltal to beglnnlnc surgeon, 
that the practk-e s Is to ' '- --" — - 

ahonlU D 

nds tor p B8 to fallon; 
1/3 Inatr Riven to eh In tr dept should 
ue i>y skilled \s; etnd acales and gen inttH 
tuts should be uaed constantly; urges 
higher quattficatioua for tr ta wlio should 
when possible be relieved of clerical and 
routine dittlca; at leaat 1/S nor tac ahontd t 
In tr s; number atn-ts per tr-t should be 
liitelllgeiitly limited; ur«et> Eronp confs far 
«ln-tB e-a times wkly; proc tg aliould be pre- 
ceded by observotlon, by era In metis, cIs 
mgmot, etc; question raiaed whether prac tg 
sb-onld be for short and intenalie period. 
e g, practically all stua time (or about 3 
moa, or longer hnt less Intenaiye period, as 
1 br dally pracdce tor yr; dlr of tr s holds 

Hible eierptlon of pres! (H| pursued re- 
cruiting program, 'lS-'t» which Ine atl tor 
■20 30% over 'IB in St nor ■; (IT) B periodi- 
cal, attil, glee clubs, dramatics, lect crs, et«; 
(18) secured assistance of II S Interdentl 
social byg bd utid helped org dept hyg and 
health by em^l s pbys; (22) helped plan «nd 
Bupr erection of addlt dorm for women ; ea- 
oanragea comm actirllles In s affiliated r ■■; 
(23) bna applied army alpha test for stus, 
proving nor a sin ability equal to or great- 
er ttian certain u and col groups of atus; 
(25) ehtmn com on stnds and aurveys of Natl 
Council St Nor a Preaidenis and Prlns; (28) 

col. pg; t and aupr S; snpr 4; pres 16; u'nr, 

i-min, Cbrmn co com Y M C A, lat and 

2d drives. 
HAYBBRRV, I. v. sopt, Wichita. Kan. 
HAYBR, Lbo Hennetli. dlr Amer City Govt 

League, 8 Adelphl Place. Brooklyn, N Y; b. 

11-13-96; (o) on chartercampaign. Kalamazoo 
—?e, '17 ; counsel charter coma. 


rent profiteering N Y C, '19-'20; (21)aschrmn 
and sec Buahwlck Civic Porum helped org 

Ivic for 

1 Brooklyn; 


conduct and org IT various actiyltles; (26) 
A riea for I'ub Ownership and Operation, 
The City Mgr I'lan of Govt, Crime and the 
Land Question ; (29) The Kent Problem; 
(31) Held, see 5; examiner accts, N Y C 1 yr. 
HATS, Vernon Orlfflth, insur agt '20 — , St 
.Toseph, Mo: b, 1-18-74; <H) aupt, St Joaeph, 
■lti-'20; (7) directed and worked with coin of 
5 in org era of stu — In typewritten form 
only; (81 In 4 yrs 38S ts have taken ext, 
corr and aumr era, as opposed to 311 In 10 

™iAi; "^oT 

lonaed but 
with p as 

ployed for Irreg pq in rl ms: 110) Jr R C; 
thrift soc; rhrmn Boys' Working Itcaerve; 
R ehapt B C; org home and s gardenlnc 
under pd snpr: pflebrale apee days e g flra 

High Spots for Every School 

a eoDununUy ilntliit 

mslo ! 

Bi ■ tat fonliDerB 

fcHtlval um ; nromoi«u cominuniiA 

all h a bora In jr B O T C; (18) o _ 
air ■•; cmpl 3 onrte* snd Bpes hrc dlr; 
dcatkl clinic Bad hklt-tlme prophrhtcUc 
inutt; (lU) Be« 16; tdc h ntab -17 and '101 
eonUnuMlvn pt time i '!>; (22) org patrons 
Hsena; (25) see 15; (21) Ud from ed oon 
or «iinin«« club In OuncInK nl ■■; (29) 
addteBiiea bef Commecci! CInb, at ta asan. 
n'omena Federation ot Cluba on Fnb B ud 
th* M«a Ticket, Smltb Towner Bill, Neeea- 
Mry Readjnslmenta In H S u BMolt of 
IVbtj i31) 'itt col prep 3, eol 1, pg 3: t c 2, 
col 3 sumr: sapr and aupt 22K. 
BIEAD. Arlhur R^rnond, prof ed Ohio Wes- 
lej-an L', Delaware. O; b, 3-12-SO; (5) t duc- 
ln« Burara '18, '20. Peabody Col (or T», 
Nashvltle. Tenn: (26) prepared buaget tor 
T0?4 Inc; (28) artels, supr atu teacbtnK, In 
ed Jrola; Ethic* at Stndent THchlnB, tr '- 

r In 

r h 2, I 

loping I 

of Ed: bd of A 

ot Stu Tenchini 

U Pa, Pblla, Pa; b' 8-13-ll; (fl) ploi „ 

wrk In grad medl(»I ed; (22| org grad a med 
inci spec boapltol orft and MmBiKkiuBtlan Id 
nrk at 950 Phils medtcBl ■peciBllat*. Isborit- 

t«rlea and llbrBTlea; (31) C col 23, pg 4; aupr 
col 10, iiK i : war, on medical ndvlgory draft 
HKGB, Otto, pres Capital U. 2311 E Mala St, 


B-79; (8) 

upr BtndT I 

merit, ;^« 


sblpa for pg work: (15) 
Blsaaea BBd indlv btip tor biuuiwu'a or oia- 
conrkced atni (IS) medical advlaer furnlabed 
bj a; (21) lectnrea b; leadersi (22) a la aa- 
olal center! (29) made aelf anrvera: (2S) 
' fl,000/Mm c.impalgn under way; (29) Yanr 
Boy, Aim ot True Education, Reason for 
Cburcb Oollege, Small OollegeB v. llnlverKl- 

clube: (31| nl,t ur el 8, nr h 
par 4 ; t rol 8; prea col S' n 
dlit aec 3 yrs, vp Lutht 
UEESE. At trad H, 

Village, znre b: 1 

iTB, conra, 
r 2, col 4, 

a Brotbetbood of 

!6th St, Clevelan 

■tld; (IS) a pbya makes reg 
nrseii cotrectlona ot detects to p 
giren as part of Indua era; (2 
aaed br comm church and S B 
bid Is completed; local etnb 
moTlea wkly to pna and patroni 

naaembly periods, also mn^cU 

until tbelr 

IS, Alexapder, pres .imbcrat Col. 

Amhersi, MaBS. 

UBISTBB, Morris. Instr gen aci '16 — , Tb 
CoT, Columbia U, N Y C: b, 30-20-ft.-.; (7) 
Crs of Stndy In Gen Scl, In Gen Sci Quar- 
terly. r.-'lS; (8) Set in the Speyer S. In Qen 
Sci Quarterl.r, B-'18; (10) crllerla and stod* 
(or Judiint gen gd trxtai (l.'ii Indiv project i 

ventorii (IT) Pb D dissertation, Ed Talaa* 
In Certain Recreational and EitrB CnrrlcB- 
Isr Activities ud Haterlal* in Selr aol tor 
rxlilbll, Hornce Mann Set Sbop, 12-'S0. sbow- 
Inir dm in toys in type and lengtb of inter- 
est aroused, nmt of contnct wttb life, nnm- 
lit^r at lan-a and principles KavemlDg tJielr 
^K'tion. inspiration given boy to eipelimant 
:ind Invent, nndgen ed value; q — "— " 

bought bet wnr Bbowlne contrast In type 
nud underlying idea: (lUi develoiied tests 
III gen scl: (28) auttor. Ova. Sci ServiM 
Hhnt (sr T* In Popular Sci Magnaine, B-'20; 
Aids in Gen 8ci Quarterly, 3 Scl and Hath, 
Ts Col Record; aee 7. 6; (29) Extr« Cnr- 
rlrntar gcienec, l>e( "Ts Col alutnai Conf; 
Cm sn Tg by Frojecta, bef N J St Scl 
Ti ABsn; (31) att ur el a ur b 8, col 4, 
pg 4: t iir el 4, ur h 1, col 4: war, Inatr 
pbyslcs Columbia S A T C. 

IIKI.DRL-M. A II, pres Spokane U, Spokane, 

HENSENHALL. EdRBr N, bd dent rural ed, 
air co-op Bur ed research, St Nor S, Pitts- 
burg, Kan; b, 9-10-72: (8) dir cIb erf r ts in 
use a! stud testa ; (11) artels for b publica- 
tion (23! blank for rating ts and sapts tor 
employment; (2i) has worked to get olSces 
of Bt and CO supt out of politics, Bupt apptd 
on prof basis from anywhere, and co unit 
of 6 org instend ot dlat; (281 R F.d, In mi; 
Need of More Scientific Attitude in Ed; Bda- 
cstlng In Spots, in scbool organ ; (20) CoD- 
solldHtton: Selection of Ts tor 1-t as: (81) 

, O; tormeclj ptes Rose Poly- 
technic Instil ; distinguished aerrlces In 
physiCB and mechanics; author A Centen- 
nnry of Electricity; 0-11-20, gave to O S U 
(3,800 fund for The Joseph Siillivaiit Medal 
of O 8 U, a memorial- ot eminent services 
by Mr .Toseiib Snliivant, mem iBt hd tniB- 
toes; "to offer recognition by mcus of • 
practlcmlly impeilahmblB record at an ad- 
mittedly notable acbteTement on the part ot 
a son or a daughter of the onlv whether 
Ihat nchlevement be In the form of an Im- 
port^int invention, discovery, contribution to 
scl, Ihp practical solution of a slgDlBcant 
engrg, econ or agr problem, or the produc- 
tion of a vnlunblP literary, artistic, hist, 
pblloB. or other wrk; eligible, grads of O 
S I', non-grnd Mna of O 3 n for not !«« 
thii" 2 yrs, flic moms not grods ot O 8 U 
who have served for at least 10 jra if wrk 
otfereil as entitling them to award has been 
done during Ihelr connection with O S U' ; 
details in + p folder issued by O S tJ, 
Columbus, O. 
MENDENHALL. W O, pres Friends TJ, Wl- 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

t*. "lalklnt; shop"; (10) cbsnged fram Amer I 
braille to revised bralUe, icml-unlTerHal ' 
print loT blind; (11) ann rept, editor mo 
masazlne* exhibit at a uid at at fair; (12) ' 
ml Inc ; <13) soclaU which both ts and pua i 
attend, liter aocletles. etc; (18) Kpn. eamp- 
Ib|; trips, ontdoor sporta, etc! (IB) thru s 
maEBilne; (21) blrtbdays of prnmlneDl men 
Miebntod br tslka, partlpa, etc; (22) meme ! 

■a need. 

Ot . 


editor 1900— 
vera at ie«lB 

) belp pua aod c 
■ ople; (23) f 

t of p 

deaf, blind and 

IIETCAI.FE, TriMram W, Bcbool 
N Y Globe. 6 iBBuea wkly one 
NBA and other ed mt^s; ci 
Itama ; empl by N Y bd ed to direct a aurrer, 
'19, which was Interrupted by supta appeal 
to Bt comr and not reaumeU after decision 
that the city bd haa leg-al rigbt to surver 

' 4. ' MEYER, Ida Fi 

- ' • 1 Falla, la; 

, cbrmn llberaJ orti 

b, ^^^M- 

(6) . 

1 worth Col, 

MEBEDITH. A B. comr ed '20 — , Hartfoad. ' 
Conn; b, 2-2-71; (5) aaat comr, N J, in 
charge secondary ed 'll-'20: (7) see 28;] 
(28) Problems In Amer Democracy, dept o[ 

r bul. N J 

8, Sept '20; B3 

pp; ta 

manual for 

b B grds; 1/3 

time to 

and pr 

nclplea; e/3 to studr 



d labor, eom- 

mnnlc^lDn and tn 

n. canaervaMon, 


tlan and 

Ainer, ed. 

PoHtl Pol prob- 




eacb problem 

outline, gnestlona, 

r further 


of 4B t«xta 

on Amer 


JuDln. I 

. prof s 

aupr and sunt 

tJ Mo, L 

olumbla. Mo; b. '72; (7) 

Bee 28; 

(9) lab er 

r; (10) demon- 


that lori 

. "ibJaJ" 

la belter than 

tflxts, all irda 1 

5) by era that 


for nat 

Tm difff 

aee 28; (30) 

ebler w 

rk of Jr h 

nlel aa Ist atep 


<28) 'cbl! 


um, 538 p 

faettoD wl 

h tradit 

onal enrrlc; a 


be social 

rrle ahonld be 

more 1 



with everyday 

. .( eh and adoltei enrrlc Bbould c. 
primarily to enabling boya and girls t 
efflc In what they are now doing, 
Becondarlly to preparing for future i 
■reater scope and flextblllly of rnrrlc u 

tlea; t 

Doth; "m 

and ahoQld be 

aneatlon fnnctlanii nori 

Show oauaea of withdrai 
Ind Irianre readlni br 
(31) att r S. 
2, nor 2, col 

lally": IB tablea 

(8) I 

I, Salt I 

lirementa tor 1 

1) att col * 
. V Utah, 

^fatare Serrlce, . 

vital presentation to realize practical 
* " "' ""■ fovti (U) spec depta 

org; (IS) no aerioui 
death from InQuenza, 
'ylng raise (350,000 


ma bids; (291 


1, 31! S 14ta St. Muakogee. Okla ; (8) 

-■ -■■--- ■ ■ ,^ Chlckasha, 

for I and Bth 

■) now at wrk o 
; which will ea 
: rnldance; (8) lab 

titles, etc; (181 t that "health chief element 

Q speeches, RC wrk, loan drive 

Z, ChB« e, hd dept govt and econ, 

la State Teaiheta College, Cedar Fall*, I«: 
b, e-T6; <7) wrote era In Amer eltUenahlp 
In «rda for p bb of la; |10) lects In col ert 

wrk''17-'18; Joint author EI Amerleanlamt 
(28) Fed Supr of Terrltorlea of U S; GoTt 
of la and U B; Fed Coiiveiition of 1787; 
120) New Amerlcaulam, Mafoh of Amerleaa- 

ns and ^. 

<r 3. col 4 
o-;f^ ; c r d, ur n d, nor j.;:, col 13; sopr ji; 
I war, dir SATC, led In army tr oampa. 
j MEZE8, S E, prea Col of aiy of N T, N Y C. 
ilUCKENEB, C C, ^ces Silver Bay s^ forbo^a. 

, N Y 

;b Silver Bay s for bora. 
, ., 8-27-60; (S) catalog witli 
ibj clearly atated; (7) atndy coi^ 
actual wrk on actual outdoor 
Vi anpr stndy and divided red- 
I, as niiieh time to aaalgn leaa«B 

puniahinents ; boys handle owi 
disclpllnei (13) sec 9; (16) ) 
■ ■ * ' soniUlty repla 

High Spots for Every School 


MISSION, eRtab '19 to keep alive war time 
spirit of citizen coop for peace wrk and 
to nutke recongtr action studies of st grovt; 

org 18 CO comm service bds; staged several 
large pageants incl Flint att by 60,000; 
gen powers of law Incl "power and antlior- 
ity to consider and investigate all problems 
of reconstruction and matters involving gen 
pub welfare; to advise and consult, aid and 
coop .with all pub ofiPicers and ofiPicial bodies 
in st with regard to such miit.tors" ; to 
recommend exec and legid action; liad re- 
construction studies made by Instlt for Pub 
Service in '20 for proposal to legislature 
'21 incl ed repts: making budget estimates 
for st work ; Mich cols for tr ts ; 4 bds or 
1 for higher ed; Mich st library service; 
budget making for ed; too many r s bds; 
u ext wrk for Mich; Mich st system of ed; 
elective and appointive trustees; higher sal 
for 3Ilch st supt of pub instr; also helped 
st comr health in ed work for safer health 
resorts, st wide attention to ex service 
men's hecUth needs, and publicity for org 
CO or dist health system after which follow- 
up ed publicity caimpalgn. Grand Rapids, 

MILES, E H, supt Ft Atkinson, Wis; b, 
'81; (13) started stu senate wh has chg of 
consultation rm, puts on wkly program 
largely of voc guidance where men of city 
tell advantages of their line of wrk; (16) 
citizen ship <^b began City Beautiful move- 
ment, gave publicity, got mayor to call pub 
mtg; pushed drive against sale of cigarettes 
to pus, secured co-op local clubs; (21) reg 
polit orgs in s bef election, each party pre- 
sented its side 6 or 7 times, party spirit 
high, mock election; (31) att r 8, ur el 2, 
ur h 2, nor 4, col 1; t r 1; t and supr ur el 
2; supt 14. 

MILES, Rufus E, dir O Inst for Pub Effi- 
ciency, Hartman bid, Columbus, O ; for Ts 
Week l-'20 furnished lantern slides for 500 
moving picture theatres with t recruiting 
slogan and reason for st wide Ts Week. 

MILIiER, B H, supt '19 — , Terrell, Tex; 
b, 2-1-89; (5) prin h s — , 19; (7* 'loubled 
time allowed for Amer lilst and civics, incl 
in civics great decU of study of social prob- 
lems; supr study in all ss; enpec atten- 
tion to retarded pus; (13) citizenship spirit 
in s lias done away with rowdyism and 
made discipline minor activity; (14) most 
capable h s sr girls used as substitute ts, 
and if successful encouraged to attend nor 
or col ed ; (17) growth of strong s spirit 
has devp athl activities until marked inc in 
phys fitness of pus is observed; partici- 
pation in all activities of interscholastic 
league; lyceum circuit for whole co ; (18) 
s nurse installed; (19) see 17; (23) loose 
leaf system records; check retardation, att, 
t-efficiency, supr; no red tape; (24) wrkd 
to make office of co supt as effective as 
that of city; (27) chamber commerce, jr 
R C, local R C, private citizens unite to 
support s nurse; (29) Present Problems of 
P S; Possibilities of R S; Material In El 
Grds; Lessons from War That Will Help 
T: etc; (31) att r 7, r h 1, ur h 4, nor 3, 
col 4: t r 2. r h 1, ur h 1, supr 5. 

MILLER, Charles, instructor '18 — , Columbia 
r, 611 W 127 St, N Y C; b, 2-4-81; (5) liattln 
h 8, '17-'18 Elizabeth, N J; (7) publ new 
meth of teaching typing; (13) self govt in 
h 8 els; (15) pu programs arranged for 
indiv needs; (18) pu falling below grd were 
carefully examined by s phys; (19) opened 
h B empl dept finding work that allowed 
poor pu to att s part time; (22) demon- 
strations bef pt t assn; (23) co-operated with 
h 8 prin who was speeiall-st in this: (28) 
The Theory and Practice of Speed and 
Touch Typewriting, The Miller System of 
Typewriting; (29) Commercial Education, 
at various towns; (31) t r 4, rh 4, vac 8, col 
4, supr 4 ; war, chrmn secretarial relief com ; 
to meet war needs, made careful study of 
existing systems of shorthand and worked 
out syslem which brings stus to high degree 
of effic in short time. 

MILL.ER, C E, pres Heidelberg U, Tiffin, 

MILLER, Edwin L, prin NHS, Detroit, Mich; 
b, 1-9-68; (5) prin •17-'20 N W H S; (6) 
reorg secondary s curric; Latin in modern 
h s ; analyzed Eng ts burden ; (8) segregated 
sexes ; (10) converted literature els into read- 
ing clubs; (2X) opposed ts unions and h a 
fraternities; (22) boy scout work regular 
intermediate s activity; (23) opposed unnec- 
essary repts; (24) as hd Mich Federation Ts 
Clubs worked for ts pensions; (28) History 
of English Literature: (29) bef NBA, '19: 
Post War English; Poetry and Freedom; 
(31) att ur h 4 ; t ur h 19 ; supr 9. 

MILLER, Ella Ford, hd primary tr dept, 
Drake U, Des Moines, Ta; b, 1865; (8) study 
of meths, comparison and discussion ; (14) 
personal interviews and letters: (18) lect to 
pu; (31) att ur h 2, nor 3%, pg 2 surars; 
t col 18%. 

MILLEIR, Elmer I, prof hist and polit scl 
'19 — , St Nor S, Chico, Cal ; b, 7-28-62; 
(5) actg assoc prof polit sci Stanford U, 
'18-'19; (6) seeks redefining of some much 
used trms, e g democracy, patriotism and 
Americanism, with idea of somewhat uni- 
form results in tg them; (10) has tried to 
put forth some definite Ideas as to what 
constitutes good texts in hist and civics; 
(12) made comparative study of sals in 
nor ss; (13) advocates t representation in. 
determining crs study and conditions of 
ts wrk; (15) strongly advocates Intel tests; 
(17) helps on inter-s debates; (19) org and 
dir ext els of col grd for ts in city ss ; 67 en- 
rolled last yr, 100 now; (21) see 6; at- 
tended 2 confs for promotion of Amer and 
suggested plans to carry on wrk: (24) as 
freeholder, helped frame co charter and 
city charter, both with ed provision for con- 
trol of p ss; (28) Americanization, to be 
publ in Hist Outlook; (29) Democracy In 
Ss, bef nor and h s grads; League of 
Nations; ext lects, ts instits, etc; (31) att r 
6. ur el 2, ur h 4, nor 1, col 4, pg 3; t r 3, 
ur el 1, ur h 2, nor 20, col 4; supr 1; war, 
crs in War Issues to SATC. 

MILLER, F L, supt, Harvey, \\\\ v^^ n>^ 's^^- 
tem of cad'^Vciv;— %^^^'3> ^W '^ ^^'^^^^T^^^^^^^-s. 

Who's if ho and Why in After-War Educatioi 

nam boTi BUd lirta In Sth crdg »n bt<i 
>coun»ff«d thru prtvate And ffroap talbs 
ike up tc profoHloD; group ol best h 
•S Kre given modified era and opportun) 

■rUh, leor. Kdk; (IT) s-bomc project wri 
for Bumr mos bring* farm to city; gatfleni 
poultry, oannlng are 3 main projects; ■ 


1 bam. Karage and tool bouse; (21) 
I P Lib send! boFB' books BoUed and 
lit still usable 1 120) Dellnqaeat Ba;i, 
assna. V M C A. similar orgs. 

A, prea HaDoTer Col, Hanover, 


III autumn eitti . . 

boys, motbers, fathers . 

use s plapt: (23) hef pt-t assus, comm mttrs. 

la assna, eiplalnlng wrk In s-bome projects. 
MIU.EH, Frank W, supt, DaytOD, O. 
HILLBR. P«ul G. pres U Porto Sleo, San 

._ _ _ campaign to Inc 

Bt incoine lor Institutions ot higher learn- 
ing by coastlt amendtnent permlttloK Inc of 
1 mill fn at levy; active also In other eSorti 
affecting Intereats of si unlv. 
III.I.8, I4»l> 8, Bt supr agt. Plalnvllle, Conn; 
b, aS-T4; <T) cr« Btady In cltUendilp, In 
press; (8) bk un metha In grd 1 reading, 
In preas; 1st reader, Juat on market; (MJ 

KlIXKH, Than 

), Sbepbeids- 

papere i 

tB anil I 

of good living 

cis for 
12) sal 


avtlcal Eng. 

MILI-EB, Wm J, prof geol,' bd ilept. Smltb 
Col. Norlliampton, Mass; b. 4-2«-80; (51 mero 
Etaff, N Y St museum: (2S) Adirondack Mta 
'18; papera on geul subj^ In ed Jrnls; <2fl) 
on geoi topics bef popalar audiences; (31> 
att ut el 7, ur h 3, cof i. pg 3; t col 19. 

MILLIKAIf, K A. prof -physics. U Chicago, 
5805 Woodlawn Av. Chicago, 111; b. 3-22-68; 
v-cbrmn Natl ResearOb Council, '17 — ; as- 
sisted in org ot couucll aud active In de- 
veloping its program; cbrmn dlv phya scl- 
encea, 'lT-'i8; now assisting in org of Sci- 
ence News Serrtce. 

MII.I.IKEN, OrilB J. supt Chicago and Cook 
Co a (or Boys. RiverBlfle, III; b. 7-13-61; 
(6) prln caose o) drilnquency is misdirected 
thoaght and energy; ■ tries to disco ver..<aad 
In boy and caltivvtB tbat rather than attempt 
■nppreBs the bod: (IS) no attempt made to 
foUovr fernial ontlluea of graded wrk; each 
boy Is, In hlmselt, the era of stady ; Intensive 
Btady made ot habltB anil characteristics 
ni i«Kh Indlv; boy is sent to s on inde- 

'entirely upon himself: Indlv metbs 
nsea at all times; (Ifl) 5 probation officers 
look after boys in follow up nrk, rept on 
each boy, seeing that he is kept at work 
and out of mischief, advise lada In com- 
panionship and recreation, nrrange finan- 
cial program bet parents and boys, when 

adjusted: "many parents have to be tangbt i 
how to play sqnare with their own boys"; 

(20) "boys make their own beds, scrub I 
floors, wash dishes, stoke tarunces, care for I 
chickens, horses and pigs, raise garden 
truck and farm produce and under direc- 
tion of competent ts. do all that needs be I 
done, which varlonB aetlvltleB are great : 
help In discovering boy's natural bent, and 
matoriaUy help place him In right ontslde 
oeenpaUon"; (22) 4 new bids,— central beat- 
p/Jiaf, dining rra and kitchen with 
forj; cottape tor 40 bors, and com- I 

son; point promoUun; (161 agr stodled by 
practice; cltlumshlp and other sobje alsa 

OS Mr aa possible; (17) credit for home ac- 
tivities; <I8) e physlctane and miTBes; (20) 
by talks of t end supt, ch get In habit of 
considering worthwhile occupation-- ""' 

QSblp and Govt in U S. In press; addr 
:u!u artels locally on Amer of eh of for- 
eign born and of parents ; (221 comm cen- 
ter; Insists on adeqaate repairs and Im- 
provements Incl playgrounds: (23) personal 

blanks as possible; (24) mem st asBD for 
new s legls; (25) used mo; |2S) See 7, 8, 

21; (29) a pub mtgs In local ' " — =- 

as Business Tentare; (31) ati 
- ■ " " ; t r 

■o 'cfab''wrk ; 

Col, Brown- 

Dodge, la; 
nnder ■apt'a 
e 10 ; t« meet 
s in era of 

tlon of t or prln; Bumr a In which stronc 
pa may do semester'B work in 10 wks; (IS) 
cbrmn com Natl Council Bd on InmroTe- 
ment of ts ext era; (IS) eslab free dental 
clinic, free milk diapeuBary tor undemBU- 
lahed pus, v^js exams for all pus, (tm 
baths in all new bids; (10) cmpl high grade 



s for adulta. 

b4, n 

2; t ur" h a; 

High Spots for Every School 


James M McConnell, comr; reorg by Jegis of 
'19, with creation of st bd of ed. 

MINNICH. Ohmer C, CO supt,' Huron Co, Nor- 
wallj, O; b, 3-6-85; (7) uniform crs with 8 
reasons for co uniformity for r and village 
dists 9-20, 216 pp, addressed to ts; local bd 
mems; "philanthropic s patron poflitiTely 
allied as dj^amlc force with advancement of 
pub ed; indiff s patron that he may the 
earlier have his interest aroused, convictions 
cleared and firmly rooted; misunderstanding, 
illogical s patron who definitely hinders that 
he may more easily gain proper perspective; 
and CO bd members"; eivics crs aims "to 
t ideals and concretely illus infiuence of 
these ideals upon indiv, comm and natl 
life"; t« told to correlate civics with hist 
and "Eng; (9) efficiency record for ts study 
and comparison with own former record; 
suprs required fill out effic ratinflr, 5 heads, 
45 points, 5 degrees; suprs required study 
results of silent readiniT and visual vocabu- 
lary tests in '30 and make remedial suffiree- 
tions; (10) score card meth of cfaoosinff; ts 
urged use supplementary texts freely and 
in large local libraries to purchase all read- 
ing circle books; silent readin^r encouraged 
thru geog and hist readings rather than 
study of lit masterpieces; (11) weakness is 
lack of county ed news publication; daily 
newspaper modified items, making them 
often misunderstood; (12) ts feel that merit 
wins promotion ; (14) Intel tests used '20 for 
first time; in '30-'21 admission will be de- 
nied ch failing to secure normal rating or 
better; last yrs findings compared -with 
progress made by pus; all h s faculties 
maintain advisers whom pus consult in 
ciioosing snbjs; (IG) project meth in arith, 
agr, nature study and geog ; work not liighly 
devpd yet due to lack of adequate supr; 
1 rural h s maintains and prints own h s 
paper mo; (17) income from h s paper be- 
longs to els or s; nrly every h s conducts 
lyceum or lect crs; (18) visiting nurse; 
health crs added; ann field and gala day; 
better bids, better heating, ventilating, 
lighting, more hyg seats, adjustable seats, 
desks -properly placed ; (19) co-op with comm 
home demonstration and eo agr agt in adult 
ed; (20) see 15; (21) civics in 7 grd and 
thrift in crs for 30 mins each wk all grds; 
pus in upper grds org as small village or 
small dept or rural pub bd with specific 
problems and local surveys to be made and 
reptd; (23) ts rept to supt mo on pu att, 
attainment, etc; gtatistics compiled and sent 
back to t if helpful; reprinted and use 
human nature score card, 68 points to be 
marked for strength or weakness under 6 
character heads, intellectual, working, per- 
sonal, social, emotional, phys; (25) see 14; 
ts ke^p record's; printed letters sent to ts; 
(29"> on ed trend, etc, before grange and 
comm mtg; (31) att r 5, r h 4, ur el 3, col 
4, pg '4 ; t r 3, nor 5; supr ur h 1; supt 
11; war, co food admn ; otther, carpenter 
foreman, automobile chauffeur and repair 
hardware salesman. 

MINNICH, Harvey C, dean Teachers Col, 
Miami U. Oxford, O; b, 3-10-61; (7) as 
mem com on standards and surveys, Natl 
Council St yor 8 Pres and Prins, collected 

and org syllabi on geog front st nor ss and 

submitted to judges for ranking, thereby 
aiding in preparing more carefully org 
syllabi and more uniform tg of geog In st 
nor ss of country; (14) chrmn com in chg 
Ohio's canftpaign — first why not teach st 
drive— to recruit ts tn Feb, '20, resulting in 
about 800 reoruits; factors incl proclama- 
tion by governor, st co and dist ts mtgs, 
1-4 assemblies in each h s, st fed women's 
clubs placed it on programs, Ohio Suffrage 
Assn requested publicity for it by all local 
cha'pts, pt-ts assns, 4-min men in churches, 
comrl. Rotary^ Kiwanis and other bus clubs 
devoted one mtg to it, talks and slides In 
motion picture houses, editorials, cartoons, 
mtg for fac and fac wives at O S U. 

MISSOURI ST DEPT ED, Jefferson City, Mo; 
Sam A Baker, st supt; ann rept '19, 284 
pp; repts s legislation 50% sal inc for co 
supts, new compulsory attendance law, com- 
pulsory pt time ss, ss for blind, deaf and 
feeble-minded, amendment proposed raising 
maximum which r dists may vote for s pur- 
poses to 100; urges legis for larger s units, 
Isirger revenue, phys dir for r ss; gives aa 
9 arguments for consol s« cheapness, better 
ts, better supr, higher attendance per cent, 
more pus stay thru to end, more pus may 
receive ed at home, more social afivantages 
are offered, s becomes oomm centM* and ean 
offer crs more suited to comm; gives ed out- 
look and summary for each co ; El Crs Study, 
'19, 270 pp; gives as 9th object of crs "to 
place bef ts and patrons standards for ap- 
proved r s" ; crs arranged to permit alterna- 
tion; gives suggested daily programs; di- 
vides wrk into quarters rather than mos; 
suggested form of report card; subjs in- 
trod by aims and suggestions; corre- 
lated handwrk in hist; nature study incl 
hygienic approach ; music incl apprecia- 
tion of masteriiieces ; wrk offered in pic- 
ture study; gives revised list of Mo li- 
brary-books; uses cover pp 3 and 4 for Ts' 
Reminder and statement of s to which bk 
belongs; St H S Crs Study, '19; 192 pp; lists 
6 major and 5 minor requirements to be met 
by approved h ss; gives 12 suggestions aa 
to admn; dept issues ann statement of 
standing of. each h s in st; 54 pp illas bul- 
letin showing plans for s bids and equip; 
56 pp bulletin giving syllabus of crs in ed 
and 14 pp 3% X 6 pamphlet containing rules 
and regulations for issuance and renewal of 
certificates; voc bulletins outlining wrk in 
voc agr and home econ. 

MITCHEL.I., Clevis W, supt Gloucester and 
Smlthfield, '18 — , Greenville, R I; b, 8-30-85; 
(5) submaster Amherst H S; supt James- 
town and Foster; (31) att r 4, r h 4, ur el 
4, col 4, pg 1; t ur h 2, voc 7; supt 2%. 

MITCHELL., John G^ pres st nor s, Bdmond, 

MITCHELIi, Irving C, supt. Valley Falls, 
R I; b, 1-24-91; (5) supt, Smlthfield, Glou- 
cester, Cumberland ; (10) com of ts with supt 
select books; (12) sal inc 75% ; (14) ndn sal 
inc to $1,000; (18) introd med insp; Cl&\ t&.'^. 
comrl subJs and A.wl«,TV«!a!^l^aa^s\w^^ ^^^'*''^^L^ 

^, co\ 4, \>^ \\ X. NiT V «!% -ssN.^"^ X %> ^-^ 
ur \i 2, 

Who's Who and Why m After-War Education 

HITCHEIJ.. Banmel CMIca, piof bUt. U Rich- 
mond, Ualverslty of Blchmona, Va; b, 12- 
4-W: (S) pres, Delaware Col, Newact, Del 
'14-'20: <7) org new era In ettgc and bual- 

-"-1, Delaware Col; (81 aided in bnlld- 

1 dept ill Del Col; '-■ 

,— In snmc a: (28' ' 

Campa DeTens, Bauci>ck, 

HOB, LniiMvd A, hd acad dept Lutbec Cc 
Decorah, la; b. l-27-9i; (SI supt HlUabor 
N D, '17-'18; Bupt Park Elver, N D, 'IB-'ZI 
(10) bellevus time Is neur wtten present e 
wrk win cume wltbln cupability of avg h 

of t 

t (or 

a text In ad^Tance ot pu ordluarj abl 
(12) backs t rlBbt or wrone; 1[ poor Ji 
meDt is abown by t, gets t, parent anij 
tr>geCbeT It poeslble until bbere is gen n 

. . _ J with u; (IB) 

main snbj for pt-t mtgg one yr, discussiona 
followed by action; bealtb crusade; pbys «i- 
erclses part of li e era, dally period aet aalde, 
Rjm ols «rg; (IB, 22) nearly every fatber 
aad motber of a ch enrolled In pt-t assn. 
"■ tor KToH-n opa Itself"; (25) Btnd tests: 
■ 1 dists tbereby Inc a 

oeya; inc 

; (31) = 

b 4, col 4; t spec 4; 8upt 4; dept bd 1: 
field, 2 Bumra spbg- and sallcitlnB funds an'3 
Btus; ed trips with band, niusi<3al orgs, di- 
recting, etc; -war, 4-nilii 

MOSXIjER, G B, nilr, Decatur, 111; b, S-1-5S; 
mem bd mgrs, Utllikin V. Decatur, III. 

MOJ.LOT. Vary Aloyila. dean col St Teresa. 
Winona, Minn; bef Asan Amet Cols '20 
listed 6 "dhlef cauaes o( failure of col to 
pay 1t« dtvldends In service to comm : 
"Lsck «r teal InapiraHon in irvat amannl 
at io-oJIed tt that !■ donei 
FHilnn to diMipUne i)tu« by requiring care- 
ful, steady, accurate, palaetHklng wrk ; 
DIapotitlon to encmitloii tbat Is brongbt 

t by V 


rather tban risk unpopularity by maintain 
Ing rigid standards of mature, vigorous anc 
well-balanced tbougbt: 

Prevttlence of too treqaent and loo (rlvoloai 
diversions that stultify aspiration for enter 
talnment of more lutellectufil nnd leaa sensa 

OTer-emphasls of Jnet elatma of r«-riHUlon a< 

opposed to nnder-empbasis of ritallilng 


which I 

{u id- 

ly*, ptiatlntt:: (31) i 

9 ed. It Cal, Colnmbl* 

HONSEI^ Helen A, asst Institnte (or PabMi 
Service, 423 W 120th 8t, NYC, ll-'20 — ; 
b, 2-M-Ki; 15) t Eng h a Warrenton, V» 
-. •-,■!■ ^ — 1 TT. „. v.^ -^ "T-'20: helped 

I Teach; (31) att col 4; t 
HONTGOHBBY, E W, supt '17 — , Bedford, 

Ind; b, ll-ls-82; (6) eitending cnrrlc at n 
with needs of comm; (7) ta corns apptd, en 

DDmm; (S) ts Instlts or mtgs held r««, and 
up to date metbs of Ig studied ; (B) res 
nitg'a of Bupre, practical and conatmctlw 
methB ol Bupr presented and studied; (lo) 
U80 of score oards studied in oboosliiK tezl- 
bks; lU) cordial co-op of local preas; (12) 
constructive supr and commendation for 
services well rendered ; where possible OUs 
vacanole* with those already In eyateai! (U) 
see T: (14) cndel system in grds to eacenr- 
ft»M yonng ts ud those preparing to toMdi; 

t«j (151 on baals of Ihtel tests, r&pld nd- 
v&ncement tuid opportanlty <At eatab In sev- 
eral ot bids; (la) In civics and 'byg eh, 
*'^*,L,T''' "?' ""i'^'^ proWema: (17) «thl. 
orchestra, glee clubs, dramatics, s paper, yr 
bk, debating, oratory, supr play. May aij, 
etc; (181 part time ifliyslclan, tnU tbna • 
nurse; thoro p^ys eiam with follow up >s4 

Isbed; (19) now wrklng on Toc ed ss corre- 
lated with atone industry, prin IndDBtry of 
comm ; preparlni to estab home -tnHnr eli 
for womm of commi (21) praoHcM na !■ 
civics inslBted upon; (22) see IS; eomn or- I 
chestnu and choirs; (23) age grd progreM 
studies; effect ot nvn-att and idKnrette ■■ 

efally studied and pabUdty 
papers ; {'&) yarloos stnd 

I and comparisons made wltk 


ipairison in I mill II I 
ud arlth! (27) s nurse paid by Antl-Taber- 
rulosia Sodety ; R C lielps finance mHk 
luncties; (£8) Intel Tests In Bedford City 
Ss, artel contrib to ad conf at Ind D, """ 
(31) att r 8, ur h 2. col 4. pg !« ; t i 
nr h 1^; supr ur h 7; supt ur el 3, ur 2 
aast In Mrt dept, Ind U, 
MONTGOJinEBT, 3 K, pres Musktognm Col, 

MONTQOMBKY, R Ames, prea '17 — , Pariont 

Col, FalrScId, la; b, 7-1B-70; (fi) chBanUoli 
cause of small Christian col, 1st, la dtduilli 
secular ed based upon belief that InteUac. 
la suHlcIcnt and supreme to interpret, direct 
and control life; 2nd, In deflnlns Christian 
ed as emphasis on moral and splritnsl Talues 
In development of soul, as ginng right atti- 
tude toward existing order. In \,g that Ood 
Is direct co-operatIng and vltatiilnK KgeDti- 
'■-' '- -" ' -^-.nenge_ of toaay and 



mental, poUt, 
orld; 4t£, IB 
1 leadership; 

High Spots for Every School 


N J. 
MOOBE, Brut^st _ _ __. 

ADgelea, Ca[; (29) 50 yi 
96 PP. 3 cbHptr "■■" ' 

Hnll Col, S Orange. 
• In i 

}'t The 

pt The Dallea. 

Bend, Ore; b. 
Ore '17-48; 
folder, iiicl 

period of 

-. ,., ,-, - -.- — -peri 

cbange, Ed at tbe end ot tbe Civil 
Some choDgea since tbe Civil War; 15 refer- 
ences: coneluBlon, "Thus at end of 50 ri'B of ' 
nnparalleled progress tbe world waits tm- 
patfently (or tbe coming of peace to besln 
a yet greater cycle of ed renewing". 
HOOKB, Frank Q. prof Lntln '10 — , Columbia 
U, 39 Claremont At, N V C; b, 9-2S-66; (61 , 
Interested in practical ImpcovenientB In 
preparatory and col study of Lat, Grk, and 

with Idt! (7, 81 In Educational Rerlen-. 
HuU and Watte in Translating Idtln. S-'18, 
Odf Common Latin Heritage, lO-'lS, Post- 
belinm Latin, 2-18; (28) preparing i edition i 
of Cicero on new plnn ; see 7 and 3; (29) lect 
on Dalmattn for Archaeological Institute. 
in-'20: (31) t col 31; war, chrmn local exemp 
bd 13B. NYC, '18. ' 

nor. comrl and indns 
191 anUmlted chanre for Initiatlre In olann-, 
(IS) B nnrae; |1B) ni h, el, h. and cararl 
aubjs; (22) f2S0,000 bid pcogrant ; (23) ti 

t 17. 

; 1311 I 


lORAN, Tlioma« F, prof blst and econ, Pat- 
due C, Lafayette, Ind ; b, 1-9-66; (21) new 

Bhip! (28) arlclB In periodicals Lncl Civil Ed, 
to appear in Nail Mnnlc Review; co-author. 
El Amer Hist and Qovt, &ner-ttac-war edi- 
tion, (or 7tb and Stb grds and civics. Cltl- 
len «id RepnbUc, for 11th or 12tb grd ; (29) 
niimeroua. bef clubs, commcmts; <31) att ur 
et S. ur b 4. col 4, pg 3; t and aopr nr b 5; 

t '13 - 

, N I 

camplrtcd In 1 1 yis, Era ix aoini wru 
col >rdi (9) supr to be Inspirational ai 
helpful, leavlnc much to personal regpo 
slbllity and initiative at t; (121 eatab "rrei 
maximam" Hal for eicrptisnal Is wbo ha 
received reg mai aal for 3 jrs; bonua f 
aumrs att: (15) abUltr cards (or all pns 
Jr and sr h ss; (16) i.roJ«l outline In eeon 
mic. for h s sr.; (17) jr R C; (18) ori 
bds ot healtli" i-ampoaed of and elected I 
pas; each bid ha* It* "beatth olBccr" elect> 
by bd! reiolta on personal cleanlluMS ai 
«nd ot grounds and bids Temarhable; (2 

wllh cB^paiKn speeclies, etc! (26) Inc In 
( 175% 1 " " " 

MOBOAN, Arlbnr 

I and chief ener 

, pres Morgan Engr ( 

li S>A, 

; (311 a 

r W: 

r el 6, I 


Slutz, Frank n, director; In selecting dli 
tor Moraine Park S, Mr Morgan, represent- 
ing group of engrs and bus men wishing 
B for "learning by doing," wrote to about M 
a men ashing wbat they would like to do 
thru private a experiment; vlalted about 20 
at or near their wrk; asked half dozen to 
come (o Dayton to meet bd of trustees; 
pres '20 — . Antlocb Col, Yellow Springs. O, 
Issued new plan, 4 pp, expl proposed reorg 
of col ao that stua, by wrking part time In 
neighboring Industries, will be practically 
ortlng, MQd rol will HU|i 

by t 

MOORE, J W. prea St John's Col. Brooklyn. 
S Y. 

land, pres 'IT — , Sparks Col. ' 

will I 

B by alten 

■tndy a 


t col 3, pg 2; t col 3 

MOORE, H H, supC, Fort Wortb, Tei. 

UOOBE, Plus t, pres St Ignatius U, San 
Francisco, Cal. 

MOORE, P Wm, prea st nor s, Blliabetb City, 
N C. 

HOORE, Robert C, see 111 St Ta AssD. Car- 
llnvtUe, III; b, 8-4-70; (11) editor 111 T, 
ofSclal organ of 1 S T A whicb has led 
flcht tor s* and blgher sals, repid max and 
min sals, talih BDote, etr; (12. 21) assn se- 
cured several helpful laws IncI aal Incs, e g. 
ChKaga I™" ,j^. 'IB *nc ed fnnd (7.Ma,O0Oi 


texKbk problem. 2 Ideals of voc ed, t and 
good cftlxeaBhIp, modem conqaeats, etc; 

iwveral thousand appHcaUans for admlBsion 
lo col to seloM strangest 6001 (291 directed 
preparation of tech repts ot Miami Conserv- 
oncy Dlst. 
MOBOAN. Otottrar F, aec Teachers Col. Col- 
umbia U. N Y C; b, 8-82; (S) aupt as, Athens. 
O; (B) 12 lect to pt-t aaan, churchea, cham- 

ed ni> 

lutrtb t< 

them; (11) r 


a jea 

„ thered by outalde 
jgencles, e g, bow many last vr'ii cl wem 
In col, boys and girls, for p 

ago, 5 yra ago, 10, etc; newa 

eil Irnfs; (12) social gathertngs, ataff din- 
ners, sol Inc 150% ; (13) advisory vote by 
pn on s projectB; |14) addressed h s assem- 
by. aaklnt sin to state life work, how many 
would t, how many would If t were better 
paid; (171 advanced work 111. i.-cK™..SNK.^ 
rented natl aiToovi tot «iia, ■**-**. ™™,.^", 
tert. a\l(.te»\«i>.ve atc\™».'\.\t.J_ .^rfTfttKO 
scoulB, tv\cn&atA« A***'. "O*^ ™*^ 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

r thru I 

Tlsltln? nurse; (19) nl », «elf lapportlD 
tuition 1 (20) wood worfelng abapa. 
painting, wesvlne, prlntlDg: (21> mucl 
tlons; ort{ i^ls. eacontamil TOtlnt; udiS pdl- 
llameDtar; law. uriECd participation In nnr 
drives, etc; (23) made age grade ceosns : 
(21) bad bill Introd aealnst b s fraternities; 
spoke to ODD dlDDdr O rdlton on Pab ■•■ 

. In rcspoDH, QoT Cox and Sen Harding being 
other two apkrs ; (Ki> survey mado by tn 
(ram nouby ro). failure bei'nusc used as 
pollt mateilHl bj opponents: (26) eitro levy 
(or Inc equip: (27) donations plctureg. play- 
gronnd apparalua: (28) In Ohio Teacher; 

iir el 3, ur b 4. ool 2: nnpr u 

add. exlenaloti prof Ohio U, 

newspaper wrk, dramatic cof 

MOBAAN. H A, pres U Teonea 

MORGAX, W*11«F F, I 

h, 2-a-K; (8-7) endeavor 

21) slnPH '18 pres of City Club which 
onssea and Isanes Imlletlna about miinli 

, pub health, city Bovt. Immigration, 

jQdarj ed ; working In '20 

leota In Oakland on intemat! relatlonL . . 
co-operation for ed, health, etc, working to- 
ward natl pub opinion as to possltile future 

MOBRILL, Tme C, supt, Bangor, Me; b, 5-3- 
84; (5) isupt Norway, Waterford and Ox- 
ford; (7) ann rept '19-'20, lOO pp, glvea charts 
showing vlsnnllMd ■ curiic. age-gpd census, 
existence, thrift and culture wages for ta ; 

vise Jr h B crs study; (11) local press, 
pictnn honsea, pageants, ■ pamdea: (12) 


i for 

_ . . _ ssn belps make 

up sal eclied ; (15) seml-itnn promirUon nnd 
promotion by Bnbjs where poMlMe; (16) 
project metb started In k«; (17) ontslde 
credlta: (IS) med Inspection; (IS) nl s Amer 
groups; (29) bef women'^ i^lnbs, etc; Useful 
Bkg and Equipment for Ta, bef ts assn ; 
(31) Htt r 5, ur h 4, col 4. pg 4 sumr; t ar 
b 4 1/3; supt S: 
MOHBIBON, H A, prea Union Col, College 

(19)' Tolanteer with Bt fennday ^ 

?, Upper S C; (21) t war alms to 000 
liDtcd men '16 and '19; (20) bef ts aaana, 
s coavs: farmer mtga, commcmta; (31) 
r 7, L-ol 27; supl 2. 


roni bki publ wltlilD pMt 
crs In psy ot exeeplional 
lareDient of intelIlKe>Mi 
I Our NMIonnl Life, bet 

MORHR. Joriah. prof pay and phll : U 8 C, 
Columbia. S C; b, 2-17-79; (29) bef open 
forum mtgs on League ot Nations; bef in- 
lerrru'liil mtgs on Improved Raee Belk- 
tioDhlilps; (31) Btt col G. pg i. t col 15. 
PK 1; war, field dlr BC, Camp Jacfcaon; at 
dir ARC. 

SiaBTENSON, Peter A, supt, Chicago, 111. 

MORTON', Kstkerlne A, St supt pUb iDBt, 
fhayeiiiie, Wyo. 

MUSIM^y, Samt K, pres Blulftan Col, Bluff 
tun, O: b, 12-17-67; (31) att r 8, spec 1, nor 
Vj, col 4, pg S; t col 2; aupt and pre« 17. 

MOb^^.tlAX. Frank E. pres 'IS — , Homlttg- 
Eide Col, SIoui City, la; b. 8-S6-78; (5) 
pr^9 iiojlhweatern Col. Wlnfleld, Kan— 18; 
l7) iliyyf dept of reUriooa ed "to nM«t >ead 
nf liiv workers", Incl crs In prlnctol«s of 
rfll;:1iius ed, church and natl sodaf prob- 
]i!m-, cliurch and rural life. rellglouB gald- 
niici! of young people; (11) empl pnbUcU]t 
:ii.-[: ll2J'com to (woperata with trnat«M 
tu tormlng pollolee: (13) Bta minBcll 
unJ open forum i (IT) com on eztra- 
miirnl relationship with comm and oHier 

; (18) ( 

] health ; com- 

Llatlny llbmr 

' cts. 4tl>tlt 

21) Snndoy attHuoon fornm la elty 

ill faiths and beliefs, pollt and lodal 
bf expressed ; (22) comm playground 
e directed by dept religious ed. eomin 
clubs; (31) att r 7, ur h 4, col 4, ps 
.ir el 0; pres 16. 

'. Robert B, pres nor and Indue Instil, 
aee. Ala. 

■--- — * "ng, '20 ~, Slmp- 
4-4-80; (B) Bag 
lumiiuauu □' 1.UI Boys. BrooUyn, 
^'20; (8) compUiTd fcnlde aheet to 

111) org news bur In connection with 
Jrnlsm to get col newa Into daily 
obtained publ for - -"— " 

1 (21) I 

I tnfoi 

: t reading of peidodicals "pulse of rar 
n, Indei of varied life of peopte"; 

blrmks for auBlysls of outkde readlu 
for rei>t( sntceated reMUnga; m) 
li and Death, Sewanee Serlenr, 7/lS; 

High Spots for Every School 

John G< NeibarC and His Epic Poetry, Ocln- 
nell Review, 11- '20; (29) Chautauquas and 
oommeatB, aubjecte tnaplratlonal and liter- 
ary; (31) att ur el 7, ur h 4, pg 2; t spec 2; 
MUpr i; field * jrs Chautauqatt wrt. 
MOTT, Thomaii, svipt '13 — , Seymour, Ind; 
b, 1.22-57: 17) 7tb and 8tli grds placed In b s, 
making e-yr b a under one oig and one 
carpi ot ta: results In blclilr decreued 
ellmlnBtlan ; b s offers but 1 era, with wide 
Tariety ot eleetlres; (151 pus receiving grii 

credit; (28) Crs of Study and Circular ol I 
InIorina_t I on. Shields H S 23 pp, lllus. ''" 

(20) beC e 
(31) t r a 

• Ins— - 
I h 4, I 

MOS^, Jamea A 

' b 4; Bupt r 5, uc 
'15 - 

Contribution of Smaller Cols, In S and So- 
ciety, 5-29-20. 11 pp, CD a Cains 10 tabic* 
analyzing autboreblp of algned artels pub) 
In ']» in 8 ]rnls plus table of totals and 
table sbon-lng dlstFib of mems of Amer 
Society ot ZoologiBts, ending witb statement 
tbat cols are prodnclni: much lea* (baa 
tlirlr praportlan at resniToli In U 8. reaaon 
fur sborWge to be sought both In indlv 
t8 aiid In InsUtutiona empl them; author, 
Fersannei ot a. Col Fu. S and Sodety, 'IB; 
other artcia in S and Home Ed and Peda- 
' org; I goglcsl Seminary; (29) at InatllB, eommcmta, 
2S, I etc, on The War and Kd. The Calling ot the 


ed, St Houae, Boiton, Haaa; b, 9-^3-77 
BB above also dlr ot ed U S coast surrey, 
New Eng div, 'IT- IS; dlr New Hng Beet 
dlv ed est, V S bur ed ; (8) baa stressed 
need for adult ed ; (T) baa formed many 
era tor u ext In acad, comrl and engr subja; 
see 26; (S) has ufkhI appointment at no ts 
perianal it7 and 
It has aevelaped sincfl 'IB 
ttlDK rtric or Gorrespondcnae 
and CIS inatr; (19, 21) eit dept, extending 
adult ed ot native born and non-Eng 
Bpeaklng people; has charge of Amer wrk 
'-- t 4i and st-aided sa In t tr: (22| many 
ool bids BOW belns DMd tar txt els which 
betore were little ushI nis, e g Harvard 
autumn '20 enrolled 1000 ext atus in coiti- 

iSspf Child Mlnd.'ete: (31) a 

. The 

r 10, a pec 3, col B, 

MI:bLI.ER. Ferdinand 

Col, Pbarmacy lO — . 
prlnary " 

. Indian 

Mcoept those with 

Math, Gasoline Ai 

booh to accompany 
Imer idtlienshlp, 5- 
[nunigrant Kd In Mc 
nralizatloB, T-'ID. S3 i 

Dlirant Ed, 20 nn: 

ship. 12 pp; » 

._ . ... _ Wash, IndiBuapoUB, 

DLDBOn', Henry L, lite inauranee. Nor- 
man, Okia; b, 10-12-72; served as mem Nor- 
man bd ed '18- '19; served aa vp bd regeata 
Okla St 17; secured paassge of resolution 
under which McAleaCer Scottish Rite Bodies 
are flnanelns nnd bid dormitories "t ■' " 
when completed t 


I 2 yre 

all I 

aade dur 
aid asHD 

loblles : 


Trade , 
' puhl 

tnd lessons in ing tot \ gents Okla at 
19, lOa pp ; Problem of i HI'NFORD, Hai 

... — ,— ishlp indns ■eclee 

Jng clothing, day nrk nnd piece 
torenran, helpinu the new man. 

Amer Cltl- 
ons In Eng 

aoFBl, physlra 

- »s, ts and blda, 
s. Improved meths 

leEaon, what an 
rftu in nieanL 

by guostJin! 

:hl8 c 

a do Rbout It; 

like these, why i 

L like abon 

which you and your people need to live 
happily, can you or any other man get 
these thiQga by bis own wrk alone, do you 
belong to any society, show that our govt 
• — B a aoelety; (31) att col 4, pg E; t col 
ir, cbrmn congreaslonal resesrcb com 
ou secret war InveatioDH '1T-'18; other, 
farmer dlr est at St Col, Pa, 

HOTMIHAN. Humphrey, pres Col ot St 
Thomas, St Paul, Minn. 

MUDOS, E IWgb. hd dept ed. St Nor 8, 
Bdinboro, Pa; b, 7-27-70; (7) chrmn com of 
ed round table, Kan Ts Asan, on revision ot 
requirements for st h s certtf; 116) acted 
al chrmn bur ed. Kan cant sei hyg, 3- '20, 
and gave addr on Indlrei:! Sex Ed; i_7Si 

-.-■good health, t ._ 

of agr, proper milk nnd toad 1 
welfare, and other phases of < 
lueut; "it has put the unity in community." 
MrNGER. Mrs Edith C, Hart, Mich; mem 
Mich Comin Council Comn ; lecturer and org 
on conaervatioo Incl economic and happlnesa 

MVNBO, Dana Cartoton, prot modern hist, 

Princeton U. Princeton, Ji J. 
MCNSON, WllUam H, dlr dept hyg 'IB — , 
Winona St Nor S, Winonii, Minn; b, B-IB- 
fll; (3) Inslr gel, 'n-'lB; (7) org era fur dept 
hyg; (8) engaged In research to deterrainv 
beat metb af ts faota of lex rehUlons and 
of venereal dlseaarai (M) one of several fac 
mems engaged in recruiting wrk; a conducta 
reg campaign In interest of more ts; (18) 
dept hyg conserves health both by cooatruc- 
tive phya exercise and by health eiama and 
treatment for detects-and disease; (25) tabu. 
I latlon ot more common symptoms of tunc- 
I tlonal disorders with statement of tireaf- 
ment tiru tooda and eierclsea; (3a\ I's^'- 
memta, on Vlilom. »»&. "Vwi*.^. "xx*. "Sj»s^™ 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

The Initiation, Have You Got the Price, The 
House Ls Raided, series of 3 connected talks 
with subjs made lurid to attract attention; 
(31) att ur h 3; t r 3 mo, nor 19, col », pfiT 
2; "supt 6; wax legal advisory bd, 4-min man, 

MURDOCK, Frank F^ pres St nor s, North 
Adams, Mass. 

MURLIN, Jj H, pres Boston IT, Boston. Mass. 

MURPHREE^ Albert A, pres *06 — . U Fla. 
Gainesville, Pla; b, 4-29-70; (11) empl trained 
news reporter to write for st papers, setting 
forth wrk of univ and its importance to 
public; (12) sal inc; (13) encouraged introd 
of honor systetm; (18) approp from inter- 
deptl Social Hyg Bd for prof of hyg. phys 
ed with med sapr and phys exam of ail Htun; 
(19) introd gen univ ext tg and funds for 
same, $25,000 ann; (20) secured 9 lects per 
yr by men from various professions to spk 
on reasons for their choice; (21) engaged 
profs of econ, practical sci, sociology and 
psy to lect to stu assemblies wkly; (25) 
introd army psy tests for all freshmen, now 
correlating these tests with els records and 
futnre Tocations chosen by stns; (20) Civic 
Obligations of Fniv Grads, U Ala oommcmt 
'20; Call for Ed lieadership. Does Ed Pay, 
h s commcmts; St Univ as Power Plant, bef 
Rotary Club, '20; (31) att r 7, r h 4, nor 2, 
col 2, pg 1; t r 6. r h 3; supr 2; pres 15; 
war, spkr for Lib loans, R C, Y M C A, etc. 

MURPHT, E F, U S bureau of ed. Washing- 
ton, D C; b, 10-21-90; (5) war garden dir 
in p ss, Richmond, Ind, '17-'18; asst re- 
gional dlr central states, '18-'20; (29) School 
Directed Home Gardens, bef audiences 000- 
3(W0; (31) other, asst dir grain marketing 
dept of 111 agr assn. 

MURPHY, H H, supt '17 — , Hastings-on- 
Hudson, N Y; (12) $50 bonus for att sumr 
ss; (13) stu federation in h s; (22) com- 
munity ni each Fri, with games^ dances, 
and moving pictures"; (25) intelligence tests 
to secure better data as basis for promotion ; 
(27) from citizen $800 scholarship for one h s 
pu yrly; (31) att r 6, r h 2, col 4, pg 3; t ur 
el 1, ur h 16, nor 2; supt 3; mem army ed 
corps at Beaune U, France. 

MURPHY, Ross D, pres Blue Ridge Col, New 
Windsor, Md. 

MURRAY, Elsie, prof psy '19 — , Sweet Briar 
Col, Sweet Briar, Va; (5) prof psy and ed, 
•09-'19, Wilson Col, Chambersburg, Pa; (11) 
in dally press on health needs of ss, over- 
crowding, mental deficiency; (14) interested 
many thru wrk described in 16; (15) tested 
160 freshmen and checked up rating with 
marks, fac estimates, Latin entrance rating, 
etc; correlated mental and phys test data of 
Sth grd pu ; (16) tr and used stu in ed psy 
to make phys and mental exams of p s ch; 
(18) supr health crusade work in country 
and town ss; (20) tests and rates grads in 4 
dUr lines of ability — clerical, practical, social, 
teaching; (24) worked to secure pub support 
In Pa legis for s provision for mentally de- 
ficient, med insp, etc; (27) conducted camp 
for pub recognition of health needs of pu, 
espec for s nurse and med insp; (28) Spell- 
ing, Jrnl Ed Psy; Vocational Diagnosis, 
Jjra) Applied Psy; (^) Mental Deficiency, 
Classes for Retarded Pupils. BelatloB of 

Mental and Physical Health and Need of 
More Adequate Health Instmctlon and 
Supervision in Schools, bef civic dab, pt-ts 
assn, 8 bd, ts instit. 

MUSSELMAN, W J, comr, Sandusky, Mich; b, 
10-5-06; (6) showing pu meaning and Tmlae 
of ed, getting pu to think; (8) urging ts to 
go to col; (10) get all new books and find 
good and weak points; (12) help te be sve- 
cessfnl, this brings happiness; (18) B C 
nurse and talks on health; (22) comm mtgs; 
(29) America and Liberty, America What Is 
It, Value of Education, etc; (31) t r 20; 
supt 10. 

ATYERS, Albert WiUiam^ prin '19 — , Madrid 
h s and t tr class, Madrid, N T; b, 12-2-04; 
(5) t Tome Inst, rort Deposit, Md, *18; 
U S navy, '18-'19; (11) s contributes reg 
to daily and wkly papers; (12) sal sehed 
with advanced standing for ts who had 
taught there; (13) advisory coiuigII with 
mems from each cl acts with fac mem in 
advising prin and bd of ed; (14) {lersaaded 
bd of ed to continue ts tr cl which was to 
be dropped at end of '20; filled It with best 
last yrs h s cl, 3 pu went to nor s; (17) org 
lit contest for el and smaller h •• In co, 
football and basketball league for smaller 
h ss of no N Y; (20) s fair with prises for 
best hand work and farm products, over 250 
pu exhibited; (22) persuaded bd to remodel 
bid and install lights; secured ase of town 
hall as s gym; (26) col scholarship for one 
pu, prizes for good s wrk, financial aid for 
lit contests ; (31) att r 7, ur h 4, nor 2, col 2, 
pg 1; t r 1, r h 3, ur el %, spec %; supt 
3; war, div staff U S C G. 

MYERS, Garry Cleveland, hd dept psy ^20 — ^ 
Cleveland S of Ed, Cleveland. 0; b, 7-15-g4; 
(5) t psy, Brooklyn Tr S for Ts '14-'20; on 
leave '18-'20, army psy and ed ezipert; (7) 
Army Leesone in Eng, text and methods of 
tg Eng to illiterate soldiers; (8) ere in psy 
for prosipective ts with spec view to Its 
immediiate functioning; (10) selecting library 
for ss for illiterate soldiers in army; (15> 
aided in use of mental measure in Altoona, 
Pa ; estab free bur to answer questl«ms an 
use of Intel ratings; helped start war dept 
in present method of classifying ilUtemte on 
biasis of intelligence; (21) Amer wrk at Camp 
Upton ; crs for civilians similar to Afmy 
Lessons for Eng in preparatioo ; (26) pre- 
pared Myer's Mental Measure; Joint nnuior 
NYC penmanship scale; (28) Control of 
Conduct thru Imagination, book in prepa- 
ratlon ; Intelligence of Troops Infected with 
Hookworm vs those not infected; Prollta 
from Prophecy of lioaming Progress, In 
Jrnl of Ed; Principles, Plans and Purposes 
of Ed Program of Recruit Ed Center, In 
Ungraded, organ of ungraded ts assn of N 
T C; Economy in Intel Classification, la 
Ed Admn and Supr Intel Tests on 1st Omj 
of S, in Ed Foundations; Enriching Crs for 
Bright Ch, in Ohio Teacher 10-'20; etc; (81) 
att r 9. nor 2, col 4, pg 3; t <r 3, ur el 1, ur 
h 1, nor 5, col 2; supr ur el and h 1; araur, 
psy examiner, ed expert, dir ed l«t repcrnit 
ed center, captain. 

MYERS. Geo Edmund, prof Indus ed, U ICleh, 

. Ann Arbor, Mich; b, 11-26-71; (5) st sapr 

Indus ed *11-*12!(^; aA\ li«V»«d org tr of foM- 

High Spots for Every School 

■DID aa part at p ed; (20) helped plan com- 
placenwnl In Detroit; |24l proposed, framed 

s lesls; (28) Campnlgorr Fart Time H, bul 

212, Mb J '20, dept of eri of U Mich; 2f2 pp; 
eipl proTlalons of law; poaalble aervlce of 

- better Amer, 
tk; clSBBlt of 

puB — 2 reservoir cU. furtber dirisiona by • 

gbop. op to 2S la correlated wrk ; toc cdob- 
eelllng— "ti can no loncer aar 'Qood-bre. I 
with yov luck' and be done with i>u leaTlBs 
■"1 pra^run of Ktadlei — Engllah, lodal id, 
arltb, bealtb and aalet;, toc tnbji; (SI) att 
r 8, r h 3, col 4, pg 5; t uc h li^, spec 3, col ■ 
3; Bupr SH: Hupt 2. 
UVBBB, Joaeph SlnunoDB, prof JrnlBm, O Bt 
U, Colambas, O; dIrecU atu laene at dally 
nsnAf &nd mo m&a'aatiMi far O nawBpAponl 
date Snnday 

nBM ann Jmlsm atne 1 
«lltl«n of locsl Bpwap 

I Dturf Col, SpriDgfleld, I XAYIXtB. Arthur H, aupt. Port JeiTli, N 

V- h a.lfl.TB' /11^ Tnn r^nla nf ma In 1nf««1 

NARDIN, F LanUe, dean of women, U WU. 
'18 — . 612 Howard PI. MadlsoD, Wli; b, 
2-0- TS; (5) BSBt prof Eug; (18) nrglDK upon 
youog col women their reapanalbUlty lor 
phya welfare at their children, and need 
tor proper sleep, food, aToldanee of to- 
bMBoi (21) FrotreiB of Uberty, a pageaut 
on Amer'B purpoaes In war; Clvtg Bltoal. an 
Interpretation of Amer and plea for Indlr 
detp of clvlca spirit! |29) Haw Ma? Freah- 
man be More Earily and Qoloklr AdjDited 
■ - - -■- bef deanB of women, NBA 'IB; 

s cluba 

(31) 1 

talSa ... 

tic thear; at life 

ur h 1, spec 4, col i ana j aumra pg j: ana 

3 Bumrs; t ur h 11, Bpec 3, col fl; war, 

chrmn patriotic ed, women's cam, Uo dlT. 

NABH, Gearrte WllllBton, pceB St Nor. BelUng- 

publ ■ paper, controls athl, furnlBtieH a 
Buppllea to stu practically at coBt. develops 
a spirit; bd of control compoaed of tac mems 
and Btu com: (IB) Intrad teoU and meaa- 

conBtructed to meet needs of natl emergency: 
Instr In R C wrk and surgical dressings, 
wrk in home econ extended into life of comm. 
French for soldiers and clillians who would 
need It for OTerseaa service, tr of typUts 

from art dept. 
money for war 
expression and Eng, b and g clubs foatered 
by dept agr, oTer 1000 bks forwarded to 
camps by library; hlit era an world war, 
geoj! ers on aeav of war; "new realities 
forced upon ua by world crista are receiving 
recognition"; (17) eit and eotata aervlH 
— - •-- -'--J (18) introd hyg dept — "- 

I by fed govt; 
!. nr el 6, ar h 
r 15; supt 3; 

a») « 

4, pg 3 

! (311 

._ __, __■, CO chrmn welfare 

, chrmn comm labor bd, mem exec 

com R C directory pub service reserve, pres 
Belli ogham comm service, mem exec com 
Lib loan drives and Y M C A. 
TION, WashlDgtan, D C; iRaaei human Da- 
tura wore card of 66 polnia under 8 chanc- 
ier heads, Intellectual, working, peraonal, 
■ociaJ, emotional, phys with apace to mark 
aacb on scale of 10 for strength or wesk- 
ness: has st corns studying and promoting 
«han«teF Instruction ; otters prlie of t20.0CO 
far bMt itrogram. 

Y: b, a-ie-TS: (ll) mo renta of sa In local 

' papera; (12) pub receptlaos to ts; extra pay 
for amending sumr ses; (13) fre<inent mtgi 
with ta and and pus to aecore participation 
In B admn ; (14) drawlui diq>t lete oat 
porters: (15) re'toresting at large pnb 
grovnda by a eb; (IS) sbawer hatha In aai 
general participation tn athl' rotary .^luh 
and other orgs aided In providing play 
grounds; (22) pub receptions to parents in 
B bid: bids used for comm purposes; en- 
tertainments hy out-of-town artists ; iS6) 
Bcholarahlp and essay prlxea from bd and 
other orge In town ; (ZT) rotary slab aHids 
■pkm ta >■ every wk; Bee 18; (31) att r 8, 
T h 4, col 4; t r 20 wks; ur h S; «upt S; 
other, hd maater 10; war, local j-mlo 
chrmn ; chrmn Jr B C. 

NEAL, Alva Otis, r s apeclallat, U S bu ed, 
■18 — , WaaSIngton. D. C; b, »-a3-70; (5) 
prof B admn. st h s Inspector Arizona, 'IT: 
fD) confs on r ed; (M) bu ed, bulletin '18, 
No. 4, Legislation Manual; (28) T Shortage, 
Consol Ss; (26) r s admn bef r aect NBA, 
r conf In many sts; (31) att r 8, ur h 4, 
col i. pg l; t r 1, ur h la col 5; aupt 10; 
si h s Inap, Ind 2 yrs, Arizona 3 yrs. 

NEIGHBOURS, Owen J, sapt, Wabasb. Ind ; 
b, 1-15-80; (12) revlslDS aal (obed en ex- 
perience and preparMlan; (18) planning for 
health program with co-op ol t: (16) nl as 
and est vac wrk; (22| s bid used far pt-tS 
aesn, welfare assn, forum meetings ; (2C) 
teats and eorveys for own se and in co- 
operation with St a; (31) att ur el 7, nor 
4. col 4. pg 2; t nr el G, ur b 2, nor 2 aumrt, 
col 1; sapt 4H ; other, chrmn exec com 
city and town aupte aaan. 

NRII.80N, Wm Allaa, pres Smith Col, North- 
Rmpton, Mass: b, '69; (6) Inaugural address. 
June '18; speeches from N Y to Cal on pres- 
ent ed crlals; (T) ori tr a tor *ac wrk, Ind 
paychlatHc. med and eammnnlty servleel (13) 
Inc tlwDlty eontrol; (13) hio atu self gartt 
(15) working on plan to dUTerenUate metha 
for atna above ava ; (14) streea nsti and iDter^ 
aatl problems by lects, dlacuaslan elnbs; 
(18) resident psjEhiatriat besides reg pbysl< 
elans) (IS) nntv ml wrk; (20) Icct and conf 
by wperta; somr . for saa wrk: (22) us« 
CO] blda for community purposes ; (27) 
■4,000,000 secured; (28) History of Hn«. U*. 
"20; (29) Sal Inc and Pr&tAVt ■aV'V.^.'TVw^*- 

I LttM»,\».w. ■»« ■eoWOick", -^Ii^. \ ■» -^^^ ^ *" 

\ <:o\ an* ?« ^a-, c'tit^-a *\* M-V"" ^"^^ 


Whds Who and Why in After-War Education 

XEIili, Raymond Boyd, prof o<l 'IT — , Augs- 
burg Seminary, Minueupulis. Minn; b, 1.12- 
01; (14) pergonal appeal, enpec with returned 
Moldiers; (16; as scoutmaster; (18) rept at 
U Minn sumr s bef cl supts and prins in h s 
byg» '20« Tile Value of a Physical Examina- 
tion in School I4fe; (28) The Influence of 
Modem Scientific Method Upon Education, 
to appear shortly; (29) see 18; The New 
Aims of Education, bef Trinity Church; 
Values in Education, commcmt; (31) att pg 
4; t col 4; war, govt chemist, sumr '18, 
Lib loan drives. 

NEL1L.IS, Mrs A B, Columbus, O; chrmn citi- 
zens' s com which in '20 -conducted successful 
ed campaign for **s bonds and a seat for 
every eh" **s levy and fair play for slslUed 
ts" ; cards and illus fliers with such head- 
ings as ^ull Day S, Fair Chance and Seat 
for Every Ch, Some Startling Facts. Boost 
Bonds for Bett«r Ss; gave 10 meanings of 
no vote and 10 meanings of j-es vote. 

XELSON, Aven, pres Wyoming U, Laramie, 

NEVEIiN, S T. supt '14 — , Le Mars, la; b, 
3-8-77; (7) org l£g, jr h s; dir ts In pre- 
paring crs; (12) inc sals 100%, org local 
ts assn; (13) stu couaoil in h s; (15) oppor- 
tunity room for backward pus; (17) b and 
g scouts org; aided in historic pageant for 
50th anniversary of Le Mars; s garden clubs; 

(18) dept phys ed; health dept with nurse; 

(19) s dept malces music comm asset; (22) 
pt-ts assn; recreational park; (27) dir cam- 
paign to enlarge col located at Le Mars; 
asst in org rotary clubs, which take real 
interest in ed. 

KEWDICK, Robert S, asst prof Eng, Miami 
L^ Oxford, O, '20 — ; bef election '20 had 
cl in expository writing study platforms 
and oilier campaign aspects in detail incl 
League of Nations; 1 test began, "Make 
your answers to following questions ex- 
amples of your present ability in expository 
writing. Set forth the labor policy of the. 
Republican and Democratic parties, as laid 
down in party platforms, indicate parallels 
and contrast and declare your preference, 
stating your reasons. Since the bulk of 
Americans are neither actively participating 
nor very much interested in handling the 
labor problem which has come into special 
prominence «inco the war, address yourself 
to group of typical semi-conservative Ameri- 
■cans in an effort to set tliem thinking:, to 
get them to act." 

NEWELL, r H, prof civil engr, U 111, Urbana, 
111; b, 3-5-62; (28) Water Resources; Pay 
of Engr Educators, bulletin of Society for 
Promotion of Engr Ed, '20: "there is no- 
thing in»pirin)c to stu in being taught by 
an under-paid man, one who is worried by 
Ills debts or by failure to secure fair liv- 
ing"; warns against false conclusion, how- 
ever, "that to get good instrs we have mere- 
ly to raise pay"; when able ts leave the 
profession to earn more in other wrk and 
their places are taken by less effic men, 
"value of instr is lowered, output in stu 
ef^tc is diminished; engr profess first and 
later pub suffers distinct loss": ques- 
tion "what is amt of money which must 

/»<? jyaM to engr Instrs to keep effic men on 

Job" is answered "living for worker end his 
family, provision for old age, suitable re- 
lations to cost and difflc of preparation in- 
volved, some consideration of value of ser- 
vices to society, provision for attrseting 
and lioldinK able men, stnd wage for engr 
(Mlucators incl instrs, asst profs and full 
profs is urgently needed . . . without some 
such basis of common ground to start from, 
all discussions of relative rates of pay be- 
come vague". 

NEWTBLL. W 8, prof phil and pBy» Coe Col- 
b»ge, '11 — , 327 N 15th St, Cedar Rapids, Ul; 
b, 7-30-71; (5) dir, sumr s; (14) uae of stu 
helpers in dept wrk ; (17) helped found 
music s at col; (18) leets on genetics; (19) 
ext crs; (28) artels in Ed Review, la Acad- 
emy of Sci; (2ft) bef ts nitgs, pt-ts assn, etc; 
(31) att ur h, nor, col, pg; t ur h 10, col 11; 
war, t S A T C. 

NEWLIX, Ciiester O. supt '19 — , Marsh- 
field, Wis; b, 3-27-88; (5) supt Sauk City, 
Wis; (7) framed tentative crs for grds, new 
program for jr and sr h ss; (8, 9) "formal- 
ising is not true to life . . . that natural- 
ness, give and take, democratic atmosphere 
with definite goal is best meth to pursue'*; 
(10) tests and expert opinion used In oboi^e; 
(12) eliminated unnecessary red tape in 
written repts; inc aals; (13) com« of pus 
and ts on s mgmnt and professional mat- 
ters ; t and pu reactions on InnoTations 
tested ; (14) inc number srs plamiliig to 
teach from 9 to 33; (15) spec promotloBS a4 
any time during yr; (18) phys ed and hyg 
initrod into system; trained supr; s nurse; 
(10) ni trade s; (20) study of vooatlons and 
profession in Jr and sr h ss; (22) estab jr 
h and voc s; (23) complete filing sys 
brought into office; (29) Ed and Future of 
Country, Teacher Crisis, Recruiting the Tg 
Ranks, Cost of Ed, bef chamber commerce 
and Rotary; (31) att r 7, ur h 4, nor 2, col 
1 Ms ; t r 2. r h 4^5 ; supr and supt 2%. 

XKWMAN, Hugo^ prin teacher tr s, New York, 
X Y. 


Wagner, supt, Santa Ee, N Mex; has had 
law pn:ssed making co unit for admn as well 
as taxation, resulting in giving r ss uniform 
length of trm, stnd equip, stnd crs and as 
nearly as powsil)le stnd personnel In tg 
force ; attempts to make r s positions at- 
tractive l>y l)ld ts homeM and by oonaol; b 
ss have been stndzd by North Ontral Assn ; 
during war st dept aided in wrk of boys 
wrking reserve and U S pub ser\ice reserve. 

VOTERS, 303 Fifth Av, NYC, has educa- 
tional section wh offers corres crs on ed for 
citizenship at 10c single paper or $1 for 12; 
8-p folder available. 

•Tohn II Fin ley resigned st commlssioner- 
sliip of o<l and presidency of U St of N Y, 
had editorial entitled What Alls the Ss, 
which incl "What is matter with st dept ef 
ed if there is no adequate opportunity at 
very head of it for an able and flaely 
equipped man to do bewt wrk that Is' 111 
him?" in editorial, '20, gave column to sum- 
mairizing rpt of N E A com on sci tlTt- lH 

High Spots for Every School 

editorial, '20, or denunciation of preseM- t 
day tendencies In ©d In ajnu tpt erf Columbia : 
U, see N M Butler, said In part "In tlila 
apwlOc coQdemnntlon <rf present-day efl there 
seenid yood deal more heat than lij-ht — more 
metodTamottc disapproval than dlacrlmlnat- J 
Ing and heSptul analyala" ; said crttlclsm of' 
lower BS applies wltli egufll force to col; 
expressed belief tliat a f>Unre was due not 
la esiHentnittoa upon tnlnln^ tor UtbU- 
iiood, bat "vrngue effort to t youth how to 
ll>e at expense of liitrd, daflnlte iMrnlas": 
cliiillpnKed rpt explanations of soupcea of ed 
predicamenl, suggest Ing trhat present ed 

old prwemea: ask^ If tbeory of full and 
free eiprenslon of each IndlvliliiBl Is not due 
to elective system at cols ratbsc than to 
secondary as; closes with belief that best of 
modern itvy will be needed along with best 
of little red schoolhouse; "to throw focuier 
OTerbosrd and revert In panic to latter leems , 
poor ba«is for solving ao difficult and com- | 
plei a protilem"; in editorial 12-13-20, No 
Place for Second Kate Man. loci hope that 
N Y St regents would not name for st comt 
any '^second rate ed not consplcnooB for 
grasp of bus of ed"; recalled eitenalve 
powers over future of ed in N Y which new- 
comer will posseas. 
NEW YOBS WORLD, tnornlag-, evening and 
Sunday editions contain frequent news una 
editorial Itema on education, Incl Intel tests, 
promote Inter and Intra el and s atU eom- 
petltlona. advertUe meets, winner*., rive 
medals, etc. Morning World 12-11-20 bad 
editorial Are collcee atodents retrorradlas T 
based opon claim L)y Chancellor Frederick 
A Ilnll of Washington II that "avetBEc Islel- 
llsenre »t col stna IR lower today thaa that 
wblrh prevailed years ato." Editorial asked 
"What for eiample la the avg Intel of col 
Btus. how 13 It determined with regard to 
present generation 


with r< 

r generation v 

p In Ira 

or the 

a will be I 
ystem is 


modern col ed? 
pnt of rols Is n. 

! tber« 

.._^ ._ snppiy of venlas from the 

farm and the work shop." 
NirnOLS, Edw&ra West, supt Vn Military 
ln9.tltute, Lexington, Va ; b, 8-27-58; (8) 
making stu do own wrk; (11) thru papers 
and magaulnes: (13) court of lionor with fac 
represencutlon : (19) popular lects; (23) dally 
repts; (39) Analytic Geometry, Differential 
and Integral Oaloulus; (31) att col 5; t col 
30; sapt 11; field, con-suKlng engr; war. 
chrmn st council defense; maj engr II S 

M I; maj-gen Vn vols; other, mem nd- 
Tisory com col pres to war dept, '12-'18. 

. , ), 3-18-78; (7. B) made jr 

putlon Burreya In 10 cities In ';>0 and ett Up 
appropriate contin nation s, comrl crs in 
bulletiu bi wUth 77 pp gr;iiphs, forms for 
Job analrsln, suggested era for 6 gronpa, 
clerl<™i, office maohlue operstlnB. recording, 
slenagraphic, retail selling and store serr- 

common practice of tranaplantlnr h a eomrl 
(d in continuation rla called lerloDS ml«. 
take; (21) co-aotbor uilsc no «. Tr (or For- 
eign Trade, IM pp with lieadlngs. U S and 
world trade; position of roreltn trade subja 
In comrl ed ; tg dllllcuUlea ; what 'n ' ^ 
where fordgu trade should be taught, 
In ni =. I. == _„i, ^^ eiample* of 



, Latin J 

studies of 4 com 
Kuaala, Near East. I'ar Kaal : also eorras 
crsj helped secure preparation of other bul- 
letins ln*l mlsc no 9S, Tr for Steamahl* 
Hub. .W pp, incl traffic ingmnt. merchant Tea- 
sels, wtuff Bdmn nod atevedorlns. marln« 
insuring, laws of sea. steamstalp operation) 
(2S) see 7; direct ed prerparation Irolletln 
22, retail aeUIng; assoc editor First DessoDi 
in Bub ; (29) In 30 sts since '17 at st and city 
ed mtga; (31) att r b 2. toc -j, spec 4, col 

ur h 5, voc 0, specialist N V st dept; leet on 
corarl ed ; war, dlr food enrollment for Roclh- 
ester. N Y, and millt cenaua for RochMter 
and Monroe Co, luTeetlgated rehaMlltatlon 
of soldiers in France and England, 
NICHOLa, T W, aoDt dist 7fl, Evanston. Ill; 
b, TiS; (5) supt Evanstan dlsts 75 and 7k 
'18-'20: (7) era for intermediate grda, 7.B. 

crtrad Intel- 
cols of for- 

jnsciousness of this kind . . . 

and have little If any documentary evidence 
on which to baae [comparison] ... It 
is usual thing to extol past at expense of 
present ... If [college students] have 
retrograded mentally Instead of advancing 

giving"; (D) inbBtltute 1 hlgrhly t 

for i prim; (10! Introd tree textbks and 

working library ; (12) secured offer front bda 

■* cm taken while 

era; (15) snrvey 

r and HM towa _, ... 

t PDA wJM 8pec mnnlial sbillt; ; (17) bcfor 
■ ndisloaB cd allowed and attar-i 

B in 

. . . _. (18) phyaiclana and nuraes main- 
tained jointly with bd of health; (21) nl B 
for foreigners: (22) h open Snnday after- 
noons and from 1 to E nis nk tor manl tr, 
dom sd, dancing, lect. socials incl cu tor 
Greek men and for colored people in danc- 
ing', (25) nrly all stnd teats used; (29) travel 
talks at pub mtgs on BIcyclInt In dncluid, 
Bicycling in Italy, Passion Play at Ober- 
nmmergau and IS Oreateat Plcturea In 
World; (31) att r, ur h, col, pg: t r 1. ur h 
1; Bupr ao; war, local war council; otlier, 
mem and pres library bd K yrs. 

— , Ala 

) agr engr, Va'polytech'inatrt', 'IS-'^.", ^\^ 
eated anJ 0T« «.6^'!. ttiMi »;iwv&<i jav. ^^, 

178 Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

out St; (29) wkly on a(;r engr subjs; (31) 
att col 6; t cd 6; field, 3 yrs; war, ext and 
agT lerrices full period. 

NICHOLS, M Louise, hd sci dept So Phila 
H S for Girls, Phila, Pa; b, 2-19-73; (12) 
chrmn fac forum; (13) chrmn council of 7 
elected by fac to consider "domestic and 
foreign relations" of s and make rcmndtions 
to prin ; (17) directed activities of stus na- 
ture dub^ wliicfa keep* entrance corridor 
decorated witJi wild flowers, and makes repts 
to assembly or s paper on excursions in 
country; (18) had frtu« keep dally health 
records for mo; (^) tests u«ed to subdivide 
ds and determine voc fitness; (28) Remedy 
for C'ong:e»tion In SubJ Matter In General 8ei^ 
in Gen Scl Quarterly, 5-'18; (29) Gen Sci 
and Biology in H S Curric, during school- 
men's wk at U Pa; (31) att ur el, ur h, col, 
pg; t ur h 4%, nor 22. 

NISLSON, Minnie J, St supt pub inst. Bis 
marck, N D. 

NIMMON8, G6orge C, of Amer Instit of Archi- 
tects, at Aran Amer Cols '19 urged archt? 
instr for gen stu body, not for apoc training 
but for bid own home, for po»sil>le respon- 
sibility for large comrl and Indus bids, for 
judgment of pub bids. Wooster, O. 

NOBLE, Stuart Grayson^ prof ed '16 — , Mill- 
saps (jol, Jackson, Miss; b, 5-10-86; (19) ext 
wrk for ministers In service, circulating li- 
brary^ Information, ^ etc; co-operation with h 
ss, furnishing lectures, advice^ data for de- 
bates, athl referees; lect and references for 
women's clubs; (21) crs in tr pu for citi- 
zenship, with problems of electorate, law and 
order, Individual freedom, foreign relations, 
relation of labor and capital discussed with 
view to better understanding and ultimate 
solution thru ed; (25) col stu tested by re- 
vised army tests; (28) Civil Government of 
Mississippi and United States (co-author j 
'20: author: Forty Yrs of the P Ss of Miss 
with Spec Reference to Bd of Negro, '18; 
artel: Ed Values In Ss for Negroes, So At- 
lantic Qr, '19; (29) 2 wks in R C roll call 
•19, s commcmts, So Soc for Psych and 
Phil. So Sociol Cong; (31) att r 8, spec 2. 
col 3, pg 3; t ur h 3, col 4; supr 6; field, 
lecturer; st dir campaign for better salaries, 
S T A, '19; war, coast artillery. 

MOFFSINGBR^ H G, pres Va Intermont Col, 
Bristol, Va. 

NOMBB^ Harold Odin, hd master '19 — , Shady 
Side Acad, Pittsburgh, Pa; b, 3-20-83; (5) 
master in Eng, Lawrenceville S; (6) see 
29; (13) wide use of fac corns; stu council 
controls discipline; (16) cls in current 
events study problems and develop ability 
In pub spkg; (21) civic club visits st and 
municipal Insitltutlons and private Indus 
plants; (26-27) campaign for $20,000 to bid 
large country a; (29) The School of the 
Future, induction dinner; (31) att ur h 4, 
col 4; t spec 13; supr 2; war, taught illit 

NOONANj H C, pres Majrquette U, Milwaukee, 

NOR, J T C, hd dept ed, U Ky, Lexington, 
Ky; (28) editor, Ky H S Quarterly; (29) 
Chautauqua spkr on Great Amer Home; 

lects bef ts assns, etc, What Ii Ed; A 
Fundamental Essential in Ed. 

NOBLIE, Olaf Morgan, prof psy and sociol- 
ogy '19 — , Luther Col, Decorah, la, and 
librarian Lutheran bur '20, 437 Fifth Av, 
NYC; (5) book editor Augsburg pub house, 
Minneapolis; dir reference library; higher 
ss survey, ts >bur, Noirwegian I/utheran 
church 'ir)-*19; dir el ss survey, *20; dir 
other surveys; pres Amer Luth StatlBtical 
Assn '17 — ; sec ed assn of Norw Luth 
Church '18- '20; (7) chrmn Minn com that 
sought to obtain credit for stnd wrk in re- 
ttirlon outside p ss; analysed present cm In 
religion at higher «s and lower; (8) t ed 
psy by experiment and practice; wrote in 
pre»H against lect meth at higher bs( (9) 
successfully urged centralization of control 
of higher and lower church Sfi plus locaUsa* 
tion of interest; (10) dir writing of liath 
bks for Luth ss; (11) see 5; made many 
statistical studies publ In chuTCh and secQ* 
lar press, books, campaign literature; (12) 
made surveys of ts «al« '17-'20, in'Strnmental 
in securing needed raise; (16) dir stite !■ 
trjrlng out what they leam In surreys* loeal* 
st, nail; *(18) tg effects of w<rk and fatigue, 
rest and sleep, food, exercise, fresh air, 
daily rhythm, system, temperance, prohibi- 
tion, etc; (19) see 5, 11; (20) analyaed Toet 
In census repts for study with ds; (22) 
prepared campaign material in ipart for |1,- 
500,000 Wittenberg drive; (23) prepared snr- 
vey blanks, about 100 pp ; (24) see 7 ; drafted 
resolutions for Wenner-Grary plan, NYC; 
(28) ' Principles of Expressive Reading, The 
Academy for Princes, The Open Bible, The 
Soul, A Christian Psy, Syllabus for Mend 
and Religious Training, Hist of Norwegian 
Ss; (29) 200 since '17 incl Fargo »18, bef 
2,000, Sioux Falls '19 bef 1,500, Mlnneapolii 
'20 bef 1,000; church attendance and refi^eus 
attitude survey, 4 pp, 14 heading*; (81) att 
r 2, spec 7, theol sem 1, bus 1, nor 1, col 5, 
pg 4; t r 1, private acad 2, ur h 5, voc 8, 
nor 1, col 2 ; field, see 5 ; war, sec Minn Luth 
com for soldiers' and sailors' wedfare. 

NORLIN, George, pres Colorado U, Boulder. 

NORTH CAROLINA, U of, Chapel Hill, N C; 
rept of Pres H W Chase for '19 uses mar- 
ginal side headings; incl under "addUtoaa 
and reorganization" s of commerce, director 
of music, health officer and publicatloBi 
editor; ext wrk incl 4-day eonf of st aad 
CO council attended by over 800 wrfcrs, 8 
ses daily for "consideration of proMcass 
affecting pub welfare"; new divirioil ef 
country home comforts and ooBTenleBeea 
which offers advice to rural eomms and fai« 
divlduals on devp of water power aad rap- 
ply, rural telephones, etc; 11 projects Al- 
ready being wrkd out; s of p«b welter* 
recmd [estab '20] "to train leaders and co- 
operate with supts pub welfare, R C wrkn, 
sees chambers commerce, bds of trade^ ■ 
systems, burs recreation" ; under "pzMent 
emergency" protests against improper KMlt- 
Ing, inadequate space and nrnrhnrdmej ts 
at unlv, urges erection of fao hoases ■• ta* 
vestment; "fac memis can not do best WTk 
when harrowed by. constant discomforts In- 

High Spots for Every School 

separable from inadequate houHlns": urgea ; 
higher gals for tac, "it profits s at little it , 
tbe nniT be crowded with Mob, equipped 
_ ..^ ._. .. [^,i„|,g ^,„ manaced as a 
»ra. BDd yet !■ laoklnK in the 
rce nhleh alone liHe It BboTe I 

f IndlT health. kwIbI hyg. i 

• to world B 

research In induA pernonnel 
nati profram or reilg ed, 
wrlt«rl dira and Ingtra in 
■ ' ' degree with 3 jri 

THhip di» 

ons eui^h as 
rowded cIb, 

in H4 pp, Incl phjB r 

health, lack of cla imi 

Seats reptif to phys dlr of probable (ailurea 
ue to possible phfs detect; dept ot conun 
muele ore; ursea farther eEpanelon In dept» 
of polltle* and BocJolocy; grad dean, Chariee 
L Raper. repts arad nine now enterlnK lucra- 
tive proteselone instead ot tg, "spirit ot 
• whotBrshlp and reaenrch la tempoTarUy 

taoBpltal : colot 
er coDdnete cla 
, 1 lU wkly tor t 

ch wrk required 
ueh Income fro 
ra ability to ob 

religious ed. 

reilBloai edl 
ml wrk after 

.w, eDgr. dentistry, 
admii, oratory, tbeol- 
sl dames wholarMJU 
a Amer hlei ^d cIti] 

5th J 

(radnatlon. SlS,tOO 
- gift. In stn 
hold praeUee, 
ition oi proteRB courtesy toward pa- 
'eqalred as well ae mantpulatlTe abil- 
rif cnmmcrcp haa S flImH— many tided 

noiaf* rather than applied ■ 

tn at yell 


B dlr, 1 

conf I 

W Walker, way; 

after artnlatii 

ting o 

ibjs. incl , - - - , 

1 mk In N C. mill Til- I 
lems. oountry lUiUraoy, 

i; eit dlr, Lewis H Wll- 
10 pp describes how "Immediately 
— '''*^-- iphAels wae chuifed tnMn 

particular acClTlty In v 

method Inveatigating whf 

■r, «ri^ "■">■'' "' •»*»" 

librules, seleoted 

_- _ — .ztemporaDBons spkc — 

"leainlDg to spk results ooly trim spkg; 
therefore oppfirtiinltlea to sok are glTen — 
designed to help men and women in businew 
by tK them to eipress their convIcUons In a 

1 etTectlve 


lonmtJoD. pub discussion and 
■tady crs, 175 lectures, social 
Tcya tool 14 apeo oo stodiee i 
sf St wide ranee ot wh 19 p 
prognua of wrk on st recons 

lems for at conm and N ^ , „,,„„ 

letter, municipal reference, ed aeslstance, 
(00 d roads 6-day Inatlt, 10.000 to 20,000 
eofilea of newa letter wkly; 11 other publ 
incl copies of resulta of at wide use ot atnd 
t«Ms (1,GOO to >S,000 for study ot d •■ In 
Orsnie Co; eit rept closes with 7 recmnd- 
tloni, Incl eetab s of eooial scl or pub wd- 

■unt of comn and dytc lite at uoIt. eatab 
Jrnl devoted to depta at unlv eit; boBlneiB 
ingr, Charles T Woollen, lUta 14 uMds ot 

NOKTHBOP, Wm P retired '18, prof pedia- 
trics, med dent, N T TJnly and^ Presbyter 
Hospital; 61 E 73rt St. N T C; b, 1-11-51. 

MOKTHWBSTEBN C, EvaDSton, 111 ; Cata- 
loguB Boctology era lacl soolal reform moye- 
mmta, rural eooioloty, eh welfare problems 
and aceneiea, pub health problem! and metb- 
ode; education, s SDrreyi Incl analyali aer- 
•ral typieal auney repta .oa-opsratlTe anr- 
rey of Eyaneton h; Mat Incl B Amer hUt. 
f Hexlc - 

NOBTOir. A — . , 

Park, N Y; b, 12-9-70; (5) ' 
I Col, '15-'lfl; Y M C A, A 
I reylTlne- Keuka col on all-yi 
■ ed S y r peoplen' aaae 
on pfiinl; (— ' 

'-■: (31)" 


)□ with h a S: wl 
Victory Loan, 

vement: (29) on ChrlB- 
, F b .1, anec 2. col 4. 
nr b a, col S: aupr ur 
ir spec 7; prln ur h t 

T M C A, i 

irOBTOir, Chariea P. ehencellor 

Biitralo. N " 
Kent, Me. 

, Port 

NOTES, Alfred, prof Princeton U, Prince- 
ton. N J; In "20 saye col atna 1> pleeea of 
"mbbtah poetry" and one of Shakespean^a 
■onnets from whieh they picked Bhak*- 
■peare aa worst; In widely quoted lecture! 
prophesied Inter alia ^ "Unless demopracj 
Is to fulflll the worst prophecy of the 
pessimists and snbmerire all the finer shade* 
of thooEhf, all the sahtler tones of boanty, 
la the gftn flood of half educated mediocrity, 
tyrannoualy ruled by little soyiets of the 
Tarlous bolshevistic and pseudo-literary co- 

hUt of West, hist of Hexlco, Cent Amtr and ; 
W Indlesi pbllotopby Mblea of Ilvlnr— vtnily ', 

this a 

t behoo 

a all c 
.t 111 \ivt1n.*.'' 


n'ho\s Who and Why in After-War Education 

Philadclpbiu, Pa: F M Garvor, hdmstr; 
(7) era is uutliiiod with aim of developing 
"keen iutclle<*t, vigorous body, ri^ht habits 
of wrk and thinkin;?. wholesome social at- 
titude".; (S) motivation: pu initiative; pro- 
ject and problem methods; e g arroup 3 in 
h ■ decided to change from regnlar mediae- 
val and mod liiHt orH to study of world war 
and causes, based on problems which they 
themselves propounded; 5 grd seoirraphy 
ds spent 5 wks Htudylnr suirar. Anally en- 
tertaining assembly with summary of tiielr 

OAKI^Y, Thomas Pollock, prof hist and ed 
'19 — , Hardin Col, Mexico, Mo; (5) asst prof 
hist, O Wesleyan U, '17-'19; actg prof hist, 
Bumr 8, U Ark; (8) preparing new appli- 
cation of problem meth in mediaeval and 
modern hist thru means of study questions 
to inculcate in stu thoughtful study, origin- 
ality, independence and application of les- 
sons of hist to present problems and duties, 
developing these habits in stu while study- 
ing instead of waiting till recitation; should 
help get away from rote wrk among hist 
Htus to more vitalized meths; (31) att ur ei 
8, spec 4, col 4, pg 2; t spec 2, col 7. 

OBBRHOL.SER, Robt M, supt Bordentown, 
N J; b, 9-18-91; (5) prin h s, Woodbury, 
N J ; with div psy in army ; (7) introd comrl 
crs in h s. 

OBERHOLTZER, E E, supt Tulsa, Okla, b, 
5-6-80 ; (6) Tulsa Spirit in Chamber Commerce 
bulletin, 3-'19, illus with heading like ed 
and vision, handling s finances, p ni s, voc 
wrk developing indiv, etc; "Tulsa prides 
herself on Betting aside tradition and launch- 
ing: her own progrram of p ed"; (7) new 
crs '20 headed "prepared under dir of supt 
and com of ts, suprs and prins"; Indus aims 
of manl tr incl t elements of Indus activi- 
ties, lay foundation for future selection of 
life career, broaden pus view of life wrk; 
grd crs In dom art; (8) 10 day deptl instit 
for opening of s yr '20-'21; subjs incl sig- 
nif of silent reading, improvement of study 
habits, economy in learning to spell, indiv 
dififs in s program, relation of t to comm 
life, uses and abuses of project meth, round 
tabie on admn, recent progress in city s, 
measuring efficiency of recit; (10) coms 
select so far as st permit*; (11, 12) see 6; 
Tulsa 8 liife, 4-p wkly ; citizen com ursred 
sal inc; ed Jrnls; (15) promotion by subJs; 
system of electives; reorg Jr h s; wkly 
paper S Life by stus of Journalism; home 
room activities incl ffettinip acquainted, stus 
irroup by native sts; (19) estab ni s, part 
time s; (20) spec crs in h a; (21) required 
crs in grd and h s, also socialized study and 
lab oiidos; home room discussions; assem- i 
biles as per spec list of suggestions by supt | 
incl ffet acquainted with Tulsa's resources, 
Investlirate Indus* need for gtM conservation, 
reasons why Tulsa will or will not con- 
tinue to develop, charitable wrk, room par- 
ties, outside hikes, contests, 1 big social 
event, stu self-sovt; (22) 12 auds and gyms 
erected for comm wrk; (23) org statistical 
degpt; (24) opposed measure for 6 mill levy 

becaijse no fruarantoe; advocated 8t survey ' 

and <'onstrui'tive s law; (28) Manual Arlth 
f<»r tH '10, 172 pp to show Iniliiuite and 
Important relation whleh arlth bears te 
other studies to be used as aapplenieiatary 
de^-ioe . . . unless arlth can become better 
means i»f understanding world about ns wt 
d<i n(»t Justify expenditure of eners^y nec- 
f>HHnry to master mechan processes" e g 
fed oenHUH can be used by t to support 
wrk in gtiog, hist and sel . . . besides riv- 
ing arlth its practical settinir ts should de- 
termine weakness and administer remedy for 
NtuH in this Hubj . . . much time is spent by 
ts in ui)per grds ''havlnir pus flsh for sols- 
tlonM of problems rather than for problems"; 
i'JM) bof Kotary, pt-t assn; (31) att r 6, r 
h ;{. nor 2, roi 4, pg 2; t r 5, r h 2, nor 2; 
f>upr r Ti, r h 3; supt 5. 

O'llARA, r C, pres, St S of Mines, Rapid 

City. S D. 


(1 Keps, 2 Dems), State House, Columbus, 
(); Senator I-'i-ank E Whlttemore of Akron, 
chrmn ; Assemblyman C C Crabbe, New Lon- 
don, stv; Don C Sowers, exec sec; C B Gal- 
brcath. editor; made co-op reorsr studies of 
St supported admn activities incl budget 
making, ed wrk in penal lasts and 40 ed 
repts by Instit for Pub Service; non-resident 
stus in O univs; Ohio's 3 univs; sal of 
Ht supt of pub instr; possible forward steps 
in O ed without reorff st dept of pub instr; 
St bd of s examiners; nor col or nor s; 
tenure of voluntary bds; tax asseflsmenics for 
s revenues: sugrirestions by co and city supts 
for Improving O ed; O st supported ed; 
st archaeological and hist soc; an art com 
for O; fac org; examining bds that should 
belong to ed dept; ann repts and cataloymes 
of O ed insts; phys ed at ss for blind and 
deaf; O st dept of pub instr; preTentlve 
ed as to subnormals; loan funds for stus 
preparing to t; medical and near-medical 
ools O St IT; representative st ed eowscil; 
interchangeable credit for wrk in O ss; st 
library comn ; col credit for co nor wrk; 
non-remunerative diversion of fac eneriry; 
shall O have a chancellor of ed; col of ed; 
remunerative wrk by faculties; O st pro- 
I'lsion for t tr; advt the rewards for ts; 
shall tg profession be subsidized; O co nor 
9s; finding positions for ts and ts for por- 
tions; unsettled ed problems in O; gnil S 
and grad work O St U; combined nor and 
Indus dept at Wilberforce U; sorresttens 
of O st faculties for O pub ed; •rg for 

OLDHAM, Stanley R, prln h 8, Norwood. 
Mass; b, 5-15-87; (5) prin Maine Central 
Instit; (9) ts els while t visits another; ws- 
siKrned criUcisms are made on aU sneh vlstts 
and given out to ts; (11) « paper Is pari of 
town paper; (13) fac come with 1 meni from 
sr els have charge of entertainmeni, assem- 
bly, improvement, auditing; (16) s credit 
viven for printing In local printing sfaop» 
library wrk in local library^ salesmaasldp 
wrk in local stores; (17) wiirelees club, scl 
club: (29) ds in voc Information, talks In 
assembly, trips to Indus plants and ss« lllo 
on voc information in library shelf of bosks; 
{2\) a\\ e\ect\oiiH in « by primary systsm; 

High Spots for Every School 

■tnw Tot* OB uti elMUona; (S2) fK rtm 
tloB> to parents br «!■; (25) »rkd oat at 
tMt on knirnlcdgc ot oae ot rcf blui (: 
lab muusl of Kng oomiiMltlon ; (31) att 
el 8, nr h +, col 4, pg 1: t ur h 7, col 
sopr ur h 7; otlier, Y M C A aecretaTr. 
OI.D8, Wm Edsmr, 

— ; b, B-22-S1; supt, i- . _ 

(T) pKjcct «rk m (Pd*i (S) full time prl- 1 
marr Bupr; (10) lospcrtittii uid trial by 
t* before adaption; (11) s paper; iiubllcity 

comm clTlPB league; as co-opernte wlHi elly 
council; (IS) tDlt-time ■ nnraei bcaltb «nr- 
vny: dental surveT. careful eiam of each 
pus teeth and rept sent tiome. togettieT witb 
pamphlet on care ol teelU; cleao-teeth cam- 
palsn In nrdi; (10) d1 «t In plantai (30) 
vac t«lka In s b; outside mw; bis brother 
and sister oonw, tram tar; (22) lyceum crs: 
EM:D.naba Comm Ed Bur; gym opened nls 
to h s pu9, ractorr and li ' 

OLT, Geerae RnsMll, dli eit deipc 'IT — , 
WUmliiKton Col, 2369 Slrntford At, ancln- 
natl, O; b. 'DS: (14) (bru eit wrk. appealed 
to b s stus; visited h *s wTrral mas. «1B- 
■.nltins sta«! (ID) eit wrk; I2T) lect In ap- 
ical for TOie on a lery ; |2S) mfieter's thesis 
Du EMhIrg of Trade tnlonisna! (26) Dutr of 
EdarMed Man, nC Co m mem I ; Alms of Bd, 
New Alms In Ed, Co-operation, Tarlona 
mtgs: 31) att nor and col i, pK -• > col 5; 
Bupr 1; other, minister. 

OMWAKE, GeorRe L, prei Urslnns col. Col- 
legevllle, Pn ; b, 7-13-71; (5) pres col prea 

service; dlr'fur ed,' Pa at council iiatl de- 
fense: (8) circulars and newspaper artels, 
popular appeals to keep cola and untva full 
■ ' ;.(11> aec dppt ed and publicity, For- 

1 Bui, Forward Moveii 

(12) secured bonusea and Inc 
rt; (18) made specialty 


scbalaralilps ; dent 

offered; budnesa men 

' clubs; (29) talks to i 

-- --; commomt talk e 

b 2. ur h 2, nor 2, 

col 3: 

OLJfSTEAD. Albert Ten Eyrk, prof blst and 
curator museum, U 111, 706 So Good- 
win Bt, UPbana, III; b, 3-23-80: (6) "my lite 
wrt baa been Intarpretlns orient to occl. 
dent" : maldns nmseum mare u«efDl to nDiT 
and ■ PD> of at! (7) muoli cl-e wtfc correlated 
wltb research: beginning correlation of pre- 
history with ancient: (11) as sec for middle 
west bran<?h of Amer Oriental Society, 
helped prepare profrrams and attract atten- 
tion nf non-orlentallBta : as museum curator, 
did similar wrk for St; (16) eneageil unoffl- 
olnllt In collecting mnlerlBl on Near Cast 
for Peace Cont, gave lects along suime lines: 
aa sec local Asiatic Society, working to bring 
together Astatic stns ot promise of fntnre 

Americans; (21) lect !n 8 A T C on War U- 
SDes and In che of civilian War Issues; (28) 
series of btIcIs In preparation for pirpular 
blst ol Assyrian Empire, almost complete; 
(29) frequent bef unlv comm, local groups, 
learned aocletlea; (31) att r i. ur el 3. ur 
b 4, col 4. pg 3; I spec 1, col 11; field, one 
yr In Jerusalem as fellow In s for Oriental 
( yr In Athens as fellow ' 

C for col; 1 

boarding t__ , , 

n on Intelligence Teeta; made 
test* In cols; (2C) secured 
:l Forward Movement budgt 
rch; (28) conlr and ed, Cen- 
Volume on John .H A Bomberger; 

.. law. Ken yon 
. , , - . -87 ; wrkd to se. 
Increased endowments for 2 Ky eols. 
OPDVCKE, JoliD B BoosoTelt H S. N Y C; 

Bx 3'l3. fndlanap'oflB, Ind ; b. 0-26-76; dem- 
iinetrailona of canning and use of food Bub- 
stltutes '17-18; wrkd tkrn pt-ts wsn to get 
narses and hot Innches In Ind to; helped In 
Valley Empire Campaign 
compaigTi, and at drive for 
" " -'. cb welfare, and 

ss, all time health 

'20. Ta week, ed 
s att; many talus 
health bef farmers' 

for cla«9lcnl studies: o 
ditlon to 
strudy ; war 

, . _ _s dlr of eipe- 
tor archaeological 

OI-F, Emeet Everett, mgr Flak Ts Age«cy, 28 
H Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, 111; b, 7-18- 
T6; (S) d!r Amer Col Bur; prea and gen 
mgr Natl Ts Agency; (12) org Amer Col 
Bur to whieh "rol and unlv pres come a* 
am goes ta doctor or lawyer tor professlniial 
adrice"; la planning Amer ed service bur, 
to -vrtilcb ts may go (or employment, maga- 
alne labacrlptlona, plans and parlies tor 
travel, investment. lyceum, voc irnldance, In- 
■uranee, legal advice, etc; (29) How Can Ts 
AgeiteT Bender Best Service, bef sectional 
IVtB, d<T)t Mipt, N E A. 

GH. C M, prea at nor s, Cbico. Cal, 
j'SHEA, M V, prof ed, n Wis, MadlBOD, Wis; 
editor. WU Jrnl Ed, etc: during war edltor- 
lii-chlef World Book, giving new maps, atudi 
plana and qnestlonB tot «^w. ■twm'o^s* w*> 
Sttbia •. \n "m 4\.wAt(i \ Wt'** <« 
te\nt\iis ^o "aw "^^ \.o1iWLt;& \ii 


Who\s Who and Why in After-War Education 

and iiHMsurement of voc aptitudes; dir dept 
c*h tr of Motb€r8 Magnzine and adviser to 
M(»tlier8 Congress and Pt-t Assn. 

OTIS, Artiivr. devp specialist, war dept, Camp 
Orant, 111; b, 'm; (5) dir psy research, of- 
fice surgeon-gen, Washington, D C; in 
charge group psy examining, Camp I^ice, Va ; 
psychologist Cheney Hros silk miU-s, S Man- 
chester, Conn; (15) prepared Intel te«tH; dlM- 
covered new forniala for correlation, new 
methfl of ftmoothinir curves of diHtrib, Kimpll- 
flcatlon of methtt of partial correlation, new 
meUis of flndlnip relationship bet 'i variables, 
meths of weigrbting t«st8 in scale; (2S) gen 
Intel exam for but»ineHH initts; '20 edition 
manl directions for primary and advanced 
exams, Otis Group Intel Scale; Absolute 
Point Scale for Group Measurement of Intel 
in Jrnl Ed Psy, 5 and 6-'18; Criticism of 
Yerkes- Bridges Point scale with Alternative 
Suggestions, in Jrnl Ed Psy 3-'17: Relia- 
bility of Binet Scale and Pedaipogifal 
Scales, Jrnl Ed Research; Do We Think in 
Words, in Psy Rev ll-'2o; (31) att ur el 8, 

OTRICK, Charles O, co BUi)t '14 — , Jonesboro,. 
Ill; b, 1-23-78; (11) items in local papers; 
booklet, namefl of honor pus; (14) send let- 

ters to h 8 and 8th rrd grmdm urging prof 
tr; (IS) enforce sanitation law; eleaa «p 
day twice jr; (27) prises for vpell, artth, 
penmanship eonte«t«; (SI) att r 9, spec 2 
0-wk terms, nor 6 terms, col 4 terms ; t r 14. 
ur h 4, col 4, pg 4; t ur h 2, pg 14. 

OWEN, Arthur L, prof Spanish *16 — , U Kan. 
Lawrence, Kan: b. 1-9-85; (6) aasoc prof 
Romance langs *17-'l8; (7) caused to be cre- 
ated new dept of HiieFpanic langs, '18; en- 
rollment inc 189-694-707 in *20; (10) chrmn 
com on Span texts to s^ect list for approval 
by St textbk comn, '17; (11) founded Kan 
chapt of Amer Assn of Ts of Span, '19; 
pres •19-'20, •20-'21; (14) candidates for A Si 
in Span. U Kan '17, none, in '20. 6, all ts or 
future ts; (28) edited Martinez de la Rosa's 
La Conjuracion de Venecia, '17; Spoken 
Span in the U, in Hlfi^ania, 11-'19; edition 
(xorostlza's Contlgo pan y cebolla, in press; 
Ts of Span and French, in Kan T, 3-'17; 
(29) prcs addr, Kan Chapt '20 and Spftn Ts 
Responsibility* bef ann mtg of Amer Assn 
of Ts of Span, '20; (31) att nr el 7, nr h 4, 
col 4, pg 4; t r h 1, ur h 1, col 12; sn<pr col 2. 

OWEN, William B, prcs Chicago Nor S, Chi- 
cago. 111. 

PACK, Fred J, prof i?eol, V I'tah. Salt Lake 
City, Utah; b, 2-2-75: (28) Tobacco and Hu- 
man Etflciency; (29) lectures on tobacco evil; 
(31) att ur h 3, col 4, pjr 2; t col 14. 

PAGE, Edward Carlton, prof history, North 
111 St Nor S, DeKalb, 111; b, 5-29-63; (8. 19, 
27) estab working museum of hist, collec- 
tion of thousands of artels showinjr "how 
men have met problems which have con- 
fronted them" ; moRtiy Amer, covering every 
period of hist; acquired nearly entirely by 
gift and loans; kept open at all hours; 
curios freely loaned to ts, pus, and citizens; 
(28) artels for Historical Outlook, Visual 
Ed, etc; Working Museum of Hist, in North 
111 St Nor S Quar, XV, 3, 29 pp ; (31) att ur 
el 8, spec 4, col 4, pg 3; t r 2, spec 2, nor 
21. col 5; supr 5; war, 4-min man. 

PAINTER, Walter S, supt '17 — , Mt Vernon, 
Ind; b, 8-30-78; (5) supt CJrown Point, Ind; 
(8) class period divided — part recitation, part 
supr stu ; problem assignments; (12) sal 
scale based on prep, growth, instr ability 
and conununity value; (13) ts Join in s 
mngmnt by means of mtgs, coms, unsigned 
requests and suggestions; (14) 25 '20 grads 
att nor ss; (16) 1 hist period wkly for natl, 
st and local prob; (22) new s bid has com- 
munity room for plays, programs, etc, not 
a mere auditorium; (23) instAlled office and 
statis record book ; (27) secured adoption 
large bid program, with large grounds and 
athl field near jr and sr h s bids; (31) att 
r h 4, col 4, pg 4 terms: t r 4; supt ur el 
and ur h 13; acad prln 3. 

PAIjMEB, Aaron, supt, '06 — , Marshall- 
town, la; b, 12-26-00; (7) mimeographed 
crs publ by grds: constantly wrkd over; 
(8) lects by noted educators; study in 
circles: mlmeog circulars of meths and 
•nggestiona; (10) teacts tried out with els 
before adoption; (11) ann rept, '19, 86 pp; 
lists 215 professional bks and 27 papers at 
disposal of ts: tables of retardation and 

failures; describes aims and meths in all 
h 8 subjit; gives result of surveys lunong 
pus as to wrk with Boys Working Reserve, 
parents vocations, pus desired Tocailons, 
pus thrift, pus reading, pus progress tn 
citizenship, pus patriotic serrloe; almniil 
survey; circular giving reasons for bond 
issue; (12) housing problem strfved by ad- 
vertising early in August for suitable rooms 
for ts; inc sal; (13) stu oounoil in h s; 
suggestions of any clsrm t considered for 
betterment of s; (14) successful alumni 
employed in ss after 2 yrs training and 
experience elsewhore; (15) extra cnrric wrt 
for bright pus: (10) civics t by lab meCh; 
debating and Joumalistic wrk; s gardens; 
poultry clubs ; (17) war wrk ; of 696 stos 
wrking during sumr, 347 have bank aeets; 
Bible els, without credit at Y M C A dnrlng 
noon hour wkly, have attendance of 200; si- 
milar els for girls; (18) s nurse; phys exam 
and follow up; s dentist and free dental 
clinic; health crusade wrk carried on by 
phys od dept; (20) study of voe oiTies; see 
11: (21) Americanism basis of elTies wrk; 
(22) bids kept sanitary; grounds improved; 
^rass plots for play: apparatus; (25) stad 
tests used; (26) carried bond issue for new 
h and grd bids; (27) cooperation of churches, 
clubs, Y M C A and Y W C A; (28) see 11; 
(31) att ur h 4, nor 1, col, pg; t r 1; supt 85. 

PALMER, Frank II, editor Education and 
pres The Palmer Co, 120 Boylston St., Bos- 
ton, Mass; b, 3-6-53; (6) thru mo editorials 
in Education ; also artel 10-'19 on Bepreosion, 
Impression and Expression in Prooess of 
Education; (28) co-author. Outlines of dUMnn 
Civics, loose-leaf covers, punched and egre- 
letted to receive Outlines and pu own wrk; 
(29) on Humaneness and other subjs; (81) 
att spec, col, pg; t col 2; other, pastor 
Cong'l churches in N Bng, '80-'96; org The 
Palmer Co, Ed Publishers, *01 in Me, reorg 

High Spots for Every School 


'04 in Maeu; treas and mgr umtil '10; now 


PAIiMER, Ja»per T, prin '14 — , Mt. Vernon, 
N Y ; b, 6-6-82 ; (8) project in«tfa of tg, svpr 
study; (13) pv <^s orgB and s orir; (15) 
''indiv help" period follows recitation, dif- 
ferentiated crs In intermediate s ; (18) R C 
nurse, health clubs; (19) stus instr in ed op- 
portunities of city and urged to expl thmn 
at home; (20) voc and moral snidance card 
filled by pus with comments by ts; 2 folders, 
Information for Parents, Differentiated Crs, 
showing ffuidingr prins in selectinir acad, 
oomrl or practical arts crs at s; rraph con- 
trasts net earnings of men who left s at 14 
and 18, list of questions to gauge pu fitness 
for each crs, list of vocations for which each 
ers will fit pus; (21) mayor, chief police, etc, 
spk at assembly mtirs; (22) home and s 
assn : (26) Inc sals and s equip ; (28) artels 
in ed jrnls; (31) att r, ur el, ur h, nor, pg; 
t r. ur el : supr ur el ; war, local chrmn 
W S S wrk. 

PAIiHTER, Thomas W, pres, Ala Polytechnic 
nstitute and Col for Women, Montevallo, 

PARK, Jame« W. prof ed, Adelphi Col, 
Brooklyn, N Y; b, 2-28-76; (5) instr Brook- 
lyn Branch Col C N Y; (14) by stressing 
need of col bred women as ts in el grds; 
(21) conducted els to tr ts to wrk among 
foreign adults of N Y st; (29) talks on 
Americanization ; (31) att r 8, ur h 4, nor 4, 
col 4, pg 1 ; t spec 4, col 13 ; supr spec 1. 

PARK, W Louis, prin h s, Freeville, N Y, 
. '20 — ; (5) U S A '18-'19 ; prin Sardinia, N Y; 
(18) med exams with follow up wrk ; (21) 
patriotism t by formation similar to "re- 
treat" in army. 

PARKER, John A, atty at law in civil life, 
major Judge advocate U S A, 30 Whitehall 
St, N Y C; b, 11-23-77; trustee U N C; '19-'20. 
contrlb some bks to 2 b s libraries in N C. 

PARKSR, Mary E, bd dept household admn. 
Western Reserve U, Cleveland, O: (7) org 
4-yr cris in houseHtiold admn leading to B S 
degree, at Western Reserve; stus with addi- 
tional yr's wrk may receive B A. 

PARK£R, Willard Nathan, ed Wisconsin Jrnl 
Ed, Madison, Wis; b, 4-10-60; (5) sec, co 
council defense; spec agt in chairge U S dept 
Justice, western dist Wis; (11) rives editorial 
publicity to t growth, voc guidance, Ajneri- 
canization^ ed legis; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 3, 
col 4; t and supr ur h 9; field, st h s in- 
spector, Wis, '99-'03; war, see 5. 

PARKS^ Marvin M, pres Ga 'Sor and Indus 
Col, Mllledgeville, 6a. 

PARR, Samuel Wilson, prof applied chem, U 
111, Urbana, 111; b, 1-21-57; (28) The Chem 
Exam of Water, Fuel, Flue Gases, etc, er« 
for engr stus; (29) Some Developments in 
Chem Industries as Result of War Condi- 
tions, ann addr bef society of Sigma Xl, U 
la, 2-13-'18, printed in Science, 4-26-'18; (31) 
t r 2, ur h 2, col 35 incl pg 20. 

PARSONS, I«dward Smith, pres. Marietta Col, 
Marietta, O; (5) ed sec, Y M C A, Camp 
Meade; asso sec, war personnel bd, natl war 
wrk council Y M C A, '17-'19. 

PARSONS, WiUtom W^ prei 0t nor s, Terre 
Haute, Ind 

PARTRIDGE, George E, 6 Charlotte St, Wor- 
cester, Mass; b, 5-31-70; (28) The Psy of 
Nations, '19, dlMUCuses ed problems from 
standpoint of psy of nations; unpubl, S and 
Art, attemipt to wrk out principle of aesthet- 
ics; Philosophy and the S, study of funda- 
mental ed principles. 

P.ATCH, Xklith M, entomologist, Me agr exn 
sta, Orono, Me; b, 7-27-76; (19) in writing ea 
books and artels which give In readable and 
interesting form, scientifically accurate in- 
formation In entomology, ornithology and 
botany, embodying study of nature, ed for 
conservation; (28) Little Gateway to Science 
Series, inol Hexapoid Stories '20; (31) att r 5, 
ur el 3, ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t ur h 1, col 1; 
war. leader in ext wi;k along spec insect 

PATTEN, Wm, prof biology, Dartmouth Col, 
Hanover, N H; b, 3-15-61; (5) v p sect F, 
Amer Assn Advanced Sci ; (7) dir new crs in 
evolution required of all freshmen; opening 
lect Larger Aspects of Growth; defines sei 
as "man's deliberate efforts to discover truth 
and use it constructively"; (28) Grand Strat- 
egy of Evolution; Social Philosophy of 
Biologi«t; (29) Message of the Biologist, bef 
section F, Amer Assn Advanced Sci, St 

PATTERSON, Chaimer N, prof physics and 
ed, Albany Col, '19 — , Albany, Ore; b, 
8-7-91; (5) war research, NYC, '17-'19; 
(14) advising stus as to their fitness for 
teaching, keeping out undesirable; (19) col 
ext wrk and religious ed thru st Christian 
Endeavor, which offers crs in C B meUiods, 
Sunday S methods, church hist, etc, often 
leading to other phases of ed ; (21) b scout 
wrk; (29) to returned soldiers, C B mtgs; 
col ext lect; (31) att r 8, r h 1, nor 3, col 4, 
pg 1; t r 2, r h 1, ur el 1, col 1% ; supr 1; 
war, war research. Western Elec lab, N Y. 

PATTBBSON, Herbert, dean, s of ed, Okla A 
& M Col, Stillwater, Okla, '19 — ; b, 2-17-87; 
(5) prof ed, Dakota Wesleyan U and dir 
sumr s, *13-'19; (8) introd practice teaching 
for all srs in s of ed ; (18) required crs in 
s hygiene; (19) evening class in ed for ts 
at Mitchell, S D; (28) Thirty Contests in 
Spelling, '20 — ithoro drill in contest form of 
"1000 commonest words in Bug writing**, 
with stnds for each grd ; H S Curriculum, in 
S and Soc, 12-28-18; Common Sense and Ts 
Contracts, in S and Soc, 11-8-19; How Can 
Ability of Stu-Ts be Measured? in Ed Adm 
and Supr, April, '20; (29) on ed subj bef ts, 
patrons and citizens in S D, Okla, and Wy; 
(31) att r 4, ur el 4, ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t ur 
h 2, col 7; dean 1, dir sumr s 7; war, prof 
S A T C. 

PATTERSON, John Letcher, dean *08 — , col 
of arts and sci, U of Louisville, Ky; b, 6-10- 
61 ; (7) combdned degree courses profesisional 
and pre-'professional ; (11) letters In Nation, 
editorials and news in local papers; (22, 24) 
■ helped secure permissive legis and city vote 
for $1,000,000 bond issue at Louisville for 
col arts and sci; (28, 29) plan suggested for 
org of cols and univs for natl service dUT- 
ing the war, 1-'18, 22 pp, in addr before 
higher ed sect, Ky Bd Assn, 4-*18 of wMc.^ 
dir of Amnix Cavi^oSV qw^^ ^^^"^'*^'^^^^^'!^.. 

tt'hn's Who and Why in After-War Education 

llonn wblcb I>F)ii I' 

I I'atterniiri tinJ mude"; (311 

..- .; iinpr li » a, «|«c 0; dean . 

vol 10; war, imli lervlM ri^ivrTc. spkr tao<I 
iidmn and sur iuitIdii*, t 'p IVrmannit Bllud 
lUtlWt War PiiiKl for Kaldlerri »iid Kailorx: 
other awt V ]> Awn Coin nnd Si-condnry Wi 
i>f 8o Btate.'i '19-'20, counselor to fedcrul 
board «wJpnt». i 

I-ATTKBSON. tdunnrl Wbltf, Jtt aunt and htl 
rli-pt Eiiit, -Jl) —. S Y Tr B for Ts, X Y C; 
l.-.i t lie WIU Clinton H S '00- '20, and Bumr 
■H-H llunt<>r D>I ']0-'20: <S) at cbnnn bd b 

Ir.iadiT i-d ImhIh: (201 nlMmiitwl too inld- 
K thro ■ publteatloBi 1 ^-^-' — ■- - 


C «■! s 

1 mm with Teoch 

t Col 1 

rMlirlnuii wplfsre lliieH; I2g| nrtda Ts Ens 
to Ferrlciwr* In SHon Sn; II H IrtHtja, Its 
flapr ud PaxHlbllUtem lUl war, asaC dlr 
BMVic^ biir, mPin staff cd isrvice, Walter 
Iti«4 MlIU flosp. 
l-ACL. FnHi<4a K J. )jrln Dp Witt Clintnn 
H S. iMb at & ]Otb At, X Y C; b. S-ta-Tl; 
lli] wlrJi l« ta n'orklng on What la it jirad «f 
!>• WIH dlntan, 1 e wbat qunlltlea ht Kbonid 
■- iinilness, SPhftliiMblp, prepara- 


- .oth . 

; rPBiilallnns iiK?! t 

iu<I f 

. variation*! rennli . 

for tlM«nMl*(« nuuitnKS of allnnloitt and 
■• nadllT STallal>l(, pni|>baslH tw-op 

or study Is easy lo bini, whether 

vlaniil iireJHrnt^iiloii, worklnn tlirn problem 
atep by alpp, rcppallnj; ;iload. nritlnn out 
solutinn : reqnirr i>ua to And appllrMion for 
wbM tbrj- ttadr; dlsconrnBe cncliBure atti- 
tude of jiii vbo knon-R It all and (tire bim 
rapec aim^iult tusks: enenurage ladlvidunlitr 
of pu In 0Ter}- way. do not t>f Impatient 
with an bone«t opialan CTcn It it b« mla- 
taken; fnr bonie !<tudy do not niolgn more 
than yint can be erjicoted to tpsf in follnvr- 
ing rceltation ; rmphsalte prepsratlen in 

deMrablr qualltte* In rerltatlnDK. H hea'di. 40 
iBdexea; (9) ref[Ulrln(( supr to cIth certain 
nnmber period* per mo to each t; require 
that t be told ot aupm oplnjonn; require 
evlden« nt ttdviee and BBBlMance jtlven! |]U) 
fhrma and ts enTOiirnped to select honks 
that irtll l)eat serve own needs; (11) mta 
TopOFtem einb wltb fnc mem prepares nrtcis 
for local preas; 1 boy each trm enitafred by 
1 dallr to represent It bi »; (121 perannally 
assist candidate for high positions; en- 
courages co-oip In purchases --■* "■- ' — 
elub; gels and ujtes ts view 

I at bend n-ltli nnnnd names 
nn. bank. bonk. cfiEnnlatry oCBee, gen omcc. 
lale, 4Mnploynieiit, mlmpogrnph, llhtacy. re- 
'Pnrt(<m. traffic, Innch room; vor gntd r«c- 
anuneodotians a* It aucKeatlon from any 
Boanvi (14i 1 t baa apec duty nt advlilns 
aad cBCouraclajt elitlble pnai peraonall.r ad- 
vises 4>ay9 to t who show desirable qaall- 
tle« and Indicates best suhjs to choose; flrat 

Hquad syM«in derel 
ablUty; acute natl 

Iran anbj If 
9 U, IQUd 

itary wrk In Ebk aad 

lutaged to suggest acM- 
' raadnct 1 ot bla awa 
ithl enconraKed eapec 

heading ton-ard Jou 

Amer lit; ■ 

In KUbi. « 

I i^ornoon est tor adatta 
nicn n s toe can aff^i (20) t ■■- 
. _ . . . oe guid, reqnlnBenta aad oppar- 
taoltle* at dIJf »l]lnsi aaaJyaed tor paat 
pHites loe-113 of Red Bcok S^ i S Incl anbjs 
requlreil tor grndnntlon and otbara adrtaad; 
star Indicates great Inrpoctance, donble star 
even greater Im^ortaace mid that stn abonld 
i^ndeavur to nltalu highest posalble pro- 
flclency: failure to do well In atarred crs U 
liKllcatlon of probable nnlltnesa for the toc 
in which case pu sbould give serlons con- 
-- .. . ... ._. __, jjjj^ 

I policies : 
■InbH with 

Hiderntion t 

H tg; (21) con™ civlca dvable i ,.. 

Important for law, Journallsni, putMe aarrlce 
or poUtics, starred for sanitary engrlng and 
advised tor aH prolMiriaDst praetlfld lnwl 
ment of current events and stn SOTt pla* 
■quail ers prepare for participation la clll- 
aenahlp! (22) nearby el as lurlted to attend 
rnnrerta, tnovnlg picture eibtbltioDS sl^en 
under auspices ot s gen org; b ■ ataa aaat 

courts, supplementary to clsnn'lnatrf (28) 
many aids used; constautly rerislng; bcl]»cd 
fiernrc credit for arternuon h • writ; sronp- 

ing pus from el sa, assignment to proper 
IS. Litid modification ot crs baaed larcdr 
upon Intel tents; <2T) prizes for apec abUltles 
and lielp for needy stus; (28) rertewed bk 
Principles of Secondary Ed for Bd It«Tlew; 
(20) on Modern ir S and Snpr Btady. Co- 
lumbia U '18, '19; nn How to Choasa a H 8, 
el s commctuts; (31) at-t ur cl 7, Col 4, M 6; 

h in; supr nl h 4; 1 s rngmut" at N Y II 4 
irros, lecturer instil of Sci Study S yia, 
Newark Insllt of Ar«s and Scl 30 lectures, 
(Queens Ts Assn 2 era; war, commissioned 
eapt tor tr wounded soldiers, arnilBttce lire- 
vented assignment. 
■.Vtll., JoRbua Hucbes, prof natural scl, U 
Utah. »ait Lake City; h, 1-20-63; (3) ex- 
plained to Utah ts and conventions ■ubataiice 
and meoning now embodied in 64 pp bulle- 
tin, Ilnme Beadlnji tor Boy Scouts, Cans 
Fire Olrls. Tbelr Parents and Otberi; CT) 
helped St comn prepare present c 

; (S) d 


Lake City and other ss: (10) belped s 
select texts nn sci and nature studj 
averages fortnightly artel local papn 

High Spots for Every School 


maffaxine(»; (15) nature meth one of best for 
giving each pu kind and amount of wrk 
suited to abilities; (16) stady of nature by 
direct observation afield is one best examples 
of learning by doln^r; bearing upon con- 
nervation of natural resources is always 
brouffbt out^ forests^ water snpply, etc; (17) 
active advocacy of, and participation in» out 
door stndy by te and pns, field trips, b 
scout hikes and excursions; (18) war on 
typhoid fly taken up by nature study dept 
12 yrs ago still waging; (19) ^ub lects illus 
by bird, plant, and insect specimens to edu- 
cate pub to advantages and attractiveness of 
direct observation of more obvious forms of 
natural environment; (20) see 19; bearing: of 
field investigations of weeds, insects, birds, 
etc, on agr is often emph; (21) see 29; (24) 
artels '19 urging constit amendment to tax 
Utah mines; amendment carried, and mines 
now taxed with resulting benefit to ss ; (29) 
see 19, 21 : '18- '20, Why America Pierhts, The 
War as Viewed at U, Answer to Scriptural 
Pacifists; (31) att ur el 8. nor 2. col !), pg 
7: t ur h 10, nor 20, col 0; supt 14; field, in- 

PAULINE, Mary, pres St Elizabeth Col, Con- 
vent Station, N J. 

PAULJNE, M, pres St Mary's Col, Notre 
Dame, Ind. 

rAUL»I», Charles H, bur voc guidance, Har- 
vard U, Cambridge,, Mass; b, 5-9-88; (7) 
prepared lessons in Indus Eng for adult for- 
ei^rners in tanning, paper-making and rub- 
ber; (29) Opportunities for Handicapped 
Men in Rubber Industry two R C bulletins, 
series 11, No 1 and 9, with bibliographies, 
lists of mfg firms and lists of operations re- 
lated to disabilities. 

PAWLOWSKI, Felix W, assoc prof, aero- 
nautical engr, U Mich, Ann Arbor, Mich ; 
(7) aided in establishing l»t regular crs in 
aeronautical engr; (31) t col 8, incl pg 5; 
war, aeronautical engr, U S army, war dopt, 
Washington, D C. 

PATNB, Arthur Frank, hd dept trade and 
Indus ed, '17 — , U Minn, Minneapolis, Minn ; 
b, 12-2-78; (5) asst supt. dir voc ed, Johns- 
town, Pa '15-'17; (lo) showed necessity for 
scientific determination of capacities, char- 
acteristics and aptitudes by making job and 
occupation analyses; (19) org els in fac- 
tories, part-time els, foreman training els; 
(20) formulated 9 propositions adopted by 
Natl Soc Voc Guidance; (27) mfg assns and 
employers help; (28) magazine artds on In- 
dus ed ; (29) about 40 in st ; (31) att r 2, col 
5, pg 1; t col and pg 12; supr nor 9; supt 2; 
field, surveyor NYC Indus ed survey; war, 
hd training labor sect, Phila ordnance dept, 
•war dept; exec sec NY st milit tr coran ; 
other, pres and sec voc ed section N E A. 

PATNE, B B, pres, George Peabody Col for 
Tb, Nashville, Tenn. 

PATNE, B George, prin Harris Ts Col, St 
Louis, Mo; (6) crs based upon attainment 
of apedflo social ends such as health, thrift, 
aecidwat prevention; program has been 
adopted by Natl Safety Ouncil and put 
tiito M of 29 cities in '20; (7) accident pre- 
ventiioB taught without adding to number 
•nbjs but by slightly changini; character 
required in eaeh subject; (8) tg acci- 

dent prevention improves tg by providing 
proper motivation in more formal snbls; 
helps make po8«ible project meth; used in 
connection with Bng, hist, civics^ arlth, 
ethics, drawing, reading and others; mimeog 
bulletins for ts and els showing serioua 
accidents e g standing in gutter waiting 
for chance to cross, climbing wagon in mo- 
tion, Jay walking, running in front of street 
car, t«ising dog; (11) see 28; (13) stu corns,, 
incl accident prevention com, in charge gen'* 
welfare of s; (15) obj is to reconstruct 
whole el s currlc from pt of view of needa 
of indiv as social unit; (16) in civics ds, 
com appointed visit coroner's court, rept to 
els and lead discussion of purpose; in Eng, 
els. wrk in oral expression, dramatization 
and pantomime strengthened ; in arlth pu» 
study accident statistics and make graphs 
and problems; (18) program used in tg 
physiology: (21) see 16: (27) Natl Safety 
Council adopted natl prevention program ; 
said 7-19-'20, strength of crs is that it 
"does not call for additional study in al- 
ready overcrowded cijirric but simply pro- 
vides for use of safety material in each ■ 
branch already taught"; (28) Kxperiment in 
Bd in Accident Prevention, in El S JrnI 
l-'20: Experimental Reconstruction of Ts 
Curric in Harris Ts Col, in S and Society 
10-2-*20; Ed in Accident Prevention, textbk 
'20, 176 pp, illus, 11 chapts incl economics 
of accident prevention ; tg accident preven- 
tion thru lang. drawing, arith; stenographic 
rept of typical lessons; program in panto- 
mime, cuts; 8 org for accident prevention; 
safety a i>ositive force. 

PEACOCK, J I^, pres Shaw U, Raleigh, N C. 

PEABCE, H J,* pres Brenau Col, G-ainesville, 

PEARCE, Wm, pres '12 — . 0;-'<len Col, Bowl- 
ing Green. Ky : (7) reduced time required 
for completing crs from 4 to 3 yrs: (131 
made plans for stu govt: (14) recruited six 
young men in past yr; (17 » atlil, debating, 
social matters; (19) condm-tod cla outside s; 
(31) att r 10, r h 2, col 4 ; t r 7, r h 2, spec 
1; supr 4; pres col 8. 

PEARSE. Carroll G, pres St Nor S, Milwau- 
kee, Wis; editor The Amer S with daily 
issues at N E A supt mtgs. 

PEARSON, F B, st supt instr Ohio »16-'20; in 
Dec. 19 appointed st com for first st Teach- 
ers Week; publ high spots in Ohio ss and 
high spots in st depts ed in collaboration 
with jt legis com on adnin reorg ; residence 
Columbus, O. 

PEARSON, Henry C, prin Horaf-e Mann S, 
Ts Col, Columbia U, N Y C. 

PEARSON, Raymond A, pres la St Col of 
Agr and Mech Arts, Ames, la. 

PECHSTEIN. L.ouis AuRustufi, prof and hd 
dept psy and ed '16 — , T' Rochester. Roches- 
ter, N Y; b, 10-30-88: (8) crs of tr directly 
arranged for city s prins, kg dirs. primary 
ts; (9) training experts in measuring results, 
helpeii Kuide rcHearch undertakings, espec in 
reading:, and relation of intelligence to oc<^U- 
lemti of leadernblvk Vw ^ %^» ^\v»«V5j«%s»»., *'^^-x 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

army pay data as point of departure; (21) 
as dir div of ext tg, prepared co-operative 
t tr wrk bet U and st d«pt ed; (25) helped 
local prins and ts interpret their results; 

(28) artels in psy J mis and N Y St Ts 
Jml; (29) 24, on ed or psy during past yr 
to women's clubs, 6 commcmt addr, ts assns ; 
(31) att ur el 4, ur h 4, nor 1, col 3, pg 3; 
t r 1, ur el 3, ur h 1, nor 2, col 6; war, capt, 
S C, U S A, '18-'19; cbief ed service, USA 
Gen Hosp 11 and 10. 

PECHTEL., M J, supr prin '14 — , Secaucus, 
N J; b, 2-8-86; (11) thru newspapers; (12) 
revised sal sched; (13) some socialized reci- 
tations; els sovt; cl« dismissed one hr earUer 
on Fri if wkly avy of 08% att and no tardi- 
ness; (14) urge stu take ts tr course in h s; 
(15) wrote pamphlet teaching percentage re- 
view wrk for weak 8th grd pu; (18) med 
insp; health clubs in each els rm; (21) crs 
of citizenship every s; (22) mothers' mtgs 
and pt-t mtgs; (23) age grade t^ble wrk 
begun ; keeps file record system of stu and 
ts; (25) has used stnd tests. 

PECK, Wm B, supt Holyoke, Mass; (8) h s 
Eng wrk separates 20 wks Ut from 20 wks 
composition each yr instead of combining 
them; periodicals introd; (16) wrk in manl 
tr, home econ, music; (18) health dept; hyg 
in jr h s and grds; crs in hygr and pre- 

..ventive medicine in h s; *phys ed; (19) ni ss 
crs incl basketry wrk, mechanical drawing, 
home econ, En^r for foreigners, Amer and 

PEIXOTTO, BHdi^et Cta.ulfleld. prin '18 — . 
p s 96-45 Queens, South Ozone. L I. N Y: 
b. 9-5-77; (5) t in chg p s 64 Queens; (7) 
practical nature study, bees, birds, agr. irar- 
den dubs, project jcardei^s; (8) project 
meth; (13) s city; (14) tries to keep pu-t 
and systematize assignments: (17) nature 
study; (20) guidance in choice of h s thru 
questionnaire; (21) promotes thrift, b scout 
org, g. scout org, s city, jr R C: (31) att 
nor 4, ext wrk about 1000 hrs; t ur el incl 
supr 9; ur h ni 10. 

PBNDIiETON, Ellen F. pres Wellesley Col, 
Wellesley, Mass. 

PENICK, Daniel A, prof classical langs, IT 
Tex, Austin, Tex; b, 9-7-69; (5) prof Oreek 
to 9-l-*20; asst dean sumr ss: hd corr div, 
dept of ext since l-l-'20, U Tex; (16) h s 
addr on Leadership : (17) unpaid coach var- 
sity tennis team ; (19) promoted corres wrk 
by indivs and groups; introd ext centers 
in other Texas cities; (28) working on 2 
classical artels, one in press: (29) see 16; 
(31) att r 1, ur el 2, ur h 2: col 4. pg 5: 
t ur h 2, asst prin 1, col 22 : war, mem 
Amer Protective League; 4-min speaker. 

PENNEY, Mark Embury, dean Ts Col, Syra- 
cuse U '17 — . 1.37 Buckingham Av, Syra- 
cuse, N Y; (7) after study of lit from ts 
cols all over country, built crs for Syra- 
cuse in music, art, and ed leading to B S 
degree recognized by comr higher ed at 
Albany; built 4-yr crs in phys ed leading 
to B S; built l-yr crs pub hyg and health 
preparing grad nurses to wrk in p ss; 
aid^ in revision requirements for tr h s ts. 

FJBuriiiriNOTOlf, "Levi T, pres Pacific Col, New- 
If^r^, Ore. 


Harrisburg, Pa ; in 11-'19, held ed oonsreet 
to "consider existing fundamental ed needs 
. . . and to determine what noiodlfloaitiMis 
. . . ehould be made im meet ttiem**; publ 
Proceedings of Ed Congrress, 671 pp, '20; 
conf recmnded centralization of control in 
hands of st officials, inc sals, continuation 
and Jr h ss, close correlation bet ■ and col, 
cooperation bet health dept and dept pub 
inetr, medical exams; t-tr sect reoonunemded 
that as rapidly as possible st nor as require 
4 yrs h s wrk for entrance and provide 4-3rr 
ere for srad, that all certlfloation of ts be 
placed with st dept; ed measurements sect 
recmnded central a^renoy for enconrasrement 
of sci study of ed problems, that nor st 
acquaint stus with practical l>eiieflte and 
how to use and grive ed tests, that wherever 
tests and measurements are used deAnite 
program be introd to grive results perm^ 
nent and constructive value; music sect 
recmnded estab of music com to act in ad- 
visory capacity to st supr of muaie; health 
ed sect recmnded health inspection, exams 
and care of all ch, comprehensive program 
of health ed, incl provisions for pliys ac- 
tivities for t>oth boys and girls; mental hyg 
sect recmnded classification of nor ch into 
homogenous groups for better tg, dropping 
low grd defective ch from p s and cairing 
for them in st institutions, voc tr for higher 
grd defectives; Amer sect recmnded crea- 
tion dept of Amer in office of at supt, ade- 
quate provision to reach all non-Bng spkg 
adults; r ed sect recmnded preparation of 
st el crs study spec adapted to r ss, that 
st make min equip requirement for all 1-rm 
ss and aid in procuring same, that ann 
conf of CO supts be held under direction of 
st supt, that CO supts be given adequate 
help in order that they may give r 88 
closer supr; hist and social 8ci sect 
recmnded 2 crs running from grds 1-9 in 
hist and civics, followed by 3-yr crs in 
Amer hist and comm problems; agr ed sect 
recmnded reorg of r s curric, better supr, 
higher sals for ts, consol, ts homes, r eonoun 
voc ss; home econ sect recmnded appoint- 
ment of st dir home econs; Eng sect 
recmnded vitalizing wrk thru disconUnn- 
ance of crs in formal hist of lit, spec crs 
for those who will enter industry or com- 
merce, study of lit of today, spendinip at , 
least half of time on well motivated com- 
position wrk; geog sect recmnded reorg of 
wrk from standpoint of content, meth, and 
preparation of ts; math sect recmnded for 
jr h s wrk in arlth, algebra, intuitive geom, 
demonstrative geom, elements of trigo- 
nometry ; foreign lang sect recmnded t^at 
both ancient and modem langs bek deetives 
in any curric; other sects recmnded estab of 
music com to aid music supr, estab of all-yr 
ss, introd of thrift in s curric, programs of 
voc guidance in every h s, crs to fit those 
who do not go to col; has prepared mimeog 
preliminary statement of wrk in social 
studies; showing for civics, aims, principles, 
and meths for grds 1-6 with outline by 
grds; grds 7 and 8 based on comm idea, 
and how society cooperates thru govt; grrd 
9 centetB atouivd voc civics; gives 2 type 

High Spots for Every School 

Imbod plans; mlmeog prellmlnarT cItcdIiti ' 
in EnB give alms of Eng tg, (five outlines ; 
ot tima, luMtB to be derp, coateaC and 
metbB of Eng compoBltlon wrk. outline lit 
wrk for gcdB IB and 6-12 ; circular to ptln» I 
«nbmita definitions and recommendatlona as 
to ere, programs, etc, tor suggestion and 
criticlBm ; era study (or nor as Rlvea Slst 

will t In ki{ and primary grd9, Intermpdlate, 
Brsmmar grde and }t b e. and rural m; 
Issued in '19 revleed edition of S Dnwa of 
FeuD, inri GO acta passed by '19 Aeseiubly : 
aee Flnegan, T B, and Lewis. W D. 

PBNBOBE, 8 B, prea Whitman Col, Walla 
Walln, Wash- 

VEPPBB, Ge«rn Wharton, lawyer, nai Land 
Title BM, Phlladelpliia, Pa; h, 3-lft-ffI; 
chrmn com on univ policies, apipt by truateei 
U Pa com to rvDt to trustees on alter war 
problenu la higher ed, Inol pro'blem of rela- 
tion of univ to St Bd system ; mem comn 
on COQStit rerislon of cammonwealtii of Pa ; 
to conalder, Inter alia, revision ot constit 
provlslans appIlcaMe to ed; meni pitlzena 
com aipipt to advocate revision ol Phlia ta 
sal acbed ; cbrmn, by apipt of supt pub 
inatr of Pa, of st wide com to ore mib aentl- 

conaldrrUifln ot lectn. 
PERKINS, Mr. CDarles A, 1547 W Clinch 
ATe^_ Knoivllle. Tenn ; (5) prer - ^' - 


.. ; <31l first dean at women, U Tenn; 

prea Wrltera' Club, College Wamen'a Asan. 
IS, Jvbn B, pres at nor a, Danbury. 

ents visit ss; (281 artcla for 
{291 Edncation and World War 
Bdneatlon, Open Doors In Ik 

ontUnlnv h s pre-twcher tr e< 
opportuDit; roamsi (16) halt liin 
time kt wrk, h g uid Jr h s; 
Inspections, records, follow upa, cl 
■Ir unit ■; (20) In H firanpa: gra 
Jr b a, Ttb grd; h s; (21) rfciui 
croaslns relMioDS In ro-DneriKlDii 
Bdmj < 

(251 ._ .. 
snbjs! (281 I 

i bid, large p 
lulBtlve rhil. 

■ sc. 

1. 1 yr . 

: S bis 

mkdB with e 

be ref opted; (31) att r S, 

a; war, prln war 'tr a 8 wks 
tor disabled aoidlers in nuto 

FEBBY, Arthur C, Jr. dlat 9 
St. Brooklyn, " ~ ■ " ~ 

; (23) Bcbolorablp records 
ark taM to 

2, ur b a. 

; con d acted da 

, 163 Mac 

FBBKINS, Wm T, banker, Pioneer Bid, i 
Seattle, Wash; b, 11-2-58; mem bd regenta, 
U Wash; loem l>d higher curricula, »t of 

FEBBIKR, Joseph Louis, lect Romance langa ' 
■n — , Colombia V. Hamilton Hall. NYC; 
(0) Instr Spanlab, C C N T, 'IS— date; (28) |l 
La Bloaofla de la escuela de Mlieto, La nlo- 
Bofla de Anailmnndro. La pronunclnclon del I 
grlegp, Vlda de Pitagocaa, pobi In Rertata ' 
del Coleglo del Kosario, '17; Ruben Darlo, ] 
3-'18, Tbe ArAueauft, flrat Ameriean poem, 
5- '18, Ollantay, an ancient Guechua flrHma, I 
6-'18, Julio Arboleda, general and poet, 8-'ie. 
publ in South Amerlcen ; Don Garcia de 
MendoEo in Brcllla's Arancana, Romanic Re- 
view. '18. 

PERBIN, Hnrry Ambrose, aupt, Jackaonvlile, ' 
111; b, 18S2; (8) ■xperlmrnt»tton with silent 
mdar; (fi) Ine amount objective iuprn and 
Identlal coTifs; (12) aal scht-d . 
possible ani- t c«t UKbest isl; (13) ', 
eoBBClII (14) talks and vac guidance ', 

_« Y U; (6) article T as a Marsl Force, 

Ed Review, 5-'17; Prime Duty of Snpt of BS, 

'- Brooklyn Dally Times, 2-37-'18; pamph- 

. Problem CoBfrontlDs New Bd of Sd of 

Cily of N y, ^ll-'17:_mi Manaj^ment of 

. '18: 

V chapt The World V 

col 4, pg 4 (part i. ... , _ __ _. _, 
1; Bupr 16; dlat supt 7. 

r, Louis C. pres, Teias Mil Col '15 — , 

11, Tei; b, '71. 

rry A, prln, Univ S, Cleveland, 
u; D, B-i-iw; (71 cr« permits btllht boyi to 
i<ampJete In fi what narmnl boj takes In a 
yrs; (81 latroduotory tnath In Stb grd re- 
duces alEobra and jceoni tallurea sa% ; 
French t b; direct method; 4 sci crs de- 
manded ot each stu; (12| ts attending sumr 
s receive |75 extra; 8«l inca based on value 
lo »; (13) honor aystem in eiama; « ar pre- 
fects herlped b; IB an responsible tor tone 
and slnds of si (14) 2 educators spoke to 
boya on advantages of tg; (W) infcel t ■ 

of tg; (I 
■; (17) a i 

(f Tio's ff'ha and ff'hy in After-War Education 

nnd parents: ijuoallc „_ . .. 

by temiB 'bull' and ■hear', wl . 
Sawyer, how often are Olympic eameg b«li1, 
wbo w«i Titian: one fact about Loula XIV, 
James Moore IIlckaoD, Coufuclua, Belasra; 
wbat la a carburetor; nhn naa Jobn Wesley, 

_ ... BudcU . 
eolors of spectrum ; i,: 
railed up before lo a 

r li'r Vi%ui ur 

ml u 

PETBRH. Kdph n'MRon. field seo. DefluDce, O; 
h. 4-n-ntl: obosen to ttrg sentlnient at 40,000 
■Denis i>f Christian Cbntvh in N Gas and 
C'eBtrn] West in favor of tbelr eil project at 
DeflaiKe Col, DeOance, O. eslnb in '02 by O 
St CbrlNtlan Assn and In '10 made otDclal 
™i (or Ihnt <niuricb la 11 ats l.y Anier Chris- 
tian Punv: estab Deflance Col News, bl-wkly 
Jrnl devoted to interests of ihigber ed under 
rellKlous lna)ien<!««. circulation over 12,000: 
nnw ensaued in field wrk tn promote loterest 
in col ed araone b a slua of f>, Ind and Mich. 

PETBB80N, Blincr G, prea Agr Col of Dtab, 
LoBan, Dtab. 

PETBBSON, C T, co aupt, Tippecanoe Co, 
Lafayette, Ind; b, 7-14-73; (18) thoro health 
tr; CO hemlth nnrsei (22) wrk tot codsoI as 
■a e*nim centres, with Co Bgt, voc agr era, 
pt-ta sssDs. CO mm clubs, tnrmera' as an a 
nai church brotherhood all mtg In codboI b 

dlr B W R, 
PBTKRSOX. Henry J, tnstr ext diT. Ii 
Col, Cedar Falls, la; prepared '20 S 

je o( snggeBtlon and at leiiHt l p 

(or formal dl^cnSBlOD ; iird* 7-8 nrrclstln 
wltb other snbts tatd use of S perlad* wkl 
mth farmal dlscnsston; cnrrent cTmts thn 
Dot and DM ot HDOC days e R In Day, 10- '2 
Armistice Day, Thnnkscivlng Day. jirds 5 
heirln with slndy of frroap, neighhorhooi 
toiwnrihlp and co Incl stories of early dar 

nnd. undeT ed, study ot rrAMin for p 

l>d. I 

Incl h s 

- bid. 

. _. . . __ _. >nds for 

ffpds 1-4 nn i-arp of property, thrift of In- 
dustry. loT* Of brauty "to be foafend sit 
thro yr In ererx possible way" e c beanty 

Tanred cIs lake tip piib money, lirantlfylnic 
comin. homes, a ppemisea, other pnb prop- 
erty, nstnral beautr In our township, uitly 

orpfia. onr oMI Idesla.' 
PBTETlw>ON~. Josfph. nrof pay 'IS — . George 
Peahody Col for Ta. Nnsbvllle. Teno: b, 
B-fi-78; fC) asst prof pay r Minn. '17- '18: 
iV> ^rta! Gf*HBif Rtmalta la Tg In SerenU 

-loutbern Jruls of ed; artel IL 

Inr Test Applied to SI Col Sttu, abawlns 
factors Influencing efflolency on part o" -'-■ 
letter to ts of psy and evl pms in aoi 
.Ola unHat thdii ia rneooraae stna t. 

Dare tor tt pny In lna«8 of Ucfaer leaL .. 

Ji)ipeTlDientB^ In Rational Iiearnine, In 

Review, Il-'IH; by testa in raUanal 
hopes in time to wo* towaird lietter 

„ .. fitnegg and thence ._ 

vue iiuldance; (21) lived wltb sons in tent 
on furro to aid In barreatlng during anmr 
ihirlug war; (S8) see 8, 10; arl<da EDTect of 
Ijrnstb of Blind Alleys on Maie Learning 
by 24 White Rats. Johns Hopklna Mono- 
graph, Vol 3, Nn. 4 'IT, serial no IS: Fre- 
quency and IEe<*ency Factors in Maie l.earn- 
Ini;, In Jrnl of Animal Behavior, Vol 7, 
iii> r.: Backward Kllmlnallon of Brrors In 
Mriitiil Maae Leitrnlng, In JmJ Experimental 
I'sy. Vol III. no 4; ExpertmenCa in Ball 
To^iug, In Jrnl Experimental Psy, Vol II, 
no ;'.; co-authior book Pay of Handllni; men 
In Army '18: (201 to demobtlUlng soldien 
at Wadsn-orth and Spartansbnrg ; (31) att r. 
ur h, nor, col, rpg; 1 1, r h, nor. col. pg; <upr 

aont a 

. - ., '10- "lO; (7) Is L... 

framing h a crs for at; (10) is prrparlng lUt 
of texts recmnded Cor b s use: (14) by talk* 
to stn bodies aud cout with Indlv atna; 
US) bealtb talks to atna; (16, 17, 10)' prp- 
ntoled b and g club wrk ; (20) books on voc 
guidance for b a library; (21) stressing this 
in ui-w St crs; (aG) farnieps' instlt arranged 
uniler auspdces of voc agr crs In Wlbaaz b a; 
<£:it is iK>w preparing forms for Inspection 
and su]vr repts, nppllcntlona tor accrediting; 
follow up repta to s bdi (20) bef pt-ts 
assna, women's clubs, co supt conf, etc; 
Kubjs What Do I Eipert from H 8. Value of 
»t T» Assne, Tendencies tn Modern Sd; (St) 
ate r 7. spec S, col 4: t r 2, or b lO, spec 
I ; aupr ur el and UT h 2; aupt 3. 

PETTIBOKE, John, eupt. New Mllford, Conn; 
b, 'TO; (31) Htt ur el 8. iir h 4, col 4; t r 1, 
uc el 4. ur b 18; aupr and supt 17; war. 
cbrnin local war bur, food ailmn. fael admn. 

PRTTIJORN, I J, dlr univ eit. Indiana C, 
Bloomtngton, Ind; h, 10-17-7.-.; (5, 0) dir, 
spkra bur at cuuDcll defeuao, sec ed sect: 
dlr dir ed ext I' S dcpt inleo-ior, nooa 
aupr nreoaratlon and comriltatlon of 
'-Ins oQ c<l exl; (311 att r 7, col 4, 
'Pg 2; t r I, r h 5. col 5; supr r 2, r h B; 
field, CO supt. iinlv eM org. 

PFAFFMANN, P F, prin, Mountain, Wia: b, 
1-H-8+; (5) math t, Marinette, Wis, •ll-'ZO; 
<7) crs for small b a with only i U; (9) 
helped writ out socialised reclt In large h %; 
nc) mem com at Marinette studying ]r b Bs 
with view to senruring one; (21) cle In clH- 
Kenahlp ; problema of Amer dally av** 
local; (22) oomm movie, films selected I^ 
prln; (al) stud testa tn Eng; (31) att r 8, 
iir h 4, nor 3, col 1; t r 1, r b 3, ur h 3; 
supt 4: war, local corns. 

FHBL.IN', Warren n'averly. dean a of ed, 
'12 — , Ij own. SormRn, OUa; b, "flO-, (fi) 

10 buMetin 

High Spots for Every School 


working on problems of tr ta in serrlce 

thm the at; (7) bid up jr and sr h s tr 8 
for ts; (8) tryinir to sodalUe cnrric; (14) 
fSne of ed tIbU ■■ of at continually; (19) 
• of ed sivea era to ta in aervice; fac Tisit 
els which are under dir of prin or supt who 
is passed upon as accredited t of this els by 
8 of ed; sumr s of ed on u basis, 8 wks 
crs; (20) era in voo guidance ffiven to ta; 
(21) teaches crs in Amer, one of lat at n to 
take up this wrk; (22) trying tie up a of 
ed to 88 of at; (25) tests and surveys used 
since 1913; (26) writing text on Adolescence; 
(29) Motivation, Methods, Moral Education, 
Adolescence at ss, instits; (31) t and supr 
24; field, lect; war, conducted 8 war alma 
era; lect nt camp. 

PHKIjPS, Clarenoe li, pres st nor s, Santa 
Barbara, Cal. 

PlBBIiPS-STOKISS FUND, for promoting ed 
of negroes; I N Phelps -'^okes, pres, 100 
William St, N Y C. 

PHILHOWER, Charles A, supt, Westfield, N 
J; b, 7-2-78; (7) mem com of 5 to write era 
on thrift for fed reaerre bnk; (8) project 
t— in 6th grd where paper waa atudied, eh 
made paper, bound, conatructed^ wrote and 
iUna hooka; (9) demonatration by each t 
twice ann bef other ta of her grd; (13) h ■ 
plays selected by pus; (18) health supr 
demotes entire time to improvement of 
health — reeult, no epidemics; dental cllnica; 
social worker; (19) Amer cl8— slogan "every 
inhabitant an Amer citisen"; (21) see 19; 
(22> created position aupr blda and iprounda 
— ^takes care all repairs and construction and 
use of bids for comm purposes ; (23) age-grd 
cards for co: (24> helped secure pension 
and annuity fund in N J; (27) pt-t orsr in 
each a, with central body of officers from 
each org. known as School Welfare Council; 
(29) instit lect; (31) att r 12, nor 2, col 
4f Pg 2; t r 3%; t and prin .sumr s 7; supr 
and supt 15. 

PHIIilPS, Walter li, supr prin, Iransdowne, 
Pa; b, 11-21-69; (6) exhibits all phases s 
wrk, brings parents to s and foreigners to 
s to see opportunities: (7) stus given crs 
which prepare them for several activities 
rather than narrowed to one line; (8) wk t9 
mtga in mominir bef ts are tired; wide 
professional reading; dept wrk starting at 
5th grd; ts of lower grda assisted by h a 
atn; (9),wkly mtgs of ts and prin; (10) 
ts .reeeive aamples of best texts to ex- 
amine; iexta are outlined for pu direction; 
(11) wkly rept to local paper, demonstra- 
tlona for patrona, bulletins to ts; (12) ta 
informed of s activities and flnanccA, sub- 
stitutes paid without ts losing pay, bonuses 
given, professional spirit created; (13) ts 
assigned to definite mgmnt of s paper, athl, 
program making; (14) pus in upper h s ds 
assist ts in lower grds; (15) brifpht pu given 
opportunity of promotion any time; wrk in 
-drawing, sewing, cooking, gym, manl tr, etc, 
helps discover diffa; (16) mgmt of athl, a 
paper, lit clubs, assembly activities; (17) 
athl, aaaembly projects, trips, social func- 
tions; (18) fac mem empl; med insp, follow 
up wrk, first aid; (19) home and s assn, 10 
yrs* standing, practically all parents mems; 
parties for foreigners; (20) professions 
Id oeempmtioBB kept bef stu by lects ; onlv 

10 So of '20 grads "undecided" about their 
- careers; (21> mock conventions^ trials* 
patriotic demonstrations; (22) s bid used 
nearly every ni for community or religious 
mtgs, home and s assn, b scouts, p basket 
ball; (23) suitable blanks used to profit of 
ts, pu and community ; (25) Mtnd tests given, 
self surveys made; (28) The S Lunch Rm, 
"^ome and S Assns, Stu Co-op in Govt; (29) 
nt st edu mtgs, home and s assn, comraemts, 
etc; (31) att nor 2, col 3, pg; t and supr 
2.'>; war, chrniii Lib loan, sec local Y M C A 
war activities; other, pres co ts assn. 

PHIL.LJPS, Milton J, dept zoology, Peabody 
h s, 710 Swissvale Ave, Wilkinsburg, Pa; 
b, 7-9-72; (13) some stu govt; (19) helped 
plan crs for stu nurses for use in ni ss: (21) 
experimenta in stu grovt; (28) Nature Study 
in the Grammar School, in School Science 
and Mathematics; The Mouth Parts of Flies, 
Scientific American, 7-19; research work on 
flies yer unfinished wh will enlarge content 
of courses on diptera and should aid in 
fighting files; first time plioto-micrographa 
made of these studies, so far as learned ; (29) 
lectures. The Mouth Part of Belies, see 28; 
(31) att pg 4; t ur h 18; supr 5; war, cata- 
logued workers in aeroplane engine plant. 

PIATT, Herman, prin p s Manhattan 46, N 
Y C; (7) in grad els '20 50% completed 
wrk in less than 8 yrs, 74 pus saved 84 yra 

in s crs — this represents not only saving for 
pus themselves, but for city saiing of yra 
Hal for 2 ts; (14) 87% go to h s. about 
5% intend tg. 

PICKENS, Sidney, supt, Batesville, Ark; b, 
10-1-80; (5) prof ed, Ark Col; prof sumr 
ses U Ark; mem st bd ed; (7) had ts help 
plan crs of el ss ; (8) reg Hubstitute t em- 
ployed so that te may i-isit other ss to see 
best ts t; (11) Pub S News groes into e%'ery 
home represented in ss; (12) Hal sched wrkd 
out and adopted by ts themselves: (14) 
Why Not Teach campaign; (16) Better 
Batesville clubs formed in all cIs and fprds; 
4tli yr h h pus wrote History of Batesville; 
(18) modern health crusade; s nurse; (21) 
see 10; mock peace conf and elections; (23) 
age-grd card ; ts give opinions as to re- 
tarded cases ; blank Rhowing visitor's Im- 
presHlons of otlier ts wrk visited; (25) to 
rouse ts and pus to better work; survey 
made uf ss and flndinics given publicity; 
(20) trustees have ngre^d to offer wrk in 
home ef!on, manl tr and cMmrl siibjs; (27) 
raised funds for jjlav^round cviuip and s 
library; (29) bef ed gatherings; (31) att r 
8, ur h 4, col 4: t r 3, ur h 0, col 3 sumrs; 
supr and supt 12; other, mem st bU ed. 

PIERCK, J Will, supt, West Plains, Mo; b, 
11-20-SO: (S» more material supplied ts to 
wk with; (12) ts who stay and succeed given 
higher sals: (14) thru t tr cl; begin talking 
to them as soon as they enter h s; (17) 
vitalized household arts, bus crs, manl tr, 
etc; (18) pus weifclied and measured; (21) 
patriotic occasions used for demonstration; 
(22) and used for pub affairs; (27) needs 
put up in frank business-like manner, citi- 
zens never fail resijoud.*, l^'s. t^\55. Ns» ^^^[S^ 
h\.«\\eT V\\v\\\ ^X Qv^W's^WX. \»x«s\^ws. ^'^^*>J^^^ 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

Bupt 14: war. Iie1|i«i1 In drives. 
PIERTK, W F. pres Kenj-on Col, Giiuhler, ( 
PINNBO. AJtrvd. pcln, Plnneo R, 801 Madlao 

arnl and nrlttcn deb 

ColumbdB and elsewhe.-, -- 

apeecbes; spec aurvejB of 25 Bg for the dpii 
mental anrf ed. attempt to Introd mo ' 
ugT methB of measurement Into is for < 
1^) survey wrk, mental. ln_0, W_ya, \ 

a AaHUB, Conv of Ta of Deuf: (31i 
art UT ei, or b. col, pg; t ur L 3. o«l ^. 
PITUAN, Joseph Aaborr. prea st nar e. Sa- 

PIANTZ, 8unuel, prea Lawrence Col W — , 
AppletOB, Wis; b, '50; (U) camp nii.b Wis 
cole to bring bef peo imp ol piivntc coU : 
(8) com from faculty, alumni and trusr-i^e 
■tudy wart of col and make recmdus: {III 
■eml-mo bulletin ; much speaking on ed 
Bubj; (13) 5 tac mem on council which 
recmnds to bd of trustees i (14) ts bu to 
secure poaltlona (or grada; (15) era on 
Cbaractet Study, Testa of Mental Ability 
and Control ; (W atus used on (lutvoys ; 
tellgloUB cd -wrk ; 20 stua In anmrchsutauqua 
work; (18) talSa by phyalclana to both in«i 
and women; (19) pnb faram Son p n> toi 
< moa; lecture ~" '~ ' '-' "" ' " 

> BHban Co (a; at Santo Maria 

Bl ta ina to " 

,_ i) adopted i 

which gave (oit of aL_ __ 

**to prlvUece to prln— veto not uaed In S 
—■»; (IT) athl aupported; a and el partlea 
~ and Klven adeqnato eluivs'on- 


much used iiy 

(150,000 i 

munity (23) cam (oea over bid aiaiiuin 
•nery < wk»; (24) chrmn leg com. aasn i 
Wla cola; (25) mem ed survey com. Met 
church; survey com Inlecehorch Worl 
Move; truatee. Oirnegie Found; (27) ja.Kl 

000 li 

Lincoln B M:i<l 


aupt '18 — , Menaaha, 
ih-sb; 101 pnn Lin ' " " 
17-'18; (B) Imlletin 

Ing; (S) ta mtirs study best ed wo 
effecta Dottceabtei "supervlBlon la co-( 
atlve without the auper; (10) ta help a 
l«it»i (11) bd ed goea ti " " — '"- 

chased; lowi. ... 

tor tai (18) a nurae; milk lunches for alt 
Itrd paai (21) nl a to aid 20 aliens In pana- 
fnc exams for second paprra; (27) medala 
of elBeleBcy in Bng, chem; (31) atl r 7. ur 
h 4. nor 2. col 2; t T 2, ur h 2. aupr r 1. ur 
el 2. or b 3. 
POPE, ArUmr 8, co aupt, Santa Barbiirii rn, 
•20 —.Santa Barbara. Cal: b, 8-2«-7,-i : iS| 
prin Santa Tnex H S, '15-16; prin Siiiitn 
Uaria H S '18- '20; prea, co bd of eii 'IT-'IS; 
"■ --- • ■ n ttt 17" X 2t' poafrr, with 

POBTER, E W, prea Potomac U, Waablngtoa, 

D C. 
PORTER, Jennain G, dir Cincinnati Obaerra- 

tory, U anclnnatl, CtnclDnatt, O; (28) Hlc 

torical Sketch of Cinoiniiatl Obaerratory, 1& 
P08TBU» Mary W, prin aor a, Atbnto, Q*. 
POTEAT. W L, prea Wake Forest Col, Wake 

Porcflt, N c. 
POTTER, lU C. aupt, Hilwaakee. Wis. 
POTTER, BoekwfU Harmon, clergynuui, n 

Washington St, Hartford, Conn; b, 10-1-T4; 

prea bd dira Conn Inst for Blind. 
POTWIN, a W, Bupt '17 — , Mcpherson. Kta; 

b. 11-3066; (7) at OPS modlfled for Jr h •( 

(11) thru newBpa.pera and mtga at bid; 

r M C A and V W O A In 

■«: (IB) era ii. voo arr. 
, tnani arta; |17) Btbl, ■ 

•oc. claaa partleB; 
lect (20) personal e 
bid and and; (23) 

,__, , nurae; (19) pt-M 
nf with pn; (22) ]r h a 
use bLanka recmod bj 
com on uniiorm records and reptsi (2») 
125 SUndara Testa bef s nor; (M) att or 
h 4. col 4, pg W ; t ur h 1 ; snpr 4 ; sopt 0. 
POrND, Jore M, pres st nor a. Athens, G«. 
POUND. LonlBo, prof Eng. U Neb, Llocoln, 
Neb; b, '72; (28) Semi-Centeiinial AUDI- 
versary Bk, U Neb '19; Poetle OrlKlna and 
the Ballad, la appear shortly; Oral Terae ta 

V Si edited Colerldge'a Ancient Mariner snd 
Other Poems; (31) att col, pg; t col 28; war, 
mem local Belgian B«lief com; chrmn con 
sending soap to France; actR at bd natl 
league for women's aervlce; mem wonuD'a 
com, st council defenae. 

POWBI/, Harford, editor Coliler'a Weekly, N 

Y C. which In 1920 haa "taken hud In 
campaign to make Amer people realise thM 
the public-school eyetem, much boaated In 
our Kepublic, Is on edge of complete break- 
down . . . If we meet the need, ten Har- 
varda and Yalee. and ao on. muat grow 
where only one grew before, and at nnlvs 
will not be one per at but numbered in Atcs 
and tens . .' . It is a man-alze taak 
which we must meet" incl flctlon amonx 
tools lor campaign. 

POWELL. E L. CO aupt 10 — . Peru, Ind; b. 

8-22 -T 

High Spots for Every School 


._3th<lll BD 

■ton dine 

I with ( 
of reTiewin 

it ch Htlrit7i 

>f Mch ■ unit; 
adrlubUlty of 
ndjuiuntala tM- | 

_ wrta well 'for Wash Bboal'd nol 

be tbjinged beonnse dI col profa' tbeailes. 
PBBtS. C K, pres Lutber Col, Decarab, la. 

rOWXIiL, Biobaid H, pres nor col. V« 

POWKBS. i N, chancellot U M<9B, Unli 


POWEBS. WUlUm L, prin 

PBAI.!,, Annlni 

n Bt nor a, MnobltiB, 
Greater N Y bd of 


Mil leBsnii bearingi but Into perloda of 
'■— nil learning: (131 ori plan for I 
>n In athl and lit soci (IT) toot- 
debMlng 1 (20) voe InformkUan 

— ^ -nin«t«(Lfn>triirtloii In cmmpaltrn 

cUlra. labor (liieB,*pew:> fart flvlCB. rte. 
rBATT, F B, pres Pratt Instil, Brooklyn. 

PRATT, OrvUle C. aapt, Spokane. Wash. 

FBBNTICB, WUUmh Kolly. prof fiTpek 'IB — , 
Princeton U, IS Naasan St. I'rinretoii. N J; 
b, 10-28-71: (5) prof lit. U Cal, '18: capt 
U S army, 18- 'IS: (S) Hellenl* Standards ror 
Modsm Wsrid, addt deliverpd bef Pbi Beta 
Kaippa Sodety at ann njtK, Berkeley, Oil, 
18; publ 10-'18i (6) Tg of Clasalrs, cbapt 
XX in Col T(C edited by Pniil Klapper, '20, 
PV tM-iSS; (28) see 9: Sappbo, a criticism 
.of preralent literarr tradition. In Clasglcal 
PMlology, Xni, 4, -18, pp 347-360: (29) Bee 
6; Tlw World War of 431 B C, bef Princeton 
U 17 and U Cal 18; What Wo SUII Cu 

<22> lec't in s and; plays; (27) talks to stua 
by doctors, a bd mems, etc; (28) Soelaim- 
tlon of H 8 Hist, In Education, S-'30 ; So- 
ciological Basis of Ed, in Education, '20; 
Wliy We Fttht aermanr. prlie eauy. Mo 
council of defence, '18; (31) att ur h fl: t 
iir h 4. ]r col l; supr 3; aupt 3: Held 4; 

at BaptlatB and Congregational 
port ot Carlelon Col and PUlsbury Acad; 
botb denomination a now back of botb as; 
(26) worked wltb Baptiat New World MoTe- 
ilready raised nearly $70,- 


c 11, cot 4 

col ecu 

, col 2 

field, Platlsbnrtr Tr Camp '10; t _ _ _ 

contrlb thrnout '18 to The Inquiry for use o 
U S deHegrates to peace conf. 
FBE8TON, Mrs Joneiililne Cortlss. at anp 
pub lastr, Olympla, Wasb; b, 5-26-73; (■• 
mem N E A com on emergency in ed '18 — 
pres N E A 'IS-'aO. Salt Lake City mtg 
(6) in '20 when govemoc's code conii 
recmnded bd appoluted by gov to select a 
»™j -»... „i.».i — 1 J „pf i^n i— '-- - 

000,000; (20) bef li 

_ Society 4-3-'20 Should Ts _ 

under Amer Federation of Labor; (10) eit 
div 'ie-'20 gave p1 wrk to SHOO and corrv* 
wrk to 800; (22) man employed by dlv to 
Sive entire tlmo to org eommaniUee wMl 
s bonK a* center i (29) 1 wk each la Camps 
Grant, Custer and Dodge lect under T M 
" ■ -- "— sonal Efficiency; (31) a" — "■ " 

I, PB 2 

supt 7: 


hM I 

_ > defpudlng 
t It in democ 

Bupt has given 

tolltles, quoted 
l-B-20 that Wiubli 

C Bsgley n 

Ington bad 

>blem than any 

attendaoee at% ; 
dUts haa Inc tron 
WaaUncton's alec 

and pg 11. 

PRICE. 8 E, prsa Ottawa U, Ottawa, Kan. 

PRIESTt^Y, Herbert Ingram, assoc prof 
Mexican hist and librurlan Bancroft Library 
'20 — , Berkeley, Ca] ; b, 1-2-75; (5) asat 
curator Bancroft Library '12- '20, aset prof 
Mexican hist 'lT-'20: (II) Beveral artels In 
Christian Science Monitor on ed In Span 
Ameri book reviews In numerous other 
publ ; (14) grnd tg and writing on Span 
Amer hist: (IB) lecta In ei( div. V Cal; 

m™ n«il. ' 2, nr b 4, col 4, pg 3; t r 0. ur h S, col 4. 

.ti,., ..-^Ii. PK 3: aupr r 8, or b 2; snpt 2. 
. Prt iW h . 1 PRILI^MAN, Bafus A. supt Franklin Co '17 

!■ that WH»h -■ It"tky Mt, Va; b, 11-17-90; (5) U S A 

'crMte ror -t '17-'1»; (8) follow rislts with letters and 

monrr iio«nl i<Dia«stloDB: (12) arranging sal ached to 

■VK ann BBl k'™ eiperlenred ts more pay: (IS) Indlvld- 

o SI,iaO: that "** cnps; floors oiled; Jnlrod phjs Inspee- 

Md total s t'on and phys ed: (23) forms to determln* 

led the Vonn- atit amend nuliiorlnltig legislature pas* 

iK^B or teach- comp efl laws and inc mai a levy; (27) 

>amm center" cltliens contribute I/a to H cost of naw 

romin center bidaj local a le^s Vntv VS\-^ »S-'>- i %. ■t "^ "'•s 

lat units ana ■ not *. co\ ^-, \, t ■*! 1, v« e\ -i., Nt^ ^ ^.■.^■^^^ 

irlmitlve bvs- r h 2, ut kV^-, ft4\>'!. 'i-, •«m.'-w.'*-^"^ ^'■" 

ments. hentl- ■ .\ O '^a-'W. 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

PRIL.L.KKMAN Byrd. pres Collegiate Insti- 
tute, lii»titiite, W Va. 

SCHOOL FOR. 41M Sixth Av. N Y; A L 
Blue, mug dir; ro-opemtive; 454 rexiHtered 
apprentice* in various branclieH of print - 
in^r trade in N Y C, crs in el Kn^. math. 
other gen subjs, also drawing: and hand 
composition, presswork, bindery worlc, for 
tboro knowledge of printing: trade; small 
tuition fee; employers' fee; apprenticeH at- 
tend t» from befc inning: of 2nd yr of appr to 
end and may not continue at wrk if not at- 
tending: H. 

PR08ȣR, Chas A, dir, Dunwoody Ins-t, 816 
Sui>erior Blvd, '19 — , Minneapolie, Minn; 
b, 9-20-71; (5) dif, Dunwoody Inst, '17; dir, 
fed bd for voc ed '17-'19; (C) helped prepare 
uHtl voc ed law, natl voc rehabilitation law, 
natl re-ed law for disabled civilians; asst 
in formulation of 20 st laws for compul- 
sory part-time ed; (7) asst in preparing 
ors of study for trades and iuduatries at 
Dunwoody Jnst and for different occupa- 
tions in Army and Xavy service; (8) 
helped estab stnds for tr and certification 
of ts of voc subj under Smith Hughes Act; 

(9) at Dunwoody Inst ts are grded mo on 
15 attributes of good t; each t is griren 
code nomber, and mistakes, criticisms or 
sag:g:estions for wrk are ran off and dis- 
tributed to all ts, code number showingr t 
his mistake — all ts seeing: the point to be 
corrected without knowing: who made It; 

(10) many texts written by ts themselves in 
use; (15) by entrance tests, trying: out and 
reassig:nmei]t of pus, placing them in suc- 
cessful employment; (18) now engaged in 
devp combination phys test, health protec- 
tion and health devp scheme for adapting: 
stus to trades for which they are physically 
fitted, curing: their minor physical defects, 
g:iving: corrective exercises for their develop- 
ment, and conserving: health and vig:or; (19) 
developing: new evening: tr ext crs for wag:e 
earners, part-time schemes of instruction, 
and correspondence s tr; (22) Inst operated 
12 mon, — 6 mos as day, part-time and ni; 
recreation facilities in bid ; co-operate in 
every good wrk; (23) blanks for detecting: 
retardation, mortality— due to unsatisfactory 
prog:ress, irreg: attendance, and outside con- 
ditions; — analysis of pu g:ains; (25) numer- 
ous surveys for voc ed : (28) many natl bul- 
letini? regarding voc ed during war; (29) 
bef local, st and natl org: (31) att ur el 8, 
ur h 4, spec 3, col 4, pg 4; t ur el 2, ur h 
4. col 3; supr 15; war, om war wrk of fed 
bd voc ed ; other, sec, Natl Soc for Voc 
Ed ; trustee .Tames Jerome Hill Ref Library, 
mem grad faculty, U Minn. 

PROVINE, J W, pros Mississippi Col, Clin- 
ton, Miss. 

PBTOR, Hng:h C, dean and hd ed dept, 
Northern Nor and Indus S, Aberdeen, S D; 
(5) ed sec, army Y M C A, Washington 
Barracks; (8) promoting: socialized meths; 
(22) has started movement for ed and social 
survey of Aberdeen ; (28) co-author Guide to 
Tg of Spelling; artel. Graded Units in 
Pnactice Tg, in Jml S Admn and Supr, 
12-'20; (29) ed subJs bef women's club, 
ministerial assn, pt-ts assn, etc; (31) att 
J- S, ur h 1, nor 4%, col I'A, pg 3; t T h 

ur el 1, ur h 5, col 3, nor 3; supr o&l 2, pg 
3: Hupt 3; field, participated in Otero Oo, 
Col Kuney '18: war, see 5; division of fe- 
habilitatioTi, fed bd voc ed *19. 

IMI^FORl), Mrs Rosepha C, prin h 8, Da- 
rango. Col; h, 2-15-(n ; (5) truste** Th Cols 
of Cu\ ; mem, bd eh welfare, chrmn com on 
Amer, »t ts assn. 

riRCKI^T^. B D, CO supt Wayne Co. '06 — , 
Jesup. (4a: 1>. 12-30-82; (11) use <*olumii in 
lo<*al press; (12) oo bd pays part of ts ex- 
penses at sumr ss; (16) put thrift and 
healtii rrs in r ss; (10) helped defeat oppo- 
sition to keeping: co ag:r and home eeon 
agrts; (22) improvement clubs orgr; (23) 
sUnple form for non att rept; (31) att r 
10, ur el 2, ur h 3, voc 1; t r 6; supr and 
supt 14. 

PURINTON, Herbert R, prof Bates Ool, Lew- 
iston. Me; b, 10-15-67; (5) dir reliirious ed 
for Baptists of Me; dir, Me st Sunday S 
Assn : (0) secured s>t action in Me toward 
strengthening moral and reHgions ed of h s 
stus; (7) prepared crs of biblleal lessons 
for st dept of ed, to be t In ehoreh ss, 
with h s credit; (8) promoted community 
ss of religious ed In co-operation with depts 
of ed and Biblical lit. Bates Col; (16) Jr-sr 
ds spent 1 /3 time in actual doins in eommo- 
nity theories learned In classroom; (19) 
helped conduct community ss that reached 
240 people beyond s age; (22) tying up col 
and community by s of religious ed: (28) 
see 7; (29) about HO. on Need for Religious 
and Moral Ed of II S Age ; (31) att ur h 5, 
voc 3, col 4, pg 1; t col 26; war, chrmn 
local bd of instr for drafted men. 

PITSEY, Edwin D, supt, '14 — , Durham, N. 
C; instr, U of N C Sumr S, '14 — ; b. '70; 
(7) crs of study in el grds reduced to 7- 
pp booklet of instructions; (12) flexible sal 
s(Aed with no maximum; comfortable tm 
home; (13) no regulation Is adopted until 
It has been approved by City Ts Assn ; 
(15) pus g:rouped by ability, promotion Is 
flexible and constant; (18) dept of health 
estab; 3 nurses, part-time pliysiclan, part- 
time dentist; (27) pt-ts assn for each s, all 
recently org : hot lunches now furnished to 
all ss; (31) att ur el 2, ur h 4. col 4, pg 1; 
t r h 2, ur h 3, col 10, supt 11: war, capt 
inf, Spanish-American War. 

PUTNAM, Geor8:e Haven, pn»« G P Put- 
nam's Sons. 2 W 45th St, N Y C: b, 4-2-44; 
(5) pres Amer free trade league: executive 
Amer Publishers' copyright league; dir En- 
glish-speaking union ; commander N Y 
campaijrn U S loyal legion: (29) Amer Hist, 
(Mvil War. Career of Uncoln. Duty of 
Amer in World's War, Duty of Amer in 
League of Nations, bef col and pub audi- 
ences ; (31) war, CHvil War, 3 yrs : see 5. 

PYE, Charles F, sec la St Ts Assn, 407 
Youngerman Bid, Des Moines, la; b, 2-1-73; 
((5) helped bring la ts into more definite 
consciousness of their responsibility, influ- 
ence and importance to welfare of st; (11) 
editor of Midland Ss; (12) as sec, constant- 
ly appeals in pub addr for estab of real 
profession of tg; (24) assisted in passage 
of minimum wage bill now on statute bks 
of la and lobbied for every progressive 
piece of s legi« : (29) bef co inf»tlt8; (31) t 
r 1 ; supr \\t e\ A, v\r U \", col 2. 

High Spots for Every School 

QDiaiXT, SbbbbI, prw at nor ■, Gunnllon, 


amZXiUX, Wm r, pna Wealejaa Col, '20 
— , Hftcon, a*: b, n-a.-SO; m pastor, Ft 
VlOley. Ob, 17-'»; (2B) ponnncnit adflr The 
Wlv of Kdi Bd not ft I.nxDryi (31) war, 
cbnnn n n Honston Co. eptr In It C nnd 
loan eampalKiia. 

ODimr, L B, CO Bopt. Berler Oo, LockevbuiK, 
Ark: (B) co eiamfner; (T) aa eiaminer out- 
lined CO cT* »tu<l7 baaed on crs iirepered 
b7 at dapt; no text in phja and hyg natll 
BOt tri bat dlroationa to t for prKtiml 
tnatr badaiilMc wltb l*t rrd, Hiich as care 
of teeth, ladlr drinking oupe, imiiurtance 
of MnitatloQ It a bid and nt tmrne, ade- 
nolda and tonilHtlsi porpoae or Mndr of 
arr "to abow eta aCtrartlirnrBii ud pox- 

• eheald ba laplntaliird i BUKKeattve topics 
BlreD tor etady in club vrk In r ss; pii 

let to t« nrKlne 23 thtii|.-ii Im-l s llbmi^ 

1>«4 plar. TocRl mualc and k'rour alnt-ln 
t impvoTemeBt, conaol, b nud n clubs, del 
Dite dallj aebed, U 8 Hbc or st fla* ti 

•aab na. 
QVnXlN, FrMik IT. dean col commerce and 
bus and dlr InitU dlT, Toledo U, Toledo, O; 

(19, 22, 27, 281 I 

lonalMs poaltlona 

ilnr UnlT 

1 aultiarltlei 

developing tor ds tbe pbasi 

wh they are must tamlliar: uuvi-cubiuu lei-i 

(311 ntt ur h 4, col 4, PB 3; 1 nr li -j. chI 7; 

iriNSf, lAis H, CO anpt "in — , JonLin, Hont; 
b, T-12-D0; (S> r t Garfleld Co; (6) InKtalllnt 
home madr ifrvlceeblr playttr«aDd HitiisratDi 

In r asi (11) supr impoasible, owe vi-tt to a 

(il) tbni' cTp"pe?°; '(12T''l*"t'ui i.roino?^ 
from r to sriidcd ivrk: lUI r[r.-n(.ir letter 

Jivtr^^t Life Eanih^i itf WorkmeH 


Who^s Who and Why in Ajter-War Education 

BAHENORT. Wm, prin, Intermediate S 06, 
Bronx, '17 — , St. Paul's Place and Park 
Ave, N Y C; b, 6-70; (7) min and max 
time scbcd arrun^red for intermediate as: 
gen era for pus making nor progress; gen 
crs for pus In n^id advaaoement ols to 
oomplete 3 yrs wrk in 2; commercial crs 
for nor progress pus who will enter sr h 
88; commrl ors for rapid advanoement pus 
to oontpiete 8 yrs wrk in 2; commrl crs for 
nor progrress pus who will leave s at end 
of 9th yr; (8) motion pictures used as 
basic meth of presentinar greoar, bioloary* hist 
and lit; (15) pus grra^ed on basis of tests; 
(16) pus ariven experience in bus meths in 
handUngr s supplies; offloe practice taaarht 
In routine of s office; s garden and shops; 
ch bit work shop; (18) dental clinic; lunch 
room; free lunches for indigent pus; (21) 
prepared series of citizenship posters; con- 
tinued Jr R C after war; (22) $1000 spent 
in s decoration; mo concerts for pus and 
parents during s hrs; (25) pus informed 
of results of tests; (28) revision of greoflr on 
basis of post-war; (31) att ur el 6, ur h 4, 
nor 3, col 2, pj? 0; t r 1, ur h 2; supr 25. 

BALL, K E, -pres Northwestern Col, Naper- 
ville, 111. 

BAMMBL.KAMP. C H, pres Illinois Col, 
Jacksonville, III. 

BANDOL.PH, Corliss Fits, prin. Moses Blge- 
low S, Newark, N J; b, 7-24-63; (12) advo- 
cated spec inc sal to spec qualified ts ; (15) 
mem comn under N J st council ed to survey 
conditions in N J r^ative to sub-normal pus 
and formulate plan for more satisfactory 
learis; (31) att r 11, ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; 
t r 4, r h 2, ur h 2. 

BANDOL.PH, Harrison* pres Col Charleston, 
Charleston, S C. 

BANDLE, GUbert F, supt '13 — . Danville, 
111; b, 5-17-65: (28) co-author Illinois and 
the Nation; (29) more addr bef ts instit 
than any one other man in 111 ; (31) t r 3, 
ur el 4, ur h 6: supt 22. 

BANGEB, Walter Eugene, comr of ed. State 
House, Providence, R I; b, 11-22-55; (11) 
edited series of ed publ; (12) constant effort 
to promote pub recognition of tg service; 

(18) promoted phys ed act of *17; (21) pa- 
triotic programs distrib in ss; (24) many 
acts passed by le^is originated in st comr's 
offi<je; (31) att r 8, r h 4, col 4; t r 4, ur 
h 8, nor 4 : supr 19. 

BANKIN, R«becca B, librarian, Municipal 
Ref Library, 512 Municipal Bid, N Y C; b, 
'87; (5) librarian, EllenvlUe St Nor S '13-'18; 
asst to dir, N Y Public Library '18; (7) 
assisted u-itli crs of civics in N Y ss, pre- 
paring bibliographies and securing material 
for ts; (11) thru Municipal Ref Library 
Notes; (28) contrib to Natl Municipal Re- 
view: (29) on Civics bef s librarians; Work 
of Library, bef Y M C A meeting; (31) att 
col 4, pg 1; t nor 6, 

BANKIN, Thomas Ernest, prof rhetoric and 
sec sumr ses, U Mich, Ann Arbor, Mich; b, 
4-10-72; (7) org h 8 crs in Bng, incl exercise 
in grouping classles in proper yrs for 
study, list of poem collections, 53 non-fic- 
tion books for « library; (8) offers crs in 
cbservatlon and Bpee meths in Bug; (9) 

^ends brief time each yr inapecting Mich 

h ss; (19) ext lect; (22) pres pt-ts assn of 
Ann Arbor h s; (28) Bug Lit, *17; Method 
and Practice of Bxposltlon, '17; 

Authorslilp of Preoent Day and Amer Ut 

in press; (29) What is a Good Short Story; 
Effect of War on Lit; Methods of Making t 
Play; Drama of Present Day; Ed for Hap- 
piness; etc; (31) t ur h 1, col 17. 

BAVENHILiIi, Alice, coun<cillor Amer Homt 
Bcon Assn, 23 Dallas Ave. Victoria, B C; 
Ist internatl lecturer for that assn '17; dir 
home econ, St Agr Col, Logan, Utah, '17-'19; 
(7) outlined scope of woman's responsibili- 
ties as hamemaker and of parental re- 
sponsibilities in care and conduct of family 
life; (27) secured medal to be arisen ann to 
stu irrad In home econ who ffives best evi- 
denoe of applyinar In dally life principles 
studied durin^r col Ufe; (28) Care of Ch in 
Home, Labor Savin^r Devices for Homo, 
publ as bulletins by St Agr Col, Utah; 
artels on Reconstruction and its Scope, Tr 
of Ts in Tgr Ch Cftre, Facts and Fallacies 
in Ventilation, in Jrnl of Home Bcon ; (29) 
Phys Efficiency, Characteristics and Re- 
quirements of Ch Life, Problemfl of Adol- 
escence and Solution, Scope of Home Econ 
and Necessary Revision of Existing Crs, 
Reconstruction and its PossibilltieB, bef 
N E A mtgs, Amer assn of agr cols, assn 
of ts, housekeepers confs, various univs; 
(31) t U London, England, col, sumr ses. 

BEA, John A, Tacoma, Waahington; b, 6-18- 
48; regent U Washington; has advocatCNl 
reform or change in p s system, taking 
supts out of politics, supported bill of st 
ed code comn which proposes appointive 
st bd ed to name st supt, co unit for S8 
and s taxation; contrib to Cornell Fand, 
for Class of '69. 

BEBEC, Georgre, prof phil, dir Portland 

Centre, U Ore, prof ed Reed Col, 652 Court 
House, Portland, Ore; b, '68; (6) founded 
and devlpd Portland Ext Centre, U Ore, 
"continuation tg at col and u level"; (31) att 
ur el 7, ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t r %, col 27, 
pg 10; supr ur el 1. 

BED FIELD, Ethel B, st Supt pub instr, 
BoiBe, la. 

BEED, Carroll B, supt '20 — -, Akron, O; b, 
11-4-84; (5) supt Rockford, 111, '17-'20; (7) 
revised aritli crs for Rockford; (10) eom 
of prins and ts recommend to supl^ who 
recmnds texts to bd ; (11) mo newspaper 
publ for parents and citizens; (12) sal inc; 
(14) city pays promisinar ffirls graduating 
from h 8 for attendance at nor; (17) ors 
system of yrd s atlil reaching all npper 
grd boys and girls; (18) estab milk cam- 
paign in Rockford ; enlarge hyg dept ; (19) 
estab continuations; (20) org too gnldanee 
dept; (21) Akron has complete Amer dept; 
(25) stnd tests used as means of snpr; (81) 
att ur el 9, ur h 4, col 4, pg 4; t nr el 4, 
ur h 1; supr ur el 4; supt 7; t col sumr see. 

BEED COL, Portland, Ore; 1st Rept for Beed 
(\)1, 12-'19, summary by then pres Wm F 
Foster, resigned '20, see sketch ; 104 pp, ploi 
23 pp illus black and red on white; con- 
tents incl fac opinion co<ncernlng policies, 
intellectual enthusiasm, fac needs, academic 
freedom; Reed Col as social democracy; 
nation-w\de xetoTm Viv vitlil, athi for mU; 

High Spots for Every School 

-bj„. _ 

with civic aocletles, wider use o( Portlnnil'- 
rraoDCceB, knaw-your-cltr lecta, bow many 
dtiea sapport their colleges; aupportJnf 
Itema poit In 40-pi> appendix; fsc TOted 
lB-0 agalnEt Interpol leg I ate atbl, nati Ira- 
temlticB and aororltJe»: tor llmltluc number 
of atna, phya exams for admlBBlon, regulrlBS 
meals of mcb candidate for degree, honor 
ayatem In eiame, dally cbapet aervlce with 
TolDDtar; attendance, no zrad atua except 
tn anaauBl casea, to tod lS-0 again at ad- 
mLttlOB atua on condition, for flnal oral 
«iaina, having: peraona outside col partlci- 
Mto In oral exams; voted 13-3 tor having; 
loan funds and asiLlnat free acholarahlpa: , 
Id 2-'19, typical winter mo, BT% of men ' 
mid women etna participated reeularly In 
atbli lat col wert of Atlantic coaat to con- 
duct apec era Id reconstruction aides, IDI 
women stus In mlllt hospltala ; reconstruc- 
tion clinic, fnc and ataa war records pub- 
lished, list of Heed grada In grad aa ; lllua 
Incl exhibit posters, civic conCerpncea, por- 
' t map showing 

where stua gave free 
showing cities which 
dowed cola ; compar 1 

1 bd voc ed, 7-'30 - 

fhia. Pa ; b, 7-11-72 : (51 supt, 
I, WBsh, 'lO-'aO; (7> plan for hrlghf 
ive 2 jrs In grds by skipping \i, jr; 

•unple ballot 

stni, thro Ihi 

Imrgely; (12) promotioi 

IHftl; (11 
bond tiiDM explained to 
i»»nta: local daba naed 

; tnc sals: Jodicloa^ 

with CBinplrite Rept of Com an Keors 

«f Bao Bd; (14) abowlns ts chuce for aer- 
vice, pronation, and patilotle duty; {ini 

Lg; variety ef electlves; extra % actirl- 
(16) • papers, annnala, athl, musical 
ciuuB, b scouts, camp lire glrla, etc; (17) 
credit allowed for ontside maslc, garden 
work, home «hares, modem health rmaade; 
part time h; (181 modem liealth crusade; 
t mtB exerctsea 4 timea dally j "pvpry pn and 
t on plBrsronnd In fair weather"; (IBl P 
promoted lyceum, chaulauqua und choral 
aae; pt-ta assn; (211 t pns to apMr "-■- 

t frty 

eadlng ; 


' llfr; 

iiC mo 1 

IIEED. Salomon Lnther, prof «d Old* Asr 
and Mechan Col, BHllwater, Okla; b, 12- IS- 
34; (5) prol ed Oustavus Adolpbua Col, St 
Peter. Minn; (fl) IooUbk at ad pnrvosaa 
from antnal needs et soolety as datarmltted 
bi social and Indna avrvsya, and presentlnK 
thia to cle and pnb thm talk a, commcmt 
addr, etc: (S) considering motivation and 
Interest as revealed In onr snoeaas In army 
trsJnlnr and In project tg; (6) study of atnd 
twts of s aubjB la connection with p aa; 

tor tg, and exam aod sen dlaignostle talk 
to those expectlns to t; also thru sncceasful 
eftorta In raising atnda of ta In schoiamhlp 
and tg qualities; (17) encourages and works 
out sched for Intra mnral football aad 
baHketball ; mem com working out inter- 
SDciety problenta : (20) thru mental teats 

guidance in pBV era; |29) Jr Col. Gen 
Ueths and the War, Gen Analysis of E^ 
Alms, bet te assns, commcmta, etc; (31) 
alt r 7, nor 2, col 4. pg 3; t r 4, col 8; 

ology, W Ta D, 
-72; (28) Wan- 

scientlflc Jrnis; (29) Lite in So Amer Jnngle. 
bef W Va bird clab. Morgantown Collegiate 
Alumnae, Oberlln Col Sclentlflc Soc; (31) 
Rtt ur el 3, ur h 3, col 3, pg 4; t or cl 5, 
ur h 5, col li>: fleld, cit work for D 8 dept 
agr on rodent pest a, 2 aumra. 
REESE, Wm Smythc, dean Mather Col, 13S0 

(IS) 0-- 

r dean -a 

1 Clly. Kans; 

r each c 

REILLY. Frederl< 

coi 4; I r 12, col 32. 

n s 33, Bronx: 
r Y C: (7) book 

iKlod tew, pleasure 
from sthi properly 
caratully arranged 

(22) erected 8 r bungalow 

Died free for lyoeam, mnsicaia, gym. com- 
moBltr alngBl commDnlly celebration natl 
luHdays; (23) only I rept a mo reciulred; 
bekwd PDB ■oraetlmeH rept daily to anpt; 
(24) see 11; helped locnie new nor R nt Cen- i 
tralta; (26) in I yr $800 anent ou library 
bka. 1800 on gym equip and suplmlry 
readers; (27) pt-(a nasn gave pictures; citi- 
zens gave t2S0 prizes for essay contest : (SRl I 
E^olDtioD of Modern Industry, tbesia for | 
civil service exam ; (29) Taxation and Ta 
Sals bef Wash at aasn; (31) alt r 11, nor 2. 
col 4; t r 6, ur h 4, nor 2; supr nr pi 4; 
BDpt 10; war, manatred Is) and 2nd B C i 
drives and loans, 4 min man; other, mgr 
W 8 8; agt W * N R R. 
BKBD, K ■. pres Westminster Col. 'ir. — , 
Pulton, Mo; b, '62; (81 ealab rhalr of ed; 
(13) advaaoNI ta aal trom Msm to ISOOO; 
adpt aad devlpJ ttn Korts (11) ninilin;; list 

to all and noi 

and benefits th: 
conducted with 
eries of athl f 
SWie thm pni 

•ta: (IS) 100% par- 
de contest '», alrls 
; (20) placard lOxU 

of B and "We are 
natl, St, and local card, 4 pp, 3Wx 
nrnod and ranltlng 

In •cholarahlp < 

bnbKnally (a bad, t 
pHno WVBT.S o» « 
lecU-, iWl Bee> 1 


Who*s Who and Why in Afier-War Education 

Supr. Nov '19; 8 Tm Wake Up. in Popular Ed 
12-19 which placed rMponsibiUty for draft 
rerelatioii of pbys defects upon a ts; Rept 
of Com on Pbya Efflc Testa of £1 Ss City 
and Rural; (29) conv of American Phys Ed 
Assn, Pittsburgh, 4-'17: bef Athl Research 
Society. N Y, 12-'18. 

BEINEBTSEN. 8 G. supt '18 — , Alta, Ia: 
b, 6-11-90; (10> 2-4 Mis sapplementery 
readers for each rrd sheeted, ts giren copy 
of maggevtlonB and local needs; books se- 
lected on this basis; (11) bulletins sent to 
parents, local papers issue charts and 
studies; slides at theatres; (12) let ts Biake 
own surreys; (14) personal interview with 
mems of grad els ; (15) each pa has 1 period 
per day to confer with ts, take part in s 
activities, etc; (17) in consol s where busses 
leave at 4 P M. h s has continuous ses with 
3 cafeteria periods in which pus and ts gret 
lunch and have conf and activity period 
mentioned in 15; (18) health campaign, mod- 
em healtii crusade; (21) hist readings and 
study In 4-5th grds; rooted out unfair text 
books; ^22) farmers clubs, men and women's 
comm clubs, b and g clubs; motion picture 
macliine; (2S) record blanks for grrds and 
h s are the same; (25) parent, t and pu 
self Kurveys; (27) local professional men 
assist in talks and med exams at s; (2S) 
on Visual Instruction, in Ed Film Mag; 
<29i Comm Activities and Comm Co-op. bef 
la Sr Ts Assn. Rating of Ts, Our Chautauqua 
—It- Affinities, etc; (31 » att r 8. nor 4, col 
3, p;r 1^4 : t r 1, ur h 4; supt 6; war U S 
war instr bd, Buena Vista Co: local chrmn 
Jr R C and W S S. Victory Boys and Girls 

REIXOEHL., Charles M. st supr r ss '16 — , 
Helena. Mont: b. '78; (7) st crs for r el ss, 
Iiprson.illy iv^ponsiblp for outlines in hist, 
civics, geog and spelling; st crs In geog 
orir exclusively about problems; st crs for 
city ss also provided; (8) thru co supts ann 
confs, thru circular letters and ts mtgs : 
(11) helps publ s bulletin from dept pub 
instr: responsible for graphs of biennial 
rept '17-18 and almost entire biennial rept 
•19- '20 for dept; (26) trustees mtgn and 
confs held in every co; (28) Analytic 8ur- 
ve.v of St Crs Study for R El Ss. 17 s 
subjj! analyzed for aim. meths and tg ma- 
terial: r29) Co T'nit, Standardization of Ss, 
Subjs of Curric. bef r trustees, ts, co supts 
and others, looking toward Improvement of 
r s?: f31) att r 8, nor 4. col 3. pg 3; t r 4. 
r h 3. nor 5, col 2; supr r 4, nor 1: supt 3. 

REMINGTON, Mrs. Chas H, (Pearl M). mnfr. 
214 Wnrpniinn Av, E;i«t Providonr*e. K I: h. 
5-14-7o: pres R I hrnnoh Natl Congress 
Mothers and Pt-Ts Assn: mem s com T.)wn 
East ProTidencp; ohrmn st jr R C; averaged 
Hpkg twice wkly '19-'20 in behalf of ts sals; 
helped form corns to further ed legis in st. 

REMY. Arthur F J. asst prof Columbia U, 
19 W f.-.tli St. N Y C: b, 6-26-71: (Cn pleas 
for more cultural value as opposed to crassly 
practical alms; (2S) Education and the War, 
In Columbiad, 6-'19; (29) Ideals in Ed. bef 
Catho'in Ext Soc. 2-'20; The Trend of 
Modern College Teaching, commencement 
address at DeYnnvlUe. Co] : ^31 » att ur el 

3. ur h 1. ol 4, pg 3; t col and pg 20; 
war. examiner of applicants for foreign laog 
in censorship. *17. 

I REUSE. Edwin L., pres '18 — , 8t nor s» Pern, 
Neh: b. 5-27-68; (5) supt — '18; (14) nnmer- 
ous addr and several artels nrgring 8 people, 
parents and gen pub to encourage young 
pi'opie tii enter t-tr Institntlons ; (15) org jr 
h s in tr 8 in order to keep larger percmoige 
of boys and girls in ss; (17) org study eea- 
ters in adjacent cos; (18) securad appt 9i ■ 
nur^e as reg fac mem. outlined her dntles to 
imi'l phys exam t>f all ch in tr a and carefal 
oversight of )>oth men and women stns in 
nor s; <19l org study centers, cor r es crs, 
and supplying fac mems for civUIaB orgs 
with ed programs; 1 31) mem com to secure 
new certification law for Neb. which law 
proved very helpful in encouraging ts to 
•"••ntinue their ed while in service; (29) brf 
t?i nssns. commcmts. etc; (31) att r 8, ur h 

4. ool 4, pg 1^ ; t r 3, ur h 3; supr 11; supt 
10: pres nor 2: field, instlts, ts assns, etc. 

REYNOLDS, A C, prin nor and Indus s, (^1- 
lo\vh«*e. N C. 

: RHF:es. Rush, pres Rochester U. Rochester, 
N Y. 

RHOADS. L C. supt. Raton. N Mex; b. '85; 
• Oi 1st page of *20 announcement. Why Your 
Boy or Girl Should Take Advantage of Bd 
Facilities Offered by Colfax Co H S. begins 
"a h s ed is a form of Insoranee wlddi 
guarantees your boy or girl a fair ehaoM 
for success in life"; (7) see 21; (U) wkly 
repts of s activities In local p&iiers; dniteg 
pa«4t 3 sumrs^ conducted 3-wk campaign thn 
local papers urging parents to Insist that 
bo.vA return to h s; (12) encourages research 
wrk among ts; (13) Instit advisory com of ts 
to consider admn problems; see 21; (14) 
introd crs in psy and pedagogy; (15) Intel 
tests; (17) introd intellectual oontesta in 
spelling, writing, compositions, declamations 
and orations bet h s els; stns engaging in 
athl. 8 plays, other s activities, nnist be 
doing passing wrk in 15 hrs wkly; (IS) onpl 
this yr man phys tr for boys; (19) estab 
voc crs in h 8 agr, Indus, salesnawiriilp. 
pe<I»gogy: (20) in connection with Bng crs, 
have voc talks by business men before high 
Y; ^21) with aid of ts com. prepared crs 
for 1st C* £rrds: i22) bd ed. with help of M 
prominent business men, built $35,000 gym, 
'IS: <23) iutr.Ml use of stud blanks; (24) 
helped frame pensli^ bill bef legis *21; (26) 
in fall to find weaknesses, in spring to find 
improvement: (27) prizes from citiisens; (29) 
Duties of El S Prins. bef supts sect st ts 
assn : Ed Xeods of Raton, bef chamber 
commerce: <31) att ur el 8. ur h 4. nor 2, 
col 2. pg 2 snmrs: t ur el 1; supt 9; war, 
chrmn W S S. 

RilOADS, Mc Henry, prof secon ed 'U — , U 
Ky. Lexington. Ky; b. 7-27-58; (6) a9so ct 
h s inspector, 'n-*20: (7) rewrote st h a era 
153 pp : gives page outlines of stnd. scien- 
tific. Eng and classical crs, with required 
subjs in full faced type; (15) con^ with 
prins and supts on theory and practice of 
promotion ; (17) advised credit for home 
wrk; ^23) all h ss affiliated with 17bIt n- 
quired to furnish repts of conditioaa exist- 

High Spots for Every School 


Inir at h B8 affectlBS pa Ufe; (24) mem legis 
com Ky ed assn; (28) in ed Jrnls; (29) avg 
50 ann bef comm clubs, pt-tfl assns, farmers, 
Chautamq'aas, etc; (31) att r 8, r h 4, col 4. 
pg; snpt 20; t col 6. 

RHODBS, Jemniah, supt, San Antonio, Tex. 

KICB, lAban I^acy, pres Castle Heights Milit 
Acad, Lebanon, Tenn; b, 10-14-70; (17) dir 
Camp Kawisowo for boys and Camp Naka- 
nowo for slrls; (31) t col 9; spec 18. 

»I€IIABI>, Brother, pres La Salle Col, Phila- 
delpliia. Pa. 

RICHARDS, Arthur Lee, supt. Elk City, Okla ; 
b, 11-8-78; (5) prof, sumr nor Okla St Nor; 
(8) ts driven general speciflcations and then 
required to submit own era for approval; 
(13) stu council in h a; (14) mems of tr class 
carefully chosen, grads given reg st nor tr 
cert ; (15) ts "silently require diflf stnd at- 
tainment to meet varying ability of pus"; 
(16) 4 lit soc in s, membership compulsory 
mad % unit allowed toward nrrad; girW roc 
belongs to st federated women's clubs and 
attend st mt^rs; s takes first place in ann con- 
tests with ss of 13 cos; (21) receive consider- 
ation in lit soc; (22) new bid now in process; 
el t, Jr h s and h s, with enrollment of over 
1(X)0 grouped around community auditorium 
mm comm center; and beingr erected not by ■ 
bd but by city council; (31) att r & ur h 3, 
nor 3, col 2, pg 1; t r 5, nor G sumr; supt 
15; war, work on loan, R C and Y M C A 
drives; org jr R C; mem, council of defense. 

HICHARDS, C W, supt '11 — , Ardmore, Okla; 
b, 10-10-77; (11) 1 paRe wk of s news in local 
paper; (13) ors stu grovt in h s and jr civic 
ieacues in irr ss; (15) allow pu in h s to 
take subj aocordinR to intelligrence quotient; 
(18) ors and supr play under director; med- 
Ici^ inspection; (21) orsr jr chamber of com- 
merce in h s; (22) entertainments and mov- 
ing pictures; (23) stnd tests used; surveys 
made; (25) results of tests griven to ts and 
stronar and weak points shown; (20) KcnuUs 
of Standard Tests and Measures ; The Teach- 
er a« a Reconstrnctionlst ; bef nor ss. col, 
rotary clubs, ts instit; (31) att r 8, r h 4. 
col 4, pg %, t r 4, ur h 4 ; supt 13. 

BICHARI>S^ J K, hd dept Romance Ling, 
Texas Christian U, Ft Worth, Tex; b, 2-17- 
90; (17) ors French and Spanish Club; (21) 
t Engr and civics to Mexicans in loral settle- 
ment; (31) att col 4, pg 2; t col 8; war, t 
French to soldiers. 

BICHABDS, li 8, editor in chg editorial dept 
N Y American, wrote editorial about- va- 
cancy in N Y st commissionership of edu- 
cation, Incl: 

"Never has the st of N Y needed an ed 
leader ae it need« one now. In spite of sal 
Increases and relaxed requirements, it has a 
t j^hortage of 2,253, and six of its seven nor 
88 are losing «tudents. Our pub s system 
Is facing a crisis. 

That conditions among the taught are as 
moioh in need of statesmanlike attention as ' 
among ts is lOiown by rept of Children's Aid i 
Society. It found 20 to 67% of pupils in ' 
10 city 88 «aiirering from malnutrition, and j 
from 12 to 36% in need of immediate medi- 
cal attention. 

Alons with those tremendous handicaps in 
the hnrnun anaterdnl of our ed tarcea goes 

increasingly perplexing problem of s 
finance. Taxpayers are near limit of endur- 
ance. They must get greater and better 
service for their money or they will halt 

Whoever is picked for the new job should, 
therefore, see such facts with bisr eyes, and 

not exercise his leadership simply in talk- 
ing or in deciding legal questions about 
the right of N Y C to investigate its own ss. 

Unless regents wish for merely routine 
man, or s politician capable of manipulating 
the ed machine, the.v had better define the 
job, think ont the type of experience neces- 
sary to do it, and then make an open and 
widespread canvass of eliflribles. 

No mere legal deputy or glad-hand, after- 
dinner talker will sufllce." 

RICHARDSON, Albert F, pros st nor s, Cas- 
tine, Me. 

RICHARDSON. Ira, pres st t col, Maryville, 

RICHARDSON. I^eon Josiah, dir ext div and 
prof Latin, U Cal, '19 — , Berkeley, Cal; b, 
2-22-68; (5) dir milit bur U Cal, 'IT-'IS; actg 
dir ext div U Cal, '18-'10; (8) built up system 
of univ ext els, supr by univ depts con- 
cerned; conducts ann Latin ts tr crs; (11) 
short artels on ext wrk at U Cal for daily 
papers; (19) dir U ext wrk, carried on thru 
els, corres crs, lects, visual instr, informa- 
tion on specific subjs in response to inquiry, 
"no CO that has not had U ext stus" ; (21) 
artel on Amer in Cal Alumni Fortnightly, 
h-*20, "Amer is new name for old and fami- 
liar thing, incl "enoouraffing immigrant to 
make moHt of sound cultural elements that 
he brings from his native land"; (27) some 
ablest citizens conduct ext crs 1 ni wkly, 
under dir V dept concerned; (28) see 21; 
Univ Extension in Cal Alumni Fortnightly, 
f>-'20: (29) bef many auds on ext wrk and 
Amor; (31) att ur h 4, col 6; t ur h 1, col 27; 
supr 2; war, dir IT milit bur, civilian aide to 
adjutant general USA. 

RICirESON, John J, pres st nor col, O Univ, 
Athens, O. 

RICHMOND, Charles A, pres Union \\ Schen- 
ectady, N Y, at commcmt '20 said in part: 
"The magnificent spirit called out by the 
[war] demands for sacrifice and heroism has 
died out for a pasHion of self-indulgence and 
a mean competition of srreed. It is a pass- 
ing phase . . . We must not blind ourselves 
to the fact that the world over the mass of 
nion and women arc in the mood to ))ai'ter 
their spiritual inheritance for a mess of 

RICKETTS. P C, pres Rensselaer Poly Inst, 
Troy, N Y. 

RIDDK K, Wallace Carl, pres N C St Col, W 
Ualcigh. N C; b, H-n-M; (24) about doubled 
st appropriation for support of col; (29) 
l)<«f farmers and indus mtgs, etc. 

RIDCiKT^Y. Henry, atty at law. P O box 17, 

Dover. Del: b, 1-19-09; vp Del S Aux Assn; 

clirnin com on instr, bd trustees Del Col; 

counsellor of Del st senate on ed legis, '19. 
lilKCiKL. Vernon M, st supt \)wIn Vcv'^Xx ^'^^ — ^. 

Columbus. 0-, ^'^^ ^9>^\. ^^^V^ ^^'5^-^^^-^^ ^\^ \;'* 

Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

and Interpret new inx Inw; (III started 
Beltrr 8b bulletin 11 -'20 loci Baggt»- 
tlona (0 B people of O lor their gnidance In 
observInK Si Wk ; pt-ts asana; looting (or- 
vnrd Ini^l Tesolutlong nnd proRramR of (i 
Fed of Womene Cluhs urging hetter ee, 
cn-(ip between IocbI bi and Bt dept ; sclenllflL- 
measuromentB ; compuilaory attendnnce Inw 
needs amcndmente; prosreaa irbarted In nale 
of reading drele bka; s att for cob: foreign 
and native bom wblte UHteratee ; wrk of 
Ii B Inspector with ontllBe of im Harrry ot 


why not pay j 

I dcpi and to ritr a 

Norvey: health wrk In ik: Btudy of 

~ '14-'30: 

■ high vpot 

certain thlnga aa vlfcoransly as It seeka to 
piicourage certain otherB . . . McMInniUle 
Col does not play tootball and prohibit! nat 
of tobacco In all Iti foarma ■ . , traataei 
feel thnt there l9 room In great northwcM 
for one InBtltDtlon which doei not vem^ 
these things, and that there are Bnfflc yonu i 
people of liigh IdealB to 1111 omr els to thctr I 
ulmogt capacity" ; l-ftp bnllettn, 12-'Z0, com- ' 
inents on enrolment for current ;t. tJia da 
of '20 at wrk. gives analysis of regtatratlM 
ceograpMcallj, and brief Ifema of iateicit. 
RIPATTE, LfdlB, CO comr M, Idkfl city, 
Mich; b. 2-1S-89: (5) t Ttb and etb grds 
Lake City as 'IS-'IS: (11) personal appeals lo 
h s grnda ; IZ91 eipl and nrglng consol in i 
dl<<tB: (31) att spec 1, aor l; t r 1, ur el t; 

BIPLKV. Fledrr 


H, priD, Prince S, Boston, 

(13) IntTod daiK^Dg. moalc, 

_. under ansplcea R C; (IS) 

under prowrly trained nMB 

""' phyBldans. lawyers, bai 

- --; (281 nrlclB.on rausle 


r el 42. 

patriotic . 

givi tr 

H,w a *rt 



b S8ST 6 « 


similar work 


tnnnltj rente 

■ ; 24) men 


comr sect SO 

h Bt tB H« 

tor ro DDlt of 

UiBtlon and 


for consol as. 

r ti: (2») BO o 

n CoDBDlldatl 

n of 

R Sa: (31 

att r 8, nr h 12 

: t and snpr 

fi, n 


used »s field and clBna g 
and i-lsHBlflratlon for 

r of plnnts. Instm 

Baplds, Mich: (5) pres Grand Bnpida Ts 
Clirb; pres St Federation Ta Clubs; mem. 
'legls com chamber cmnmerce; (24) wrklng 
for ts retirement fund l&w, a tux law for 
Grand Rwplda, law governing election of bd 

BIQGS. JuHfl G, pres at nor i, Oswego. N Y. 

BIGOS. Walter M, prea Clemson Abt Col; 
Cleinsou Collene, 8 C. 

BILET. IrfNinerd W, pres 'Ofl — . McMlnnvllle 
Ool, McMlnnvllle, Ore; h. 2-8-72; 4-pp bul- 
letin. 6-'20, -stalea t'btit col "doe* not aim to 
be like other tnatltntlonH : for vrs Its trna- 
teee have held certain high Ideals of what 
' Cbrietlan col oaghl to be; they hold that 

tbg iDstltation sbonld endenroi to eliminate 

read and retni 

.. . - - - campaln 
n tbrift sratem •Ireaiy 
1 golni on TlBoFOBsIr; 

r playirannd se- 

InaprrtloD! phys rxuni (Id) nt (■ In bul- 
npss brancheai (24) as chrmn leRla com. 
wrote bill authorlslnic at-wlde a sarrey by 
oul-of-Bt eiperta; bill revising s code for 
cities of ,Sd eta; (2n) snrvey ot tw in asi 
Btod tests, reptB tsbnlated knd given t» pab 
In ann rept, ts dlacnsB Tesnlts at mo ntesi 
1311 Bit r 8, r h 2, nor 1. col 4, pg JH; 1 r 
2. r h 1, ur h 10; supr 11; war. spkr and 
chrian vnrioua war drives and orga. 
ROBERT, Monlton C, prof agr cliem >18 — , 
r Mo. Colambln. Mo; b. a-lfl-S4; (G) awt 
prof agr chem '1T-'18; (T) In tg animal natti' 
tloD and chem to grad stua no tests an 
nard, but the latnt Mienttflc tlteratnni 
(191 Bids est dept In carrying wrk to lat- 
nicr pub: (31) att ur el e, ur b 4, col 4, pg 4; 

and r 

, Alexander C, pres Nor S. C«D- 
Irnlifl. Waah; b, 8n-78; (S) supt, Bverett. 
Wash. 'ia-'20; (fll Indus survey of comm to 

torial vtV., levt*. • 

High Spots for Every School 

qntremeotg : ineli afttvtllM under 
awatrol; (IS) addttlDDBl nonra In 
ported bj anll-tnbercaloBls league, 

I dlr and ROBIBON. Wm F, ] 

s 8t Louis U. St, Louli, 

aalntalaed b? jr R C 
Ins System ia Evert 

i Bub^i 

10- '17; {•») additional 

■Mdallicd thru 
W h' S All-tea. 


U C A, Bond, Rolnif. 
■ uBBii, t aasD, NBA; |31) 
h 4, nor 2, col 3, pg 1; t r 2, 
I, col 4 Bumr: aupr 16; otlier, 
ind prea ed council Waab Ed 

i N Mci Nor U, 


Las Vegas, iM ilex ; o, m ; id, hi siarteu ei- 
perlmentB iu tg miLtli and tr pay or study 
(o h ■ freshmen 1 (12) sal liic and lishtenjnc 
ta load; (14) by TisLtlng h gg and mnklng 
dlr«ct appeal for yonng people to prepare to 
t; <1B) aupporled movement for mental test- 
IDK and adapted iBt era study tor tr of 
■niira of cb welfare; aee 23; (IT) bulletlna 
prepared by fflc mema; |18) more eitenslTC 
co-op witb health auttioiitles; (ID) by seud- 
iDg more fac mema into field to addr people; 
<E0) era lu voc ■nidoare added; (23) sovi 
blanka, Blnet-Terman blanks and otbere 
DBCd to measure pu Intel, groirtb and re- 
tardation; t employed to look after pu 
iMBltli! (24) bad part In all ed legis In at; 

J ZS) aee 23; (£9) In Tei, N Mei, ArU, Col, 
I, N J and elaewbere, avg of 200 anu to 
ta mtgs, parents' mtga, sa. etc. on ed topics, 
TOC guidance and Bodnl subjs; (31) <itt - ' 

col 5,_: 

I 10; 

r U 10. col 17, 


BOBEBT8, H R, pres Notnlcb U. Noctb- 
lleld, Vt. 

BOBEBT8, I.arrDia D, CO siipt. '80 — . Shaw- 
ano Co; 233 Main St, Shawano, Wla ; I), 5-lS- 
46; (11) local papers; (18l st liiw pnivldea 
(or health inspectors; (221 every a boaso 
comm center by law In Wis; (291 on ninte- 
ilal boslneas Interests, ed efDc, bef neigh- 
borhood ands: (31) att r 8; t r 1, r h s; 

BOBINBOir. Horvan PoHlaux. at archlTlgt 
■18 _, at library, Richmond, Vn ; b, 2-11-76; 

g) chief dept archives '15-'18; (9) artel Va's 
latorlcal Lab la Hlat Outlook. 2-'20, de- 
fcrlblng BrrBiitemeDt_ bet V» 

.. . .1 archival apprenilii'a learn bow 
to bandle original sources, Jicqulre flrat- 
taand Information as to taenia nnd methods 
of writing mat, and aid <i historian In 
mnklDg vast maai of unfl^t.^slfled maa arnll- 
■ble &r modern blstnrliin ; (28) artcli on 
Va mat; (81) att col, pc 
BOBINBOM, B L,, ores Women's Col of Due 
Weat, One Watt, B C. 

jnpalsn: (281 aee 

) supt, Mobail. N D; b, 
■' "■■" --' '19; mem ed com 
neolidatlon, lonr 
■otpa lor eonaol aa; fS) ta 
a cbanging necda; (ID) text 
Me to commnnltle.; (11) 
8 paper; (12) lilBlier aala 

moBlIy Mntera; (25) I 
salted In "much bctternieal, aome cenael, 
and better bids"; (29) on New Trend of Bd 
■il Eden Valley, Norma, Mohall ; (SI) att P 
3 mus, nr b 3, col 4, pg 3 moa; t r 1, ur h 8; 
aupr r B. ur el 4; supt 8; war, chrmn war 
work cnmpnlgn; sec Co council ot deCenae; 
other, aast sec at senate. '11; elk Mobail ■ 
bd "i. pub wkly paper, fl. 
tODMAN. Benedict J, dean St Marys Col, St 
Marya, Kan; b, S-9-82; (T) scl and comrl era 

thoae unable 1 

__.a their difflcs wltb them; 
■octctlesi (IT) constant pro. 
etles. elocution and 

glvins of StD progreaa, failure, 
conditions, charix'ter. etc; (26) trustees talk 
on jten and rd sul>J> at atu RitK>;'(2S) nrtcia 
on Tc .if r.iniii <.ir. Knnt'3 A Priori Ideaa, 
Iliirinonk- MiKloii. Kpnan; (29) Cbiiraeter, 
<'lirlaHun Ilcspecf, Thrlsttan Friendship, 
other rellirlous toplca, bef atu body ; (31) att 
nor 2. pf 7; t nor 4. col 1: anpr cu) 3; dean, 
prof Ijat nnd Qreek. 
ROKHM. Alfred I. dlr natl bur ed eoneg- 
pondence, Pcahody Col, Nnahvllle, Tenn ; b, 
1-20-8(1: (S) urK natl bur ed correa betweea 
Amer pna and pus of all forrtgn lands: (31) 

, r h 7, 

s dlr ed Y M 

. I.lnd 

rol has 
yr col; 
10 that 

If ur cl, apoi', col,'p(!:; t col 6; other, 

BOEllBR. JoKpph. prof secondary e 
D Fin, "-•- "-■ *• "-'"■ 

I chauEed from Jr col to sind 
era ndded; (IBl nrk eitende 
benpflts by presenc 

ed I 

nlnosvll'le, Klnib, 0-25-84; '(5) prof 

■ Col. I 



Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

Y sec, (list supr S A T C personnel of 5th 
mint (list. 

ROGERS, David Camp, prof pgy, Smith Col, 
319 Elm St, Northampton, Mass; b, 5-25-78; 
(15) at suggestion of pi-es, mems of staff in 
psy have for 2 yrg irlven Intel tests to fresh- 
men: value as Indirative of subsequent eol 
wrlc is now being studied; at request of col 
appointment bur, psy dept nave army Intel 
test alpha to 200 srs who had applied for 
enrolment In bur, ranks based on test will 
be rept to prospective employers; oflQcers of 
bur have found test sufficiently useful so 
that they have asked for similar Intel test 
for next yr; (18) studies in re-education of 
their own habits made by stus in crs in 
abnormal psy and mental hyg suggest that 
if suitable opportunities are griven for Indiv 
consultation, much can be accomplished by 
stus in overcoming small difficulties In 
meths of study, personal habits and emo- 
tional control, otherwise neglected or at- 
tacked unsuccessfully; (20, 2o) see 15; (31) 
att col 4, pg 3; t col 18; war, capt san 
corps U S army, ']8-'19, psy sect med re- 
search lab, air service, Hazelhurst Field, 
N Y. 

ROGERS, Roswell W. prof ed, U Miss, Uni- 
versity, Miss; b, 4-27-83; (5) on leave, to act 
as spec representative fed dir war loan org, 
6th fed reserve dist, vice-st dir, La, war 
loan org; (7) lects on fitting crs to comm 
needs and stressing thrift; (11) co cam- 
paigns for s appreciation and cooperation; 
(14) promoting s admn as high profession 
• for specialized experts; (18) crs in a hyg; 
cooperation with st forces in health exam; 
(29) on war topics, Lib loans; (31) att r 7, 
r h 4, col 4, pg 1^; t ur h 5, eol 10; supt 
1; war, see 5. 

ROHRBOUGH, E G^ pres st nor s, Glenville. 
W Va. 

ROLiFE, John Carew, prof Latin lang and lit, 
TI Pa, Philadelphia; b, 10-15-59; (28) editor 
Latin texts, Viri Romae, Nepos, etc; (31) att 
ur el 6, ur h 5, col 4, pg 3; t ur h 3, col and 
pg 36; war, censoring German newspapers, 
extra tg to relieve others for war wrk. 

ROLI^INGS, James Lewis, supt Grundy Co, 
Altamont. Tenn ; b, 7-3-79; (6) stresses in s 
talks "ed inc wealth and promotes moral- 
ity"; (8) encourages initiative in t; (9) 
eliminated "red tape" ; insisted on spirit 
and not letter; emphasized co-operation and 
sympathetic relations; (10) text bks are 
tools, not ends, seeks ''approach that stu 
best comprehends"; (12) ts encouraged to 
study and grow and keep from decay; wrk 
secured for ts after s term to enable them 
stay in profession; (14) org t tr s at co 
seat and urged attend at sumr ss; ss now 
supplied with ambitious ts; (18) 3-fold re- 
lation of health, mind and morals empha- 
sized; evil effects of tobacco stressed; (21) 
relation bet morals and good citizenship 
emphasized; (24) has "come out and worked 
for those people" who supported ed legis; 
(27) rent for s bid when used for other 
purposes turned into s fund; suppers etc 
to raise money for libraries; (31) att r 8, 
col 4; t r 3, r h 1 ; supt 4. 

xOLZ^rurs, Walter H, pres, Fnlrmont Col, 
Wichita, Kan; b, 6-'69. 

RONCOVIERI, Alfred, supt, San Frandsco, 

RONDEBt'SlI. Roy R, supt Hancock Co, 
Greenfield, Ind; b, 7-28-89; (5) supt Port- 
ville ss '15-'19; (9) org reg prin and supt 
mtgs in co; (11) mem r s survey com appt 
by st supt to rept about Nov '20; (14) talii 
to h s and urges prlns to do it; (17) ed 
debates; co basket ball tournaments; (22) 
pt-ts assn; (29) Ed and Ts Sal, bef business 
men and farmers; Ts Sals and P Ss, bef r 
conf and co supt assn ; (31) war, mem local 
conis Y M C A, R C, etc. 

RONDTHALER, H E, pres Salem Col, Win- 
ston-Salem, N C. 

ROOP, H V, pres York Col, York, Neb. 

ROOT, Azarlah S, librarian and prof bibliog- 
raphy, Oberlin Col, Oberlin, O; (6) "a good 
working library is for stus and fae the 
most valuable tool for really effic develop- 
ment; (8) as prof of bibliography, tried to 
t in such way as to m^e stus really think 
not simply take notos^ really study not 
simply read over required reading, be inter- 
ested enough to study for sake of «nbj and 
because interested in subj not in order to 
obtain pa-ssing grd; urges basing admisskm 
requirements on present ed situation not on 
traditional stnds of past, and meUis of adnui, 
marking, testing, and tg wh will really 
"educate people to educate themsetves, for 
after all the real wrk of ed must be dona 
by pu and not by t"; (15) as mem and pres 
Oberlin bd ed for 15 yrs, has urg«d that p s 
ed cut out mechanics and routin«, that pro- 
motions for able stus come rafpidly enongli 
to Inspire them to best wrk, that slow, sub- 
normal or abnornud stus receive such spee 
ed as their needs require. 

ROSBOROVGH. Ruskin B, Instr Latin, Col 
Hall, U Pa, Philadelphia, Pa; b, 2-12-98; (28) 
Epigraphic Commentary on Suetonios*8 Life 
of Gains Caligula '20, doctorate; (31) att 
ur el 8. ur h 4, col 4, pg 3; t ur h 2, eol 1; 
war, 1 yr in France. 

ROSENLOF. Geo W, supt '18 — -. Nel&on, Neb; 
b, 1-16-91; (5) supt Chase Co H S *16-'18; 
(16) mtgs to stimulate consol ss and Introa 
of voc subjs; (12) satisfactory sal scale; 
(14) spec campaigns for 8 yrs 25% of attend- 
ance enroll in t work; (16) strong Y org, 
camp-fire girls; (22) voted $100,000 for new 
h s bid to meet needs of people; (29) Per- 
sonality of Teacher, bef ts instit; (31) att 
ur el 8, ur h 4, col 4; t r 3, t and supr 6; 
field, 3 sumr, Hastings Col; war, 5 days. 

ROSTER, Joseph, pres st nor s, Fairmont. W 

ROSS^ A Franklin, hd of hist and civics, 
'09 — , Stuyvesant H S, 345 B 15th St, N Y C : 
b, 2-9-75; (9) insists on cooperation and 
sympathetic contact bet t and pu : (17) elv%tm 
club visits city institutions; (31) att ur el 
7, nor 4, col 4, pg 4; ur h 20, spec 4, col S; 
supr 8; war, suprs war time actiyltiles. 

ROSS, Carmon, supr prin Doylestown, Pa; 
b, 2-28-83; (6) org s welfare assn thru whleh 
pub is ed as to wrk and alms of s; (7) 

manual for ts, new h s crs, shifting sched- 
ules to provide for ch needs: (8) ts In touch 
with best meths thru visiting other ss and 
readlivg ; (.^"^ a\tt\% \o xtiaV.^ \, «a mA£ by^pfnl 

High Spots for Every School 


poBsible, opportunity to ;^row by Judi- 
cious use of wide latitude; (11) unn repts, 
newt artels, letters to parents^ etc; {12) new 
SAl sehed adopted encourairinir ittudy and 
srowth; (13) stu co-op council; is afisist- 
aaee in arranifini; parts oT crs of Htndy; 

(14) Infl about 20% of srrads last 2 yrs to t. 
by sbowlng need for ts and opportunities; 

(15) indlT dlff considered throut entire 
scbeme af classifying pu; (16) intennive use 
af newspapers, ma^rasines, cartoons; (17 1 u 
est every yr; ts "sell" tbis to community; 
(18) phys ed thru out system. R C first aid 
els; (19) n ext; (20) Introd crs in voc civics; 
(21) mock elections, co-op stu irovt, debater, 
current events, commcmt programs, etc; (22) 
bids used over 100 times since '17 by s wel- 
fare assns* oomm celebrations, etc; (23) s 
retardation records kpnt; pus sent where 
they can do their best wrk; cumulatiTe pu 
record card, Ind posture, shows standing 
And progress at all times; (25) stnd tests 
for 8 yrs with profit to pu and Keif-analysis 
and stimulation for ts, improved wrk in 
reading and arlth; (27) citizens frequently 
spe a k at assembly; (28) Supervised Study in 
the Grades, Status of T Institute, Prof;ram 
for Standard Tests in Arith, Geographic In- 
flocnces on Secondary EdueiUion, The Re- 
peater; (29) on above topics bef ed mtgs; 
(31) att r 6, ur h 8, col 4, pg 8; t r 2; 
supr 16. 

BOSSMAK, John G. supt, '11 — , Stuttgart, 
Ark; b, 8-23-87; (5) instr in city s admn, 
U Ark, tnmr ses 'IS-'IO; (0) 32 pp pamphlet 
What Stuttgart S Offers Its Boys and Girls, 
IHus, Bhowing advantages of work-studv- 
play scheme: (8) ts meet for study of metiis 
and aims wk bef s; flu quarantine period 
used for to eonfs; (11) s forum in wkly 
press; term rept publ in local press; (12) 
bonus in sals for sumr s attend; more cure- 
tut asalgnment of to from standpoint of 
preparation and adaptability; (13) stu ad- 
visory council; frank statements from and 
confs with ts; (14) introd nor tr crs in h s; 

(16) work-otudy-play program; (18) s nurse; 
emphasis in auditorium wrk; (20) crs in 
voc infonnatlon; business men address 
groups; (22) ed motion pictures; (23) stnd 
curds used; (24) mem. Ark s comn; (27) 
secured voluntary pledges of 96% taxpayers 
to double tax rate allowed in constitution 
for 8 yrs; (28) Best S System in State, 
Work- Study- Play Program, Surveying Your 
Own 8 System in Light of Memphis Survey, 
in Ark T; (29) Wrk-Study-Play H Program 
As Tt Works in Ark, bef mtg of prlns and 
supts, St ts assn; Rept of Com on Social 
Science, bef hist group, st ts assn, in effort 
to revise st h s crs; (31) att r G, r h 4. col 
4. pg 1 and 5 aramrs; t nr h 8, col 2 sumrs; 
supt 9; war, county chrmn war aotivitics 
relative to as; chrmn local, co council of 

BOTH, Almon S. comptroller '10 — , Stanford 
U, Cal; b, 7-81-86; has engaged in complete 
reorg of business mgmni of operating plant 
and developBMBt 9t ftumlng property owned 
by U. 

BOTHBRMXIi, A O, pres st nor s, Kutstown, 

BOWSt FloTd A» air phya ed, nt dept pub 
Instr, iMBtiBg', Mich; b, 5-8-»i; (n) nrmy 

atbl dir. Camp Custer, Ft Niagara ; (0) org 
st council of pbys ed; (9) devised method 
of rating ts of physical ed, on phys quali- 
ties, chara4>ter, responsibility, leadership, in- 
telligence, ed; (18) officially promoted $30 
playground ontitt; (24) wrote bill making 
available ^TiO.OOU ann for phys ed; (29) Hat- 
ing Ts of IMiys Ud. bef natl assn nor ss of 
phys ed, 12-28-20; talks in 50 cities on needs 
of phys ed in Mich; (31) att ur h 4, col 4, pg 
2; t ur h f), col 4; supr 3; war, athl dir 
for war dt*pl : other, dir intramural acti- 
vities, r Mleb. 

ROWE, L.EO 8, (linretor-general '20 — , Pan 
American Tnlon, Washington. D C; b, 9-17- 
71; assistant secy treasury, '17-'20; sec jreii- 
eral intornatl hlgli ct)nin. 'lo-'17; sec Anier- 
Mexii-an joint comn. '16-*17. 

KOWI.AND. Albert Lindsay, dir ts bui st 
dept pub instr, Capitol, Ilarrisburg, Pa; b, 
10-7-82; (5) prin practice s Phila S Peda- 
gogy '18; supt lladnor Township, Delaware 
Co, Pa '1S-'1»; (7) helped frame and define 
(TS hist in Phila p ss; mem com to revise 
Kiijr crs in Phila ss; (8) formulated method- 
ology in silent reading, and el s method in 
hist; assisted revision of curric for Pa St 
ni>r ss ; (9) changed st exam of candidates 
for icnidH of nor ss from formal content 
exam to exam of tg performance; (10) placed 
modern texts in ed on Pa st list of ap- 
proved reading: (12) estab sabbatical yr at 
Radnor Townshlj); ostab placement service 
as fnndion of t bur; modernized meth of 
certification in Pa, with highest possible 
stnds, greatest possible elasticity, creden- 
tials preferred t«> exams: (23) prepared ts 
rating score rnrd on basis of personalit.v, 
prepiiration, technique, pu reaction; (28) 
llcn»cs of Early Amor Hist — reader for 4th 
grd; Silent Readers, for grds 4-8; (29) Rat- 
ing of Ts: Motivation and Apperception; 
Pas Ts: CVrtilication of Ts: T-Tr; T Prob- 
lem; (3U att ur cl S, ur Ii I), voc 2, nor 2, 
<'ol .•?. pg ti: t ur el tJ. nor S: supr ur d 0, 
ni.r S: supt 1. 
ROY, Vli'tor I., pros st nor s. Natch it o.-hcs. 

I I.a. 

KOV( i:. Asa M, prrs st ni>r s, Plattevillc, Wis. 

UIBAIIO. V A, sui)t '17 - -, Plymouth, Wis; 
b, :i-."»-S(>: (\:U self Kovt assn in h s, "It 
workb"; (1o) P" promoted when t and supt 
think able In »/i Krd or grd above; (18) ann 
physical exam all pn by physician, follow 
up poor; (22) ora pt-ts assn; (».►) study re- 
tardation in IMy mouth 'lO-'SO to determine 
result semi-nnn promotion; (28) Thesis on 
2r, for M A. r Wis: (:<n att ur ol 7. ur h 4. 
nor 2, ol 2, pg 1 : t r 2, ur h 2; supt 9. 

ItrEDIOER, W V. prof ed. Geo Wash U, 
Washington. I> (', b, 3-29-74; (0) attempts 
to brlnir i«nt effort ivcly obj of life and ed 
In crs oM I»rin<li)h«s at Kd : (8) wrk on 
meiins of \itiiliKiiiK tiMicliinK: to be ready for 
puMlcMtinn s(nin: (.".li att r «5. ur el 2, ur h 
3, nor .•?, cell 2. p;r o ; t r 1. ur el 1, ur h 3, 
nor 2, col and pg 1.'; supr 2. 

RU06, Arthur Prentice, chief Justlcft a^vt««^ 
.Tndirlal Crl ot NVa*^, \V»«^ Y\«fe"!^'^x^V 'Siv ^«^- 

, Col, BoBtoii T3, CV«.tY Ti\ mwn. ^^x^^^^v^-^ 

i Mass lT\s\\\ Tete\i. 


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education 

■AiiU, C K, ] 

■of P 


I-2T-67: (SI illr unlv 

:il, Uerkelvy, Cal; 

t tor t 

Is; (m 

ftelf-lmprovnarat of T». V Oil hullptln 2, 
Z-'19. 61) l>[>: 7 pp nbBlriitl pre<:?des maoo- 
grapb; ba)H>B Rorid Ig upon posBesaluD ot 
"BiirpluB vltiillty"; presenls metlis uf oon- 
MTvliiR nhj-a, inpDIHt nnd spltltiinl vitality: 
I12> Htady rluhn; (131 ■ ronnrlh (IT) oro- 
trHnloDHl m Bt V Htadtcs ntrs lurric trtl- 
vttlea: I21<l aee 9: Trntstlve Moral Code, U 
Cnl liuUctln 1, lO-'l". 2S Pp: bnaetl on 3 
»rltta or llfo. Inslliict, ItitelUiwiice. und power 
of ctiolre; (ai) att r 10. ui b 2. nor 2, col S, 
pg 2: t r 2, nr h 2, nor 10, col 12, pg 8; 
wnr, ir.ivpled for food ndmii. 
BK^jDIjETT, LduIii 3, Slipt '85 — , Concnnl, 
.\ H; b, ,1-14-58; (Ti 11 yr m; a-2-a pluii ; 
(8) Qor oity tr a ; (10) ennBiiltstlons with tB 
and s bd' mems; (II) •luut'terly lenflpla lo 
parents and to other cities; (15> h s crs 
baaed on this; (19. 211 thru Americanization 
and publicity; (31) Rtt col 4; I: ur el 4; 
enpt 33. 


vivid p risen titl ion. no w 
r lienrd, repetition after > 
: (20, 21) blank dlstrlb ( 

gum, speak distinct^, tboro, enthnsliistlc, 
temper under good control, keep desl: and 
space about It free from crumpled pnper; 
(22) new ten am site purchased for h s 
bid or group ot bids, iTlth apace for ziimes 
and play of all kinds; "opening Run ot great 
ed cnmpnlen" ; (31) att r 10. apec 1. col 3; 
t t 3, ur h 0, spec I; aupt 32. 
RVSH, Thomas B, Surveyor of Port ot N Y. 
'12 — . Cnstoms House; lawyer, Democratic 
dist lender; author Port of N ¥. '20, 361 PP. 
■'to make it easier for bunineaB men, oOlclals, 
ts and stu> tn demand utmost competence 
of N V as a port"; ehapt titles inc) Amer- 

Welfare r.*asrue, org liy Mr Rush; Govt Far- 
Slghtednet* and Short- Slghtedii est: Frec- 

tlral Si How Port Ti__ _ _ .. .. __ 

turns from .TiVhas Hopkins. Brown. Boston 
r, Yale. Chicago, New York V, Col CltF N Y, 

RI'SSBLI,, James E, dean 'D8 — . Teachers 
Col, Coluuibla V. NY C; see cntlg B*ct : 

(7. IB, 25, 29} at Cornell ■ -" 

G-20-'t9, made repi based 
485 grads, dept hds and < 

□ell, 20 pp; Incl comments on crs maklnp 
and tg efllclency applicable to nil protea- 
Blonal sa, e g prof s must t wTiat stus need 
and have not already learned ; what iirot 
^(n need* gbanld be tangbt In most cffic way 
and ^Mrtemt poaflble tlmei prof s baa no i 

rvey t 

? that they l__ __. __ 

prat grd but are elthu , 
and no prof • ahanld b> 

: agr tac is fallnn t* 
I proteMlan with Itt 
B whifji ahoQid bo cidI- 

that II 

■ determined what arade are re- 
do on entrlns their vocatlau 

Ing to it tliat they are able to do 1 
'"' ""■" of tbelr iDHtr may i 

inderlying .prri 

[see T C catlg] ; 
grads cdticlsnis listed UDder 3 hds Ire- . 
peated here for possible application to otlier 
prof an, Incl t tr ss] 1, intreductarj- crp »« 
well tausht, too much srerlapplDk, too mocli 
material that has no hearing on parUcolai 
problems, omission ot practical Bug, pnb 
■pkg. bnaineas law, hist, ecsB snd ctrka; 
2, more practical training needed In Ittter 
yrs, less theory and ntore practice In Add 
and lah; 3, closer contact needed bet t and 
Btu, espec tiet t of practical subja and stas 

k eicept when 

n itself; sCu w1 

soggy Held 1b 

tab wrk ii 
Beea whtt 

better able 

ot locobator 

mo in charge of dairy herd will" vltalUe 
jirinflplee ot feeding as nolhluB Id booki or 
lecta can do; [see need for fleld training 

«f agr ws staili'. question asked It lit 
2 yrs are essentially cultural and Intended 
to develop good citlzensblp, why only 1 
prescribed era In Eng and one In pollt sd; 
glance at riches offered dn other d^tk mike 
this offer look poverty stricken; lendeiaUp 
In r lite rrsts on broader bash thwa li 
offered by chem. blol, coologr, botonj, ool- 
ogy, physlra. physiology, math and baofarl- 
alDgy; "indeed one may lalrl; doirbt wbetbeT 
the high ideals ot pnb service expected ot 
col supported by at for people of at Ue 
greatly promoied by this array of crs"; 

interdepartmental courtesy In cols M 
prevalent that it becomes dangeroHB to 
question Judgment ot strong man entreneked 
behind entanglements of own specialty ; opin- 
ion ot speclaliata on matters ontsldfl tdUdr 
own field Is of no more conMqiwnce Hun 
opinion of other good people; then la >s 
onr ers Dnltermlly recogntied aa bert l>- 

High Spots for Every School 


come needs of stuH In older prof gs; proper 
person to decide what principles are needed 
and what illustrations are most serviceable 
are those who have prof under^tandingr ; 
otherwise no escape from overcrowded curric 
witli inevitable consequence of narrow 8x»ec- 
ialization and bad tg; 

most serious obstacle to good workman- 
ship in ts prof is fact that t rarely has 
chance to measure himself with his equals; 
wliat wonder then that some t3 fail into 
ruts, l)€Come intolerant of innovations and 
resentful of criticism either from stus or 
colleagues; "they don't bury their mistakes 
as physicians do, but they graduate tbem" ; 
t alive to responsibility, conscious of faults 
and ambitious to intprove, will And better 
way with each succeedinir els; pity is he 
should be williniT to travel path alone, ifiv- 
ins pain to hinwelf and injury to others, 
with, so many predecessors and coHeagrues 
oompetent to act as guides. 

RUSS£L.L., Walter E, pros st nor s. Gorham, 

RTAN, John H, clergyman. Dwight, 111; b, 
2-25-(50; trustee. Northwestern U, 111 Wos- 
leyan U, Onarga Seminary; mem St Uis- i 
torical Soc, assist in research in rural I 

C(>mms encouraged boys to return to col 
after war. 

RVAN, Will Carwon, Jr, ed editor, N Y Eve- 
ning Post, 20 Vesey St, N Y C; b, 3-4-85; 
(5) editor, U S bur ed, '17; in charge in- 
formation service, '17-'20; (11) l>egan press 
service for bur ed; in '18 helped issue S 
Life, to furnish s people promptly with in- 
formation collected by bur ed; (20) sec, 
Natl Yoc Guidance Assn '15-'18; doctor's 
thesis on Voc Guidance and P Ss, publ by 
r S bur '18, bulletin 24; 151 pp; incl field 
of voc guidance, voc guid movement, studies 
of s-leaving and employment, material on 
occupations, s use of occupational material, 
t)rg of voc guidance in typical centers, re- 
cent Kng experience and its sigifificance for 
r S; Summary and conclusionij, "Voc guid 
in p ss is not to bo confined \o indiv coun- 
seling by voc bur or t, but ... as move- 
ment for better distribution of human ser- 
vice . . . wh should live in every phase of 
od wrk from earliest beginnings"; 29-pp 
lnl)liography : <2S) see 20; several bulletins, 
artels and pamphlets for bur ed ; (29) talks 
incidental to wrk with bur; (31) att ur el 8, 
ur h 5, col 4, pg 4: t ur h 2, col 2; field, 
assistant in survey of Province of Saskatche- 
wan, Canada '17, exec sec, British ed mis- 
sion. 'IS: war. crs on war service in ed, 
Geo Wash Univ, '18. 

SAATHOFF, W N, CO supt Medina Co, Hondo, 
Tex; h, 7-26-76; (8) ts read ed Journals and 
are active mems ed org; (11) co weeklies, 
at and natl journals used to rept progress; 
(12) ts brought into homes and made ac- 
QDainted with their people; (18) t daily in 
8 and lived; (19) reg rallies; (27) help se- 
<nired by telling needs; (29) about 50 ann 
on S Taxes, S Bids, etc: (31) att r 10. nor 1, 
col 2%; t 15; supt 10; war, co food admnstr. 

8ABIN, Ellen C, pres Milwaukee- Downer Col, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

BT HTLDA'S HAI^Lr, Charlestown, W Va ; Miss 
Iforiah P Duval, piin; (13) only three rules, 
obedience, courtesy, sympathy: twice yr 
^ysCeok of merit is awarded by fac and stu 
▼ote in form of chevron, to receive which 
slrl miust go steadily forward. 

ST. JOHX, Claude B, supt '18 — , Arkansas 
Cktj, Kan; b, 9-4-79; (5) asst st supt '15-'18; 
(6) by interpreting law, addressing pub 
mtffB and planning elections, asst In fram- 
ing: r h 8 law of Kan and in orgr more 
tiMUDL 40 sneh s«; (15) convinced bd ed to 
recognize indiv diffs; pus now classif by 
Intel tests; spec rms for retarded; plans to 
ors flfted ch Into spec grroups; Jr h s en- 
rellmeni In 8 noups, slow movingr. nor, 
mpld movlns; (18) estab thoro health insp 
la local 88, convinced bd ed of its value, 
enpl foil time nurse; (22) recreational op- 
iportanitlefl to aU young people of comm by 
oocbIbv gjnk vnder proper supr 6 nis wkly; 
(28) ImnroYemente in R Ed. city and r ts 
amom; wportonitlefl for Service bef patri- 
otic* Independence Day, Old Soldier re- 
nnloni ; (81) ttt r 7. nor S. col 1. pg 12 wks ; 
t r 4; »npt 14. 

SALISBURY, Frank S, supt '18 — . Renton, 
Wash; b. 7-26-85; (5) supt, Clarkston, Wash 
'16-'17; (9) el supr over grds 1-6 in sev- 
eral bids with tg prins for usual duties of 
prin outside supr of instr; (10) master's 
thesis. Evaluation of Usefulness of Spellers; 
(12) sal sched gives sal increments for tr 
above 2 yrs beyond h s, experience outside 
and within dist, valuable service above ordi- 
nary, and temporary bonus for exceptional 
service during yr; (13) ts council of supt, 
prins, suprs, and 1 t from each 2 grds in 
el and jr h s and 2 from sr h s has legis 
and advisory duties; (23) 2-page blank for ts 
rept on promotion or demotion of pu ; (31) 
att ur el 8, ur h 8, nor 2, col 2, pg 1; t ur h 
4; supt 9. 

SAIiYER, Edith B, exec sec. Grimes co chapt 
R C, Navasota, Tex; b, 8-21-93; (8) jr R C 
program introduced into r and c ss; health 
crusade wrk; (11) artels in co papers; (12) 
entertainments for s fac to assure them of 
peo interest; (18) movement to put hot 
lunches in 2 r ss; 3 health confs In co for 
ch of pre-school age; (21) s ch interested in 
CO Y W C A ed and financial drives '20; 
(24> worked for better ss amendment; (25) 
survey of Grimes co ; (31) att ur el 7, ur h l, 
voc 1/6 yr, spec 1, col 4; t spec 2; R C, 
Guthrie, Okla. 

SAMSON. Edith, prin Prospect Hill priv s, 
440 Bellevue Ave, Trenton, N J; ({ft prin 
Devon Manor priv s, Devon, Pa; (6) introd 
into expensive priv s voc crs and persuaded 
wealthy Kiris to fit for really useful wrk. kindergarten, secretarial, dom arts and 
sci ; also music and art ; ixv«avi X,^^'**^ ^«6rx 
crs and ft\\(^(V m^^xv'^ \>^%\X\^^^ ^\s>x\:^^t '^'^V 

who \>asae(\ ow v\\\ t\\\^^ ^xv^ n^^^^ ^^'*> ^^ ^ 

Who's If ho tmd Why in After-War Education 

seTloas dlsctpllDe; (IT) athl, g\ee club, dr> 
d, Bpu cl, ■ nwsiwliie, lit aoQ: <18) hJI c 
In »p»a sir rrrltatlon nog, hpntrd In wli 

. ..irlslniiis ncidr, Tbp Mlriicle 

■l»y»i (31) I iirid Bupr bii«; O; prin lU; iitlier, 

tloD efflc In war tlmea buB awakened puli : 
<T) CO era of study; {8) ts Instlt: (10) se- 
cured CO uallormltj ; (14) ■ecnrcd demon- 


r dUt 

; (16) 1 

lurm camp of 150 boys and Rlrls; (iS) iutroil 
bealtb orusnde hfaJth luitr at Is mtss. piis- 
ters mnde, secured co-op o( co R C Cor co 
nurse; (21) wrole outline for tg pnttlotlsm 
daring wur, "to emphnsUe definite K»yH In 
whlcb ch mny do patriotic service and be- 
come useful .\inec cillzens." to lie used In 
connection with war drives ; latrod rrs this 
IT Id citlienship (k: (22) coram center mtgsi 
(25) tests In selected as; (27) co-op with 
fiirmera InstlC nnd t^iirs; (28) page^ints nnd 
pluya fur use In ss, tnrmera Instlt, etc. such 
as Cnll ot Couutry. Patriotic I'aaeiint. Pe;ice 
an Eurtb. CsosolldittlDTi of 8< in l&i (29) 
an coDBOI s to various audiences: (31) att 
Dor 1%, col 2; t r 3. or b 3; supt T. 
8ANBEIU}, O H, supt. Crookston. Minn; b. 
5-1-13; (B) "demand for certain kinds oC tr 
to meet war emergencies served to cnll atten- 
tion to defects In our Sfsteni of ed which 
must be kept In mind during period of re- 
adjuatment''; (15, 20) fresbmen b s boya 
studied Indlv by male Instrs to asslat In 
determining tbeir life wrk; apec lU for pus 
ncedin* npec at(rDtl»n a.a Hbonn by mental 
ttsta: (17) credit for cbornii, glee club or 

•cl sad Hhopirorh! (Igl phys ed :ind a 

by badnes and r 

health i 


St; (21) 

I B WltboDt 

yr'B wrk In civil ROTt and history leading 
ap to adoption of oar constlti (241 dlr Otb 
Congr dist Id promotion of Smlth-Towner 
fed ed bill; (29) commcmt nddr. Cbooslnc 
True Values; (31) att nor 2, col 2; t r 2; 
snpr nr el 3; supt 20; field, conductor and 
lustr of t tr as during VBcntlons for 15 
aumrs; wnr. mgr B C, Polk Co, 4 niln man. 
8ANDGFER, J D, pres SImmonfl Col, Abilene, 

■ h 10, nor 2, col 1 ; 


J H 

Mr., c 

Bupt, Troy, 

AU; b. 


8) coi 

mo mtgs for 

ta; (14) 

by bette 

rUns ■trenna 

BBly tor 



for efficient 

a: (IS) 

health unit sec 

nred fo 

r »; lBBt«d 

-If mcdir 

1 BHd 


Insp; talked 
ar food admu 
drives, mem 

(3!) w 



or loa 




SAROKNT, Porter Edwnrd, editor, 
Prlvnte Sa. luin critical snrveya ot 
as BDd BDmr Damps, 14 Beacon St, 

b, 8 6-72; each yr revlewa lit M pi 

yr and lists speclflo high spots onder tltJes 

B ol a 

. — , Herhtrt UiInvMoii, luwjia, 4S 

Wall St, N Y C; b, 10-31-63; former aast 
fiec navy; proposed In '20 a new hist of th« 
World War to be written by r^iresentBtiyei 
of each allied country Co Hn awBiT wii-.h 
prejudice and to Rive com 

lATURDAY KVENINO P08T. wkly, PhlUdel- 

«hLa, has printed several editorials on «d; 
in '18 urged need for tg war facts and wu 
lessons: In '20 printed A Plea for Old Cap 
Collier by Irvln S Cobb; cover cartoon 
showing woman t hs virago ; editorial de- 
ploring current efforts to make all subja In- 
teresthiB whereas several should frankly be 
recognized as drudgery, etc. 
lAL'NOERB, Joseph M, prln Binford Jr h a, 
■17 — , Richmond, Va : b, 0-21-78; (6) supt 
records and returns, fed bd voc ed '18-19; 
(12) as treaa at ts asan, asst in raisiuE WO,- 
000 to match aimllar st approp to bid ta 
Dottafe at st tubercDlosts aajiitarlni 
urged ell--'— — '- " - — - - 

F elective 
led women 

; (21) Bsti 

i (24) < 

! for . 

1 basis 

3-15- IB; 
col 3, p 

a s; field. 

irmn legls com, 
and asBt In at 
ad for e^Bvnl- 

i'f mental t^; 

i Bd DiBCIoae, be^ 

. .- rehabilitation, N Z C, 
>1 Legislation, bel Va at ta 
131) att iir el 7, ur h 4, nor ». 
lumr; t r b 2 trms, nr d fl 
prln, ur el 5. ur h 9, incl nor 
t Inspector and eiamlner, city 

comp ed, st 



r 8 inos for 1 

' O fit D 

t time In history; 

Jadge pus by standard tests rather than 
gDssi work; (S) been given an office asBt. 
can now do more direct supr: (12) nd ti> 
«■/« nJMd M^, pilna sals l!00% ; (2?) one 
n"/."*!" "in/* to wort In leg-lsiatnre tor ed 
*/« $4,000,000 st xpprop yielda W4.50 per 

BACNDER8, Raodall M, : 

dept ed. 8- '20 — ; Hudsd.., ., ., 
(5) gen SBSt iBt natl bk Hudsou ±>i ami 
to gen purchas agt Kemlngton Arms Co '18: 
dlst supt 2d dlst Columbia co '18-'20; (11) 
rept ed nctlvltlea for local pBpera and bul- 
letins to ts and s officers ; (12) by seelus able 
to placed In better posltlooai Ine aals; (14) 
ir In h s and personal wrk amoDS ranns 
iplci (18) phys fr confB, nrging eatab 

„^jltb clubs; (IB) promotiDg "— 

centre work: (24) mem com dlBi supu 
worked for N T SRl bill and ln« la s 
■alsi (M) rU t ft. co\ VTi«t 4,-. t. c 0- ni] 
war, see S'. nasi \ti \na\i &t\-h«-, efem. 

Rddr In 


High Spots for Every School 

1 '11 : aep CO elk, 
86- "01. 

BAVAUK, Cbiia WiDfrvd, urui 

dlr BUI, Oberlln Col, Oberllt, . , ,, 

(S) fl«la Mc, nail pliya ed lerrlce. Waablne- 
ton, D C; (T) rerlaed cri ia |iliy« ed !□ 
Oberlln and Cbantauiiua i phye ed ; (IT) 
tnKmiit Inter col atbl. prea Oberlln Mualcal 
UndoD, mem Intercol footliall rules com; (211 
ynmuttbiv natl ■mmea ma (rsat ■oclBllilnB tr ; 
(M) field >ee, natl pbya eJ aerrlrp, Waab- 
InstOD, D C. 

■ATITZ, Jarabn J, prea at nor a, Trenton N J. 

■&WTKB, OaoTBliiK Case (Mra W H), natl 
preaa curmn, Natl Cani^reSB iil Mottiera and 

■ Parent Ta Aibdi '20 — : 1291 Boibuc; Rd. 
ColnmbuB, O: b, 8-36^73; aast urea, Oblo 
branch. 'IT- '20, secured as membera ul aaas 
tbe bds ot everj at bur and at ore inter- 
ested In ch or ed, and leading O tltlzens 
noted for almllaT wrk ; durloK war, traveled 
thruout St, awakening |ien|ili' to "Import- 
ance of cb as cblet factur in senetiil fomm 
deyp" : wrUea reijuiarly (or Cb Welfare Mag 
Bn<r Otalu Ud UuDtbly ; arrauitcd tor Teacher 
Week audlenees la Why Not Touch cam- 
palgn '20. 

&AXON, J Harold, aiipt '18 — , Moultrie. On: 
b, 8-3-61; (8) {[roup methods In jirlmnry 

eds: (9) supr regarded by ts as one wurk- 
ft wltli not DTsr them: (10) uutiltiiui: bulb 
old and new; eonf of all la pus opinion on 
all taxla; (ll) aystematlc McLvertLdiai; a 
needa thro Iwal paper unci ehnmbere u( 
commerce 1 (12) aal soticd based nn prepara- 
tion, exnerlcnee, tenure of oBlee, persooal- 
ItTi (13) honor aystem ; qaeUloanalre sent 
(•Mil pn Mid t aaklBB for crltlclam and sqk- 
CMUaat (14) el era In pedacogy Introd In 
■r yi k I to enaCe Intereat In tic; (18) dom 
■d piMUcs vtraaaad; aovt er* avpllod to 
loctf eewi «M>dItIansi (181 blenn exam : 
hwJthcert required of each cb ; (IB) nl as for 

[ levy ending In 

bef bd ( 

X nr el 8. ur h 4. e 
I, prlQ 4 ; aupt 2; v 

liiBlJilled ml lit 
pt U S Naval 

80AIA8, Bear Admiral A 

Acad, Annapolla, Md. 

BcarboroDKli-on-HndBOn, X Y; founded by 
F A Tanderllp; Wilford M Alkln, director 
Baalal atadlaa eoBa of fae. -H, reptd on almii 
and maani for social studies - - hist, dvlea, 
eeon, aoelaiaBT - - 18 ma pp. .Alma Inel 

1, enabling pu* to resllze tbst blst Is con- 
vtastly Id mBklnE and that they them- 
•elvea are makers of hlM: 

2, dereloplnK dealre for habit of readlnt; 

8. anabHns paa to comprehend 

•dncH to other peoples; famlllarli 
witk loeU Uat and Ita relation 

c Indebt- 


a. te fUQdameutal prlnclplcB 

|.i.n which 

ariuiid and enduring trovt ree 

7, tniiHlnB In those prini-lplea v, 

li'lrh under- 

lie Buiiiid econ and Indus thl 


S, taking- ui. iireeent day 

», Amerltaiililiis young Ameri'i 

10, heliiiiiir |iua realize and procl 

ce ethics of 


HBe. hnblta 

nnd altitudes, technique of h 

niaterlal. Mlnln>«m e^iwritbil 

leadina facts about home 1.1. 

rah In about 


etreet of barrlera bet aoclal el« 

development, liollday clvirs, prn 

In - BO*t. 

7 meniiB spiMrifled : 1. project prublrm metli, 
e L-. Is the TJ S iin Indna acm<i<-rii('y ? Should 
the Monroe Doctrine be dis<-.irded? Waa 
tbe eipulslon of the N Y Bt aoclallBt Aa- 
semblyincn contrary to Amer prlnclpleaT 
2, nnprd atndy, t dlr of study not piirreyoT 
recitation, aealB 
t sit a with cla, 
lie pu eleoted by 

srnuined tn clrcalar 


"cla lif-MtncB UlklUE cla. nut fiirm:il reedt- 
1ns els" : 4, enmalatlTe netli ivblcb keepB 
hHslir prolilema bef cla thn tnitH chancre; B. 

tlio aKlit-proToklna 

ot Am< 

„-.. ohiectlveH and 

... inel ai LP o( bk llBta. 

Bnch iihjwtlvp tins two rtivlslima. tmmedlate 

and nltlmate. Gen obJeetlTM Inoli 

1. InoBlflite In pna. ta. and comm • reallia- 

tlon that EnR Is a tandamental lastra- 


jutline for 

s ot 

ts on fontbiill Detrl. etc; 
plranta for leadership. 

Bcdriiyi Iram. In preparing, clc; lilt. In iilan- 

nlQg a day's actirtty. In preparing a brief, 

dir n sales [-ampali.-Ji. 

3, direct staa toward permanrnt •■aorce of 
pleaaurei ham, In the line of s llbrnrlas, 
etc: ult. In selection of clrnran. etc. 

4. oontrlb enriehlnit experience, e f lIvInK In 

Imm, drama til a Hon ot Incidents tn Llif 
lit Interprets- 


. Ji, \ii -wxt IM » -jirara-.-^ 

* to MppreeUte relation of great I 

i. ln>4U\ Mve *ra«» V*m». « 


Who*s Who and Why in After-War Education 

ur Hpk^: ult, in each extra or after b 

7, cultivate prid« in agreeable spk^ voioe. 
0«n means inci exploring personal oapadties 
or aptitudes of stn, allowing wide variation 
of endeavor, putting emphasis upon real sltu- 
ations, fostering desires for good reading 
and careful and expressive writing, creating 
s environment conducive to good Eng habits* 
adoptiiijf 8 supr and problem project meth, 
and eo-operatiug closely with dep-ts of 
speech arts, music, and phys ed for eradica- 
tion of speech defects. El ts, librarian, and 
head of Eng dept are working on biblio- 
graphy used by each els with supplmntry 
list for pus of each grd and suggestive ma- 
terial to be read to ch by t. Samples of wrk 
in grds: 1st 2 yrs of jr h s, instr discovers 
literary whereabouts of each pu, "appre- 
ciatively guides and assists him, and leads 
him perchance from current wrk of doubt- 
ful value to earlier literature of acknowl- 
edged merit and interest and thence again 
to our own day with the establishment on 
the way of discriminative powers and bases, 
and breadth of appreciation and appeal" 
. . . "Unwise commingling of writing and 
reading destroys the unity, interest, and 
vitality of each and adds nothing of real 
value to either." 

SCARBOROUGH, W S, pres Wilberfor«e Cal, 
Wllberforce, Ohio. 

SCHEI/L, Wm E, gen sec of ed. United Breth- 
ren In Christ, '13 — , 302 Otterbeln Press 
Bid, Dayton, O; (11) "by publicity tactics 
resembling processes of a siege accom- 
plished as much for ed In past 7 yrs as had 
been done In previous 50": (16) have 1600 
now tr for ministry and mission field; (29) 
bef church assemblies on various phases of 
Christian ed; (31) t r 5; supt 3; pres 16; 
pastor 5. 

SOHERER, JAB, pres Throop Col of Tech, 
Pasadena, Cal. 

SCHERSR, Tilden, pres King Col, Bristol, 

SOHERMERHORN, W D, pres Dakota Wes- 
leyan U, Mitchell, S D. 

SCHERZINGER, Minnie A, t 7th and 8th grd 

Bug, hist and civics, P S 6, Manhattan, 39 
B 85th St, NYC; (21) had 8A els give 
pageant Our Govt and What It Stands For 
in the Comm bef 2 ss ; pageant prepared by 
pus themselves, each girl taking date and 
topic and writing up her part; decorations 
made by girls in dsrm. 

SCHINZ, Albert, prof French lang and lit, 
Smith Col, Northamipton, Mass; Selection 
o-f Reading Texts in Amer as Viewed from 
Abroad, In Mod Lang Jrnl 12-*19; Frendi 
Origins of Amer Transcendentalism, In Amer 
Jrnl Psy; War Novels in France, in Modem 
Philology; various artels on French books 
and books deallnig with France; French lAt 
of Great War. 

SCHMIDTKE, F B, supt, '18 — , Hoqulam, 
Watrh; b, 2-5-83; (7) org jr b s; (11) s re- 
porter and ed dept with reporter In local 
paper; (16) org Jr Amer leagne for pus In 
j'ef attf wftSi satisfactory progreaa in Amer 
j^iro use Amer lang at all times, show &atls- 
^etorjr appjicatlao to duties in and out of 

8, pledge allegiance to flag and take active 
part In patriotic programs; (21) Amerloaiii- 
zation intelligence t in every grd, incl such 
items as flag salute, war drives, clean-up 
week, health talks, value of correct" Bug, 
discussion of stimulants and narcoitics, etc; 
see 16; (22) special programs put on by jr 
American league of each ward bid in turn 
thruout yr; (24) as mem ed assn legls com, 
wrkd to have st approiprlatlon per census 
eh doubled; now wrklng for greater appro- 
priation, larger units and more equitable 
taxation; (25) retardation surveys; (31) att 
r 10, nor 4, col 4; t r 2, ur el 3, ur h 4, nor 
2, col 1; supr r 2, ur el 3; ur h 6%. 

SCHNBIDER, Albert, instr, U Neb, Lincoln, 
Neb; b, 4-13-C3; (5) instr U Cal Col Phar- 
macy, sumr s ; dean, Berkeley S for Police 
Oflicers; (7) with August Vollmer, chief of 
police, org Berkeley s for police officers, 
offering wrk in biology, criminology, toxicol- 
ogy, criminological ipsy, psychiatry, police 
org and admn, police methods and pro- 
cedure, microbiology and parasitology, 
police micro-analysis, pub health, 1st aid to 
Injured, el and criminal law; (10) prepared 
lis't of 75 bks for police s reference library; 
(23) wrklng over meth to determine by spec 
tests type of men best suited for police 
wrk; (28) text bks, sclentlflc and popular 
artels; (31) att r 8, nor 3, col 7, pg 2; t r 1, 
col 22, pg 10. 

SCHNBL.LER, Leonard G, h s instr. Oak 
Park, 111; b, 7-20-85; (5) supt Cumberland 
ss Wis, '17-'18; supt Waupaca '18-'20; 
sumr s 111 St Nor U '20; (17) "athletlos, 
mu«ic and pub spkg for all"; mass atM, d 
teams, "open gyni*'; s credit for maslo; 
cantatas and operettas In grds, glee clubs, 
orchestra, and band in h s; sodaased reci- 
tation and contest work in grds; debates, 
extempore spkg, oratory and declamation 
in h s; (31) att ur el 8, ur h 4, col 5, pg 2 
sumr; t ur h 4, nor 2; supt 6. 

SOHOCH, Parke, prin W Phil H S for Girls, 
47th & Walnut Sts, Philadelphia; b, 2-11-68; 
(13) stu assn, with stu-t council; stu mems 
elected from 8 grds, 5 fac mems aptd by 
prin; (15) fac mem acts as ors and roster 
adviser for pa and parents to help fit era 
to capacities of pu; (17) thru stu org, soes 
and clubs in every field h s wrk; (20) 
fac mem serves as voc adviser to stuj 
studies city's opportunities for work and 
directs girls into them; (21) stu org gives 
practice in duties and respon«ibilltie0 of 
real citizenship; (28) Elements of Buainees; 
Wider Use of P S Bids— In Pub Ledger; 
(29) Wider Use of S Bids— AU Day, All Year 
S, bef rotary club; (31) att r 6, ur el 5, 
col 3, pg sev sess ; t 20 ; supt 8 ; other work. 
In bus for 3 yrs. . ^ 

SCHOBN, Max, dlr dept s music, at nor s, 
Johnson City, Tenn; b, 2-24-86; (11) pub- 
licity thru magazines and addr bef ed org 
about music conditions in r ss; (17) hdped 
ts in r ss make s center of musloal aoitlTi- 
ties for comm; (24) legls adptd measure 
requiring music in all el ss and eredii for 
mu in h s; (28) Rural S Song Bk; Musle 
In R 8 and Com; (29) addr bef r aud. 8t 
ed bodVea, iv«A\ e^ ot««, ^\Ai% V^VS %tt «ol 7: 
t nor 6. 

High Spots for Every School 


BOHOENTGEN, Edward P. wholesale grocer. 
Council Bluffs, la; b. 8-lo-73; mem st bd ed 
having in chg st univ, st col agr and mech 
arts, st ts col, st s for deaf, st s for blind. 

SOHOFIEU), Harvey A, pres st nor s, Baa 
Claire, Wis. 

SOHOLIi, Joseph H, supt, Rushville, Ind; b, 
2-13-66; (11) series on ts. wages, ss. during 
Teacher Week; (14) 22 in cl of 37 will t; 
(17) Jr R C ; ol in 1st aid, home norsinir and 
care of sick; (IS) health crusade; ch exam- 
ined ann; med relief for needy; (19) ed 
ukovies for • and pub; (20) talks by sac- 
cessfnl men and women, and indiv oonfs; 
(31) att r 13, nor 3, col 3, pg 1/3; t r 5, 
ur h 10; supr 10; supt 10; war, co mgr red 
triangle; mem bd award scholarshps to ex- 
service men. 

Av, CSiicago, 111; working for uniform crs 
study and uniform system of meths thruout 
nation; publ Pub iS Meths, New Edition, 
"nor 8 in book form*'; announcement lists 
on inside cover 13 rt'Msons why every t 
should own P S Meths; G vols plus ts guide 
and index with sects on voc guidance, use 
of dictionary, comim center, thrift, personal 
and comm hyg, (juostions. and complete 

9CHRECKENGAST, I B, pres Nebraska Wes- 
leyan U, University PI, Neb. 

SCHUIiTZBEBO, Oeorjre, co supt '15 — , Mon- 
terey Co, Salinas, Cal; b, 1-20-80; (8) abol- 
ished final exams for graduation from el 
ss; pronu>tions and graduations from 7th 
and 8th grds based on evidence from stnd 
tests and recommendation of co supt ; (9) 
formed 8 union el dlsts and closed 26 pioneer 
ss; (11) held 5 ann co pageants and field 
DMots, which awakened pub interest in ss; 
(17) athl, home projects: (18) secured 2 co 
nurses, one thru R C Heals; (21) formed 12 
comm centers In r dlsts; (22) stage for 
comm center wrk in ail new r ss; (24) 
helped revise union s laws in Cal ; (25) 
stnd tests used; .spelling Hurvey Just com- 
pleted; (28) collected 125 slides on Consol 
of Ss, most of them from own pictures ; (29) 
about 35 on Consol, etc to ts instits, trus- 
tees, farmers, comm mtgs; (31) t r 5; supr 
ur el 8; co supt 5; war, sec W CCS. 

SCHUBXAN, Jacob Gould, pres Cornell U. 
Ithaca, N Y, '92-»20, when he resigned; re- 

Eort for *19-*20, printed 10-'20 has 30 pp plus 
is resignation and resolutions by bd and 
fa«; cites growth during his presidency from 
384 in 1802 to 7711 in 1920; of fac says: 
"There has never been a time when It was 
so difficult* to secure first class men and 
especially young men to fill u positions [be- 
cause of] aversion to tg mediocre Htus and 
lack of time and opportunity for independent 
s^ioiarshlp or scl research, competition of 
other professions and low sals"; of stus 
rept says, "o is intended as resort for those 
who are interested in things of the mind 
and . . . diligent and keen to learn. Those 
to whom this intellectual and scholarly life 
makes little or no appeal may l>e excellent 
fellows and well fitted for other activities. 
b«t they are not the material of whicM unlv 
«h««Ui be eomposed . . . The nnivs Hhould 
be JMSMPsJ for tboBe who are qualified by 

natural endowment, previous tr and by dili- 
gent and strenuous intellectual effort to 
profit by the Ineetinkable privileges whloh 
they afford. The first step in grappling 
with overcrowding is to make a more rigor- 
ous selection of candidates, to iay stress on 
an active intdlertual life,* to insist on stren- 
uous work and to prescribe searching exama 
followed by elimination of all who fail . . . 
We have found the greatest difficulty in 
awakening in gen body of stus a real in- 
terest in the intellectual life" ; becauM 
of insufficiency of hous